The Harshest Burns from the Roast of James Franco

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Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman and more unload on James Franco - and on each other.
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1 sep 2019






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Comedy Central Hace un mes
The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres September 15 on Comedy Central. See who will be roasting Alec here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ePp-8vOmmdk.html
respeck seasoning
respeck seasoning Hace 13 días
James franco still so unlike able
Bobby Hace 18 días
Comedy Central 2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (“Respect and dignity!!”) • “Respect and dignity, 2019?”
RIXRADvidz Hace un mes
Jeff once said you need MEAT for a Roast. that low grade OMWeiner is hardly worth the effort. TOO EASY. people will be roasting him from their devices on the bus, and at work and at the kitchen island and in line ahead of me instead of paying attention to the next available cashier.
mollkatless Hace un mes
comedy central - are you certain those were the highlights? It might have been the "edited out - due to zero humor" lowlights
#kane poe
#kane poe Hace un mes
Comedy Central you can build a million bridges and suck one cock and you'll always be known as a cock sucker
Cry Damn
Cry Damn Hace 37 minutos
The first guy sounds like coach Steve from big mouth
Brayden Hinson
Brayden Hinson Hace 4 horas
James Franco was soooooo drunk😭😂
Mr. Biggie Cheese
Mr. Biggie Cheese Hace 8 horas
My dad was in a movie with James Franco . It was at any cost (2000)
John Nada
John Nada Hace 8 horas
Jews are about as funny as women
Zayly Ronst
Zayly Ronst Hace 19 horas
'Nailed you fuckers suck a butt' is my new favorite line
The People's Machamp
Natasha Leggerro legit looks like diet Riley Ried if a rich girl goes on a 10 year cocaine binge
TheSpanglyKat Hace un día
Bill Hader's laugh throughout this 12 minutes and 16 second video had me uwuing so hard.
Joel Martin
Joel Martin Hace un día
this is so cut up its unwatchable. Ruins the comedic genius
Girard Whiting
Girard Whiting Hace un día
This wasn't even Andy's final formation
JCFnetwork Hace un día
There were like four jokes about James Franco
Leisure Gaming
Leisure Gaming Hace un día
I love watching bill hader. Has there ever been a more genuine person ?
Gala xy
Gala xy Hace 2 días
Mark Allen
Mark Allen Hace 3 días
Andy Samberg is the fuckin best
piece of pasta
piece of pasta Hace 3 días
Natasha’s roasts weren’t even funny she’s just a bitch
UV Hace 3 días
Hollywood so gay
Will M. Buttlicker
Will M. Buttlicker Hace 4 días
CommanderVenus1983 Hace 4 días
Andy Samberg had a self-imposed handicap and was still stole the show. Some of the darkest roast jokes ever im surprised they aired them.
Ethan Smiley
Ethan Smiley Hace 4 días
I find nothing funny about Andy Samburg. He really ruined my vibe in this. I still like Lonely Island, even if it is his most memorable success that died in 2011.
Modina Shokeye
Modina Shokeye Hace 4 días
I love how Jonah found his roasts so funny 😂😂😂
Victor Jones
Victor Jones Hace 4 días
So that Orthodox Jew impression was actually James Franco, right?
Sw yx
Sw yx Hace 4 días
Bill Hader fuckin slayed
Dschafar Dschafar
Dschafar Dschafar Hace 5 días
Eminem: ...vomit on his sweater already, Mom's spaghetti Jonah Hill: mhhhh spaghetti
j 157
j 157 Hace 5 días
4:17 5:06 Stay woke
Roger Cote
Roger Cote Hace 5 días
"Jeff Ross knows what I'm talkin about, you melting hippo!" Brah😂
skeet ulrich
skeet ulrich Hace 5 días
Andy Samberg was the funniest
Lord Nugget
Lord Nugget Hace 5 días
Nick kroll's most famous performance was in Ratatouille... Too bad he's spent the entire movie under a hat
Alex Olmo
Alex Olmo Hace 5 días
poor jonah yo lmfao
STEAK Hace 5 días
Andy is so sweet lol
Jordi Vanderwaal
Jordi Vanderwaal Hace 5 días
Natasha of course killed it, too bad you didn't include her whole segment. Jeff, Bill (Hader) and Sarah were great too. And James Franco is so hot.
Regina Marín
Regina Marín Hace 5 días
Are we all going to ignore Natasha Leggeros roasts, like shit even I felt that...
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 5 días
Troll as usual was ehhhh but he that's good for him
mbmhs Hace 5 días
wow andy samberg was awful
Cory Robin
Cory Robin Hace 5 días
Andy killed it!
HappyChildForever Hace 5 días
dealer: how much weed do you need to survive this night? James: *yes*
Nationalcitysycho d
Nationalcitysycho d Hace 6 días
This is stupid
Griftyn Simons
Griftyn Simons Hace 6 días
The guy from that police comedy show did not do it. Not.at. all.
Alex Bruh
Alex Bruh Hace 6 días
Nigga this is the roast of Jonah Hill.
Dennis Meyer
Dennis Meyer Hace 6 días
Why does it matter if he’s a jew
David Ortiz
David Ortiz Hace 6 días
Hmmm I didn't know Andy Samberg was gay...
Athena Fritz
Athena Fritz Hace 6 días
James Franco is fucking nuts
Jessica S
Jessica S Hace 6 días
was being a jew a requirement for this lineup? jonah hill, andy samberg, seth rogen, nick kroll, jeff ross, sarah silverman, bill hader, good lord.
GoodNews Geek
GoodNews Geek Hace 7 horas
Jessica S I'm pretty sure that's not how that works, but ok, I guess whatever tiny Jewish thread contributing to the origin of the name counts as his full ethnicity then
Jessica S
Jessica S Hace 2 días
GoodNews Geek His surname is derived from Ashkenazi Jews. He's Jewish.
GoodNews Geek
GoodNews Geek Hace 2 días
Bill Hader's not Jewish lmao
Soufflé Samuel
Soufflé Samuel Hace 6 días
You can add sexual pervert to the list of Francos feats now
sial. Is my epic.
sial. Is my epic. Hace 6 días
All of the comments: 24% - “more like roast of Jonah Hill” 74% - “Andy was like bad....etc” 2% - *about everyone else*
BKK Hace 7 días
Franco is a sexual predator
Rodney Miracle
Rodney Miracle Hace 7 días
Didn't find any of it remotely funny.
RoPiDe Hace 7 días
OMG, the James Franco roast was the proof that Andy Sandberg is retarded... How can anyone stand him‽‽‽
Mr. Yellowstrat
Mr. Yellowstrat Hace 7 días
9:22 who's the angel on his shoulder??
William Dinkel
William Dinkel Hace 7 días
Andy Sanberg 🖓
Dwayne4Kids Hace 7 días
Sarah Silverman is a succubus.
vera efremova
vera efremova Hace 7 días
Seth Rogan's laugh haunts me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
the max files
the max files Hace 7 días
bill hader just losing his shit wildly non stop throughout the entire video is probably the best part of this
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Hace 7 días
Un Fuk ing Fun Ny............. #fireveryone
Carlin Pendleton
Carlin Pendleton Hace 7 días
This was by far the fucking lamest roast I’ve ever seen. And who gives a fuck about Franco... dude is a terrible actor, an even worse actor and a dipshit on social media and determining whether a girl is underage or not. Only thing he’s good at is being a terrible artist as well.
sifat shams
sifat shams Hace 7 días
Seriously though, Sarah Silverman looks gorgeous!
dat vergil doe
dat vergil doe Hace 7 días
I love bill hader he just pissed himself the whole way through 🤣🤣
Muhammed S
Muhammed S Hace 8 días
Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish Hace 8 días
I genuinely can't tell whether James' actual speech was just him attempting deliberate, over the top sarcasm for comedy... or whether he is actually that pretentious and self absorbed in real life? I mean you listen to the first minute of his speech and it's like this guy is clearly making a joke about all the rumours of him being super pretentious and self absorbed. I get that. And he is certainly funny, initially. But then as it goes on he continues to talk about himself as if he is God's gift to the world and the most handsome and most important person ever. It's almost cringe. Like his sheer arrogance gives me the impression that he is actually like that in real life and that he actually thinks of himself in that light. The final minute of his speech wasn't even funny, it was just super conceited. It just came off a bit too pretentious. Again, I can't tell if that was deliberate or not. At least with Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill, you know they are comedians and joking around. And they are funny. That's what makes them so likeable. But with Franco, I think he is serious. It's hard to tell if he is joking. He might actually be the most conceited, arrogant person in Hollywood. In which case the rumours are true.
Majid X
Majid X Hace 8 días
He said handsome so many times !!! But he’s not that handsome !! He looks regular
Feinsanity Hace 8 días
These jokes were a bit too clean for my taste the only one who did the best roasting was Jeff Ross of course. Also why are people saying Andy Samburg was funny. It was extremely awkward humor. Tell me what I'm missing here
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