The BEST of Tom Holland On The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show
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With Spiderman: Far From Home in cinemas, let's look back at some of Tom Hollan's finest moments on The Graham Norton Show.
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6 jul 2019






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sUchAweIrDo Hace un día
Tom H.,Tom H. or Tom H.?
Shane Hawkins
Shane Hawkins Hace un día
“I am not no genius”. Double negative and some irony
Keira Flaherty
Keira Flaherty Hace 3 días
Awww poor baby Tom knows that people think he looks like a frog in my mouth! I get mad when people say it but I guess I don’t have to considering he thought it was funny
Karen K
Karen K Hace 3 días
This compilation shows that graham norton is a man FOR the people
Stephen Fermoyle
Stephen Fermoyle Hace 5 días
tyrone loki
tyrone loki Hace 6 días
wahlberg is a douche
Adam Newcombe
Adam Newcombe Hace 6 días
I love how Tom has to keep Jake Under control
Irvin Martinez
Irvin Martinez Hace 7 días
Jake was looking at him to make sure he didn't spoiled the movie plot.
A Literal Lamp
A Literal Lamp Hace 9 días
Jake gydhsjsksnsk seems like an aberration
Jason Waterfalls
Jason Waterfalls Hace 10 días
Jake is the first co-star I’ve seen who seems genuinely comfortable with Tom, very open body language. Most of his co-stars seem like they ‘tolerate’ him more than ‘like’ him
XeirO Hace 12 días
Tom: "We become best buds on and off screen" Jake: "AWKWARD"
Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary Hace 13 días
these are just funny moments that include Tom somewhere lmao
the gourd king pumpkin
jake looks like a sleazy nightclub owner that you SHOULD NOT TRUST
Manoj Suthar
Manoj Suthar Hace 18 días
3:26 mark checking out sienna 😆😂
Amber_pops133 Xoxo
Amber_pops133 Xoxo Hace 18 días
Do a Tom Holland Carpool Karaoke Tom Holland is almost 24 years old his birthday is June 1 he still looks 19 or 20 He doesn’t age He has found the fountain of youth People don’t age these days
Amber133 Xo
Amber133 Xo Hace 18 días
Do a Carpool Karaoke with Tom Holland PLEASEEEEEE Tom Holland is almost 24 years old his birthday is June 1 he still looks 20 Jake is almost 40 his birthday is December 19 he still looks 25 They don’t age They have found the fountain of youth People don’t age these days
Dave Blue
Dave Blue Hace 15 días
December 19 same as mine ☺️
tam amin
tam amin Hace 19 días
“there’s not a scene i don’t take it off in” this guy-
Leah B
Leah B Hace 20 días
forking love this
Z EBN Hace 20 días
Moral duptade
Raymond Ray
Raymond Ray Hace 21 un día
8:05 to 8:10 😂😂😂😂
Abhinav Kara
Abhinav Kara Hace 23 días
Love how mark walberg doesn't laugh at all from 2:26 to 3:55...just like any other guy with a decent sense of humour wouldn't
Gaddai The Rage
Gaddai The Rage Hace 23 días
0:24 Jake almost gave away a spoiler. Good save 🤣
Sarah Setiadi
Sarah Setiadi Hace 29 días
I really like the way Tom Hanks say "kid" for Tom Holland, He's always be a kid 😝
Shirin J
Shirin J Hace un mes
Pointless detail but in every show he has a blonde woman to his left😂😅
Seren Bellamyyy
Seren Bellamyyy Hace un mes
1:23 the most British ‘right’ I’ve ever heard
Morgan Mueller
Morgan Mueller Hace un mes
ok we need to unite and find the girl from his class who he always says is pretty
JDo Hace un mes
who is that lady at 2 13
themoohaha Hace un mes
"bathroom" -_- no tom, its called a toilet
Graeme Matamua
Graeme Matamua Hace un mes
Yo that MA trailer looks sick
SolarFan Wings
SolarFan Wings Hace un mes
9:08 Jake 😆
SolarFan Wings
SolarFan Wings Hace un mes
5:30 Tom Holland’s face....
Edwin Szeto
Edwin Szeto Hace un mes
Bradford Llyoncrest
This guy has some of the best shows
Kwenele Mazibuko
Kwenele Mazibuko Hace un mes
Tom Holland's British sarcasm. I love it!
Sophia Lin
Sophia Lin Hace un mes
Jake Gyllenhaal (idk how to spell it) lying to our faces from the get go
SnowCloud Hace un mes
Wait did I sit next to TOM at school for 3 days!
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly Hace un mes
9:10 " that's when we team up , and we become best buds . On and off screen " yeeeee suuuuuuure , just friends 😏😉 friends don't try to kiss their other friend / bud ( Jake ) Before you attack me as start saying " oh tom and jake aren't together , tom has a girlfriend and so does Jake " well 1. It's been confirmed MANY times tom and Olivia aren't dating , those articles you might have read are fake actually , those sources are fake , it's no one , it's made up , it's lies 2. I won't believe they're together until I see Jake and the girl he's spotted with sometimes either kiss or hold hands like other Celebrity people caught kissing or holding hands with their partner THEN I'll believe it And how I know tom and Jake are maybe together because they were in a Interview and they started to hold hands before the interview started and the person who has the " CUT !!! " White object thing covered it up 😏😉 and tom at his and Jake's Photoshoot were messing around behind the scenes and the last bit was tom about to kiss Jake but he never got to and he looked so dissapointed 😏😏 and you might be saying also " oh no no they joke " well ye sure they joke .... But only to cover up they're an item
Jaspreet Digpal
Jaspreet Digpal Hace un mes
I love how tom seemed more sure which movies pepper had worn a suit than gwyneth 😂
Olivia Hace un mes
9:00 for my future self🤣
Benjamin Noble
Benjamin Noble Hace un mes
Ben Perkins is Tom’s fake name Ben is MY NAME. BTW I called Tom by his first name because, well, you know, I have the same name as his fake personality, so... I’m pretty cool!
Adelaide McMillan
Adelaide McMillan Hace un mes
What a cute nugget!
김범석 Hace un mes
Hello, I am a boy living in Korea. I didn't know much about Tom Holland. Last July, Tom Holland starred as the main character in the Spider-Man movie. I started to like Tom Holland from then on, and I will continue to like Tom Holland.
calci Hace un mes
Tom Hanks needs to be in the MCU
ChaoticDoll Hace un mes
Tom is gorgeous!
Roxana Stone
Roxana Stone Hace un mes
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly Hace un mes
If you really do love him then stop begging for likes
TravelBean Hace un mes
Can you imagine being that girl sitting beside him in class 😍😍
lspr215 Hace un mes
Poor Gwyn. Dont think that's ever gonna get let down.
Harmonizer Hace un mes
George Francis
George Francis Hace un mes
Title: Best of Tom Holland Video: Best of Jake Gyllenhaal
Armenuhi Avagyan
Armenuhi Avagyan Hace un mes
Your Majesty
Your Majesty Hace un mes
I wonder how many followers I would have if I just told everyone about Tom and I before the movie came out. Wish I had now, wish I had believed him too. Owell, like goes on.
Animal and Food Lover
You have to earn the zipper 🤣🤣
meme bot
meme bot Hace un mes
2:37 Tom Holland: ...and believe me everyone, I am not, no genius Me: We got that
The Wibowo Little Family
Good laugh 😆
A Kitty
A Kitty Hace un mes
It’s official! Tom Holland is playing Peter Pan in the 2020 live action Disney remake!!
Rhiannon J
Rhiannon J Hace 2 meses
R.I.P Tom Holland's Prince Charming Hair
x Raze
x Raze Hace 2 meses
jake was on fire in the interview with graham lol.
SimmerSydney 101
SimmerSydney 101 Hace 2 meses
0:12 “there’s not a scene I don’t wear it in.” That is not true. We saw him wear the vfx suit and also casual clothes I. The background of a scene
MelAsYouSaidIssa Hace 2 meses
"All that steaming" XD
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf Hace 2 meses
Who is this girl? 😂
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