The Morons Of Coronavirus

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24 mar 2020






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Comentarios 100
Crispy Hace 15 horas
I thought corona virus morons didn’t wear hazmat suits
Michael M
Michael M Hace 3 horas
Uberphat Hace 15 horas
Still think C19 is such a crazy virii ya noob?
independent thinkers
independent thinkers Hace 21 un hora
Zombie outbreak its just inevitable gets eaten alive
Stinky’s Diner
Stinky’s Diner Hace un día
Imagine if u watched this five months later and covid was still a huge issue haha Wait
Brian B
Brian B Hace 2 días
The 6 month follow up video is pretty much the same. Just add Sturgis.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Hace 2 días
The Veerus is no more harmful than a seasonal cold
Name Balnk
Name Balnk Hace 4 días
Stud Muffin
Stud Muffin Hace 4 días
This even started with the old intro
Hady S
Hady S Hace 5 días
Kyle Grissom
Kyle Grissom Hace 6 días
Aight so.... I follow H3H3, I follow the podcast, I literally, not even joking, wear Teddy Fresh every single day without fail, I pay money for ESvid and started because I didn't want to watch ads during H3 videos, and this video just now showed up on my ESvid 5 months after it was uploaded. What the heck.
Jellybean Hace 6 días
Ethan: *caugh caugh* Me: you alright buddy? *Actual look of concern* Ethan: *hacks up a lung* Me: ... THE C WORD
Sophie Maude
Sophie Maude Hace 7 días
America is the Florida of countries
Berkan D
Berkan D Hace 7 días
Those who said frick corona is dead now
Avery Whittaker
Avery Whittaker Hace 7 días
So good to see that intro again 😍
Victoria Bowman
Victoria Bowman Hace 7 días
“Till July sounds like a bunch of bullshit” “I think they’re blowing it way out of proportion” It’s September now 😐
Rik Jones
Rik Jones Hace 7 días
0:31 the PEWman population
Dominic Manriquez
Dominic Manriquez Hace 8 días
i wish i was a priest u can just talk a bunch of biblical shit then end up askin for money from everyone seems likes a solid gig
Amy C
Amy C Hace 8 días
My aunt would watch those preachers on TV and give them money. She was the sweetest woman I’ve ever met besides my own mother. Hate those preachers for taking advantage of old people.
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes Hace 8 días
Devon Gazdag
Devon Gazdag Hace 9 días
kellie M
kellie M Hace 9 días
Oh gawd..embarrassing
mad max
mad max Hace 11 días
wayooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jk
Justin Kerns
Justin Kerns Hace 11 días
papa looks like a deepfake
Justin Kerns
Justin Kerns Hace 11 días
ᚩᛗᚫ ForestDweller ᛣᚳᛉ
Dude how does this channel not have more subs? I mean you do videos with fing major celebs and you still don't get the subs you deserve.
Euan MacPhail
Euan MacPhail Hace 12 días
I was essentially homeless in Manchester for a bit and the only reason people kept their distance was because English people are scared of Scottish people.
lemon boat
lemon boat Hace 12 días
12:18 this guy really looks like the devil and im truly convinced he is
chilling gore
chilling gore Hace 14 días
It’s hard to believe that in my life absolutely nothing has changed sense this video dropped
ezra_ cxx
ezra_ cxx Hace 15 días
Come on man as someone from england liverpool was not a fair representation
Ashlvx Hace 16 días
Yooo wtf im in the video😷😷😷
Ashda Sheppp
Ashda Sheppp Hace 16 días
Seeing the old intro brings me so much joy
pigflatus Hace 16 días
Comrade Ethan😎☭☭
Tyla Rusch
Tyla Rusch Hace 16 días
Listen to the celebrities. Stay safe inside your billion dollar home.
Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray Hace 16 días
Wouldn't the morons of the coronavirus be the two cocks who go on their podcast and constantly say how scared they are and how bad this virus is that isn't really killing anyone more than what season the flu does
Newbodie Hace 16 días
Meanwhile in germany...
Newbodie Hace 16 días
Meanwhile in germany...
Dane Fife
Dane Fife Hace 17 días
Clayton Reid
Clayton Reid Hace 17 días
Jesus exe 2???
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke Hace 17 días
9:41 what the neck
Anime Tiddies
Anime Tiddies Hace 17 días
2:06 so no one really gonna point out the terrified lady lol
Dor Israel
Dor Israel Hace 17 días
Afonso Mota
Afonso Mota Hace 18 días
This video is propaganda agaisnt stupid people
LGP Hace 18 días
Too bad the truth is coming out now. People know this is all bullshit
Casey Kemp
Casey Kemp Hace 19 días
Been to florida 2x the corona isn't serious. Its just fear mongering.
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants Hace 19 días
Kinda funny to see how now the CDC just posted that only 6% of the deaths in the us were purely because of the virus... Others were dues to complications of other health problems
p p
p p Hace 19 días
cdc is gay + covid is the reason they died it just makes shit 10x worse
Mr DoctorToYou
Mr DoctorToYou Hace 19 días
Yeah but Liverpool waited 30 years for a Premier League Title, some people died happy trust me
Echo Hace 20 días
As a Floridian we do not accept these dumbasses.
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams Hace 20 días
don't put leafy in a self-defense situation, just saying!
Emma Nilsson
Emma Nilsson Hace 21 un día
Janna is still alive... Surprisingly
Silas Marup-Dalsten
Silas Marup-Dalsten Hace 22 días
Zoe Hace 22 días
HaugenDauz Hace 23 días
"Yeah until july sounds like a bunch of bs" oh if only she knew what the next 5 months had in store.
Emma-rose Wood
Emma-rose Wood Hace 23 días
uncle sam
uncle sam Hace 20 días
"Haha I'm gonna hiss to embarrass myself"
Just A Glass Of Milk
Just A Glass Of Milk Hace 22 días
Lmao your on every recent vid of his. Get a life
Povilas Žvirblis
Povilas Žvirblis Hace 24 días
this vid did not age well
Rusty egg 23
Rusty egg 23 Hace 24 días
Oh this has not aged well
Dillon Qaphsiel
Dillon Qaphsiel Hace 25 días
Has it really been five months...
dedpxl Hace 25 días
Ah, March. I remember this phase of the pandemic. We've gone a long way, no longer are there shortages of supplies and testing is now widely available.
Blunt Gutz
Blunt Gutz Hace 25 días
Jesus is fake God is fake All we have is ourselves Stop being brainwashed
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing Hace 25 días
I haven’t been to any place in i don’t remember
Matteo Gaudenzi
Matteo Gaudenzi Hace 26 días
England is not in europe a bello!!
The Thot Pocket 69
The Thot Pocket 69 Hace 26 días
As a high schooler who lives in Florida I am sorry for the actions of my people
Porter Neff
Porter Neff Hace 26 días
Good luck mate.
We so Lit
We so Lit Hace 27 días
I was hoping he'd make fun of the idiots who think the virus is not real and all the other conspiracies about 5g etc
Dr. Dislike
Dr. Dislike Hace 27 días
lol england is not a part of the european union, so i couldn't give two shits if they die
Pokémon catcher Ash
Pokémon catcher Ash Hace 27 días
Kit Peters
Kit Peters Hace 27 días
100sof thousands of people are dead now just in America alone That's alot of damage
James Ledford
James Ledford Hace 27 días
Yo this Ethan and hila should do a podcast
Marius S.
Marius S. Hace 27 días
lol come on Ethan, you can't say "Sophisticated Europe" and then show Liverpool or anything in the UK for that matter.
Maria Azaryan
Maria Azaryan Hace 27 días
wow. 0:34 as a Army, i am super offended.
Gaareth Hace 28 días
*Someone refers to England as Europe* All Europeans: aw shit here we go again. Seriously tho what's with americans basically thinking of Europe as "England and that bunch of weird other countries". It's not even IN the eu anymore, did you miss the news about brexit or something?
REDDIT DID IT Hace 28 días
also called r/moronavirus
Daicd Smacid
Daicd Smacid Hace 28 días
Who came to the comments to see who said wayyyyyoooooooo
James Hace 29 días
The devil is trying to give me the flu! Or whatever else kinda thing he’s trying.
Player Review
Player Review Hace 29 días
Billy Mays would have had a covid cure infomercial running 24/7 if Odin had allowed his life. rip. Also, vanessa hudgens sounds ditzy, but in hindsight i think she was using 'now-thought' when she should have been using 'then-thought'.
James Lance
James Lance Hace 29 días
11:45 We must Praise, and Worship our TV sets......Wait a minute who is that Wierdo? 13:00 And he still Beg's for your money? Yes what is 10% of ZERO?
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Hace 29 días
Kenneth Copeland looks like a hand-carved puppet.
Darth PlaguePiss
Darth PlaguePiss Hace un mes
Ur moms hubby
Ur moms hubby Hace un mes
Coon Volume
Coon Volume Hace un mes
At first I thought you had an entire tracksuit with dreidels all over it
Angelo Merte
Angelo Merte Hace un mes
All Americans crying about how Covid is fucking them. Look at Iran and all the poor countries ;)
Mr_Trains_62 Hace un mes
If god was real why would he let this happen
Jose IsCool
Jose IsCool Hace un mes
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Hace un mes
Gotta do an update video, especially after Smash Mouth and Sturgis.
The Gaben
The Gaben Hace un mes
Hey virus I respect you, Idc if it kills all old people cause I respect you
Raviholy Hace un mes
I think my mom put the thermometer in the wrong hole..
FalconX79 Hace un mes
Funny how NONE of these "morons" died. How do you explain that?
Uncle Du
Uncle Du Hace un mes
The Worst Ever
The Worst Ever Hace un mes
kenneth copeland looks like a puppet
The Worst Ever
The Worst Ever Hace un mes
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet Hace un mes
They’ve got the *Morona Virus*
Mr. Guns & Books
Mr. Guns & Books Hace un mes
Well sounds someone is salty about a guy was ahead of the game.
Mr. Guns & Books
Mr. Guns & Books Hace un mes
Keep it up kids. This is your Woodstock.
Jon Net
Jon Net Hace un mes
Whats going on in europe? Shows footage from England Huh
Rhododendro Hace un mes
1,5% mortality is nothing... America did it right. Freedom before safety.
FalconX79 Hace un mes
@Rhododendro No it's the average mortality rate for everyone who gets it. Of course for old people already sick that % is higher, as it is for the flu.
Rhododendro Hace un mes
@Ell Yes, your speech was good until the outrage.
Rhododendro Hace un mes
@FalconX79 Yeah but the people who get it have 1,5% mortality rate isnt it
FalconX79 Hace un mes
Actually it's now only 0.045%. Like the flu.
Ell Hace un mes
Let’s pose that 1.5% mortality rate in the world you want to live in. So the us has well over 300 million people in it, and 1.5% of that is 4.5 million people. In a world where no one quarantines and everyone is worried about not wearing a mask, you prioritize your little freedom of non mask wearing over 4.5 million peoples lives? How selfish and small minded can you be?
YourOneBreeeh Hace un mes
5:00 when you and the boy start incubating straight up fogging that room up real quick😂
シMelon Hace un mes
Michelle obama?? 🥺
Emily Maguire
Emily Maguire Hace un mes
Demon @ 12:09
Elijah Allen
Elijah Allen Hace un mes
Black juice Daddy
Black juice Daddy Hace un mes
I hate that I live in Florida
Jack Givens
Jack Givens Hace un mes
Kenneth Copeland is beyond gone to the dark side he is the dark side of fanatical worshipping and lusting of other people's money 💰...
Sqweeky Badger
Sqweeky Badger Hace un mes
0.04% of the infected die
A C Hace 17 días
.5-1% of infected die (thats after considering the high undercounting of cases of COVID and slight undercounting of COVID deaths). COVID has already killed around 5 times more than a standard flu year would kill.
Sqweeky Badger
Sqweeky Badger Hace un mes
@Ell from what I've read and heard, I'd say the deaths are inflated massively, with people getting a positive test from a false negative but have a temperature to car crash victims getting covid on their death certificates because they had it as they died, that's not to mention the private healthcare systems being pressured to report covid to secure funding from the government, I'd bet money the actual infections and deaths are more in line with the normal coronavirus flu's Begs the question, what's going on here, what is someone up to
Ell Hace un mes
In the us, the place most infamous for not properly doing it, it’s 3% currently
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