The Evolution of Dance - 1950 to 2019 - By Ricardo Walker's Crew

Ricardo Walker
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Musics that we used on the video:
00:03 - 00:13 - Singin'in the Rain - Gene Kelly
00:13 - 00:23 - Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
00:23 - 00:30 - Tutti Frutti - Little Richard
00:30 - 00:35 - Let's Twist Again - Chubby Checker
00:35 - 00:45 - I feel good - James Brown
00:45 - 00:57 - I Want You Back - The Jackson Five
00:57 - 01:09 - Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
01:09 - 01:16 - Dancing Machine - The Jacksons
01:16 - 01:20 - Shake your Body - The Jacksons
01:20 - 01:24 - You're the one that I want - John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
01:24 - 01:31 - Time of My Life - Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes
01:31 - 01:46 - Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
01:46 - 01:55 - Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson
01:55 - 02:03 - FootLoose - Kenny Loggins
02:03 - 02:13 - Thriller - Michael Jackson
02:13 - 02:18 - What a feeling - Irene Cara
02:18 - 02:22 - U can't touch this - MC Hammer
02:22 - 02:31 - Black or White - Michael Jackson
02:31 - 02:42 - Vogue - Madonna
02:42 - 02:51 - It's not unusual - Tom Jones
02:51 - 03:02 - Everybody - Backstreet Boys
03:02 - 03:13 - Macarena - Los Del Río
03:13 - 03:26 - Crank That - Soulja Boy
03:26 - 03:33 - Single Ladies - Beyonce
03:33 - 03:46 - Bye Bye Bye - NSYNC
03:46 - 03:54 - Ragatanga - Rouge
03:54 - 04:04 - Gangnam Style - PSY
04:04 - 04:15 - Despacito - Luis Fonsi
04:15 - 04:25 - Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson , Bruno Mars
04:25 - 04:34 - Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
04:34 - 04:43 - Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake
04:43 - 04:51 - Watch Me - Silentó
04:51 - 05:03 - Swish Swish - Katy Perry
05:03 - 05:17 - In My Feeling - Drake
05:17 - 05:35 - Old Town Road - Lil Nas X
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The Evolution of Dance - 1950 to 2019 - By Ricardo Walker's Crew


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19 nov 2019






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Ricardo Walker
Ricardo Walker Hace 4 meses
Thank you all SO MUCH for the incredible support on this video! We already surpass 32 MILLION views and that's AMAZING! Please follow me on instagram too so we can have a closer contact - @RicardoWalkerMJ MUITO OBRIGADO a todos pelo apoio incrível nesse vídeo! Nos já passamos a marca de 32 milhões de views e isso é inacreditável! Por favor me sigam no instagram também, lá podemos ter um contato mais proximo - @RicardoWalkerMJ
Koukla Mou
Koukla Mou Hace 5 horas
Wow so amazing performance.. ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Hace 11 horas
@Nice Nice q
A MeiaSetw
A MeiaSetw Hace 12 horas
@Mato onça com a feiura Ele é.
53kky Hace 21 un hora
@Carolina Dune ele é br
Carolina Dune
Carolina Dune Hace 22 horas
Ricardo, you could use some more facial expresions sweetaheart :)
星空喵姐 Hace 35 minutos
天啊... 每個時期的流行舞蹈你都會. 厲害喔 ! ❤ 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Hello beautiful pplz Lol
Hello beautiful pplz Lol Hace 42 minutos
2:13 you gotta love it
Jaime Sidener
Jaime Sidener Hace un hora
Where is the ACDC
Shawno Hace un hora
As everyone knows dancing didnt exist until the 1950's
Anny Uzumaki
Anny Uzumaki Hace un hora
você é incrível
Regiskey Hace 2 horas
80s... the best
A Bndnd
A Bndnd Hace 2 horas
if you turn off sound it looks all the same
Rebecca Meza
Rebecca Meza Hace 3 horas
Anyone else watching this in 2020 and if you did this make my quarantine much better
Peťka Ondrášková
The sign that MJ is a legend is that he is in this video 5 times. Love him forever.
Chad Games
Chad Games Hace 3 horas
Despacito is 2010s that came out like 2 years ago Right?
Jamie Bernard
Jamie Bernard Hace 3 horas
This was a dance in my school when I was young on a app called Gonoodle! 😂 1:57
Jamie Bernard
Jamie Bernard Hace 3 horas
Pigeon De Santa
Pigeon De Santa Hace 3 horas
dude im already good at dancing but damn this is better....
Anastasio Yehyawi-Valenzuela
fuck you and your grils
PH Hace 4 horas
O Ruan Lopes pareca o Orochi de longe
Петко Димитров
Woow they are soo good👍👍
T0xic Wqste
T0xic Wqste Hace 4 horas
That moment u realize stayin alive was 50 years ago
friendly_koeninsegg hypercar
wow the style en timing that you guys are dancing is fantastic keep going withe dancing greetings out neterlands.
Cloudy Boba
Cloudy Boba Hace 4 horas
I was born at 2010 and i remember listening to those songs on the radio :)
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Hace 5 horas
Oh my god why do I keep coming back to this??? Lol you guys killed it. Awesome
Travis Franzen
Travis Franzen Hace 5 horas
No surprise they used MJ a lot in this, he was literally a dance God
Ann Maina
Ann Maina Hace 5 horas
Why is noone talking about the transitions like...it's on point👏👏👏
Koukla Mou
Koukla Mou Hace 6 horas
Love this... 😍
Shadow Youtube
Shadow Youtube Hace 6 horas
5:17 its my favorite
Ilma Billal
Ilma Billal Hace 6 horas
I have realised, I am older than I think. Like, I thought Gangnam style was like just YESTERDAY! Like if you agree ->
IDK & Stuff
IDK & Stuff Hace 6 horas
When you realize Old Town Road came out before you were born...
Damian Matras
Damian Matras Hace 6 horas
Great songs, great dancing.
Tragedy Hace 7 horas
that transition from stayin alive to dancin machine was actually perfect with the coreography and the actual note being the same (I think)
Téofilo Rojas
Téofilo Rojas Hace 7 horas
Wow the old times :"3 this made my day
Patricia Randle
Patricia Randle Hace 7 horas
Absolutely fabulous xx
Luis Pereira
Luis Pereira Hace 7 horas
Amazing!!! Great!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
hima coleto
hima coleto Hace 8 horas
That OG or old man that never known that the dab where stoped at 2016 cause it was boring and continues do it cause that OG or old man... thinks its cool cause he didnt realized it was oldfasioned and he forgot to see the trend magazine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and btw he always liked country musics and fortnite dances 😆😆😆😆
Claudix Hace 8 horas
Chicos, un trabajo espectacular, ...lo disfrute de principio a fin 😀Lo voy a compartir.
Valentina Aguila
Valentina Aguila Hace 8 horas
En el año 80 bailaban bien chistoso y eso nunca lo van a poder imitar porque esa era la esencia del movimiento ;) la verdad no me gusto mucho pues pensé que se habían puesto en el papel, pero me di cuenta que no para que querer ver vídeos así tienes que buscarlos uno por uno porque son único
blitz #1234
blitz #1234 Hace 8 horas
seeing grown men lip singing and dancing to Jackson 6 is just fuckin funny
fabio ginevra
fabio ginevra Hace 9 horas
Evolution of dance: To the talent to the autism........
Beatriz Cabrera
Beatriz Cabrera Hace 9 horas
Who the hell thumbs down? This was awesome!
Kamya Chauhan Belieber
What is the name of the guy in different suit on gangam style?
Aylee Tey
Aylee Tey Hace 9 horas
ЭТО ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНО!!! ____ It's russian language, you can translate, if u want))))
Sivi Crv
Sivi Crv Hace 9 horas
These guys are the straightest group of men I've ever seen.
jan lee tabs
jan lee tabs Hace 10 horas
i love it
Yong-sin (Naomi) Hou
Yong-sin (Naomi) Hou Hace 10 horas
What a feeling I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt.😂 😂
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose Hace 11 horas
it might just be me but all of these men are 100% more attractive just because they can dance.
anna anna
anna anna Hace 11 horas
Wooow cool 👍🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️🤘 and dances of Michael Jackson the best 🤘❤️❤️🔥🔥
Kalingga Wahban Hilal
Kalingga Wahban Hilal Hace 11 horas
literally missed mean girls
I am Unique
I am Unique Hace 12 horas
When all these songs are still good and vibing today
anjar Pr.
anjar Pr. Hace 13 horas
Wow they were amazing
Youjustgotrickrolled Hace 13 horas
Thinking of doing this with my friends for a school project
Muhammad yusuf
Muhammad yusuf Hace 13 horas
Wow i have de javu here i feel like i know all the dances
Jordan Pabalan
Jordan Pabalan Hace 13 horas
Damn those move are smooth
faté Hace 14 horas
bruh there's no bts i-
Alicja Dołhun
Alicja Dołhun Hace 14 horas
A Fredy Mercury gdzie?
Engelin Kamea
Engelin Kamea Hace 15 horas
Evolution of dance 1950-2019 34 million people:interesting
Dionte Faries
Dionte Faries Hace 17 horas
2000 is where I take my leave
Aparnaa Hace 17 horas
That curly hair guy and his hairrs. ♥️
Netto Simões
Netto Simões Hace 18 horas
Fantástico 👏👏👏👏
Child Kang
Child Kang Hace 18 horas
이 형들 멋있어
Californian Sunshine
Californian Sunshine Hace 18 horas
2000s where the best
Rafał Z.
Rafał Z. Hace 18 horas
Wow, that’s amazing.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Æsthetic Deniel
Æsthetic Deniel Hace 19 horas
P.E Teacher: Ok we will dance to exercise our body Me and the boys:
Desirae Rexroat
Desirae Rexroat Hace 19 horas
I love watching the dancing through time videos and you guys were on point! I feel like boy band/girl band K-pop should be added at the end because of how much influence it has in the US now. Psy walked so BTS and Blackpink could soar
Dreaming magenta
Dreaming magenta Hace 19 horas
This is absolutely amazing🤩
Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stewart Hace 19 horas
Evolution of 1950-2016 and degrodation from 2016
Bae Hace 19 horas
this remint me chrismas lol
peter jjng
peter jjng Hace 20 horas
OMG they dance too much
Asdasdsdsd Hace 20 horas
they forgot "yo perreo sola"
tycho kerstens
tycho kerstens Hace 21 un hora
Why does the guy 2nd from the right look like the one guy from beegees ?😂😂
Is canon
Is canon Hace 21 un hora
2020: * Insert renegade moves *
Javierito XD
Javierito XD Hace 21 un hora
Madison Fleming
Madison Fleming Hace 22 horas
I love the Michael Jackson ones plus grease and I love how u did Michael Jackson Billie Jean then his sister Janet Jackson rhythm nation after and y'all are great dancers
Brage Bjelker
Brage Bjelker Hace 22 horas
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you should double check everything from the 50s to the 70s again...
Carolina Dune
Carolina Dune Hace 22 horas
Omg love the guy with the brown afro manes. His facial expressions are great
Tucker Chavez
Tucker Chavez Hace 22 horas
Is it me or did dancing get Easier+later time went
Tucker Chavez
Tucker Chavez Hace 22 horas
jeanne giguere
jeanne giguere Hace 22 horas
wow Bravo j'adore j'adore
Eddyomar Lara
Eddyomar Lara Hace 22 horas
Kiki made by drake not in 2010s come on stop the cap
The Golden Gryffindor
The Golden Gryffindor Hace 23 horas
Personally I’m only 12 and a dancer but I would love dance to go back to the 50s not today with tik tok and this wap thingggg so ya my opinion no one else’s;)
Luana Reis Carmo
Luana Reis Carmo Hace 23 horas
Uhuuul amooooo!!! ♥️😍🇧🇷
Megan Whittington
Megan Whittington Hace un día
The Viper
The Viper Hace un día
Oh no the fortnite dance is here.
Invis II
Invis II Hace un día
Damn we went downhill
Jacob Hace un día
Black or White song brings memories
Dream Hace un día
And yvng swag or roy purdy?
Oli adams
Oli adams Hace un día
Everything that i see within my lifetime makes me genuinely depressed . 2000s for the people wondering We need to go back
Stian Georg Bjerkebakke Westin
despacito is the only dance here.
Julia Guerreros
Julia Guerreros Hace un día
Y la gasolina?
Scarlett The Great
Scarlett The Great Hace un día
Me when I see other people get 56 likes: *P A T H E T I C* Me when I get 10 likes: *ZEUS DOESNT HAVE THE BALLS TO STRIKE ME DOWN*
Xgamergirlx Jm
Xgamergirlx Jm Hace un día
Almost all the songs he stands in front only on the Michael Jackson songs but don’t mind me I love Michael Jackson
Richard Donato
Richard Donato Hace un día
Fabulous and so fun. A lot of research went into this.
Adriano Almeida
Adriano Almeida Hace un día
Muito bom. Fantástico. 👏👏👏
Mariangela Trapani
Mariangela Trapani Hace un día
No ma io da ballerina adorooooo😍😍😍
Verxy -Garrett
Verxy -Garrett Hace un día
Try to lean Michael Jackson LOL
Дмитрий Егоров
Rachele Cavallone
Rachele Cavallone Hace un día
Top ❤️
Llhamas rule
Llhamas rule Hace un día
They have a lot of clothes :/
Dirk Paelinck
Dirk Paelinck Hace un día
Grace Russell
Grace Russell Hace un día
Omg I love the Jackson 5!!!!!! I love how you put their songs in here Dance machine and I want you back are great! And Rythm Nation!!!!!Janet Jackson!!! U put like the whole jackson family's songs on here
hi Hace un día
2020s: renegade and wap
MrClimBlox Hace un día
I am getting old days memories cuz of one song
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace un día
Now im not to good at math but i think if your 70 or older you were alive for all of that
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