The Life of a Speedrunner

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23 oct 2020






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CircleToonsHD Hace un mes
Tomorrow at 1PM EST I'm gonna be LIVE streaming and opening up a crap load of expensive Pokemon card boxes, BE THERE OR BE... UH... NOT THERE
Billie-Joe Lewis
Billie-Joe Lewis Hace 33 minutos
@iLikeNoodles just OK man are you a ok mi ok man who are you chating fuck NO SAYING OK NO SAYING IT
D'Luca Hace un día
Copiador de merda
Omari Lamey
Omari Lamey Hace 2 días
Tina Hace 5 días
sorry I was 1 month late
Adelph Charles
Adelph Charles Hace 6 días
Silcc Hace 18 minutos
fake i didnt hear Trance Music for Racing Game - Bobby Cole
rocky linguini boi
rocky linguini boi Hace 21 un minuto
Thats not the turn i expected
MoonMaan Hace un hora
Beginners mistake! He could have saved the 6 seconds by just throwing himself out of the bed headfirst and he maybe could have trimmed off a few 1.26 seconds if he did a W + A or D side run depending on the position he came out of his mother in. I'm also very sure that every in a 1 out of 20 chance you'll spawn facing headfirst so you can pull yourself out of your mother easily.
t pink
t pink Hace un hora
Me and the boys at 2 am seepedruning
Derek Li
Derek Li Hace 2 horas
You see, the first mistake he made was the ability to talk, if he didn't learn to talk, then he would've saved 8 seconds.
Tomás Marengo
Tomás Marengo Hace un hora
Yea but if you don't learn it, there's an easter egg where an otorhinolaryngologist so you los 9 seconds instead of 8
LoL 881
LoL 881 Hace 3 horas
You can just fall head first to the ground instead of jumping down and stuffing peanut butter
Kamisiek! Hace 3 horas
creeper Hace 4 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OJxyiyKiX-M.html omgg 😱
Rival Rebel
Rival Rebel Hace 5 horas
"ham hamh hamgh ham ham ham ham" killed it
czekolada^^ Hace 6 horas
wow he's such a bad speedrunner. he wasted 13 seconds by sitting there and then talking.
Hypernel 1
Hypernel 1 Hace 6 horas
cant wait for the TAS
Rusted Gears
Rusted Gears Hace 6 horas
aaaaaand TIME
***lame hey ***jojo
***lame hey ***jojo Hace 8 horas
Plot twist: its Dream
Its Blek
Its Blek Hace 8 horas
trey Hace 9 horas
all he has to do is be a female baby in China
TheAmazing Sidney
TheAmazing Sidney Hace 10 horas
He wasted 10 seconds doing nothing in the beginning, could've been faster smh
About:blank Hace 10 horas
speedrun minecraft rn
URBAN_TTv Hace 11 horas
DruID GamES Hace 11 horas
Alternate Title: Man gives birth to a suicidal baby
Jmkap Hace 11 horas
If he went for the bleach route, he would've easily saved about 9 seconds on that run.
Retyrae Hace 11 horas
Why does ur pfp on ESvid look like baymax
Vincent Erskine
Vincent Erskine Hace 11 horas
Daunte Huynh
Daunte Huynh Hace 11 horas
I would try to do this if I knew what this was
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck Hace 12 horas
Is this how Dream stans see Dream’s birth?
Fourphoto Hace 12 horas
can relate
Ginothegamer Hace 13 horas
Just be stillborn and you will have the record
A Zealous Boy
A Zealous Boy Hace 13 horas
He should’ve been in hell for suicide
Folli NEO обновление оформления
чувак буквально свою жизнь в это вложил)
The Fidget Spinner
The Fidget Spinner Hace 14 horas
Not very long
AsianPersuasion Hace 14 horas
fun fact: the fastest world record holder doesn't exist
ElnStal Hace 14 horas
Wasted 12:353 seconds sitting and explaining, so unprofessional smh
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Hace 15 horas
God dam it lol
Nekrowga Hace 15 horas
Its been a while since i saw this, but now that i'm back, heres a walkthrough for a Real Life %100 run. Now, for the basics, regardless of wether or not you're speedrunning this category, there is in fact a time limit. Unfortunately for you, the time limit has a tendency to vary greatly depending on a vast number of variables, most of which likely don't seem to have anything to do with you in any way at all, until suddenly they do and you're dead. Because of this, many players have developed a thing called common sense, but said common sense really only gets rid of about a fifth of these possible circumstances. Now, onto the run. First step: Right after you're born you need to get prepared for the long days ahead of you. First things first, get up on your own feet, by yourself. This is of course assuming you have two feet, since this is the most efficient, and is a requirement to get %100 within an average allotted time. If you fail or have already failed to achieve this in the first day, you need to reset since save files dont exactly exist yet, damn the devs. (resetting this hellish game is not recommended and is in fact heavily argued against by my colleagues and i. These runs are already dangerous enough with a whopping %99.999999999999999999999 chance of death) Nobody has past the first step on record, so im going to stop here for the time being. Good luck!
MitoAdam Hace 15 horas
I see where he went wrong. He waited until he was in his mom's lap when he could have gotten a head-start by mashing right while in the assistant's arms the moment he entered the frame. Then, as soon as the assistant let go, he'd instantly go to the peanut butter. He also could have shaved a few more milliseconds by not chewing the peanut butter and instead swallowing, thereby dying from either the allergy or choking.
SlavNotSkilled Hace 16 horas
Every death is end of game, so any% is just death at first second.
Bee defenders Official channel
He should’ve done the floor-clip glitch, everybody knows doing that kills you instantly, could’ve saved 11 seconds
alec Fernando
alec Fernando Hace 17 horas
Love how the mom is just hearing what the doctors are saying and is watching her son kill himself and still doesn't understand why their asking about peanut allergies
Is that Jay from the kubz scouts voicing the baby?😂😂😂
Kartoffelman Hace 17 horas
If he was born in Afrika he could have used the Malaria skip for a new personal best but there was No perfect RNG maybe next run
Estusi Hace 17 horas
Sad part is that miscarriages still beat him.
EcuadorianFlag Hace 18 horas
What a fucking noob he could have just put his head in the peanut butter jar saves him I believe a few frames but still every frame is worth it
Alucard Hace 18 horas
Untrue Never skidded the starting cutscreen
- NightFlame -
- NightFlame - Hace 18 horas
SET SEED!! He went strait for the peanut butter without looking around!
Double 896
Double 896 Hace 19 horas
Smh, world record is 0.01 seconds and the record holder is XxMommyMilkers42069xX using the miscarriage glitch, shame that their strat was banned in 2013
Frank Alvira
Frank Alvira Hace 19 horas
lol the timer thou speed running since 2007
vinicetw Hace 20 horas
h1Bryd at
h1Bryd at Hace 21 un hora
Man's could a shaved some time off of his brown if he just came out of the womb dead
Earther Hace 22 horas
Any%? What would 100% even be?
Juan Villalobos
Juan Villalobos Hace 22 horas
SpeedRun Any% "How to learn to walk and then die"😎 New Best Record: 00:00:28;784
Liam milk
Liam milk Hace 23 horas
The death% run
PVP Panther
PVP Panther Hace 23 horas
The only thing that tells me thats a she is her eyebrows
69Pootis Hace un día
Dark and funny
Wreth Covers
Wreth Covers Hace un día
He had good rng with the peanut butter allergy setup. Threw the run by not skipping the cutscene though.
Marshyy TV
Marshyy TV Hace un día
If he just jumped on head first then skipped the introduction he could've been 9 seconds in life
Talos Hace un día
Nice speedrun bro
ËL_KËN Hace un día
Real life dream
Carter Hace un día
To save the 6 seconds, you could've clipped through Mum's belly, Backward Long Jumped off her, skipped the peanut butter cutscene and *boom!* you're in heaven with the new any% world record!
Pedro G
Pedro G Hace un día
I can just imagine the dream speedrun music playing
mohd rehan
mohd rehan Hace un día
You guys know that there is a disease which makes a one grow even faster like at age 15 they look like 100 years Only 50 people at the earth have this disease today but my father had met many people with this disease
Wil Kleinig
Wil Kleinig Hace un día
Dream if Minecraft didn't exist
Pantsu KING
Pantsu KING Hace un día
You’ll get used to her voice if you’ve used VRchat
Mikey Hace un día
Speedrunners who were aborted a few weeks after pregnancy: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you*
Hose_ 10
Hose_ 10 Hace un día
This newborn can kill itself faster than I can change into mah pj’s
Angry Spaghetti
Angry Spaghetti Hace un día
That’s a lit life
GreatGatherer Hace un día
Guys, I discovered a new trick, allow me to explain. This trick goes for the death sentence ending, hear me out. The normal run involves the allergy ending, however this requires you to get the peanut or strawberry allergy traits, and while they are common, it is rng based. This one is consistent, what you have to do is at the game start, INTENTIONALLY fail the test on if you will become a League of Legends player, tricking them into thinking you are (when you are not). As these things are such a scourge to the world, you will get the death sentence ending, near instantly. This allows you to finish before you even finish the tests.
Creative Name
Creative Name Hace un día
Mom: *wants abortion* The speed runner: IM GOIN FOR A WORLD RECORD
Cristo Savage
Cristo Savage Hace un día
Fun fact:You can beat a speed run instantly, All you have to do is hop in my van. Btw, New sub.
Cristo Savage
Cristo Savage Hace un día
o o
o o Hace un día
Pro tip Do a BLJ and he will die by fall damage It's really hard (fame prefect)
TheAspieFox Hace un día
“Hello, you absolute legends.”
Liam Ltc
Liam Ltc Hace un día
ᴀʜʀɪ'ꜱ ᴡɪꜰᴇ
*"No signs on becoming a League of Legends player or something-."* .... 😳
jimtsap04 Hace un día
Fake, everyone knows the world record would be getting an abortion.
jimtsap04 Hace 12 minutos
@EcuadorianFlag yeah, and also it would usually need to be tool assisted so...
EcuadorianFlag Hace 33 minutos
It isn’t recommended as that is usually luck based so it’s in its own category
Ian Katalinas
Ian Katalinas Hace un día
Fun fact: Most deaths in the US are caused by death
Angel samuel sanchez
world record: 00 : 00 : 28 : 784
Uncle Furkan
Uncle Furkan Hace un día
what is wrong with league of legends? ( I know game sucks)
Eternal2401 Hace un día
That was before we found the Ctrl Alt Del. Strat.
Mr Link
Mr Link Hace un día
Oh no.
Blanca Aguilera
Blanca Aguilera Hace un día
Why is there so much big ESvidrs
Gubner8000 Hace un día
Should have ran from the tests and just modded the run so the peanut butter was on the bed. Rookie errors.
Monty Boon
Monty Boon Hace un día
Any% speedrun of who can learn to walk the quickest
Xander chomakos
Xander chomakos Hace 2 días
I need another one
Charlie Belmonte
Charlie Belmonte Hace 2 días
Can you make a part two?
javier cruz
javier cruz Hace 2 días
Hey Shitass
Hey Shitass Hace 2 días
The 1 speed runner better than dream
Lord Headass
Lord Headass Hace 2 días
The woman with his voice is oddly horrifying
Ampteus Hace 2 días
yea, this is Dream
IIBFDIfanII Hace 2 días
I guess you can say its a once in a lifetime experience
Zap gaming
Zap gaming Hace 2 días
Ay yo. My Brother died when he was born he made a world record 00.00 (fr)
Ludwig 100
Ludwig 100 Hace 2 días
Forza Clips
Forza Clips Hace 2 días
Aqua0mega Hace 2 días
The WR had the Plan B time skip saving about 20 seconds
parzi Hace 2 días
I will name it life of dream (=
Teo M
Teo M Hace 2 días
next run ill do life any%
—**! G L X T C H !**—
*An abortion or a miscarriage would work better*
Lucas Gazula
Lucas Gazula Hace 2 días
Rookie mistakes man
Dersetraído Hace 2 días
Fallout 3 speedruns in a nutshell
Masamie Hace 2 días
*Who else looked in the comments section hoping for a comment from Dream?*
The _Caser
The _Caser Hace 22 horas
Lol me too
Alex . Afton
Alex . Afton Hace 2 días
JTC Hace 2 días
The kid is an idiot. You have to do a combat roll while in the doctor's arm then do a midair roll and land on your head. Theres a bit of rng when it comes to which hospital you're born at, if there are any time reducers like sharp objects, or how tall the doctor is. Taller the doctor, harder the fall
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