The Cummins Mustang is DONE

Westen Champlin
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The Cummins Mustang finally finished
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20 ene 2021






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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin Hace un mes
Well boys we did it Thx for the support....Epic things to come
Regantis Simmons
Regantis Simmons Hace un día
Put bigger tires on the mustang
Alex Lacey
Alex Lacey Hace 12 días
I kinda wanna see the 1/4 mile time
Gary Mcclanahan
Gary Mcclanahan Hace 12 días
call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang
Gary Mcclanahan
Gary Mcclanahan Hace 12 días
call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang
Gary Mcclanahan
Gary Mcclanahan Hace 12 días
call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang call it the cummstang
MegaMeme Hace 4 horas
Time to call JH Diesel and make that thing 1500 hp
Lucas .V
Lucas .V Hace 5 horas
This is the coolest car i’ve ever seen i like diesels the most
you're gonna like the way you look
The CumStang
bretton foster
bretton foster Hace 12 horas
So.. How many hp does this have?
Saar Namir
Saar Namir Hace 14 horas
Heh, only in America. In any European country this car would be written off less than a milisecond after seeing that black smoke coming out of the exhaust during an inspection.
Fexenc Hace 14 horas
I think I saw this dude on tiktok talking abt 1500 hp cop car
Daangelo Caison
Daangelo Caison Hace 14 horas
Can you use my car As a donor car I have a is350
Flying Unvacinated Kid
So fucking cool
Royce RTR
Royce RTR Hace un día
This guy is really funny I'm genuinely entertained
Cody barlow
Cody barlow Hace un día
Wait I don't remember you giving it a tune
Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus
Lame and SLOW.. a Prius would smoke that p.o.s.
cmgb2009 Hace un día
Could it have a worst place for the exhaust?
Deontae Robinson
Deontae Robinson Hace un día
Amazing journey with the Smoke Stang‼️Do a vid wrapping it in matte black to compensate for black soot. One of a kind vehicle one of a kind channel
Diederik Hace un día
Did you guys also upgrade the suspension to hold all that weight?
24kgraham Hace un día
lol your big ass aint sneakin up on anything...
wargodsix Hace un día
I would of done the smoke stack under the doors like a hotrod then up right behind the doors
Bryce Knapp
Bryce Knapp Hace un día
That is awesome 😎
Damn That's Cam
Damn That's Cam Hace un día
Look it's the CumStang
ConnorHD3 Hace un día
Bet that car handles worse than a horse and buggy
501 N 503
501 N 503 Hace 2 días
Im in ahh. that thing is an attention getter, chat starter, just srt8 up different. Beautiful, well done..
Tyler Reichel
Tyler Reichel Hace 2 días
Probably would have painted it black so you wouldn't see the "coal rolling" soot. But it's not my car so🤷🏻‍♂️
Tyler Reichel
Tyler Reichel Hace 2 días
This guy looks just like the guy with the pug shirt that was on Tosh.0 a while ago😂 ifkyk
Cody Bagwell
Cody Bagwell Hace 2 días
You built the car I have dreamed of having, cause after all the stangs I have built over the years I always wanted to built a mustang with a cummins diesel just for the so reason I could call it the cum stain
Snick Hace 2 días
Ford “make our mustang electric and gay” 🧚🏻‍♂️ This guy “let’s slap a Cummins in this bitch” 🤙🏻
Ryver Burgess
Ryver Burgess Hace 2 días
Kamran Bhatti
Kamran Bhatti Hace 2 días
Well done!
Pythoon Hace 2 días
the smokestang, very beautiful ,men, congratulations.
Anthony Akers
Anthony Akers Hace 2 días
Cummins mustang / Cumstang
Jeffrey Poff
Jeffrey Poff Hace 2 días
came a long ways. sorry for being a month late 🤦‍♂️
Austin Wickline
Austin Wickline Hace 2 días
I would spend my life savings on that how much
Is the song light up
Chicken Butt
Chicken Butt Hace 3 días
Dude I want one just to pollute the environment
Gmail User
Gmail User Hace 3 días
How much for the Smoke Stang?!
Josh Hace 3 días
This makes me so happy
dead hunter433
dead hunter433 Hace 3 días
that car is so fucking cool
C SEXY 3 Hace 3 días
Wait you didn't call it the Cumminstang?
Jaden Cox
Jaden Cox Hace 3 días
Benjamin Armstrong
Benjamin Armstrong Hace 3 días
The cumstang
Micah L
Micah L Hace 3 días
1:54 his facial expression matched too well with the exhaust😂😂even the head nod at the end wtf
Truckdude 6.7L
Truckdude 6.7L Hace 3 días
That’s so damn cool, I’d actually pay to see a car like that Ngl
Mudpaws Voom
Mudpaws Voom Hace 3 días
Son I am impressed 🤣
Neuro Hace 3 días
Ford Cummin GT
Jdjd Nejdjd
Jdjd Nejdjd Hace 3 días
Wat do u get when u put a mustang and a Cummins a cumstain
Noah Rivera
Noah Rivera Hace 3 días
Officer the Cummins was stock
Tommy Gonzalez
Tommy Gonzalez Hace 3 días
You need to add an adjustable air suspension that you can adjust front height to get into the garage. :)
Sammy Parrott
Sammy Parrott Hace 3 días
Awn is not a word
Sammy Parrott
Sammy Parrott Hace 3 días
Need to put an exhaust system on that monstrosity
Dante Sparda Devil Killer
I want you to teach me how to do that
Chris Mccandless
Chris Mccandless Hace 4 días
I wanna know how much this cost
Revised Candy
Revised Candy Hace 4 días
next project but diesel in tesla :d
greenflash_YT Hace 4 días
Ruger20606 Hace 4 días
5:43 Samsung alert
Grienese Hace 4 días
nope americans are not worse for the environment
Benton Road Model Railway
It looks a bit like an Audi from the front
Jonny Cadillac
Jonny Cadillac Hace 4 días
Well I guess the only logical step now is a power stroke challanger
R Valent
R Valent Hace 4 días
You should make the chimney taller
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin Hace 4 días
Cumstang should be the name of it
Phylmore Toussaint
Phylmore Toussaint Hace 4 días
Would love to hear jake breaks on this
Cutler R
Cutler R Hace 4 días
Put a stack angled on the side of that sexy beast
tbone3366 Hace 4 días
Proof that ford needs to stick a ford 300 inch into the new mustang, 24 valves from same gear driven cam but with 24 lobes instead of 12 and have twin turbos, would be so awesome and sounds better than some v8s my 3rd latest video is proof that the inline 6 sounds awesome
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace 4 días
Will’s Obs vlogs
Will’s Obs vlogs Hace 5 días
It’s called the cumstang
James Hace 5 días
So are we calling thing the cummstang?
R1nger Hace 5 días
Just wait til he starts throwing some boost at that Cummins. This thing could be a VERY good burnout car.
Jonathan Visintin
Jonathan Visintin Hace 5 días
The level of awesomeness on that car is off the charts!!! BEASTISH all the way, congrats on getting it put together.
whyy ask
whyy ask Hace 5 días
Daniel Mclean
Daniel Mclean Hace 5 días
Love the vlogs
Daniel Mclean
Daniel Mclean Hace 5 días
It’s dope
David Hawking
David Hawking Hace 5 días
mythicbeast 2519
mythicbeast 2519 Hace 5 días
you should of painted the pipes red or black
Bro you need a truck horn !!!!!!
rcri99 Hace 5 días
Serious question... how do you know how fast you’re going ? I’ve been wondering if the dash works properly but it looks like it doesn’t from the video!
Berg Hace 5 días
I was thinking of a clever name. All I came up with was cumstain
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Hace 5 días
Tj Da Producer
Tj Da Producer Hace 5 días
I love my generation you just made a boomer shit himself and have a heart attack
Paul Nobert
Paul Nobert Hace 4 días
Uhm... everything you know, or think you know, was taught to you by the people that you are trying to degrade... You are definitely not making yourself look good with your comment...
Danny Hace 5 días
Yes officer its stock
Ralph Menta
Ralph Menta Hace 5 días
she is pretty sharp
Ashton Palmer
Ashton Palmer Hace 6 días
i feel it needs to have a tag that says cumstang
bplumbj Hace 6 días
Westen, What would cause a 5.9 12 valve Cummins to have a hard time cold start? What can I do to improve it? Thx your content is great
OneOceanThree Respond Code 3
Well bois ya don't know the trick to doing that angle thing heresbhow to properly do it. Get st an angle FLOOR IT
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Hace 6 días
Zlejda Hace 6 días
Greta would love it
Johnny Hurtado
Johnny Hurtado Hace 6 días
It’s a really nice car and swap but seems slow
Filthy Blue
Filthy Blue Hace 6 días
Does the added torque enhance the crowd seeking function?
captainhonan Hace 6 días
That thing is just plain stupid. I guess different strokes for different folks.
Riot Man168
Riot Man168 Hace 6 días
What do you get when you mix cumins mustang together: Cumstain
Ian Lynch
Ian Lynch Hace 6 días
Now it's time to put a Cat C15 in a Datsun 720.
TheAlphared Hace 6 días
My issue is that you are constantly touching the window
Shawn Berger
Shawn Berger Hace 6 días
She don’t even smoke
Kuntal Ghosh
Kuntal Ghosh Hace 7 días
Put a flapper on the exhaust!
BROOKLYNZzKiD Hace 7 días
Man the exhaust should have been under not in the hood. Ruins the build for me lol
tiktok trends
tiktok trends Hace 7 días
Y does the mustang sounds like a truck
MisfitTranny #3
MisfitTranny #3 Hace 7 días
Cumstang revamped
Hayden Boane
Hayden Boane Hace 7 días
My dad is a really good fan
Hayden Boane
Hayden Boane Hace 7 días
in my opinion I would put the Cummins exhaust system higher where the smoke won't get on the hood
Kafka, la Metamorfosis
Saving the Earth with that car....Europe is hating you actually.
goldengaming Hace 7 días
why does it sound like a traktor
hossam M. koshok
hossam M. koshok Hace 7 días
The most epic diesel i have ever seen
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson Hace 7 días
I mean.. cant you just back in?