The Horrors of Villisca Ax Murder House

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Does this rural Iowan home hold the spirits of its tragic history?

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Jillian DiBlasio

Shane Madej

Ryan Bergara

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22 oct 2021






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Kaito EliteX4
Kaito EliteX4 Hace 4 días
I know who the axe murder is. It’s actually solved by the series Ghost Adventures. When they asked “Who’s the murderers name?” Moores family said “Andy”. Ghost hunters said that it’s well known name always heard on court.
lucy zou
lucy zou Hace 22 días
not a question but you guys should try the Estes method with the spirit box. one person puts on headphones connected to the box and a blindfold and repeats what they hear, and the other asks the questions. this way the questions can't influence the answers.
Ironwolfthegamer Hace 24 días
@BuzzFeed Unsolved Network you guys solved this case. Hear me out, if the Marshal at the town LET people wield the axe instead of confiscating it then it had to be the Marshal of the town at the time since a normal marshal would SECURE the crime scene not let people onto it and contaminate any evidence left behind
Bryan Anderson
Bryan Anderson Hace un mes
Hey Ryan and Shane, I just watched your video and I looked back in the video from 30:21 to 30:24 a few times and I noticed a white mist move in the far left corner as Ryan was counting down for the flashlight. I checked back to make sure it wasn't the lighting when moving around and it doesn't look like the lighting.
Professor1222 Hace un mes
Maybe you should do an investigation on the sailing ship (Star Of India) in San Diego California.
Mrs.Weirdo Hace 2 horas
This is probably my most favourite murder mystery stories.If I ever had to write my favourite murder I'd write about this murder definitely! Btw Shane is such a vibe.Gotta love that guy
Bennett Rogers
Bennett Rogers Hace 15 horas
1:28 I'm from Iowa :(
Ninjakimm Hace 20 horas
buzzfeed unsolved kept this video very family friendly however if you know the true detail about the bacon , shane wont be saying "yummy" . research at your own risk .
Matthew Kondziela
Matthew Kondziela Hace 21 un hora
this had the most evidence of anything they have found so far in my opinion
Theimagination Studiochannel
Nobody: Shane: if you're the killer- Ad: InTrOdUcInG aDvEnTeR x-
xHidden xLotus
xHidden xLotus Hace un día
So when are they going to do a unsolved true crime of the villisca ax murder house? Who r potential witnesses and or suspects? Any theories??? Why just make it into a paranormal episode for if you guys don’t do a proper job bout it either
Karley Shannon
Karley Shannon Hace un día
The stilinger girl actually had a lot of other things to have had happened. and the theory of why the bacon is there is messed up, so I won't get into it, but its gruesome.
Sabrina Jaine
Sabrina Jaine Hace un día
Why would the murderer's ghost be hanging out in the house?
The Akumu King
The Akumu King Hace un día
The fact that Shane is shitting on Iowa. I love it! Even as an Iowan, I love it! Also my parents both grew up in Illinois, so I travel there every holiday.
Em Mi
Em Mi Hace un día
I wonder if it was the Marshall, like how do you just leí people contaminate a severe crime scene like that? I'm almost positive it was like did this guy have an alibi?
Asymmetrical Hace un día
sure he may have murdered that entire family with an axe, but the bacon almost makes up for it- who wouldn't want a massive strip of bacon.
sam parker
sam parker Hace 2 días
shane: ryan is a big fan of your work. ryan: that is not true. shane: he is sicko just like you. ryan: that is not true.
Isabel Male
Isabel Male Hace 2 días
Pls are we not gonna discuss ' ghost dildo' at 27.55?
Missy Rose
Missy Rose Hace 2 días
The "stop me" and the "help me" sounded like different voices
Missy Rose
Missy Rose Hace 2 días
The "stop me" and the "help me" sounded like different voices
Venom Snake
Venom Snake Hace 2 días
23:00 Just to suffer? Every night i can feel my leg, and my arm, even my fingers
MoonsShadows Hace 3 días
Ryan pretending to be brave is my new favourite kind of video
Cody Boothe
Cody Boothe Hace 3 días
The covering of the mirror is what they used to do when people died to prevent the spirit of the person who died from being trapped in the mirror
•MCXNIE• Hace 3 días
Is it just me or I saw someone at the window
Gacha nuggetfluffs
Gacha nuggetfluffs Hace 3 días
I got a geico add where angry birds where running into everything and people said atleast geico can cover it all but can it cover the birds ingerys
becky johns
becky johns Hace 4 días
These 2 creep me out.
bling blingg
bling blingg Hace 4 días
Please don’t stop making these videos, you guys are the best team ever! I’ve been watching you guys for years now and I will continue to do so, as long as you’re there 🤧❤️
Caron Chacko
Caron Chacko Hace 4 días
Why do all horror stories include four children lmaoo
The Broke Artist
The Broke Artist Hace 4 días
6:32-6:35 THE SPIRIT BOOOXXX!!! 😄
Izuku midoriya
Izuku midoriya Hace 4 días
I’m iowan so the bashing Shane says is very true
* Enchanted *
* Enchanted * Hace 4 días
For that Particular Murder case, covering of the mirrors and faces of the victims I'm pretty sure that means it was personal, the killer obviously knew their schedule, and they had keys to be able to get in and locked up before he left, I don't think the two girls that stayed the night were on the list but had to do it no witnesses plus it was dark and probably couldn't tell if it was the Moores children or not. MPO🤷‍♀️
Kawaii Chan
Kawaii Chan Hace 4 días
19:25 it sounds more like "probably"
My_toothbrush_ was_murdered
Okay so nobody's going to talk about Ryan's new affirmation this season "I'm not my fear, I'm stronger than my fear"
Raymond John Regalado
Disrespectful idiots
Roxy Mxck
Roxy Mxck Hace 5 días
19:41 Patrick ??
Armed soldier 1
Armed soldier 1 Hace 5 días
To shed some light on the subject if you don’t know already but the bacon in the room was believed to be used by the killer to pleasure him self and no I’m not joking. Watch the podcast morbid cus they have a two part series where they go deep into this murder
Amiee Funnell
Amiee Funnell Hace 5 días
As the video went on it made me think it was the dad more and more and he had a psycotic breakdown and then killed himself after realizing what hed done, even though he ended up liking it so much
Black Dysfunction
Black Dysfunction Hace 5 días
@31:00 lmao 🤣
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith Hace 6 días
@27:01 I believe the killers spirit is still in the house for like an enteral punishment
Wally Wallace
Wally Wallace Hace 6 días
No one suspected the guy that allowed the general public to populate the crime scene and handle the murder weapon???
Adele Smith
Adele Smith Hace 6 días
The fact I live like an hour away…….
Austin lord Tennyson
Magnitude of act of ghosts in history is always frightening than the time paranormal investigators visit the scene. It's like ghost who slaughtered 8 people without sounds trying to play with torch lights and making weird noices
Samantha Lyons
Samantha Lyons Hace 7 días
The one thing I was confused about was that they kept trying to communicate with the murderer. Because why would his spirit be in this house? It would make sense to speak to the murder victims because they died there but the murderer probably wouldn’t be there. (Obviously IF ghosts are real which is a big IF)
wales007 Hace 5 días
But I think that when a person is capable of committing such an atrocities they won't be able to really rest, his soul is probably trapped there as a version of hell for him while the victims are resting in peace because they were innocent.
noona petite
noona petite Hace 7 días
what if the town master did it and he intentionally let other people "contaminate" the evidence?
HufflepuffsPanda Hace 7 días
"I'll kill him" sounded like "I'll get one" to me 👀👀👀
HufflepuffsPanda Hace 7 días
This also sounded like the same voice that said "Stop it." It sounded like a friendly old man. :(
Literally depressed
Literally depressed Hace 7 días
theory (from my gut and no facts): killer had something to do with dad. either hated him or loved him. Must have been an enemy or a friend. There is no way someone could have broken in the house without making ANY noise, so the killer was no stranger. Now, i don't know the difference between the damage caused by bludgeoning and slitting... but this is what i think-
Sybz Hace 8 días
Shane would be an awesome deacon in my Church. Anyone possessed would just walk out, instead of getting liberated 🤣🤣
Ad Hace 8 días
Ryan....you're a grown man for god sake, buckle up u scared little girl. U knew the script and was still clearly scared lol. Pathetic.
Prove It
Prove It Hace 8 días
I like how they misspelled 🪓 on the sign
Bellia25 Hace 8 días
I think the murderer did wake up someone though. Going by the slashes on her arm I think the killer woke up the wife trying to kill the husband. How he killed both the little girls sleeping over without waking the other up is a mystery. They mentioned they were in the same bed right?
sharkrunaway Hace 8 días
Everytime Shane says "I'm Shane." I think of him going "Ich heiße Shane."
kyls Hace 9 días
the way the responses on the spirit box are accurate tho and the fact that it's all the same voices except for the one who was asking for help + i think the only thing why they can't hear most of the responses on the spirit box when it's picking up voices is because it's sitting close to them. they will probably hear the voices if they put it a few feet away from them
Charmynox Hace 9 días
I think the covering of the mirror is because it's believed in some cultures that if someone dies in front of an uncovered mirror, their soul can be trapped within it as mirrors are seen as portals to the other side.
Charmynox Hace 9 días
I can't get over the fact Shane is so tall that it looks like he's an actual giant going into a normal sized person's home lmao
Arviendran Rajendran
shane...looks so hot !!
Sulayman Bhatti
Sulayman Bhatti Hace 9 días
Considering this was the last ever season 6:08 really hits different
brandon'swife Hace 9 días
There’s a Reddit post on this saying how it was probably a group of people and the Marshall was in on it and it’s quite believe able
QueenBeatles Hace 9 días
Now wait just a minute. How do we know that the mayor didn't do it? It would make sense as to why he would have everyone touch the axe. So everyone else fingerprints would overpower his.
Kimberly Gossett
Kimberly Gossett Hace 9 días
"turn the blue flashlight on and turn the black flashlight off" The color blind ghost: 👁️👄👁️💧
Shae Ellis
Shae Ellis Hace 9 días
We're just going to act like the flashlights turning on and off is no big deal?? 😂
themark1994 Hace 9 días
Why would the ghost of the killer be in the house
Brooke P
Brooke P Hace 10 días
I thought, briefly, I had imagined Shane and Ryan stopped doing this with buzzfeed…. I didn’t. And that era suuuucked.
The Fuse Box
The Fuse Box Hace 10 días
What if the town Marshall was the killer, thats why he let everyone in the house to ruin the crime scene
Narhaniel perez
Narhaniel perez Hace 10 días
I just love shane
C O L O N Y Hace 10 días
What if the muderer was a spirit that possesed the weakest either the mother and killed the father then the kids thats why no one even the father woke up about it and killed itself
Camden Childress
Camden Childress Hace 10 días
I love how much Shane despises the spirit box. Every single time made me laugh so hard.
okurelin Hace 10 días
when are we getting the (yeef) merch tho
Adi 🌻
Adi 🌻 Hace 10 días
idk how u two are so brave,,, i wouldve fainted in like 4 mins
Adi 🌻
Adi 🌻 Hace 10 días
shane is insane, indeed he is. but in the best way possible 🤝🏻😌
Lee & Nae
Lee & Nae Hace 10 días
Y’all should come to Charleston job corps WV
Silver Hace 10 días
The ghost: I'm miserable Me who heard "I'm miscible": In what? Also at the end I actually thought the ghost said, "Hit me" and not "leave me" but maybe that's just my own subconscious that's being violent.
פניקס Elizabeth
פניקס Elizabeth Hace 11 días
It could be a murder suicid
Rebeka Hayes
Rebeka Hayes Hace 11 días
(yeef) Took me out, wtf
Sophia Coo Moo
Sophia Coo Moo Hace 11 días
Hey! Iowa! We never get any recognition XD Love the hate Shane, appreciate that 😘
The_Gaming_Bastard Hace 11 días
razor boys return!
Alice Lima
Alice Lima Hace 11 días
I don't think that the person who did it enjoyed comminting the crime. The way he covered the victims' faces, and the fact the he also covered mirrors looks to me a sign that he personally knew the family. Covering the faces so he doesn't have to look at them and literally face what he have done. Covering the mirrors either to not look at himself, or because of the belief that mirrors might trap spirits, so he didn't want this family to be stuck there suffering even more. Some might not believe in ghosts and be more on Shane's side here. But I'm a believer on the paranormal, and I'm standing on Ryan's side right now, because I'm gonna be talking about the voice on the spirit-box. It's clearly a man's voice everytime. Not only that, but the same voice. It sounded to me as if the killer is trapped inside that house, either by choice as a self-punishment, or even as a divine one. He sounded distressed, and as he said it himself, helpless. Asking multiple times to help him, because he wasn't able to stop himself from doing what he did. So I think it's safe to say that he probably wasn't mentally stable when he committed these murders. It was probably a moment of insanity when he did it. He also sounds as if sometimes he feels like he's living through that moment, and other times as if he's replying to Ryan directly, so in and out of this looping cycle. That's why I feel like it might be some sort of punishment, bc he sounds sorry and truly helpless.
Kate Ward
Kate Ward Hace 11 días
y'all this was my family! my grandmothers maiden name is moore
Heath Hace 11 días
That’s my family. I just found out today at thanksgiving. Pretty cool if you ask me
gamer Hace 12 días
I love ya Shane but that mustache doesn’t flatter you
Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden Hace 12 días
Why would the murderer still be there?
dellilah Hace 12 días
shane reminds me so much of sheldon
Premalamode🍰 Hace 12 días
6:15 on the bes you can spot a blue bear with peace signs on it. I was looking at it and realized... I had the same build-a-bear that my brother game me-
kayla A.
kayla A. Hace 12 días
17:52 you can hear footsteps before Ryan feels the bed move
ghost Hace 12 días
Mini theory the Axeman came back for more killing
Audri i
Audri i Hace 12 días
Also, the house was refurbished and rented out as a normal house, but the current owners bought it and un-refurbished it.
Angela Julian
Angela Julian Hace 13 días
Imo they said they're parents names were "better middler"
Speyers Hace 13 días
31:57, at 0.25 speed sounds a lot like ''save me''
Speyers Hace 13 días
Shane looks like a late 1880's American railroad magnate
Agent 7
Agent 7 Hace 13 días
Shane is giving me Daniel Day-Lewis from Gangs of New York but with snazzy blonde hair.
martyna kaczanowska
martyna kaczanowska Hace 13 días
when i heard "help me" and "stop me" i thought the help me could be the victim and stop me would be the killer as he could have been possessed and didn't want to do it
Jack Kleiner
Jack Kleiner Hace 13 días
shane screaming about the maglight is me with anti vaxxers right now
BigBoyMarkxxz Hace 13 días
19:05 what if the murderer, didn't actually wanted to kill them? Yeah I mean he killed 8 people but that makes sense (kind of) The covered mirrors, so he didn't had to look at his self after The "Stop me" could have be from the murderer, just like something told him to do so and he couldnt stop it or he just had to do it (obv i'm not saying hes not guilty, but I think it seems intresting) + From what I remember, covering victims face can mean regret of your action.
MEAN_ICE (나쁜얼음)
I was hoping for this season that they'd add more equipments (EMF, SLS, Static Cameras, etc) rather than just relying on a spirit box, two flashlights and "claimed voice recorder" that was left in a room since that's so easy to fake. meh... still a great season tho.
Xuan Wo
Xuan Wo Hace 14 días
I would love to have my very own Shane - a ghost repellant.
maxene dela cruz
maxene dela cruz Hace 14 días
i question why i'm scared at night but constantly rewatch these videos at night
Jaytheradical Hace 14 días
Wait wait... this is a Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime crossover! Also, are you guys not, yourselves, a parade of onlookers poking around the house and examining the axe damage?
Jasper moore
Jasper moore Hace 14 días
I wonder if he put up the sheets to prevent the spirits of the murdered from getting caught in them, it’s a common myth that mirrors can hold/trap souls after all
rainbow79 Hace 14 días
Im just not understanding why nobody was able to get away, impossible someone would have had to heard something this is very bizarre
Arusha Farheen
Arusha Farheen Hace 14 días
Shane is not a hard skeptic anymore and Ryan is braver. They've come a long way
Daryl's Dog
Daryl's Dog Hace 14 días
He’s still a huge skeptic
TytoAlbaSoren Hace 14 días
Killed in their bedrooms with no one noticing? Never in my life, have I been so happy to sleep with my sisters and parents in the same bedroom with the door locked.
j f
j f Hace 15 días
I love the pictures
M c
M c Hace 15 días
Since they didn’t mention it here or in the post mortem I’m pretty sure that the covering of the mirrors is some sort of cultural thing because some people believe that there mirrors trap spirits so when someone dies they cover the mirrors so that their spirit can move on
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones Hace 15 días
i think ghost real
Elizabeth Mathison
Elizabeth Mathison Hace 15 días
Maybe it was the Town Marshall??? He let everyone contaminate the crime scene to cover his actions??? 🤷🤷🤷 Covering up the faces suggest that he knew them personally.
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