The Death of Classic Anime

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Today I extend my thoughts on a comment I made previously in my "Best of Anime 2018" video about the lack of modern classic Anime, since non of you could agree on it in the comments section.

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15 may 2019

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Black Cat Wrath
Black Cat Wrath Hace 7 horas
SAO could have been a great classic. Unfortunately they would forget that the show takes place in a video game and didn't take much initiative to remind the audience. Then that ending was probably the worst piece of garbage to ever air. I honestly believe that the abridged parody of SAO by Somethingwittyentertainment was far superior as is mixed a respectable blend of comedy, drama and action. The abridged does a fantastic job adding small edits to the series to subliminally remind you it's a game. Also the ending was perfect, making fun of the real shows ending and then applying a reference to real life problems with game developers. I don't think any abridged series have been able to accomplish what Somethingwittyentertainment has done with SAO abridged.
Buttery Peanut
Buttery Peanut Hace 13 horas
dislike from me, no clips of Berserk!?
Nathan Rivish
Nathan Rivish Hace 14 horas
What are people’s thoughts on Initial D
Romaine Arthur
Romaine Arthur Hace 19 horas
I still watch the original dragonball and I don’t mean dragon ball z I mean the real dragon ball
Daniel Chubarov
Daniel Chubarov Hace 23 horas
Anyone know what 1:54 is? Would like to know pls and thank you.
Zer01k Hace un día
Classic? Code Geass Yeah that's so fkn right
T0xic Boi
T0xic Boi Hace un día
Jojo and Seven Deadly Sins will save us
Days with Mylo!
Days with Mylo! Hace un día
Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood are the best two Anime shows. *Change* *My* *Mind*
leo mendoza
leo mendoza Hace 2 días
I see this game lagging already lmao
Eskimo Sprinkles
Eskimo Sprinkles Hace 2 días
it has literally impossible to watch every anime now u would have to immortal to watch everything from past, present and future
crisdan padilla
crisdan padilla Hace 4 días
Good idea bro
Avidya Hace 4 días
The only new anime I would say could become a classic is One Punch Man.. Though they kind of killed that chance with season 2
Avidya Hace 2 días
poop punch Satire my dude.
poop punch
poop punch Hace 2 días
One punch man huh... IDK from the start I never understood the motive of the story or where it is going like seriously how can you experience any thing when the protagonist is so OP that he one hit the shit out of antagonist.. IDK never made sense to me
Henrique da Silva Cardoso
What's the name of the anime in 12:09
TheLocoRunner Hace 5 días
This is purely my intuition speaking, but the classics to me somehow contain more "meaning" than a lot of shows produced today. I'm not sure how to describe it, perhaps it has something to do with archetypes?
Baxterl02 Hace 6 días
Who's the girl with the brown hair in the thumbnail
Shaya M. S.
Shaya M. S. Hace 6 días
3:29 That part in The End of Evangelion..."#2 Impact"...Second Impact...And that scene left an impact on me... THAT. IS. BRILLIANT!
Иван Лапиков
Thing is, that it's not just anime nowadays that lacks classics. Films, PC games, literature - you name it. We might have a whole cultural crisis on a rampage and the only people I'm hearing that from is a bunch of red Russian youtubers. There's an idea that basically this current lack of classics, and the cultural crisis it marks, is also a mark of a socioeconomic crisis, a very, very big one for sure. Hell, some even speak about a WWIII starting in the 20s after another world crisis. But returning to the lack of classics, the main cause for it is often called not just an oversaturation of the market, but the dropping rate of profit that follows. Current creators don't have the freedom they or their colleagues had before - as the rate of profit drops, along with such inevitable things happening as monopolization and more severe working conditions, the companies look more and more not for experiments, but a steady and trendy source of profit, and it's pretty logical - if an experiment fails, the company is doomed. That's why all current anime looks the same - because the companies can't afford it being another way, and the creators aren't allowed to make it another way. The lack of classics is an XBAWKS HUGE problem, and not only of the anime, but of the whole socioeconomic system we live in - capitalism.
marsclaws Hace 8 días
is there an accessible list of classics? i know that some classics are often forgotten and i want to see them all
G WZRD Hace 8 días
What anime is on 1:03?
Anthony Lin
Anthony Lin Hace 9 días
Ur the film theory of anime
eylam90 Hace 10 días
I don't know why, but I have a tingling feeling that the modern classic you are yearning for is about to start airing next week- Vinland Saga.
Martin Montalvo
Martin Montalvo Hace 10 días
So fucking deep.
victor Hunter
victor Hunter Hace 10 días
yo could anyone recommend an anime that isn't one of the big names
D1rtySanchezZ1 Hace 10 días
ye i would call maybe the 1st half of SAO a classic. but i would 100% call 1 punch man a classic. when i hear the comedian Bill Burr randomly talk abou tit, like analysing it and recommending it on his podcast then its a classic. also a bunch of feature length anime movies are great recently.
Jerry Scienfield
Jerry Scienfield Hace 11 días
As a wise man once said of Twitter, watch AoT season 4 come out and DESTROY this video
KILLERZEN Hace 11 días
Anime is trash now
Дмитрий Азнауров
This video makes me wanna throw the ROAD RORRA.
Karla Torres
Karla Torres Hace 11 días
I wasn’t expecting to be attacked with Rafa Nadal winning Wimbledon 2008 feelings in a gigguk video thank yiub
Random Fjord
Random Fjord Hace 11 días
Hyped everytime Major shows up. Thanks!
Ahmed Hisham
Ahmed Hisham Hace 11 días
low key while every one trashed it i enjoyed the fuck out of grimgar and still remember it
Tigglywiggly Bodiggedly
We actually covered this topic in my film class. These were the things that critics and such look for and judge a media lasting power 1. Story has to come from the writers heart. No committee, no care for the audience, just something the writer has to express 2 the world has to be something you want to live in not just watch about 3 you have to have an emotional impact with almost every character 4 the story and its elements have to transcend its genre 5 the story and its elements have to transcend cultures 6 it has to inspire other creators 7 the waifu (love interest or person you want to be intimate with) has to be loved for reasons other than being dummy thicc or other visual appeal 8 the cast has to include characters that appeal to many people, and aspects of theirselves have to apply to the viewer. 9 it has to be of artistic quality, but that cant be the focal point. The art has to help drive the story, not be in the drivers seat. I'm missing a few details, but more or less this is what the basic check list entails. This is why I also think we havent seen anything in anime (or any media lately) that can be truly deemed a classic. Number 1 is the only one on the list that has to exist in any form of media to garner consideration as a classic, be it overtly stated by the author or covertly through the writing in said story. Everything now is about trying to milk the cow and not about actually caring for it and recently it's been showing like the suncutting through the clouds.
Unsane Hace 11 días
but do you consider Your Name a classic ?
ThePaintingBanjo Hace 12 días
There's a big thing on this topic that hasn't been mentioned by this video, or anyone here, and I find that sorta odd. Basically..... What did undeniable classics like Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, and Serial Experiments Lain all have in common? The kind of anime that stays with you when you saw them? ..... They're all anime originals. Hell lets add more modern ones like Gurren Lagann, Last Exile, Texhnolyze, Code Geass, and Magika Modoka while we're at it. Ghost In The Shell can get away with this too because its source material and Stand Alone Complex are basically two very different universes. Virtually all modern anime today are basically manga and light novel adaptions, die-hard fans know exactly how the story progresses so there's a sizable disconnect between audiences that read the source material and the anime-onlys. Which hampers an anime's staying power the way I see it. Anime originals completely negate that issue and if they're great, everyone watching is equally invested on an episode to episode basis. That's besides the fact there's more new anime that has been coming out *_every single fucking year than there was IN THE ENTIRE DECADE OF THE 1990's._* Oversaturation is real and that's modern anime's biggest obstacle. We could have the next Neon Genesis Evangelion that changes anime for the better but it would hardly matter if people can't tell it apart from the hundreds of other recent anime that are on everyone's backlogs.
Андрей Хачатурьянц
Tokyo Ghoul and Onepunchman could become classics if they had received due development of the first season.
Sippy Boi
Sippy Boi Hace 10 días
You're extremely correct
Scaramouche the Merciless
What is the Anime at 1:23 with the girl and the guitar!?
idontcareoline Hace 12 días
i feel this video. i'll maybe watch one new anime each season and then go back and revisit older ones relevant to my interests. also hella respect for all the utena in this video, definitely a classic yet SO underrated among today's fans
Keri chi
Keri chi Hace 12 días
Please could you make another classic anime video in 2025? By then some of the anime airing now may be considered classics then (see my icon. It may not be a great potential classic anime, but it did give me a great icon that I haven't changed for 4 years now.)
hirman 11
hirman 11 Hace 12 días
Anime is living its best time ever but yall weebs miss old animes
hirman 11
hirman 11 Hace 12 días
You all love old animes bc it was in the past You all will call Attack on titan,One punch man, Fullmetal classic in the 2030s
BingoBango Hace 5 días
Plenty of anime in the past that are garbage. Age does not make it a classic, but you knew that.
Jerry Scienfield
Jerry Scienfield Hace 11 días
hirman 11 he had a clip of FMA at the start of the video. Therefor, he recognizes FMA as a classic
Payt Heff
Payt Heff Hace 12 días
hirman 11 they classic because they were some of the first anime tbh, basically all those good plots been used up.They are the og's kinda like how first youtubers still have longevity or status example pewdiepie
ReaperGaming6786 Hace 13 días
That song is from iwasaki 👀
Jap M
Jap M Hace 14 días
I agree with your points more than the MB video that came out, while its true there are many varieties of animes now, catering to so many peoples tastes, the different is all three points you stated with the emphasis on impact, because that impact is what lingers with you, makes you remember the anime, and can define your perspective on different matters in the world. Well made video nonetheless
Dan Hace 14 días
Newer anime that I can totally see staying around for years: Attack on Titan: between the music, and unique story, people will talk about this anime long after it finishes. Your name: nothing more to add. Re:Zero: Rem memes will never die. (Best girl!) I also agree with MHA.
Matthias Decker
Matthias Decker Hace 12 días
@Dandeku is a pussy with stockholm syndrome, and bakugou is a bully, lmao the worst main character duo I have seen, and why should it die out? Read the manga, without bones mha is just pure shit
Dan Hace 12 días
@FuriousMelon why? I'm not in love with it either, but it's not a bad anime if you like Shonen anime. I can't stand Deku, but the rest of the cast is interesting enough to compel me to ignore his constant crying.
FuriousMelon Hace 12 días
Leeeeets just hope mha dies out
hirman 11
hirman 11 Hace 12 días
Attack on titan surpass all animes of all time
Dan Hace 14 días
I'll jump on this grenade. SAO is a classic! ...fight me.
Dan Hace 12 días
@Leonardo Pacheco I said it's mediocre. The flaws in the storytelling, characters that drop off and return, the GDS, etc are all negatives against it. But it's not horrible, but people slam on it like it's the worst anime ever. Enough people liked it (at least until their taste improves) where it will always be relevant. Which makes it a classic.
Leonardo Pacheco
Leonardo Pacheco Hace 12 días
@Dan I get what you are saying but never is Sword Art Online a good anime, don't get me wrong, one can certainly enjoy and like an average, mediocre, bad anime, no shame in that, I enjoyed watching Akame ga Kill but I know fully well it's average, and enjoy Juuni Taisen as well but I know it's bellow average. SAO is an average anime, the animation is good, the soundtrack is ok, the concept is good but it's just a bit meh, it starts out good and up until the point Kirito's low level squad gets wiped in a dungeon it's a good anime, after that it's borderline bad, the show turns into an harem show of girl falling in love with kirito just because he is overpowered, the seriousness of what happened until the death of that squad gets blown away, the show loses it's focus, is it trying to be just another harem, is it still a survival thing? Then it turns into a slice of life romance... and then after they go to the other game it's just rinse and repeat but worse and without the only good part of it which was survival... you can enjoy it and like it and wtv, but it is average.
Dan Hace 12 días
@Leonardo Pacheco and further to the point, SAO is not a "bad" anime. If you don't like it, that's your opinion, and you're certainly entitled to it. Hell, I loved it until I watched better anime, and slipped further and further down my list until being deposited in the recycle bin #earthday. But, if we remove any biases, or comparisons to other stories in the genre, it is never really less than mediocre, and normal mediocre anime don't catch nearly the amount of shit that SAO does.
Dan Hace 12 días
@Leonardo Pacheco the perception of quality is subjective (at best). Look at cars, as a parallel. There are die-hard Ford, or Chevy, fans who consider anything produced by the other as being low quality. That doesn't stop the Mustang or the Chevelle from being considered a classic.
Leonardo Pacheco
Leonardo Pacheco Hace 12 días
Nope, it is not, it lacks the quality. It's popular, it'll be around for a long time because it is popular, but it is average at best. If any animes of recent years are going to be classics, without any doubt, it's Made in Abyss and One Punch Man (season 1). Plenty of good anime coming out but only those 2 are on a quality level of their own.
Cyarrick1 Hace 14 días
So good to see LoGH in the discussion. That show proved that Asimov esq grand empires still have a place in visual sci-fi after Star Wars, that there can be excellent sci-fi anime that is not a mecha, and that you can really depict things of truly enormous scale, the numerous characters, warships, history itself, and places all coalesce to create such a gorgeous and believable universe that I can only hope to dream that there will one day be another sci-fi Empire as enthralling as Reinhard's. A place were the scale can go from both grand to the individual and capture the emotion of its characters in such a heartfelt, honest way. Reinhard looking at his locket and feeling alone for example. It just hurts to see, it's impossible not to empathize with his pain even as he commands millions. So, so excellent.
Davide Marangoni
Davide Marangoni Hace 14 días
in this commenct section there are regular anime fans whit bad taste and there are jojo's fans who look down on regular anime fans
Mīćhæł Pīņəß
Mīćhæł Pīņəß Hace 14 días
But seriously, the meaning of classic and the place its a classic has changed. Even though they all are called "classics" oldies have a strange nostalgic aura even if you have never seen that before. Old ones were nostalgic classics but new ones are mainstream and widely-known shows that lack the "classic" aura.
Matias Sconza
Matias Sconza Hace 14 días
The seasonal anime market just can't get to make clasics. They are made to be an entertaining low budget advise and get you to buy some merchandising or the original source within the three of four months where it's popular. Besides from very few series like JoJo, BNHA, Mob Psycho, etc. you don't hear people talking about them years after they started airing or getting to be really popular.
Flyguy0110 Hace 15 días
Heimskr Hace 15 días
10:00 the bloody nostalgia hit from him playing asura's wrath soundtrack
wtf Hace 15 días
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