The Morons Of Coronavirus

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24 mar 2020






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Comentarios 0
Dylan Reed
Dylan Reed Hace 5 horas
Watching this now this video should be put in history books
collin I guess
collin I guess Hace 3 días
I will never not laugh when I see papa dfuckimg John instead of Michelle obama
Peter Figueroa
Peter Figueroa Hace 3 días
This is cringe cosidering your latest comments on masks....
Ezra Brewer
Ezra Brewer Hace 4 días
3:45 - these are college students, who would consider themselves smart if asked.
Fuamits 2770
Fuamits 2770 Hace 5 días
Fair the intro feels like a hug from my nan
MrFishSticks Hace 7 días
“I’ve been waiting 2 months for spring break” This isn’t elementary school anymore, adults don’t get that shit unless you rich boi
Odd gamingTV
Odd gamingTV Hace 8 días
yourfriendlytree Hace 10 días
Yeah dude fuck the killer of millions respiratory virus people are hungry.
S4lty Sn4k3
S4lty Sn4k3 Hace 10 días
Oh, my bad. I thought this would just be a montageof of Ethan and Hila pics. They are the only morons I saw in this video
Eyeh8 myself
Eyeh8 myself Hace 12 días
TheMrMacheesmo Hace 15 días
And now let's laugh about this 😆
Seapack Hace 17 días
one word response for this: Darwinism.
Henrik Nielsen
Henrik Nielsen Hace 17 días
The society will never reach immunity if the healthy keep hiding, vaccine isn't the only answer!
Zemock Hace 17 días
Greasy Swamp-beasts: OOG ANTI-MASK LOL! Actual Human Beings: Silence, scum.
Eggshelley The Egg
Eggshelley The Egg Hace 18 días
oh shit...just realized I have that teddy fresh hoodie but in pink
Hate Me B1tch
Hate Me B1tch Hace 19 días
More than 500,000 have died in the US. The the fk.
Chad Justice
Chad Justice Hace 13 días
A report that was leaked from the CDC puts the number at less than 6 percent of that number so you can do the math. I live in Ohio and people who died from cancer, heart attacks and being 104 were all marked to have died from covid. There is a huge difference in dieing from it and dieing with it.
Grace Cornelius
Grace Cornelius Hace 21 un día
Why are the pastors hands so shiny
Daimon Ferland
Daimon Ferland Hace 4 días
He dipped it in "holy" water
Paul Douris
Paul Douris Hace 23 días
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon
Rich Hace 23 días
that american chruch tv guy looks like the devil.
Wheres theovenmit
Wheres theovenmit Hace 25 días
imagine watching this a year later and it still being a huge problem... hahah
Charlie Wennerstrom
Charlie Wennerstrom Hace 25 días
AJD / Hace 26 días
it's not too late to delete this, you cali sheep
Jacob Walters
Jacob Walters Hace 29 días
Deep fake papa johns?
Seppe D
Seppe D Hace un mes
Shay Hace un mes
I don't know why 5:00 made me laugh. 😂😂😂
anna banana
anna banana Hace un mes
Yesssss the king of you tube ❤️
Shrek Man
Shrek Man Hace un mes
Well this didn’t age well
RySL66 Hace un mes
It's fine, y'know. A year later in Canada I'm still waiting for my FIRST shot so I can go back to the gym in TWO YEARS, but yeah it's fine, blown outta proportion what can I say. Who even fuckin knows how long this will be affecting 3rd world countries, impoverished nations and everyone who wasn't born in the richest country in the world. Brb I'm going to Disneyland!
//// bruh
//// bruh Hace un mes
_coma_ Hace un mes
Horse shit jtrhnbr that there is a virus supported ad above the title
_coma_ Hace un mes
Whispering Jack
Whispering Jack Hace un mes
CinamonToast Hace un mes
God i love Ethan's intro
Michael Dolenak
Michael Dolenak Hace un mes
Wow a whole year later and it still is relevant
you sheep
AJD / Hace 26 días
@metagen77 you are a sheep, just exposed yourself,,, shiii
metagen77 Hace un mes
@PAIMON VS THE WORLD Good troll but sadly wasted, I am not even from the US
@metagen77 i am god and I created all humans free and American! If you think IQ is gonna save you from the ass fucking demons from hell then think again mister Covid believer. Everyone who’s smart is Republican and everyone who’s gonna go to hell is democrat
metagen77 Hace un mes
There is still single digit IQs like you denying
JoeMade Hace un mes
God I miss you Ethan
HACK BLACK Hace un mes
If capitalism is so bad why u still here?
HACK BLACK Hace un mes
@HarleyB123 yup of course you can that’s the best part but if you hate it there are many other options.
HarleyB123 Hace un mes
You can live in a capitalist country and criticise capitalism lol
The Highlander
The Highlander Hace un mes
That preacher guy has evil demon eyes
Daymen Marick
Daymen Marick Hace un mes
were all going to hell
GIiitchi Hace un mes
2:20 that was a homemade gas mask and that was not powder but a specific kind of cottonball that filters air and cleans it
Mrihave20toes Hace un mes
We all thought they were stupid but it turns out they were right the entire time
ghostlytoots Hace un mes
Sorry Ethan Europe doesn't associate with the UK anymore.
jellyfishfan100 Hace un mes
this video was posted a year ago.... jesus
Potato Hace un mes
My thoughts exactly
squanchy squanch
squanchy squanch Hace 2 meses
Covid is a literal head cold if you are healthy and under 60. I have a heart condition and smoked for 10+years, and I hardly excercise. Point is I’m not healthy, and I’ve had flus worse than covid. Death numbers are hugely inflated. But, by all means, remain terrified if that makes you feel like you are helping anything.
Matias Solomon
Matias Solomon Hace 2 meses
It’s only me, or Ethan in the thumbnail of this video looks like the main character of wonder egg priority?
xVacunaVenomx Hace 2 meses
I miss when they made vids like this! Also the intro is giving me mad nostalgia vibes.
matt west
matt west Hace 2 meses
This makes me miss the old H3 😢
matt west
matt west Hace 2 meses
Vape nation boi!!!!
Alex Martinovitch
Alex Martinovitch Hace 2 meses
to be fair my humour is desert dry and when i say something insane like kaceytron did i wont crack a smile either to see how people react
Rio Vande Vegte
Rio Vande Vegte Hace 2 meses
If you are worried about the coronavirus stay home if your not live your life
Rio Vande Vegte
Rio Vande Vegte Hace un mes
@Conor Knox America is a big country thinking that that many people would stick to strict lockdowns is just foolish, it is too much unearned hope in people the other problem is people won't listen to the lockdowns because covid does not strike free in anyone under 50 so for most people perspective shutting down for covid was like shutting down the entire country for the flu
Conor Knox
Conor Knox Hace un mes
@Rio Vande Vegte you do realize that in this equivalent, sober people are vaccinated people right? And you can't just "do all the covid stuff" around old people and thinking that's how it works is just wilfully ignorant. And yes there is an economic impact of covid restrictions. But the easiest way to relieve that is to shorten the amount of time that those restrictions are in place, which is by heavy compliance by the populous. If everyone stuck to strict lockdowns then the restrictions that are damaging economically wouldn't have to last long, as seen across places like south Korea and new Zealand
Rio Vande Vegte
Rio Vande Vegte Hace un mes
@Conor Knox that's a good example actually, you have the high risk people stay home as the heathy sober people can go out, I'm not saying forget about the old people they need special care and consideration, I love my grandma so I did all the covid stuff around her and never did anything in person but there are other risks to keeping everyone at home we should totally realize that now that economic times are getting harder and harder for everyone
Conor Knox
Conor Knox Hace un mes
If you are worried about drunk drivers don't drive, stop pushing some fear of me driving home after a night drinking.
Me Me
Me Me Hace 2 meses
11:55 why are his fingers so wet
Vitani's Mate
Vitani's Mate Hace 2 meses
FRICK THE CORONA VIRUS!!! *Loud obnoxious cough* FRICK THE CORONA VIRUS!!!! *More loud obnoxious coughing* PARTY!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!
Rigel Knight
Rigel Knight Hace 2 meses
good thing this doesnt happen anymore
Johnathan Saunders
Johnathan Saunders Hace 2 meses
Holy shit it’s been a year
William Burnett
William Burnett Hace 2 meses
Back when it was just called corona and only the "sophistocated" people used the term "COVID 19"
Kole Knudsen
Kole Knudsen Hace 2 meses
Ethan and Hila. I love the podcast, but there will always be something so so special about your video making style. And I always need more no matter how much or little you put out.
Riley Christian
Riley Christian Hace 2 meses
They should at least do 1 or 2 a year 😥 Maybe the Gatsby's invading Disneyland idea will be on this channel??
LionKeg1 Hace 2 meses
Ben Parker
Ben Parker Hace 2 meses
well its been over a year :/
FoolHardy Queso
FoolHardy Queso Hace 2 meses
Hard to believe this video is already a year old
Sami Yalçıntaş
Sami Yalçıntaş Hace 2 meses
I can't believe this video was a year ago and we're still in quarantine
Sam Prosperi
Sam Prosperi Hace 2 meses
same im just rewaching jis old vids
TrEniece Hace 2 meses
2021 we'll be here
Aurora Gil
Aurora Gil Hace 2 meses
ugh seeing those tourists in florida make me so upset. this year spring break was awful, so many shootings and new cases all because these 30 year olds want to experience “spring break”
Le sween Machine
Le sween Machine Hace un mes
Zinnat Bg
Zinnat Bg Hace 2 meses
natashka1982 Hace 2 meses
I'm just glad I already got Covid. Definitely not worth destroying the economy
Esketxd Hace un mes
True, we should just let it spread and mutate freely. Let's see if we can hit MERS levels of lethality
Le sween Machine
Le sween Machine Hace un mes
Zeke Fried
Zeke Fried Hace 2 meses
You should be in the video
Jarad Sibon
Jarad Sibon Hace 2 meses
Dang, watching this a year on, watching Kenneth Copeland tell people to not stop giving the church (or himself) money in the midst of massive layoffs due to the virus is some of the most disgusting shit. What a disgusting human.
burts BEEZ
burts BEEZ Hace 2 meses
when you realeis this was made 1 year ago when covid happed
Breadman Hace 2 meses
“Until July is such bullshit” she had no fucking clue.
Tom Klose
Tom Klose Hace 2 meses
9:00 "I heard you got a Rolls Royce..." one year later: cue curb your enthusiasm soundtrack.
TTV Glibby
TTV Glibby Hace 2 meses
RyMoo27 Hace 2 meses
just me
just me Hace 2 meses
Muhammed Asghar
Muhammed Asghar Hace 2 meses
Wow, I'm watching this on its one-year anniversary! Thanks, recommendations!
Vanessa Andrus
Vanessa Andrus Hace 2 meses
Cardi makes me wanna throw up
LtD2 Hace 2 meses
These people, it’s already been a year I wonder where are they now.
Ryan Powell
Ryan Powell Hace 2 meses
And yet here we are, 1 year later.
1004myg Hace 2 meses
happy anniversary
Voxifera Hace 2 meses
happy 1 year anniversary of this video. what a fucking year it's been
Nadine Lewis
Nadine Lewis Hace 3 meses
happy early anniversary on this vid
ervadaninhalastrar Hace 3 meses
this video got recommended to me today, exactly a year later... it doesn't get better folks, but at least we can still come back to this and suffer together. Papa bless
_ Hace 3 meses
Sma11z Studioz
Sma11z Studioz Hace 3 meses
nah, im with these people. Me and all my friends had corona, it really wasnt that bad. swine flu almost killed me when I was little, this was nothing compared to that.
AyJoMa1200 Hace 3 meses
Only Me
Only Me Hace 3 meses
Why is that pastors fingers so shiny
John Delandro
John Delandro Hace 3 meses
Corona had you guys shook! The only thing we have to fear is Continuous Unending Neurotic Tantrum Syndrome!
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Hace 3 meses
The original spring break story was posted a year ago
Mickey Z
Mickey Z Hace 3 meses
I can’t believe Ethan posted this video nearly a year ago 😦😶😶
Alexander Cisneros
Alexander Cisneros Hace 3 meses
TRYPTAMINE Hace 3 meses
Bruh ethan still the same to me. why the hell ppl saying he changed
Lord Ligma
Lord Ligma Hace 3 meses
Watching this 300k deaths in
Jenna M.
Jenna M. Hace 3 meses
When is almost been a year and we're still dealing with this
S4lty Sn4k3
S4lty Sn4k3 Hace 10 días
@Ex Life masks ≠ proven to not work, social distancing≠ proven to not work. Ethan and Hila ≠ Proven to not be funny
Ex Life
Ex Life Hace 10 días
Dealing with bullshit over a virus that 99.9% survival rate
Dee Hace un mes
In the US it’s getting a lot better thank God 🙏 numbers are way down, most states are set to open up by summer (a lot already open) and vaccines are easily accessible. Still some social distancing but even Broadway in NYC is set to open for 100 % capacity in sept. The rest of the city is ready to open august 1st
clwww Hace 3 meses
really? ive never heard of this
Croatoan Hace 3 meses
Ethan has been practicing his cough just for this virus the whole time
Zachary Zapien
Zachary Zapien Hace 3 meses
Gay As A Rainbow
Gay As A Rainbow Hace 3 meses
I haven't gone out in 6 months. and the last time I went out I stayed in the car, thank you spring breakers
Der Grantelbart
Der Grantelbart Hace 3 meses
Depression getting bigger
Jorge Hace 3 meses
Get ready for spring breakers round 2 baby hahaha, i hate this world :(
ZchryPlys Hace 3 meses
Im terrified of being stuck by lightning but I still go outside.
Cut Anims.
Cut Anims. Hace 3 meses
12:21 i think i have syfilis after this .....
Colliflower356 Hace 3 meses
people really downplayed the shit out of this virus
Le sween Machine
Le sween Machine Hace un mes
WHAT?? It was blown way out of proportion what do you mean?
the village hidden in the memes
Star Hace 3 meses
"SOUL CRUSHING. GREEDY. CAPITALISM Baybeee" ethan the adjectives are superfluous
Star Hace 3 meses
@the village hidden in the memes Oh look an anti-semitic youtube reply! How rare!
the village hidden in the memes
Says Ethan who is also greedy and all he and hila care about now is money I miss when they cared about making good content
Lewz Y
Lewz Y Hace 3 meses
never watched this guy till a month ago now is my favourite guy on here
Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster Hace 3 meses
I have never disliked h3h3 videos in all the years he's been around. Today I've disliked 2.
Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster Hace un mes
@Riston Vesotsky oof. As you leftys say, follow the science.
Le sween Machine
Le sween Machine Hace un mes
Riston Vesotsky brother you’re lost
Riston Vesotsky
Riston Vesotsky Hace 2 meses
@Kevin Foster in what way is making fun of a bunch of anti-maskers n shit against common sense
Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster Hace 2 meses
@Riston Vesotsky because he's no longer on the side of common sense it appears.
Riston Vesotsky
Riston Vesotsky Hace 3 meses
dino Hace 3 meses
God that intro takes me back :) especially the one with Michelle Obama
the mango
the mango Hace 3 meses
Copeland looks so much like a bobble head.
Whore Chataa
Whore Chataa Hace 3 meses
I wonder how many of these people died 🤔
Whore Chataa
Whore Chataa Hace 3 meses
Riston Vesotsky I’ve noticed:(
Riston Vesotsky
Riston Vesotsky Hace 3 meses
sadly the spreaders survive and innocent people don't.
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