The Death of Classic Anime

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Today I extend my thoughts on a comment I made previously in my "Best of Anime 2018" video about the lack of modern classic Anime, since non of you could agree on it in the comments section.

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15 may 2019






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Peter F-Model
Peter F-Model Hace un hora
The summery that there is simply a lot more stuff today is correct. IN the old days a good anime would become a classic because there was not much else around. Another factor is in the old days classic were normally movies, today there is more TV-Series. The issue with a TV-series is if a subsequent season is not as good, then it can lose its classic category. Thus the original movie, Ghost in the Shell, is pure classic because I can rewatch it over and over again. The same applies to Innocence. On the other hand if I look at Stand alone Complex, some episodes were brilliant, but some were very average. This was more of an issue in season 2. Thus has SAC turned into a non-classic, even though some episodes are still brilliant? I tend to rewatch SAC, but will easily miss episodes. A better example is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, a classic but I always skip the 8 repeating episodes. I tend to class everything into A to D class, with A class meaning, enjoyed the initial watch and enjoy any subsequent watch. This probably places it into the classic category. As for modern anime, I think the following may fall into the classic category; Ergo Proxy, gate, Goblin Slayer, Log Horizon, Overlord, Psyco-Pass, Seriel Experiments lain, Steins:Gate, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The Saga of Tanya the Evil and Un-Go.
MR MLG PRO Hace 3 horas
Horrible video Didn’t include a JoJo reference
Dr Strange
Dr Strange Hace 14 horas
I guess City Hunter is a cult classic then...
Srijan Sukumar
Srijan Sukumar Hace un día
Steins gate is an absolute classic
Josh Hace un día
You can’t call something a classic unless it has ended. Otherwise it’s a classic in the making
PopMusicKiller Hace un día
3 gatsu no Lion.
ShadoManUA Hace un día
At 2:09 , what the music?
Amon Hace 2 días
Let's be honest the Old animes better than the new.
Amon Hace 2 días
2:33 soundtrack ?
Koryuuda Yamadori
Koryuuda Yamadori Hace 2 días
Tenjho Tenge and Air Master are two classics in the martial arts genre of anime.
CASE/ACES Hace 3 días
bruh you fucking forgot JOJO
Jodhy Hace 3 días
1:27 what anime?
Eesa Khan
Eesa Khan Hace 3 días
The thing is ten or twenty years down the line and the anime coming out now will become classical and I can’t wait to shit on Boruto season 25
Zachary Noblett
Zachary Noblett Hace 4 días
What was that song that played right before point one ended and point two began?
Arr Ziz
Arr Ziz Hace 5 días
9:38~9:46 : when it comes to life and 'living in the moment' in general I would prefer that as a reason for the past to not be mulled on rather than taking it for granted enough to let it slip into forgetfulness; caring 12:34-12:38 --the nature of the internet driving expediency with last decade* having been shaped by of social media can definitely do that. *this video having been made at the turn of this decade. __ 11:57-11:58 -_____________________________- ..I'm sorry that came off as a painful self-contradiction to the advocation of how (sans 'last power') contemporary anime is quite fine which is what most of this video seemed to focus on. To me it's as eye rolling inducing as someone saying 'Dragonball Z is better than the legend of the galactic heroes' in the vein of the 'annoyed bird meme'.
TheSilverSmith Hace 5 días
This is the first time I've ever watched one of your videos, and I gotta say, the way you advertise KurtzPel alone has earned my subscription. You're funny af.
Adam Miller
Adam Miller Hace 5 días
IMPACT Heh I see what you did there
Cao Sơn Nguyễn
Cao Sơn Nguyễn Hace 6 días
Impact. Heh
Alien Hace 6 días
Remember clannad?
Allkindz OfGainz
Allkindz OfGainz Hace 6 días
TN1000th Hace 7 días
I'm a die hard Animation nerd and if you go back and you study the history of Disney you find a parralel between the anime industry of today and The Walt Disney Company after the death of Walt Disney. The last truly hand crafted animated film to have ever been made was Sleeping Beauty. It was completely hand drawn, and hand painted, and many consider it to be the peak of Classic Disney.... and it flopped, bombed, crashed, you get my point. The Animation department nearly went under, until the Xerox Machine came along. After this the Animation that came out of Disney was known as "The Dark Ages of Disney Animation". Robin Hood, Aristocats, etc, became notoriously low quality animation, but they kept the studio afloat. In the late eighties old animation techniques were being rediscovered and being coupled with the new technologies at the time. Then visionary animators made the Great Mouse Detective (Yes, really. The Little Mermaid shot Disney Animation into the stratosphere, but The Great Mouse Detective is where the techniques were beginning to creep back in) would spark a new era of Disney movies that we all know and love. The same thing, I feel, Is happening in Japan. Digital animation is new to the industry, and it's still proving it's merits. It'll still probably take a while but if the right people come along, you will see a new golden age of Animation come out.
Grimm Deckard
Grimm Deckard Hace 7 días
I really needed someone to say this out loud, thank you.
Izaac Power
Izaac Power Hace 8 días
Gigguk great video! I agree!
The Bears
The Bears Hace 8 días
What is the song that starts at 2:10 ?
Failure Link
Failure Link Hace 10 días
Lain: appears Me: :)))))))))))))))))
Noah Karavatakis
Noah Karavatakis Hace 11 días
Can someone please tell me which anime this scene is from? 11:40 because it looks like it inspired Aangs water spirit in ATLA s1
KiroTheAssassin Hace 11 días
In my opinion, a "classic" anime is somrthing that can be an innovator as well as one that takes risks without thinking of selling out. Most "Classic" anime used to be very controversial, and also have their own style which complements their whole existence. They don't exist simply to add another show to a genre, they exist to do send a message and don't target a specific audience.. but find a new and unique one. They exist because people wanted them to, and not because of the creators. A classic anime exists to define a generation, and not exist for a generation. It should also be iconic in its own way, and not just copy others. In fact, it can even make fun of its own genre, as it can show the self-awareness the creators of the show have. They're not neglecting the faults, they're aware of them.
Netro Lancer
Netro Lancer Hace 12 días
LOGH is one of the best anime I've ever seen!!!!!
MrPulle Hace 12 días
Dang I wish i could like this a second time good job boi
Shallot Hace 14 días
The saddest thing about classic anime is how unmotivated their fans have made me to watch them. I hardly want to appease the holier-than-thou, pretentious, quit-while-you're-ahead anime boomers by digging up those dusty dreadfully-aged decrepit anime. If for once these goddamned losers would shut up about "oh watch muh Evangelion instead of [modern anime] you zoomer" then maybe I would actually want to respect the forefathers. It's like you can't mention liking a modern anime without these dickheads pointing out that it'll never be as good as their favorite desaturated sad-boy anime.
kai nieves
kai nieves Hace 15 días
Tfw LotGH was my first anime
Seabass 2001
Seabass 2001 Hace 15 días
The same can be said with modern film. So many sequels and remakes nowadays, there’s nothing original anymore. I’d rather watch a movie from the 70’s or 80’s just because the stories were much more original and better written back then, not to mention practical effects were much more creative and innovative than cgi will ever be, and 9 times out of 10 it looks better than CGI too.
Brutal Ascension
Brutal Ascension Hace 15 días
Soon no one will remember anime that came out yesterday, let alone years ago, which is fine with me. I'm not interested in listening to some callow snob tell me about how shitty Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll are.
Wooflet Hace 16 días
5:50 made me think of the incredibles
David Hovhannisyan
David Hovhannisyan Hace 17 días
Jo jo one punch man
Ian White
Ian White Hace 18 días
Y’all might not agree but for those who have watched it I believed Clannad to be a classic
Kobi Briont
Kobi Briont Hace 18 días
It's crazy how people act like Code Geass doesn't exist. That shit is better than 95% of the shows in this comment section.
LittleRedWolf Hace 18 días
2:07 What makes a Classic? + Staying Power 3:29 + Impact 4:19 + Quality
J slide
J slide Hace 20 días
I fucks with bunny girl senpai heavy one of the best anime I've seen in a while in my opinion
ZETH _27
ZETH _27 Hace 20 días
I think Code Geass is a classic.
cold world
cold world Hace 20 días
"Anime is dead, and we have killed it!" -Friedrich Nietzsche
Driver _1999
Driver _1999 Hace 20 días
And Initial D isn't on this list.......
No_Mercy Hace 20 días
Classic is something that is "judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind", or to put it simply, something old that is still liked. It does not matter what medium we are talking about: anime, movie, novel, comics, music, paintings etc. Definition of a classic remains the same and trying to give it a new one seems dumb. There is no "classic anime" but "classic" anime. Also, wtf was that "watch the classics or they will be forgotten"? There is no such thing called forgotten classic, don't be absurd. If it's forgotten then it's not a classic.
Non Hace 21 un día
The JJBA anime is a modern classic.
Parsa Rathernotsay
Parsa Rathernotsay Hace 21 un día
I'm so damn tired of the no classics argument, in all mediums. Classics are the really good examples of their medium that's been around for a while. We can't have damn classic anime from two years ago
Alexander Ivaylov
Alexander Ivaylov Hace 21 un día
your lie in april drama kaguya sama love is war comedy gigguk you've just been roasted mic drop!
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera Hace 22 días
On the Genealogy of "Art Games" by Alex Kierkegaard (a.k.a. icycalm) Excerpt: In this book, 130 years of lies and ridiculousness come to an end - the aftereffect of a Western world abandoned by philosophy, of a culture in the midst of terminal political decay. How could that decay not spread into and contaminate every aspect of life, including, in due course, that of artistic production? How could the values exalted in newspapers and television channels - and even in the classrooms! - not eventually culminate in the production and glorification of despicable, revolting objects such as the one seen on the cover of this book? "None of Nietzsche's predictions that mob rule would result in the vulgarization of thought and life have come true", said Richard Rorty, with the complete cultural ignorance that has characterized Anglo-Saxon philosophasters from Bentham on down. ­- But those of us who leave our rooms now and then, and have at least some measure of contact with reality, see the disastrous results of Nietzsche's predictions all around us, and view even Richard Rorty himself as a prime example of precisely this vulgarization whose existence he so amusingly, indeed downright hilariously, insisted on denying. To be sure there was Baudrillard, who had made a belated attempt to expose the "conspiracy", but who has understood him? And that is by no means to disparage anyone, since he had failed to understand himself! on the one hand praising the cinema as "really the place where I relax" (precisely, by the way, what videogames are to me), and on the other not deeming it sufficiently worthy to be included in the term "contemporary art". Paint splotches and shit-filled cans were art - even to Baudrillard! - but Hollywood's stunning spectacles (the only place on earth, by the way, that has so far taken the cinema with the seriousness it deserves-) were not! Such was the blanket dominance of pseudo-intellectual hipsterism and bullshit manufacturing in the twentieth century, that even its greatest thinker was powerless to resist it. As for the alleged conspiracy, if only there had really been one! That would at least have indicated some intelligence on the part of the conspirators, some measure of humanity - some common ground on which to meet, to communicate, to talk some sense into them. As things stand we are forced to acknowledge a complete and utter lack of a conspiracy, of any kind of premeditation, any thought process at all - an instinctively malignant behavior on the part of a breed of creatures that could hardly be called conscious. A monstrous vindictiveness against life, a mortal hatred of beauty, of intelligence, of competence, of power. A flat rejection of 100 millennia of art history, of all the values of the race, of all the ideals of our ancestors. - And in all seriousness, the question must be asked - for it is time we asked it - that if these creatures reject some of mankind's greatest achievements, the hopes and dreams that it is precisely art's purpose to represent and glorify - if they reject mankind's dreams - in what way exactly, can they be said to be human? Dehumanization, therefore, starts right there; the stripping of a humanity we have so hastily bestowed on them; the dawning realization, at once terrible and hilarious, that the time is well past since bipedalism, lengthened ontogeny and decreased sexual dimorphism sufficed to distinguish men from chimps; that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it may not, for all that, be necessarily a duck; that there is something more than brute physicality, than mere flesh and bones, that is required here - in which, indeed, an orangutan far exceeds even the strongest of humans -; that what happens in the brain - the mental, that is to say, dimension - is just as important as the "physical" one (to employ, for the sake of convenience, a crude duality here - as if the brain were something immaterial, but that's another story...), and in some fields more - that is to say intelligence, and as a corollary of that ideas and consequently values. It can't "be art" because it's good! This is the upshot of all their argumentation! It can't "be art" because it's rich, because it's engaging, because it's beautiful - it can't "be art" because it's manly! - Fagots may perhaps think that way, would be our reply today; but not everyone is a fagot. In fact a great many of us are not, and it's precisely we who have inherited 2,500 years of Western culture, and we'll be damned if we'll allow you to destroy it. Indeed it's time you learned - it's time we made this clear - that whoever attacks our culture attacks us, and thereby becomes an enemy of mankind, which should be, and soon enough will be, treated as such. If verbal persuasion, then, has been correctly defined as mental violence, it is another kind of violence we need today, a more immediate, stronger kind of violence, to act where all the subtler attempts have failed. It's no use. Words have never gotten us anywhere: one might as well try to talk a vulture out of devouring corpses. There's only one solution to the problem - not only in the artistic sphere, but everywhere - and I am afraid it is the final one.
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera Hace 22 días
The death of classic anime is related to the death of god, the death of art and the death of the family; these are consequences of democracy, of advancing civilization, and of a plurality of wills and voices that are becoming increasingly harder to control (and to find consensus). The official view of our society is that there isn't an objectively true religion or ethics, no greatest novel, film or even anime, no ideal family, because "we are all equal," "created in the image of God" Alex Kierkegaard: 7. In short, all cultures are equal, but some are more equal than others. The subhumans are the pigs in Orwell's parable, and even Orwell himself was one of them: an eloquent and crafty little pig. 41. Us versus Them: this is a crucial distinction. Without it there's no war, and with no war no victory. But the slaves have eliminated Them and fancy that we've all become Us now, whereas in reality the opposite has happened: each one of Us is now surrounded by Them. 178. Contradictions of the liberal scum: So and so (beauty, for example) is "merely" a social construct - while at the same time extolling social values as higher than individual ones. Slave morality is always self-contradictory, and the time has come for us to understand exactly why. 984. Who besides an enemy of society would use the phrase "social construct" as a slur? 185. There is no death, only life; and everything is life. What distinguishes the two is not a binary opposition but degrees of power. Power, however, as we've seen, is not something you take but something that you give, and death is the means by which you give it. 203. True democracy has the same endgame as true anarchy: the end of control, which is to say of government. At which point we arrive once more, not at equality, but in the jungle, which is to say the very starting point of a new autocracy. 206. Mistakes of the subhumans. They immediately interpret the idea of subjectivity as giving them free reign to support any viewpoint that they want, no matter how incoherent, ignorant and wretched. Sure, the ant too has its own perspective of things, and therefore its own subjective reality, but who gives a shit about the reality of an ant? The greater the man the greater - and hence the more objective - his perspective, and therefore the idea of subjectivity does not undermine the absolute rule of inequality in the universe but is precisely the mechanism by which it comes about. 230. "Everything is subjective" means that everything can be perceived from a variety of perspectives - indeed an infinity of them - it doesn't mean that all perspectives are equal. From the plurality of subjects it by no means follows that all subjects are equal! But that is precisely what the subhumans contend. With a terrifying consistency they take the idea from the philosophers and utterly pervert it, until it comes to mean the exact opposite to what it meant at first. For if all viewpoints were indeed equal they would have to be identical! i.e. there would not be an infinity of viewpoints but only a single one! i.e. there would not be subjectivity! Subhumans: Standing Every Human Idea On Its Head Since The Invention Of Speech. 245. In this sea of opinions most individuals seek for a rock to cling on to, while others are the rocks. 461. Disbelief in God is merely the logical conclusion of socialism (which is to say of Christianity, which is to say of ressentiment). From the variety of gods and the hierarchy between them of the pagans, to the single God before whom all lifeforms are equal of Christianity and the other decadent religions, and finally to the modern socialistic impulse to get rid of even that single God, because there still remains that pesky little problem that this God is not equal to the lifeforms he created, and hence by all means must be made so (so that these lifeforms will feel better about themselves and cease hating and envying him), by ceasing to be God. The dethroning of even God himself is the final act of their revenge on the strict hierarchy and order of rank that permeates existence (that is indeed existence itself). And all of it, of course, is horseshit. For just as it is plain that lifeforms are not equal, it is plain that there is indeed a God, and I've already told you who that is. 465. Is perception stronger than truth? But perception is truth, and the strongest perception is the strongest truth (aka the Truth, i.e. this philosophy). 676. A great mistake the anti-religious fanatics make is lumping all religions together under the label of "religion" as if they were equal. But Nietzsche has clearly explained that Christianity stands lower than Buddhism, and Buddhism stands lower than the pagan religions of the various nations - and especially those of classical antiquity - which themselves stand lower then the religion of the future: philosophy/Overman worship. So... if by "the comeback of religion", which, it is now dawning on some, may now be under way, they mean "the comeback of faith" - after the temporary reduction in our estimation of the value of faith caused by the Enlightenment and the scientific revolution - they are correct. But the faith that will dominate and shape the future is no longer the faith in external gods, but in the gods within us.
Jacob Cantrell
Jacob Cantrell Hace 22 días
See this is why Patricians like the seasonal B and C tier anime like Seton Academy or Iruma-kun
FafnirChaos07 Hace 22 días
I'm glad my hobby isn't as bad as anime, thanks for the insight.
Tam Dang
Tam Dang Hace 23 días
One Punch Man
John Smithens
John Smithens Hace 24 días
Just watched ninja scroll again... god the new shovel face anime blows ballz
Michael Hace 24 días
I tried kurtzpel and it is a terrible game... but I guess u gotta get paid
Thage Sand
Thage Sand Hace 24 días
We need some more dark and grim anime.
ImAlive 4U
ImAlive 4U Hace 24 días
Something I've noticed about people that really don't watch anime even though they say they watch anime they seem too know the classics but when discussing newer anime they never heard of them even the more popular series out there now. I've noticed something else the newer anime is just a redone version of classical anime for instance the first Season of Sword Art Online is basically .hack. I've also noticed that with anime the more Seasons they have the more boring and stupid they become much like what happens when movies get sequels.
Xephyr 23
Xephyr 23 Hace 24 días
What a great video. I wish it was longer !!!
Liam O'Connor
Liam O'Connor Hace 24 días
Music at 3:00?
Akuta George
Akuta George Hace 24 días
how can an anituber tackling the subject of the decline of classical anime and not mention Naruto bleach or even Gintama ?? why is that
coz those ain't
Bohemian Monk
Bohemian Monk Hace 24 días
classic anime 2018: Goblin Slayer and Rising of the Shield Hero. Any anime that trolls the fuck out of the Fucking SJW Snowflakes can only be great!
420Yugituber Hace 25 días
Every second anime yt vid plays "bratja" from fma yet still fma2003 is so underrepresented, makes me sad, that song is my personal tearbomb and multiplied all the sad and depressing parts by a Million (and 2003 had so much of these) but maybe it doesnt affect ppl as much if they dont under stand the lyrics. 😭🐢🗡️
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