The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of Summer - Who Do You Love (Lyrics)

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The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of Summer - Who Do You Love (Lyrics)
The Chainsmokers ft. 5 Seconds of Summer “Who Do You Love?” out now: smarturl.it/WDYLT5
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The Chainsmokers:
5 Seconds of Summer:
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7 feb 2019






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Vince Juntilla
Vince Juntilla Hace 21 un hora
June 2020 anyone?
Princess Idiesca
Princess Idiesca Hace un día
I never knew I needed the chain smokers and 5sos to do collab until I heard this😍🥺🥰💖
Imlonelyyy As hell
Imlonelyyy As hell Hace 7 días
Hey you yes you stop read this comment ....... You have a good taste in music and i know that ur sad i feel you...... Cheer up
duan jiang
duan jiang Hace 11 días
Geronimo Ponce
Geronimo Ponce Hace 11 días
hi i need a bf am a kid am a gril
Chase Morningstar
Chase Morningstar Hace 13 días
I love this song
shawn lawrence
shawn lawrence Hace 13 días
Who is listening to this song during lockdown
Milli Mane
Milli Mane Hace 19 días
stella bell
stella bell Hace 21 un día
Everything changes as time changes 😣🥺
Grant Taylor
Grant Taylor Hace 22 días
does anyone notice after the bass drop is sounds like they're saying pussy, my sister pointed it out to me
Maria da Luz Galiza
Maria da Luz Galiza Hace 28 días
Furry? I'love furrys and i'love music
Amie Ball
Amie Ball Hace un mes
syahzani azyyati
syahzani azyyati Hace un mes
the chorus sounded like Zayn Malik
Nick • Gacha
Nick • Gacha Hace un mes
Covid-19 anyone?
Droopy Sloopy
Droopy Sloopy Hace un mes
My old ps3 games vs the Games I play now be like Who do You love now?
Hetanshi Vakharia
Hetanshi Vakharia Hace un mes
5SOS: WHO DO YOU LOVE DO YOU LOVE NOW? me: it's obvi not me....no one loves me *cries in lonliness*
Ann Jones
Ann Jones Hace un mes
is anyone wondering why there are cigars in a lady's coat pocket when they don't smoke
KickItUp Hace 14 días
Ann Jones they’re her lovers she accidentally brought em back in her coat to her boyfriend. Basically she’s cheating is what they’re saying
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Campbell Hace un mes
why have I only JUST found this song!!!
Asiong Hace un mes
Jennifer Anthony
Jennifer Anthony Hace un mes
Anyone in 2020
Amie Ball
Amie Ball Hace un mes
Best ROCK and ROLL song
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Hace un mes
Who do u fucken think !!
Cragonos Kritirea
Cragonos Kritirea Hace un mes
When a guy tells me he would stay with me no matter what, I’m cute, and they want cuddles from me but then we aren’t official. I don’t even know if he’s serious or if I ask if we’re dating they will say yes. You can’t play my heart and not text me for a week especially when I’m a hormonal prepubescent teen. Like I’m stupid, this is why I mostly want to date other girls cause they at least text you back after 3 seconds. 😖
Cragonos Kritirea
Cragonos Kritirea Hace un mes
Meanwhile I’m pansexual so my attraction goes ↘️↙️⬅️➡️↗️↔️🔀↖️⬆️⬇️🔼◀️↕️⤵️⤴️🕤🕕🕢🕕🕖
Unsubscribe Please
Unsubscribe Please Hace un mes
Lol that's why I'm ace
ડᥴrꪖρρꪗ Hace 2 meses
Eloise I swear to god
Naruto Deku
Naruto Deku Hace 2 meses
Who loves this song who loves Life 🧐
hian ajon
hian ajon Hace 2 meses
Me to my crush when i found out she had a new crush
Linda Othman
Linda Othman Hace 2 meses
ohh you think why they call it the chainsmoker is because the chains off get it?
Matthew Wolfgram
Matthew Wolfgram Hace 2 meses
This is the song of my travels
가연 Hace 2 meses
God damn
STARR WOODALL Hace 2 meses
lunawxrld Hace 2 meses
This song is so amazing, I absolutely love it 😍😊😄❤️
Elena Isabel Velasquez
I love this song 😄 I new this when my brother shod to me😊
Joanna Putri
Joanna Putri Hace 2 meses
why i heard this like "We love the Earth now" 00:41
floridalma garcia
floridalma garcia Hace 2 meses
This make me sad
Maneka Chhetri
Maneka Chhetri Hace 2 meses
I luv tis song
Crystal Adams
Crystal Adams Hace 2 meses
i love it
Puspa Kunwar
Puspa Kunwar Hace 2 meses
I wanna know who?
Tesla Lindsey
Tesla Lindsey Hace 2 meses
Thanks to a Stydia edit, I have *_finally_* found this song.
Se Luna
Se Luna Hace 2 meses
am i the only one that heard exes clothes on the part always changing your access codes
chen tong
chen tong Hace 2 meses
Calum voice
Jack Ehlers
Jack Ehlers Hace 2 meses
5sos fans hit a like ;)
C A N N A B B Y Hace 3 meses
She love all colours of Dicks . . . Just admit it ,'/
Jenny Yukhayeva
Jenny Yukhayeva Hace 3 meses
I love my boyfriend so much and my bff too and my VERY 2 close brothers
Eugene Collins
Eugene Collins Hace 3 meses
Michele covelli I love u ❤️
Sumith A
Sumith A Hace 3 meses
I can feel the background scene
EJ Arcega
EJ Arcega Hace 3 meses
Viktor Nikiforov
Viktor Nikiforov Hace 3 meses
2:51 it's getting near.. 3:05 ready?
Viktor Nikiforov
Viktor Nikiforov Hace 3 meses
2:51 it's getting near.. 3:05 ready?
Kimberly Weber
Kimberly Weber Hace 3 meses
I love listening to music
Slipknot boy 0416 i
Slipknot boy 0416 i Hace 3 meses
This song reminds me of my girlfriend thank you sleepy wolf
loliqueen koneko
loliqueen koneko Hace 3 meses
I still listening in 2020....I can't get enough of thissss songgg I'm in love with this songgggggg.......ish sho catchy and it makes me jump on my bed like a 6 year old :3
Shikashiru Matsiku
Shikashiru Matsiku Hace 3 meses
Help me its stuck in my head now.
Samira Lucia Sleiman
Ko x dendy Lana x viola Catra x adora Miguelito x Camila Todd x Gwen Samara x shermando Craig x kensey Jp x Maney
Antony Vv
Antony Vv Hace 3 meses
Nice song
LuisER R
LuisER R Hace 3 meses
El mejor feat de la vida
its thea
its thea Hace 3 meses
this song brings me happy
XxteddyloverxX Hace 3 meses
Shakira be my mom I love that song waka waka aye aye
Hugo Mota
Hugo Mota Hace 4 meses
When my dog goes lay in someone else’s lap . Who you you love now I know it’s someone new
oceanna nance
oceanna nance Hace 4 meses
this song keep me up
Divashri Mathur
Divashri Mathur Hace 4 meses
GOD!! I absolutely looooveeee this song !! I can't even describe it
NokingimaGod Undastan
A Junior jams ad sent me bk!!!Great to here badass song again! "Who do you love?"
ashley petion
ashley petion Hace 4 meses
Boy: who do you love? Girl: b**ch, you don't have to know...
J D Hace 4 meses
Dump the b#tch bro
R Harris
R Harris Hace 4 meses
I love you because my grandma died color song reminds her
Juliana Raffaele
Juliana Raffaele Hace 4 meses
Rob Wiscount
Rob Wiscount Hace 4 meses
I have a dog named Rafa (he's named after Rafa Nadal). Like any dog, we gave him a name and then never called him that again. We call him Raffie. We often call him Raffie, Raffie, Roo! I can't ever listen to this song and not hear, "Raffie, Raffie, Roo" in the chorus. How awesome is it that the Chainsmokers and 5Sos collaborated to write a song about my dog?
Bendang Along
Bendang Along Hace 4 meses
Love it
Lil Dawg
Lil Dawg Hace 4 meses
I like dat part like Ouuuu 😂😂
Abhinav Anoop
Abhinav Anoop Hace 4 meses
Honestly, this is an amazing song I absolutely love, but I think they could have done a better job with the intro music, given that its 5SOS AND THE CHAINSMOKERS who made this. Other than those three seconds, THIS SONG IS FIRE. PERIOD.
gacha gurrrl
gacha gurrrl Hace 4 meses
Chainsmokers=like 5sos=comment Or both
Sofia Julia Ramirez
Sofia Julia Ramirez Hace 4 meses
bernald x alexis egie brain x butty brick x jo jeff x maron barbie x ken reggie x connelly night ninja x an yu gekko x kevin
Nicole Jimeno
Nicole Jimeno Hace 4 meses
I love that , is my favorite song ..
Shani Cole
Shani Cole Hace 4 meses
I feel in love with 2 boys once didn't know who choose so I didn't pick one at all.
What a brilliant song
didekdek bonafus
didekdek bonafus Hace 4 meses
Laura Rufibach
Laura Rufibach Hace 4 meses
Who do you love?}{
Laura Rufibach
Laura Rufibach Hace 4 meses
Tyler Duncan
Tyler Duncan Hace 4 meses
Great song
erik boes
erik boes Hace 4 meses
Wait.....the fact that this song is about to be a whole year old is not ok
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