The Entire Star Wars Saga (so far) Explained in 20 Minutes!

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This is the Entire Star Wars Saga (so far) in 20 Minutes! In this video I am covering only the main Star Wars Films. However, I will be doing other Star Wars Movies and Games as well. For more Star Wars Videos Please Remember to Like, Subscribe & Turn on your Notifications for more!
Star Wars Movies Included:
Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope
Star Wars Episode 5 Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi
Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens
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24 nov 2017






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Frontier Gaming Channel
thanks man, I just started playing battlefront II and I had no idea who those characters were :P
Jake Atlantic
Jake Atlantic Hace 23 horas
Comment what time zone of Star Wars you like, My favourite is the clone wars
Adrian Lima
Adrian Lima Hace un día
Star Wars probably fits an HBO game of thrones style 1hour episode format
Will Quenichet
Will Quenichet Hace un día
Although I know it won’t be, rise of sky walker should honestly be this series version of revenge of the sith. Yes in the last movie they technically lost but I want to see true hardship and lack of hope. That way they can make a 4th movie that will justify Rey being a hero and give her something to truly fight for besides the demand of the plot line
Who bricks
Who bricks Hace un día
Make an updated version with rogue one, solo and episode 8 ( I do not know if this is in the vid I haven't finsihed
Boyo’s Boyo
Boyo’s Boyo Hace un día
For those wondering about darth maul, the movie Han Solo that takes place from movie 4-5 shows that he’s still Alive.
Nik Muhammad Asyraf
Nik Muhammad Asyraf Hace 2 días
hey..at 17:45,how Anakin was there?isnt that movie was produced before the prequel?can someone explained
Nik Muhammad Asyraf
Nik Muhammad Asyraf Hace 2 días
+NET Alliance ???
NET Alliance
NET Alliance Hace 2 días
It's the force.
Rijksoverheid Hace 2 días
Its so funny that people dont understand how big the spoiler actually was in the 80s because episode 4-6 came before episode 1-3 Actually sad how many people still dont get it...
NET Alliance
NET Alliance Hace 2 días
I'm actually quite surprised too. I have younger fans ask me about that alot.
Chris Dolmeth
Chris Dolmeth Hace 2 días
And that’s where we end, my friends. For The Ladt Jedi was an embarrassment to the franchise. R.I.P. Star Wars. R.I.P. childhood. R.I.P.
Death and Doohickey’s
Chris Dolmeth nah fam, there’s still good stuff on the horizon. I agree TLJ was a horrible nightmare, but one movie isn’t enough kill all of Star Wars.
Jordun Petersen
Jordun Petersen Hace 2 días
I love how you don't even try to explain the continuation between the originals and the new one. You just say what happened in the film. ;D
Nathan Law
Nathan Law Hace 2 días
It was 21:05, not 20
David wood
David wood Hace 2 días
He said Rey was kylo rens father
Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan
KingNazaru Hace 2 días
Correction There's episodes 1-6 and then the Expanded Universe.
Nøva -.
Nøva -. Hace 3 días
Welp time to make an update soon ;-;
Dante Payton
Dante Payton Hace 3 días
How did anakin turn into a ghost in episode 6 if he was two years old when they made the movie
Dante Payton
Dante Payton Hace 3 días
NET Alliance 😭
NET Alliance
NET Alliance Hace 3 días
The force.
Josh Morris
Josh Morris Hace 4 días
GaD TV Hace 4 días
so if nobody trained Anakin will there still be many jedis and other stuff
NET Alliance
NET Alliance Hace 4 días
Kinda. Ha
Aswad Arya
Aswad Arya Hace 5 días
Now I am ready for the star wars the last skywalker this december.thanks for the video!
10MIL subs with no videos
17:17 haha you thought
phoenix21studios Hace 5 días
The Blueths in space.
Will Mattes
Will Mattes Hace 6 días
No ones ever truly gone
hey its Docwaffles
hey its Docwaffles Hace 6 días
I liked the clone wars
Ferriss Hace 6 días
One of the worst movies of all time yet so many fanboys keep saying it's the best -_-
TheFricks Hace 6 días
Jar jar want rub rub
Tauhid8k Hace 7 días
The most emotional part was when anekin skywalker betray jedi and also his own wife...i was crying when i felt his wife's pain....that was so sad 😥😥😥
skyclimber7 Hace 7 días
Rise of the Skywalker
Dillon Klein
Dillon Klein Hace 7 días
Love this vid
Dillon Klein
Dillon Klein Hace 7 días
Tily Bohannan
Tily Bohannan Hace 7 días
17:16... After seeing episode 9 teaser, you might wanna double check on that.
FireBreak201 Gaming
FireBreak201 Gaming Hace 7 días
21 mins**
Legendary Studios
Legendary Studios Hace 7 días
*I Don’t Like Sand*
Jaskaran Poonia
Jaskaran Poonia Hace 8 días
Wait I thought people already knew that anakin is darth vader
starwarsfangirl1000 Hace 8 días
The last jedi: LUKE DIES THE END
Saberian Dream
Saberian Dream Hace 8 días
To me, Legends is the only true canon.
J Spies
J Spies Hace 8 días
13:48 who the fuck doesn't know that Darth Vader is Lukes father? Literally one of the most iconic movie lines in all of history.
Robert Brewer
Robert Brewer Hace 9 días
Awesome work - summarizes perfectly
just seems like the cloners of camino were messing with jedi dna while palpatine was force raping the galaxy. its the only thing that can make this thing go around properly. space jesus clone babies
Liam AM
Liam AM Hace 9 días
BTW you forgot the last 2 the last jedi and rise of skywalker
Crystal Fox
Crystal Fox Hace 7 días
Liam AM rise of the Skywalker isn’t our yet
Crystal Fox
Crystal Fox Hace 7 días
Liam AM rise of the Skywalker isn’t our yet
jc dova
jc dova Hace 9 días
Thanks for the video and great explanation. I slept through episodes’ 1-3 due to boredom and crappy storylines. So it’s good to piece them together with the best episodes 4-6. $&!t I forgot there was another episode or two. They both sucked to.
RandomHaganero Hace 9 días
Who came here after tha Goddamn laugh?
Imperial Productions 66
Star Wars 7 and 8 SUCK
musima41 Hace 9 días
I've been following the SW saga since my infancy and I think I'm about to be heart broken
stormshadow2k Hace 9 días
I can do it in 5 seconds. DONT. WATCH. THE. LAST. JEDI.
starwarsfangirl1000 Hace 8 días
Haha thats a good one
The Fan34
The Fan34 Hace 10 días
Sidious isnt dead in the Rise of Skywalker trailer😏
Phantom_Pulse Hace 10 días
Where is rogue one?
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds Hace 10 días
Well I would have to say that was a very good review of the story lines that make up the movies we have come to love and cherish throughout the years. Although I prefer to leave the story off at the end of episode 6-and this is why. The Galactic Empire along with the Emperor himself have been defeated. Luke Skywalker was able to bring Darth back to the Lightside of the force therefore fulfilling the ancient prophecy that brought balance to the Force. In the end it WAS Darth Vader that the prophecy predicted. After Obi won Kinobi and Anakin Skywalker had their infamous duel the remaining Jedis believed that since Anakin was taken over by the Darkside that he was not the “Chosen one”. It turns out that he was the chosen one all along. This is where I like to end the Star Wars story. The new Disney made Star Wars movies are a travesty and never should’ve taken the direction that it did. The way they treated the character of Luke Skywalker makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It took him many years of training to become the strong Jedi that he eventually became. Rey has not trained at all and she is portrayed as the most powerful Jedi ever. Luke spent almost his entire adult life trying to not defeat Darth Vader but to win him back to the Lightside. I don’t think he would think about striking down his own nephew just because for a short moment he detected evil in him. Like with his father he would’ve done everything in his power to make sure Kylo Ren didn’t succumb to the Darkside. The new direction that they are taking the Star Wars story totally sucks. George Lucas had a rough draft of the story he intended to follow after Return of the Jedi but that bitch at Disney threw out all of Lucas’s ideas and has taken the narrative in a totally ridiculous SJW direction. Rey is a complete “Mary Sue” type female character and all the men characters have been pushed to the background and are belittled like they are morons. The purple haired commander bitch is a prime example of SJW nonsense verses logic. Thank you Disney for destroying everything sacred about Star Wars. You have thoroughly wrecked the best movie franchise in history. This is why I end the story after episode 6. It’s over. All is well in the Star Wars galaxy.
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds Hace 9 días
And may the Force be with you.....!!!
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds Hace 9 días
Rohan Kau -I believe many old-school Star Wars fans agree with this. Disney should’ve left the Skywalker story line alone and started an all new saga. Now with the new reboot of the Dune books soon to hit the theaters all the fans that would’ve paid to see a new Star Wars movie might now jump ship and support the same Dune stories that originally influenced George Lucas to dream up the Star Wars story in the first place. I’m not saying Lucas copied Dune but was greatly influenced by it. There are many similarities between Luke Skywalker and Paul Moabdib Altraities and the journeys that they both take to become the extreme warriors that they evolve into being. And BTW-I love your name-it’s cool and totally sounds like something from the Star Wars galaxy. Stay cool man👍🏽✌🏼
Rohan Kau
Rohan Kau Hace 9 días
Brian Reynolds this needs to be top comment of the decade. Completely agree man.
Zakaa Richardson
Zakaa Richardson Hace 10 días
Anakin passed but he was too old
Roan Henderson
Roan Henderson Hace 10 días
Except then it turns out sidious isn’t dead...
Robby.Izaak Hace 10 días
how could u NOT put the rise of Dart Vader at the end of the episode 3 summary.!????????????????? Thats a big sin.!!!! How could u skip THAT.!? O.O ...ok let's keep watching.. lol NOW I GET IT.... SPOILER... LoL :/
darkpanda112 ###
darkpanda112 ### Hace 10 días
Quick summary: bad bad bad good great good meh bad
Vincent jones
Vincent jones Hace 10 días
Did Luke have like the pony tail that other padawans have
Lion El Jonson
Lion El Jonson Hace 10 días
People hate on the prequels but let's face it, episode 3 alone had the best memes and the greatest lightsaber duel of all 8 so far.
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds Hace 9 días
Lion El Jonson -the prequels are way better than the Disney Star Wars movies. Episode III is actually my favorite of the entire saga. It’s was so cool to get to see the finale transformation that Anakin takes to the Darkside. The birth of Vadar was epic! I thought episode II kind of dragged on and could’ve been a much better movie if written better. Some of it should’ve been condensed. I also love episode V-The Empire Strikes Back. It was dark and edgy and by the end all “Hope” seems to have been lost. It was a great middle part to the overall saga. They could only go up from that point. The new Disney movies just suck. The direction they went with Luke Skywalker’s story was sacrilege. I like to end the story at episode VI. It wraps the story up nicely.
Charles Lee
Charles Lee Hace 11 días
Malik Ibrahim
Malik Ibrahim Hace 11 días
So star wars is basicly how the skywalker family messed up the whole galaxy
Malik Ibrahim
Malik Ibrahim Hace 5 días
+Trunks234 i will now use the word "refuck" in my daily life
Trunks234 Hace 5 días
Equinox EDM i refucked my girls little sister once
Equinox EDM
Equinox EDM Hace 6 días
+Trunks234 im impressed how you created new word "refuck" but this word hard to use in daily life
Trunks234 Hace 7 días
Basically how Jesus was doing good for the galaxy then buttfucked it then Jesus’ son saves the galaxy then Jesus’ son’s nephew refucks the galaxy where some random bitch no one knows about saves it where some skywalker rises or saink
BennyOars Hace 11 días
Excellent content dude. Thumbs up
Luca Napoli
Luca Napoli Hace 11 días
17:13 *are you sure about that?*
Frenkz No Fear
Frenkz No Fear Hace 11 días
Ok now i understand..tq
Vel A
Vel A Hace 11 días
Man what Dafuk was the last one.Even the short 5 min story was crap!!
Raiygee Hace 11 días
Actually Han killed himself to help his son
ssxbrandon Hace 11 días
Not really a plot twist if people watch the movies from Episode 1 lol
Christian Horta
Christian Horta Hace 11 días
ssxbrandon true, but to be fair back when the originals came out I imagine it was pretty shocking
gissneric Hace 12 días
As someone who has watched Star Wars casually but has never gotten to it seriously, this helps a lot.
William Mega
William Mega Hace 12 días
So, Anakin wouldn't have become Darth Vader if he was given the rank of master?
lama najdi
lama najdi Hace 8 días
technically yes, atleast thats how i see it. If the Jedi council had just trusted Anakin all of this could’ve been avoided, we could see his conflict throughout episode 3 and the jedi constantly messing up and not trusting him or following their true ways made the decision for him
Ntig Dona
Ntig Dona Hace 9 días
uhmmmm..... no... i mean, why would he want the rank of master? maybe, say, the power too...
Rodolphin Hace 10 días
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep took inspiration of the Star Wars plot LOL
zenv Hace 11 días
+Zade YO lmao what the fuck are you talking about
Zade YO
Zade YO Hace 11 días
Exactly, saving the wife was just to have a moral standpoint, a cover
Harjot Singh
Harjot Singh Hace 12 días
this video save lots of GB of my intetnet.
Dedooph Hace 12 días
Leia likes luke Luke likes leia Finds out their sibilings *SWEET HOME ALABAMA*
Dedooph Hace 12 días
I love how a master sith with so much power is killed by a tiny broccoli with a lazee stick
Jonathan Kraft
Jonathan Kraft Hace 12 días
Boba is alive
Umega Alfa
Umega Alfa Hace 12 días
I dont get it why people cry out for Anakin's story. In my opinion, he was just a greedy bastard which fame got on his head and took on everything and everyone. He would and had killed anyone who would stand in his way, just because he had power, but only cared for his wife or kids, somehow. I mean, he would sacrifice an entire galaxy just for a handful of people? Oh wait. He did it. A galaxy wide genocide. Just for 1 person. Hmm... And also he never got it figured out that he got played and lied by Palpatine. In the end he was just a pawn in others games. Jedi. Sith. The Force itself played him. I guess that's why it made him?
Omar Taco Tree
Omar Taco Tree Hace 13 días
The first 5 guys in the thumbnail. Powerful and strong...then there was ren
Mr. Frosty
Mr. Frosty Hace 8 días
Ren had potential to be a great character, but the writing just made him ehh
Julius Draper
Julius Draper Hace 13 días
I prefer the prequels over the originals
AL DUSTY Hace 13 días
53 years old,Luke is
ItsMaximus Hace 13 días
“No ones ever really dead”
Ezra Nowacki
Ezra Nowacki Hace 13 días
daezpies Hace 13 días
I remeber playing the first scenes in the vid in a lego video game lol
Another One Is Here
Another One Is Here Hace 11 días
Yo I remember that game I loved it! Those were the best levels but I didn’t know the story back then
Matthias Taylor
Matthias Taylor Hace 13 días
Bro you’re awesome
JUST CALL ME WEBB Hace 13 días
I have never, nor do I ever plan on watching any Star Wars movies. So this video is nice.
Juicy Goosy
Juicy Goosy Hace 13 días
Who else checked to see when it was uploaded 😂
Mohammed Qudah
Mohammed Qudah Hace 12 días
James Dibra
James Dibra Hace 13 días
Antriksh rock
Antriksh rock Hace 14 días
Star wars lover hit like Button
ptre21 Hace 14 días
JarJarBinks is as valuable as hansolo. We all know it, but cry baby fans will surely disagree.
Water Boy
Water Boy Hace 14 días
Lmfao@space Jesus
Adrien Goudail
Adrien Goudail Hace 14 días
He’s biased😂😂😂😂
athanasiaprg Hace 16 días
thanks now I can wear star wars t shirts
Mr. Crenshaw
Mr. Crenshaw Hace 17 días
here i can explain it faster: STAR WARS. *literally.*
Jmile Davis
Jmile Davis Hace 18 días
Out of all the other star wars movies he forgets Star Wars Rogue one 😆😂😅
Asstyn Bummer Insulyn
Asstyn Bummer Insulyn Hace 18 días
Boba Fett did not die, he survived the sarlacc pit because of his armor and weaponry
yes the mando helmet has a rebreather built in like a gas mask.
Sans Hace 19 días
Honestly Disney Can’t show any gore from a lightsaber but lucasfilms has been burning people alive to a withered skeleton since 1977!
Thegamerpersonhi Hace 19 días
Wait why did vader pick up Siduis instead and slicing him with his lightsaber
Episode 6 is the last good episode that wasn’t covered in Disney
gxd7171 *
gxd7171 * Hace 21 un día
I prefer to end the video at 17:50
The Funknown Gaming
The Funknown Gaming Hace 18 días
I see what you did there 🤔🤔
FuZe Eagle11
FuZe Eagle11 Hace 22 días
Boba Fett didn’t actually die he found his jet pack and escaped a few years later in episode 6
Steven Zin
Steven Zin Hace 23 días
Thank you so much.
Alptraum Hace 23 días
I fucking love Star Wars.
Gage Morgan
Gage Morgan Hace 24 días
Technically Owen is Luke's step brother. Fun fact for those of you who didn't pay attention to episode two. Lots of freaky family situations goin on in this series.
Bacon boi Aka jave
Bacon boi Aka jave Hace 24 días
I just noticed al of the movies are all about darth Vader
FBI Hace 25 días
Why am i watching this i already know everything
Death Note fan
Death Note fan Hace 25 días
‘Qui gon ruins the whole franchise existence and saved a gungan called jar jar binks’ 😂😂😂😂
Ani Dotsina
Ani Dotsina Hace 25 días
You forgot rogue one and the last jedi
Lynx Whitey
Lynx Whitey Hace 23 días
Ani Dotsina look at when the vid was made
JayBee611 Hace 26 días
How do I show these movies to someone without revealing the twist of Leah and Luke being siblings and Vader being lukes father
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