The Funniest Roasts & Comebacks by Comedians

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The funniest moments of comedians ripping on each other.
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14 mar 2019

bill burrjay lenodavid lettermanpete davidsonbo burnhamconankevin hartbobby leenorm macdonaldray romonojeff rosschris d'eliatheo vondavid spade






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makai mcclure
makai mcclure Hace un día
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul Hace un día
Chris Rock looks like a crackhead
Marvin Ramsey
Marvin Ramsey Hace 13 días
That Ron Jeremy bit killed me... the fact that he had to ask the girl next to him what was going on was what made it gold
impactedlion Hace 14 días
What's this video called at 4:15
Craig Dawson
Craig Dawson Hace 15 días
Ryan A.P.
Ryan A.P. Hace 16 días
Theo roasting whatever the hell that big douche’s name is is my favorite thing.
What’s it 2 ya
What’s it 2 ya Hace 18 días
Awesome video, thanks for uploading I needed this laugh
Robby Underwood
Robby Underwood Hace 23 días
I thought that was Kim jong un in the thumbnail
Kyle powerfulkg
Kyle powerfulkg Hace 23 días
I slept on bobby lee for years, he's hilarious
Beezle Hace 24 días
gadgetsage Hace 25 días
Op started that "it should be obvious" that Utah makes it hard to buy alcohol (since Utah is run by Mormons), I took opposite position, pointing out that for instance in Texas they restrict hours/days you can buy alcohol, how is a person from somewhere else supposed to "just know that"? Another smartass, after refusing several attempts at a conversation where I invited them to defend their (stupid) position by providing examples of how exactly a person not from that area could "just know" or what clues might tell them what unusual thing goes on in this unfamiliar area, which they ignored (since their position was stupid and indefensible) replied that "your ignorance isn't my problem." I replied "No, but yours is." Still waiting for a reply
James3790 Hace 25 días
The only Theo joke that belongs here is the first one. The others weren't good at all.
Andrew Regehr
Andrew Regehr Hace 26 días
Bobby Lee is just not funny
Tq Spooky
Tq Spooky Hace 26 días
I feel like Bobby lee yells a lot
MrLee Hace 26 días
Jay Rojas
Jay Rojas Hace 26 días
Video is missing Don Rickles
J is Scoobysmom
J is Scoobysmom Hace 26 días
"Meanwhile, fuckin Spade..." even though I saw it coming, I laughed so hard! I love all 3 of them for different reasons. These were good clips, Thanks!
ilkovic Hace 26 días
"you look like you drowned and somehow still lived" ~Theo Von on "bloated Italian" Brendan Schaub
Libbie Clowns
Libbie Clowns Hace 27 días
2:00 - Pay attention, folks, because you're looking at a genuine dumb, liberal cunt right here. This stupid bitch literally got famous by starring in a vampire series where her character was required to do nothing more than act angry, confused and frustrated. In other words, any teenager could have played the role, and most of them would have been better looking.
Scott Bussell
Scott Bussell Hace 27 días
Bobby lee is one unfunny cunt.
Blake M
Blake M Hace 27 días
Jay Leno reminds me of the Crimson Chin for some reason....
Manuel Dope22
Manuel Dope22 Hace 11 días
He did do the voice for Crimson Chin.
_Liza AnimateZ_
_Liza AnimateZ_ Hace 27 días
Lit B
Lit B Hace 27 días
“You look like an Italian that drowned but still lived”
C N Hace 27 días
Jay leno looks like mayor quimby from the simpsons
If u disagree with me u are stupid
He looks like Jay Leno from the Simpsons
Paul Karns
Paul Karns Hace 27 días
So nice to see Chelsea Handler get burned
Paul Karns
Paul Karns Hace 27 días
Great compilation
Gaben Hace 27 días
9:01 dudes side profile looks like Homo Erectus.
e-Rekt Hace 27 días
Saying that Ethan is not ugly, is like saying that shit doesn't stink.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Hace 28 días
I really don't like that Asian guy...
Sinbad 87
Sinbad 87 Hace 27 días
How's he clowning the guy from workaholics?
e-Rekt Hace 27 días
Me too.
Jak Hace 27 días
Jason King
Jason King Hace 28 días
Chris Jones same
Eyerish .B
Eyerish .B Hace 28 días
Jay. Killed him tho
Bruno Macedo
Bruno Macedo Hace 28 días
Whos that chinese guy? Obnosious, not funny and has a terrific punchable face!!
Eric Salles
Eric Salles Hace 28 días
He was a regular cast member on madTV and he has been on TV shows like Curb your Enthusiasm and he was in the film the Dictator.
Michael Wazowski
Michael Wazowski Hace 28 días
Guy at 6:22 looks like if Tony Hawk were a crackhead
MMAS Hace 28 días
Why does Bobby Lee have a decent looking woman 🤣
buttz krieg
buttz krieg Hace 27 días
Crazy how that works huhh?
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe Hace 27 días
Tigerbelly got money
MMAS Hace 28 días
There was no comeback on the Norm vs Spade thing .
SKO Show
SKO Show Hace 26 días
The title is roasts and comebacks. That was a roast
Heartbreak Richy
Heartbreak Richy Hace 28 días
Bill burr is too quick with it bruh
smith williams
smith williams Hace 28 días
Bobby Lee was just being a douche in most of his clips
Brian Dawkins
Brian Dawkins Hace 28 días
Crowd had to wait to see if what Bill said wasn't offensive then laughed on the repeat when they saw she was laughing, pathetic
Brendan Anastasia
Brendan Anastasia Hace 28 días
Good catch. I didn’t even notice that the first time.
Tony Ferguson
Tony Ferguson Hace 28 días
Brian Dawkins Yeah, wow
Create and Learn
Create and Learn Hace 28 días
Jay Leno looks like the Crimson Chin from Timmy Turner
Create and Learn
Create and Learn Hace 3 días
Lord Vader mind blown 😂 didn’t know that.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Hace 3 días
Create and Learn That’s because Jay Leno is the crimson chin. He voices him.
Joseph Iles
Joseph Iles Hace 27 días
By design I think
dillpicklechips Hace 29 días
I get that Bobby Lee is a comedian but someone needs to punch him in the mouth. Just once.
e-Rekt Hace 27 días
@renno650 Such a shame because Ari needs to get punched too.
renno650 Hace 28 días
dillpicklechips Ari Shaffir did. Multiple times.
dillpicklechips Hace 29 días
I bet Jay Leno also doesn’t need to masturbate in front of women because he gets plenty of consenting puss on his own haha
Matthew Peers
Matthew Peers Hace 29 días
Norm Macdonald's hand is so small!!! 1:35
e-Rekt Hace 27 días
Damn fucking baby hands
bip bong
bip bong Hace 28 días
Matthew Peers interviewer too
Wolfy Hace 28 días
Matthew Peers hahahahaha WTF
Captain Ace
Captain Ace Hace 29 días
You look like you haven’t evolved fully.
online marketing ads
online marketing ads Hace 29 días
4:45 damn that's definition of perfect timing
shannon osullivan
shannon osullivan Hace 29 días
These weren’t funny
Gaunter O'Dimm
Gaunter O'Dimm Hace un mes
3:28 felix to mainstream media! The response was spot on too 😂
earthling2007 Hace un mes
Theo Von is so fucking funny!!! Wow! Hahahahhaaaa
Yogie Hace un mes
@4:11 Was that Sandler laughing off camera?
Hop Hace un mes
These were "the funniest"?
Aterhallsam Hace un mes
Lol bobby says ”THIS IS A MACHINE” to Bert ”The Machine” Kreischer.
AbeliSkillz Hace un mes
2:14 that man looks like Marty from the movie Madagascar.
AbeliSkillz Hace un mes
@Michael McCardle oh lol didn t know that.
Michael McCardle
Michael McCardle Hace un mes
AbeliSkillz he’s the voice of Marty from Madagascar lol
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