The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. Here's what's happening.
Dieter's article: twitter.com/backlon/status/1118573836226658304
Mark Gurman: twitter.com/markgurman/status/1118574467255418880
Steve Kovach: twitter.com/stevekovach/status/1118571414934753280
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18 abr 2019






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Awoof Hace un hora
clap clap clap phone review
DoMiNaToR2465 Hace un hora
recall all the units please
R1CHIE RICH Hace un hora
Isn’t this phone like $2000?!?
Beebo Hace un hora
Flop device
Dre Hace un hora
As much money as that Galaxy Fold cost it seems you CAN'T use that phone for every day use. That looks like it is to be used occasionally 📱
이블랙 Hace un hora
Meny Speyer
Meny Speyer Hace un hora
Why didn't you share the crazy layer story in the previous video? Are you trying to be nice to Samsung?
Francis Suller
Francis Suller Hace un hora
They need stronger screen material like poly or nylon or something just stonger
SonicBomber Hace un hora
Verne Miller
Verne Miller Hace un hora
In the Verge article they admit to using molding clay to get beauty shots prior to their screen getting the bulge
SRT Thundercat
SRT Thundercat Hace un hora
Galaxy fold gets rekt automatically. Galaxy note 7 blasts. Old galaxy lags. Samsung fans: apple will never get as innovative as samsung. 😹😹 too true.
Jackson Shelton
Jackson Shelton Hace un hora
Phone: survives hard times Person: oh this screen protector is dirty let me remove it. Phone: dies from removal of screen protector Person: thats not possible wtf.
metra force
metra force Hace un hora
*"I'm guessing it scratches at a level 3 with deeper groves at a level"* -jerryrig reference
코시마 Hace un hora
I love my s8 which I got for 360€
KIWI IN YOUR FACE Hace un hora
To all those suckers who thought this would be a great idea......haha! Just give me a smaller full screen phone please Apple
CapnTates Hace un hora
You gotta forgive me when I tell some people "told you so". When people tell me I'm too sceptical and it turns out I was right, it gives a pretty good feeling.
Jacob Clarkson
Jacob Clarkson Hace un hora
You should not have deleted that footage.
Ezra Hagar
Ezra Hagar Hace un hora
Rip off because over 2k you should be able to do whatever and it should last over 20 years
keegan773 Hace un hora
If you are daft enough to pay almost £2,000 for a 'phone you deserve to be ripped off.
Leandro Gomes
Leandro Gomes Hace un hora
Rabin Thapa
Rabin Thapa Hace un hora
Thanos has done it again. Half of the display has vanished 😅
Sridutt Lanka
Sridutt Lanka Hace un hora
Just imagine Jerry pulls the layer off coz of his habit and tries to turn the screen on for the scratch test and says that 3,4 scratches thing.
Adem Haxhimolla
Adem Haxhimolla Hace un hora
HAHAHAHA i'm dying "Scratches at a level 3 with deeper grooves a level 4" JerryRigEverything reference
Dylan Laws
Dylan Laws Hace un hora
Thry launched it way too early, its a great prototype, but it is NOT a daily use item
Never-More The Furry
The one with the bulge was estimated to be clay after they where modeling the phone
Bryan Kye
Bryan Kye Hace un hora
I learned a long time ago not to be new shit. Wait for it to get better. Hey let’s make a screen that doesn’t crack!!!!!!!
Funny and Cringy Anime Dubs
Samsung should cancel the release
X8 Dank
X8 Dank Hace un hora
I want mark-ass brownlee and fortnite
OldManSkimpy Hace un hora
This is a lesson. Don’t blow $2000 on a phone
Elias Garcia Jr.
Elias Garcia Jr. Hace un hora
Probably gonna stick to the 9+ until we can get this going without the phone destroying itself
Oliver Lepori
Oliver Lepori Hace un hora
5 minutes explanation that it's actually users fault, 2 minutes trashing other producers that did not experience the same problem. The rest again about user error blah blah. Sorry but, dude any backbone left?
Farhan Saeed
Farhan Saeed Hace un hora
SoulScr3am Hace un hora
Sticking to my HUAWEI pro 20
love and peace9
love and peace9 Hace un hora
Just don't buy it
brooklyn savo
brooklyn savo Hace un hora
Samsung: gives 🍏 shit 🍏: Hold this tissue 😂😂😂
Oneness100 Hace un hora
Foldable is a problem in search of a solution rather than a solution to a problem.
Kill Ss
Kill Ss Hace un hora
Just buy a tablet and flip phone 😂 the more the better
Sridutt Lanka
Sridutt Lanka Hace un hora
You know what I'm saying .
Rocky Jackson 007
Rocky Jackson 007 Hace un hora
Wow 🔥 Great video 🔥 i Really like it 🔥 wonderful video 🔥 This is a Best channel on ESvid 🔥
Junru Huang
Junru Huang Hace un hora
Isn't there a small screen on the front? Couldn't use the phone just because of it? Samsung has already considerred this issue and gave you a solution!
Zy H
Zy H Hace un hora
You cannot defy physics.. if people want foldable screen they should be careful using it. Regardless of who makes this phone, it will never be as reliable as a solid slap of screen with no moving parts. Still is implementation from Samsung is better than the outfold method from Huawei in terms of protection.
William Yau
William Yau Hace un hora
It appears the 1st gen fold phone still has some usability issues and just wait for the avalanche of tech support issues later this year.
Gus JaKa
Gus JaKa Hace un hora
Another youtuber : "testing samsung fold's durability" Marquess : "i accidently peel it and it break"
Chizo Paulinus
Chizo Paulinus Hace un hora
David Watson
David Watson Hace un hora
Back to the drawing board. While you're at it, get that small screen to fill the complete front.
Ciren Rose
Ciren Rose Hace un hora
Why don't they just make the left and right side of the phone glass and the middle part where it folds plastic?
The Soviet Octopus
The Soviet Octopus Hace un hora
Fortnite and MarkAss Brownie
royalbangal101 Hace un hora
That inside screen has a huge side notch. Really Samsung? Get rid of it. It's hideous and makes it look unsymmetrical.
Andy Nzeka
Andy Nzeka Hace un hora
Samsung fold my ass. Fold, it will never work, if there’s dust in between, it will break.
JayMo Daily
JayMo Daily Hace un hora
Damn, that’s niggly man! 🥴
Young Foreign Ali
Young Foreign Ali Hace un hora
This Phone Sucks Stop Reviewing This Garbage 🗑
Johnfuse Hace un hora
That was obvious from the beginning. A screen which you can fold, obviously can`t have hardened glass.
KpopNoodle Hace un hora
Buying brand new tech is like paying to be lab rats.
Max's Raving Music Production's 123469
Unfolded , ha! 2000$ piece of crap that breaks, no reason to broke already!! Samsung s fault once again
Aloknand Ravishankar
I saw it 1st. ‘foreshadowing’
Brady Huntoon
Brady Huntoon Hace un hora
Breaking news: Samsung foldable phone is breaking! Me: well that went about as well as expected
Denver Naicker
Denver Naicker Hace un hora
increase the bezel hide the lip
andcore Hace un hora
8 years of work for a foldable phone that can't fold? Not much to be proud of here...
Hami Ngatai
Hami Ngatai Hace un hora
You idiot
Yameen Hace un hora
It's just a sequel of note 7 series.
jrw Hace un hora
It's a western issue. Asians never peel any protective film off.
Axel Mendoza
Axel Mendoza Hace un hora
Apple first try watch fall 2k19
Bissam Sarfraz
Bissam Sarfraz Hace un hora
that is the reason why companies send the product to reviewers before releasing date apple watch this
Michael Mansour
Michael Mansour Hace un hora
Seriously?!!! Why didn't he mention that in his first review? And how did he lose the footage? I used to trust him but not anymore.
prussian.mp4 Hace un hora
Just casually has a brand new unopened galaxy s10 laying around
NepalCode TV
NepalCode TV Hace un hora
I can't buy. good who bought that dumb shit price phone
Meme Expert
Meme Expert Hace un hora
What's stronger: Samsung Galaxy Fold Or A transparent BOI
Ryan McCary
Ryan McCary Hace un hora
Nice subtle JerryRig shout out
Oneness100 Hace un hora
Face it, it's a pile of crap, anyone that buys it is stupid, and the thing is just going to constantly break, show an ugly crease down the center and the display will probably bubble up looking like a cheap product. Imagine what's going to happen a year from now?
AI Epochal
AI Epochal Hace un hora
Don't just suspect. Talk with hands-on check-up and confirmation. Does Huawei's fold-able phone also adopt Samsung's so-called protective film layer concept? Again, without the compatibility to a protective case, which is for drop-proof, never will be a fan of fold-able phones. Period!
Matus Aviation
Matus Aviation Hace un hora
Why for God's sake even try to remove any protection film? I would give a lot for an oem protection film on my Galaxy Note 8 and someone who gets one tries to remove it... Americans :D
Rsktek Hace un hora
so it's mostly a pos
Stein-Erik Dahle
Stein-Erik Dahle Hace un hora
What. Unboxing a brand new Galaxy S10 just to peel the plastic... Wow. Just wow...
Eesa Hash
Eesa Hash Hace un hora
Send a phone to Jerry, he'll expose em
Electrics Nut
Electrics Nut Hace un hora
Gotta love Samsung using their customers as beta testers. These phones are not even remotely ready for the market. These displays are stupid fragile.
Ak47 Hace un hora
noriel beato
noriel beato Hace un hora
i bet iphone (apple) is laughing ryt now!
Mowafaq Feda
Mowafaq Feda Hace 2 horas
Mr Spood
Mr Spood Hace 2 horas
Anyone know what that MacBook Case is ?
unclebugspayton Hace 2 horas
Bora Onat
Bora Onat Hace 2 horas
Wait a few months for them to fix the kinks, then buy...
Oneness100 Hace 2 horas
No, some didn't remove the Screen protector and it still failed.
Nikhil Verma
Nikhil Verma Hace 2 horas
Marchizie catz
Marchizie catz Hace 2 horas
Wtf? Dont who even removes those things? Tbh you should be greatful those things are included
Chris Ng
Chris Ng Hace 2 horas
Exactly the reason i do not buy a samsung anymore.. poor quality
Zy H
Zy H Hace un hora
Are you a retard? You cannot defy physics.. if people want foldable screen they should be careful using it. Regardless of who makes this phone, it will never be as reliable as a solid slap of screen with no moving parts.
Reminds me of the flipping of my Nintendo 3ds
Parthasarathy Bose
Parthasarathy Bose Hace 2 horas
Galaxy fold durability test: Just remove the protective plastic and you are done! One of the comment I saw below. Seriously. This is insane. Who would like to buy Samsung Fold where the durability of the phone depends on how you treat the protective screen guard. I feel there is no need of any protection as when the phone is not used, it's in fold state anyways! Samsung are you hearing? Else a 2000 USD device with this complication will detest users from buying this.
whatevvv Hace 2 horas
wait this phone is actually real?😹
Willam Millar
Willam Millar Hace 2 horas
Please don't say he bought a s10 just to show a pre-installed screen protector
I control the spice
I control the spice Hace 2 horas
apple users: *it's my time to step in*
DeeMontanaa Hace 2 horas
Cash App: $TsoDeeMoney Anyone Have A Dollar
Turbo1dr Hace 2 horas
Is it really **a phone** or is it a **fold-able tablet** with the capability of a phone?
Help Me Get 100 Subscribers
It’s a cheap Chinese made product. What do you expect?
Daniel Christianto
Daniel Christianto Hace 2 horas
MKBHDRigeverything 6:45
shonenlad one
shonenlad one Hace 2 horas
New tech curve problems. Wait till the 3rd or 4th iteration .
Andrija Vasić
Andrija Vasić Hace 2 horas
Collab with JerryRig!
DJClifton Hace 2 horas
A statement to other manufacturers “what NOT to do if you intend on entering the foldable phone market”.
Eminent JV14
Eminent JV14 Hace 2 horas
Damn Samsung Is Getting Sued. RIP SAMSUNG😔😔
Jayarie Hace 2 horas
Honestly i feel like they did no user testing and should have privately sent to reviewers like you and have you give feedback on a prototype
Russ Wiskar
Russ Wiskar Hace 2 horas
The world isn't ready . Clearly!
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