The David Beckham Statue Prank

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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As the Los Angeles Galaxy prepare to honor legend David Beckham with a statue outside the stadium, James Corden and the club assemble an intricate plan to prank David with, annoying fans, a half-hearted highlight reel and a statue that falls incredibly below the mark.
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12 mar 2019






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The Late Late Show with James Corden
Who could ever forget Dave Beckham's incredible career with Man City. What a legend.
cabete19jo Hace un día
The Ronaldos face statue reveal was funny too but you never showed up james
Lil Shawn
Lil Shawn Hace un día
U should get the rock next
Simba Boerboel
Simba Boerboel Hace un día
Lol he is bigger than man city
Pete Savoy
Pete Savoy Hace 2 días
They're using you for their attention seeking disorder as you have a show. Like they hang around Prince William at charity events hoping for a Knighthood and sending son to same photography school as Madonna's son
Pete Savoy
Pete Savoy Hace 2 días
England will never win anything until they get away from his influence of caring more about being a celeb with his talentless wife and selling children into celeb industry, than winning anything
Vishal Rathee
Vishal Rathee Hace 4 minutos
I'm laughing like crazy in the whole video, Great work 👏👏👏 This is the kind of prank that people love, not the ass grabbing shit prank.
Lara Hace 9 minutos
😂😂😂😂 david beckham is a good guy!
ThisISclickBAIT Hace 47 minutos
I would be glad is someone even did a stick figure of me
Anceli Peguero
Anceli Peguero Hace un hora
M4tt Hace un hora
what Dave said when James shows up and says "oh my god what's happened"?
slorr55 Hace 2 horas
I wonder what would have happened if he had swore everyone off and being mean lol
Ville Hytönen
Ville Hytönen Hace 2 horas
Give the head to Jay Leno. Looks exactly like him.
Some person
Some person Hace 2 horas
This is so mean but I love it
Rady Gart
Rady Gart Hace 3 horas
Cool guy
Huỳnh Phi Tiễn Musique
So sweet he thought about his children! And incredible amount of patience. !! Legend!
Kelvin Quinonez
Kelvin Quinonez Hace 3 horas
The statue actually looked like Harry Kane lol
FreeShavacaDoo Boss
FreeShavacaDoo Boss Hace 3 horas
This gives me nightmares
YouFlube Hace 3 horas
‘you’ve probably done me a favour there’ - dave beckham 2019
Nomiz Hace 5 horas
I don’t get why he’s not happy with it. I thought the statue looked exactly like Man City legend Dave Beckham
Roxana Pitic
Roxana Pitic Hace 5 horas
david beckham was great!
Argy Bargy
Argy Bargy Hace 5 horas
David's reaction: Oh shit there's no way that they'll put it at the stadium
Is this statue of Geralt of Rivia who plays for LA Galaxy?
Deborah Carol Strongfuss
David what a genteman he's so polite oh my God, I'm in love with him one more time again.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Hace 7 horas
My dads called David and he hates being called Dave too 😂
MasterRiffics Hace 8 horas
So what does the real one look like
Abdullah Dakhaikh
Abdullah Dakhaikh Hace 8 horas
David Beckham: what is fuel consumption?
Subscribe to me for no reason yeet
"You've probably done me a favour there" I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Benicio Arelio
Benicio Arelio Hace 9 horas
The “actor” is the host from a show called “Idiotest”
boney Hace 10 horas
I seriously cannot stop watching this 😂😂😂
Satish Parvathaneni
Satish Parvathaneni Hace 10 horas
Glad this was in US :) Lads come on ,you can a bit better.
Rafael Dósia
Rafael Dósia Hace 11 horas
What a gentleman! So polite.
Mina #9
Mina #9 Hace 11 horas
That thing was awful looking!! I'm baggin up
Mina #9
Mina #9 Hace 11 horas
Ohhh that was a good laugh! So funny.
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj
The new Candid Camera-Punk'd.
Marz Tye
Marz Tye Hace 12 horas
What a good sport Beckham is. Was a gentleman the whole time even though we knew he wanted to lose his shit!
bulell l
bulell l Hace 12 horas
this joke is so big.but he still gentlen.
Captain Hamsters
Captain Hamsters Hace 13 horas
Peter Crouch
Justice Prevails
Justice Prevails Hace 14 horas
What a waste they could of used that statue in the new tottenham stadium. Harry Kane would have happily claimed it LOL i do see a resemblance as well tbf
Hurlanator Hace 14 horas
They should have kept him going.
Mazihan Mohamed
Mazihan Mohamed Hace 15 horas
Better than ronaldo statue
Trust in Dog
Trust in Dog Hace 15 horas
He seems really nice
Alabhya Maheshwari
Alabhya Maheshwari Hace 16 horas
If somebody could have done this to Ibrahimovic. Would have been an epic reaction to watch.
hercules athul
hercules athul Hace 16 horas
Not funny😡
XXlV kmagic
XXlV kmagic Hace 16 horas
"Look at my chin"😂😂
MyName IsRamen
MyName IsRamen Hace 17 horas
He obviously knew it was going to be bad and played along with it...
Owen08 Hace 17 horas
Ngl I laughed so much xd 😂
Beth m
Beth m Hace 18 horas
he is so beautiful 🤤
Beth m
Beth m Hace 18 horas
I don't understand how everyone thinks he's being polite here?! he sounds quite rude to me (rightly) but not polite haha
Det är ju KP
Det är ju KP Hace 18 horas
Steve Morales
Steve Morales Hace 18 horas
They probably gave away the prank when they did the "Lowlights"
The Hyper Gamer
The Hyper Gamer Hace 19 horas
is David Beckham in football?
Sarah-Jayne Crawford
Sarah-Jayne Crawford Hace 19 horas
Ronaldo is the best and he is good looking daived is cute I guess
k h
k h Hace 19 horas
Realize Real Eyes
Realize Real Eyes Hace 19 horas
I think he knew when the fake sculpter came out.
Adnan Taimoori
Adnan Taimoori Hace 19 horas
"You've probably done me a favour there "😂😂
Nothing but the best
Nothing but the best Hace 19 horas
Too funny
2rooms Hace 20 horas
8:44 oMg WhAtS hApPeNnEd?
KINE TV Hace 20 horas
yess!!! jangan lupa mampir di chanel youtub saya KINE TV SUBSCRIBE YAHHH!!!
anusha iyer
anusha iyer Hace 20 horas
That reaction😬😬
theMCdigger Hace 21 un hora
I don't get how beckham was being a great sport when he was clearly throwing a minor tantrum
Glenn L
Glenn L Hace 21 un hora
If this was real, im 100% sure he gonna pay the truck driver well .
bellabana Hace 22 horas
His leaked emails revealed that Beckham is a narcissistic wanker, demanding that he should receive a knighthood because he’d given to charities, proving he didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart but instead just to get knighted, he then threw a tantrum when he didn’t get one, in his emails saying nasty horrible things about Katherine Jenkins when she was knighted instead. He’s a complete arsehole, his public persona is very different from the real life Beckham, he’s vacuous, money hungry & fake!
Vintage_au_ Couer
Vintage_au_ Couer Hace 22 horas
James' laugh is everything!! LoL
Dr. Atum Ethereal Muzeus Maurice Zanders
Lmao 😂😂😂😱🤙🏾😂IAM Dying Here!! His Face when the guy called him Dave..😂😂Stretch Arm Strong 💪🏾😂😂🤗💯❤️💯🔥🔥Great Joke ..!!
supashaker1 Hace 22 horas
Im just curious how many girls want David Beckham all to themselves? 😂
Tranzformer Music
Tranzformer Music Hace 23 horas
you should try mike tyson hehe
hariz bayu
hariz bayu Hace un día
Best prank ever. Please make more like this
Senara Tuiatua
Senara Tuiatua Hace un día
This is priceless 🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Titus
Kevin Titus Hace un día
The best prank in years!🤣🤣🤣
victoriya violet
victoriya violet Hace un día
i really love his expression....
Thomas Kaarup
Thomas Kaarup Hace un día
Slap a suit on it and sell it to Jay Leno
Din Nyy
Din Nyy Hace un día
David is so cute😍🤣🤣🤣
zi the z
zi the z Hace un día
Buu's evil twin jaw from DBz looooooool
Big Dreams
Big Dreams Hace un día
😅😅😅😅 Daive ...😅😅
Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder Hace un día
Such an over-rated, overly posh soccer player. Sickening.
charles anthony
charles anthony Hace un día
Beckham has a great & sweet personality
dan danny
dan danny Hace un día
Beckham's face is just so done with everything hahahahahaha
CheezeFluff MnC
CheezeFluff MnC Hace un día
Keith Joshua
Keith Joshua Hace un día
What's the title of the song in the end?
Idris Sayyed
Idris Sayyed Hace un día
What d fuvk.... Hahaha😅😅😅😅
Ruaidhri O'Shea
Ruaidhri O'Shea Hace un día
Publicity Stunt...
Tekni Kaal
Tekni Kaal Hace un día
Rich people doing stupid things
Onur Köse
Onur Köse Hace un día
looks like thanos
makhabane masama
makhabane masama Hace un día
david he is a man, always calm woow.
muldvarp Hace un día
Priceless prank😂
Sorin Vasile Bogdan
Sorin Vasile Bogdan Hace un día
They keep punkin this man who is the nicest guy you'll ever meet... one day the dude's gonna snap
Basyar Al Addar
Basyar Al Addar Hace un día
wait that’s a chin? I thought that was a beard.
JonZ Hace un día
That was epic lol
uhuh Hace un día
I searched for overrated soccer players that are famous for nothing and this is the first result that came up
nadia luna
nadia luna Hace un día
Hahaha David is so humble and patient hahahah am sure if it was someone else they were going to shout lol 😂
Keith Kalfas
Keith Kalfas Hace un día
David Beckham is the boss!
Likith Liki
Likith Liki Hace un día
Is that Harry Kane?
Timo Kivistö
Timo Kivistö Hace un día
Becky takes himself a bit too seriosly 😋
Delarius Simpson
Delarius Simpson Hace un día
The statue looks like American Idol winner, Trent Harmon.
Dhirtiman Khati
Dhirtiman Khati Hace un día
Ant and DEC : we're the best. Celeb prankers James : hold my beer.
Soi Tapere
Soi Tapere Hace un día
at 5:17-5:19 see where his eyes are switching to and from? hahahahahahaha!!!!
Sangsangi Pachuau
Sangsangi Pachuau Hace un día
Best prank ever....
psychoticbastard Hace un día
Looks like Harry Kane even tho they went to the same school
Samir Sharaf
Samir Sharaf Hace un día
That is giroud
Sky Fall
Sky Fall Hace un día
what is the big deal about this guy? all he's done is kick a ball around and he's rich and famous from that?
Vemai Esli
Vemai Esli Hace un día
That's too cruel! He's a gentleman and that's what you gets in retuen? 😆😂
Adicolin Jyrwa
Adicolin Jyrwa Hace un día
I literally love every bit of it!!!😂😂🤣🤣 Hats off James 👏👏
Salome Hace un día
You should have done this prank on Zlatan.
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