The Entire Star Wars Saga (so far) Explained in 20 Minutes!

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This is the Entire Star Wars Saga (so far) in 20 Minutes! In this video I am covering only the main Star Wars Films. However, I will be doing other Star Wars Movies and Games as well. For more Star Wars Videos Please Remember to Like, Subscribe & Turn on your Notifications for more!
Star Wars Movies Included:
Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope
Star Wars Episode 5 Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi
Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens
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24 nov 2017

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Comentarios 1 390
Albert Reyes
Albert Reyes Hace un día
U disrespectful kid, take that 7th movie off from the time line!
Gaming Celebrity
Gaming Celebrity Hace un día
You don’t need a single movie to tell the greatest movie of all-time.
KING K Hace un día
So Vader is the father of luke
Joan Anderson
Joan Anderson Hace 2 días
Sage VI
Sage VI Hace 2 días
I like the way he said at the last part just as heroes " with pure hate" I mean as heroes to do *
Bigmac Trump Usa
Bigmac Trump Usa Hace 3 días
Remake after the anthology film after rise of skywalker
BrandonG092 Hace 3 días
How did it go from good graphics to bad graphics to good graphics again 😂
John Meds
John Meds Hace 4 días
should add rogue one and solo in there
SwornReaper Hace 5 días
...until Disney came along....
Matej Pavlovski
Matej Pavlovski Hace 5 días
Everybody knew that Anakin became darth vader in episode 3. like theres a scene of that.
Windex Hace 5 días
Isn’t Star War the perspective of R2D2? Well his/her story on how everything played out
Riley Griffiths
Riley Griffiths Hace 5 días
It’s actually 21 min
Immortal Irish
Immortal Irish Hace 6 días
I’ve done the morherfucking math Padme is 14 in episode 1 and episode two is 10 years later and that has to mean anakin is around the age of 5 or 7 in episode 1 and around 15 or 17 in episode 2 and padme is 24!!!! Anakin is a playa
Moon Knight
Moon Knight Hace 7 días
I don’t get it how is I am your father a plot twist in episode 3 it shows anakin surviving
Elfman Strauss
Elfman Strauss Hace 2 días
Episodes 1-3 came out after 4-6
Dimitri Chernov
Dimitri Chernov Hace 8 días
How dare you include the force awakens but not rogue one???
Crypto X
Crypto X Hace 9 días
Basically the Disney movies are the same of the prequels but WAY worse. Tell me I’m wrong
chickenboi856 Hace 9 días
props to you for making it seem like things actually happened in the prequels
Travis teddy Bear
Travis teddy Bear Hace 11 días
Holy fuck there goes my dreams of being a astronaut
Emment Brown
Emment Brown Hace 11 días
I can’t believe that 2pac was gonna be mace windue
Emment Brown
Emment Brown Hace 11 días
What confuses me is that episode 1 2 and 3 came out after the episode 4 5 6
Jaeron Moreno
Jaeron Moreno Hace 11 días
Emment Brown they’re prequels, they were created to explain the events that happened before the original movies.
Isaiah-Thomas Carvalho
Wait does this mean that lee is also the princess of naboo
If you use dark mode im john cena
Sub for Sub
Sub for Sub Hace 16 días
Episodes 4 5 6 are the best
AndrewTheKing Aka the great
Boba fett did not die
kurt saul
kurt saul Hace 16 días
now i know that Kylo Ren is the son of Leah/ Lia/ Lea and Han Solo. 👍🏼
Î Gööd
Î Gööd Hace 16 días
But still great video
Î Gööd
Î Gööd Hace 16 días
You forgot rouge one
Biscuit_Ladd Gaming
Biscuit_Ladd Gaming Hace 17 días
15:03 plot twist boba survived
Jboy Gamer and Vlogs
Jboy Gamer and Vlogs Hace 18 días
Tatooine affected Luke’s age too, he aged into an old man at the age of 60
Borax Kid
Borax Kid Hace 19 días
I like how you didn't mention that Darth Vader was Anakin Skywalk before the reveal in the fifth movie
JustinEcho Hace 20 días
Star wars is so dark...
Albert Playzlol
Albert Playzlol Hace 20 días
Ik all of u know a new hope is before episode 1 2 and 3
Clare Fung
Clare Fung Hace 21 un día
That one mistake Qui-Gon made
kod 5
kod 5 Hace 21 un día
This shit is actually interesting who woulda thought
AI Dusty
AI Dusty Hace 22 días
Boba is alive tho
Semeri Siamese
Semeri Siamese Hace 22 días
Padmé's like 24 and Anakin still is a teen. And he yet gets the girl by talking about SAND?!
SIM R Hace 22 días
this was a really good summary
Sup3rB3ans420 -
Sup3rB3ans420 - Hace 25 días
And now “no one is ever really gone.” “Hahahahahaha.”
Pain Killer
Pain Killer Hace 25 días
nope.. sidious was a coward yoda won
Warren NBA
Warren NBA Hace 25 días
Star Wars ended so far after Force awakens.
Jack R
Jack R Hace 26 días
Ahem, you forgot Solo and Rogue One. (Relax I’m not a diehard Star Wars fan like that, it’s just a joke)
Barry Matthews
Barry Matthews Hace 27 días
Space Jesus was definitely the BEST quote !!! Bout pissed myself mate !!!
Garthvador Hace 27 días
"But then some boring stuff happened so we will skip that" what kind of story teller does this? Immediately lost interest
Garthvador Hace 23 días
@NET Alliance pardon?
NET Alliance
NET Alliance Hace 27 días
You can thank later.
Rj Larocque
Rj Larocque Hace 27 días
"We give u a seat on the counsil but do not give u the rank of master.""Master Skywalker what is goin in." Anakin glares
Shock1437 Sith
Shock1437 Sith Hace 27 días
Episode 1 was my fave
Shock1437 Sith
Shock1437 Sith Hace 27 días
Studdy Stud
Studdy Stud Hace 28 días
voiding all the latter episodes. I refuse to believe Rey beat Kylo with less than 10 years of training.
White Chocolate
White Chocolate Hace 29 días
Thx for spoiling all The movies
Danny Boii
Danny Boii Hace un mes
What about the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise
Hussan HE
Hussan HE Hace un mes
So if Han is Kylo's father how is Darth Vader his grandfather
Neil Sutherland
Neil Sutherland Hace un mes
Hussan HE Because Han married Leia
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