The Jaguar XJS V12 Is the Cheapest V12 Sports Car On Earth

Doug DeMuro
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The Jaguar XJS V12 is the one of the cheapest V12 cars on the market. Today I'm showing you what makes the XJS V12 so cool -- and why the Jaguar XJS is the V12-powered sports car that nobody wants to own.
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20 nov 2018






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Ian Harding
Ian Harding Hace 7 horas
It is not s Jagwaar but a Jag you are. Sadly an absolute piece of crap
Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet
Say what you want. .... This is a beautiful car
Doubting Rich
Doubting Rich Hace 15 horas
No, they put the fuel filler on the passenger side. You just put the driver on the wrong side.
Zlatan Pasic
Zlatan Pasic Hace 20 horas
If you really want one of these check: www.johnscars.com/
Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour Hace 22 horas
Doug .......... if you ever get the chance , can you run a TR8 some time ............. we , in the UK did not get them, we made them to export to you ...... it was the last real kick of Triumph .
N. N.
N. N. Hace un día
Nice car for preis of Mazda 😂 this man is looking like a Nerd😳
Stove Apple
Stove Apple Hace un día
I own a 1992 jaguar xjs v12 convertible in maroon red and I love taking it out on a nice summer drive
I wonder how many 30yr old switches doug has broken. His like a little child pressing all buttons multiple times.
Theodore Marakas
Theodore Marakas Hace 2 días
Oh, those awful seat belts......I remember those shitty 80's when seat belts were horrible and people were doing the Disco hustle, in a Jaguar V12.....LOL....those were the days....LOL
Donnie Baynard
Donnie Baynard Hace 3 días
I hope he doesn't get piss tested, by the cadence of his voice, he's on bath salts! Bad
Donald Clary
Donald Clary Hace 4 días
You forgot two quirks. Door handles and headliner not matching seats. All were tan.
BarryEssex Hace 4 días
They go really good with a manual
Gimme that car I'll throw a v8 in it ,or a v10 and or supercharge or turbo charge it and I'll modify the drivetrain.....so pretty much I'll make it cool ,but ruin the fun. 😂
Forza & NFS
Forza & NFS Hace 4 días
Cheapest V12 you could buy in real life, slowest V12 you could buy in FH3 & 4
Susan Spencer
Susan Spencer Hace 4 días
We use to have that same Jag, but ours was a red Jag. How come nobody wants to own it? JAY LENO WILL!!!
mercoid Hace 5 días
I want chocolate cake.
Evan Warren
Evan Warren Hace 5 días
this has seriously always been my absolute favorite car i think its beautiful! but yeah definitely would never buy one
ESFitnessSavage Hace 6 días
Amy Mitsubishi eclipse drivers (or Ford Thunderbird) will remember those motorized seatbelts. I actually liked them.
Colt Lee
Colt Lee Hace 6 días
my dad has a 1990 Jag XJS V12 convertible and it hasnt run since 2004
Colt Lee
Colt Lee Hace 4 días
@BarryEssex because no one can fix it
BarryEssex Hace 4 días
FLA-TEXAN Hace 7 días
Tawny Kitaien...that’s why this car became famous
Cool Bro
Cool Bro Hace 7 días
I dont know why but he sounds like a narrator in all of his vids Life if u agree 👇
Juan Miguel Salas
Juan Miguel Salas Hace 9 días
I think Studebaker did the same mirror arrangement on the GT Hawks
Hari '
Hari ' Hace 11 días
Oh damn, that car looks so damn nice. I'd be happy to have a car that looks like it even if it had 110 hp
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith Hace 11 días
What a tool. This gorgeous car is over 30 years old and he wonders why the vehicle has body roll. Hey dummy, ALL gas shocks leak after 30 years; go buy some bilstein shocks and problem solved. Do your homework next time and then you might understand it's racing pedigree (same V12 motor from the E-Type). These Jaguar V12 Engines are essentially bulletproof, but its all the GM parts, including its transmission, waterpump, & etc that will need to eventually be replaced. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-if2j6yqZg0Q.html
Jamal Jackson
Jamal Jackson Hace 12 días
Go Sea Dogs!!
largol33t1 Hace 12 días
Damn, the British are fucking awful at making cars. And what's even more hilarious is when you criticize their cars, they get all bent out of shape and ALWAYS assume the critic is a "bloody Yankee." The Jaguar brand is SO bad that its XJ12, when tested by a major magazine, had spark plug damage because of some design flaw in the engine. It cost a whopping $120 (around 1994) to fix the issue and of course, the factory warranty did not cover it.
Spoderman Hace 13 días
I think it still looks good maybe cause I had it as a hotwheel
CAMARO SS305 Hace 13 días
Doug is the weirdest car reviewer on ESvid. I like his reviews nevertheless but he is just so lame and uncanny.
Fred Daniali
Fred Daniali Hace 13 días
The V6 version of this car is sooooo much better! My buddy bought a convertible one and it was awesome before it was totalled out in an accident. The V12 engine was a dog!
Fred Daniali
Fred Daniali Hace 4 días
@BarryEssex sorry... u r right!
BarryEssex Hace 4 días
Inline 6 mate
ShartingFish Hace 13 días
I always liked the convertible version
sclogse1 Hace 13 días
Try dropping it into second at 80. You might notice a different response.
Tommi Marjakoski
Tommi Marjakoski Hace 13 días
I love your show. Youre awesome.. it's wonderful getting to see these rare things and quirks..
Victor De Nola
Victor De Nola Hace 13 días
Doug... you have zero idea what your talking about.... yeah; let's go off stereotypical heresay & do a ignorant review... brilliantly stupid.
ABC 123
ABC 123 Hace 14 días
Jaguar originally does not come with Chrome wheels. This is a dealer option. Dealer would send out the wheel to get it chrome plated and charge a fortune for the option, that's why the spare is not chromed.
Capt. George
Capt. George Hace 14 días
Most reliable sports car in the world. LMFAO
thegrimnok Hace 15 días
I love this car. When I was a little child (born 84) I spent quite some time at my grandparents house. There I had a golden Matchbox(?) XJS v12 with black roof. I loved to play with it. Since then, whenever I see a XJS (pics, videos or in games) I just feel better instantly. A reminder on great times. I would never be so stupid to buy a real one, though...
Toxy Hace 15 días
The fuck is that seat belt? The jag had normal 3 point in the UK surely
Connor Hillsden
Connor Hillsden Hace 15 días
The video would a lot better if he learnt how to say the name properly.
Andi Patterson
Andi Patterson Hace 15 días
This was a designed as a grand tourer not a sports car
Food And Travel By Sourav
Ken Dees
Ken Dees Hace 16 días
I've had two, one of which was a convertible with genuine jag wire wheels....gorgeous cars both of them....all I'm gong to say is you play hot potato with these things....own it for awhile and cross your fingers, then sell it once you think you must...trust your gut instinct... They're incredibly smooth and if you keep your foot to the floor make sure you have a lot of road in front of you. Another interesting thing, I remember driving the convertible in a rain storm and never getting a drop on my head at 80+....no buffetting or other noise you get with other convertibles... I'd buy another one if I can find a woman-owned one owner
Stanley88845 Hace 16 días
It annoys me how he says Jagwar instead of Jagyuar or Jaaggggggg
Loppan Torkel
Loppan Torkel Hace 17 días
It is a beautiful car, aging very well. Seems a bit under appreciated, styling-wise.
Robert Comella
Robert Comella Hace 17 días
Review the Ferrari 612
Vernardo Reyes
Vernardo Reyes Hace 17 días
Ls swap and you have yourself a classy reliable classic car
gorillatactic Hace 18 días
Damn dirty jew
Wat Dis
Wat Dis Hace 18 días
Say what you want about the XJS V12, but I'd rather have it over a ....... Yugo.
Steve Fletcher
Steve Fletcher Hace 18 días
What's a Jagwar?
MrCapacitator Hace 18 días
Should be remembered that the XJS came out in 1975 so probably the design would have started late 60's or early 70's so a bit unfair to compare against 80's cars, the 3 speed automatic was crazy, you could get to 110 MPH in 2nd but that wasn't Jaguars fault it was just where auto's where at when this car was designed. I would love to see what one of these would be like with a modern box.
Shar Hace 18 días
Doug the type of guy to Doug the type of guy
Petros Aguilar
Petros Aguilar Hace 19 días
Soft closing hood and trunk without electronic complication. Win-win.
9 Year Old Cyberbully
9 Year Old Cyberbully Hace 19 días
Death of the British car industry summed up in a car
Jon Fendi
Jon Fendi Hace 20 días
Nobody : Doug when discussing cars : ✊🤟👌👋🙏👐👋🤲✌️
markmezo Hace 21 un día
5:44 That's how they come standard, the ones on the car have been polished.
Christian Grey
Christian Grey Hace 18 días
Doesn't matter still would be better to have a real spare
Attack444 444
Attack444 444 Hace 21 un día
So this is pretty much slower than an 80s saab turbo or even a 99 turbo from the 70s. Great work jag😂
Renato Pascoal
Renato Pascoal Hace 21 un día
Now we are in 2019 and a 3 cylinder is faster. Still it would be a nice addition for a car lover collection
Dieter Fenech
Dieter Fenech Hace 21 un día
I have owned Jaguars most of my life. I fell for a BMW once and that lasted 9 months. Still own a 1989 XJS V12 Convertible. As far as I am concerned , nothing comes close to them. Best brand out there, for me.
Oliver Masbou
Oliver Masbou Hace 18 días
That's cool, I just bought a 91'. Hope you enjoy your 89 man
สุธิดา ศรีเทพ
I still favor the Jaguar xj6. I drove one from Carson City to Reno so fast that the telephone poles look like a picket fence
new england patriot
new england patriot Hace 22 días
its jag u r, not jag ware
Batman Hace 23 días
After 30 years it’s nicer then new Jag.
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