The future we're building -- and boring | Elon Musk

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Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.
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Josefina Ortega
Josefina Ortega Hace 8 horas
I do admire this dude in some ways, but this was in fact boring enough that I had to stop at minute 5ish LOL
Duke Duke
Duke Duke Hace 9 horas
Elon gets 5 Billion dollars (tax payers money). Elon makes cars for a high price. Elon gets more money, Elonbuilds rockets, where cameras always start do mailfunction JUST before the rocket lands. If i would have known that it is so easy, i would have done it. But i always thought it was fraud, well nevermind.
FutureNotFixed Hace 12 horas
Okay Elon. You reading? Good. End the flat earth society. Take their leader have him JOIN you in one of your rockets and take a little trip up. The solution is a rocket. That doesn't take a rocket scientist to come up with a solution. END the flat earth controversy. All you rich think tankers covertly gave rise to the problem. The reaction to the problem has taken place. Now implement the solution to it. If only one of these interviewers would confront you on camera about it so you are in a corner and have to publicly address it. Everyone else knows the earth is not flat. Why not simply put an end to the controversy and take all the well-known flat earth leaders on a little space trip? As if YOU can't afford it. Or is there a reason all you futurists NEED flat earthers around? You want to be a philanthropist? Drag them up above with you. Let them bring their own cameras if they want.
Ian Ochola
Ian Ochola Hace 13 horas
First 40 mins interview I've watched without skipping a second
Ronak Dhakan
Ronak Dhakan Hace 15 horas
I think without Elon Musk we would make the progress but it would be much slower in small increments made by hundreds of people.
Ricardo Leffering
Ricardo Leffering Hace 18 horas
We need more people like Elon!
Jay Nepal
Jay Nepal Hace un día
Fair to say, (From what we hear), Elon musk has a brain in the capacities in 10s of multitude of Steve Jobs? :)
Anudeep Srivastav
Anudeep Srivastav Hace un día
I guess Elon thinks 10 times before he thinks because average human being cant understand what he is speaking about :)
Maxxx LVMH
Maxxx LVMH Hace un día
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Julle Hace un día
"the most deepest mines are much more deeper, than tallest buildings are tall" -Elon Musk
Abhinandh Cs
Abhinandh Cs Hace 2 días
S. Arif
S. Arif Hace 2 días
Americanized South African accent
David W
David W Hace 2 días
Remarkably similar to iRobot. #waltwhatareyoulike
MalekPinecone Hace 2 días
Elon, it's not a simulation.
Thi Thanh Dai TRAN
Thi Thanh Dai TRAN Hace 2 días
If it is boring, why don't we start funny things ? Stop turning around. Go straight to the goal !
Shrimp Bagels
Shrimp Bagels Hace 2 días
Underground roads irobot much
[Blank] Hace 2 días
I can’t help but think of it like human ant tunnels, hahaha!
Pilar Bojorquez
Pilar Bojorquez Hace 3 días
What would happen to the tunnels if there were to be a hard earthquake.
bibek mainali
bibek mainali Hace 3 días
Yeah, I also lost it in the "factor".
champukeilyn Hace 3 días
Organic African geniuses are suppressed for this complete caucasian idiot don't believe the hype
champukeilyn Hace 3 días
Before we consider this caucasian creep a genius remember the African (saith tech) who built the perpetual motion car that runs on nothing who disappeared under trump
Dan Way
Dan Way Hace 4 días
I just realised that boring means digging a hole, mind blown
Lotus Family TV
Lotus Family TV Hace 4 días
Do they have a Muscle Car Tesla?
Lotus Family TV
Lotus Family TV Hace 4 días
Though this idea may be more earthquake prone
ifyouknow youknow
ifyouknow youknow Hace 4 días
this guy got younger just look at his 2014 interviews
Ratul Ghosh
Ratul Ghosh Hace 4 días
Woah this was such an interesting ted talk with Elon sir absolutely a brilliant personality and i am grateful to hear from him.This is the longest interview I have ever watched without skipping.Please do an another interview in 2020 with him in Ted .I always love hearing his thoughts and vision for an exciting future ahead....
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hes not very smart for a billionaire
A T Hace 5 días
I think he do the spaceX for the reason that our world finally will break in someway inevitably.
Patrick Lillis
Patrick Lillis Hace 5 días
When I think about the future I feel sad ☘️
Marcus Ward
Marcus Ward Hace 5 días
20:00 Cybertruck. There it is!!
Marvel GuYz
Marvel GuYz Hace 5 días
Real Tony Stark Like If You Agree Cause This Guy Deserves A Like Man
The Melon Ninja
The Melon Ninja Hace 6 días
Elon Musk = Mumbo Jumbo
Wtf Sup
Wtf Sup Hace 6 días
LOCK ELON UP. NOW. Lock him on the space station. We need to protect earths greatest asset.
Wtf Sup
Wtf Sup Hace 6 días
LOCK ELON UP. NOW. Lock him on the space station. We need to protect earths greatest asset.
huyked Hace 6 días
11,199,991 views. How freakin' interesting that I should come upon that view number. :) Edit: March 21, 2020 (in the midst of coronavirus "stay in place" mandate in San Diego, CA)
John Slay
John Slay Hace 6 días
Mother Nature will stop you in your tracks
R Quelix
R Quelix Hace 6 días
The man designing our future.. definitely ahead of his time
shooting star
shooting star Hace 6 días
i think self driving cars will make this obsolete, depending on how it unfolds. if it gets you there faster by and lot, then it will still be a powerful substances. and because it cant grow as fast, imagine a whole city with self driving cars, now that want to bring in this, it could be done on the base of its speed but it all comes down to its competitive advantage. if it dosnt have manufacturing problems. then i imagine it only being in a few city's like the ones with over traffic. but even then it could simply not be obsolete or profits will be low. depending on hows its done of course. so id say threat of substances is high, competitive is low, suppler power low, buyer power medium to high, barrors to enter meditum or high. what if you calopses a road and cost tax payers millions? this is my comparative industry stucutue anyyse in 10 years if theres any other views and you wish too contribute please do
angelicinspirations Hace 6 días
I prefer the interviewer. He is more human.
ISHWAR TWARI Hace 6 días
elon musk is my inspiration to excel!
Lakshanth Reddy
Lakshanth Reddy Hace 7 días
Elon builds a tunnel for a student competition...... Ends up being the biggest vacuum chamber in the world 😀 This dude's amazing
di'Jaymatic Hace 7 días
I watch stuff like this and suddenly not afraid of coronavirus
RipsharkTV Hace 7 días
lol this sounds scary if something bad happens.
Cay Carlson
Cay Carlson Hace 7 días
How can we ensure a healthy relationship with another species when we can't even get it straight with other races.
Peter Pratsch
Peter Pratsch Hace 7 días
M 21
M 21 Hace 7 días
He wants to build underground tunnel highways in earthquake hotspot areas, now that's a billion dollar grave
Gabe Kearns
Gabe Kearns Hace 8 días
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Fields of joy
Fields of joy Hace 8 días
"It must be real because it looks so fake." This old teenager is nothing but a professional sci-fi story teller for the billions of naive kids or "adult" slaves to keep them in awe instead of thinking straight. Cf "Starman in Space"… with his childish little stutter, he is the favorite of all the Cabals' clowns.
marc p
marc p Hace 8 días
Until u have a major me malfunction or giant earthquake lol
Neyla Naila
Neyla Naila Hace 8 días
Whenever the audiance applauds ellon turns his head toward the interviewer
Robin Mendoza
Robin Mendoza Hace 8 días
so like Irobot
Temel Dursun
Temel Dursun Hace 8 días
Turkey is best in tunnel digging :D don't trust? Come & check ..
Billy Grahammer
Billy Grahammer Hace 8 días
Whilst governments proceed to destroy the world we have men like this seeking to benefit the world
Bucketlist Hace 9 días
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Axel Miranda
Axel Miranda Hace 9 días
Elon is amazing
rd264 Hace 9 días
do viewers understand how ego centric and clueless musk is? the cars hes building are childish hot rods for fat cats when what the world needs is a very small cheap cheap durable zero carbon car for cities and meanwhile hes not working on a totally zero carbon new way to move lots of people across large areas, perhaps electric or mag lev trains. instead hes advancing AI and trips to mars which the sci fi movies show is a foreseeable disaster, and his idea of car tunnels would not reduce traffic, its going to massively increase it by inviting more cars.
The Cursed Pancake
The Cursed Pancake Hace 8 días
It wont invite new cars, how will more cars be on the road? There will be *less* cars on the road because there are tunnels underground.
PunkMonkey81 Hace 9 días
Tug of war When?
Vikram Godara
Vikram Godara Hace 9 días
Till now 11M viewer of this talk but i want to know about these 4.3 K people who has disliked this talk. I think they are already reached to mars and press the dislike button and saying are you still planning we already reached!!!! By the way he has really exciting vision 👍
Christina Williams
Christina Williams Hace 9 días
I cant wait to get my hands on one of those. We have delivery robots in 4 wheels in my home town Milton Keynes. Very reliable little things. I can just imagine that being a Tesla and me in side it...
jia0_nn Hace 9 días
Appreciate that how hard he work for achieving humanity breakthrough "what's funny about that?" said at 10:36
andrei croitoru
andrei croitoru Hace 10 días
*Tehnology into brain* ? Never ,people get stupid if they believe that's a good point ,wake up people .This will be manipulation ..
Chris Napier
Chris Napier Hace 10 días
Derp Hace 10 días
someone wanna comment and give time stamps
Adriano Dallegrave
Adriano Dallegrave Hace 10 días
I found this video in 2020 accidentally, and it was during the crisis of the corona virus, at a time of so many uncertainties, meeting inspiring people like Musk, makes us renew the hope of better days. Musk you inspire me! thanks!!
Karl Le Lowlander
Karl Le Lowlander Hace 10 días
Es tikai risināju zinātnisko mistēriju. Bet nejau tikai to! Nonākot pie biznesa. Hmm ko lai es daru! Nāksies padomāt un paplānot.
Karl Le Lowlander
Karl Le Lowlander Hace 10 días
Es plānoju uzstāties! Pēc vīrusa perioda.
Karl Le Lowlander
Karl Le Lowlander Hace 10 días
Vismaz progress ir!
Karl Le Lowlander
Karl Le Lowlander Hace 10 días
Iespējams jākļūst par nākamo dzelzsvīru.
Karl Le Lowlander
Karl Le Lowlander Hace 10 días
bishop jason
bishop jason Hace 11 días
Elon Musk is the only person alive who NEEDS to be kept alive at all costs.....reAL
bishop jason
bishop jason Hace 11 días
bishop jason
bishop jason Hace 11 días
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TKGoat Hace 11 días
Elon has a way of making amazing things seem ridiculous lol the snail thing was hilarious
Karim Tarkawi
Karim Tarkawi Hace 11 días
I have a question for Elon, Would you allow other cars to go through the tunnel or only Tesla? and I do think underground tunnels would solve the problem but to use mass transportation instead of individual cars!!! it called Subway. I am a big fan of Elon and solar power which Elon did an amazing job
Victor Tayebi
Victor Tayebi Hace 12 días
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Laura White
Laura White Hace 12 días
Justin won’t be a mason
Paul Gratton
Paul Gratton Hace 12 días
Imagine the queue for the tunnel entrance that only takes one car at a time. Did I just be more clever than Elon Musk?
og jenny
og jenny Hace 12 días
He will save us!
Q Yang
Q Yang Hace 12 días
0:33 “I ask myself that frequently.” Elon asks and challenges himself, like a stranger challenges himself.
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