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Anna Delvey came on the New York City party scene in 2016 and immediately won over everyone. However, her bills started to pile up and New York City's finest hotels led to her eventual downfall. Cheddar investigates this fake heiress.
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12 jun 2019






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Hoyin Tse
Hoyin Tse Hace 30 minutos
She is the same as the random "Nigerian Prince". People actually fall for these scams, because they have never been to Africa. The bank foreman has never been to Germany, he believes in her, and never fact check by phoning a bank in Germany.
RexXflash Hace un hora
Man if she actually managed to get that 22 million loan and spend it before they noticed anything, she'd be set for life
Youtubeuser 9
Youtubeuser 9 Hace 2 horas
When I hear financial crime, I always think about The Partner by John Grisham.
Quinn O'Keefe
Quinn O'Keefe Hace 4 horas
there are literally 0 mcdonalds that i know of that don't offer free refills lmao
Basem Sayej
Basem Sayej Hace 5 horas
because shes blonde lol
Stephen Gleason
Stephen Gleason Hace 6 horas
As opposed to a REAL heiress. What's the difference?
JF Dunn
JF Dunn Hace 7 horas
wish i was her :/
Rie Ford
Rie Ford Hace 12 horas
And the Feds did not pick this up...because???
Clara Marzullo
Clara Marzullo Hace 12 horas
Megan Carson
Megan Carson Hace 12 horas
Next episode of American Greed...
Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer
Tendani N
Tendani N Hace 23 horas
This sounds like a 2005 teen movie
Bac si Gà bé
Bac si Gà bé Hace un día
Good for her
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Hace un día
Literally have never heard of her. Not joking this is literally the first time I’ve heard of her.
cyril rouchon
cyril rouchon Hace un día
100% stupid rich new yorkers….. good job girl to make these people looking like clowns
Astro Bear
Astro Bear Hace un día
Ohh, when I saw articles about this I read "hairdresser" instead of "heiress" and I thought "how the fuck can you even pretend to be a hairdresser and scam rich people?"
John T.
John T. Hace un día
Sounds like that bitch Elizabeth from Theranos. They should both be locked up.
OCSleazy Hace un día
*Cough* White privilege. Black person would’ve gotten 10 yrs. 1 yr if she taken the plea bargain gtfoh.
TheSaltyandSad Hace un día
If there’s a Netflix special I actually kinda wanna watch it.. this is a whole grand scheme
Terri T.
Terri T. Hace un día
Shonda Rhimes has acquired the rights to this story for a Netflix series.
Dina Strange
Dina Strange Hace un día
American dream.
The Admiral
The Admiral Hace un día
I am amused and amazed.
Alvin Chua
Alvin Chua Hace un día
I bet she got inspiration from "Catch me if you can" movie
Esper Child
Esper Child Hace un día
The Female Great Gatsby!
TeaAtTwo Hace un día
Imagine if she had gotten that building..
Dash120z Hace un día
she's a fucking ICON!
David C
David C Hace 2 días
Lol. I have friend like this. She's living in small apartment but spending big like she's really rich. Once she ask me to lend her $100 for electricity bill . I said "no thank you. Sell your jewelry or phone"
GreyFox9842 Hace 2 días
He looks like an oblivion NPC.
Th_iii _nk
Th_iii _nk Hace 2 días
If you are in Los Angeles and want to pee very badly go to the luxury hotel's, they have the best restrooms. :)
Kai DuBois
Kai DuBois Hace 2 días
I want to be a white woman when I grow up 🙄
rhoadestyler321 Hace 2 días
Don't feel sorry for the banks. Greedy corporations.
MrPittsburghJ Hace 2 días
I feel 0 fucks for the places & people who give the rich, those that could easily afford shit, free shit.
Josh Hace 2 días
A dumber frank abagnale
MagicFlyingMan Hace 2 días
She's my ideal
Ryan Jeanes
Ryan Jeanes Hace 2 días
You can't believe she did this? How do you think Trump "made" his money? He ran up massive debts and then said, "Sorry, can't pay ya." Scam artist.
havok4615 Hace 2 días
why not grab the cash and leave the us immediately?
fernando torrera
fernando torrera Hace 2 días
She stole from the banks good for her.
Lia P
Lia P Hace 2 días
nah man, you can keep her in the us, we don´t need someone like that here in germany
Chandan Venkat
Chandan Venkat Hace 3 días
sweet sweet American "elite".
Vaati Hace 3 días
i dont approve but honestly? well done LOL
Antoinette Novella
Antoinette Novella Hace 3 días
narcsite.com/ She is clearly a narcissist. A deluded piece of nasty matter less than amoeba. Not to insult single celled entities eking out a living at the bottom of the ocean.
Rocky Bee
Rocky Bee Hace 3 días
that's what all of them get by not checking things lol. I've never been to a hotel where they would let me stay without checking my credit card first that's dumb
Autumn Clark
Autumn Clark Hace 3 días
How she did it? : White privilege
Audrey Koskei
Audrey Koskei Hace 19 horas
And pretty white girl privilege.
Garvey Toure
Garvey Toure Hace un día
@aldis aldonis lol ok
Autumn Clark
Autumn Clark Hace un día
aldis aldonis 😂 okay you missed the whole point. Whatever.
aldis aldonis
aldis aldonis Hace un día
She is slavic girl grown up in post soviet russia, there no privilege in that.
Eshy I
Eshy I Hace 3 días
No I don't like cupcakes
SergeantSilly Hace 3 días
Cant blame her. Would do the same think, if I had an opportunity. The only thing I´d change is that I would hide some money offshore, in case I get busted. Banks have enough money to share some. I´d try to maybe get a hand on 2-million, then I´d be gone.
violetblueberrys Hace 3 días
Chanel Kaan
Chanel Kaan Hace 3 días
They should make a movie from this story
Lamar Hace 4 días
Haha well done lady even I don't approve but it shows human stupidity
abhijit goda
abhijit goda Hace 4 días
when you finally watch a video thats been on ur recommended for months and finally watch it... ha
steven grimes
steven grimes Hace 4 días
Sometimes called a confidence trickster , love em !.( most people are really thick/easy to con)
albus dumbledore
albus dumbledore Hace 4 días
I like her 🤪
whatsup89100 Hace 5 días
>getting yelled out for getting free refills at Mickey D's i have literally never heard of this
1hard2findbro Hace 5 días
I'm amazed at how gold diggers can make money magically appear. Or does this consumerist society love predatory debt? 🤔 Both 😂
ironman10181 Hace 3 días
Bruh the total credit card debt in the us is like 11 trill
matasuki Hace 5 días
In a world where grocery stores a restaurants throw away food I have no complaints in someone hustling the system to grab some of the excesses and waste in the system.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Hace 5 días
I actually give this girl praise. I meen well done. She lived the high life for a bit. Should of been CATCH ME IF YOU CAN 2
Jamie Calida
Jamie Calida Hace 5 días
Why does she looks old for her age lol
DSMNproduction Hace 5 días
Guess that’s the *white privilege* what got her to the top
goodgirl140 Hace 6 días
This is the epitome of fake it till you make it.
Songmi Han
Songmi Han Hace 6 días
To be honest if an Asian girl tried to do the same thing with Anna, it would never be possible to go that far.
Jazmyn Hace 6 días
THESE are the people that should be deported. Not innocent families with small children escaping war, famine, destroyed economies, poverty, and murderous drug lords. It’s not fair and it’s inhumane. This woman has scammed and taken advantage of innocent people who trusted her, and banking institutions, has been dishonest and greedy and deserves to be removed. Nobody deserves to be forced back into poverty when they are not a threat to anyone or themselves or this country. I’m all for criminals and horrible folk like her to be deported. Getting citizenship takes a very long time and is very expensive so I see why some people will forgo it and come for the sake of safety because even as an illegal immigrant you pay takes and work and you should be able to at least work and have a way to have it maybe come out of your check toward your citizenship automatically and be confined to a merit system where you’re monitored for crime and illegal activity or something else that makes it easier to afford. I just think it’s a little unfair that it comes to money because most poorer immigrants don’t really have it which is why they’re coming here in the first place.
Jazmyn Hace 2 días
@1GTX1 "I an a xenophobe with no idea how politics, have influenced the destruction and cartel activity in Mexico. Therefore I like to make invalid statements interjected with my own opinions because I have no other valid point than that i simply hate" immigrants
1GTX1 Hace 5 días
I don't live in USA and don't plan it, but they should not take care of all the worlds problems, people in Mexico etc need to man up at take out drug cartels. Also you would have to be silly to think that US will be the same country once immigrants from third world become majority.
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