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Finally @Cleetus McFarland New engine is finished and on its way


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19 may 2022






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FastIndy Hace un mes
If you're curious about what he's welding on the cylinder head, it's the individual exhaust rocker stands to the one-piece intake rocker stand. This adds rigidity to the rockers.
Sessh _
Sessh _ Hace 13 días
I’m actually curious why he went this route and not the SMX route? I think he wanted a capable big block in time for Midwest drags and I think this engine is probably quite a bit cheaper than an SMX. I know Steve likes his 1 piece rocker stands opposed to the way Jessel does it but I think he has a good fix welding those sole exhaust rockers stands to the one piece intake stands.
HazMatt Container
HazMatt Container Hace 28 días
@Danny R Turns out, they were...
Denver Kenyon
Denver Kenyon Hace un mes
Intellistan Hace un mes
Thank you
theblackmech Hace un mes
@andrew phillips pump fuel, as its what the street set of injectors and tune up is for
bob mencel
bob mencel Hace un mes
I was hoping this would happen ; saw Cleetus' video earlier today. This is going to be just what Mullet needs. Great to see you guys working together. Thanks Steve .
Cruz Benitez
Cruz Benitez Hace 13 días
@ade 1772.
Brandon Searle
Brandon Searle Hace un mes
billy jackson
billy jackson Hace un mes
@Mike Barton but the one i really want to make a come back most of it the dale truck
billy jackson
billy jackson Hace un mes
@Mike Barton lol yeah the way bounces around in the videos does get a little confusing sometimes
Mike Barton
Mike Barton Hace un mes
@billy jackson Oh that's right. I had just finished watching that video about Leroy getting chopped to fit the engine. For some reason I thought it was the same motor.
Iain Ball
Iain Ball Hace un mes
Steve Morris racing engines + cleetus mcfarland = ESvid perfection. This is going to be a ride !!!!
Quake Masta
Quake Masta Hace un mes
Can't wait to see it in action. This is bringing me back to the days of leroy and ruby getting better and better stuff over time. Love to see the level up.
Josh Montgomery
Josh Montgomery Hace un mes
The precision is second to none on these engines. Cant wait to see Garrets face when this thing hits. Whole new beast of an animal. Great job Steve.
Nikiel Taylor
Nikiel Taylor Hace un mes
A casual 3000 hp motor. Well done, excited to see it running down the track in mullet.
Avery Evans
Avery Evans Hace un mes
@Richard Paige III exactly, you don't understand. So don't comment acting like you know everything.
North Texas Skies
North Texas Skies Hace un mes
@Richard Paige III AWD vs RWD... Their cars also don't make as much power as mullet. Talking like 500-600 less maybe more
For The Win
For The Win Hace un mes
You just took cleetus to the upper stratosphere of drag racing!!
Michael Krenkel
Michael Krenkel Hace 13 días
@Leslley Scotte they have recently run multiple 7.0's and a 6.99 on Midwest dragweek
Skyes professional 5ho
So probably a stupid question but did mullet get the sml or smx engine?
charlies hammer
charlies hammer Hace 23 días
@The Bogner Unfortunately they spent a large amount of $ and have not been able to back it up, this will save them money in the long run. They spent a ton of cash to run one 6.9 and I have loved every minute.
GRPABT1 Hace un mes
Everyone seems to forget Mullet is still on 275 radials. Radial cars don't go fast without good glue. Cleetus travels to events which run street car classes and don't have proper radial prep. To expect 6's every time is stupid.
Trollman3555 Hace un mes
@Faux Que you’re one weird fella
Atlas1 Hace un mes
So glad they went with you guys. The best street/drag engines on the planet.
MandoDoesIt Hace un mes
This is a great thought in general, glad he finally pulled the trigger. The best part is the engine dyno, emite assembly, this was about as solid as it can possibly be. Insane!
Jerry Muncey
Jerry Muncey Hace un mes
Thank you, Steve Morris for giving mullet the wings he always wanted! HOLYCOW
xplore300 Hace un mes
I have been waiting for Cleetus to get a Steve Morris engine in his cars for a long time. Magic is going to be happening now!!!!
David Reynolds
David Reynolds Hace 23 días
@charlies hammer that’s a different engine
charlies hammer
charlies hammer Hace 23 días
@David Reynolds The one I watched going together was a BBC, one of Steve's guys put it together.
David Reynolds
David Reynolds Hace un mes
@Greg Scott but still hasn’t used it, and it’s not a big block.
Greg Scott
Greg Scott Hace un mes
I believe this is Cleetus' second one from Steve, bout a year ago here on the channel he has another build for Cleet
Quinten Lewis
Quinten Lewis Hace un mes
that's a spicy unit! glad to see Cleeter getting some more horsetorques for the the ol' El-baldeago.
boltonky Hace un mes
Another legend engine, one day i hope to have a built engine and achieve my dream car but life is good at causing issues. Keep it up Steve and the team
Godly Powers
Godly Powers Hace un mes
Loving this! Gonna be exciting watching Mullet get down in the 6's properly without breaking something every run :P
SouthJerseySound Hace 29 días
​@Ginga Ninja Racing sorry but Texas speed isn't all that and shouldn't have sold him a motor to try and go 6s. there comes a time when they should have said you'd be best just going big block.
Ginga Ninja Racing
Ginga Ninja Racing Hace un mes
@dcskate1022 and welcome to my Channel 😁
Ginga Ninja Racing
Ginga Ninja Racing Hace un mes
@dcskate1022 they're also racing harder and more often than the average person. Majority of cleetus stuff that Texas speed has done has lived a long long while unless they did something dumb.
dcskate1022 Hace un mes
@Ginga Ninja Racing everything Texas speed puts together for ESvidrs blows up. They’re the Walmart of drag racing. But hey, stick to making your videos for all 20 viewers.
Ginga Ninja Racing
Ginga Ninja Racing Hace un mes
@dcskate1022 can't compare it to your 15 second rocket ship 🙄
The Sunflow Channel
This thing is a beast! Can’t wait to see it perform, about time they got an engine that can actually dominate on the strip.
Mr Olsen
Mr Olsen Hace un mes
I'am looking forward to see ty build the turbo setup for this one! 👌
Scrotie Mcboogerballs
Can’t wait to see Cletus get this dialed in on the track you guys are some of the worlds best engine builders thanks for sharing buddy hell yeah brother
WBR 78
WBR 78 Hace un mes
Hey Steve thank you for showing us the build. The only question I have is what we’re you welding on the valve train???? Can’t for the life of me to figure that one out!!!
Dick Nijenhuis
Dick Nijenhuis Hace un mes
FastIndy posted a comment earlier and Tim Hunter added more info to FastIndy's comment.
Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison Hace un mes
Ha, i was wondering the exact same thing, thank you to FastIndy for enlightening us ignant folks about that lol. Old Cleeter is gonna be a rocket pilot now .
Jason Lanning
Jason Lanning Hace un mes
It's common place to weld the rocker stands together to help stabilize everything.
Jay Dobbins
Jay Dobbins Hace 27 días
Looking forward to seeing reliable 6 second passes! You're The Man, Steve!!
Un-Kun-TROLL-Able Hace un mes
Wow absolute perfection Steve thank you onece again for sharing with us your amazing skills.👍
Bo-BQ Hace un mes
Very cool to watch one of the game's best work his magic. The attention to even the most minute detail is a pleasure to see. Here's hoping they bring you in for the turbo tuning when they get it together.
Paul Earhart
Paul Earhart Hace un mes
Super cool video, super cool collaboration - I really appreciate the dyno graph talk, with what you’re looking at/ what you expect because of what you’re building this motor for
lpd2320 Hace un mes
Finally a Big Block for Mullet. Can’t wait to see this thing in action! Great collaboration Steve
Dannob Hace un mes
You have the best tech videos. Any chance you can post the full engine build but at regular speed. I love watching the build process.
Mercury madness
Mercury madness Hace 23 días
Once again Steve knocked it out of the park.Love to see the collaboration Cletus is lucky to have such an amazing engine builder as you It’s about time one of your engines went into his cars.I have been waiting for ever to see this happen.
Adam Persinger
Adam Persinger Hace un mes
I knew this was in the works and I'm so glad it has finally happened. Top of the line race engine for a top of the line guy and team! Can't wait to see Mullet ripping down the track powered by the beautiful SM power plant! 💪💪
chris laing
chris laing Hace un mes
Cleetus just entered a whole new realm of fast. Gotta say its been a long time coming. Very glad it's your engine he chose, but what other choice is there 😁😁
306BlownNotch Hace un mes
You are TRULY the G.O.A.T! You do amazing work & continue to keep your name out there! Cleetus will spread the word on your expertise! Keep up the great work/video’s Steve!👊🏾💪🏾
AU MetalMental
AU MetalMental Hace un mes
Pretty sweet Steve. Been following Cleetus for a min now and really anticipate of this build.✌️😎
JC Stek
JC Stek Hace un mes
Nice ! You make it look easy building these Monsters ! Can't wait to see it perform in Mullet , But what I want to See is the Wagon with a 5 second 1/4 , Hope soon !
Class 800
Class 800 Hace 28 días
I feel like this is going to blow up beyond repair on the second pass knowing their luck
Bobby Gets Banned
Bobby Gets Banned Hace un mes
Been waiting for this since the jet was axed for Mullet, this is the engine Mullet needs! He's gonna be a real ripper now.
Justin Jansen
Justin Jansen Hace un mes
So glad Cleetus has stepped up to a big boy motor! 💪 can wait to see another one of your motors running 7’s or better. Cleetus deserves the right motor from mullet. Can’t wait to see some killer times! Congrats
Kenneth Lemke
Kenneth Lemke Hace un mes
Excellent..so excited to see Mullet get one of your engines. Big fan of both of you guys. Super excited to see Mullet make its first pass. I have been hoping Cletus would try one of your engines. In my opinion the top engine builder around and definitely state of the art technology and development. Keep putting out the great stuff. FF and SM great combo…both fantastic companies.
Benjamin Alldridge
Benjamin Alldridge Hace un mes
I'm glad that Garrett finally saw sense and got good. I'm pretty surprised he didn't grab one of those SMLs though, I won't lie.
Jacob Szymczak
Jacob Szymczak Hace un mes
I dont think the SML is ready yet. Steve recently posted the first head getting machined and it isn't even completely done yet. A more "standard" big block is probably more cost effective as well, and probably the reason Cleetus went with this over a full blown SMX
Jason Popovich
Jason Popovich Hace un mes
So excited to see what this motor can do in mullet! You build the baddest street race engines for sure super excited for this combo in mullet!!!!
StoneE Hace un mes
It seemed like they couldn’t do one race without mullet breaking he’s so dang heavy hopefully this motor will be just what he needs!!!
Texas Jack
Texas Jack Hace 23 días
I wonder what they'd charge me if I ordered an identical engine. I'm assuming $50k to $100k...but I really have no idea.
John Kurpiewski
John Kurpiewski Hace un mes
I’m so glad to see this happening. Absolutely thrilled!!! Now I’m afraid he’s going to have to go to a big tire for all that !!!
Jimmy Metcalfe
Jimmy Metcalfe Hace un mes
It's amazing how fast Steve moves when he's building engines, dude really knows his stuff 👌
ғLxᴛɪᴄᴀʟ Hace un mes
@Gary Host No it's not, it's actually been slowed down. 🤦‍♂
Jer Gol
Jer Gol Hace un mes
@Gary Host It's not sped up, you can tell by the pixels and I've seen some sped up footage in my time.
Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty Hace un mes
@Gary Host No it isn't. He just moves faster than most humans.
Gary Host
Gary Host Hace un mes
The video is sped up.
Vertex Jeff
Vertex Jeff Hace un mes
Hey Steve - what were you Tig welding on the one side of the head when you were assembling the rocker gear? Just curious!
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland Hace un mes
@brianok100 ...Sure, you bet!
brianok100 Hace un mes
@Paul Copeland Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I know the big block Chevy Jesel stands are individual pieces, not one long stand. It's been awhile since I've worked on a big block Chevy with Jesel stuff.... back then, ours were not welded together but I can see where that would greatly increase overall rigidity and strength. Thanks for the reply. 👍
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland Hace un mes
Welding the rocker stands together. Common practice on high HP, big race motors.
Daniel Hace un mes
I was wondering the exact same thing. If I'm pulling something out of my ass I'd say that maybe the shaft mount rocker setup is set up to fit a (small) variety of mount locations, and you can get more rigidity/consistency if you weld it up after assembling it to your head. But that's just making up the only thing I can think of that's plausible, it's probably wrong.
brianok100 Hace un mes
I was wondering the same thing...
barry donovan
barry donovan Hace un mes
really cool to see.. been following even through some bad times you were having. He'll have fun with this for sure.
Bryan Luntz
Bryan Luntz Hace un mes
A Pleasure to meet you Steve Amazing big block Can't wait to see Mullet run it down the track Nice hat🙂
G Crauwels
G Crauwels Hace un mes
I was curious about the head gasket arrangement since they're going to be running a fair amount of boost. Looks pretty robust.
Vin Kohl
Vin Kohl Hace un mes
it really hit me when he said 3,000 horsepower at the wheels. Mullet is entering a whole new dimension!
John Parrish
John Parrish Hace un mes
I've always been nervous about running aluminum rods on the street only because I have no idea how long you can run them before they need to be changed. I've asked a lot of people, race engine builders and rod manufacturers, and never got the same answer twice.
John Mattu
John Mattu Hace un mes
Nice work Steve, I'm sure you're going to make Garrett look great. Thanks for all the help Brother!👍
Jason Harry
Jason Harry Hace un mes
Looking forward to seeing what this car does with your built engine Good job brother
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Hace un mes
Hey Steve thank you for showing us the build. The only question I have is what we’re you welding on the valve train???? Can’t for the life of me to figure that one out!!!
Joseph Quintiliani
Joseph Quintiliani Hace un mes
Mullet is going to be a beast with this engine. I can't wait to see it under boost.
Corey Strong
Corey Strong Hace un mes
This is awesome Steve. You and Kyle do an amazing job
getmysatisfaction1 Hace un mes
love seeing this happen.....I am hoping Cleetus also gets one of your LS engines too....!
Tony Ives
Tony Ives Hace un mes
What a totally badass motor as always can't wait to see what this does on boost too going to look so good in mullet
Blackswagga Blackout
Steve you're the best when it comes to building engines hopefully one day I can get you to build mines
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Hace un mes
Built…. By the MAN himself! Doesn’t get any better than that!
Come and Travel!
Come and Travel! Hace un mes
I can't ever remember seeing a lower-end, pistons and rods and crank look so damn beefy. Whoa, nice!
David Miller
David Miller Hace un mes
I'd love to know the engineering between the timing belt vs. timing chain.
MrSmotheredHope Hace un mes
The force is strong with this one! Notice it was dyno'd on May the 4th!🦾
WASDxMerceless Hace un mes
May the forced induction be with Cleetus!
Scott Creighton
Scott Creighton Hace un mes
I'm glad Cletus finally saw the light to buy one of your motors now he's going to feel real horsepower 🚦
Chaleboy60 Hace un mes
Beautiful awesome time lapse also. Can't wait to see this monster in mullet. Looks like you know the guys to make sure it's Cleetus proof lol
Mostly Motorized
Mostly Motorized Hace un mes
That block seems to have a very special lifter geometry for extremely high rpm. 😍 looking forward to hearing it scream
Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson Hace un mes
What are the pros and cons of belts vs. gears vs. chains for timing sets?
ferrelx Hace un mes
1:51 Interesting that Brodix hasn't incorporated a lip seal over the years vs a "rope" style seal.. does it do a better job against crank case pressure ?
Super stoked! Looks well built with great parts by a badass!
Josh M86
Josh M86 Hace un mes
That's an awesome engine. Do you do any sorta break in period on your engines?
6doorshop david
6doorshop david Hace un mes
Thanks for hooking them boys up.i stayed on him to get a real motor from you .I have been a fan of yours since your start in racing i could never afford one of your set ups but to watch them boys try to get that kind of power down the track is going to be a blast
rikkierikkie Hace un mes
Cleeter couldn't stop smiling when they opened the box 😁
crazyjr Hace un mes
The numbers on the valve cover rail, are those the lengths for that valves pushrod? Mullet did well with the LS based engine, but they were just pushing it too hard, glad to see them getting a proper 6 second engine
Napue Hace un mes
One of the few cases you legitimately get what you pay for. Great work
atamagashock Hace un mes
So excited for this. For a year now I’ve been hoping garret would go this route with mullet. Who better to build it than you! I absolutely can’t wait to see this on RMRW, Midwest drag week, and any other drag and drive events he does. Always my favorite events and this time of year is the best. Such a beautiful motor like every motor that comes out of your shop.
MacGyver1 Hace un mes
Hell yeah brother, I know he's done pretty far with the Texas speed Ls's, even down to the 6 second pass, but now he's gonna have power on reserve
Jonathan Snipes
Jonathan Snipes Hace un mes
Truely are a master at your craft! That intake is a piece of art! Everything you do is top notch! Cant wait to see this motor running in his elco. Just wish i had enough money to afford one of your engines. Them things are sick! Keep up the great work!
Elwood Roads Music
Elwood Roads Music Hace un mes
I'm pumped for Mullet. My favourite car in Garrets fleet, this is going to be awesome.
Man-E 4g63
Man-E 4g63 Hace un mes
I’ve been a tech for 13-14 years and this is what I would really love to end up doing. Becoming a respectable engine builder.
TASSIE HUNTER Hace 16 días
Hope Garret brought extended warranty conversion up with Steve. Those “ To the moon Tune’s “ sure do send parts to the moon 😂. So excited seeing Garret go to the Big Block. I can see a future video of “ Mullet gets the SMX 4500hp+ upgrade “
Thomas Philyaw
Thomas Philyaw Hace un mes
Thank God Cleetus chose you guys for the engine build. Ought to be a wild ride watching them chase that big block horse power
Just Me
Just Me Hace un mes
I have been waiting for Cleetus to step up his engine program. Looks like he did. I like it.
Neil Reid
Neil Reid Hace un mes
Even your dyno headers are gorgeous. Super excited to see this monster making thunder in Mullett. Wow.
Southern Cross Garage
That is awesome. 3,000 at the wheels is mind boggling.... even NA that engine is amazing 😀 May I ask why the belt drive for the cam? Why not the traditional chain drive? Curious.
Miles M
Miles M Hace un mes
Realistically how long should a top dollar engine like this last? I’m genuinely curious
Garykaren Mcgruther
I'm only in the beginning part of the video and I'm always paying attention to details. Did you use Maximum Assembly grease to install the rings? And why? I usually use Amsoil assembly lube to do that with the bearing's. I love your videos. Attention to detail is a big big thing but the attention to the smaller details is what I find that counts the most. You definitely proven that. Thank you.
TheFriskyComiskey !
TheFriskyComiskey ! Hace 21 un día
2000HP to the wheels ain't bad at all. Great job!
Ryan Hines
Ryan Hines Hace un mes
Love it! Always a master at what you do.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Hace un mes
One of the few cases you legitimately get what you pay for. Great work
DRIVE ventures
DRIVE ventures Hace un mes
That 3 injector setup is wicked! He's gonna love this motor*
Rick Janssen
Rick Janssen Hace un mes
sweet motor, can't wait to see it in action.
charlie mcmillan jr
Finally Cleetus reaches the pinnacle of power plants. A true work of hand built engineering marvel worth every penny. Can't wait to see this Morris Monsgo to work.
D G Hace un mes
Whats a beautiful lump like that cost? I'm guessing around $50k? Absolutely fantastic content as always Steve!
D C Hace un mes
@Neil Reid At least it might hold together now. Probably spent that much on breaking small blocks. I will say he got the most you're going to get out of an LS. Big Block is just so much different. MULLET is gonna do low 7s with ease.
Neil Reid
Neil Reid Hace un mes
Try $80K just for the lump. Turbo's and all else probably another $20K all in. The roller (Mullet) with tranny/suspension/rear end is in the $80K range. So, ya, some real coin there by the time it hits the burnout box.
Aaron P
Aaron P Hace un mes
If you have to ask 😉…
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Hace un mes
Hell yeah brother! 😎👍. Thanks Steve you’re a true leader in design and application !
Mixed Goku
Mixed Goku Hace un mes
The engineer in me is salivating this motor has a absolute unlimited amount of potential!
A Phil
A Phil Hace un mes
I hope you sell a ton of these engines with the added exposure. Cleat might have to go BIG tire to take advantage of that monster. I wonder if that would fit in a Corvette?
doliio volay
doliio volay Hace un mes
Hey Steve thank you for showing us the build. The only question I have is what we’re you welding on the valve train???? Can’t for the life of me to figure that one out!!!
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards Hace un mes
Wow.....👍 I have seen many engine builders but none like a Steve Morris. You sir truly know your engines and it is a real treat to see how you build these Perfection Motors.
Roger Randolph
Roger Randolph Hace un mes
Can hardly wait to see it in action. Keep it up!
Patty S
Patty S Hace un mes
Loved the time lapse , cant wait to see cleetus finally have a reliable powerplant that can actually run a number. CONGRATULATIONS
Johnny's Laboratory (formerly Burning Rubber 731)
Nothing that runs 6's is reliable.... or 7's.... or 8's..... Maybe 9's? ..... lol
Tuomo Lahtinen
Tuomo Lahtinen Hace un mes
These videos always leave me with so many questions but are the block and heads stock or custom made to your specs?
khaoz wins
khaoz wins Hace un mes
much respect you build great pieces of art
R.O.B Hace un mes
Nice to see Cleetus come to the right place. I don't think Cleetus fully realises just what kinda Can-O-Whoopass you can bring to the line... Things are bout to get real X2 Cleeters.
4113N 5
4113N 5 Hace un mes
So glad that you’re helping the boys out with a badass SME big block. Mullets definitely going to be top shelf now!
Anthony Hace un mes
The fact we are able to watch a master build a badass engine while we eat some honey bunches of oats, with extra added sliced almonds is wild. I love ESvid.
Old school baby!  383 SBC
First pull on Mullet!!!