The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?
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14 abr 2019

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Junior Gabe
Junior Gabe Hace 10 días
The quarks look like miis. From the wii.
PHILL SHIVELY Hace 12 días
Strange Matter is purely Science fiction it Doesn't Exist Neither do black Wholes your whole production is Cartoons because it's all Science Fiction
Mattew Stone
Mattew Stone Hace 19 días
I Like your video
DISK0N3CTED Hace 20 días
Does black holes die out?
Felix Reuß
Felix Reuß Hace un mes
Yo i thought of a way how humankind could survive the cold-death of the universe. I know its just a theory but please follow me on this. So we know if humans survive long enough we can become an atleast type 2 society. If we get this far we could decompose dead stars and gas planets drive them both together and create a star artificially. I must admit i know very little about it but it could be possible. I mean we could create a dyson sphere or smthng around it and transport it via an hyperspace engine to a gas planet decompose both and see the star form it self. With decompose i mean blowing them up but with much less boom ya know? Maybe a laser of sorts or other things. Its crazy i know but it sounds great in theory. Waht do you think? Let me know ^^
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood Hace un hora
my roomate eat quark every breakfast because he wants muscles but I tell him many times is dangerous eating quarks. but he is dense motherfuker and not listen
T0M Phamtom
T0M Phamtom Hace 3 horas
A powerful hero controlling multiple abilities and the multiverse - aka Dr Strange Or one mini boi
N. Vree
N. Vree Hace 9 horas
Are there anymore videos provided regarding the Quark Stars? I'd like to know more about them.
Rodrigo Hace 16 horas
So... there is hope!
Amgalanbat Chinbat
Amgalanbat Chinbat Hace 21 un hora
Kurzgesagt videos are way scarier than horror movies
Kiến Văn Nguyễn
Kiến Văn Nguyễn Hace 22 horas
Strangelets: Exist Planets: am i joke to you
KoolBeanz4TheWin Hace un día
Kinda cool knowing we can just turn into a blob of strange quarks at any second
the1onlynoob Hace un día
If quark matter is of sufficient density to produce strange quarks, what makes them so stable and immune to decay at such high energy levels? Following up from that, wouldn’t it be a leap to call them perfect matter if quark matter is the result of insufficient gravity to form a black hole and thus could potentially change into a more dense singularity? Also what makes strange matter so ‘contagious’ that other matter would forgo the normal process of entropy and spontaneously reach a higher energy state upon physical contact?
KildroneInfinite Hace un día
So if a Strangelet would convert the sun into a Strange Star why is the Neutron Star not converted?
Tora Blaze
Tora Blaze Hace un día
Space virus
Kiến Văn Nguyễn
Strangelets: Destructing the universe. Thanos: Want to know your location
Kiến Văn Nguyễn
Strangelets: I'm the most destructive thing in the universe Black hole: Hold my gravity Strangelets: noooooooooooooooo
NitzTheGamer Hace un día
This is fucking terrifying
erzuh Hace 2 días
this made me scared that one day im just going to become a strangelet
Booper Dooper Vlogs
Booper Dooper Vlogs Hace 2 días
More of these videos will be found in Area 51
DougtheDonkeyTV Hace 2 días
Meh, it’s all gonna be eaten by black holes anyways lol
Uboa Hace 2 días
This kinda reminded me about Phazon from Metroid Prime, although it's different from a Strange Quark the fact that it essentially corrupts everything it touches is cool and scary.
This is Patrick
This is Patrick Hace 2 días
In a nutshell: space hella weird
surearrow Hace 2 días
>> Scientist are learning that these videos are awesome..."or maybe not".
Mr Lordblader
Mr Lordblader Hace 2 días
Fun fact: fun facts are not fun :)
Agu Rich
Agu Rich Hace 3 días
Kurzgezagt: stragen qurkz convrt to rglar qurkz Kurzgezagt: it createz stragen matter
Agu Rich
Agu Rich Hace 3 días
Kurzgesagt: it cud destroy da wrld Kurzgesagt: itz stabel datz y cud destroy da wrld
config Hace 3 días
>really don't want to be together Can relate
ven ra
ven ra Hace 3 días
Hmm... this is 'strange'.
Richard Polster
Richard Polster Hace 3 días
What the duck
PRGG Hace 3 días
Everyone gangsta untill strangelet touches them
Edin Meco
Edin Meco Hace 3 días
Fascinating. The Universe truly is a strange and we may never understand it. Strange Matter could literally be heading to earth at a fast speed but the Strange Matter could be trillions upon trillions of kilometres away.
A Google User
A Google User Hace 3 días
We all already know how the universe began, but it's a little religious so I'm not going to say
Appoddigare Hace 3 días
Universe is such a creepy place full of creepy stuff
Leela Patil
Leela Patil Hace 4 días
just put another qark ather than up and down ones maybe
Damir Vakhitov
Damir Vakhitov Hace 5 días
I don't think this is the entire story. While it is true that strange matter can be contagious, the strangelets can also be ionized or something what makes them not harmful.
AntSwift1 Hace 5 días
sounds like a black hole, because they would also eat up light making them black
heshers Hace 5 días
strange matter is how the original xbox intro was made
Samuel Li
Samuel Li Hace 6 días
When we have enough technology (like advanced particle accelerators) we can use strangelets as weapons! Most efficient celestial body destroying method ever.
陳達運 Hace 6 días
Quack:too much pressure, I wanna be alone
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman Hace 6 días
Well, now we know what Vibranium is made up of....
vengful howl 2358
vengful howl 2358 Hace 6 días
Nobody: Strange matter: perfectly balanced...as all things should be.
Lothric Dogs
Lothric Dogs Hace 6 días
But when is the flood coming?
Steve Wharram
Steve Wharram Hace 6 días
Aidan Adkins
Aidan Adkins Hace 7 días
2:33 The infinity stones.
Kiz Armstrong
Kiz Armstrong Hace 7 días
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your videos so much and I ❤️ science 🧪
Kevin Müller
Kevin Müller Hace 7 días
Kurzgesagt: talks about _strange_ things Everybody in comments: *MEMES*
Logan Browne
Logan Browne Hace 7 días
Question, is it actually green
Supertrain12 Hace 7 días
Literally *_EVERYTHING_***: *exists* Strangets: It's free real estate.
See U Later
See U Later Hace 7 días
So basically Strange matter is a cancer sick at microscopic level 😈
Oz Channel
Oz Channel Hace 8 días
So we were gearing a black hole hitting us and consuming us, but we had zero idea a flying stranglet drop can turn us into another matter that also kills us, clap clap.
Songbird Hace 8 días
2:07 called quacks He didn’t said that but he could have
Chinchilla Warrior
Chinchilla Warrior Hace 8 días
I really like how you animated birds instead of humans. they're so cute!!
Emmanuel Anthony
Emmanuel Anthony Hace 8 días
Nice! I subscribed this is so good
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