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Gaspar Marcos is an unaccompanied minor in Los Angeles. This is his story.

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19 jul 2016






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Bev Lumb
Bev Lumb Hace 6 días
They should send them all straight back letting them stay and free until there cout dates gives them the wrong impression. If they were turned around straight away like the Australians did they would soon get the message not to come Americans are serious. To be honest they don't believe that now they think America is a push over and I am afraid they are right. They are running rings around the Americans
Actions speak Louder than words
Dang poor young man! My parents came the same way! It really sucks because they make it harder on themselves when they refuse to respect that I'm different. I'm fact they discriminate against me and my sister! That's why my aunt's have a strong hate towards their children especially their daughters! They make it impossible for us to succeed! They take all the benefits for themselves and are very greedy! They want the worse for their children and it's very upsetting that this issue hasn't been brought up in the government the constant abuse makes this kids that are born here struggle beyond belief!!
Angel XOXO
Angel XOXO Hace 27 días
Don't confuse discrimination for being different.
Angel XOXO
Angel XOXO Hace 27 días
BS. I have worked with many of these kids, and I can tell you now, they are not discriminated, at least not by most people. Here and there, everyone has discrimination problems, but it's not typical.
Celeste Gonzalez
Celeste Gonzalez Hace 3 meses
I work with him. And he is a damn good worker! Mad props to him
Devin Peirce
Devin Peirce Hace 16 días
Celeste Gonzalez what type of work ?
Carlos Guerrero
Carlos Guerrero Hace 3 meses
I want an updated video of Gaspar. It has been three years and I want to know how his life now. Did he graduate from high school? is he going to college? Just a small update on how his life is now.
Carol ann
Carol ann Hace 4 meses
They are all illegal immigrants and need to go back home to their Homeland
Alex Colindres
Alex Colindres Hace 2 meses
Carol ann
Carol ann Hace 4 meses
They all are
1 Maestro
1 Maestro Hace 5 meses
I’m so proud of my little brother! Great Job Adam!
E Randco
E Randco Hace 6 meses
Blame the parents. Putting your kids in harms way. Shameful parenting.
MountainDrew Hace 7 meses
That teacher talking about they don't get that wonderful life when they get here, bruh it's at least way better than living in Central America.
Ra L
Ra L Hace 8 meses
Build the wall! Trump 2020!
Kay W
Kay W Hace 8 meses
I hope you guys do a follow up on this video. Hopefully, he’s doing well! May god bless you though all your struggles.
Kevin Deleon
Kevin Deleon Hace 8 meses
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez Hace 9 meses
I’m a dish boy too. and it fucking sucks! First week your back kills you. You can’t Fall behind on dishes or you’ll have to stay over night. I work like 7 hrs. I can’t imagine 12! Man 👏🏼 going straight from school to work! That’s a hard worker right there!
Tadia Foster
Tadia Foster Hace un año
I respect their struggles and dedication to hard work. As a child of immigrants, I understand the challenges. Stay strong.
Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike Hace un año
Where's ICE when you need them? I'm sure none of these dear children turn to crime. His nickname in prison will "The Glass Asshole."
why the fuck is there so many mistakes in the subtitles editing and shots on this short film?
Rosemary Aldana
Rosemary Aldana Hace un año
They need to go back to their families. What parent will throw away a child. Give them back where they belong. Just as any child went to Paris, Roman, or any expensive country alone. And is a USA citizen They will send them back even if the United States was in war. We need to help our own children born in the USA.
Devin Peirce
Devin Peirce Hace 16 días
Alex Colindres ok so why do we need em
Alex Colindres
Alex Colindres Hace 16 días
@Devin Peirce well that's B.S, theres violence everywhere.
Devin Peirce
Devin Peirce Hace 16 días
Alex Colindres no violence in Guatemala
Alex Colindres
Alex Colindres Hace 2 meses
They left their countries because of all the violence ....they are just trying to survive and have a better future . There is nothing left for them at home except death.
Keeping It Kevin
Keeping It Kevin Hace un año
Truly fantastic film.
Elizabeth Williamson
what about the homeless, jobless American kids that live out of a bid and go to school. Check it out. I don't feel sorry for these kids, they came here illegally. They don't deserve ANY benefits here in USA. Besides he speaks no English. Send him back.
James Hanninen
James Hanninen Hace un año
Gang members ruin it for kids l mean men like this guy. He’s not a kid he’s a man. Holding down life. It’s good to see such a youngster with his head on his shoulders. Good job bud. Life gets easier. Just keep working and doing what you are doing. I’ll keep you in my prayers
Joy Phillips
Joy Phillips Hace un año
So let me get this straight....Am I supposed to feel sorry for illegal immigrants crossing the border when my own relatives have been waiting in the Philippines ( yes, another poor, gang prone country) for the past 15 years? See, this is what I don't understand when I see shows like this.... You see how hard illegals work, but you never see the ones waiting in line who work JUST AS HARD.... I'm sorry, but these ILLEGALS MUST GO..... and yes, 95% of my family are also immigrants as well so I know how the process works....
Inzskimz Hace un año
Joy Phillips well the Philippians have a greater waiting period soooooooooo.
Kyle Jurek
Kyle Jurek Hace un año
Obama Administration Placed Children With Human Traffickers, Democrats Were Silent www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/06/democrats-were-silent-when-obama-admin-failed-to-protect-thousands-of-children-placing-many-human-traffickers/ by Alicia Powe June 17, 2018 Democrats used Father’s Day to repudiate the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal immigrants. The anti-Trump lawmakers took to social media to pile on President Trump, declaring a Sunday a “#FathersDayofAction.” Ironically, Democrat leadership was complacent during the Obama presidency when kids who were caught crossing the border were subjected to volatile detention and horrendous trafficking. A Senate investigation report, which was ignored by the mainstream media, revealed the Obama administration neglected to protect thousand of Central American children who surged across the U.S. border since 2011, subjecting them to traffickers and abuses. According to the 56 page investigative report www.mccaskill.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/ORRStaffMemo.pdf released in January 2016, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services failed to properly vet government approved caretakers who claimed the children, placed children in homes without visiting the locations, permitted the adults who claimed the children to obtain custody of multiple unrelated children and ignored “serious trafficking indicators.” Once the children were placed in the homes of the government approved caretakers, not only did the agency fail to provide any oversight of the children’s well being, but allowed the adult sponsors to prevent caseworkers from providing them post-release services. “HHS places children with individuals about whom it knows relatively little and without verifying the limited information provided by sponsors about their alleged relationship with the child,” the report said. The report details at least 30 instances of unaccompanied children that had been trafficked because of the Obama administration’s laxed policies and procedures. After authorities in July discovered several Guatemalan eight teen boys were being held captive a decrepit trailer in Marion, Ohio, by traffickers, Sen. Rob Portman, R -Ohio, to initiated an investigation into welfare of unaccompanied, undocumented minors. The boys were forced to work at an egg farm are among 125,000 unaccompanied minors who have flooded into the United States since 2011 to escape socialistic unrest in South America. Another Guatemalan was placed with a sponsor who forced him to work at least 12 hours a day to pay off a $6,500 smuggling debt, which the sponsor later increased to $10,900, according to the report. A boy from El Salvador was permitted to live with his abusive father, despite explaining caseworker that had regularly hitting him with an electrical cord. When the boy alerted authorities in September that his father forced him to work all day for, a post-release case worker discovered the boy starving, malnourished and imprisoned in a basement. Democrats used images of children in detention to attack Trump as inhumane - until they realized the images were taken in 2014 when migrants flooded the border because of Obama’s migration friendly policies. Breitbart’s Brandon Darby has documented the conditions child illegal immigrants endured when Democrats were in control of the White House.
Javier VL
Javier VL Hace un año
Much respect to everyone having to live like this including grownups
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez Hace 10 meses
Al Stewart lol stfu devil
Al Stewart
Al Stewart Hace un año
He could have stayed in his country and fixed it, not bring his Salvadoran attitude here.
Al Stewart
Al Stewart Hace un año
If their smart, why don’t they learn American English?
Al Stewart
Al Stewart Hace un año
Imagine the cost to our social services. They caused the closing of hospitals because they overload our ERs
Joe Miranda
Joe Miranda Hace un año
Javier VL actually the only ones who benefit are them and their families that they send their money to. Americans don't benefit from suppressed wages, competition for jobs with illegals and taking money our of our economy and sending it to another country. Americans certainly don't benefit from Hospitals closing because of illegals either...
Javier VL
Javier VL Hace un año
Al Stewart ok but y’all benefit from them working outside too
Al Stewart
Al Stewart Hace un año
I don’t owe him a penny of my children’s ,money.
Alex Colindres
Alex Colindres Hace 2 meses
Stfu, he's not asking for your money
Joe Miranda
Joe Miranda Hace un año
It's not hate stating the truth. We don't owe these people anything. We owe our own people. All these people are other countries problems that we can't afford to take care of. We are $20 Trillion in Debt and taking care of these kids and allowing them to take away jobs that Americans should be working is causing us even more debt.
Javier VL
Javier VL Hace un año
Al Stewart why hate bro,
MoONs ash
MoONs ash Hace un año
2:11 I know them both their building is 2 houses down from mine
MoONs ash
MoONs ash Hace un año
Belmont high school? That school is right up the street from my house
bbn Hace un año
JB Hace 2 años
They should thank the God that I or someone like me wasn't in charge when they came here. I would have taken them down to the border pointed them south & a swift kick in the butt to g e t them started on the long journey back from where they came. I have zero sympathy for any of them. Future gang bangers
R Ariev
R Ariev Hace un año
I 100% agree with you. Send them back home, not our problem they broke the law just by taking the shortcut point blank.
Carlos Villegas
Carlos Villegas Hace 2 años
he must be going thru a lot but he's gonna succeed he's on the right place good luck.
Yaya J
Yaya J Hace 2 años
irvmo91 Hace 2 años
Learnt english? How the fuck is he going to learn from someone that can't speak it himself
T J Hace 2 años
I’d like to know where Gaspard is now 1 year later...anyone know?
mr zen-zei
mr zen-zei Hace un año
still dish washing and quitted school look it up.
Terri Newman
Terri Newman Hace 2 años
no he's an illegal alien!
Trebor Garcia
Trebor Garcia Hace 6 meses
Joe Miranda your last name is a Latino name I’m sure your parents came here illegally so why don’t you stfu
Magdiel Justo
Magdiel Justo Hace 8 meses
@Joe Miranda you wouldn't be dealing with these problems it it wasn't for the 200+ years of US intervention in Latin America. People like you love to complain, but can't pick up a book to see that these issues are directly tied to DESTRUCTIVE U. S. policies. You may not owe them anything but the government certainly does.
Magdiel Justo
Magdiel Justo Hace 8 meses
@Joe Miranda you ain't taking care of shit man. This kid is raising himself. Working and being a productive citizen. This kid isn't eligible for no welfare or anything, he literally cannot apply because of his status, so your precious tax dollars ain't going no where. You ain't funding his school. His predominantly immigrant neighborhood is with their property taxes.
Joe Miranda
Joe Miranda Hace un año
Why hate? Nobody is hating. Stating the obvious. This kid is in our country illegally and we are taking care of him. Why the hate towards our own people here in America that you have no interest in taking care of hmm? All the people living on the streets, all the starving children right here in America. These kids should not be here. They should only come here the legal way for our country's protection.
Javier VL
Javier VL Hace un año
Terri Newman why hate someones grind bro,have respect please
Antonio Durante
Antonio Durante Hace 2 años
Just respect for these people
Al Stewart
Al Stewart Hace un año
Antonio Durante respect Americans who have to pay for their special teachers and lawyers.
Hdhdhdhf Dndjdhj
Hdhdhdhf Dndjdhj Hace 2 años
Even if they do deport them they will keep coming back by holes or by plane even by feet there’s no resolution
Joe Miranda
Joe Miranda Hace un año
That's why we need a wall and a better immigration policy and more border patrol agents. Force people to come in the right way.
Nancy Chapa
Nancy Chapa Hace 2 años
god bless the children's"...
xtreme_Minecraft Minexraft
God bless the children
Juan Ortega
Juan Ortega Hace 2 años
where can I find the full documentary?
Joe Miranda
Joe Miranda Hace un año
This is the full documentary. It's called 19 Hours.
cayden wood
cayden wood Hace 2 años
"I raised myself"
Marc Leonidas
Marc Leonidas Hace 2 años
Nobody ever brings what I'm about to say up. I don't know why, but it's extremely important: why do people keep having kids if they don't have the means to take care of them?? I just don't get it. That's great that this kid is working hard and honestly to get ahead. But why as latinos can we not admit that we have an over population problem. Why is it so impossibly difficult to admit the root of the problem???
scumbag supreme
scumbag supreme Hace 7 meses
Marc Leonidas overpopulation is cause by everyone not just Latinos!
The Dracobirthstonian
Marc Leonidas I hope that answers any questions you may have I hope.
The Dracobirthstonian
Marc Leonidas Well...It depends. The American ones are different. The other ones in places in Latin American nations are usually conservative on things like abortion and are Catholic. Most are also poor and usually uneducated which is why the immigration system does not desire people of that background. They don't have the option to try to enter legally because the system really has no need for people of that caliber and it is true. But it is annoying that many abandon their kids and end up having others here. That is one great example. They won't really assimilate either way...and many stick to troublesome mentalities. Many of the Salvadoran here that started their gangs left behind hundreds of young people back home and those young people have no parents and will be part of gangs and who knows what else. Also, their government is very corrupt and has been known to protect criminals.
Nathan Super
Nathan Super Hace 2 años
Go spread the word. Stop making so many kids. They aren't wanted or needed. Hispanics just want world domination through overpopulation. So you have two option at this point: turn around and head back to whatever shithole you crawled out of or stay here LEGALLY and stop having so many kids that you have to fake your docs to make it look like ur poor so u can get benefits that are taken from a LEGAL taxpayers pocket.
Non ya
Non ya Hace 2 años
Stop trying to confuse immigrants with illegal aliens. This is nothing but more propaganda. These people preach their rhetoric - trying to get everyone to feel sorry for these illegal aliens, but Americans are sick of this narrative and want our laws enforced. Illegal Aliens cost the American public $135 billion a year. We (America) cannot take care of everyone and need to focus on Americans, not illegals. Enough is enough. Truly end DACA and deport all illegals. The American dream is for Americans. Enter legally and share the dream. Enter illegally and suffer the consequences. Legal immigrants welcome.
Keylen Castillo
Keylen Castillo Hace un año
It hurts to see how we as the nation we are can be full of so much hate toward other people. These “aliens” you call bring up the economy what are you talking about ? I want to see all those white people clean toilets, work in restaurant late night shifts, pick oranges and lemons, work as the dishwasher for minimum wage. We should be thankful to have people like them and stop being so ignorant. Those are nor just adults we’re talking about we’re talking about kids as well. No kid should have to live like that I want all those “American” teens go through what he has to go through. He wants to be someone not just a “drug dealer” like most people say. How do you know if he becomes a doctor or a lawyer and saves you one day? Stop being so ignorant and value everyone! Ignorant ass people I swear
Mac Bitch
Mac Bitch Hace 2 años
Non ya I bet you’ve never lifted a finger in your life you stupid fuck ☺️
Genesis Granda
Genesis Granda Hace 2 años
Smith Smith do you not know how to read? Native Americans is just another word for “Indian” but America was all one land, north, central and South America -which is Latin America” so yes native Americans are Mexicans just another tribe same people.
Hdhdhdhf Dndjdhj
Hdhdhdhf Dndjdhj Hace 2 años
Genesis Granda Not all of America was native Americans once Mexico had California ,Nevada,Colorado,and Texas and etc the us offered to buy all of them of Mexico they declined,so they decided to start a war with them and stole more than 50% of Mexico so now that the government is kicking out Mexicans from their right full land is just crazy,how they gon do that after they stole their land so me the uneducated? No. And ur right America belongs to the native Americans cause they found this place not Christopher Columbus.but not all of it was theirs some of it was Mexico’s .but I guess that’s how it is the US stealing people’s lands .
Hdhdhdhf Dndjdhj
Hdhdhdhf Dndjdhj Hace 2 años
If only this kid was one of the kids that suffer like this,put ur self in his shoes what if that was you? You wouldn’t like people saying stuff like that
Lana Hace 2 años
"Les digo a mis amigos que no nos echemos pa atras, porque es esta vida la que nos toco". Grande,eres muy grande. Espero que sigas adelante y tengas un futuro mejor. Animo.
Dawn Baker
Dawn Baker Hace 2 años
I don't care if they're minors or not they don't seem to understand that this is America not south of the border 😬it's like their retarded don't they get that illegal aliens 👽 are not wanted or welcome in the USA 🇺🇸 if you're a illegal alien 👽 You are not entitled to American rights or benefits unfuckingbeleivable leeches get deported back to the country of origin
Giovanni Fuentes
Giovanni Fuentes Hace 2 años
Dawn Baker yeah I know many Engineering students that came here ILLEGALLY and then came graduated, got great jobs and became citizens. I guarantee you that they pay more in taxes than your family has ever made. So should feel grateful they can come here to support you as you leech off the government.
Dawn Baker
Dawn Baker Hace 2 años
Alex Dead I'm not a bro lmao 😂
Ms. Dead
Ms. Dead Hace 2 años
Dawn Baker you mad bro?
Dawn Baker
Dawn Baker Hace 2 años
Alex Dead 💀 I'm not stupid but I am sick and tired of illegals excuses why it's ok to come here. This is their country of origins responsibility to educate etc.... hey dumbfuck illegals are criminals because they broke the laws of immigration and this country's laws to be here so your point was......?????
Ms. Dead
Ms. Dead Hace 2 años
Dawn Baker you are just stupid 🤣
Jose Reyna
Jose Reyna Hace 2 años
What an incredible life journey.... I am so proud of Gaspar and how far he's made it on his own.
David J
David J Hace 2 años
Ya if you don't deport they will keep coming. Start deportation and the problem will be solved
Mike C
Mike C Hace 2 años
. The Los Angeles Times is a fake biased piece of shit opinion paper
Las Vegas Raiders
Las Vegas Raiders Hace 2 años
He probably hasn't discovered alcohol and all the free porn yet, when he does it's over for him.
Joe Miranda
Joe Miranda Hace un año
joe nice
joe nice Hace 2 años
Las Vegas Raiders wtf
Evil Boy
Evil Boy Hace 2 años
He is ugly as hell like hes country
America Martinez
America Martinez Hace 2 años
Evil Boy When you can't spell
dcien beats
dcien beats Hace 2 años
Shut the fuck up
Linda Morrison
Linda Morrison Hace 2 años
agree will done trump throw the trash outta of us
hassan abdi
hassan abdi Hace 3 años
for those who are claiming that their life is sucks when it's not, say thanks God and pray for this kids as well.
some Body
some Body Hace 29 días
Thank the people who made your life not suck
Tyler Walter
Tyler Walter Hace 3 años
Kids like him should be given specific classes with Spanish speaking teachers and teach them English since the whole word can speak English so it's a useful language
Abelina Sandoval
Abelina Sandoval Hace 3 años
algun # para contactar con gaspar
Abelina Sandoval
Abelina Sandoval Hace 3 años
eres un ejemplo gaspar para todos los jovenes que no aprvechan la oportunidad q les da sus padres que dios te vendiga y p delante algun dia tendra la reconpensa 👍👍👍
Quantay Peoples
Quantay Peoples Hace 3 años
gang members and drug dealers are the ones who should be deported.
3LILJoK Hace un año
Quantay Peoples starting with u hahaha : ()
Joe Miranda
Joe Miranda Hace un año
They all should be deported if they broke the law to be here. We have our own kids that are poor and work and go to school and dream to be something. There are Billions all over the world. We can't afford taking care of them. That's why we have the laws. Our economy can't sustain itself trying to take care of the world.
Live Everything
Live Everything Hace 2 años
ramcurequeeny really
Isidro Davila Munoz
Isidro Davila Munoz Hace 3 años
that is sad
Daisy Hace 3 años
@ellendegeneres @theellenshow
nickseacruz Hace 3 años
makes my heart ache. i hope he knows that he is appreciated and that he is a valuable member of society
Aviiee Zavaleta
Aviiee Zavaleta Hace 3 años
Thank u gaspar whenever i feel tired from my two jobs i watch this video and get the motivation that u have gracias vamos de nuevo a trabajar
Skull T Album
Skull T Album Hace 3 años
I will never complain about my life ever again !
Live Everything
Live Everything Hace 2 años
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