The Jaguar XJS V12 Is the Cheapest V12 Sports Car On Earth

Doug DeMuro
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The Jaguar XJS V12 is the one of the cheapest V12 cars on the market. Today I'm showing you what makes the XJS V12 so cool -- and why the Jaguar XJS is the V12-powered sports car that nobody wants to own.
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20 nov 2018






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Erhardt Hace un día
Great car.... The safetybelt looks AWFUL ...😜
DrewM Hace un día
Alex D
Alex D Hace un día
You really need to review an E type or a D type 😃
Jbees games
Jbees games Hace un día
Did you know that the reason why the trunk looks so weird it's because they had the idea of sticking the v12 in the back end first to be mid-engined. But a few months before the car hit production they went for the front end instead.
riproar11 Hace 2 días
This car had its time. I've known two guys who owned used XJS's. It's a car for posers and the bimbos who buy into it.
Azbe Jug
Azbe Jug Hace 3 días
I know this video is old but I was actually considering purchasing it today at my friend's dealer
PGT Beauregard
PGT Beauregard Hace 3 días
At one time, you got more mechanical reliability at your friendly neighborhood Yugo dealer than at Jaguar. Has that changed? I don't know. Ford lost a fortune on Jag, but they did drag it into the 20th century as to wiring at least. Would I ever get another Jaguar? Only if it had black spots and was from the Amazon...
Matthew Rammig
Matthew Rammig Hace 4 días
My grandfather had beautiful new 1988 XJS in green. It caught on fire after just 3 years.
Steven Sep
Steven Sep Hace 5 días
The Jaguar XJS and series 3 xj were arguably the world's quietest cars at the time they were made. Depending who you ask? The series 3 XJ V12 is still the best riding car in the world.
Tigerfire75 Hace 5 días
I love the fact this car is a Jaguar that was owned by Ford and used a transmission from GM.
Tigerfire75 Hace 5 días
The XJS is a beautiful car. It is prettier than an XKE
Nathan Sikner
Nathan Sikner Hace 5 días
"It's no E-Type, but I would argue no car ever was." Well, I would argue there was one. The Jaguar E-Type.
Aspiring Aspie
Aspiring Aspie Hace 5 días
I remember as a kid in the early 1990s my parents had a friends with one of these. An old couple with a Maroon one. I thought this was Soo flash because it was Jaguar and was a V12.....like how many V12s were there back in the day.....not many lol. Everyone would look up to this couple with their V12 car. I think around the time my mum had a Toyota Sprinter and my dad had a Nissan Bluebird. Then in the 2000s as a teen, I thought these cars were crap with the poor Jaguar reliability, old design and not very powerful for a V12.
Terry White
Terry White Hace 6 días
Nice! Very nice!
imran syed
imran syed Hace 7 días
I love all the quirky details like the horn sound etc. It’s a real I’m depth look at all the details of a car that most of us would never see. Thanks loving it
TheTbet Hace 7 días
Historical classic Jaguar = yeah it's s cheap v12
Speed Freak
Speed Freak Hace 10 días
My Dad had one these in bright yellow 😁 I can't remember much other than him not owning it long.
TooTallPaul Hace 10 días
as a kid that belt would automate to strap you in and we would go under them so they rested behind us. miss me with that safety stuff
TooTallPaul Hace 10 días
slamming a boot or bonnet...how uncivilized, I do say harumph
Matej Blažević
Matej Blažević Hace 11 días
Grandfather clock
ZodZulu Hace 13 días
I always thought these were nice looking cars. Had a quirky English thing going. Sad they are so unreliable. Like aircraft inspired gages. If this was Top Gear, they would be gushing over the amazing British build quality
Solar Reflex
Solar Reflex Hace 13 días
Somebody do something immediately the value is poor!
Bloody Psycho
Bloody Psycho Hace 13 días
Im impressed jag has never made a good car
THE Black Chicken
THE Black Chicken Hace 13 días
Made a slow one in forza horizon 4 tryna make effspots s600 with the 12k exhaust. The fiat Dino with the 3.0 engine swaps sounds more similar to effspots tho.
Andy Broer
Andy Broer Hace 13 días
One night my wife dropped me off to collect my Ferrari 308 GT4 at work in her 1983 XJS HE... I was redlining the Ferrari to keep up with her on the way home... when we got there I asked "what's up Mario Andretti" she stared at me... "what do you mean?" ...Its also a car that we took on I-5 to San Diego and regularly hit 145 mph at night without her even noticing the speed due to the quiet nature of the car. Its damned quick and silent running. Not cheap to run, but don't underestimate the V12.
Pk Carper
Pk Carper Hace 13 días
Doug the type of guy to shotgun an O'Doul on his 21st birthday
Cheeky Monkees
Cheeky Monkees Hace 14 días
Reliability nightmare but it’s such a beautiful car.
Dinosaur Juice
Dinosaur Juice Hace 14 días
Now you need to find a Jaguar XJS R
vendediesel Hace 14 días
Thunderbirds and cougars had those seatbelts from 1989 to 1993. I don't know if Ford was involved with Jaguar back then but that might have been where that came from. Difference is that they work all the time as long as the battery is connected. I know from personal experience they work well. 300k miles and I had the 4th and final accident.
Cory Gray
Cory Gray Hace 14 días
My parents had late 80 early 90 model Mitsubishi mirage that had these seat belts.
Frank P.
Frank P. Hace 14 días
When cars had style.
Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike Hace 14 días
It's cheap because it's junk
Gordy Brody
Gordy Brody Hace 14 días
All Jags depreciate worse than any other car. You lose 1/2 your money as soon as you drive it off the dealer’s forecourt
GTR Man Hace 15 días
I really wanted one as a kid,in the UK.When I grew up and could afford to buy one, I bought an Aston Martin DB9. Happy I didn't buy the Jag. 👍 👍 👍 👍
Moto Connections
Moto Connections Hace 16 días
The seat-belt and airbag comment is not correct - there was never an option.
callum hardy
callum hardy Hace 16 días
Anyone remember when Clarkson turned one of them into a train!?
callum hardy
callum hardy Hace 16 días
I Love the XJS so naughty British ‘Old money’!
callum hardy
callum hardy Hace 16 días
0:20 Why cant Americans pronounce “Jaguar” its sounds more like “Jagwaar”
Allosaurus Fragilis
Allosaurus Fragilis Hace 17 días
That was second gear acceleration. You had to hold it in 1 to get it to go fast. Then it really does shift. Not fast by todays standards but pretty brisk.
Allosaurus Fragilis
Allosaurus Fragilis Hace 17 días
I had a v12 jag xj c . 5.3 litre and about 285 hp. It went pretty fast in a straight line but handled a bit like a hovercraft. It had 2 ten gallon fuel tanks, one in each rear wing ( fender?) and a push button switch inside to switch tanks. There was only one fuel gauge, so if you were running low on the gauge, you pushed the button and it read full again. But not for long, as fuel economy was dreadful. It started getting electrical and heating issues., so i sold it. I jumped at the first offer, in relief. However, the ohone kept ringing for about two weeks. Amazing. Theres always someone who will buy a jag.
Auz Transport
Auz Transport Hace 17 días
There is a reason why they are cheap. Hard to keep up, expensive to maintain.
Gentle Persuader
Gentle Persuader Hace 17 días
Those flying buttresses at 8:05 were there because the car was originally going to be mid engined.
ROB Hace 17 días
The seatbelt thing in the glove box was for you to stick in the lap belt recepticle so the seatbelt light would turn off. The mirror in the glove box was removable and obviously was a coke mirror since the glove box lid was a flat tray. The main "quirk" you missed was the telescopic steering where you have to twist the sleeve on the steering column to loosen or tighten it and move the wheel in and out.
Lstwhknight Hace 18 días
I bought a 1990 xjs for 10 grand with 20,000 miles on it. I drove the hell out of it. It has 89,000 miles on it now. My only problem engine wise was the distributor rotor burns out and shuts down half the engine, which is why the engines caught on fire ( raw unburned gas in the cats lit off by the remaining 6 cylinders still firing from the un shorted rotor. Other than that all the problems encountered were dealership mechanic induced. I was really floored at the extreme lack of quality workmanship of the dealerships being this was a preferred customer. Things like the ashtray didn’t close from a electric unit replaced but not bolted down, heater ducts not connected. A squeak in the steering column that was due to two bolts missing at the base of the column. Then the wiring shorted out from a wire loom guard not re secured that allowed the wire bundle to rub on a sharp corner until it shorted out. I rewired it with silver aircraft wire and installed the shield followed by wrapping in aircraft fireproof wrap. The wheels had been changed to pretty spoke wheels but had so many broken spokes you couldn’t drive over 55 mph. I replaced them with original type wheels, solid smooth ride to 120 mph. Just goes to show you, you can pay through the nose for quality but it doesn’t mean you’ll get it.
Lstwhknight Hace 18 días
My XJS spun out at 80 mph in L.A. traffic on the freeway when I made an emergency turn right followed by an immediate left turn which resulted in 3 complete 360 degree spins only ending when I lined up on traffic and locked the brakes up. XJS are very light in the rear end and heavy upfront from the weight of the V-12. One good thing is it doesn’t roll over.
Scott Starling
Scott Starling Hace 19 días
"Do Not Slam Shut" *Translation* "If you slam it shut, stuff will break or fall off. Totally not kidding"
ChristiRich Hace 19 días
I test drove one of these in the early 90's.
brian nordstrom
brian nordstrom Hace 19 días
1972 - 1979 Chrysler Valiant Charger made and designed in Australia had the " Flying Buttress " rear as well .
G B Hace 21 un día
Did you say 7.4 or 17.4 seconds 🤔😅
Matt Modena
Matt Modena Hace 21 un día
You forgot about the quirky telescoping steering wheel
arcade.ly Hace 21 un día
Beautiful car: I've always kind of fancied one but they're just more trouble than they're worth to own.
Michael Schmitt
Michael Schmitt Hace 22 días
"Powerseats weren't that common 30 years ago"... wait, what!? The luxury car made by Jaguar didn't have what my 1982 Buick Riviera had? Kinda lame, Jaguar.
TacticalYuzu Hace 22 días
Jaug DeMuro
SuperMarioNick Hace 23 días
Unless you steal an Aventador
DeadMillennial Hace 23 días
The V6 XJ40 body is my favorite. Had a '91 Vanden Plas for 17 years. The maintenance wasn't too bad, provided you lit black candles, laid salt in the floorboards in pentagram shapes, and lined the pillars with lamb's blood, every time you drove.
Connor Pusey
Connor Pusey Hace 23 días
I think it looks good inside and out.
TheHighwayman Hace 23 días
HE FARTED IN THAT expensive JAGUAR @19:20
Douglas Thompson
Douglas Thompson Hace 24 días
Basically the video offers nothing other than some quirks…..pointless.
Frank Pineda
Frank Pineda Hace 24 días
I owned a 1976 XJ-S, when they first came out in 76 they where not XJS, it was XJ-S, it was a fun car and very reliable for a British car, nice video 👏👏👏👏👏👏
oliver mansfield
oliver mansfield Hace 25 días
I've probably already put this, but the wheels were chromed at a later date, which is why the spare is not done, you can tell from the photo
franz stockmann
franz stockmann Hace 25 días
Anybody want to bean doggie with a rotten pumpkin while he is filming?
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