The Gas Can We've Been Waiting For - FINALLY!!!

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Could this be the perfect gas can? Today Wranglerstar reviews and installs a Rotopax. Rotopax has the best mounting system I've ever seen. I love the modular nature of the design. Rotopax offers yellow cans for diesel, red for gas, blue for kerosene, white for water, and orange for storing small items. These can are great for overland jeeps and truck, motorcycles, side by sides, quads, van conversion, and light trucks.
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16 jul 2019






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Wranglerstar Hace 4 meses
Links To The Tools Used In This Video Rotopax - amzn.to/2k3RcNF Deburring Tool - amzn.to/2lBvmS8 Loctite Anti Seize - amzn.to/2k72Gjx Silver Sharpie - amzn.to/30DE9ST
Anthony Tyrrell
Anthony Tyrrell Hace 4 meses
All the asshole Californians move to Oregon plz take them back
How well that can fit on the back side of your cooker was the only thing that calmed me down from my PTSD starting to show through when you were gassing the Ford up with those stupid "lobbied" safety mechanisms. I was just waiting for gas to start spilling out everywhere as that can got tangled up in the spout. I remember when those damn things came out. Thanks for sharing Cody, love the content. -Will
《 LJK 》
《 LJK 》 Hace 4 meses
@Jordan Forsgren eep! Sounds bloody! Hope its not too deep mate.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill Hace 4 meses
I have one of these for my Dirt bike it fell off once but it wasn’t the gas cans and mount fault The nut and bolt fell off The rack so it started wobbling it still works best gas cans ever
Sherp USA Sales
Sherp USA Sales Hace 4 meses
They work pretty good on the side of a SHERP too!
Wayne Hace 6 horas
Often when I replace any hardware that is supplied and it will be used where the elements can corrode it.. I replace it with stainless steel material. Yes it cost more but nothing worse than a rusty bolt seizing up and/or staining your paint or metal finish. Of course you're using anti-seize... that's always a good idea.
Beam Hace 21 un hora
2 fingers measure... how many rogans is that?
pip excell
pip excell Hace 12 días
looks like a normal gas can with about 2/3 of the capacity because of the hole
Vernon Byler
Vernon Byler Hace 14 días
I recently came across the brand sure can. Could you do a review on those
D B Hace 16 días
It pressures up and gets a hole. $100 down the drain!
Mark Henry
Mark Henry Hace 25 días
Those 'Safety Spouts' are brought to you by California.
Taylor Compton
Taylor Compton Hace 26 días
I use a funnel and remove the safety knozle anymore
nirvana896 Hace 27 días
Tree huggers are so worried about a small amount of fuel vapor but never mind the massive amount of gas going everywhere when you use these cans and spouts.
Sam Garofalo
Sam Garofalo Hace 27 días
I doubt it’s the politicians, I’m betting lawyers and mega buck lawsuit settlements
Grant Thomas
Grant Thomas Hace 29 días
Go ahead and buy the spouts for the water rotopax to use for the gas. I found them for less than $10 a piece, and my world changed not having to fight those stupid twist ones
srspam menot
srspam menot Hace un mes
Hold down slot in center is the pouring handle lol
Joel Broussard
Joel Broussard Hace un mes
Have you seen these cans? Out of all the different ones that I have tried over the past 10 years, these work the best for me. www.lowes.com/pd/SureCan-5-Gallon-Plastic-Gas-Can/1000033473
6 6
6 6 Hace un mes
You are attempting to set the 2 gallon can on it's side. The bottom is the long side and there is a handle on the other long side for pouring.
Mr Joker
Mr Joker Hace un mes
Wait isn’t this one in escape from tarkov?
stingray4540 Hace un mes
A thought about mounting the water can there. Heat. On shot day, I could see it warming up your water. Nothing worse than drinking hot water.
Keith Mikell
Keith Mikell Hace un mes
Hope the rest of your week is better than monday (it sounds) has been to you. Great video.
Scott Lawson
Scott Lawson Hace un mes
As always, nice review! I've been considering various fuel & water storage options, and honestly, I think the RotopaX seems like a better option than even the Wavian NATO-style steel cans. The RotopaX system has more mounting options, the cans themselves are lighter, and when full are lighter still over the steel 5 (liter/gallon?) cans- and can be a significant bonus depending on the mounting, the strength of the person hefting them, or even a strong individual if said individual is injured or exhausted. Plus, as you showed in one of your videos, the steel cans CAN flake off the inner lining (which can be a real issue), and/or they can rust. Polymer won't do either. Something to consider. Personally, I'm going with RotopaX.
Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone Hace 2 meses
I've found the Surecan gas can work the best very well built and easy to use and they are safety compliant
Ross Hughes
Ross Hughes Hace 3 meses
Awesome it’s really annoying when I have to carry them using both hands when I’m going to water board someone
Mark Knister
Mark Knister Hace 3 meses
David Charriez
David Charriez Hace 3 meses
Nice product Cody. Protip, you can spray paint the perimeter of the gas can black to conceal it further.
Do Cool Stuff
Do Cool Stuff Hace 3 meses
You spill more gas than you would if they left us alone lol. I tip my hat to you Cody I hate those stupid spouts too.
Alta_164 Hace 4 meses
Do they check that you have safety cans? Here in Canada we just have normal nozzles, theyre pretty cheap too
Ken M
Ken M Hace 4 meses
Hey Wranglerstar can you tell me where you got the storage boxes on your rear bumper? Thanks
Ronnie Godwin
Ronnie Godwin Hace 4 meses
They're really nice, but to Rich for my blood. Hang in there !
David Stepeck
David Stepeck Hace 4 meses
I bought the old fashioned tubes for all my gas cans online.
southernson11 Hace 4 meses
@wranglerstar have you looked a wavian fuel cans
Lee Kollar
Lee Kollar Hace 4 meses
Wiping it off everything for the next 15 years! 😂😂
Greg W
Greg W Hace 4 meses
This comment isn't about the container it's about a Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump. Harbor Freight has a $10 ($8 with your 20% off coupon) little pump that uses 2 D batteries. No more spilling fuel or holding the can while it slowly pours. I keep one at home a one on the farm. Here's a link if anybody is interested www.harborfreight.com/battery-operated-liquid-transfer-pump-63847.html Coupons are at shop.harborfreight.com/digitalsavings.html just show the coupon on your phone at checkout. There are ESvid videos about this pump also. Hope you like it as much as I do.
Rebecca H
Rebecca H Hace 4 meses
I got so sick of the spouts on all of the cans that I finally invested in new Jerry cans... will never go back! No issues, seals tight, no fumes, no spilling.. at all. All around excellent wavianusa.com/
SOVT Hace 4 meses
With shipping it would be $150 for me to get a 3 gal. can and mount. Absurd! Especially since the spout seems to have basically the same problems as all the other safety cans.
Allan Hitchmoth
Allan Hitchmoth Hace 4 meses
I'm probably in violation of Federal Law but...... One of the handy things I've discovered about that particular kind of "UN-SAFE-T" spout is that if you cut off that plastic "Lock - Unlock" band, you'll be left with a spout that simply allows flow when pushed, and stops flow when released. I've found THIS functionality to be VERY handy filling weed-whackers, lawnmowers, and such.
Chris Woolvin
Chris Woolvin Hace 4 meses
VP Racing cans don't have a safety valve and are more traditional
it's_ok_to_be _white
Fast forward to the nozzle. That's what makes a good gas can. And yes... I blame California for messing up gas cans. The good old days were when you popped open a lid and poured gas with ease. RIP easy pour gas cans. California ruined them like everything else.
Another Honda
Another Honda Hace 4 meses
That yellow cap! Mine fell in the petrol tank on my motorcycle first time I used it! I unscrewed the top over the already open fuel tank and in it fell, just my luck. I've bought another yellow flexible non safety spout so have a spare. I've tried to shake it out last time I was working on the carbs but it didn't want to come out, I'll try again sometime.
Chris Booboo
Chris Booboo Hace 4 meses
I had to 'redesign' my safety spout. I to wish the ultra safety squad would fall off a cliff.
Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher
“Safety nonsense” lol.. *SOO TRUE* Wish the Socialist Democrat Leftists would *LEAVE US ALONE* REALLY SICK OF IT.... LIVID EVEN.... BABY-STEPS TO U.N.AGENDA21/30!
FatElmoCanoo Hace 4 meses
Of course the fascist right wingnuts will leave you alone, Ha Ha.
Carl Hall
Carl Hall Hace 4 meses
I think most people will agree those cans are to expensive there nice but to high!
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