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Watch the brand new season of America's Got Talent The Champions 2019. Best loved auditions and winners such as Susan Boyle, Preacher Lawson, Sofie Dossi, The Clairvoyants and many more. Check out who wins the GOLDEN BUZZER!
What did you think about the amazing auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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20 ene 2019

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Comentarios 2 021
Svetlana Kerimova
Svetlana Kerimova Hace 10 horas
nash al- nash
nash al- nash Hace 11 horas
The dancing group reminds me of NSYNC
AliRocksVlogs Hace un día
I know how it's done the sword thing it simple if like those wrist slap band thing don't you see the sword very close to the bottom lip nothing to be surprised about
AndreL Hace un día
Dogs are food only if the are HOT. I don't relish saying this before having mustered all the facts but I'm trying to catch up!
AndreL Hace 2 días
That is probably why there are so much incidents (accidents) at schools, parks, playgrounds, and streets: because they tell kids _not to try this at _*_home_* !!! I never understood why. They should just say: DON'T TRY THIS!!!
Bart De Wispelaere
Bart De Wispelaere Hace 2 días
I find it a pitty that susan boyle isn't so loose anymore, she has turned into a silent woman, i still remember her first audition where she was herself, in all the sense of the word.. pitty
Jared Ngota
Jared Ngota Hace 2 días
wow.i can't imagine that the guy can joke with a sword in that manner.so risky
chrisport stylish
chrisport stylish Hace 2 días
What 😱😱😱😱
kuroko chanak
kuroko chanak Hace 3 días
3:42 ohh i didint think that the sword ca be streched
hannah mills
hannah mills Hace 3 días
simon cowell
Moonskie Lyn
Moonskie Lyn Hace 3 días
Thats nit true swords there is some botton there to press
Angel Lefoane
Angel Lefoane Hace 3 días
I lyk that singing woman ....wow
Zalman Goldstein
Zalman Goldstein Hace 3 días
Clairvoyants had it planned out with the judges.
LoveSKorea Hace 4 días
Preacher Lawson KILLED me 😂😂😂
David Shirley
David Shirley Hace 4 días
Who’s the dude with the latter
Priad Talukder
Priad Talukder Hace 4 días
Jashwa JAS
Jashwa JAS Hace 5 días
Best for the last eh..
Taxes rumblers
Taxes rumblers Hace 6 días
Amazing auditions man
Lilcoolkay kaybee
Lilcoolkay kaybee Hace 6 días
churches? sub titles, lol
Anna Hace 6 días
Imature Potatoe
Imature Potatoe Hace 7 días
The second one literally gave me chills
Anto Tharappen
Anto Tharappen Hace 9 días
Jonathan Goodwin ?
nicole Hace 9 días
Where did heidi and Mel b come from, they wasn’t there for the first auditions
Dina Bahrami
Dina Bahrami Hace 10 días
I hate mel b and heidi ...so boring
Karan Poudel
Karan Poudel Hace 10 días
That kid girl's got some cosmic talent
Karan Poudel
Karan Poudel Hace 10 días
Wild wild horses
Top Star Channel
Top Star Channel Hace 11 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-6P4PetJI-aE.html The sacred riana, this is something
victoria stein
victoria stein Hace 12 días
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joaquin veron
joaquin veron Hace 12 días
hola buen video
maka3230 Hace 12 días
The first clip...that guy is insane
debbie pratt
debbie pratt Hace 14 días
Did Dacri Lynne Farmer get world champion.............she deserves it
Yanbo Sha
Yanbo Sha Hace 14 días
Umm, it's natural in China, I mean the sword performance
Carlos DeNevier
Carlos DeNevier Hace 14 días
bianca ryan got only more weight. pitty ... and all performances now need a fancy, fast moving, bright and colored background - otherwise.
Ahmed Lodhika
Ahmed Lodhika Hace 15 días
DId anyone else crack up on the captions saying "churches" instead of "judges" LMAO @6:30
Deathly Smile
Deathly Smile Hace 15 días
bagian nyanyi ku skip miaw,,, aku suka bagian performance nonsing miaw...
Benjamin Ferreira
Benjamin Ferreira Hace 16 días
POOPY BUTT Hace 17 días
25:25 very happy, very hungry ( captions )
J Bu
J Bu Hace 17 días
Why does the guy with ladder have it behind a large pad... because he uts the ladder into a frame that holds it up....Still very talented
RunTimeError Hace 17 días
the show is a show
Surya 123
Surya 123 Hace 17 días
son thanh nguyen
son thanh nguyen Hace 17 días
love you Susan forever !!!
chandima wickramanayaka
visit new talants-esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-BH-C2JetsHs.html
Sydney Turner
Sydney Turner Hace 19 días
fucken bianca ryan is so amazing give her more credit
A A Hace 20 días
Many singers.... And most of them gets Golden Buzzer sigh.
Tashi Tshering
Tashi Tshering Hace 20 días
Why don't the magicians ask the people from the crowd??? Why only judges and hosts???
Blaster Games
Blaster Games Hace 20 días
chudches ???
Alex Craw
Alex Craw Hace 20 días
Susan Boyle doing bits again
Lady Cee
Lady Cee Hace 22 días
The first guy is INSANE
Kelley Bennett
Kelley Bennett Hace 22 días
preacher Lawson got me laughing so hard I'm crying
kokichi ouma
kokichi ouma Hace 22 días
14:32 coming from the guy that did a flip with a sword on his mouth
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