The Harshest Burns from the Roast of James Franco

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Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman and more unload on James Franco - and on each other.
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1 sep 2019






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Comedy Central
Comedy Central Hace 5 meses
The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres September 15 on Comedy Central. See who will be roasting Alec here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ePp-8vOmmdk.html
Mikal Dolce
Mikal Dolce Hace 3 meses
B-Money Lm loin I
respeck seasoning
respeck seasoning Hace 4 meses
James franco still so unlike able
Bobby Hace 4 meses
Comedy Central 2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (“Respect and dignity!!”) • “Respect and dignity, 2019?”
RIXRADvidz Hace 5 meses
Jeff once said you need MEAT for a Roast. that low grade OMWeiner is hardly worth the effort. TOO EASY. people will be roasting him from their devices on the bus, and at work and at the kitchen island and in line ahead of me instead of paying attention to the next available cashier.
mollkatless Hace 5 meses
comedy central - are you certain those were the highlights? It might have been the "edited out - due to zero humor" lowlights
Henry R
Henry R Hace 2 horas
Yeah, no, this was the roast of Jonah Hill.
sean lawless
sean lawless Hace 2 horas
If natasha is still alive id def smash
LucasDan83 Hace 2 horas
Great segue from barista being dark to Aziz! Lmfao!
pomme melon
pomme melon Hace 14 horas
The Spring Breakers joke is retarded. It's one of the best movies Franco had the chance to be part of.
Kay Mau
Kay Mau Hace 15 horas
"They're both brown Narcissists riding Kanye's dick. . ." 😂😄
The J-Key
The J-Key Hace 22 horas
Andy got up there and it was like the fucking spirit bomb. Dude just took every roast within himself and threw them all at Jeff Ross
Amber Sweet
Amber Sweet Hace un día
I came here from the most disturbing ad about an old woman and her fertilizer. Thank you for scarring me ♥️
chibulls 1
chibulls 1 Hace un día
Andy Samberg was soooo funny
010Person010 Hace un día
Mohib Elahi
Mohib Elahi Hace un día
TF was Franco on about
Kishmar Ricardo
Kishmar Ricardo Hace 2 días
There is no difference between jake and andy
Golden Dork
Golden Dork Hace 2 días
Who told that Andy guy that he's funny?
Piyush Anand
Piyush Anand Hace 2 días
James Franco is THE MAN.
Dumpy Hace 2 días
This was such a good line-up😂😂
Tracy Andersson Gingell
Lol jona tho love her soo mach
Aj M.
Aj M. Hace 3 días
Samberg is brilliant...
gordon Hace 3 días
bill was having so much fun
Morteza Hesam Zadeh
Morteza Hesam Zadeh Hace 3 días
Isn't it ironic that the roast with all the comedians in it is the worst roast show of all time?
sara m.
sara m. Hace 3 días
Andy samberg was the best,and will always be the best.👍🙂
Bearmaxe Hace 4 días
Can someone explain James’s speech.
Beatrice (Bee) Brynda
those couches are sexist
Robert Lockwood
Robert Lockwood Hace 4 días
I lost a bit of respect for Franco after watching this. Adversely, I gained a notable amount of respect for Andy Sandburg
Senna De hond
Senna De hond Hace 4 días
I dont know any of em
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones Hace 5 días
no one: seth: heghr heghr heghr heghr heghr
Bart Snyder
Bart Snyder Hace 5 días
“You melting hippo!”
Victoria Holmes
Victoria Holmes Hace 5 días
james' roasts sucked
chiraine1 Hace 5 días
And the hardest joke wasn't even in there! "let's give a hand for James franco's grandmother" 90 something years old, 127 hours is how long she has left"
Kaneseb Hace 5 días
"Play ball, you squinty fuck!" LMAO!!!
Blue Basset
Blue Basset Hace 6 días
Boy, if this had come out after the sexual assault allegations against Aziz and Franco this roast would've been a HELL of a lot more interesting.
Nina Stafford
Nina Stafford Hace 6 días
Jonah Hill Is Laughing Way Too Hard At Everything🤣🤣
Rozey The Wolf
Rozey The Wolf Hace 7 días
Me: why are u so mean Mikey (the most annoying and mean person on earth): your mom Everyone in the class except me and 3 other kids: Oooooooooo! Burnnnn! Me and those 3 other kids: what...?
Christopher Do44
Christopher Do44 Hace 7 días
Jeff Ross killed everybody.
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison Hace 7 días
Well Andy Samberg is fucking awful.
spiralstaticbliss x
spiralstaticbliss x Hace 7 días
Bill Hader owns the hell out of his own joy and honestly, there isn't a purer soul in the world.
Wolferson 2000
Wolferson 2000 Hace 8 días
Andy samberg is the best
silent phantom
silent phantom Hace 9 días
why wasn't danny mcbride included in this? dude would have roasted everyone single handedly and then given a trophy after
mellissa compston
mellissa compston Hace 9 días
mellissa compston
mellissa compston Hace 9 días
Do these guys want to make a movie about "Grilling"?
Aman Konar
Aman Konar Hace 9 días
Seth Rogen Jonah Hill James Franco Aziz Ansari Bill Hader Andy Samberg
Jimmy Hooks
Jimmy Hooks Hace 9 días
Andy Sanberg is annoying
L CT Hace 9 días
I love Nick Kroll. Also am I nuts for thinking Nick Kroll is hot? Adam Sandberg. The King.
Brett S.
Brett S. Hace 10 días
Sarah is hot for her age. And dirty.. Hit me up Sarah, I bite my lip from the feels when we get going.
Brett S.
Brett S. Hace 10 días
Jeff Ross looks like he got re-combobulated with Snoop Dog.
Jessy Hart
Jessy Hart Hace 10 días
6:13 that arm flick tho
Jake Russell
Jake Russell Hace 11 días
That last joke by Franco was hilarious actually it was him being a pompous asshole but everyone clapped and aweed instead of laughing and clapping. Kind of a bummer.
Ajay Jain
Ajay Jain Hace 11 días
Feels like a roast of Jonah hill
Schnell Hace 11 días
Andy Samberg proves how important delivery is as a comedian 😂 Takes a rather boring joke on paper and gives it life
LP727 Hace 11 días
Andy Samberg was funny asf
akdeniz aslan
akdeniz aslan Hace 11 días
Thomas Reiss
Thomas Reiss Hace 12 días
Aziz what's it like to have a unique perspective on what it's like to be American you bag of shit.. hahaha
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
I still don't know who the fuck Natasha Leggero is.
Kay Nic
Kay Nic Hace 12 días
Nobody got the Aziz bombing joke lmao
Click Bait
Click Bait Hace 12 días
Ako si dogie
molly w
molly w Hace 12 días
the only thing i hear in this video is seth rogens loud ass laugh
Hudheifa Muhammed
Hudheifa Muhammed Hace 12 días
Wait, did no one get the " someone call a barista in here because this roast just got dark" then he mentioned Aziz🤣🤣
thrumsterchon Hace 13 días
lucky .01
lucky .01 Hace 13 días
damn it andy this isnt a roast yourself. Peralta thats enough.
lucky .01
lucky .01 Hace 13 días
andy samberg, nick kroll, bill hader. is this a brooklyn nine nine special 😂😂😂
SVETLANA Hace 13 días
High speed.
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