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AST channel
AST channel Hace un hora
There's only a widked player in realmadrid
Flash News
Flash News Hace 4 horas
satyam prakash
satyam prakash Hace 7 horas
Is this football or wrestling.if anyone hates other player just try to break him and referee is giving them 2 chances.wow
Emanuel Palmadessa
Emanuel Palmadessa Hace 10 horas
MARADONA & MESSI. Yes I am Argentinian!
0121_ steve
0121_ steve Hace 22 horas
Casemiro is a little shit
ayeeng Muhammad
ayeeng Muhammad Hace un día
come here because you smash by liverpoll after win 3-0 on camp nou... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 divers team
the only one
the only one Hace un día
Don't mess with the God
Official MB Fùtbol
Official MB Fùtbol Hace un día
Well, he can't win a champions league. Keep barking fanboys!
Yahya Karimi
Yahya Karimi Hace un día
Messi is the best
rakib hasan
rakib hasan Hace 2 días
আসন্ন কোপা আমেরিকায় বড় চমক নিয়ে শক্তিশালী দল ঘোষণা করলো আর্জেন্টিনা বিস্তারিত দেখুন ভিডিওতে.... esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ZFr0E18aD8c.html
Pujya Talukdar Jr
Pujya Talukdar Jr Hace 2 días
Real madrid will never be the same without Ronaldo. They're are much less of a competition to Barcelona without Ronaldo. Classico were always good yo watch due to the presence of Messi and Ronaldo both
Hayk Gargaloyan
Hayk Gargaloyan Hace 2 días
Lmao “little man”
Joshua Featherstone.
Where is ronado
celoh Hace 2 días
The last celebration.. That should make a good statue at camp nou..
nicoswow Hace 2 días
rofl mandrileños putos, dejen de copiarle canciones a Boca manga de aputazados, mejor chupensela a tristiano putaldo
Open Book
Open Book Hace 3 días
shame on u real Madrid
Jashar Gubetini
Jashar Gubetini Hace 3 días
I love Cristiano Ronaldo he is a super player, but... Messi is the most gifted player ever played the game, maybe he isn't a leader but definitely the best ever, I can't imagine the day he will quit, and I say that as a bayern munich fan.
C4rlos Souza
C4rlos Souza Hace 3 días
O cara do Tony Kroos no gol do Messi é a melhor 😂😂
Rodolfo Montaño Hincapie
Marcelo roja y 10 fechas puerco
Dayakar K
Dayakar K Hace 4 días
My hero
Mini p t
Mini p t Hace 4 días
How messi and ramos is... Messi : i scored hundred goals.. Ramos : well, i got hundred red cards...
dksnsj dksnsj
dksnsj dksnsj Hace 2 días
That's so true
Jack Hace 4 días
I am a barca fan and was at this match, behind the goal when messi scored the goal about 3 rows back. I has to stop celebrating due to the fact I was in a Real Madrid fan section. Still an amazing moment of my life
phoebe Dart
phoebe Dart Hace 6 días
does Lionel Messi score hat-trick
Globalmusixx Hace 6 días
Ramos is the biggest bastard in football history. He is not a footballer, he is a butcher, no less, he is lucky that he plays at Real otherwise he would have seen a lot more red cards, the referees are often too realistic about that. Ramos is an antisocial footballer who was often humiliated by Messi like a toddler on the football field, his consequence was always hatred and fouling the opponent is injured. Final Liverpool vs. Real, Ramos injured Salah intentionally as she did each time, leaving Salah injured. He is a devil and everyone hates him like the plague. Ramos please mislead! Puta Ramos
Shovo Ahmed
Shovo Ahmed Hace 7 días
Messi is the best
bartok75 Hace 7 días
Messi is like Bruce Lee. When you make him bleed he has no mercy, he will kill you.
Morning Wood
Morning Wood Hace 8 días
Messi is not the GOAT. He had poor performances in both Copa America finals against Chile, as well as the 2014 world cup final, and don't tell me Argentina reached the final because of Messi, the defense carried them through, Messi did not score a single goal in the entire knockout stage, he only "shined" in the group stage against Bosnia, Iran, and Nigeria. Both Messi and CR7 are great, entertaining players, but neither one is the GOAT. Messi scored 1 goal in the 2018 world cup lol, he was one of the worst players on the pitch against France, same in the group stage against Croatia. Pele and Maradona delivered everywhere they played, Zidane scored 2 headers in the 1998 world cup final, a georgious goal in the UCL final against Leverkusen, he carried France to the world cup final in 2006 beating a solid Brazilian and Spanish team.
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz Hace 9 días
The day Messi destroyed Liverpool to reach the UCL final! Do that video please!!! oh wait.... my bad.
Rich Panini
Rich Panini Hace 4 días
The day Messi the midget choked. A never ending video.
Oni Alexander
Oni Alexander Hace 9 días
i.con.x Hace 9 días
Simply the best.
Repent Faith
Repent Faith Hace 9 días
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florian mayer
florian mayer Hace 10 días
Tackling 8:50 rote für Ramos verdient wäre das damals Neymar gewesen würde er heute noch rollen
The Savage Taxman
The Savage Taxman Hace 10 días
"If you can beat him, foul him"
II-JustxSkillzz Playz
II-JustxSkillzz Playz Hace 10 días
I like Messi but that was dumb tf how did he destroy bc a couple of goals and he fake triped
Love Story
Love Story Hace 10 días
Marcelo try very hard to stop that last goal.
Megalo-dono Hace 10 días
Man, this is such a fucking boring sport.
Nikhil Surendran
Nikhil Surendran Hace 10 días
And then Cristiano takes the revenge at camp nou
mohit Gohel
mohit Gohel Hace 10 días
Everybody is a gangster until the real gangster walks in
Aniket Das
Aniket Das Hace 11 días
Great man, great personality, great skill and great soul. Respect him. Love Messi. ✊
Prince Singh
Prince Singh Hace 11 días
The title should not be this
Magudeeswaran N
Magudeeswaran N Hace 11 días
Anyone after Liverpool vs barca 👍👍
Bobby Boy
Bobby Boy Hace 11 días
The night Anfield destroyed Messi!
Wollenschrank Hace 11 días
And yesterday was the day where Liverpool destroyed Barca along with Messi.
reverseside Hace 10 días
I'm watching to feel (even) better about LFC's win... I knew he was great/best... But my god, different class to anyone ever watched
Nasirezmah Nasir m
Nasirezmah Nasir m Hace 11 días
jorge louis
jorge louis Hace 11 días
What if Messi played Real Madrid and Ronaldo Barcelona ? Bet we had the same fights who's the best.
Jashar Gubetini
Jashar Gubetini Hace 3 días
That includes only Madrid and Barcelona fans, for the most part of the world Messi is the best, CR7 is awesome, but Messi is an 👽, always a pleasure to watch.
hairi shukri
hairi shukri Hace 11 días
Football without messi is nothing...
Olav Langli
Olav Langli Hace 11 días
How many times must casimero foul mess I before he gets a card.?? THE REF SUCKS DICK. And I'm sick of watching inferior players try to I jure legendary players ...
XxFlaw LessXx
XxFlaw LessXx Hace 11 días
The day Liverpool destroyed Barca at Anfiled😹
Sexually transmitted diseases
XxFlaw LessXx 😂😂
Brian Ortiz
Brian Ortiz Hace 11 días
But not today with Liverpool 😠😠😠😠😠
Priscilla Perez
Priscilla Perez Hace 11 días
When VARsa was wining clearly 2-0, the referee decided to show Ramos a red card when he could’ve shown a yellow. Always something like that in classicos. The day they change the rule about red cards and do like basketball that another player comes in for the one sent off, VARcelona will not win like this anymore lol
Príncipe de amor [Los Blancos]
HAHAHAHHAHAH they still lost the title lmaooooo
The Husky Family
The Husky Family Hace 11 días
felt like im watching "the day Madrid terrorized messi"
Amnon Meyers
Amnon Meyers Hace 11 días
That elbow against Messi knocking teeth out was no accident, just another sneaky animal act, par for the course from Real Madrid. There had to be a lot of force to it to cause such damage.
jorge louis
jorge louis Hace 11 días
Like that MMA thing from Ramos against Mo Salah CL final that was no accident either Ramos should have been send off the pitch.
Krucial Gaming
Krucial Gaming Hace 11 días
Today, Messi got destroyed by Liverpool!! haha
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Mohamed ali
Mohamed ali Hace 12 días
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Mohamed ali
Mohamed ali Hace 12 días
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Sukla Ghosh
Sukla Ghosh Hace 12 días
Manothethan Chinnathambi
Waste messi.
rafa dapee
rafa dapee Hace 12 días
GBU sergio roberto 👏👏👏
Thor Boysen
Thor Boysen Hace 12 días
I feel bad for Messi! They really wanted to hunt him down! It's a REAL miracle that Messi is not hurt very often...!!!
jorge louis
jorge louis Hace 11 días
Look what they did to Maradonna and Marco van Basten it's a shame i am not Messi fan but this is a shame pure attacks to injure good players like Messi Ronaldo Maradonna Van Basten Romario Ronaldinho and many more. I like seeing Messi playing of course i do if he's not it's a whole difference.
World sails on #Messi GOAT
Rizwan Kn
Rizwan Kn Hace 12 días
11 footbAllers vs 11 MMA team
Rizwan Kn
Rizwan Kn Hace 12 días
Marcello deliberately elbowed messi
Christian Odofin
Christian Odofin Hace 12 días
yo since ronaldo isnt their their is no such thing as el classico
Steel Pulse
Steel Pulse Hace 12 días
What was that commentator talking about when he said people are doubting him. No one has EVER doubted him you fool.
Joe Raynor
Joe Raynor Hace 13 días
Better than Ronaldo simples
city 2 village
city 2 village Hace 13 días
Messi messi messi
Dinesh Dasari
Dinesh Dasari Hace 13 días
Messi is all time great
George George†
George George† Hace 14 días
Messi the best!!!
Jorge Oliveira
Jorge Oliveira Hace 14 días
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The Noob Gamer
The Noob Gamer Hace 14 días
Majestic Lionel Messi Free Kick from Fan's view.. awesome!!! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-uQqpZdnukP8.html
Immanuel Kavisson Judianto
this game was more like messi vs RM.. physically 😂😂😂
Cristian Cruz
Cristian Cruz Hace 14 días
1:19 Messi destroying Casemiro while Benzema in his phone
lx ps
lx ps Hace 12 días
man u really noticed it
Anthony Gurirab
Anthony Gurirab Hace 14 días
11:14 Tony Kroos look, priceless....
Ntantu Hace 14 días
Which day? Theres been so many lol
Deon Kumbirai Mandebere
I didn't see Ronaldo until @10:34 🤣🤣
Khairul Imran Rosli
Khairul Imran Rosli Hace 14 días
you hurt Messi's physical, he hurts your feelings
Kyle Selby
Kyle Selby Hace 15 días
The day Real Madrid tried to take out Messi but couldn’t.
Karlos B
Karlos B Hace 15 días
This is just one example of many games between these teams where Real Madrid was allowed to break all the fair play rules. The referee bias against Messi is strong but he is stronger because he is a real MAN. He gets elbowed in the teeth and bleeding from his mouth. How is that not a RED card? And then he comes back with a goal to beat them, at home. Poetic.
Abhilash Snair
Abhilash Snair Hace 15 días
this is because marvel must make Messi the thanos like if u agree😗😗
robizzlor Hace 15 días
Real Madrid has a history of unfair playstyle. If you're fan of this club you're a trashy human being. Nothing to debate. Ramos, Pepe, Casimero now. Do you see someone on Barcelona fouling like that? Only asshole in Barcelona is Busquets for simulating constantly.
dody cahyono putra
dody cahyono putra Hace 15 días
refree is fuck....!!!!!
ATHANASIA Hace 15 días
Are they trying to kill messi or something
Ramesh sada
Ramesh sada Hace 15 días
God of Football,Messi
skech_one Hace 15 días
messi is like bruce lee when he sees his own blood its all over
Shahina Shahina
Shahina Shahina Hace 15 días
That moment when he played with the tissue.... That shows him...i got goosebumps 😍
BallforLife Hace 15 días
It's not about the name at the back, it's about the one on the front
Luis Donado
Luis Donado Hace 15 días
The Jordi Alba/Lionel Messi connection. We will remember that for the rest of humanity.
J.F.L. Bousquet
J.F.L. Bousquet Hace 15 días
When you play dirty against Messi, that's what you get... Ramos is such a dirty player. Disgusting.
Kai Thomas
Kai Thomas Hace 16 días
Why is a player of Borussia Dortmund on the field?
Johnny Lachente
Johnny Lachente Hace 15 días
Alcacer came this Season from Barca.
Harol Preciga
Harol Preciga Hace 16 días
Creo que Casemiro nunca ha marcado un jugador tan desiquilibrante como Messi..... Messi lo volvió mierda.... además debió irse expulsado esa noche
Harol Preciga
Harol Preciga Hace 16 días
La gonorrea de Marcelo rompió a Messi con ese codazo.... pero eso no pudo detener a Messi
eet Badag
eet Badag Hace 16 días
The Boss... Vamos King Leo L10N Messi
aSh drAvEn crOw
aSh drAvEn crOw Hace 16 días
When this little man retires fOotball will never be the same!
Desire Tehi
Desire Tehi Hace 16 días
No disrespect to CR7 fan but we all know that after the same type of injury Ronaldo would have stopped playing. Messi is just at another level.
TheNeedyNerd Hace 16 días
He is just to much wow where can I get one of those no.10 superman shirts
Colin Hamm
Colin Hamm Hace 16 días
600 NOW
Mike Boudreau
Mike Boudreau Hace 16 días
Anybody else notice Messi wink at the ref when he saw the yellow?
J.F.L. Bousquet
J.F.L. Bousquet Hace 15 días
He knew he was getting a yellow card for taking off his shirt, but it was totatlly worth it.
suman thev
suman thev Hace 16 días
R they target messi
Bonjournee Garmin
Bonjournee Garmin Hace 16 días
Messi is the Tom and jerry combined together.
Abdirahman Official
Abdirahman Official Hace 16 días
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