The Funniest Roasts & Comebacks by Comedians

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The funniest moments of comedians ripping on each other.
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14 mar 2019






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Walter grey
Walter grey Hace 7 horas
8:11 dude look like mr. Potato head
Shaq GasEngine
Shaq GasEngine Hace 2 días
I hope when Chelsea Handler goes to Hell its an eternity of that moment with Russell Brand
Shaq GasEngine
Shaq GasEngine Hace 2 días
Damn, I’m guessing whoever was responsible for sitting Kristen Stewart next to Chris Rock was IMMEDIATELY fired 😬😬😬
William G
William G Hace 4 días
You’re the weirdest looking person on the planet... says the guy who jerks off in public
Casey Maree
Casey Maree Hace 5 días
For some of those there is a difference being a comedian and being an asshole...
daniel ficara
daniel ficara Hace 5 días
Theo von is on another level
Quality Bleach
Quality Bleach Hace 7 días
Bill burr is fcking lethal
Sperdawan Pamfru
Sperdawan Pamfru Hace 10 días
Paul Moony is a child rapist.
Sniper 2000
Sniper 2000 Hace 11 días
3:13 she was really being rude.
JBsBS Hace 12 días
Is the fat person with the mohawk and glasses and shit a guy or girl? And what's its name? Real shit.
Tytanium Hace 13 días
That one Asian chick with the stach thinks they are the bomb
nick dolgikh
nick dolgikh Hace 17 días
Who are these guys lol??
Ceka D
Ceka D Hace 21 un día
That guy really walked into that one with the “more or less than me” comment
Cat Tac
Cat Tac Hace 26 días
Jim Jeffries is a cheater who edits interviews to essentially lie
Jenna F
Jenna F Hace 28 días
I love that comedians can take jabs at each other and just laugh about it instead of getting offended. Makes it so good
*wishmeluck* Hace 29 días
Don't reach over here you bloated Italian
Mauri Funez
Mauri Funez Hace un mes
Bill Burr is a fuking animal 🤣😭
Nefo Hace un mes
lmao theo "you look like an italian that drowned and then just still lived"
Jacob Abbott
Jacob Abbott Hace un mes
Bobby Lee needs to be a lot more famous than he is, for the benefit of the public.
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg Hace un mes
"I remember seeing your stand up and thinking, that guy's going to be a great writer" Brilliant line. Never realised Ray was actually funny.
Sphakamiso Zondi
Sphakamiso Zondi Hace un mes
6:22, who's that guy? His roasts are savage.
JIA Hace 29 días
Theo Von. One of my favorite comedians.
JIA Hace 29 días
Theo Von. He's a great comic.
Ahmed Efkirin
Ahmed Efkirin Hace un mes
Who's the Chinese dude?
CoolCommentator Hace un mes
almost nothing funny
Jordan S
Jordan S Hace un mes
what podcasts do the two fellas at the end do?
Ahmed Hace un mes
3:17 killed ittt 😂
Top Ranked
Top Ranked Hace un mes
why do your dumbass think theo Vonn is funny? thyat guys fucking sucks
Kozdera1 Hace un mes
How comes nobody roasts Theo Von for his hillbilly hairstyle?
marko polo 2
marko polo 2 Hace un mes
you funny
Joe Chamoun
Joe Chamoun Hace un mes
They are epic jokes I wish i could understand them
Cal Hace un mes
I cant get enough of bill burr hahaha
perijon00 Hace un mes
Cal he’s too good. Just no filter but makes it work. Got a standing ovation after seriously disrespecting philly for 20 min and had one of his best bits about hitting women
Cal Hace un mes
hahaha got em in the first one
Juliana Koziol
Juliana Koziol Hace un mes
H3 whaaaaaat!!!
Patrick T
Patrick T Hace un mes
Hey Ck Lewis ain't lying about Jay Leno. I spotted him in a history school book when I was high school. He was like at a vote convention. Wearing a Uncle Sam look🤣but you were damn sure it was Jay Leno!
haaris mohammed
haaris mohammed Hace un mes
Kristen is full of bullshit
H M Hace un mes
Bobby Lee is forever my guy
Josh A
Josh A Hace un mes
Louis CK was owned by Leno. Lmao
Manufan909 1
Manufan909 1 Hace 2 meses
Louis got straight wrecked in that opening segment. He's already dead, Jay!!!
playstation888 caveman98
7:09 I found gordan In da back
Talorc MacAllan
Talorc MacAllan Hace 2 meses
Here watch some real comedy roasts esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-YVlJQLcNbdQ.html
Talorc MacAllan
Talorc MacAllan Hace 2 meses
What!! no Frankie Boyle...........missed the boat there, pretty crap to be honest.
Joan Pujadas
Joan Pujadas Hace 2 meses
really , why do you put clips from Joe Rogan's boyfriend podcast?!
Steevin Suhgahl
Steevin Suhgahl Hace 2 meses
"NOBODY LOOKS LIKE THIS!" That might be the funniest Louis CK line I've ever heard. Never fails to make me die.
Steevin Suhgahl
Steevin Suhgahl Hace un mes
It was a funny line.
WinaGoldFishHere Hace un mes
Craig Dawson he has classic lines but yeah that was a classic roast , he just kept extending the joke further and further lol
Frenky Žule
Frenky Žule Hace 2 meses
So random 1 meter tall , boy bearded jap dude going around calling people ugly? sry I didnt find that funny...
The Notorious Artorias
Lol that fake laughter from the dyke. I bet she was fucking seething on the inside.
It Ain’t Easy
It Ain’t Easy Hace 2 meses
Louis Ck calling someone else weird looking.
Ultimate destination
Man back then people had balls on TV now it's all about political correct and licking hilarity Clinton's ass on a Saturday night
**Old comedians insulting each other** Bo: who are you? Comedy gold.
Kp SA Hace 2 meses
The dude from road rules is not funny at all. Ever
Albert Yang
Albert Yang Hace 2 meses
Bill Burr Kills..
Zaid chilmeran
Zaid chilmeran Hace 2 meses
That asian guy looks like an alcoholic dad that beats his children to take out his frustration
Toxo 27
Toxo 27 Hace 2 meses
Theo Von roasting Brendan Schaub is absolute gold
Toxo 27
Toxo 27 Hace 2 meses
Chris D’elia has the best laugh
Adrian Rangel
Adrian Rangel Hace 2 meses
Who the he'll is that comedian by Raman at 3:34 kinda looks like Pewpie.
suraj punjabi
suraj punjabi Hace 2 meses
That feminazi had some balls talking like tht to Burr...wtf did she think was gonna happen? Did she expect Burr to say "oh sorry, milady, i seem to hv forgotten my manners. Do forgive me. " ??
Paul Froelich
Paul Froelich Hace 2 meses
You look like a Mechanic at Nordstrom Rack hahaha
JonezBB Hace 2 meses
Kreischer deserved that like holy shit
Showtime123 Hace 2 meses
Theo Vons roasts on Brendan Schaub make no sense... yet at the same time are perfect
Bhor King
Bhor King Hace 2 meses
Don't fight with Burr
smarterthanyous Hace 2 meses
Charlemagne is a racist piece of shit!
Young King
Young King Hace 2 meses
Ron Jeremy needed that comment translated in pornhub lol 4:41
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