THE MATRIX 4 (2021) Opening Scene Fan Made 4K Trailer

Blake Ridder
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The Matrix 4: Opening Scene 4K Trailer is a work of concept, in which how the fourth Matrix film could start. Whereby Neo is a mentor and locates a new "The One", in a modernised environment.
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3 mar 2020






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Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace 2 meses
This is how I imagined the fourth Matrix film could start. Whereby Neo is a mentor and locates a new "The One", in a modernised environment. Peace was also broken between men and machines, perhaps there is a stronger machines that could live in both worlds with the same amount of power. Do you agree with this theory?
Stu Li
Stu Li Hace 9 días
I thought it was the real opening. Good stuff.
My Sket
My Sket Hace 21 un día
Oen Eht = Neo Thomas Enderson
Jacob Roman
Jacob Roman Hace un mes
@Najiv Isaacs how about NO, this
Najiv Isaacs
Najiv Isaacs Hace un mes
create a second scene
tyler maloney
tyler maloney Hace un mes
Getix Roy
Getix Roy Hace un día
who was at the door??
kadir bozkurt
kadir bozkurt Hace 4 días
Great job man, keep going on that
semaj nahli
semaj nahli Hace 5 días
„Knock Knock“ goose bumps 🥶
Ibrohim Tursunboyev
Ibrohim Tursunboyev Hace 6 días
yo dude i was interested in that's song which is coming ur laptop. do u know who she is singer?
Volkan Samil
Volkan Samil Hace 7 días
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace 6 días
tonyssolosymphony Hace 9 días
Bravo! 👏👏👏 I wish it was longer. Just posted a Matrix-themed parody/music video myself to pass the time before the new movie comes out.
ShabbsArt Hace 10 días
well done! you shot this really nicely.
Адилет Кельдикеев
До последнего думал что покажут Неу
I'm_Doing_IT Hace 10 días
This isn't that good. They copied the first one, except they used Facebook instead. And in the first movie it doesn't mention the Matrix right off the bat - that was cringe to mention it to someone who is on the inside and unaware. And who says oh shit to the other person thru messaging when something is dire. That's wasting time. Just say what needs to be said instead of wasting time typing out how worried are. Unimaginative. .
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace 10 días
There is no “they”. Just me.
๔є๏שเζฬ Hace 11 días
Xez1919 Hace 11 días
Haha as if a Hacker would ever use a centralized controlled plattform like Facebook to communicate 😂. Also if a hacker would want to pause a song, he/she wouldn't klick the pause button, but just hit the space bar.
Vin Topia
Vin Topia Hace 11 días
Man i really wish there is matrix 4 :(
ZephTNT Gamer
ZephTNT Gamer Hace 12 días
Damn it coming for 1 year
ROMANTIC SCENTS (Bath ♥ Body ♥ Soaps)
Now, why is the opening of the Matrix all creepy sounding LOL, and I been looking forward to another series of Matrix LOL --> oh darn
cxsian Hace 17 días
lol macbook
Mohammed Fagaase
Mohammed Fagaase Hace 18 días
This is introduction 2020 after coronavirus will come true
Mohammed Fagaase
Mohammed Fagaase Hace 18 días
Real matrix is coming soon 2025
Kaiser Dal
Kaiser Dal Hace 23 días
The Neo !!
Who Nahhdahh
Who Nahhdahh Hace 26 días
Damm I thought this was real
Sitkom Hace 27 días
gimme back 40MB bandwidth lost!!!
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace 27 días
I worked to be a lot less around 23.44MB
山田剛 Hace 28 días
patoloco1000 Hace 29 días
I would think that an Apple fanboy who uses Facebook would be the last person to ever want to leave The Matrix.
Arsil Asmade
Arsil Asmade Hace un mes
This was very good. Clean and interesting
Draconis Nox
Draconis Nox Hace un mes
You already know its trash when the preview starts with 10 minutes of text chatting...fuck you...
Draconis Nox
Draconis Nox Hace un mes
Also Im kidding :P Nice job
dan gollings
dan gollings Hace un mes
How relevant is this movie now! The world is ran by algorithms on computers I wonder if Hitler tried breaking "the matrix" seen through the illusion
Rafael Paulino
Rafael Paulino Hace un mes
LOVED IT. Keep it up
Chick Bait
Chick Bait Hace un mes
The new Leo will be a transgender, black, obese, Muslim that is fighting the oppression of the patriarchy virus in the all female created Matrix, where right wing Nazi's need to be destroyed in order to return balance to Brie Larson's career. But it will have cool flare effects courtesy of J.J. Abrams.
Najiv Isaacs
Najiv Isaacs Hace un mes
I think so too but i really want to live to see this movie
Håkan Tendell
Håkan Tendell Hace un mes
Good stuff!
Kévin Noiseau
Kévin Noiseau Hace un mes
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Ransom Arcanum
Ransom Arcanum Hace un mes
Tell me this is real .... tell m e please /////
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
Well. Look at the title 🙂
Yawar Mandokhail
Yawar Mandokhail Hace un mes
FUll Movie?
Eblio Geilord
Eblio Geilord Hace un mes
Боже нямам тарпение да излезе
Pouria Kalantari
Pouria Kalantari Hace un mes
It will be bad movie..
Mithun GR
Mithun GR Hace un mes
I know its was not the real one.. but man, this was nice...
Elina Sarkisian
Elina Sarkisian Hace un mes
Tik tok . The time is now
Vick Khosa
Vick Khosa Hace un mes
What song is playing at the start?
Iv Par
Iv Par Hace un mes
Тупняк 4 минуты тупо потраченного времени. По ходу это новый Нео, который будет бороться с корона вирусом!
tyler maloney
tyler maloney Hace un mes
Big c
Triipy K
Triipy K Hace un mes
😂😅 I use the same headphones 🎧 as the dude
Ali abu sbeeh
Ali abu sbeeh Hace un mes
Good idea dude to start an 4 part but you know hollywood get angry from small people that they have a great thoughts before them
Lion *
Lion * Hace un mes
Crazy movie
Frank Coley
Frank Coley Hace un mes
collpolp Hace un mes
This is gonna break the world
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
It already did
Damir Babic
Damir Babic Hace un mes
Is this for real ? Big matrix fan
Leib nitz
Leib nitz Hace un mes
@Blake Ridder then put (fan trailer) in the title idiot
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
I’m afraid not. I made it for fun.
kissmatt13579 Comp Tech
Nice, at first I though it was the real trailer but when I continue watching somethings tells me that this is just a fun made.. I'm expecting a joke at the last part of the video.. But it's nice.
galahad chavez
galahad chavez Hace un mes
Matrix 4:Unfriended
Schreck Network
Schreck Network Hace un mes
I rather it be Discord than Facebook.
estagio99 Hace un mes
Fake news guy! And I wasn't the only who has fallen into this trap since this clip has more than 2M views. Frankly, I think the clip is a complete uncreative (believe or not This Word exists!). Definitely, it should have some plot, not a copy from a scene. Please, change the title too. Good luck in your next project. Be creative
Fleem Hace un mes
Dana Rose
Dana Rose Hace un mes
I'm interested, keep going
Daniel Arditya
Daniel Arditya Hace un mes
Silvia Helena De Lima
Cant wait!!!!
Marcio Rocha
Marcio Rocha Hace un mes
Top yes
Grave Hace un mes
Unfriended: The Matrix
Meno Yuno
Meno Yuno Hace un mes
In the matrix 5 MGTOWs decide to fully support MRAs to spread awareness and continue the fight to destroy extreme feminism in an all out legal battle for all MAN-kind.. Neo = Paul Elam Morpheus = Dr. Warren Farrell Trinity = Karen straughan Niobe = Alison tieman Oracle = Janice fiamengo Seraph = Tom golden Agent Smith = big red Agent 2 = Gloria Allred Agent 3 = your ex wife Machines = feminism Matrix = gynocentric society Zion resistance = the national coalition for men Film Studio = Studio brule Go checkout The red pill documentary
Alan Lloyd
Alan Lloyd Hace un mes
This gonna be shit
Alan Lloyd
Alan Lloyd Hace un mes
This Facebook scene is stupid
Joe Z
Joe Z Hace un mes
Once this whole pandemic is over, if you need some people for another short film, I would like to be part of it as credit work. I live in the south Riverside area. Love this short.
Joe Z
Joe Z Hace un mes
@Blake Ridder no, California. I thought you'd be in California too. 😬
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
Thanks man. You’re in London?
DBZandGT4Life Hace un mes
man i love the matrix and this started out amazing, man this feels just like the glory days of the 2000's
Dejan Gabric
Dejan Gabric Hace 6 días
I hope because of movies after Matrix 1 change everything.
Anthony Parbury
Anthony Parbury Hace 25 días
Tops movies in 2000s
603spikem Hace un mes
Follow the white Rabbit... No wait...
javy644 Hace un mes
Give me a break ...
Angel Leo
Angel Leo Hace un mes
Man, your videos are rocks. Hope to see you in Holywood.
SNAKE X Hace un mes
Wtf this trailer is FUCKING shit!!!😂😂😂
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
Hahaha 😂
ya sha
ya sha Hace un mes
Awareness is key
BadJoker TV
BadJoker TV Hace un mes
Wow super intense trailer .LMAO
Luis james Osorio Coral
Eso no es ninguna mierda de tráiler no engañen ala gente
juan segura arguelles
damn drugs, they destroy you and destroy your brain, pure stupid things write here
alex.mail123 Hace un mes
I read "season flu" instead "sean flu"!! Kkkkk
lox ho
lox ho Hace un mes
See, this trailer concept was actually suspenseful and relatable to me bcuz it's what I do. I'm relaxing in my room on a data connected device. Very mundane sprinkled with terror.
chris jeter
chris jeter Hace un mes
Fake ass bullshit
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
My ass ain’t fake!
Oaktree 313
Oaktree 313 Hace un mes
It's the coronovirus
Caner Öncel
Caner Öncel Hace un mes
Message from "Facebook" ? Really?
Almaher Mohaimen
Almaher Mohaimen Hace un mes
Potang ina mu sinayang mu oras ko
Barsabus Hace un mes
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
Not maybe?
Achmad Adi
Achmad Adi Hace un mes
This is ads facebook LOL
pg1144 Hace un mes
Loved it, Nice one
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
Nick W
Nick W Hace un mes
"the neo"... oen eht... ...
Captain Price Gaming
So many people hating on this... I thought it looked really good. And believable well done. Your very good at this
Captain Price Gaming
@Blake Ridder no problem dude. Brilliant acting aswell
Blake Ridder
Blake Ridder Hace un mes
Thanks Cap!
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