The BEST of Tom Holland On The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show
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Gabriel Hace 16 horas
maybe if gweneth didnt put rocks up her cooch shed have a good memory
TheTeaserking Hace 18 horas
this loser as spiderman lol w t f
IsisAtlantis Hace un día
9:10 Jake's face 😂😂😂
B4 W
B4 W Hace un día
why is Markey Mark lookin like a douche oh ya I forgot the attention isnt on him poor little M&m
amber Hace 2 días
Gwenyth has had memory loss since the birth of her child, it’s funny in the moment but it gotta give a ton of respect for her
LivingThroughLove Hace 2 días
Tom is great, but... Disney/Marvel should NOT let Gwen be present for Marvel stuff.
Eric Hace 4 días
Kinda sad that Gwyneth Paltrow can't even remember the names of these movies that made her so famous and wealthy
eric echols
eric echols Hace 5 días
Mark walburger...get it? Is a total dushbag!!! He's looking at Tom, like he's a piece of 💩 on the road.
mgawsmestevan Hace 5 días
9:10 is the best part. Lmao
Mario Alt
Mario Alt Hace 6 días
9:11 Jake's face is priceless :D
A Hace 7 días
Who’s Madonna 😂😂
A Hace 7 días
My cutie 💕💕
Axel Hace 8 días
Best of Jake Gyllenhaal**
RC 83
RC 83 Hace 8 días
“Is that metal?” “I don’t know Graham” 😂
_ яоииīе _
_ яоииīе _ Hace 9 días
I’m the only one who LOVES spoilers?I haven’t got to see a movie if I’m not TOO interested but I can see the second part because I know the end of the first.Spoilers are amazing!
my dude
my dude Hace 8 días
Honestly if a movie is so hellbent on keeping away spoilers, it's only good because of the anticipation, it's probably not a good movie by itself. But if you enjoy a movie with it being spoiled to you beforehand, it's probably a great movie.
Ibrahim Bangura
Ibrahim Bangura Hace 9 días
3:37 when she thought he was gonna say undercover😂😂
Mira M. S.
Mira M. S. Hace 9 días
0:45 that look and giggle Gwyneth and Jake shared, though! They were like, "Aw, he's so adorable! I'm glad, the Russos decided to keep him!"
Ali Marie
Ali Marie Hace 9 días
Jake and Tom's friendship is too precious, and I will attack anyone that comes between them.
Dayreni Hernandez
Dayreni Hernandez Hace 10 días
3:30-3:50 Is my favorite🤣🤣🤣😂
Schrödinger's Meowth
Schrödinger's Meowth Hace 10 días
Why is Tom Hanks there?
Maya Statham
Maya Statham Hace 11 días
His laugh is so cute, I can't.
Voon Yao Teck
Voon Yao Teck Hace 11 días
I always find that the color of the room is hurting the eyes
nouveautés Lego Théo
super the best of
Ms. Krisse
Ms. Krisse Hace 11 días
omg im inlove with jake's cute lil sarcasm 😍
Robin's Realm
Robin's Realm Hace 11 días
that pic will Tom Holland, like... How can he be so DUMB THICC
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman Hace 12 días
Let’s be honest though she does know the names she’s literally lying and it’s so obvious 😂 She’s actually rlly good in them but I gotta say she needs to stop being embarrassed for being in them 😂.
Rydion Hace 12 días
Matthew Flom
Matthew Flom Hace 12 días
"What are we talking about right now?"
the.random.rissa Hace 13 días
All that steaming... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mikaeel Jaffer
Mikaeel Jaffer Hace 13 días
Correction* ‘All of Tom Holland on the graham Norton show’
The Ultimate Cat queen
This video should be called "Tom Holland and Tom Hanks being the best humans ever"
Hashen Perez
Hashen Perez Hace 14 días
The look on jake’s face when tom said they are best buds off screen hahahaha
Guilio McEwan's Space
Guilio McEwan's Space Hace 15 días
Kylie Minogue changed into Sienna Miller and Gweneth Paltrow right before my eyes. That's talent.
Luz Cordova
Luz Cordova Hace 16 días
The fact that Tom Holland's childhood friends name is Tom Hutton is so funny to me for some reason😂
KaKa Kay
KaKa Kay Hace 16 días
Is no one going to talk about 7:02? And how wrong that sounded.
Caroline g
Caroline g Hace 17 días
Calls a tumbler post a tweet.
Kelsey Altevogt
Kelsey Altevogt Hace 17 días
"distant brothers" hahahahaha
Wes Netmo
Wes Netmo Hace 18 días
is jake gyllenhaal getting prepared for a gangster movie?
Chloe Harrison
Chloe Harrison Hace 18 días
In the lastest one you can tell Tom enjoyed himself so much.
Rally KZ
Rally KZ Hace 18 días
Tom Hanks being thoroughly entertained by Tom, Jake and Gwyneth is making me laugh more than it should
J Chadwick
J Chadwick Hace 19 días
"All that steaming" Graham's a savage😂😂😂
Joe Hanick
Joe Hanick Hace 19 días
gwenyth should take her endgame money and buy a personality.
CutiePieSparkles Hace 19 días
Someone messed up the description yikes "Tom Hollan's"
PinkLava101 Hace 19 días
damn why y'all gotta remove credit from the tumblr post
Diego Alejandro
Diego Alejandro Hace 20 días
Tom Hanks 😂
LordOfThe Flightless
LordOfThe Flightless Hace 20 días
Ironic because the suit is fake in the movie and sometimes he isn't even wearing it
alex gerling
alex gerling Hace 20 días
Yeah Tom Holland... You keep running hanks can teach you bud
na76able Hace 21 un día
To my fellow Disney cast members did you notice Tom Hanks used the disney point and then said "no you are ruining the magic" . Love it!!!
Fake Person
Fake Person Hace 21 un día
Distant brothers.
LosAngeles.323 Hace 21 un día
Have ya'll seen his nudes tho? I can post a link.
Random person
Random person Hace 21 un día
Gwyneth, wtf how did u not remember tom???
GOD Hace 22 días
Tom Hanks and Tom Holland should get a movie together
Muneeza M
Muneeza M Hace 22 días
9:02 find someone who looks at you the way Jake Gyllenhaal looks at Tom Holland
zarovv Hace 22 días
"you know you have the zipper and need to have people pulling you over and..." "what are we talking about right now?!"
zarovv Hace 22 días
lol everytime holland speaks its funny. he has this funny voice
H OC Hace 23 días
All I see is a bland white nerd
James Hace 23 días
"on and off screen" amazing
Rebecca Walsh
Rebecca Walsh Hace 23 días
Him talking about how surreal Spider-Man is made me so happy that such an amazing person gets to live his dream ❤️
Anna Sp
Anna Sp Hace 23 días
● Where's madonna ●
Bonnie Hace 23 días
Hey guys! My friends are aspiring musicians and could use the views. Please check them out they are awesome!!! @
Gamfluent Hace 23 días
Best of Tom Holland starts with Jake gyllenhaal
fruitoson Hace 23 días
bronx science represent
Tyo Junior
Tyo Junior Hace 24 días
The way mark wahlberg look at tom "your story, its better be funny, or i kill u"
Mootez Elhosni
Mootez Elhosni Hace 24 días
Jake is funny
Hattie Dame
Hattie Dame Hace 24 días
I must live under a rock.
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb Hace 24 días
"All that steaming. Yeah." Massive LOL. Even Tom Hanks is laughing.
Nemotube Hace 25 días
How does Gwyneth paltrow not know that Tony dies😂😂😂
Brian Carlisle
Brian Carlisle Hace 25 días
Graham Norton, I love you
Maher Rahman
Maher Rahman Hace 26 días
Which scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home did Jake Gyllenhaal vomit in?😕
Adriel. Hace 26 días
Wow in the second clip, Tom is standing next to the future half of Fantastic Four
Candy Moneer
Candy Moneer Hace 26 días
Mario Alt
Mario Alt Hace 26 días
9:12 that face :D
kinyx kong
kinyx kong Hace 26 días
I LIVE!!!!! I LIVE!!!!! I LIVE!!!!! I LIVE!!!!! IM DEAD BUT I LIVE They're just too funny
Imy Khan
Imy Khan Hace 26 días
One of the Best couches ever Jake Tom Gwyneth And Tom Hanks ❤️
josie o
josie o Hace 26 días
Thatcher 39
Thatcher 39 Hace 27 días
7:16 iS tHat jIM HalPeRT
Andre Morgan
Andre Morgan Hace 27 días
6:07 He was definitely thinking of stufffff
Andre Morgan
Andre Morgan Hace 27 días
1:58 Drop iiiit, drop it, DROP IT
airamona Hace 28 días
Tom Holland looks super fit. Hardworking lad.
elvira lazzari
elvira lazzari Hace 28 días
so basically the best of tom holland on the graham norton show is tom holland being on the graham norton show
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