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How have Lego minifigures changed over time? Let’s find out!
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20 may 2022






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Sad Robot
Sad Robot Hace un año
Minor inaccuracy I feel the odd urge to point out: the 2001 Stormtrooper is using the wrong chest piece. I looked it up to be sure, and the chest seems to be from the 2002 Clone Trooper. For extra nostalgia points, he should also have a black megaphone + transparent red stud instead of his blaster.
Jacob Baines
Jacob Baines Hace un año
thank god someone else noticed
僕の伝説の星 Hace un año
Cindy Bagwell
Cindy Bagwell Hace un año
Tomato Hace un año
Brandon Stone
Brandon Stone Hace un año
earl of the brick
earl of the brick Hace un año
I like the old minifigs equally as the new ones. The simplicity in their face expressions makes them so enjoyable. Which is why the astronaut old minifig is one of my favorites
Jahvans Elisabeth
Jahvans Elisabeth Hace 5 meses
Rjsff Tur🎉😢😮4f
Wubbox Hace 4 meses
@Jahvans Elisabethyou don’t know how to spell
Kgomotso Zondo
Kgomotso Zondo Hace 3 meses
stopTheMotion Hace 3 meses
I agree
Alpha Wigiwig
Alpha Wigiwig Hace un mes
Krekcab Now
Krekcab Now Hace un año
I honestly kinda love simplistic looks of older Lego. Maybe some of the hair could use improvement but I like the minimalism.
goomykid Hace un año
Fayyad ahnaf Hassan
Fayyad ahnaf Hassan Hace un año
What does simplistic mean? What does the word simplistic mean but tell me in a simple meaning way
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson Hace un año
@Fayyad ahnaf Hassan It means simple.
BOB tube YT
BOB tube YT Hace un año
I was gonna say the exact same thing
AutoBricks Hace un año
@Fayyad ahnaf Hassan bruh
Fenny Hace 4 meses
To be honest I like the yellow skin toned I just wish they kept that.because that’s what I loved most the yellow skin that’s the main part of legos now they have human skin but whatever I still prefer the yellow skin toned
Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross Hace un año
My 1st minifig was a non-moveable one from the a police boat set. Before that we used a 2x2 standard for the head, a 2x4 standard for the body, and a 2x3 standard for the feet.
Sameer A
Sameer A Hace 13 horas
Where do you get those clear pieces? Also great vid!
Reject Clone
Reject Clone Hace un año
For anyone curious about the melting classic head in the thumbnail, it's a custom piece by Citizen Brick! Today actually was Citizen Brick Day 9, so there's a lot of exclusive parts that dropped today (most are sold out already minus some custom built figs like the two Mad Max figures, Jason Voorhees, Ellen Ripley, etc)
TD BRICKS Hace un año
I did indeed get it from Citizen brick
Mac nets
Mac nets Hace un año
@TD BRICKS second
Kamekaha52 Hace un año
Im third
Lismi Talda wut
Janet Murphy
Janet Murphy Hace un año
What an amazing amount of patience and skill it must have taken to make this film! Great work!!
The B3
The B3 Hace un año
Those Yoda flips are immensely satisfying. Minifigs have come so far over the years!
-*Desertrainfrog *-
-*Desertrainfrog *- Hace 9 meses
Letícia (Pollandball) (eu) (alguém) ÁRÁ?
-*Desertrainfrog *-
-*Desertrainfrog *- Hace 9 meses
@DylusinskiGamZ + Reviews! your what?
tcmcdonald Hace 3 meses
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Hace 6 meses
😊 amazing content keep it up😊
KnapfordMaster98 Hace un año
Nothing beats the vibrant colors and simplicity of the older stuff. The pirate is a perfect example, the old one is everything I love about lego. I love new lego too, but for different reasons. The denser details and overall just kinda darker look of stuff is cool, but man the old stuff is just perfect.
Ajani M
Ajani M Hace un año
Embry Jirak
Embry Jirak Hace un año
Honestly I think the old ones just look ugly 🤷‍♂️
dark kid gaming
dark kid gaming Hace un año
I don't know about the not double sided face part that's what I really don't like about the old ones I mean they're kind of kind of ugly but not that I'm just saying So that's What I think about them
dark kid gaming
dark kid gaming Hace un año
But either way I like them just I don't like the not double sided face part and the The Less printing What they are kind of cool
dark kid gaming
dark kid gaming Hace un año
Vananh Le
Vananh Le Hace 6 meses
Hi! I know this is the internet and anyone can say everything but I'm the original author of the Brickset article you quoted as source and stumbling upon your video couldn't possibly make me happier! Keep on the good work, with the 90th anniversary of Lego we might see a lot of new amazing classic remakes joining our collections very soon!
Mark Hartman
Mark Hartman Hace 6 meses
No. Its bad!
Mark Hartman
Mark Hartman Hace 6 meses
Liam Michel
Liam Michel Hace 6 meses
It's not a bigger year man tho just saying
BrickUltra Hace un año
Really good video! I always find it cool seeing comparisons between Lego minifigures over the years. That OG lego figure 😂
Sus Chad
Sus Chad Hace un año
henry james
henry james Hace un año
TD BRICKS Hace un año
Thank you brotha!
SeamoreTubeTheSeal Hace un año
Alison Hogben
Alison Hogben Hace un año
Omg i lob you lego videos
LegoDude83 Hace un año
I do like the two sided faces. I really like the upgrade on the wizard. The new version looks so much better
TD BRICKS Hace un año
CropSlayer02 Hace un año
000 Hace un año
Me too. I hate that i can't put hats on my custom minifigures because the second face
KittyKat Hace un año
Sboink The Leg Day
Sboink The Leg Day Hace un año
I can admit where there's an actual improvement, the wizard does look good. But in particular after the OG star wars set's custom heads, LEGO has mostly been stepping backwards and ruining the concept of minifigs by making them pointlessly busy and overdesigned, going so far as making custom leg pieces with prints that just look awful to begin with and can't be swapped around easily. You CAN put blue legs on and lose nothing from it, or use the slope piece as a starry dress or just a printed brick. They are making ugly leg pieces to stick to the idea of of minifigs without sticking to the practice of minifigs, the creativity. Just consumerism, and not even well with actual custom leg pieces you could not paint on yourself.
Master Dark
Master Dark Hace un año
I love newer lego minifigs, because there is a unity across almost all the faces now, and back in the day there would be different artstyles on the face for every lego theme, would was kinda lame when you want to do crossovers with characters, or if you wanted to make extra people for one specific set Yoda though, they just can't seem to get his face right.. old yoda is still the best looking one, the newest one has weird eyes.
IMF's Resident Otaku
There's nothing "lame" about different artstyles. That adds variety.
Dice Dude on Youtube
Your videos are awesome, KPMG up the hard work.
Jack MeOff
Jack MeOff Hace un año
Watching this is so nostalgic, the old designs are what I grew up seeing and it’s so cool to see them side by side with the modern ones
Gangstersauve😜 Hace un año
also the music he chose like green day or the clash instrumental lol
Suseth Peña
Suseth Peña Hace 3 meses
Alpha Wigiwig
Alpha Wigiwig Hace un mes
Jesse Morales
Jesse Morales Hace 6 meses
The new mini figures are so awesome 👌🏿 !
Super Knugs
Super Knugs Hace un año
Nice I liked the builds and how you still made them look epic even though the minifigs have very little detail! Subscribed +Liked!
EJ H Hace un año
I would have loved him comparing the first general grievous to the newest one. Huge difference.
TD BRICKS Hace un año
Ooo I didn't even think of reviewing that minifig! I love that one
db Hace un año
@TD BRICKS still a great vid
nor khafiza
nor khafiza Hace 8 meses
liame liame
liame liame Hace 4 meses
Suzan Motlhake
Suzan Motlhake Hace 2 meses
Epic dude do a review of ninjago
Simon Ostebo
Simon Ostebo Hace 4 meses
The new ones, but the old ones are also nice!
Galaxy 5
Galaxy 5 Hace 8 meses
Sometimes the newer or Legacy as lego calls it look great and sometimes look bit strange but never look worse. I cant decide but definitely Lego grew with its quality quite fast over the last 20 years
Oh they left me broken
Mike a famous house And don't you dare put Karen in it or don't you say Joe mama in the video
Kelly Carpenter
Kelly Carpenter Hace 5 meses
LÂM KAO Hace 22 días
I see the old Harry Potter was taller than the new one but i love the new minifigs.
ST26 Hace un año
I love the old style figures because there so simple and in my opinion there's something special about that
TD BRICKS Hace un año
I have to agree
Alex Rex
Alex Rex Hace un año
i agree whit you
Desavali Akshith
Desavali Akshith Hace un año
@Alex Rex with*
Mr. Stop Motion
Mr. Stop Motion Hace un año
Ilinca Hace 19 días
​@TD BRICKS❤❤❤❤❤
RedDominos Hace un año
The lego star wars commercial is a cinematic masterpiece. Someone give this man a academy award.
Potassium Hace un año
The new darth vader with the two-part helmet is definitely cool, same with boba fett with his helmet but the older ones have a certain charm to them, their “squished down” looking faces and their unique molds are funny looking and cartoonish but also really pleasing to look at as well.
Julie Hace 3 meses
The blade is backwards it is meant to go other way❤
Road trip Good time
Meica haus
Scarcely Different
Scarcely Different Hace 22 días
I love how he says Yoda came out in 2002 and he is skin-colored but then he says they didn’t make skin colored Minifigs until 2004
- [N A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Really good video! I always find it cool seeing comparisons between Lego minifigures over the years. That OG lego figure
Nerdy Aviation
Nerdy Aviation Hace 4 meses
I just realized I have the Darth Vader from 1999. I didn’t realize how valuable it was until I watched this video.
Rex Hace un año
I really miss the old version of chewie. I guess it's just nostalgia, but it feels more like him then the new one
TD BRICKS Hace un año
I agree. New one just doesn't give me the same vibes
Simon Legosson
Simon Legosson Hace un año
His headpiece is shorter so you can more easily fit him in tight compartments like the cockpit in the millennium Falcon from 2016
Natalia Go
Natalia Go Hace un año
There are some chinese bootlegs resembling old sw models
amatoy Hace 7 meses
Chewbacca is a girl by the way
митя lego
митя lego Hace 4 meses
​@TD BRICKS Bro, i want to say my first lego mini figures was Chinese figures, my first original Lego set was 2019, i was 7 years old
Blue Son of Man
Blue Son of Man Hace un año
I remember back when Episode 3 first came out some Jedi had Light sabers that actually lit up because they had batteries in the minifigs but the light sabers where a part of the hand and couldn’t be removed and these were expensive sets I think. The ones I remember where Anakin, Obi Wan and Mace Windu.
MegaSaw Hace un año
Nice builds, looks good!
Richard Pye Catering
They made an old Aniken fight sets, which how did your light sabers light up you cannot take the other hand off, but when you push the head down a Gloucester light sabers😊
Nature.Fairy4Real Hace un año
Lego has changed to much over the years! I’m lowkey surprised how much they evolved.
Richard Pye Catering
I love the old-school mini figures like I’ve been collecting these mini figures
玩具磚家LBE Hace un año
Sometimes the mid range minifigs details like Star Wars are doing well in 2008-2012 and would be the great collections
LodanSD Hace un año
Kinda surprised you didn't talk about the Space Helmets; Since Benny from The Lego Movie had the classic Space Helmet, but during the 80s they did redesign the Space Helmets to fit a Visor.
NoNameForOldMen Hace un año
The guy who gave them eyes, mouth and limbs is the national hero of Legoland
Doll Hace 3 meses
where do you get that translucent lego stick?
Pickle_Brix Hace un año
Lego minifigures have evolved so much throughout the years!
Budget games
Budget games Hace 5 meses
I loved playing with those old castle sets with all the knights and the horses and swords and shields. Sometimes I miss being eight. :(
TheYouTubeTomb Hace 8 meses
i love the newer minifigures way more. they just have so much more detail
Jac_b Hace un año
The classic star wars minifigs will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve been collecting them for abt a year and I have a lot of the early 2000s ones.
automati Hace un año
my brother has the same profile picture as you
MX54 Hace un año
Welcome to the lego world!!! Hugs from other lego fan
Eerie Zeichnungen
Eerie Zeichnungen Hace un año
My grandma had legos from the 80’s-90’s and I remember playing with them all the time, I thought it was so cool that she had such old legos that were my obsession.
Rotten Roads
Rotten Roads Hace 2 meses
Hey, when you were comparing the Old vs New Harry Potter mini figures, you forgot the Most Important aspect: The Smaller Legs.
coke Hace un año
This shows us how much lego actually improved in quality
Bannah Hace un año
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Pastrybfs Hace 9 meses
@Bannah big if true
CBSoftball1690 Hace un mes
There is more detail in the newer figures than the older versions.
River Greystoke II
River Greystoke II Hace un año
Anyone remember when the Star Wars minifigs had light-up lightsabers back in 2005? The ones that were permanently attached to the minifigs because they were battery powered?
mobile task force
mobile task force Hace un año
Oooh yea
mobile task force
mobile task force Hace un año
BrikBarn Hace un año
Awesome comparison with the evolution of print quality and accessories for these minifigures.
Bill 46
Bill 46 Hace un año
the original "secret agent minirigure." was a named character, called dash justice. the original "wizard" was also a named character, he was called majisto.
Njihan Gaming
Njihan Gaming Hace 6 meses
Lego's evolution nicely illustrated
Micah DeWitt
Micah DeWitt Hace un año
This is a quality video showing the evolution of mini-figs. Its really cool how you also made lego habitats for them. BTW I never commented back in October, but my birthday's also October 19th.
the film kid
the film kid Hace 6 meses
Idk if anyone noticed,but Anakin's lightsaber is green in the video,but in the movie it was blue(I think)
Kingofthe Jungle
Kingofthe Jungle Hace un año
He uses so much detail with the Lego bricks with what he used to make it look like that love ❤️ it
Opaltron Animation
Opaltron Animation Hace un año
*Just if you where wondering, the pirate is called Redbeard and the blue wizard is called Majisto.*
ettounsterblich Hace un año
i wasnt wondering
Huy Long Trần
Huy Long Trần Hace un año
thanks for the info
Gibmeprimogemss Hace un año
I thought the wizard was Dumbledore 😭😭😭
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia Hace un año
SonicPlayzYT Hace un año
I didn't know that
Scorpion Wins
Scorpion Wins Hace 10 meses
The original stormtrooper minifigs are honestly really cool looking. To me they look like Kenner retro figures from the 70's and 80's.
F Hace 2 meses
this is why your one of my fav youtubers also why are the harry potter figures shorter than the old ones💀
Bo-Zo Battle Royale Official
We can all agree, he never disappoints with his content 😁
Victoria Grayson
Victoria Grayson Hace 3 meses
You nailed the LEGO commercial! 👍
Hilal Kanj
Hilal Kanj Hace un año
is it just me or do i feel like the old minifigure of yoda looks better than the new one
JaWa Hace un año
It’s insane that this video went on trending! Congrats Tie!
Marcus's Place
Marcus's Place Hace un año
Even though I still like the updated ones more, I still miss the old ones :)
Dan Bavin
Dan Bavin Hace 4 meses
I love the new ones but if it wasn’t for the old ones there would be no new ones
Sechion Hace un año
I really like the wizard and the explorer from the old ones, the Harry poter ones look off because the skin tone, otherwise the old ones for the original ideas are better imo
xdJames Boond
xdJames Boond Hace 2 meses
I would say the new ones are better and thats how it should be, but there are some old ones that are better like that spy guy or yoda.
FLAME Hace un año
Love your vids bro
Immortal roost
Immortal roost Hace un año
1:18 although I never actually had the original Yoda I still feel like it has a charm to it I also like the color more
Sunset Shimmer Gaming
Hold up: lightsabers come in different designs in Star Wars so why would putting the blade on the other side of the hilt matter? Maybe the character likes heavier weight on the bottom of the sword
John Rambo
John Rambo Hace 4 meses
I think the new ones are better because they have slightly different style of clothes printing and hair
verygreenman Hace 10 meses
hey tyler what do you use to hold the minifigs together?
Cooper Hace 4 meses
I swear this dude makes the best videos ever
Alpha Wigiwig
Alpha Wigiwig Hace un mes
Troopah. Hace un año
Stormtroopers actually do have good aim, in the first (1977) movie Tarkin commands the stormtroopers to miss, and let them escape. That way they could see where the rebel base is. But due to Disney and the fan base joking about it, it’s canon now, which sucks because they aren’t a threat now
waaaaaaah Hace un año
The older minifigs are always gonna look better to me, growing up with them can do that to you
itznero Hace un año
Finally, one that evolves. Not like other logos and styles on other stuff just keep changing to more simplistic stuff.
Patchie the Master Builder
I really like the original face of the two dot eyes and basic smile 😀
Kate Tilbrook
Kate Tilbrook Hace 11 días
Armageddon Gaming
Armageddon Gaming Hace un año
You gotta do comparisons of old dinosaur sets with jurassic world. Huge differences! Also check out the old harry potter basilisk with the new one. Major upgrade!
Dan B
Dan B Hace 5 meses
The Harry Potter minifigures are tall before but today they are short they may never reach the top of the fridge
Robiuzz Hace un año
Johnny Thunder also comes in in the lego movie set 70815, I think the only thing that has changed to him is his headpiece.
TD BRICKS Hace un año
No way I didn't even know it. Yeah I think they changed his eyeballs I'm looking at it right now
You Hace un año
my first thought when i saw johnny thunder
Bryson Hace 8 meses
I wish I had the time, patients, and skill to build lego sets like that
DoctorFeelGood Hace un año
Easily the most entertaining lego channels out there.
Cameron Ruh
Cameron Ruh Hace 2 meses
the old minifugers look cool and the new ones 😊❤
The Noname Household
Wait, the first Minifigures... were the Lego board game minifigures but bigger? that's so cool! 😲🥰🤩 ~Holly
★〔Bob Octopus〕★
Hey Tyler, not flexing but I got a box of around 100 old figures for free and I actually have some of those minifigs. I love your vids and they always cheer me up. Keep up the good work ❤ 👍
𝔐ad𝔅oy 𝔊amer
how do you come up with these super interesting videos keep up the good work
TD BRICKS Hace un año
Just random thoughts that run in the back of my head 😂! Thank you!
Noa Kruger
Noa Kruger Hace un mes
@TD BRICKSyou guys can block your old house
Noa Kruger
Noa Kruger Hace un mes
@TD BRICKSNice Bilde
000 Hace un año
My older brother's lego collection inherited to me, because i started collecting lego and he stopped. He had some pretty cool OG lego figs and sets like Wild west indians, Johny Thunder and Lion king from Kingdoms sets. I'm glad to have these things.
Twisted Hace 10 meses
So glad I grew up with the old ones, but damn the new ones better!
meshari aljared
meshari aljared Hace 5 meses
i think future legos will make legos move on its own and talk
DredgeX97 Hace un año
Damn, I grew up with those older figures, nice seeing them again.
Kim Con
Kim Con Hace 5 meses
Ur Nan
Ur Nan Hace un año
Can we just appreciate how he filmed half of this 30 years ago.
FrankieIzzy Hace un año
About the lightsaber confusion. You can put it in either way in the steps to make the Lego set it shows that Both ways are intended
0chilxed Hace un año
My guy forgot the 2nd generation of lego Harry Potter, back when they remade the first gen but with the realistic skin tone for the mini figs. I also think it was the same gen they made Hagrid more "realistic" as well as the other other sets based off of the books that came out after the first 4
Poke-Boy Hace 4 meses
Lego improvements be like…😮
??? Hace un año
A classic-style Johnny Thunder was released in one of the LEGO Movie sets. Specifically, the police gunship.
IDK??? Hace 5 meses
Can you do a video where you remake stuff from lego movies?
Bryan Fr
Bryan Fr Hace un año
This is an outstanding Lego content creator!
Joseph RowLee
Joseph RowLee Hace 11 meses
The older minifigures are awesome!
Jack Brants
Jack Brants Hace un año
Who else just found him and was already obsessed with the Legos and just started watching him for the rest of their life
Anna Bishop
Anna Bishop Hace 6 meses
I love your videos ❤
Miskari Hace un año
There are some figs that looks way better in the old version, like Jonny Thunder, the wizard and for me the old Luke skywalker is good too.
TD BRICKS Hace un año
Yeah old Johnny thunder just hits different!