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Even the bear-loving, beet farming wild-card Dwight K Schrute has a lighter side. Even if it does take a concussion for us to see it.
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14 sep 2019






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Philipp Schmitz
Philipp Schmitz Hace un día
De Swarte Piet is not German it's Dutch. It's the Dutch version of Santa's little helper. In Germany he's called "Knecht Ruprecht" and he's basically that thing Dwight calls Belsnickel.
Dwight K. Shrute
Dwight K. Shrute Hace un día
This is the best moment of my life: huggy hug
W h a t
W h a t Hace 3 días
That thumbnail is everything
no no
no no Hace 9 días
Dwight and Pan's relationship was really cute
Giovana Moia
Giovana Moia Hace 9 días
Walter Mel0n
Walter Mel0n Hace 10 días
"I have to go to the hospital, Where are we going?"
maebe Hace 12 días
“I’ve been raising children since i was a baby”
MineWit Hace 12 días
dwights humor is the best when he has a concussion
ddi Rat eeww
ddi Rat eeww Hace 13 días
Adi Arbiv
Adi Arbiv Hace 13 días
Senaa Hasan
Senaa Hasan Hace 13 días
“The lighter side of Dwight” *shows Dwight aggressively and relentlessly throwing snowballs at Jim,causing multiple injuries on Jim’s face*
Beavis 2310
Beavis 2310 Hace 14 días
Concussion Dwight is better than regular Dwight
Gabriel Haynes
Gabriel Haynes Hace 18 días
Darbyisnotfunny _
Darbyisnotfunny _ Hace 19 días
Dwight and Pan are so cute💕
l Starz l
l Starz l Hace 20 días
i love him
Sage Grim
Sage Grim Hace 22 días
see ya later pan
Hannah Hace 4 días
David R.
David R. Hace 23 días
Pam and Dwight's friendship kinda reminds me of Penny and Sheldon's friendship.
The Bushorn Family
The Bushorn Family Hace 25 días
*Veitnam sounds*
Naomi Tiefenbrunn
Naomi Tiefenbrunn Hace 29 días
Sive drafely
Leehaj Bheechook
Leehaj Bheechook Hace 29 días
who hates or dislikes Bob Vance?
Johnny Booi
Johnny Booi Hace un mes
5:24 wait the youngest child? shouldn't it be the eldest child?
Hannah Hace 4 días
That's the point
Ruby Stole My Socks
"You can't steal what is legally your property." I was dead after I watched this part.Legit my favorite Dwight line.
Dental Hygene55
Dental Hygene55 Hace un mes
EA Sports, 2:12
Queen Kiki
Queen Kiki Hace un mes
"Are you trying to hurt my feelings? Because if so, you are succeeding." Awww🥺 pobrecitooo
Arundeep Talluru
Arundeep Talluru Hace un mes
What about the auction of Phyllis’s hug?
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon
You mean Dwight being normal?
shamilmegabyte Hace un mes
2¢ a piece? Who's your illegal download guy?
DankDog Hace un mes
the video title: the lighter side of dwight the video: *shows dwight impaling jim with snowballs*
amy lover
amy lover Hace un mes
“You can’t steal what is legally your property” Savage level 30000
Chaminata Playz Roblox
" Yes ! He Is Finally Ni! " " I AM NI!!! "
LifeOfRy Hace un mes
The belsnikel is terrifying.
jissil joe
jissil joe Hace un mes
Surprise me
Løyaltii Hace un mes
The snowball thing... lightest part of Dwight.
Zayd IG
Zayd IG Hace un mes
Caution Hazardous
Caution Hazardous Hace un mes
How is Dwight pummeling Jim w/ snowballs the lighter side of him?
JaiDogMoney Hace un mes
“But you married my worst enemy” “I know” *voice breaks*
Light Above The Sky
“ you can’t steal what is legally your property “ so problematic but from him it sounds right lol
MrFr0stbite Hace un mes
I remember watching Jim get hammered with snowballs by Dwight for the first time, and it felt great.
Elena ramirez
Elena ramirez Hace un mes
See you later, Pan always gets me 😂
Eddie Kaspbrak
Eddie Kaspbrak Hace un mes
dwight is so wholesom i-
Vincent P.
Vincent P. Hace un mes
In the palm sized balloon part, you can see Angela and Phyllis in the back watching it all go down
Hannah Hace 4 días
Oh my god that's kind of creepy the way they're just staring
local badass
local badass Hace un mes
*chu chu chu chu* jim: "what are you doing" dwight: "vietnam sounds"
Hạnh Phương Hoàng
Dwight: *terrorizes Jim with snow* This channel: lighter side of Dwight
Amaya Nino
Amaya Nino Hace un mes
what about the time he protected jim from roy??
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Hace un mes
I wonder if the actor of Dwight still has the bobble head
_Just2Percent _
_Just2Percent _ Hace un mes
“You can’t steal something that’s tour own property” -*Dwight Kart Schrute*
Carlota Fdez-Palacios De Simone
"it's not like she discovered a cure for cancer"
Jesse A
Jesse A Hace un mes
Why is the snowball clip here? I mean, I get the whole revenge on Jim thing, but he took it too far. Jim threw one snowball, pulled harmless pranks for years, and insulted him, but then Dwight sent Jim bleeding, leading to him filling the parking lot with snowmen and- okay, NVM. That was actually kind-of funny the more I think about it.
Jesse A
Jesse A Hace un mes
I like to think that in an alternate reality, Dwight is normally like he was when he got a concussion in our reality, and is normal Dwight from our reality whenever Alt Dwight got a concussion. Makes me wonder, does that mean that in that reality, the only nice people in the office are Dwight, Angela, Stanley, Ryan, and Season 3/9 Andy?
Allah Hace un mes
2 cents a piece? Really? Dwight you've been robbed! It is totally FREE! ANY music you want!
Carmen Adams
Carmen Adams Hace un mes
Mehul Maurya
Mehul Maurya Hace un mes
“I think we have a really charming back and forth” Underrated line
TacoMania Hace un mes
whoever designed this thumbnail...
*Lady Voldemort*
*Lady Voldemort* Hace 2 meses
Those watering the plants and rearranging the toys ones were really moving. Oftentimes people won't even notice the hundreds of good small things you do everyday until you're gone. It's nice that they can see his sweet side like this. Usually it's the other way around, just once you didn't do your routine job, everyone notice...most of them angrily.
*Lady Voldemort*
*Lady Voldemort* Hace 2 meses
I call this video: Some of the many reasons why Dwight is my favorite character. But the snowball one was actually his darker side IMO. Many other stuff belongs in this video beside that one...
Evander Pierznik
Evander Pierznik Hace 2 meses
i dont get how the part where he pelts jim with a bunch of snowballs is his lighter side, although jim deserved it
Bacher108 Hace 2 meses
"The lighter side of Dwight" -- "also Dwight destroying Jim with surprise ice-ball attack".
Junsui J
Junsui J Hace 2 meses
Sometimes I wonder if that bloody nose from the snowball scene was scripted or real.
The-Trustees Hace 2 meses
Dwight always struck me as a good man who felt that being one would be detrimental in general... and that his goodness always shone through when important matters were at hand.
im not patrick
im not patrick Hace 2 meses
Hahaha when dwight was like chachachacha it's Vietnam sounds
Anya Mobarak
Anya Mobarak Hace 2 meses
Aarya Merwade
Aarya Merwade Hace 2 meses
How is him violently throwing snowballs at Jim one of his lighter moments lol
I Love Candy
I Love Candy Hace 2 meses
Phyllis: Wanna dance Dwight? Dwight: Ordinarily I would say no, but you need to move to reduce lactic acid buildup...🤣🤣🤣
Harrison Ford will kill someone with his plane
Of course Dwight wants pepperoni, he's a TV character-that's their favorite kind of pizza.
Vinny N
Vinny N Hace 2 meses
I have bought Dwight's bobble head and put it on my desk too.
Abdullah Toor
Abdullah Toor Hace 2 meses
3:30 how dare Jim hurt Dwights feelings
dusty bun
dusty bun Hace 2 meses
concussed dwight is the best dwight
MemeMage Hace 2 meses
tingkia Hace 2 meses
they forgot about the scene where Dwight gave Pam his coat
Shimi Weichbrod
Shimi Weichbrod Hace 2 meses
0:43 did he just pull a Ron Swanson?
Donovan Smith
Donovan Smith Hace 2 meses
That episode when Dwight was helping Pam with her iPod thing was so cute. Sadly it only happened when Dwight had a concussion
meadows brody
meadows brody Hace 2 meses
the dwighter side
FuMe Dse
FuMe Dse Hace 2 meses
Heyy zwarte piet 🥰🥰🥰
thekububeach Hace 2 meses
“You can’t steal what is legally your property” Savage
Belén Sánchez
Belén Sánchez Hace 2 meses
chum chum chum chum chum what are you doing 😂😂😂😂😂
Korbin Devaney
Korbin Devaney Hace 2 meses
tch tch tch tch tch "what are you doing?" "VIETNAM SOUNDS"
Labyrinth Hace 2 meses
There is no 'light' side of dwight. He just turns the opacity down.
Legion Hace 2 meses
"You can't steal what's legally your property" :D :D man, bet that joke offended some feminists. :)) now that I think of it, what doesn't...
It’s Me Tabby
It’s Me Tabby Hace 2 meses
1:31 the original Vietnam flashback meme :)
Julia Dasilva
Julia Dasilva Hace 2 meses
In the first clip, Pam looked so confused.
Julia Dasilva
Julia Dasilva Hace 2 meses
Jim hurt dwight's feelings, and I felt that
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