The Buick Grand National Is the Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car

Doug DeMuro
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The Buick Grand National is the ultimate 1980s muscle car. Today I'm reviewing the Grand National to show you why the Buick Grand National is special -- and I'm driving the Grand National, and I'm taking you on a tour of the Grand National's quirks and features.
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16 may 2019

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James Carter
James Carter Hace 9 horas
The stock GN was quick in the same respect that a stock Supra was quick. It was the potential of those cars that really set them apart from everything else. For very little money a GN would run 12's all day long. That was ridiculously fast in those days.
MrNicespaces Hace 11 horas
In the '80's I almost bought one of these, but that interior was just pure '70's....ICK!! Also note this was not just turbo, but inter-cooled -- very fast!
Vincent Mais
Vincent Mais Hace un día
My grandma’s ‘57 Chevy had a speedometer like that.
Niko Santos
Niko Santos Hace un día
Nfs payback anyone?
Mechanic87 Hace un día
The Grand National, through out its production but especially 1987's GNX was pretty much Buick's 'last hurah' Their last "Hey, we can make sporty stuff, too, guys!" And, you know what? They did a damn good job with it.
GORE illa
GORE illa Hace un día
Flayxz Hace un día
Squares...squares everywhere, except for the wheels and steering wheel
cdoublejj Hace 2 días
some of those GM trannys when properly rebuilt come with shift kits and they shift way better than they ever did new. or have that done to 1 or 2 tranny models over from the GM parts bin so to speak.
Ian Hace 2 días
Beautiful car. A truly under-appreciated vehicle. Good video.
dan h
dan h Hace 2 días
“To save 7 cents they all say GM” you say that like its not a huge sum of money to save 7 cents per seat per car for every car GM made through that era.
The crotch vent. Ahahahahaha :))
Matt H
Matt H Hace 2 días
Too many people have overmodded these and ruined them IMHO. Nice to see a clean pretty much stock one. Also, the 85mph speedo was a federal gvmt mandated maximum for a few years. You'll notice every car from this era has a speedo that maxxes at 85mph and has 55mph highlighted as that was the federal highest speed limit. Strange times.
Hans Hace 3 días
**Gangsta shit nigga**
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson Hace 3 días
I wanna smoke weed with the boys in this car. Reminds me of Eminem. Tired of havin to borrow a dolla for gas to start my Monte Carlo
Labonteford 5
Labonteford 5 Hace 3 días
Jacksonville FL still has 95.1 WAPE and 99.1 WQIK playing loud and clear.
Geoff Handsome
Geoff Handsome Hace 3 días
Litre is how you spell litre. Litre.
Paul Pietschinski
Paul Pietschinski Hace 3 días
When i was around 10 or so my neighbor had one of these. He took me for a ride , it was the first time I ever went fast. The takeoff pushed me into my seat
switch Hace 3 días
Recommended: MAY: nah June 22: YASSSSS
Dan R
Dan R Hace 4 días
It is quite beneficial (in terms of price) to have the often claimed "the manufacture underrated the horsepower on this model" associated with your ride. It was a great day at the Dealership where there were comparable Corvettes and Camaros to "test drive" against each other. Hmm a 7500 mile oil change interval in 1987? You will come across people today who still insist on every 3500.
Albert Sévigny
Albert Sévigny Hace 4 días
doug is the type of guy whos openning a beer with his belt in his buick Grand national 1980
Albert Sévigny
Albert Sévigny Hace 4 días
22:03 a black gangsta in his white pear elcamino lol
W H Y Hace 5 días
you guys forgot about the chrysler new yorker
Bill Does Stuff
Bill Does Stuff Hace 5 días
I saw one of these recently at a Canadian Tire and it always amazes me how well the owners take care of these. Usually all original and in pristine shape. I swear every Grand National owner keeps them in a garage, because for 30 years old, they are in remarkably good shape, all of them. They all seem to look this good, the upholstery is usually mint and I've never seen a dirty or ratty looking Grand National and I've seen quite a few, being I ALWAYS notice them, as they are my favourite '80s "sleeper". I never appreciated them in their heyday, funnily enough (I grew up in the '80s), but as I grew older and learned the legend and why people appreciated them, they really, really grew on me. Back then, the cars that really caught my eye, were '70's muscle cars and I had a particular affinity for Chevelle's, jacked up Chevelle's with huge mags on the back and a mean slant.
Louis Edwards
Louis Edwards Hace 5 días
I am disappointed that you didn't want to talk about the 200 4R Transmission you just don't want to let people know that you are not exactly sure how to explain the automatic 4spd , This is the secret to the torque and power of the turbo combined with the gear ratio =FAST as well,,,,,,,,,it can out run A Corvette Thanks From Louis R Edwards jr ,,,, Edwards Brother's Transmission Roanoke Rapids North Carolina THANKS
Fire Fly II
Fire Fly II Hace 5 días
Can Your Do Th e 1996 Chevy Impala SS?
Jadeyn Barrientes
Jadeyn Barrientes Hace 5 días
Doug the kind of dude to lick his lips when he speeds in a car
Justin Stearns
Justin Stearns Hace 5 días
GM had a thing for using Litre instead of liter in the 80s. My 88 Chevy truck with a diesel has badges everywhere saying what engine it has, and it also says Litre.
ripdesoto Hace 5 días
We all know what happened to Flint, Michigan.
ripdesoto Hace 5 días
We all know what happened to Flint, Michigan.
Jaybop Murano
Jaybop Murano Hace 6 días
I may be too Texan but it ain’t a muscle car unless it’s got 8 cylinders.
ProStar BD
ProStar BD Hace 6 días
All those facial expressions and emotions when you floored the pedal and you rated the acceleration at a 2/10??
R Robert
R Robert Hace 6 días
He swears up, and down his bone stock 86 Mustang 5.0 destroyed grand nationals all the time, and including the gnx???? I encouraged him to seek help for his delusio? 😂😂
George Of The Jungle
The Regals are from 1973 man
Deleon Moore
Deleon Moore Hace 7 días
Dude sounds Sweet AF!!! Thinkin he may gotta lil sugar in his Tank!! LMAO
mbeenz Hace 7 días
That is a True Gunslinger IN BLACK!!!!!!!
JorgeAraujo97 Hace 7 días
Best and most gorgeous granny car ever made.
Aar Kay
Aar Kay Hace 7 días
When I see this car, I think of that green car in the movie cars. I think his name was Chick higs?
Kacper Hace 7 días
thats my fav car in gta 5 xD
Maino OrMazzi
Maino OrMazzi Hace 8 días
"Litre the way the British spell it" You mean the right way 😏
John Garcia
John Garcia Hace 8 días
This is the one video I have been waiting for
Zolen Boogaerts
Zolen Boogaerts Hace 8 días
Ummmmm, where did you find that 6+ second 0-60mph time?! I see times around 4.9-5.3. Also, for THE TIME, it annihilated all.
Christopher Brandt
Christopher Brandt Hace 8 días
The interior looks like my grandma's Oldsmobile from the same era
Marc Cohen MJC
Marc Cohen MJC Hace 8 días
The coins in the glove box was for tolls.
Allison S
Allison S Hace 8 días
I remember when the Grand National came out and unless you were into cars, there wasn't much hype or talk about them.There were only about 30,000 sold between 1982 and 1987. The GNX is even rarer with only 547 models produced, all in 1987. They would be the real collectibles.
The Frog
The Frog Hace 9 días
This car was in one of my favorite TV show : automotiveviews.com/2011/09/27/cars-tv-life/
drgonzo Hace 10 días
As somebody who grew up on the the Illinois/Iowa border in the 90's...it was cool to see the radio station thing in the manual....
Ralphie Leonard
Ralphie Leonard Hace 10 días
This car was featured in Out For Justice with Steven Seagal
Whacc Hace 10 días
that car can go way too fast in need for speed payback lmao
G L Hace 11 días
Original A.C. Delco stereo deck. Pretty cool to see one of these .
Dylan petrovic
Dylan petrovic Hace 11 días
My car has those GM belt buckles. I have a 1995 Oldsmobile cutlass. Also Doug the type of guy to want cold air blowing on his groin
Chirag NAAGAR Hace 11 días
Remember gta
Crypto King
Crypto King Hace 12 días
I find it hilarious that my ford thunderbird of that era had that exact same dome light. That doesn't happen nowadays a ford and chevy (er I mean buick) with the same part
It's Huge
It's Huge Hace 12 días
I was in a stolen one long time ago, it was fast!
Random projects USA
Random projects USA Hace 12 días
If they made a car that could beat a Lamborghini today it would break before it left the factory in China.
ky malone
ky malone Hace 12 días
I've had three of these beauties the fastest one I had was a 1987 Regal T type with 400 horsepower to the wheels I put a te44 turbo on it and a front mount intercooler with a bunch of other upgrades the only problem I had with it is my mass flow air sensor used to go out like once every two months lol on the streets these things were Untouchable in the early 2000s the Camaro SS was the only car that gave me problems and the Trans Am WS6 when they where new! Of course two out of three of them got stolen but I'll get another one one day
W.M. Aslam - Author
W.M. Aslam - Author Hace 13 días
It looks like it just left the showroom, and it sounds awesome!
DAFATBOY2016 Hace 14 días
Yeah I raced my 2003 Mercury Marauder against a Grand National and it ate my ass up 😎👍🏾
Random projects USA
Random projects USA Hace 12 días
Spinning Back-Kick Nothing against it, just saying it’s not a particularly fast car
Spinning Back-Kick
Spinning Back-Kick Hace 12 días
@Random projects USA hi Marauder may become a collectible.
Random projects USA
Random projects USA Hace 12 días
DAFATBOY2016 you raced your crown Victoria against a muscle car
jd 8430
jd 8430 Hace 14 días
I wish i had it
Clark Griswold
Clark Griswold Hace 14 días
Orange spark plug wires are just awful on this car, keep it original!
Georgios N. Telas
Georgios N. Telas Hace 14 días
Typical us car. Only straight course. In turns...end of story. Get beat by a skateboard. Also an ugly one.
Walter White
Walter White Hace 15 días
Doug the type of guy to say thanks after sex.
Jungle_CS Hace 15 días
We need a 81 turbo trans am or a gta trans am review
Brandon Kivari
Brandon Kivari Hace 12 días
Jungle_CS the Pontiac 305s we’re complete junk and the turbo trans am had a National motor in 87
marks man
marks man Hace 15 días
I remember when the grand national first came out. It has been my chaser car ever since. Damn I love that car.
Ryan Watt
Ryan Watt Hace 15 días
Chick Hicks
Dashoo2 Hace 15 días
Maj Wor
Maj Wor Hace 16 días
This guy is not very knowledgeable about cars period.
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson Hace 16 días
Maj Wor how so?
Motorheadmike Hace 16 días
89 turbo trans am was faster than Buick grand national. It was same motor but Pontiac got more out of it.
Jerome Brotton
Jerome Brotton Hace 16 días
Doug do your research when describing the pre set buttons on the radio. If you depress both buttons at the same time you have an extra radio station pre set. You can do that with buttons one and two, two and three, and three and four. So rather than like you stated four radio pre sets you actually have seven. All these GM radios will function like that.
Todd bob
Todd bob Hace 17 días
Butt ugly Buick Regal..... grandmas car
Norman Guzman
Norman Guzman Hace 16 días
A bad ass grandma.Lol
stevenhs8821 Hace 17 días
Were they all black? Definitely the most common color. OK. Jumped the gun. "Body by Fisher." Fisher was a division of GM. Faster than the Corvette of the same era. How many cars peg the speedometer? And so much?
Proxima Top
Proxima Top Hace 17 días
Love that 80's and 90's interior, very similar to my 1994 XJ!
David Weis
David Weis Hace 17 días
Yes, my 87 Mustang GT speedometer only went to 85 mph. Buried the needle many times! I believe they lifted that federal law started in 88.
stillphil Hace 17 días
0:21 hilarious truth
Brian Ashe
Brian Ashe Hace 17 días
Doug, Doug, Doug... I love your videos, but PLEASE do just an ounce of research to keep everyone from going nuts. It may surprise you to learn this, but ESvid's parent company, "Google", makes a thing called a "search engine" that is quite handy in situations like this. Here's how it works: if you don't know something, you can type the name of the thing into a little box and then a minute later you'll know it. Kind of like how Trinity learned how to fly a helicopter in The Matrix, but you need to read a little for it to work. So anyway, EVERY car guy over a certain age knows what "Body by Fisher" is. And so does "Google", by way of "Wikipedia", a popular online reference site: "Fisher Body was an automobile coachbuilder founded by the Fisher brothers in 1908 in Detroit, Michigan. It had been a division of General Motors for many years... The name and its iconic "Body by Fisher" logo were well known to the public [*ahem*], as General Motors vehicles displayed a "Body by Fisher" emblem on their door sill plates until the mid-1990s." Seriously. 30 seconds on your phone will save you from countless people complaining.
HORIA KARIM Hace 17 días
Doug is the type of guy to irritate me so bad with his misinformation that I have to use my wife's ESvid account to make the following comment: 6.7 seconds? Where is this number from? 2/10 in acceleration? You call the GMC Typhoon fast, but this is slow? The Buick GN's main strength was its acceleration. Here are facts: -On April 1986, Car and Driver clocked the 1986 Buick Grand National at 4.9 seconds from 0-60mph. The 1/4 mile was tested at 13.9 seconds at 98mph. It was a cool spring, so the car performed exceptionally well. -On June 1987, Road and Track stated the following "Less than 6.0 seconds after you mashed the throttle, you will be going 60mph. If you're on a drag strip and keep your foot down, come 14.0 sec you'll have covered the quarter mile and be traveling 105mph.... And that was a gentle run." Note the words "gentle run." This test was on a hot summer day. -The GNX had mild modifications by ASC McLaren. A new turbo with ceramic compressor wheel, mildly ported heads, an upgraded intercooler, updated ROM chip, and revised suspension. Boost was only 1PSI higher in first and second gear. So with these mild modifications, a GN goes from 6.7 seconds to world supercar beater in 0-60? -The 1989 Turbo Trans Am was one of the fastest factory Trans Ams ever. This was a mildly modified GN engine. On June 1989, Car and Driver clocked the 1989 Turbo Trans Am at 4.6 seconds from 0-60mph. Not until a decade later, the factory LS1 Trans Ams finally got to that level of performance. -The TH200-4R was an exceptional automatic transmission; boost was never lost. If you tested the this example of the GN yourself, then two things are happening: 1. You clearly do not know how to launch the car. Brake boost to 1600rpm and release. 2. The car is in dire need of new valve springs in the heads, so the boosted air actually enters the intake valve of each cylinder. This is a commonly neglected maintenance issue. Now I am off to being an old guy without a ESvid account.
Matt H
Matt H Hace 2 días
My man...
ThunderGoatz Hace 5 días
I'm not surprised. Doug has absolutely no idea about a lot of stuff, and it shows.
David Topchiev
David Topchiev Hace 6 días
jesusmyman Hace 7 días
you sure showed him! How dare he give it a 2/10 in acceleration, the nerve.
Patrick Hartge
Patrick Hartge Hace 9 días
All I can say because hes completely right. Doug has really biased reviews
egmccann Hace 17 días
No headrest? ... Did you pull up on those things behind your neck that you noted the logo stitched on? They tended to extend on most cars like that.
Cloud Of Time
Cloud Of Time Hace 17 días
You know what else would save money? Don't put any badge on the seat belts.
Jorge Suarez
Jorge Suarez Hace 17 días
this guy needs to review old cars like they need to be he keeps comparing it to new age bullshit
lucas _
lucas _ Hace 18 días
This was the best fast and furious car ever though..
Eric Braun
Eric Braun Hace 18 días
0-60 is actually 4.9 sec. It is quick. If you took off from a stop throttle braking first, you'd feel that... spinning its tires into 2nd gear. The best part of these is you could get them to 750hp with bolt-ons... and it was reliable. Ask me how I know. I had 4 of these Turbo Buicks and the last one got into the mid 10's @ 135 on street tires. And the engine was just as quiet. God's hand shoving you in the back.
Rudeboy Em
Rudeboy Em Hace 18 días
Awesome awesome awesome 👏🏾!!!!!!! Good job Doug !!!!!!
nick Canova
nick Canova Hace 18 días
how about stop worrying about over pronouncing words and go through a few years at full throttle before saying how it performs , just saying , IV seen it with quite a few and then some that suck are said to be fast ? Stop being scared big guy .
Patrick Hartge
Patrick Hartge Hace 18 días
It's always surprising how many people don't know the reason behind the 85 MPH speedo. That was a federal law at the time. Also you can tell Doug doesnt drive old cars often because the position of the manual mirrors is extremely typical. Its uncommon for any car with manual mirrors of that era to have them In a different spot. Even my 89 Maserati had them that way.
Patrick Hartge
Patrick Hartge Hace 17 días
@Captain Obvious Yah, obviously
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Hace 17 días
It was so you couldn’t travel in time.
Jack Larson
Jack Larson Hace 18 días
you can have it in any color you like as long as it's black oh wait.... that was Ford...........
jim poeschmann
jim poeschmann Hace 18 días
so ugly
NeInE 670
NeInE 670 Hace 18 días
the grand national is so underrated ;-;
MaximRecoil Hace 19 días
At 14:53 on the left-hand side of the screen, it shows 95.7 WWMJ (Maine), which was my favorite radio station when I was a kid. I started listening to it in 1987 when I was 12, and when the Grand National in this video was brand new. It was an "oldies" station ('50s and '60 rock and roll) with an awesome DJ by the name of "Mighty" John Marshall. He brought his own stack of records to work with him each night, so the song selections during his shift were far wider than when he wasn't working. I used to listen every night when he was working, with a blank tape in my boombox ready to record songs I liked. Around the same time, I started hanging out with Tom, who was in my 6th grade class. He was into cars and thought the Grand National was awesome. There was one that drove around town and whenever we saw it he made a big fuss over it. I didn't see the appeal. It had a typical boxy '80s family car body style. I understood that it was fast, but it was still boring looking. Tom and I agreed on most things, i.e., we both liked '60s and early '70s muscle cars and pony cars, plus Corvettes and exotic sports cars from companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche, but he was never able to convince me that the Grand National was cool. Any car can be made to go fast, but it takes exceptional talent to design a good-looking body style, and nothing GM made in the late '80s looked good (the C4 Corvette was their best looking car, but it was a downgrade from the C2 and C3; the third-generation Camaros and Firebirds looked okay, but they were downgrades from first- and second-generation). Nothing Ford or Chrysler made in the late '80s looked good either. For that matter, no car manufacturer on Earth has designed a really good-looking car since the 1970s.
blaakrose Hace 19 días
GM engineers from the 80's probably would have gotten aneurysms if there was a Doug DeMuro reviewing this Grand National pointing out all the quifks of this car.
CC Ryder
CC Ryder Hace 19 días
You guys dont know Jack, LOl you watch fast and furious or listen to your uncles bulshit stories, the Gran national was quick but the 89 trans am turbo was quicker, and top speed all the trans ams with 305 tpi or 350s were faster as far as hitting top end , the grand national was good for maybe 115, it just got theyre quicker then most but a vette was good for 145 the same for the iroc z and the trans ams, you little school kids need schooled on the facts, and then probably none of you ever heard of the firehawk firebird, LOl 375 factory horsepower with a race suspension, LOl, when you kiddies get educated on the facts talk to Me.
CC Ryder
CC Ryder Hace 19 días
It really isnt, the 89 turbo trans am was faster and it handled, granted it was the same motor as the gran national and a low production car, never the less it was faster.
Eric Braun
Eric Braun Hace 18 días
Different heads to make it fit between the TA's front fender wells. They gave it a few hp more... like 250 or something.
Dilanka Saluwadana
Dilanka Saluwadana Hace 19 días
Do venome GT please
Wolfguard 1
Wolfguard 1 Hace 19 días
Have you tested a 1995 Thunderbird supercoupe yet?
Trevor B
Trevor B Hace 17 días
Love those cars
No Names
No Names Hace 19 días
Doug, 'Litre' is also the Canadian spelling which is where these cars were built. They were built in Oshawa, Ontario Canada
VideoAmericanStyle Hace 19 días
Undeniably fast but hideous, capturing nearly everything wrong with 1980s American vehicle design.
MaximRecoil Hace 18 días
@You Can't Unhear This The BMW E28 was okay looking and so was the Mercedes W126, though it was introduced in '79 so it doesn't count as being designed in the '80s or later. The E29 was almost exactly the same body style as the E12, introduced in 1972, so it doesn't really count either. For that matter, the Mercedes W126 was almost the same body style as the W116, which was also introduced in 1972, which even further removes it from the 1980s. Second-generation Mazda RX-7s were okay looking but looked like a cheap knockoff of a Porsche 924 (or 928, 944, or 968), which was a mid-1970s body style. Third-generation RX-7s (introduced in 1992) were ugly as homemade shoes. They had that horrible melted look which was typical of 1990s body styles, and which was even worse than the boxy '80s body styles. The original Lexus (LS400) was a boring design, and not long after it was introduced, the Camry was restyled to look very similar to it. Me saying that _every_ body style designed in the '80s or later was ugly, was a bit of hyperbole. There were a lot of _okay_ looking body styles that were designed in the '80s, but as you get into the 1990s, it's harder for me to find ones that were even okay looking, and the 2000s and 2010s model years were even worse. I expect the 2020s to continue the downward spiral.
You Can't Unhear This
You Can't Unhear This Hace 18 días
MaximRecoil I’d argue that the Europeans were on top of their game in the 80s and 90s (BMW e28, Mercedes W126, etc), and the Japanese in the early 90s (Lexus LS, Mazda RX7, etc). But the US? Anything after the fuel crisis was just pathetic.
MaximRecoil Hace 19 días
_Every_ car designed in the '80s or later is ugly. That doesn't include cars whose body styles were still being manufactured in the '80s but were designed earlier, such as the Ferrari 308 (introduced in 1975), Porsche 911 (introduced in 1963), etc.
omer salman
omer salman Hace 19 días
The Front is 15 feet and the back is 15 feet...
Abbi Ravindhran
Abbi Ravindhran Hace 19 días
1980 Buick Grand National has power seats but 2015 Mini Cooper Countryman does not. LMAO
Imagineth Hace 20 días
Please do a 1987-88 Monte Carlo SS.
Marney Olson
Marney Olson Hace 20 días
And then the 90’s came and made Buick an old man car.
watman Hace 20 días
That's lieutenant right and lieutenant left for you.
spparodi Hace 20 días
Someone...ANYONE....at 18:52, screen shot an image of the engine. Please tell me, on the alternator, the hook set up that’s going on. What in the world is that for? Also zoom in on your screen shot, below that hook, is that a ratchet tie down connected to it?!? I know I know sounds crazy or ignorant of me not knowing more of the engines anatomy in this car......unless a motor mount was going and he used it as a temp fix for the video???🤔
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