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The Day Lionel Messi Destroyed Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu

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Lionel Messi's wonderful El Clasico performance against Real Madrid back in 2017 in high definition and with english commentary.
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Visca El Barca & long live our GOAT Messi.
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25 jul 2018






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Joel Hanish
Joel Hanish Hace 5 horas
Oh dear i think you r in coma....wake up bitch ronaldo is the best...... fuck u
praveen chauhan
praveen chauhan Hace 6 horas
Best video
Balajirajurs Boss
Balajirajurs Boss Hace 13 horas
I see this match... 20times .. But this match was amazing... Messi 10
N N Hace 15 horas
that stupid coach enrique fucked this year he lost the liga by his own hands
Nisha Jacob
Nisha Jacob Hace 19 horas
Real madrid are bloody dogs...they need deserve to be destroyed by Messi..n Messi hs done it time n again
KenG Brissy
KenG Brissy Hace un día
That’s why Barca always destroy them
Nathan Rock
Nathan Rock Hace un día
Referee far to soft with Cassameiro
Neville Darman8n
Neville Darman8n Hace un día
Real Madrid shifty team
Roberto G
Roberto G Hace un día
Mario Cabrera
Mario Cabrera Hace un día
PUTOS BLANCOS, vixca Barça.
Pablo Notaro
Pablo Notaro Hace un día
qué mierda es Ramos
Melvin Velasquez
Melvin Velasquez Hace un día
Casi te voy a matar puto
Essaadi Hind
Essaadi Hind Hace un día
Omg Ronaldo’s face
Freedom Ministries
Freedom Ministries Hace un día
Neymar: I am the best player Ronaldo: I am the best player Messi: hold my beer
Solatekiso Hace 2 días
perfected that elbow strike. Should have been three red c
A A Hace 2 días
"accident elbow" . gtfo
usernameandnumber Hace 2 días
Madrid are disgraceful, all the dirt in the world can't stop this man
GregorPQ Hace 2 días
Who? 😂
Ridha Faru
Ridha Faru Hace 2 días
MESSI is the best football player in the world
Mico Suçuk
Mico Suçuk Hace 2 días
Messi the thrue football player!
Gang Stylo
Gang Stylo Hace 3 días
Real madrid always play dirty...marcelo elbowing messi intentionally, should be straight red card...shit
Ugen Jungney
Ugen Jungney Hace 3 días
The goattttttttt king messi
Tristan Feifel
Tristan Feifel Hace 3 días
Hes spitting on the floor...
some1 Hace 3 días
The only way to stop messi is to tackle him dangerously. Period
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Hace 3 días
marcelo peace of shit
BoryaChase Hace 3 días
best of messi cu2.io/k71eEBb2
The Great Dreamer
The Great Dreamer Hace 3 días
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle is so terrible
Nahu bengolea
Nahu bengolea Hace 3 días
Ni Casemiro, ni Kovacic, ni Sergio Ramos... ¡Nadie pudo pararte! Sos un animal leoooo 😍👏
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Hace 4 días
Ramos isa big shit
Ese mesi q crack
ibrahim hadid
ibrahim hadid Hace 4 días
Messi literally destroyed them 5+ times this is just a regular thing from Him
Gurjit Namsaur
Gurjit Namsaur Hace 4 días
Losers always trying to hurt Messi but Messi is the best god bless him wth everything best wishes to Messi from your fans
Mike Landwolf
Mike Landwolf Hace 4 días
Why they call him little man lol he's bulkier and taller than half of his teammates
Lê Huy Quang
Lê Huy Quang Hace 4 días
Poor Madrid !!!
Pubg Live Stream Pakistan
One minute silence for thoes people who syes Ronaldo is better then leonal king messi
Luigi Garofalo
Luigi Garofalo Hace 4 días
He has Italian ancestry that why he is good
10000 Subscribers Challenge Without Videos
Messi = Like , Ronaldo = Replay
Pretty Nicole
Pretty Nicole Hace 4 días
I am not a fan of football game but I was watching because of Messi I love how he adore and respect his fans especially kids and so now I saw how he is soooo good at football. The best player indeed.
tulio briceño
tulio briceño Hace 4 días
I_Dawg123 Hace 5 días
Real Madrid To Do List: 1) beat the shit out of Messi 2) continue to bash Messi 3) if we're lucky injure Messi 4) maybe win (I doubt it, but keep hurting Messi)
Andrew Hennessey
Andrew Hennessey Hace un día
5) encourage restorative dentistry
OxyPvpi -
OxyPvpi - Hace 3 días
Madrid fans have no class
WWF/WWE Wrestling Revolution 3d
Casemiro Is An Asshole
peter doulgeris
peter doulgeris Hace 5 días
the best ever player for me Lionel Messi love watching this man !
Susan Tonoyan
Susan Tonoyan Hace 5 días
In up king Jesus & in donw King Messi.
Arun Hace 5 días
Every time I see this video, I discover something amazing. @11:00, Suarez already sees Messi running in and blocks the madrid defender to his right. @11:01, Sergio Roberto spots Messi, and moves to the side leaving the goalkeeper completely blind. This is the most beautiful goal from Barcelona, after the one where Iniesta scored off Neymar's backflick.
Peter Mackintosh
Peter Mackintosh Hace 5 días
PS:Ronaldo is better than Messi!DEFINETLY!
Peter Mackintosh
Peter Mackintosh Hace 5 días
Messi is being really confident at staying on after his injury and then goooaaaal!!!!!!!!!Good video LM10HD😳
Peter Mackintosh
Peter Mackintosh Hace 4 días
AXE Hace 5 días
messi eats real madrid for breakfast
Lomo plateado The hunter
No se como no expulsaron a los monos Marcelo y casemiro hijos de puta basuras💩
Basant Lal
Basant Lal Hace 5 días
Messi only
a o
a o Hace 5 días
Red Lavish
Red Lavish Hace 5 días
Why the fuck is anyone surprised, he’s the greatest player that’s ever lived.
Muha Haa
Muha Haa Hace 6 días
Messi roasted Rmadrid all day!!!!!
FútbolMon Hace 6 días
Anyone noticed Messi winking at the ref during the end? Lol
Anh Tuan Tran
Anh Tuan Tran Hace 6 días
Casemiro and macelo dog.
TheGreatestOfAllTime LM10
He Destroy Real even Zidane and Ronaldo because he is the G.O.A.T. and no one will catch him 🔵🔴🦁🐐👑
Nurul Nadiah
Nurul Nadiah Hace 6 días
Dirty casemiro in this game.
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin Hace 6 días
You can’t stop unstoppable.They’ve tried to hurt him but he did show them why he is the best!
bikesh dangol
bikesh dangol Hace 6 días
leo messi is from another planet. he is great beste player in the world
sumitneupane355 sumitneupane355
Leo messi is the best
Mohammed Jamaluddin
Mohammed Jamaluddin Hace 6 días
Messi is a legend
kamar haque
kamar haque Hace 7 días
the king
Vegeta Salazar
Vegeta Salazar Hace 7 días
“The Day Lionel Messi Dick Slapped Real Madrid”
Alanbor Wahlang
Alanbor Wahlang Hace 7 días
Messi really a football genius..
de gilberto
de gilberto Hace 7 días
Casimiro horse
zaid sabah
zaid sabah Hace 7 días
Even though Ronaldo got revenge on Messi, messi is still the best player in the world
zaid sabah
zaid sabah Hace 7 días
Dude I fell like Messi is better than pele and maradona
hunchothekid Hace 5 días
zaid sabah he is
Mahesh Tanwar
Mahesh Tanwar Hace 7 días
Neymar: I am the best player Ronaldo: I am the best player Messi: hold my beer...😎
Nedu Siva
Nedu Siva Hace 9 horas
+Siman_QL npt in argentina rofl who carried them to 3 finals and also wc penaldo is crap with portugal scoring hattrick against spain which couldnt even near russia pls go watch 2014 wc and talk penaldo is crap no vision no creativity jist shoot like an iiot and show off
Siman_QL Hace un día
Mahesh Tanwar in Barcelona? Yes. In Argentina? No. That’s what makes Ronaldo better.
Siman_QL Hace un día
San vi you can like whoever you want, but fact is fact, Ronaldo is better.
Mahesh Tanwar
Mahesh Tanwar Hace un día
Ronaldo is the best in the world But messi is God
San vi
San vi Hace un día
+Siman_QL yea but i like messi better than Ronaldo but you can like whoever you like
tom c
tom c Hace 7 días
Someone needs to two foot Ramos in half before he is done, Dirty reckless little rat cunt.
madhan kumar
madhan kumar Hace 7 días
I want to kill the cr7👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👏👊👊👊👊👊
karthick loganathan
karthick loganathan Hace 7 días
Jenny Mal
Jenny Mal Hace 7 días
Dang always tryna injure Messi 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ but he’s the goat 😎😎
HundredVoices Hace 8 días
Would mean the world if y'all checked out my latest video! 😇
Prajith Neethan
Prajith Neethan Hace 8 días
Come on get a move on Leo
mouna hs
mouna hs Hace 8 días
Amazing messigician
adeyemi ayodele
adeyemi ayodele Hace 8 días
10:42 took the yellow card like a pro
Even Teklit
Even Teklit Hace 8 días
4:31 CR7 is supper player but he’s not like same Messi 😂🔥🔥 of course he’s not no one ☝️ better than Messi and Neymar
life hacking
life hacking Hace 8 días
ngape nya ikak asak ketemu nek bekelai terus, dak usah bekelai lah padahal e
king gentlemen
king gentlemen Hace 8 días
RealMadrid players like Charisma , Ramos, and Ramos become hungry 😋 Ghost 👻 when they face MESSI....!!!
Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin Hace 8 días
Subscribe to my channel= FADA_UPs football review
Jacob P K
Jacob P K Hace 9 días
Every time messi destroys every team There is no way to stop him
Teathlach Riak
Teathlach Riak Hace 9 días
Real Madrid aka real mabitch
Almir Beslija
Almir Beslija Hace 9 días
Really sounds like he is saying little messi
Tarrum Kai
Tarrum Kai Hace 9 días
This is why Messi the goat! 🤷🏾‍♂️🐐🐐
world famaus
world famaus Hace 9 días
2Hard2Core Hace 10 días
LOL! Real could only stop the Barca players with tackles! Thats why I hate Real so much. There's no beauty in in their play. Only roughness. I am so happy even my club Ajax humiliated Real last week in the CL!
Stephen Crowther
Stephen Crowther Hace 10 días
MrCAZZOLARO Hace 10 días
Casemeiro is a real donkey
Junaid haris
Junaid haris Hace 10 días
Club Achievements Messi - 4 champions league Ronaldo - 5 champions league International Achievements Messi - 0 Ronaldo - 1 Euro Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world Like and reply if you agree
kartikay dubey
kartikay dubey Hace 10 días
Just look at the current season stats buddy.
Voo Zet iCi
Voo Zet iCi Hace 10 días
since VAR no more referees mercato for real madrid
Winston H
Winston H Hace 10 días
Ramos plays too dirty. Cant respect him.
Concavity Hace 10 días
“ Lionel Messi. Has to be the Greatest player for me..I love Cristiano Ronaldo, he is a super player but he is not in same league as this man! “ commentator at 4:30
Yash Patel
Yash Patel Hace 11 días
Don't compare a lion with a flock of birds
Luke FISHER Hace 8 días
Yash Patel you can just wouldn’t be a very fair comparison
Albert Toh
Albert Toh Hace 11 días
Ian Gomez
Ian Gomez Hace 11 días
People talk about MSN but man have you seen Rakitic play?? He gets overlooked too many times.
Sirama Hace 11 días
Raise your glass to all the players who believe in their talent enough that they don’t dive, don’t intentionally physically hurt their opponents or harass them verbally to get a reaction like a 5 year old. These players are the real professionals and truly deserve their spots in the history of Fútbol.
OM DUTT DIXIT Hace 11 días
One of the best classico ever
Alexander Magno
Alexander Magno Hace 11 días
I wish Messi played for Real Madrid...
Jeffchellios50 Hace 11 días
He's super human Best footballer there will ever be.....forget about anyone before or in the future, this little man will never ever be forgotten, YNWA MR MESSI....COME PLAY IN THE PREMIERE LEAGUE AT LIVERPOOL AND U CAN FETCH SUAREZ WITH U...
Jiren sama
Jiren sama Hace 11 días
He is pure talent
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