The Buick Grand National Is the Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car

Doug DeMuro
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The Buick Grand National is the ultimate 1980s muscle car. Today I'm reviewing the Grand National to show you why the Buick Grand National is special -- and I'm driving the Grand National, and I'm taking you on a tour of the Grand National's quirks and features.
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16 may 2019






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Joey Attaway
Joey Attaway Hace 19 minutos
1979 1/2 Mustang Indy pace car? The first fox platform? Interested Doug?
Joey Attaway
Joey Attaway Hace 20 minutos
Buicks are famous sleepers.
BN REVIEWS Hace un hora
Private Party
Private Party Hace 3 horas
"Doug Score" acceleration 2/10 for the GN? I guess this is non-linear? Oh wait, Oops - the Lamborghini Countach (a car with similar if not worse straight line performance depending on year, oddly noted in this review) is 6/10 for the "doug score" so it turns out the scoring is utterly arbitrary and has very little meaning.
99 dspyguy
99 dspyguy Hace un día
Fresh from GTA San Andreas
Ron Kirkpatrick
Ron Kirkpatrick Hace un día
Typical democrat. Stick to your Prius
geeky zebra
geeky zebra Hace un día
Basically a Monty carlo
Gloveberg Hace un día
Oh my fucking god.....a Buick Grand National and he actually wants to discuss seat belt buckles and sun visors. Can we drag this video out any longer?!?
Chad TheFratBoi
Chad TheFratBoi Hace un día
22:03 that car to your left is a real legend
Ryan Hace 2 días
Dream car. My first love was a 94 Century V6. Relaxing and comfy but with sneaky speed.
DarknoorX Hace 2 días
Buick is underrated
CurbsideUnderwood Hace 3 días
I will always love this car! 🏁🏁🏁😎😎😎♥️♥️♥️
Kyle Pirko
Kyle Pirko Hace 3 días
I don't mean to be a dick, but there's space for $1.75 in the glove box. Cheers!
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Hace 3 días
Not my style. But cool to see this car anyways
Sharon Bones
Sharon Bones Hace 4 días
Also only on black color too....the cyclone and typhoon.....i call those...unicorns....kind of hard to find trucks
Sharon Bones
Sharon Bones Hace 4 días
Same engine on the thypoon and cyclone...
Life-Row-Toll Hace 4 días
It still gives me chills. What a beauty, indeed.
Prometheus Group
Prometheus Group Hace 5 días
Vette eater of that time!
MrBennyb723 Hace 5 días
anybody else see the Oldsmobile wagon in the background
Madhav Mohan
Madhav Mohan Hace 7 días
Legit every video starts TTHHISsSS
rBullitt Hace 7 días
Wtf I swear ESvid is watching me I was just thinking about this car
F165 Hace 8 días
P M Hace 9 días
Ron's Man Van
Ron's Man Van Hace 9 días
my name is ron bender I am a real man in las vegas and I stand by this message
John Lawrence
John Lawrence Hace 10 días
the speedo doesn't go over 85 because our government mandated that, not because gm didn't want to make a new one fyi
Blake Wood
Blake Wood Hace 11 días
My uncle has a Grand National and a Supra
Max Becker
Max Becker Hace 12 días
My old neighbor down the street has one
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf Hace 12 días
One of the best looking American cars of that era, way better than nineties cars. And some of the best looking factory wheels ever
dntlss Hace 13 días
These cars were gorgeous,the black paint just added that extra sinister touch.
Hunne2303 Hace 13 días
wouldn´t call turbo-ed v6s´ common, even now... damn nice car nevertheless, would love to have a go in it :) also: concert sound!^^ recently bought a 97 SLK with about 75k miles...highly tuned (figured that after signing) and with a bose system (figured that while testing)...god, I honestly close to love this thing...bought it as a winter car :p as for the label, yes, you can see a similar thing in one of my cars (the left rear brake light encasing to be precise)...made in hethel, summer 2001 ;) and a nice el camino at around 22:00, isn´t it?
Franklyn Scarlett
Franklyn Scarlett Hace 14 días
kawasaki whip two
kawasaki whip two Hace 15 días
It may be a wet dream, but they should bring back the Grand National. The present Regal GS, in my opinion looks pretty nice. Supposedly the 3.6 liter V6 is very good and produces 310 horsepower. Slap on a couple turbos and I'm betting at least 425 horsepower. Borrow the handling and suspension and breaking system from the Camaro SS, bigger wheels,fatter tires, flare out some fenders,add some uncheesy ground effects,upgrade the interior a bit, and that should do it. They CAN do it,and should.
Garrison Nichols
Garrison Nichols Hace 15 días
Buick back in the 80s was like hey let's make the fastest car ever! Right after we finish snorting this bag of cocaine.
Chris Carota
Chris Carota Hace 17 días
Stock zero to sixty 5.4 not 6.5. owned two for 20 years. One 86 since new, we and one 87 with gnx package installed in Detroit. Great content. Thanks.
Jerimiah Kent
Jerimiah Kent Hace 17 días
Paint it green and you've got Chick Hicks from Cars.
Andrius Kazanavičius
Andrius Kazanavičius Hace 18 días
also 6 remind human heart
JaytheeGreatOne Hace 18 días
Race that El Camino!
Lee Braddock
Lee Braddock Hace 18 días
Dude, you have to stop, hold your foot on the brake, make sure shift is in D not overdrive, let the engine turbo spool up, then blast off... its a whole another animal when drive it that way, I know because I have the 1987 GNX model number 157 out of 447! Mine will slide sideways when it catches 2nd gear and fishtail down the road... have fun
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Hace 18 días
T. Richards
T. Richards Hace 19 días
I bought a 87 Gr Nat'l on December 17, 2007 from Hanson Buick on Lawrenceville Hwy & 285 in Atlanta. I sold it in March 2002 to get funds to start my business, otherwise I would still own it. So, I can say with some authority, that this guy is a wanker. Nothing more to say. Why ANYONE would subscribe to this channel is beyond me. The DeMuro name will remain etched into my brain for videos NOT to watch.
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson Hace 19 días
Is it front or rear wheel drive? Disc brakes front and back? 11/25/19
Sylvain Prevost
Sylvain Prevost Hace 20 días
0-60 is at least under 5 seconds. I owned one..
Derek Schultz
Derek Schultz Hace 20 días
Oh yeah if you have a 5 speed it would really fly
Niels Zumbrink
Niels Zumbrink Hace 20 días
Litre is spelled like that because McLaren sub developed the engine and boosted it
Larry Hazelwood
Larry Hazelwood Hace 20 días
No.the 1989 trans am with the Buick turbo engine was faster.pontiac increased the horse power.
Eli Waldrep
Eli Waldrep Hace 21 un día
Isn't the requirement for American muscle... A V8?!
KingpinSkinnyman Hace 21 un día
I will have one of these before I die... it may not be the best... may need a whole interior... or drivetrain... but one day my name will be on the title of one of these. Watch.
Affixx Hace 21 un día
Chick Hicks
Affixx Hace 21 un día
Kachigga Kachigga
Mark Winchester
Mark Winchester Hace 22 días
In it's day that was THE most bada@ car. It ceased production because Buick switched all their cars to front wheel drive and then there wasn't a front wheel drive transmission that could take the torque the STRONG motor put out.
Super Chill
Super Chill Hace 22 días
"$1.55", I was watching this with my 2nd grader and he gave me a funny ass look and said, "you and the owner need to count again"🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Jerimiah Kent
Jerimiah Kent Hace 17 días
My guess is it was a slip but not that far off of the 1.75.
Brandon Balsamo
Brandon Balsamo Hace 22 días
Anyone notice the pimped out el camino at 22:00
Plays With Cars
Plays With Cars Hace 22 días
The GN is amazing no doubt, but there is still affordable cool 80's turbo cars out there: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-klUIJQZOvhA.html
Jacobus DeRottmann
Jacobus DeRottmann Hace 23 días
Dude. If you're going to review 1980s cars, you need to educate yourself on the federally mandated 85 mph speedometers. In 1979, the Nixon era federal DOT got a law passed requiring speedometers to be limited to 85 mph. I believe it took effect for the 1980 model year. The idea was that higher reading speedometers encouraged more speeding. There was a lot of hooting about how ludicrous that was. In 1981 under the Reagan era, that law was repealed. But by then, everyone had lots of 85 mph mechanisms, and such a commitment to it that when Buick first came out with a digital speedo, it would flash "85" above that speed even though the display was capable of three digits. Also, Fisher Body was actually a division of General Motors, and the entrance was labeled that way for a quality "coachbuilt" sounding impression. Originally an actual coach building firm started in 1908, it was acquired by GM. I don't know if they still have it like that, but it was NOT limited to the 80s. It was that way over many years and the Fisher logo on the door sills only went away sometime in the 1990s.
walcott70 Hace 24 días
I had a 84 back in the day. All yellow, no bells or whistles, looked like a regular regal until pedal was pressed. Thing had a jet under hood...
Imperador Do Brasil Dom Pedro II, O Magnânimo
''Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car'' **Laughs in Pontiac Trans AM**
Trevor Sanders
Trevor Sanders Hace 24 días
Litre is spelt the PROPER way not the bastardised American way 🙄🙄
AC MC Hace 25 días
the seats are cool
Blavood Hace 25 días
Now that's a man's car.
Bryce McLendon
Bryce McLendon Hace 25 días
My friends father had a GNX!! It was awesome!!! Corvette killer!!
Charger TV
Charger TV Hace 25 días
Bruhhh u didn't get the gnx
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