The Greatest School Fight Ever - feat SWooZie

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Have you ever seen someone get hit with a bicycle? I have.
In this video I get together with sWooZie to tell the story of the most savage school fight I have ever seen.
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Written, drawn, edited and animated by:
Don Hinds

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15 jun 2019






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Geraldine Harlson
Geraldine Harlson Hace un año
We gots to gets this to 800,000 views to get a new video tomorrow. So share! SHARE PLEASE!!!
Eashaan Jeer
Eashaan Jeer Hace un mes
If u don't then We gonna hit u bisycle
Andre Danial
Andre Danial Hace 2 meses
6000th like
Q Joseph
Q Joseph Hace 3 meses
I told you hop on my back
Q Joseph
Q Joseph Hace 3 meses
I was someone else are you can't even get on my back
Q Joseph
Q Joseph Hace 3 meses
I told you you shut up followed me I know a short cut
Johan Garcia
Johan Garcia Hace 14 horas
Bro don I must of been the next one there were 3 kids who got fucked up and one of them ran away and it been 1 year and he died
Brice Barth
Brice Barth Hace un día
Do you live in Florida I’m in the Florida keys
Milvan Foi
Milvan Foi Hace 2 días
DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aimi shiota
aimi shiota Hace 3 días
I guess you can say the bicycle came in "like a wrecking ball"
aimi shiota
aimi shiota Hace 3 días
Was that the naruto fight scene-
isaacigs Hace 3 días
At my school there was a rugby game (I live on England) the loosing tram decided to get all there friends to come over and jump the winning team luckily no one was hurt despite one of them having a knife.
Luke Young
Luke Young Hace 3 días
I would of just drive them over lmao
Romi Schneider Delva
Life_or_Death Hace 5 días
Nice cars
DARK Kakashi
DARK Kakashi Hace 5 días
How many times I see this I got goosebumps ❤️
Yolanda Ford
Yolanda Ford Hace 6 días
o my god my g
Mighty Loser
Mighty Loser Hace 7 días
His videos are just uh uh uh uh ùuuuuuuuuh
aurora cole
aurora cole Hace 7 días
the screams the naruto fighting scene and the bike tears bro had me in tears then don't get me started on the angry mob that was standin there watchin them and don face expression that took me out badly bro lmfaooo this get a award for me I was in tears
Zyez Hace 11 días
idk y but if anyone realizes this reminds me of the gang fight scene of the outsiders movie LIT MY G
Takondwa Maikolo
Takondwa Maikolo Hace 12 días
4:16 someone get hit with a bicycle my G a BICYCLE
Zavier Hollenbeck
Zavier Hollenbeck Hace 12 días
I would have beat the shit out of them with my team
MaLaCHi Hace 13 días
Don: there was a terrible fight. Me: where on earth did this have happened?? In Pembroke Pines, Florida Me: OK that’s understandable.
T rye
T rye Hace 13 días
Ive been in something like that but not that hard we had people in the hospital put someone GOT HIT WITH A FRICKING BICYCLE MY G
Xavier Morales
Xavier Morales Hace 13 días
I literally go to wb that fight sounds pretty normal
That Kid_the_baller
That Kid_the_baller Hace 14 días
Me: what the greatest fight Don:a bicycle my Ge
AJ Hace 14 días
I got into a bigger fight than that
Jt Jacques
Jt Jacques Hace 15 días
Bro young don know my boi swoozie!?!?!
no yes
no yes Hace 16 días
Julian 🤣
DavidGotGameYT Hace 16 días
Best animation
Britney Henry
Britney Henry Hace 17 días
Bruh. I have been binge watching your videos and Ima just say: finding your page has been the greatest blessing of 2020 😂 I am a LOYAL subscriber and supporter. Period.
DeadRobloxGD Gaming
DeadRobloxGD Gaming Hace 17 días
we ran boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii we ran myy G
Not Cup
Not Cup Hace 17 días
Myyyyy G
Nekhai Stewart
Nekhai Stewart Hace 17 días
Me:aye yo chill
teag Hace 17 días
man i feel like madara the sauce god
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 18 días
2:35 “and so it begins”
Nedarine Hewitt
Nedarine Hewitt Hace 18 días
why did julin say to stay
Solgaleo Lunala
Solgaleo Lunala Hace 19 días
When I saw a school war on a friend's phone, I saw a god damn car doors, tires, other students and bags thrown around
Ivan Mcintosh
Ivan Mcintosh Hace 20 días
Yo my G 4:20
The Night Plays
The Night Plays Hace 20 días
My top 3 favorite sauce :*chickfla sauce* :*canes sausage* And my favorite of all you don sauce god
ADYEL fortune
ADYEL fortune Hace 20 días
That first dude didnt even last 10seconds🤣
adriel Akeni
adriel Akeni Hace 20 días
I thought no social media in those days
Samuel Sepulveda
Samuel Sepulveda Hace 21 un día
🤣🤣 that one clip with Madara fighting the Shinobi alliance had me dead
Zay Zayy Customs
Zay Zayy Customs Hace 21 un día
Someone pushed a vending machine on someone during a fight at my school
willmt Hace 22 días
Well ESvid just fucked up the button icons
Hannah Montford
Hannah Montford Hace 22 días
☠️ I am crying over the dramatic descriptions
Grace Hampton
Grace Hampton Hace 23 días
The fact that he turned around and it was naruto 😂
James Burton
James Burton Hace 24 días
Well, at my high school couple years back there was this fight about money. This kid stole the other guy money and starting running, now the guy who he stole from was a really fast runner and chased down him pulled out a knife out of his bag and stabbed him. The boy who got stabbed survived he got stabbed somewhere near his shoulder then after he stabbed him and tried to beat him like smash his head into the ground. Once he threw one punch at him me and my mates had to get him off the person who got stabbed then started attacking us then more kids starting joining. Police got involved, then the guy you stabbed the other guy got put into prison and he expelled, and yeah..
Jailan Rayvon
Jailan Rayvon Hace 24 días
2:18 this scene fiya
The guy that picked up the BICYCLE my g must of been super strong.
Fallen Ray
Fallen Ray Hace 25 días
The naruto part tho 🤣🤣 best anime if u agree then ur right if u don’t u weird stop complainting (complaining/hating) I sad it
masonidk1 Hace 26 días
Julian is swoozie I used to watch him all the time
Andrea Zorzan
Andrea Zorzan Hace 27 días
I come from Italy and I've seen way crazier shit
Jaquori Williams
Jaquori Williams Hace 28 días
Bruh this is the funniest video ever
tudooz Hace 28 días
I didn’t even realize when I watched this video for the first time this was the park I go to all the time😂
Denis Zilic
Denis Zilic Hace 28 días
Dr Baconhair
Dr Baconhair Hace 28 días
*mY g*
Mega Man
Mega Man Hace 28 días
Plot twist: XXXTentacion was the guy who threw the bike
RTS tV Hace 28 días
Nick Hita
Nick Hita Hace 29 días
congrats on 2mill bro
Cameron Woods
Cameron Woods Hace 29 días
I laugh the whole video
Sebastian Bazaj
Sebastian Bazaj Hace un mes
Meeeeyn gee
That1Guy1106 Hace un mes
at my school there was a fight be the teacher and all stopped it but out of the blue a female cop come out of no where and straight up smacked one of the boys across the head and he kept on passing out ad coming back. Another time there were 8 fights under 15 minutes at lunch time and then some during class which totaled up to 30 fights in one day.
Everyone HatesAngel
Shout out to my boys in Pembroke pines
Elias Ortiz
Elias Ortiz Hace un mes
A high school brawl?!? I thought this was the 4th great ninja war!
JayDian McEwan
JayDian McEwan Hace un mes
This happens weekly in Jamaica lol
Leo Lo
Leo Lo Hace un mes
ive seen my whole six grade beat up one white girl for saying the n wod there was like 100 of em
Tj Dripping
Tj Dripping Hace un mes
2m don in the cut
Richard Timmy
Richard Timmy Hace un mes
There’s something about the way he says MY G😂
ScaredAnimator Hace un mes
Florida man throws bike during school fight
leapoffaithninja Hace un mes
As soon as you heard the music it's time to go my g 😂
Julian Gamboa
Julian Gamboa Hace un mes
My name is julian
Waxks_AMV'S Hace un mes
There was a school girl fight and the dad fought one of the 13 year old girl
Adriel Osborne
Adriel Osborne Hace un mes
Bruh I live Trinidad and Tobago ive seen worst where teachers end up in the hospital with broken limbs my g
C&C Youtube
C&C Youtube Hace un mes
2 MIL SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Professor Icywolf
Professor Icywolf Hace un mes
Bro there has to be a real vid to this somewhere there is no way someone did not record this.
Professor Icywolf
Professor Icywolf Hace un mes
Ngl I really want to see one of these and be in one of these fights
Dogo XII
Dogo XII Hace un mes
Im guessing you went to Flanagan High School?
Danzan Is nice
Danzan Is nice Hace un mes
Bruh I saw to kid and they jump out th widow and one got glass in there head
Jamie Adair
Jamie Adair Hace un mes
Of course it’s in Florida...
Noah Hace un mes
this is normal you must not get out much dude
BH Monka 涼冰
BH Monka 涼冰 Hace un mes
Everybody share this channel my nigga almost at 2 mil 🤣🤣🤣😝😝
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee Hace un mes
only at miller grove
Son KiñGY
Son KiñGY Hace un mes
That song fire
ItsPopin Hace un mes
I swear to god my G💀
Jesus Barba
Jesus Barba Hace un mes
Brooo the bicycle had me laughing soooo hard 🤣
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Hace un mes
My geeeeeeeeeeeeee
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Hace un mes
Bro this s is so funny
Drippzy Hace un mes
cobra kai be like:BeT
-Soul•ful bunny-ソウル
Mans really shmacked him with that bike bro....LMAOOOOO imagine if he screamed hit the breaks- BRUH
unknown_ray Hace un mes
we are farmers dun dun dun duh duh
No scope King
No scope King Hace un mes
Look guys get my boy son to 𝟚 𝕄𝕀𝕃𝕃𝕀𝕆ℕ
Bry'Cen Stormer
Bry'Cen Stormer Hace un mes
Still the funniest video I swear
Fabian Sanabria Alejandre
I’ve seen then more
ThatGuyRiver Hace un mes
Price Park is 30 min away from me
Wipe Yo Nose Cuz
Wipe Yo Nose Cuz Hace un mes
The song was the best part
Fire GaMing
Fire GaMing Hace un mes
Man in my country "interschool" fight is our everyday 🤣🇨🇮
Charlene Melo
Charlene Melo Hace un mes
My school a kid got shot because of a school fight
Dallas The Altered Noivern
4 people 2 ran outside my school 2 fighting in the school
Lora Jamnik
Lora Jamnik Hace un mes
Probably the fight that great 100 years before was ww2
Just Husky
Just Husky Hace un mes
lol the naruto scene
vibe. Hace un mes
we ran boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i dieddddddd
guerby paul
guerby paul Hace un mes
TheBotKiwi Hace un mes
This shit had me dying
adianzzz z
adianzzz z Hace un mes
Bruh I used to go to that park with the homies I lived in coral springs
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