The cast of 'Riverdale' previews Season 4

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The cast of "Riverdale" claims to have seen a water-jetpack in action IRL and gives us advance word of what's going on in Season 4 (dropping Oct. 9). KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch visit the Los Angeles Times Photo and Video Studio at San Diego Comic-Con.
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21 jul 2019






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Comentarios 56
Alex Rodriguez C.
Alex Rodriguez C. Hace 5 días
Que buen entrevistado resulto ser Java :v
Jessica Gossman
Jessica Gossman Hace 6 días
I love you guys ❤️
Laylah Ambrose
Laylah Ambrose Hace 13 días
When is season 4 coming out ?
alex amaro
alex amaro Hace 10 días
It already started
xxxaddysenxxx xxxspeerxxx
It would be cool if after graduation they all go their separate ways for like an episode then another murder happens in riverdale so they are reunited
Dylan Vellu
Dylan Vellu Hace 18 días
xxxaddysenxxx xxxspeerxxx kinda like pretty little liars
xxxaddysenxxx xxxspeerxxx
After watching seasons 1-3 I have to now watch interviews until season 4 comes out on netfilx (it’s painful) 😣😵😔
Marsha Hace un mes
1:03 lili and cole🥺❤
Patricia Arroyo Estevez
What did kj say in 8:20
Patricia Arroyo Estevez
@Sina Fenton ok thanks
Sina Fenton
Sina Fenton Hace un mes
"are we allowed to say his name?"
natalie beit
natalie beit Hace un mes
I like how the interviewer really respects them and doesn’t push answers out of them!!!
Tabby Ahlgren
Tabby Ahlgren Hace un mes
I love Cole and kj ❤️
Tabby Ahlgren
Tabby Ahlgren Hace un mes
Thanks I love Riverdale
Aitana G
Aitana G Hace un mes
pls tell me that "cool cool cool"by kj was a b99 reference at 1:20
Asher Racho
Asher Racho Hace 23 días
I hope so!
not so cute
not so cute Hace un mes
Saylon Southern
Saylon Southern Hace un mes
Lili And Madeline Badass Duo😘😘😘💗
hazelue Hace un mes
mad dog’s real name just reminds me of Marilyn Monroe-
Erick Reis
Erick Reis Hace 2 meses
Kjmila 😍🤧
Erick Reis
Erick Reis Hace 2 meses
Anjana Prijith
Anjana Prijith Hace 3 meses
If there is riverdale university we can expect more seasons to come🖤🖤🖤
inchan _
inchan _ Hace 3 meses
9:28 Cami: They can't even look at each other on set without giggling. Cole: It's called love. 😆 these dorks
sharley archer
sharley archer Hace un mes
haha im lmao so funny
Tate Tousey
Tate Tousey Hace 3 meses
Kj is looking higher than the sun in the back. Laughing to himself.
Sarai Torres
Sarai Torres Hace 3 meses
What is mad dogs name again???
Stella King
Stella King Hace un mes
Sarai Torres monroe moore
Alex idk
Alex idk Hace un mes
Ghady Keyrouz
Ghady Keyrouz Hace 2 meses
@Bob Robert why is kj excited about his name
Bob Robert
Bob Robert Hace 3 meses
sunflower diamond
sunflower diamond Hace 3 meses
7:03 one of the girls says ‘huh’ in a really funny way but I don’t know if it was Madelaine or Lili, any guesses? 😂
emilia silomon
emilia silomon Hace 16 días
Yeah i also Think its lili Le camila
Jadamaris Almodovar
sunflower diamond it was lili
rm A
rm A Hace 2 meses
@Cortland Dietrich No this is Lili
Cortland Dietrich
Cortland Dietrich Hace 3 meses
it was camila
Fernanda Sivincha
Fernanda Sivincha Hace 3 meses
sunflower diamond
sunflower diamond Hace 3 meses
I feel like Madelaine has a hidden crush on KJ! Anyone else?
Jadamaris Almodovar
She’s taken by Travis lol
Chokladen dude23
Chokladen dude23 Hace 2 meses
She has a boy friend tho
Sharaya Soni
Sharaya Soni Hace 3 meses
Nah she loves Travis
pat bland
pat bland Hace 3 meses
She’s dating Travis
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse Hace 3 meses
how do know? can you see it ?
sylvia malik
sylvia malik Hace 3 meses
anyone here for cole Sprouse? like
Beth Harvey
Beth Harvey Hace 4 meses
What is the most craziest thing you’ve seen at comic con? Cole: deodorant He is life 😂
Sheila cansie
Sheila cansie Hace 4 meses
Lili to cole "you being really annoying, you wanna go?"
Alex idk
Alex idk Hace 29 días
Madelaine said you wanna go, not lili
Alex idk
Alex idk Hace 29 días
@Sunflowers Asmr 7:10
Alex idk
Alex idk Hace 29 días
@hana serena 7:10
Sunflowers Asmr
Sunflowers Asmr Hace un mes
hana serena
hana serena Hace un mes
what when?
Sheila cansie
Sheila cansie Hace 4 meses
The core 5 I just love them😍😍😍🤩
Bharath Reddie
Bharath Reddie Hace 4 meses
Betty lanister jughead lanister
Mostafa Elkott
Mostafa Elkott Hace 4 meses
Cole Sprouse is too much for me ahaha
absolutely horse craziy no doubt about it
hello 17 year old child wold u like to join the feds? LOL IM DYINGGG
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