The Best Upcoming SCIENCE-FICTION Movies 2019 (Trailer)

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Included in this compilation are Men in Black: International, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Alita: Battle Angel, Avengers 4: Endgame, Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters, Shazam and Captain Marvel.
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24 ene 2019

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Comentarios 3 433
Raph Schru
Raph Schru Hace 10 minutos
Alita is actually really good
SkySoushi Hace 54 minutos
0:03 Men In Black: International 2:26 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu 4:42 Spider-Man: Far From Home 7:06 Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race 9:08 X-Men: Dark Phoenix 11:05 Alita: Battle Angel 13:20 Avengers: Endgame 15:38 Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters 17:56 Shazam 20:42 Captain Marvel
Cvetin Arsenovic
Cvetin Arsenovic Hace 2 horas
Man in Black? Please explained to me how a woman is a man in this movie? What is the point of calling the movie man in black when .......you cast a woman in the movie as a man in a black suit. I really hate what politics and gender topic makes of the movies. So sad, really sad. Call the movie Black suits!!!
Ariel Oxford
Ariel Oxford Hace 2 horas
Why is so much money being spent to make such utter bollocks?
Emil Swane
Emil Swane Hace 2 horas
wtf is this
Kris Coene
Kris Coene Hace 4 horas
Scifi where you actually have to use your brain is ofcourse strictly forbidden in hollywood... sigh
Daniel Maturana
Daniel Maturana Hace 4 horas
Sci-fi? where is it?
Whoolee Hace 4 horas
Learn what Science Fiction is ffs
Alboy stewart
Alboy stewart Hace 4 horas
Another female rules bullshit remake Neeson is right when he says We have been compromised By SJWs
Deepankar Jadhav
Deepankar Jadhav Hace 5 horas
I saw eleven & though it's "stranger things the movie"....well it's goddamn Godzilla
Thamor Hace 5 horas
It's f:ing sad when people have to put SF tag to trailers like these. When can we get something new and original done...
DOCTORWHO ISGR8 Hace 7 horas
Captain Marvel looks good
MirimeIsiliel Hace 7 horas
There're war and battle scenes in every movie. Is it something we must be interested in in the first place?
Xy Xy
Xy Xy Hace 7 horas
Thumbs up if Gravity is best new movie about space!
User Name
User Name Hace 7 horas
The reason we have a science fiction category in the library is because eventually logical predictions become non fiction (true). There was a time we told stories and wondered about going to the moon, then we went to the moon. Movies about super heroes who change form and have illogical powers are not science fiction, stories about antimatter and ion drives for starships are science fiction. Some fantasy concepts don’t abide by relative rational thought. Maybe we need to create more definitive sub genres for what is a broad topic. All the best.
Hugo Buitendijk
Hugo Buitendijk Hace 9 horas
The moon nazis are the pinnacle of stupidity, like wtf, who think that that is a good idea??
Paul Straiton
Paul Straiton Hace 10 horas
Sci-fi movies ? It was just an advert for DC and Marvel comic films is this what we are reduced to ? I hope the fuck not .
movax20h Hace 11 horas
Each and every one of these movies is a garbage. Remakes, sequales, poor action packed adaptations. Even Alita is probably a simple and boring story yet again. At least Iron Sky has balls to do something funny and ridicolous. There is so many awesome sci-fi books that would make excellent TV series or a movie.
MumbaiPower of
MumbaiPower of Hace 12 horas
The Wandering Earth
chris phanara
chris phanara Hace 12 horas
opinions are like assholes. Evetybody's got one and they all stink. So saying my opinion I like'em all. Specially Shazam, good to see Chuck Bartouski back at work. I bettcha even the negative Nellie's out there will be watching. ROFLMAO
Knarf Nil
Knarf Nil Hace 16 horas
I am 99.9% confident that I won't watch Avengers 4. I am not going to see a bunch of sentimental "heroes" trying (and probably succeeding) in undoing the legacy of the universe's greatest civil servant.
Edward Whitford
Edward Whitford Hace 17 horas
Nothing of interest here. Garbage in, garbage out.
aigomorla Hace 17 horas
Because ghostbusters got a female reboot, MIB needed one too? Sigh... you just cant do a MIB without J and K.
Cheryl Farmer
Cheryl Farmer Hace 19 horas
There is not even an escape from political correctness and identity politics at the movies. Now Captain Marvel is a woman, lol.
Namas'cray Hace 20 horas
Wasn't Captain Marvel a Caribbean woman with tan skin, black hair and could grow and stretch inhuamely in the comics? Why is she a while, blonde human rocket??
Kevin Barton
Kevin Barton Hace 20 horas
All looks like we've been here before, several, several times . . .
Thoreau Hace 20 horas
Not One true Si-Fi movie. Just a bunch of predictable SJW, teenage, girl-power, bullshit....... Good luck hollywood, you''ll have another money losing year.
Tsitsu Schmitzu
Tsitsu Schmitzu Hace 21 un hora
actually NONE of these movies are SCIENCE fiction they are all JUST fiction crap superhero movies
Joseph W. Miller
Joseph W. Miller Hace 21 un hora
Superhero movies =/= Science Fiction
Orlor Hace 21 un hora
According to Hollywood these days, Science Fiction is Marvel Movies. 2001 was Science Fiction Bladerunner was Science Fiction Contact was Science Fiction Close Encounters of the Third Kind was Science Fiction The Martian was REAL Science Fiction The crap I just saw was not Science Fiction. And my own personal hell would be someone taking me out to a movie only to find it was the Pokemon movie...
DGneoseeker1 Hace 22 horas
MIB looks... bad.
kebman Hace 22 horas
Correction: Super hero fantasy movies. They're just about as much about "science" as scientology. Anyway, so no science fiction movies in 2019? #disappointed
DMX 10033
DMX 10033 Hace 22 horas
Where is science fiction here? Superhero crap only - disappointing
Hrvoje Brzic
Hrvoje Brzic Hace 23 horas
i do no call that trash an sci-fi due that is an marvel fucking trash for retarded adults and little kids only
Pan Kamyk
Pan Kamyk Hace 23 horas
Do u rly think pokemons and almost the rest of them are sci-fi? There's a huge difference between sci-fi and fantasy!
Yung Tago
Yung Tago Hace un día
This comment section is filled with old heads
I want to see godzilla..
ForcefighterX2 Hace un día
So.... essentially they either re-boot every existing Sci-Fi movie they can find, or turn comics or animes into movies. I miss the 90s where they made actual new films...
irish chancer
irish chancer Hace un día
Sjw / women Ghostbusters movie 2.0 meh
Marvel James
Marvel James Hace un día
Clearly, the spiderman director doesn't know how to do a trailer because they already revealed the main plot learn from endgame dude
Marvel James
Marvel James Hace un día
2:21 You are not worthy
ultranitro Hace un día
Since when is Mary Jane not a hot Red Head?
ultranitro Hace un día
So I guess the new trend is to remake all classic guy movies with "powerful" women as the big hero. Such bullshit. Just like ghostbusters or any of the others that have done the same.
Wolfgang Breitenseher
Why can't you leave women where they are at best? As screaming, horrified victims. They don't have any of the properties portrayed in those modern movies, except the character from the movie "Monster". It's boring to see them in all their make up, legging and high heels doing things women simply can't do and don't want to do. Like saving others by risking their lives.
Thomas Samoht
Thomas Samoht Hace un día
Marvel galore. Great. Absolutely great. I'm so F'NG tired of that nonsense.
subscribe to pewdiepie
who noticed at 20:30 he's holding different stuff than what he's holding at 20:33
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen Hace un día
Jennifer Lawrence is a total piece of shit.
Gaudard Cyril
Gaudard Cyril Hace un día
There is clearly a misconception of what should be called sci-fi., and fantasy.
joseph tyler
joseph tyler Hace un día
Lol all the negative comments about a movie that's just gonna be a fun ride! these comments are generic and so off base. I like the fact that they are putting a women in a men in black leading roll. Despite all the negativity it will be a box office hit.
Dominick Smith
Dominick Smith Hace un día
At 52 years old I found myself watching anime sci-fi more and more. Animes provide me with the edgy sci-fi that I grew up with in the 70's and 80's. Modern hollywood sucks. I hope western cucks don't infect those beautiful Japanese story tellers.
YangLuca Hace un día
Looks like it's time for we Chinese to try presenting authentic sci-fi, instead of Hollywood superhero fairytales, hahahaha Check the Wandering Earth, a story of propelling the planet earth out of the solar system with 10k giant earth engines away from an exploding sun. #realsci-fi#
Olokunful Hace un día
Mib agents driving the Nu Hotness. But Shazam is already old and busted.
Annie Mysweet
Annie Mysweet Hace un día
channeling Joan Crawford: "NO MORE SUPERHERO MOVIES EVER!!!!!"
Locomotion2121 Hace un día
Mindcandies for idiot millenials. And I say this as a science fiction fan.
jbingfaIII Hace un día
Shazam has to be funny...
jbingfaIII Hace un día
ESvid is crippled by adaware!
jbingfaIII Hace un día
Well...The X Men interesting you got me...happy now?
jbingfaIII Hace un día
All that pre apocalypse man , 4 out of 5 of these movies "Save the World"...I am missing Blade Runner...1982...1982...
jbingfaIII Hace un día
Jesus...After Effects is the A Actor with the Director as the Follow up...
gavin Hh
gavin Hh Hace un día
men in black, kinda in the title. not woman in black. ffs
Path of Aroha Music
Path of Aroha Music Hace un día
nobody disappointed about the bad trailer music these days? There is no more epicness in it. loveless fast cut together by people who work mechanicly for money....sick...as a musician i know so many poeple who could do this 1000 times better for less or no money
Larry Howard
Larry Howard Hace un día
Tony starks will be the end of thanos Iron Man will beat thanos
Ian Skinner
Ian Skinner Hace un día
It's sad when even Iron Sky gets the BS virtue signally millennial BS make over..
Joseph Shmoe
Joseph Shmoe Hace un día
Alita is the only movie worth a damn in this whole video.
Matthew Annis
Matthew Annis Hace un día
If will smith doesn't have a Cameo than society has failed us all.
GedKelly1999 Hace 2 días
I have to admire the 100% absence of any kind of effort or production put into this video. Not even a linked time guide to when each trailer starts, which would have been maybe 90 seconds work. Exceptional laziness.
Sebastian K
Sebastian K Hace 2 días
In China this year "Wandering Earth" came into the cinema. THIS is a good SciFi movie. But too complicated for German audience. No super-hero-killing-all-bad-guys-and-finding-his-love crap as Hollowood delivers.
Sebastian K
Sebastian K Hace 2 días
No real SciFi movie anymore - only those superhero crap which carry an ideology of self justice and survival of the fittest.
DmaxHd Hace 2 días
Between all the sequels remakes and my boycott list , hoolywood is basically dead to me . Bulldoze that shit down and put up a military air base !
DmaxHd Hace 2 días
Enough of the men in black bullshit ! Nothing more boring to watch than that shit !
brutus brutalis
brutus brutalis Hace 2 días
No new films but just remakes of remakes. Is the jewish propaganda machine hollyweird destroyed by greed - or is it part of the mind control?
Izahdnb Hace 2 días
Nothing inspired me to go to the theatre for this. Not even worth a torrent.
Deccky Ess
Deccky Ess Hace 2 días
ooooo doesn't look great....struggling to keep a franchise going me thinks...
Jaco Pieterse
Jaco Pieterse Hace 2 días
Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring.
leslie mathew
leslie mathew Hace 2 días
tell the new men in black stars they shouldn't be mentioning them in a deja vu as well. Tell his highness of thor of asgrd he should stick with hammers or should never be in this damn movie. tell chris hemsworth he never should comete with legends which should not be worth that desscrbes his name
Botlhe Soms
Botlhe Soms Hace 2 días
Of all the bunch you shown only 3 emerge to my liking. Dark Phoenix Godzilla Thanos movie
Flush Gorgon
Flush Gorgon Hace 2 días
Deceptive title. My time wasted. Channel blacklisted.
hello yous
hello yous Hace 2 días
poke a mong seriously.
himynameistim Hace 2 días
#NotAllKree #ResistMarvel
So the Iron Sky sequel was completely rewritten ??? wth
GUNSLINGER Hace 2 días
Alita is the only good film on this list. *if your looking for a review don't listen to the clueless critics who clearly can't watch a science fiction film*. The rest look fucking horrific.
Tora Goshi
Tora Goshi Hace 2 días
New spider man.... ehm 100% trash. MIB I smell triggered feminists incoming
Jack Long
Jack Long Hace 2 días
No Sci-Fi, none..... superhero FUCKING SHITE!
Jack Long
Jack Long Hace 2 días
So now a black is the star in every movie.... do they know that blacks make up 12% of the population? Racist Hollywood scumbags.
Gralu Siemanko
Gralu Siemanko Hace 2 días
Fellow Comrade
Fellow Comrade Hace 2 días
women of colour in black . fucking lmao.
Be Nice Expect Nice
Be Nice Expect Nice Hace 2 días
Is there any way to get all these movies in Blu-ray ? I mean, Right Now.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Hace 2 días
Annnnnnd they say "the wandering earth" is still far away from Hollywood sci-fi standard. Now say that again, pricks!
Crab Burger
Crab Burger Hace 2 días
All I can say is what a f**king load of garbage to look forward too, f**king marvel crap mainly.... enough already!!!!!
Special Agent Bill Maxwell
Alita was top notch. (Already seen it.) Moon Nazi thing looks pretty funny. At least it hasn't been done before. I'll skip Captain M because I'm not woke enough for it (yawn). A trailer for it came on during Alita. When it finished, there were groans in the audience. MCU shot themselves in the foot with this one.
Midnight Gaming.
Midnight Gaming. Hace 2 días
One day this female empowerment stuff will level off and we wont have lines like "You underestimated who I am." If they did, they wouldn't know she was a threat or be going after her.. but thats a fan service for the chicks who feel underestimated compared to their counterparts. You dont see guys in movies with lines like "Big mistake you underestimated how smart and strong I am, how manly I can be." this shit is stupid. I been alive for 4 decades and in one way or the other its always the same shit. the great filter is us. Either we move past this shit or we self destruct over it. Just tell a good story, stop shoving political agendas and SJW crap down our throats.
linda Hace 7 minutos
uhm guys in action movies have had "big mistake" lines quite often (fan services to boys ho want to see a underdog make it)... I dont take it as any gender agendas when they say them, its just a line. Whyyy are you so pissy about it.
k1lls Hace 2 días
Was hoping to see a new Cloverfield movie...
Gary Campusano
Gary Campusano Hace 2 días
why so much hate on sci-fi superheroes?
CopperHeroin Hace 2 días
Why do they keep redoing movies with no difference except tits added. Insane.
MrTangerillo Hace 2 días
You came her for sci-fi, Well there are aliens and its Men in Black, What the fuck did you come here for?
MrTangerillo Hace 2 días
Men in Black. Thats all you need to know.
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