The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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5 dic 2018

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Comentarios 5 835
Jetoler Hace 34 minutos
I sleep on a mat with a sleeping bag ontop and a blanket (I sleep ontop of the sleeping bag not in it). It took a week to get used to but after then it feels just as good as a normal bed. It saves a lot of room in your room since you can just put the matt away, and the whole thing could probably cost you less than $100
Oscar Ruelas
Oscar Ruelas Hace 38 minutos
I didn't know freddy mercury used to sell mattresses on his spare time.
Mettchu Hace 42 minutos
What about Casper's sleep on it guarantee. You get 100 days to try it
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor Hace 45 minutos
Why don't you like podcasts adam?
Juan C.
Juan C. Hace 48 minutos
this is why I sleep on the floor
KSabot Hace 58 minutos
Just bought a mattress (leesa), please ruin me Adam.
Quick Kittykat
Quick Kittykat Hace un hora
Omg she is the one in Isatainable
bubbaXzone Hace un hora
yea I got a ipad case for $109 i thought was the best one but was so complicated and I didn't like it i ended up returning it and getting a $25 one slips in nice, looks great and easy! and will protect against falls!
Severis Hace un hora
Severis Hace un hora
kinda expecting him to rip up some mattresses but okay
Brayan Espinoza
Brayan Espinoza Hace un hora
That’s why I bought my mattress from an RV supplier. A queen for 300.
Exitcy Hace un hora
Purple Mattress
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Hace un hora
That podcast satire was perfect.
Liewei Sha
Liewei Sha Hace un hora
"...You've got thirty seconds..." *Talks for 5 minutes
I am Nothing
I am Nothing Hace un hora
jokes on you in india we sleep on nails
I am Nothing
I am Nothing Hace un hora
and subscribe to T-series
Tom T.
Tom T. Hace un hora
Just buy it at Ikea. Bought mine for $500. Perfectly comfortable. Can't complain.
Exitcy Hace un hora
Tom T. Yea my mattress is from ikea too
Xbus6 Gaming
Xbus6 Gaming Hace un hora
If you don’t like it sleep on the floor
Porpoises United
Porpoises United Hace un hora
2:50 read the bottom yellow text
StephenRahrig Hace un hora
1. Who doesn’t know how to spot a fake review site? 2. Purple’s the shit. Honestly it cured my back problems I’ve had for the past 15 years.
uh oh whoops
uh oh whoops Hace un hora
I actually really do like my Purple mattress... I wish they would give me $1400 for saying that
Nekros Hace un hora
I sleep on a couch 😂
Akshay Khare
Akshay Khare Hace un hora
Mr Animation
Mr Animation Hace un hora
What about purple they say it’s good
Brently Chamu
Brently Chamu Hace un hora
The thumbnail looked like he was wesring that stupid outfit from lil pump’s recent video
M. T.J
M. T.J Hace 2 horas
crime junkies
partimelover01 Hace 2 horas
[Watches this video while laying on my Casper mattress]
Jack LIANG KAE WEI Hace 2 horas
Isaac Champlain
Isaac Champlain Hace 2 horas
Ever since I’ve been watching adam ruins everything, my eyes have been opened up to what a terrible place the world is
Lindsey Chidester
Lindsey Chidester Hace 2 horas
What about purple? You mentioned memory phone mattresses? Plus you can try for like 100 nights so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Paul Sorensen
Paul Sorensen Hace un hora
+Diego that was disproven, it was actually via a casper marketing employee, they were paying a reviewer to say that. Purple had to countersue against that
Isaac Champlain
Isaac Champlain Hace un hora
Diego Oh no! It’s Diego ruins everything!
Diego Hace 2 horas
Weren't they under fire because they have some kind of fine powder in their mattresses that might/might not cause lung cancer?
Isaac Champlain
Isaac Champlain Hace 2 horas
Lindsey Chidester Purple is the hero the mattress world needs...but not the one it deserves...
B Goins
B Goins Hace 2 horas
Common knowledge since 1997
uh oh whoops
uh oh whoops Hace un hora
Drawing John
Drawing John Hace 2 horas
What about purple?
Michael Alonso
Michael Alonso Hace 3 horas
This one did not help at all ... so we are fucked got it
MrBig8baller Hace 3 horas
Consumer Reports?
j doodoohed
j doodoohed Hace 3 horas
This adam guy is such a choad
Memo  Mia
Memo Mia Hace 3 horas
Wow, this one was pretty bad. Almost cringy
Komila Rakhimova
Komila Rakhimova Hace 3 horas
2.7 k dislikes were paid by Casper
Mefewe Hace 3 horas
Sleep on the floor
Randolph Sullivan
Randolph Sullivan Hace 3 horas
Online mattress stores offer a return so you really can try before you buy. I actually mean sleeping on it.
daker dee
daker dee Hace 3 horas
What about Original Mattress Factory? They still put coil springs in their beds.
RattPackRat Hace 3 horas
The reference to ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ at the end had me dying omg
Jihane Bishop
Jihane Bishop Hace 4 horas
may santa bless all y'all with bamboo sleeping mats this year awwwshiiutt🎄🎁🔥🎄🎁🔥🎄🎁🔥
lighting fire
lighting fire Hace 4 horas
How about purple that is suppose to be "advance"
William Smith
William Smith Hace 3 horas
Only thing I like about the Purple matress is the Tim and Eric sketches 😂
Nocturus Hace 4 horas
Remember when collegehumor was funny? Good times.
Mike G
Mike G Hace 4 horas
I hate this dudes hair man
Isaac Champlain
Isaac Champlain Hace 2 horas
Mike G Boo. His hair is fabulous
Jacob Maggert
Jacob Maggert Hace 4 horas
Ruin purple
Caleb Allemand
Caleb Allemand Hace 3 horas
Jacob Maggert impossible
Erorc Hace 4 horas
This is not news.
James Jarred
James Jarred Hace 2 horas
No, but it's nice to have something like this to show your partner before you go to buy a new bed. It makes it harder for the sales person to target someone if the person knows that most of what they're saying doesn't mean anything.
Franz Manfredi
Franz Manfredi Hace 4 horas
Dustin Foster
Dustin Foster Hace 4 horas
Are you serious?? What a dickless waste of time.
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick Hace 5 horas
King of Random
Joey Hace 5 horas
Am I the only one who was waiting for a mattress brand plug that has none of the scams he mentioned
Nicholas Pagano
Nicholas Pagano Hace 5 horas
Alton brown ripoff without any of the humor
SirBanana Hace 5 horas
I sawed this mattress in half! And fixed it with Flexicoil™!
Christopher Blackburn
“Part 64 of our investigation into a crime that is none of our business.” Oh how accurate that is
Salim Djerbouh
Salim Djerbouh Hace 5 horas
Hello Internet Podcast anyone?
Donovan Simmons
Donovan Simmons Hace 5 horas
This did not surprise me one bit.
marmar da cool
marmar da cool Hace 4 horas
do you do this on every video you watch?
Kasumi Ancient
Kasumi Ancient Hace 5 horas
Ok but wtf was up with that ending
Allyshia Berger
Allyshia Berger Hace 5 horas
Me: *buys $175 mattress from walmart* 🤷‍♂️
iiPainnz Hace 4 horas
if it works, buy it
Sha Y
Sha Y Hace 5 horas
I hope adam ruins never stop
Ghramcrackers Hace 5 horas
Except there’s one mattress company Adam failed to ruin, Sleep Number.
Ghramcrackers Hace 31 un minuto
KJ Only reason someone is it putting together is if they’re moving or somethings actually wrong, the company delivers the bed and sets it up.
Ghramcrackers Hace 35 minutos
Vicki Dominick Depends if you shopped with a strict budget in mind or for the experience. They start you with the medium/low models in their demonstration so you understand what’s going on in the bed first.
Vicki Dominick
Vicki Dominick Hace 50 minutos
I looked into buying one and thought that it felt like the blow up bed I sleep on when I visit my family.
KJ Hace 5 horas
Watch one getting put together and you'll be saying "I paid $$$$ for this crap?"
Carlos Ovalle
Carlos Ovalle Hace 6 horas
That's why I watch comparison reviews and only order from the link if it's cheaper then from the website.
capitan ballzk
capitan ballzk Hace 6 horas
las piernas d la rubia me ponen la pija dura
Richard Osborn
Richard Osborn Hace 6 horas
Sooo what about the part where we learn how to fight back?
krudmonger Hace 6 horas
To the people inexplicably saying "WHERE ARE YOUR SOURCES?!" or "I DON'T SEE ANY SOURCES!" 0:31 - Source #1 1:20 - Source #2 2:08 - Source #3 2:20 - Source #4 2:38 - Source #5 2:55 - Source #6 3:03 - Source #7 I could keep going, but I mean... just pay closer attention, perhaps.
Allyshia Berger
Allyshia Berger Hace 5 horas
Right? All you have to do is type that exact text (example the one at 2:08 : "Timothy Lee, Vox 10 August 2015" ) into google and youd find the link lol!
J P Hace 6 horas
Why so gay
me Hace 6 horas
Good shit, never stop railing against consumer deception
Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris Hace 6 horas
I loved that podcast part.
mat f
mat f Hace 6 horas
This looks like and 8th grade project I see no sources or proof of data
Colin M
Colin M Hace 5 horas
The video is rife with sources
krudmonger Hace 6 horas
Look closer. Upper-righthand corner of video. Whenever he states hard data, they provide a source.
mat f
mat f Hace 6 horas
Who the f... is this guy
krudmonger Hace 6 horas
Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything, a TV show spin-off from College Humor.
Edward Davis
Edward Davis Hace 6 horas
^ Troll
Hodenbussard Hace 6 horas
Does anybody know the name of the song that can be heard in the background from 1:38 to 2:15 ?
PfeifJarobi Hace 5 horas
Darude Sandstorm
TlalocW Hace 6 horas
So, what about the sleep number ones that allow for adjusting firmness? I've tried a few of those out, and I could afford them, but maybe because I've become an old fogey, I'm worried that this "new-fangled" technology holds some hidden pitfalls that I'm not considering.
Asteria Hace un hora
+anthoney8880 I've shopped Sleep Number before, and they were far from firm on the price. Not to mention, the warranty is an absolute joke. With a normal mattress, you're at least covered for 10 years with most brands. Sleep Number will have you shell out more money for their mistakes after two years AND "reserve the right" to send you used parts to fix it.
anthoney8880 Hace 2 horas
+Asteria of course I have. I work there. Ans have worked in other stores. What is wrong is for price matching you cant price match on name. But you can price match on what's inside the bed. Which is difficult to do. But it is possible. Not with sleep number though. They are firm on their price and products. But I gotta say our customer service is great.
Asteria Hace 3 horas
+anthoney8880 Have you ever actually read through that warranty? You're only REALLY covered for what, two years?
anthoney8880 Hace 4 horas
+mobabyhomeslice oh they are great for what they are. And a 25 year warranty. Plus customer service is really good. No out sourcing. And pretty good at helping out the customer.
mobabyhomeslice Hace 5 horas
My hubby & I have a Sleep Number. We love it. And the price isn't all that different from the "regular" matresses you see in other stores. Totally worth it!
Carous Hace 7 horas
Ok so I should start my own business in the mattress industry and make millions since tbey would be cheaper?
0rangaStang Hace 7 horas
The lack of facts and opposing viewpoints in these videos make them hard to watch
James Jarred
James Jarred Hace 2 horas
ah yes, because you can trust mega-corporations to argue in good faith. everything he says has sources that flash up whenever he makes a point.
Edward Davis
Edward Davis Hace 6 horas
So blind, deaf, and clearly a troll. Good day
krudmonger Hace 6 horas
Are you missing the annotations whenever he says something?
TlalocW Hace 7 horas
Trip Wilson
Trip Wilson Hace 7 horas
I was waiting for him to do a parody of or dance to "I love it" by Kanye and Lil pump when he was inside the mattress
Trip Wilson
Trip Wilson Hace 7 horas
The podcast part had me fucking ROLLING!!! SO beyond accurate
Zenosyne Hace 7 horas
"Hi I'm a Ryan Seacrest type" - Ryan Seacrest type
Robert Hardt
Robert Hardt Hace 7 horas
Daniel Rieger
Daniel Rieger Hace 7 horas
I mean, say what you will, but 100 days to try a mattress delivered to you, and they pick it up if you don't like it is still a lot better then trying 15 mattresses in a store for a few minutes and deciding right then and there
Daniel Rieger
Daniel Rieger Hace 6 horas
+Chris Klemens No, because I actually liked the mattress!
Chris Klemens
Chris Klemens Hace 6 horas
Have you ever actually done those trials? Do it sometime, see how quick and painless it is to return them. They intentionally make it as difficult and obtuse as possible.
LodanSD Hace 7 horas
This Video brought to you by Casper!
Thwomp Boss
Thwomp Boss Hace 7 horas
Purple would like to know your location
Tadesan Hace 7 horas
That blond is a fox.
Shiran Sukyūre
Shiran Sukyūre Hace 7 horas
I dunno. LinenSpa, regardless of who really makes it, cost me $300....for *three* mattresses. I bought two for my kids at $70/each. I bought one for myself at $140 that is thicker. By all means, LinenSpa. Hit me up. You can pay me to write good reviews. I do it already. For real though. I won't spend $300+ on a single mattress. Look it up on Amazon.
ElectroBlastLuigi Hace 7 horas
*Adam Ruins Everything*
Oliver Dobson
Oliver Dobson Hace 7 horas
Personally I’d just go to IKEA.
Shivam Goundar
Shivam Goundar Hace 7 horas
I just had an argument with a buddy about this earlier today. All this stuff is middle to low income demographics because they are the majority of the population and the most susceptible to these scams. The reason why is money. They focus on the bottom dollar instead of looking at the big picture. The rich understand the poor are tunnelvisioned and they don't have the capacity to escape their habitual but toxic way of living.
Booker DeWitt
Booker DeWitt Hace 7 horas
I just bought a new mattress two weeks ago. lol
Alejandro Rubio
Alejandro Rubio Hace 7 horas
More Arden Myrin please!
rip-yo-toodooles Jack
Cut out the mattress store and go to the warehouse
SatanKaputMachen Hace 8 horas
What a cuckface! Someone please ruin him!
Kenzie S.
Kenzie S. Hace 8 horas
...Thanks for leaving me with THAT image CH...
Fish Whisky
Fish Whisky Hace 8 horas
CRISTAW Productions
CRISTAW Productions Hace 8 horas
Make it yourself.
Bliss Hyatt
Bliss Hyatt Hace 8 horas
Am I the only one who lays on a mattress to test it and not look at the brand name at all? I love this channel but this is the first time I'm saying "who gives a shit. It's a mattress" I couldn't name more than 1 mattress brand. You either like it or you don't.
noelsoong777 Hace 8 horas
get a tatami matt
Harleylover14 Hace 6 horas
And a futon
Hard To Love
Hard To Love Hace 8 horas
What about Purple?
Asteria Hace 3 horas
There are physical locations where you can try Purple, too. They're a different material than most mattresses, but as far as the company goes... it's still a mattress company.
Kuromyou Hace 4 horas
Tuft N Needle gives you a 100 night trial. And they have physical locations to let you try their products...
Samantha Michelle
Samantha Michelle Hace 7 horas
I know right, their supposed to be better/ different
Aaron Matthews
Aaron Matthews Hace 8 horas
Thank you for scaring us, and then NOT providing a solution. 😒
DWNtoERTH Hace 8 horas
Aaron Matthews Stores that don’t usually sell mattresses like Home Depot are great deals. It’s not their business so they have crazy good prices on decent mattresses.
animeking Hace 8 horas
i mean what solution can we find?
Heather Allingham
Heather Allingham Hace 8 horas
Informative, but the end of this was way too creepy...and this video gave no suggestions for solutions to the problem. that is why I gave it a thumb's down
Edward Davis
Edward Davis Hace 6 horas
Dumb reason to thumbs down but ok. Glad you shared
Sara Rees
Sara Rees Hace 8 horas
lemons spicy
lemons spicy Hace 8 horas
just sleep standing
Beia Sepulvado
Beia Sepulvado Hace 8 horas
Just spend a couple of thousand on our new bed. It was like buying a car. 🚗
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