The Lottery: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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State lotteries claim to be good for education and the general wellbeing of citizens.
But are they? (Spoiler alert: No.)
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10 nov 2014

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Sai Priya Chodavarapu
States are already supposed to be spending on education. It's all bullshit just to sell tickets and it just ends up lining their pockets.
Zen Jon
Zen Jon Hace 2 días
After taking a Prob and Stats class in college, I will not touch a lottery ticket
AIDevMan Hace 2 días
If I ever won a large lotto, I would do great things......but I don't play, so just hand me your winning ticket for great things to happen.
Chris Fanous
Chris Fanous Hace 3 días
John, you should do a video about the 12 steps NA and AA and how this is the response to treatment for most addicts when they should be under the care of a physician and taking thier moral inventory only to relapse to worse.
g Hace 3 días
99.9999% of lottery players are losers.
ImMeWhoAreYou? Hace 3 días
Watching this show so many times and just realizing how depressing it is that America advertises itself as the best country in the world and yet all these corrupt politicians and businesses just want to suck us dry man it’s fucking depressing just sad and pathetic.
Josh D
Josh D Hace 4 días
The same guise for the lottery is used to raise taxes: “think of the children!” Those increased taxes don’t go to education either.
jcpennington183 Hace 4 días
I worked in a convenience store in Tennessee. I fucking hated the lottery people.
TWSTF 8 Hace 5 días
Seriously, there's at least one slot machine in EVERY tavern, laundromat, etc. in Oregon. There's also no sales tax and you're legally not allowed to pump your own gas, but where in Washington State, you have to find an Indian reservation to gamble, in Oregon you can virtually ANYWHERE. The negative of no sales tax is that bridges and roads don't get regular maintenance, schools are criminally underfunded, and if you're a male, unless you have a disability or are a single parent, you are only eligible for food stamps, you cannot even get help with Medical from the State. The positive side of nobody being allowed to pump their own gas is, "Gas pumper," is a great, easy to learn, minimum wage employment opportunity that isn't fast food, especially for a first job. And, the positive side of no sales tax is when you buy something for $1.99, you get your penny back! And, you get 5¢ each for bottles and cans, so they aren't littering the streets like almost every other State! 👍
Blood fire Gaming
Blood fire Gaming Hace 5 días
I never liked hearing the argument that you are more likely to be hit by lightning on your way to buy a lottery ticket than you are to win it, statistically yes that is true however lottery resets every few weeks after someone wins it so how come we don't have just as many stories of people being hit by lightning?
just me
just me Hace 5 días
The only way to be a responsible parent is to play the lottery.
Smarter Than You
Smarter Than You Hace 5 días
At 14:04 Actually, states are in the liquor business. The states of Alabama, Idaho, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Virginia all own liquor stores. www.supercall.com/culture/state-owned-liquor-stores
Brenyatta Hace 5 días
When is SlumShark Gillionaire coming out? Will it be in theaters, or straight to DVD/Digital?
Smarter Than You
Smarter Than You Hace 5 días
“44 states” You can also buy lottery tickets from that Mexican guy from the movie Born in East LA.
Moss Linden
Moss Linden Hace 6 días
There is actually a master statistician who figured out how to win the lottery and now she's a multi millionaire. Nothing is truly random in this universe.
Sidney Robinson
Sidney Robinson Hace 6 días
Tax on the middle/lower class, basically the poor. Sadly American lottery is taxable
-R- -H-
-R- -H- Hace 6 días
Phhh, the lottery. Cmon. I can lose more hope in humanity for free every day.
KittyKake 44
KittyKake 44 Hace 6 días
As an Oregonian, this is literally the first time I've heard John Oliver say a bad thing about Oregon. It's actually kinda refreshing.
Richard Ball
Richard Ball Hace 6 días
"Fuck you Evolution! I decide who FLIES!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Pablo Santiago Sánchez
My choice would be flying naked with some chicks.... one on my face, one on my d*ck, and 2 to my hands... I hope one of them know how to flight that shit.
screenwriterjohn Hace 8 días
People forget that the American Revolution was partially funded by lotteries. jrichardsingleton.blogspot.com
Jim Drake
Jim Drake Hace 8 días
To be fair who the hell pays for porn on the internet?
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich Hace 8 días
5 billion to support education?! I call bullshit.
Zandeus Hace 8 días
I buy a lottery ticket once every year... at the most. I use my money to play the stock market... and so far I'm up 300%+ over the past 5 years. :D
Nunyo Bidness
Nunyo Bidness Hace 9 días
And now that it’s 300 million to 1 odds instead of 176 million like it was when this video was made, now what? Needs another video. Should also look at winners who did just fine with their winnings.
My Reviews
My Reviews Hace 9 días
That shows you how fucking dumb people are. I place the blame 100% on people.
Argentfan Hace 10 días
In Ontario, until a couple years ago, the only liquor distributor was a provincially managed company. They didn't advertise about helping children or any of that though. They were also pretty strict about having ID.
Nick Retzlaff
Nick Retzlaff Hace 11 días
First video of this show I ever saw, so glad youtube has this clips in case you either miss the show or don't have HBO.
Aust R.K.
Aust R.K. Hace 11 días
Lottery definitely has a predatory effect on the poor. At times when I’ve struggled financially, I can’t say the thought never crossed my mind of “maybe I should just try it - I would get out of my situation much faster if I win.” Thoughts like that come from a place of hopelessness and feelings of powerlessness over your current situation. I’ve heard enough conservatives speak against gambling and the lottery that I’m sure there could be bipartisan effort to reform it in many states. Interestingly enough I hear liberals defend it in MN because the money is used for the environment. Education, environment - the government will use any excuse to rationalize and turn a blind eye from those they are hurting the most.
Ryan Yeager
Ryan Yeager Hace 12 días
Here's something I never understand when people win the lottery they want to do everything else but this. Yeah you always hearing lottery winners spend their money on fancy new cars vacations dream homes things like that which I'm not saying spending that money is not necessarily a bad thing but the one thing they don't think to do is since you now have the money why not go back to college full-time or part-time major in business and finance learn how to invest this millions of dollars you have and invested properly that way you can turn the 100 million dollars you want into like 600 million or possibly a billion dollars. And here's another thing that people don't think of wiring College you get a huge tax break so Uncle Sam can't try to take some of their money back from you. I mean yeah sure you can go to a business firm and have them investing money for you but I wouldn't trust anyone else with my money but me too invested properly and since I don't know how to invest it I was willing to learn by going to school in majoring in investing. And you don't have to go to Ivy League or State College and spent a fortune start out with Community College and things like that build your way up to a small State College. Not saying that you don't go buy a brand new car and pay off some debts with the lottery money that you win but also go back to school and make yourself smarter. It doesn't sound like the dumbest thing to do with a hundred million dollars.
Pavel Kondratyuk
Pavel Kondratyuk Hace 14 días
68 billion is false since a lot of people double down on their lotto tickets
rhiti awasthi
rhiti awasthi Hace 15 días
Nothing is bad if you use it responsibly.
Paul is a person
Paul is a person Hace 15 días
Idubbz time
Scott Ashcraft
Scott Ashcraft Hace 16 días
if they are going to charity, are lottery tickets tax write offs?
I27T I84
I27T I84 Hace 16 días
oh, only mother's make Thanksgiving dinner, eh, Oliver?
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki Hace 16 días
yes, end gambling in all forms.
Anthony Gonzales
Anthony Gonzales Hace 17 días
Your government is making billions of dollars in gambling business wow but at least u should have used that money to improve ur public schools and hospitals that are worst and built homes and washrooms for the poor people in your country but you guys are not doing anything and all the money goes in to the pockets of the politicians and now I agree when the world says that america is the most shit hole, corrupted and worst country to live ( they are 100% correct )
AlmostSober Hace 18 días
"prizes extremely relative to horse racing." big horse races pay very well.. I love the 10¢ Superfectas. They usually win a low $10 but my best win was over $2k. Only an idiot would chose lotter over horses. Lotter braggs about amazing high jackpots but in horseraces... You can have hundreds of people with a winning bet each race.
Captain Cartman
Captain Cartman Hace 19 días
I've known A LOT of people who have played the lottery or bought scratch tickets all their life... and every single one of them is in the red. None of them have ever won more than say...$100 at best and those winnings don't even come close to putting them in the green.
GodsPerfectFailures Hace 20 días
If you find out you have the jackpot winning ticket, call everyone in your phone and ask for $500. Give no info. The people who dont want to give you the money will have a harder time asking you for your money.
Denise Skaggs
Denise Skaggs Hace 21 un día
A co-worker lost his license and the only way he could get to gambling boat was to get a ride with someone. Now here is how much he gamble.. .the gambling boat sent a car for him and comped him a hotel room.
Denise Skaggs
Denise Skaggs Hace 21 un día
My mom won $5000 on a scratch off. She had spent that much to come out even
Jennie Kelly
Jennie Kelly Hace 21 un día
So, the guys in the Middle East, who won the lottery, wore bags over their heads???? Like the bags they make their women wear?? Tough Shite!!!! Additionally, state's will NEVER give any money or so little it ends in zeros to schools, because schools are not meant for education. They are meant to teach children to listen to an authoritative figure and learn to be good employees. If we were educated, politicians would be called out on this vacuum of money....................
Arcanine-Espeon Hace 22 días
For once it's nice to see my home state leading the nation in common sense and policing something that's actually dangerous.
Charles A Townsend
Charles A Townsend Hace 24 días
Ive got a 99 Mazda just like that, missing paint and all.
Charles A Townsend
Charles A Townsend Hace 24 días
And you ask, where did all the money go. Education is dummer than ever and kids are going to school in trailers
dungeonfrek Hace 26 días
The lottery = a tax on stupid people.
EveryThingGirl238 Hace 26 días
I play crane machines at my local cinema. And it still has a better chance of being spending 75 dollars and winning a lot of tickets, getting a shirt, and some plushies. And I only do it when I know I have the money to play. If I don't I stay away, as I don't want to see a movie, and know in my mind that if I can't afford it, I can't afford it.
Merlin D. Wizzard
Merlin D. Wizzard Hace 26 días
Ironically, North Carolina IS in the liquor business. The ABC stores are state run and managed by the local towns they reside in. So, the state sells you booze and then arrests you if you get caught behind the wheel after consuming the thing they sold you. They get you coming and going. Pretty damn cute. lol
ptavangar Hace 26 días
And also, these lotteries further widen the poverty gap... we need LESS of a disparity between the rich and poor!
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