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Anna Delvey came on the New York City party scene in 2016 and immediately won over everyone. However, her bills started to pile up and New York City's finest hotels led to her eventual downfall. Cheddar investigates this fake heiress.
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12 jun 2019

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Comentarios 7 207
jenny taylor
jenny taylor Hace 17 minutos
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a master class in confidence. Act the part, get the part. Bet she ends up rich off the back of the story.
Ebeohp2018 Hace un hora
Why house and feed her after all the scam she did? She should be made to do hard labor.
Ellie Adams
Ellie Adams Hace un hora
dear god plz pay rachel back amen xox
La haba
La haba Hace 3 horas
White people stealing from white people, excellent!
La haba
La haba Hace 3 horas
White power! A person of colors wouldn't a single opportunity.
troy davey
troy davey Hace 3 horas
She's just lucky she's done this in these current times. Previously she would have got the shit kicked out of her, literally. That's probably why she has intentions of changing.
Shonenbased Hace 4 horas
Crazy how she didn’t accept the plea deal
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Hace 5 horas
Not even mad
LittleWildBoar Hace 5 horas
So Rachel din’t got her money back. But atleast she was able to stay in a luxury hotel right? And eat those food go Rachel Williams :) you can do this gurl
The Dudelino
The Dudelino Hace 12 horas
She was basically an influencer but not as smart. An influencer would've hired a photographer, built a huge following and stayed at all of these hotels for free in return for publicity. And hey - we are talking about Vanity Fair that covered the Marokko trip - talk to management before, they give you free rooms.
joey shelby
joey shelby Hace 13 horas
this was great! I subscribed!
SwissMarksman Hace 16 horas
If She was an He, I wonder how people reacted ...
Andie Morgan
Andie Morgan Hace 22 horas
She is the classic example of a psychopath. It's mind-blowing how she was able to blag this lifestyle for so long!!! 😵
who knows?
who knows? Hace 23 horas
Surprise, women are immune from most types of trouble/laws.
Fun Run
Fun Run Hace un día
so if she was black....
Xavier Monarrez
Xavier Monarrez Hace un día
I feel that’s how Donald Trump got rich.
Amanda Khan
Amanda Khan Hace un día
Classic example of a grade A NARCISSIST. Disgusting.
Virginia C
Virginia C Hace un día
But there are people doing life for selling weed 🤷🏼‍♀️
Arcane iconoclast
Arcane iconoclast Hace un día
2019 this bitch escapes from jail to raid area 51, hops on ufo schemes on intergalactic extraterrestrials to give up 1,000,000,000 galaxies to her.
Arcane iconoclast
Arcane iconoclast Hace un día
How manny dicks did she have to suck?
JeBentMislukt Hace un día
Shoot her
Donnie Hace un día
Thats what we call white privilege
Russians lol
C Sanchez
C Sanchez Hace un día
She doesn’t look like someone I can checked in, does she have hypnotic eyes? That won’t work for me either! Try me, I challenge you!
Kingah M
Kingah M Hace un día
Mia DoubleZeroSeven
Mia DoubleZeroSeven Hace un día
I feel nothing for these hotels, banks, and these other phonies. They got what they deserved.
Piotre Kiwignon
Piotre Kiwignon Hace un día
Why always a Russian , Why always us Kölle (from Cologne), and WHY da jeck Omaha ?!? I am deeply disapointed ... not because of Omaha ... of course :-)
Bodhi Soham
Bodhi Soham Hace un día
whatever... she followed her heart.. and did what she wanted to do.... this world is too chaotic to play a saint anymore..
NeroThe SpookyCat
NeroThe SpookyCat Hace un día
Your face looks weird I like it
Hace un día
Wait so basically A female version of Mr Beast Nvm Shes more of a asshole
Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart Hace un día
when is this going to be made into a movie?
Jake M
Jake M Hace 2 días
New Yorkers are dumb... what else is new?
Alyzhon Cardona
Alyzhon Cardona Hace 2 días
She's the real life Poppy Lifton
Rice N Beans
Rice N Beans Hace 2 días
Who cares ESvid thanks for that.
Tyler Bush
Tyler Bush Hace 2 días
Reminds me of Debbie from shameless haha
Mindfulness Key
Mindfulness Key Hace 2 días
The devil is a lie... so this is how people are enjoying and living their best life while the rest of us are law abiding, to what end really? And she'll only serve 2 years in prison
Meh Meh
Meh Meh Hace un día
I don’t know about others BUT there was this 1 chick that I was locked up with and she stole close to 25,000 from a lady she did home attending for and guess what she was hit with!!!! They MAXED her ass out 😂😂😂 She couldn’t even come out and play with general population. I thought she was a MURDERER the way they treated her and they “Red taped” her door (I had Yellow tape) and they tried to throw 15 FLAT at me with no possibility of parole 😳....Thank the LORD my lawyers brother was the D.A so I got off with paying ALOT of money in Fines, Lawyer fees PLUS copping out to the Lowest charge meaning I HAD to cop out with paying fines out my ass (Fines totaling in 10,000 being that I had to give every store/common wealth state (1500-2500) MONTHY and it had to be paid off in 6 months or I would have a warrant out out for my arrest 😳...Yeah people think That shyt is all fun in games until you get caught and realize your gonna LOOSE more than you THOUGHT u gained so they better go hard bc trust me once you get caught you’re gonna WISH you caught a BODY 😂😂😂 And those was in STATE CHARGES so imagine FEDERAL 😳...Their gonna straight NOOSE you without the ROPE 👌🏽....I know of chicks right now that are doing the minimum (BOOSTING 5,000 in merch or less ) And they even get HIT with 5 years at LEAST bc they even know that scam shyt will sit you down for 10 years or MORE...so I never saw no SCAMMER walk away unscathed unless you have the BEST LAWYERS who are well CONNECTED 😏
Meshall Alsowina
Meshall Alsowina Hace 2 días
can someone sum up this 10 min video in a text?
Cyril Thomas
Cyril Thomas Hace 2 días
That's not a _fake_ Socialist, she is a _real_ Socialist, Socialism is all about stealing
Cyril Thomas
Cyril Thomas Hace un día
@Lalramdina Varte Was taking the opportunity to shout Socialism is all about stealing : )
Lalramdina Varte
Lalramdina Varte Hace un día
fucking hell you missed the point by a mile
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Hace 2 días
Heh, doesn't she remind you of Trump..? I mean he said on multiple occasions that all his life he lived out of loans.. also had hundreds of lawsuits for not paying those loans back.. how is it that he never ended up in chains..?
Sic Semper Beats
Sic Semper Beats Hace 2 días
lmao i expected her to be much more attractive tbh she looks like what you expect Meg to look like from Family Guy
Estrada603 Hace 2 días
The jokes n puns you make are the real crime here
Thuli Msezane
Thuli Msezane Hace 2 días
"Scam today, before today scams you" - Joanne the Scammer
Robert Halisheff
Robert Halisheff Hace 2 días
catch me if you can..lol
Reiner D'souza
Reiner D'souza Hace 2 días
I think everyone of us guys deserves a girlfriend like Anna...atleast once in a lifetime. So we can live an exciting lavish life with no busting balls on 9-5Job. She's no way the kinda girl u wanna marry.
Ray R
Ray R Hace 2 días
Late stage capitalism
entschlossen Hace 2 días
ah Hace 2 días
If she were black she wouldv gotten 20yrs in jail.
Irina Sharie
Irina Sharie Hace 23 horas
ah - if she was black, this story would have ended on the day of her first visit to the bank. Actually, it wouldn’t even start.
Peter Gambier
Peter Gambier Hace 2 días
Who cares about all of this? Some people will do almost anything for those that they think are rich and powerful, and if you get conned....then I'm sorry but it's nobodies fault but your own for believing them in the first place.
Angy Olivier
Angy Olivier Hace 2 días
I dont feel bad for the people at the bank or her friend Rachel. Sorry not sorry.
The Wade Effect
The Wade Effect Hace 2 días
Privilege much?
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