The Buick Grand National Is the Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car

Doug DeMuro
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The Buick Grand National is the ultimate 1980s muscle car. Today I'm reviewing the Grand National to show you why the Buick Grand National is special -- and I'm driving the Grand National, and I'm taking you on a tour of the Grand National's quirks and features.
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16 may 2019






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500erider Hace 3 horas
a 6.7 second 0-60 time ? With what driving, an elephant ? The car, in the hands of any decent driver, was capable of sub 6 second 0-60 times. When this engine was placed into the 1989 20th anniversary Turbo T/A, it went 0-60 in around 4.6 seconds, even for the geeks at Motorweek. C'mon.....
Lance2773 Hace 9 horas
This was a fun dicertation. Thank you, good job Doug!
Tanner Wharton
Tanner Wharton Hace 12 horas
Stopped watching when I realized this isn’t the gnx sorry
Anna Wyland
Anna Wyland Hace 16 horas
You are smoking crack if you think that slug is or was a muscle car
Syed Rehan Fida
Syed Rehan Fida Hace un día
I want this car!
Bettie Howard
Bettie Howard Hace un día
He failed to mention that it was also known as having the best Top Gear acceleration than any car at that time.
srt8turbo awdjeep
srt8turbo awdjeep Hace 2 días
The car design is 40 yrs old lol, the GN came out at the end of that regal era. I had an 81? regal if memory serves ... lots of memories.
SparklyDoesPCgaming Hace 3 días
Perich29 Hace 3 días
its chick from walt disney cars.
Nick Marsh
Nick Marsh Hace 3 días
This is the story of a couple of small time hustlers Framed by crooked cops and forced to make a run for their lives Nothin' but a bag of money, a stolen Buick Grand National And each other to their names They ain't friends, exactly These guys have a better chance of killing each other Than beating the odds No sir, they're brothers, and when the chips are down I really don't think you want to bet against Yankee and the Brave, Brave, Brave, Brave, Brave...
John Morgan
John Morgan Hace 4 días
Let’s talk about that 7500 mile oil change
allwack Hace 6 días
My true dream car
James Warner
James Warner Hace 6 días
there used to be a beautiful Grand National in my area. haven't seen it in years. there are a few decent Monte Carlo SS's still, but that Grand National disappeared.
Cold Beer
Cold Beer Hace 7 días
These were the shit back in the day. Doug score for 'the shit back in the day' should be 10.
_ UNica _
_ UNica _ Hace 8 días
That's a beauty...
16-Bit Bernie
16-Bit Bernie Hace 10 días
remember when buick was cool
Diamond Cutter
Diamond Cutter Hace 11 días
The Fisher body logo on the door step was a common thing in the day for a lot of cars idiot.
Royal Blue
Royal Blue Hace 11 días
really good looking vintage wheels.. one of the best
Matt Lauckner
Matt Lauckner Hace 11 días
My first car was a 1985 Buick LeSabre Collector's Edition. That car had a lot of similar components- the speedometer cluster panel was identical; and it also featured the "Body by Fisher" stamp as well. BUT IN A TWIST- the seats were logo'ed with "LayZBoy" because GM contracted the LayZBoy company to manufacture their seats for that car...which DEFINITELY was a comfortable ride! How funny is that!?!
Matt Lauckner
Matt Lauckner Hace 11 días
"Body by Fisher" was the logo stamped by Fisher Body- the first automotive production facility for General Motors in Flint, Michigan. It's long since gone...but both my grandfather and father both worked at Fisher Body at the corner of Saginaw and Hemphill Roads in Flint!
Ashdyn Hace 15 días
Ah yes, the crotch cooler™️
Driftraid3r Hace 16 días
bruh this is a T-type made to look like a grand national nevermind if you see a code "WE2" on the trunk label it means its a grand national
Driftraid3r Hace 16 días
why does the grand national have a light blue interior? I thought the GN only came with grey on black for the interior
Truck and Camperin
Truck and Camperin Hace 17 días
This car is still beautiful today
Fig Bat
Fig Bat Hace 17 días
Idk why but I like when Doug moves his finger side to side.
EpicGamer767864 Hace 17 días
Currently restoring mine with 3200 miles
Phil Hace 18 días
I’m just old enough to know what the coin holder was actually for! Our Caprice had a lot of the same parts
Jay Polack
Jay Polack Hace 20 días
Why does Doug have to dress like a 12 year old?
Deni Pallas
Deni Pallas Hace 20 días
4:44 Little Doug
Tim Sinnott
Tim Sinnott Hace 21 un día
2:15 Jean-Ralphio Saperstein moment
DB Shepard
DB Shepard Hace 21 un día
It’s a muscle car.. but yet it has a V6... kinda disappointed really
Saul T Knutz116
Saul T Knutz116 Hace 21 un día
I bought one of these almost a year ago...in Forza Horizon 4
Mark C
Mark C Hace 22 días
I want one , the ultimate sleeper , even though it’s not a sleeper
fun bros
fun bros Hace 22 días
Can you daily drive it?
fun bros
fun bros Hace 22 días
These cars are amazing
KingProne Hace 23 días
13:30 in the tesla model 3 you can set it so the AC hits your croch and its fantastic!
Ryoga2K Hace 24 días
I remember some guy uploaded the video of a Caprice with the concert sound system.. and I swear to god, even trough the camera it sounded amazing, absolutely amazing for a car of that age... didn't knew there was concert sound in Grand Nationals.. hell.. now I want to go to the owner of this car and offer him my whole savings account.
Sherri Gaskin
Sherri Gaskin Hace 26 días
When that car was on the prowl kids in their Mustang GT fox bodies just Had to try it and always walked away butt hurt. It did not play. Even guys with cars that had a lot of mods didn't fare well. There was nothing that could give it a spanking, the GNX, especially. That was a truly special ride.
Alex Leybovich
Alex Leybovich Hace 27 días
That is a faction custom
ddm62571 Hace 28 días
0-60 in 6.7? Either there's problem with the engine or trans or your timer is off because the 1987 GN is a 5 sec 0-60 car. I read several road test on it and all around that time.
Kaden Dicks
Kaden Dicks Hace un mes
This is still my favourite video from Daddy Doug
Mustang860 Hace un mes
That label you found in the glove box at the 25-minute Mark is supposed to go on the passengers sun visor...
Mustang860 Hace un mes
What a great car.... But all I ever heard when I had mine was nice "Monte Carlo" .... and... "what does that say on the hood"
Rye.240 Hace un mes
IROC has entered the chat
Bobby Krepek
Bobby Krepek Hace un mes
Just saw Braun Strowman's get it's windshield shattered watching WWE Smackdown. How did he agree to that?
amy ervin
amy ervin Hace un mes
Body by Fisher, Buick City, AC Delco, etc.....special to this 46yr old dude from Flint as a youth. If I had the $ I'd buy one, also a fox body 'stang w/ 5L, turbo Omni GLH, & late model GT. Fiero......etc
Trena Tally
Trena Tally Hace un mes
23:35 11:33 18:26
Shawnlize Leatherdale
Tachometer , tachometer , tachometer . You confuse me with RPM meter . I watch all your videos , and only 2 things ever bother me . Tachometer and your self righteous indignation and disdain for anything to do with smoking . You don't smoke , we got it . I however do smoke , and a car without an ashtray would be useless.
mark Rode
mark Rode Hace un mes
Godwin Joseph
Godwin Joseph Hace un mes
That looks like a gangsta car
The Bronx Pops !
The Bronx Pops ! Hace un mes
That’s a regal
Zed Stevenson
Zed Stevenson Hace un mes
😲 just hurry up and drive!!!!!!😈😈😈
Kelly H
Kelly H Hace un mes
Fisher Coach works was a subsidiary of GM. Again, great fact checking Doug. It's one thing to not know what you are talking about but to post it on ESvid and prove it is a whole other level.
Zaprozhan Hace un mes
A muscle car 10 years too late.... still love it.
Chase Settlemire
Chase Settlemire Hace un mes
I got a Buick Gs the supercharger screams
0-Mr_ Holmes-0
0-Mr_ Holmes-0 Hace un mes
I never thought anyone could ruin a grand national just by talking about it.
Jeremy Henson
Jeremy Henson Hace un mes
coolest logo ever not only is it a 6 (6 cyl), it looks like a turbo very cool.
M O'Brien
M O'Brien Hace un mes
I love g bodies
dae dae
dae dae Hace un mes
The donk classic 🤣💯
Bob Hace un mes
Company called fisher? The gm body plant sighs in feigned resignation.
Spencer Crowe
Spencer Crowe Hace un mes
I want to see the old monte carlo. I've only seen 1 in my entire life. When I was 7 years old. Never seen one since
john geckos
john geckos Hace un mes
Hey Doug, can you ever do a video about any time that you got pulled over while doing a review? I'm just curious if you have any great stories. Keep up the good job buddy. Love your channel.
F165 Hace un mes
This car is the reason I bought a 2016 F165. What is a F165 you are thinking? It is a F150 with 2.7 ecoboost v6. 2.7 x 61 cuin = 164.7 round up to 165 cuin. I could not afford this car when I was 16.
d loc
d loc Hace un mes
I think the visor cloth is for rattling
Indemental Media
Indemental Media Hace un mes
My name Is Drug 99xxx
JR CARR Hace un mes
Even better than a Grand National is the 1989 Turbo Trans Am. Handled better, was quicker and more aerodynamic in factory trim. I own both👍🏼👍🏼
dAiLy LiFe vS. eXoTic
This has to be grand National Clone because they come with 5.0 engines
EL1AS Hace 23 días
No they didn't. The Grand National came with this 3.8 V6 Turbo
Coreytechcraft Hace un mes
Fisher body was a company that made old coaches that GM bought in 1919
Joe Camp
Joe Camp Hace un mes
I had a 1986 T-type white. I changed the chip, put a scoop in the front valance, changed the air filter and a few other cosmetic changes. It would spin the tires at 40 mph when downshifting. The fastest car I ever owned. Had it 4 years and it never saw rain or snow in NY. Only made 1987 of them. Saddest day in my life when I sold it.
Gerald Good III
Gerald Good III Hace un mes
I almost got one back in 2016. Same year as this one. 40k miles.. one owner (some old lady).. $17k. Landed up getting a 2016 FiST.. which I just swapped for a Veloster N... But I’ll always wonder about that GN and will always have a huge place in my heart for the little ST
Metal Dad
Metal Dad Hace un mes
No burnout?!!!
Shaurya Singh Dabas
The GTA Vice City car ❤️
Drawing And Gaming With Michael De Santa
Majestic GTA SA. Faction GTA 4/5
iStay Krazy
iStay Krazy Hace un mes
sorry but that def deserved a better doug score XD
Prince Charming
Prince Charming Hace un mes
The reason it's spelled litre is because McLaren helped with the production of the GnX
Nick Roussos
Nick Roussos Hace un mes
Doug, where can i find one of these in good condition?
Joe Voorhees
Joe Voorhees Hace un mes
I love how he talks about how fast it was in the beginning of the video and at the end when he's driving it he's surprised that it's fast... Sigh...
First Nation Ojibway
Best looking G-Body ever made.
cordeliaforlear16 Hace un mes
The 87 GN drivetrain produced so much power and low end torque it was ridiculous. With bigger/stickier tires you could smoke anything. Total cost: $100
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