The Breakfast Club Reacts to Dipset and The LOX’s ‘Verzuz’ Battle

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Executive Producer: Eddie F.
APD/Producer: Daniel Greene
Producer: Taylor Hayes
Video Director/Camera: Nick Ciofalo
Video Producer: Joey Geballa

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.

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Charlene Hunt
Charlene Hunt Hace un hora
Yess The Lox came thru straight 🔥 Jada got barrrrs! he said come on I can go all night lol
Devin Green
Devin Green Hace un hora
*Repent and accept Jesus Christ Today. I pray the Lord Jesus takes us home before this year is over with. The world stage is getting prepared for the anti christ to rise.*
Go CPNG Hace un hora
When You Got The Skill It Shows. Point Blank. Simple.
Aracoixo Hace un hora
Jason Hace un hora
Kareem Bradberry
Kareem Bradberry Hace un hora
Yooooo this was 🔥 between the groups. Now this is true Hip Hop. 💯
Ben Belanger
Ben Belanger Hace un hora
I really do believe he popped some Adderall so he can focus and absolutely slay Dipset
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Hace un hora
Did y’all do jiggly lox
Ct Bt
Ct Bt Hace un hora
No fans should’ve been in there starting to turn into a rap battle now when it should stick to the whole point which is versus
Ct Bt
Ct Bt Hace un hora
Yeah they shouldn’t even have people in there. Do it like they did it before you don’t need a whole crew of people in there man
0rlando Cottman
0rlando Cottman Hace 2 horas
KRS an LL had a kid 'no homo' an they named the boy 👑 JADA!
Not a dead cat Gorilla Gang
Who would bet against the Lox? C’mon! Jada alone slays these dudes
0rlando Cottman
0rlando Cottman Hace 2 horas
Come on God in the words of Blu Ivys father. Is that what you got from that!
D R Hace 2 horas
kinda embarrassing no
Joy Kumi
Joy Kumi Hace 2 horas
Hello everyone I just wanted to come on here and let you know Jesus loves you and He is patiently waiting for you to submit to Him before it is too late. In my past there were situations that happened to me that could have destroyed me forever but God saved me from it all and I am so thankful and happy I did not deny His love. He has always loved me, provided for me and protected me even when I was living in sin. He has put mercy on my soul and now I can help others get closer to Him to change their way of living life. I encourage you all today to please repent of all your sins, give your life fully to Jesus Christ and turn away from the evil and vanity of this world. Obey His commandments always I promise you wont regret that decision when it is time to meet Him. God bless you and your families, please be safe and take care much love ❤❤❤❤
Colleal Cottom
Colleal Cottom Hace 2 horas
J D Hace 2 horas
This video got 700k in a day lmfao
Jan Wizzarak
Jan Wizzarak Hace 2 horas
💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸 ♥♥♥♥🌸🌸🌸💗💟💟😄😄😄😄💸💸💸💗💗 😄😄😄😄💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
Toria Williams
Toria Williams Hace 2 horas
The whole battle was great , They are both winners they are going on tour together along with other guest .Can not wait to go see them on tour They are truly all brothers
Honour and Prosper
Honour and Prosper Hace 2 horas
I saw jadakiss in foetal position on the floor getting kicked after getting robbed in uk, he was screaming like a fox. Big big facts.
Honour and Prosper
Honour and Prosper Hace 2 horas
Who remembers that? Stratford East london. That boy got kicked like a soccer ball.
#moyetti has the new flame too ❌💯🔥🔥🔥
#johnnyotti ❌💯 freestyle king
corndog1868 Hace 2 horas
Search here for (Rockcandy Live In Toronto 1988) featuring Buffalo Music Hall of Fame singer song writer Joie Anes! Enjoy the show!!!!
Dont Search Johnny X 100
Dont Search Johnny X 100
IncognitoTB Hace 2 horas
The lox ain't that big outside of NY. "Yeah homie in new york, niggas like ya vocals, but that's only in new york dawg yo ass is local"
Dont Search Johnny X 100
DigaFX Hace 2 horas
the Lox vs Mobb Deep would have been the sh!t if Prodigy was still alive.
Yes Thank
Yes Thank Hace 2 horas
encourage you to accept Jesus CHRIST Yeshua as your LORD and SAVIOR TODAY
theblue014 Hace 2 horas
This video #1 on ESvid Trending? That’s a W for the Culture.
Yes Thank
Yes Thank Hace 2 horas
Jadakiss can't beat Cassidy, and new York top 3 is 50 cent, terminology, inspectah deck.
Toriano Webb
Toriano Webb Hace 2 horas
Stop it
Dont Search Johnny X 100
IlDeimos Hace 2 horas
All about the Benjamins was written by Jada, Diddy confirmed this.
Yes Thank
Yes Thank Hace 2 horas
encourage you to accept Jesus CHRIST Yeshua as your LORD and SAVIOR TODAY
Dont Search Johnny X 100
Yes Thank
Yes Thank Hace 2 horas
accept Jesus CHRIST Yeshua as your LORD and SAVIOR TODAY
Lacy Brown
Lacy Brown Hace 2 horas
Something in that New York water when niggas say Camron can spit
Yes Thank
Yes Thank Hace 2 horas
accept Jesus CHRIST Yeshua as your LORD and SAVIOR TODAY
King Okafor
King Okafor Hace 3 horas
Dipsets career was very short in comparison to The Lox, and much less hit music.
Alex Vega
Alex Vega Hace 3 horas
Good review! Thanks.
Paradigm Shift TV
Paradigm Shift TV Hace 3 horas
Lars P
Lars P Hace 3 horas
Now the Lox gotta climb the ladder and battle G Unit Fight for NY style. Wu Tang and terror squad are bonus levels 😂😂
Sean Karleone
Sean Karleone Hace 3 horas
Jada was in the matrix at one point everything was flowing. Overall a brilliant event. Whens the 50 v Ja going doing 😂😂😂😂😂.
R. Lucas
R. Lucas Hace 3 horas
They didn’t think this Verzuz through, even Ray Charles could’ve seen that L coming for Dipset and he’s dead and blind.
Silently Moving
Silently Moving Hace 3 horas
Juelz was always the fire in dipset to me, but they left the other best artist from dipset out of it, smh still sleep on Jr Writer. Dip beat selection was always top notch, that carried them 4 real, but bar 4 bar, D Block!!!
MAR-A-LAGO Retirement Home
DMX is in Hell saying why tf did I sell my soul?
boy Afrika
boy Afrika Hace 4 horas
Difference between brothers and some made up crew. "I don't care who shot you, cause they ain't kill ya" -Jada Kiss Ps: Can't mess with a New York nigga with shorts and buttas on, that's the final form of a Super Nigga
Rudresh Pandey
Rudresh Pandey Hace 4 horas
Allu Arjun youtube.com/shorts/NYELcIQk8PE?feature=share
KenneyLive Hace 4 horas
The whole thing was crazy. Respect to all of em.
Luis Casas
Luis Casas Hace 4 horas
Who cares what y’all think
lady hotep
lady hotep Hace 4 horas
There were times when I thought violence was gonna break out. Thankfully it didn't. The Lox came in hot baby.
Latisha Anderson
Latisha Anderson Hace 4 horas
The LOX murked them
Bigfndeals Hace 4 horas
It was boring and sounded like a bunch of noise. I would have rather watched Slim Jesus vs Riff Raff.
Trap God Banga
Trap God Banga Hace 4 horas
Shows dipset how they music doesn't really make that much noise
Damon Seldon
Damon Seldon Hace 4 horas
You pay 30 for the kiss 100 for the lox and if you want you can get a hook for a drop
Jonathan Muldrow
Jonathan Muldrow Hace 4 horas
I'm deleting all my Dip Set music after this.
Latifa Abdul
Latifa Abdul Hace 4 horas
that was not peaceful Angela..
Kaleb Sizemore
Kaleb Sizemore Hace 5 horas
This isn’t the breakfast club…
M B Hace 5 horas
Tru-Life been saying it for years !!!! Dip Set TRASH!!!!
LMR LBI Hace 5 horas
Damn Lox Buried Dipset
Joshua Woodard
Joshua Woodard Hace 5 horas
I was a Dipset fan in highschool, but their music did not age well. They dressed and acted like teenagers. The Lox shut them down.
Jay_That_Baller Hace 5 horas
Green peace of paper
There's no three man group better then the lox
menkaure. kann
menkaure. kann Hace 5 horas
Cam'ron is wack when it comes to Jadakiss pants down.
Motivation star
Motivation star Hace 5 horas
Yes a very big prasmotr in the video. I wish my videos had a similar viewing collection. I liked it 1
Phillyhorse Hace 5 horas
Lox won the battle but dipset catalog will always win the war, lox is a family dipset is a family that lives on different parts of the world.
Hoodoo Lounge TV
Hoodoo Lounge TV Hace 5 horas
CTG and Lee energy is off
Kory Davis
Kory Davis Hace 5 horas
Jadakiss gave out a second body bag 😭🤣
CANT STOPME Hace 5 horas
Cam is a joke, and Jim is the 🤡. Somebody get Juelz a 8th bruh talkn about a funeral.
Tekin Onal
Tekin Onal Hace 5 horas
Even G-Unit couldn’t mess with the LOX, so Dipset stood no chance. I didn’t think it would be that ugly of an L for Dipset but Jada was like Genghiz Khan going to war.
Adrienne Roberson
Adrienne Roberson Hace 5 horas
Dipset looked like they came to get a check, The Lox came for a rap battle. In addition to Jadakiss dominating, they had a cohesiveness and moved like a unit. All the beefs and breakups looked like it hurt Dipset over the years. When Jada said “I know niggas that went to jail to get their teeth fixed” and pointed to Juelz, I almost fell out my chair!
Trey E.
Trey E. Hace 5 horas
Angela ye is becoming annoying. She’s always upset about something.
David Gift
David Gift Hace 6 horas
Is Jadakiss better than Jay Z ??? We really need to ask at this point
Jerard Black
Jerard Black Hace 6 horas
Shit was Like the Tunnel from Back In the Day
Josh Stone
Josh Stone Hace 6 horas
I personally think dipset didn’t put the effort in and the lox gave it there all!!
Cherie smith
Cherie smith Hace 6 horas
If Jadakiss isnt your TOP 5 DOA before or after this battle. Your ears must be broken..
gary neal
gary neal Hace 6 horas
The Lox turned Verzuz to hearse ⚰⚰⚰⚱⚱⚱
warchild Hace 6 horas
I'm really really surprised nothing popped off
Al Brown
Al Brown Hace 6 horas
I heard Dipset got smashed,I didn't see it... LoL
George Washington
George Washington Hace 6 horas
We all know President Trump won the 2020 election. 💯
Gball Carter
Gball Carter Hace 6 horas
On 3 we gon say peace in this mf . 1….2…..3……commercial !
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Hace 6 horas
A true mc will always triumph over the gimmicks
2REAL TV Hace 6 horas
Harlem, HOLD THIS 👉🏾L
Jr Hace 6 horas
I love dipset they got HITS i bumped them all day after this...but LOX will ALWAYS be my #1 group.nobody compares ESPECIALLY bar for bar
J Psy-Edge
J Psy-Edge Hace 6 horas
11thWoods Hace 6 horas
Went in thinking The Dips was gonna wash The Lox.... I was wrong.. LOL The way Sheek pushed Juelz out of the way LMAO
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Hace 6 horas
To whomever is scrolling: sending you good vibes for the rest of the day or night. Thank you for reading!
Hector Julio
Hector Julio Hace 6 horas
Tarrence Conyers
Tarrence Conyers Hace 7 horas
Dip got set 2 die Verzuz Lox.
Nicky B
Nicky B Hace 7 horas
Angela yee lookin like Rick James with that hair
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