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A pretty, teenage girl, who has never-been-kissed, finds her life turned totally upside down when she decides to run a kissing booth and unexpectedly ends up locking lips with her secret crush.
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The Kissing Booth | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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1 may 2018

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Comentarios 9 453
Kookie Monster
Kookie Monster Hace 2 horas
Honestly this is the stupidest movie I have ever seen. I don't know what I hate more, the acting or the plot. It is so predictable and so many things don't make sense at all. It was such a waste of time.
Luna Jay
Luna Jay Hace 3 horas
Am I literally the only person that actually LIKES the movie?
Anna Loves1D
Anna Loves1D Hace un día
Okay I like Kissing Booth but I think a movie for Chasing Red would’ve been much better
Tisha Joy
Tisha Joy Hace 2 días
This remind me of Fifty shades of Grey for some reason much better then movie Speaking of which here’s ur new cast right here let’s go Netflix
Stanley Anderson
Stanley Anderson Hace 3 días
Can’t believe I watched this It bloody sucks
Zeren Çiçekdağlı
So ridicilous
Stefy Gardini
Stefy Gardini Hace 6 días
Jacob elordiiii
Queen of Dark
Queen of Dark Hace 6 días
The movie was pointless and stupid and kinda cheesy and cliche BUT it was entertaining
Sansum Lodge
Sansum Lodge Hace 6 días
At first I legit thought that this was gonna be Lara Verne's version (ya know, the 'gay version').
Messy Cake
Messy Cake Hace 6 días
This movie made me sob my heart out but is a great movie and I want to watch it over and over again !
well shit this is a fuckin disgrace to the beautiful perfect Noah Flin that i imagined in my head when i was 12, this dude looks 34 and doped in testosterone YIKES
mochi pichi
mochi pichi Hace 8 días
I don't like her dont even know why... i think the acting and facial reactions.. who knows😆
nicole Rodriguez
nicole Rodriguez Hace 9 días
I just noticed tht she was wearin da Same bra in the beginning of da movie n da locker part
Slime for now
Slime for now Hace 9 días
I saw the movie on Netflix and it was soooo good and romantic also verd sad. By the way you guys should watch it its great.
zrinkolina Hace 9 días
She looks like Rory.
Nguyễn Hồng Sơn
Nguyễn Hồng Sơn Hace 10 días
that's so great!!
Kshitij Bhardwaj
Kshitij Bhardwaj Hace 11 días
Who ever gave her this name was not joking
VNem Vee
VNem Vee Hace 11 días
I Absolutely loved this movie. I'm expecting a sequel where they have moved on with their lives after university and meet again. 👍 And please people, please don't say that the hottie looks like Logan Paul. 😰 I mean, come on you guys, REALLY? 😨
Bailey P
Bailey P Hace 11 días
This is my FAVORITES movie!!!
Kent&Jlyn InfinitEIGHTy
I first saw her with Selena Gomez sister in movie and now she's all grown up 😍
Gãcha Princėss
Gãcha Princėss Hace 11 días
Ok, dont @ me but i LOVED the movie. Im i the only one who does?
Amelia Mira
Amelia Mira Hace 12 días
I didn't like this movie so much
Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen Hace 12 días
Can u guys stop hating
shreya verma
shreya verma Hace 12 días
I'm confused that who is lover and who is best friend, both are same in structure
Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen Hace 13 días
I love that movie.
Gradays Hace 14 días
I’ve seen Kissing Booth, it’s amazing
Iron Man
Iron Man Hace 14 días
I prefer she's with me by ava violet or Jessica cunsolo as a book to be adapted as a movie.
Selena Mer.
Selena Mer. Hace 15 días
The best movie i ever watch😍😍😍
Patrick Sky
Patrick Sky Hace 15 días
i just search the cast and lee is older than flynn in real life?? what the heck !?
İzzet Selcuk eskişehirli
Netflix bana hediye edecek birisi varmi
Shubhi Virk
Shubhi Virk Hace 16 días
She's the white house saviour.
nik nik
nik nik Hace 16 días
2:10 what is the title of that song?
SummerTime Hace 17 días
Twilight is a better love story
carol Mwai
carol Mwai Hace 17 días
Wasted my time!!
Ali Powell
Ali Powell Hace 17 días
Loved this movie❤️
Karl Aug
Karl Aug Hace 18 días
Spoiler Alert : 1:11:00 into the movie ending like is when the best friend of the girl catches her & the brother of the boy kissing . At 1:34:41 - the boy aka the best friend of the girl makes up at the last 9-10 minutes .
Ayla Donson
Ayla Donson Hace 18 días
Out of ALL the books that got published, this wattpad waste of paper was what they chose to turn into a movie? Fanigirl Six of crows Carry on Red rising All we ever wanted Pestilence Those are some of the books of 2017-18 that would make cool movies. But no. Hollywood chooses twilight, fifty shades of grey and things like this to make famous. Hunger games, lord of the rings and harry potter are masterpieces. I'm just waiting for that lotr Amazon series...
Ayla Donson
Ayla Donson Hace 18 días
This is what happens when a shitty wattpad book turns into a movie. Twilight #1563366358900642643
Olga Arato
Olga Arato Hace 19 días
My fave movie😍i love it😍people should not to compare TATBLB and TKB
Alan Huerta
Alan Huerta Hace 21 un día
For all of the people who are saying that “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is better than this movie, save your comments. First of all, it’s not better, it’s different, there is not a better or a worst movie here. Second of all, you’re here to watch the trailer for this movie, if you’re going to talk about how awesome TATBILB is, then go over to the videos Netflix has about that movie. Third and finally, there is no need to discredit this movie, and no need to be rude as well, so please, I’m sorry if I sound aggressive, but seriously don’t make this movie seem like trash when it’s actually amazing.
Mulya Utari
Mulya Utari Hace 22 días
does anyone know what backsound in this trailer?
Mulya Utari
Mulya Utari Hace 22 días
does anyone know what backsound in this trailer?
Alejandro Rojas
Alejandro Rojas Hace 23 días
Melody Joy Meo
Melody Joy Meo Hace 23 días
I read this boooook
cassiii perolina
cassiii perolina Hace 23 días
Pengeeeeng link huhuh
grn_ appls7
grn_ appls7 Hace 23 días
This was actually a great romcom. 👍🏼
Wahab Khan
Wahab Khan Hace 24 días
Wahab riyaz
Alexis Townsend
Alexis Townsend Hace 25 días
hhhhmmm this movie reminds me a lot of The Summer I Turned Pretty...
ragad alk
ragad alk Hace 25 días
im sad for wasting moments of my life watching this :(
Yehet Hace 25 días
I still know her as the girl from the movie white house down
Christian Chimchim
Christian Chimchim Hace 25 días
Can someone tell me the music at 1:37
Prakash Mishra
Prakash Mishra Hace 26 días
the perks of being a wallflower is far better than this
Windinz Hace 27 días
this movie sucks End of story
Anca Toneanu
Anca Toneanu Hace 27 días
Este atât de tare!@❤🎬
Saifuddin rangwala
Saifuddin rangwala Hace 29 días
Really need a sequel
youtube commentor
youtube commentor Hace un mes
Ramona is all grown up now!!
Galaxy Moon
Galaxy Moon Hace un mes
no hate but "to all the boy i've loved before" is much better than this
lc11214 Hace un mes
I just watched this movie. It was so cheesy.
sparky 1024
sparky 1024 Hace un mes
From wattpad if i wud hve asked which book or series for movie...? then i would really have preferred 'bullied' series cuz they are so emotional,touching and awesome. Those def shud turn into movies
Israh Daniel
Israh Daniel Hace un mes
you know how movies make people look hotter then you go and see the person on Instagram and they look like bad. I hate that.
Wiza Munthali
Wiza Munthali Hace un mes
Hes sooooooooo tall😍😂😂
Marife Gamayon
Marife Gamayon Hace un mes
*I still prefer Lee over Noah.*
Readers97 Hace un mes
To those who haven't watched it.. Must give it a try. Its worth watching ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Agne da
Agne da Hace un mes
Waiting for second movie part!!! OMG it was amazing
Faisal R
Faisal R Hace un mes
Teenage fantasy that I doubt happening in real life lol but I still would love to have lived it like that
It doesn't matter what my name is
Oo I came back here 😡give my view back
muhamad adnan
muhamad adnan Hace un mes
any know what the title of soundtrack this trailer?
დBellaდ Avakin
დBellaდ Avakin Hace un mes
Wait id not get it plz dont hate but is his name flinn or Noah??
renragged Hace un mes
It's crazy how he tries to kill her at the end. That was a hella good plot twist!
tay la
tay la Hace un mes
so cringe
Luke Bruce
Luke Bruce Hace un mes
Another movie with a hot dude and an ugly chick.
MasterGaming Nic
MasterGaming Nic Hace un mes
So glad i dint have a netflix account to watch this creepy shit. Only thing i will miss is the santa modern day thing.
This girl is so cute😍😍😘
Zelim Hamdulatov
Zelim Hamdulatov Hace un mes
Как называется фильм скажите пожалуйста 😟
Unsub Me
Unsub Me Hace un mes
My crush ask me to watch this movie
Joselito Balicante
Joselito Balicante Hace un mes
I just watch this and im fcking loving it. Season 2 plss
havy daya
havy daya Hace un mes
I have watched a half and it is really very similar with a content of The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han ?? Can someone explain to me ??
TypicalFrog Hace un mes
If I was her I would choose best friend not just for a hot guy
Kassiopeia84 Hace un mes
Suprisingly awesome movie!! The main characters are great and Noah ...OMG ..yeah... just sayi'n ;-)
Rahul Bhutia
Rahul Bhutia Hace un mes
Of course you can follow you rules and the heart! Such a stupid quote my fucking lordess!
It's Jenny
It's Jenny Hace un mes
I see this movie yesterday And i cry :'(
ベイザ Hace un mes
i think it’s tooo overrated like all boys i have loved before their are much better movies which are soooooooo underrated and have better story
Billy evan utama
Billy evan utama Hace un mes
Sereen R
Sereen R Hace un mes
this is shit
Martina Di Gangi
Martina Di Gangi Hace un mes
vi adoro e ciò il libro la maglietta e la tazza love
Rachel Dragneel
Rachel Dragneel Hace un mes
I love this movie SO much watched it many times!!! Please make a second one pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee
علاء رمضان
فيلم المليون بوسه 🥰
moash erhudf
moash erhudf Hace un mes
my favorite movie ive watched at least 7 times
Ariyan khan
Ariyan khan Hace un mes
Best Hollywood
The Cecily
The Cecily Hace un mes
Sorry for the intrusion: follow me on my channel💕
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Hace un mes
I need a 2nd movie omg
Marie Quin
Marie Quin Hace un mes
This movie was pretty good
Rusne Chaneckaite
Rusne Chaneckaite Hace un mes
I mean i would be much happier if ele date li
İlknur Tezcan Ars
İlknur Tezcan Ars Hace un mes
Awesomeeee 💙💙💙💙
Pradnya Prameswari
Pradnya Prameswari Hace un mes
The Kissing Booth 2?
jane lai
jane lai Hace un mes
Where can I watch this please?
Simmi Gautam
Simmi Gautam Hace un mes
Katie Burke
Katie Burke Hace un mes
Does anyone know if this is coming out on dvd?
NoorALI Legend
NoorALI Legend Hace un mes
Why is that guy lookin like Logan Paul
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