The Neighbourhood - Cherry Flavoured (Official Video)

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Director/Animator - Christopher Wilson
sweet & sour motivation
wish i could keep concentration
ive been gettin high
keeping me low now
doin it alone now
think i gotta slow down
& i know i
gotta take control now
but i sold my soul
a long time ago
feel like a ghost now
cherry flavoured conversations
got me hanging on
down to earth from all the waiting
take me somewhere beyond
i’ve been gettin high
but i don’t ever stay up
feel like i’m fading
gimme stimulation
gimme to the next level
gimme levitation, god
slow dancin with the devil
sent my soul on a vacation
ive been gettin high
keeping me low now
doin it alone now
think i gotta slow down
& i know i
gotta take control now
but i sold my soul
a long time ago
feel like a ghost now
#TheNeighbourhood #ChipChrome #CherryFlavoured


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30 jul 2020






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Comentarios 60
Alessandra Caldas
Alessandra Caldas Hace un hora
Quem tais vivo aparece, né?!
mxrtte 20
mxrtte 20 Hace 2 horas
hacen todo bien la puta madre cada tema es arte dios
Irene Perez
Irene Perez Hace 2 horas
the neighborhood: creates a song *bisexuals have entered the chat*
ren Hace 2 horas
afraid: "sell your soul, not your whole self," cherry flavoured: "but i sold my soul, a long time ago.."
brian spencer
brian spencer Hace 2 horas
Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice Hace 3 horas
Can't stop listening to this masterpiece
Sofía molina Lopez
Sofía molina Lopez Hace 3 horas
Gabe Hace 3 horas
The aesthetic of a depressed pretty boy is getting old, this shit style died out in 2014. We need real rock music not this soyboy over dramatic whining music
Reine Saab
Reine Saab Hace 3 horas
i love you
flook melody
flook melody Hace 4 horas
Lana Hace 4 horas
Please god. Keep this song away from Tikshit. Amen.
Renata Guaraca
Renata Guaraca Hace 4 horas
ampharos Hace 4 horas
name one bad song by the neighbourhood, quickly
JungSH00K Hace 5 horas
i love you.
fantasia s
fantasia s Hace 5 horas
Their songs give you that safe vibe when it's a hard time if that makes sense
Silvana Paredes
Silvana Paredes Hace 5 horas
el video está demasiado bueno
Yona. Hace 6 horas
If she did some zach vocals instead of Jesse?
Nora Hace 7 horas
07.08.2020 23'25 ❤️
stacy fearlicia
stacy fearlicia Hace 7 horas
ok but who is chip chrome?
Sangre De Campeones
Sangre De Campeones Hace 8 horas
Stop copying mk.gee
Ivan Moreno
Ivan Moreno Hace 8 horas
This is liking driving your car at the beach when the sun is setting and the windows are down
Yo She
Yo She Hace 9 horas
The neighbourhood makes soul filling music idc idc 🥵🥺
I Hate Moths
I Hate Moths Hace 9 horas
This is such a vibe
JustTooli Hace 9 horas
Yet another phenomenal fucking song wow
P40l4 VS
P40l4 VS Hace 10 horas
Erra nunca
gab Ee
gab Ee Hace 10 horas
Isabella Fonseca
Isabella Fonseca Hace 11 horas
Med Amine Ounelli
Med Amine Ounelli Hace 11 horas
I know you guys are not ready for it but The NBHD > Arctic Monkeys.
Med Amine Ounelli
Med Amine Ounelli Hace 11 horas
Listening to that Jesse voice and those background unique sounds in every song > sex
Fatima A
Fatima A Hace 11 horas
Their music really makes you feel a certain way, usually a certain type of happiness. But for all of those songs with a slightly sad vibe, I can even hear it in this song, it still makes you feel someone’s there with you which is very comforting. I’m happy for this new album!
Fabiano Silveira
Fabiano Silveira Hace 13 horas
aninhaa ,
aninhaa , Hace 14 horas
The neighborhood nunca decepciona é isso
Johm Tauã
Johm Tauã Hace 8 horas
Bianca Hace 15 horas
Lisa Hace 15 horas
this song wants me to sneak out and watch the sunrise with the love of my life
jonathan garcia
jonathan garcia Hace 17 horas
I wish the ending was longer, such a vibe.
Rizwan khan
Rizwan khan Hace 18 horas
Rizwan khan
Rizwan khan Hace 18 horas
Give peace a chance
joao ricardo
joao ricardo Hace 19 horas
Sarah Hannis
Sarah Hannis Hace 20 horas
Video inspired by Grease ?? 😂😂
Farzeen Fairooz
Farzeen Fairooz Hace 20 horas
The neighbourhood could n e v e r make a single bad song. Not even average or below average,,every single track is extremely unique and beautiful in its own way
Nicole Daisy
Nicole Daisy Hace 20 horas
Love ittt!!!
Dvid Garden
Dvid Garden Hace 21 un hora
Porque no empezaron con el final??
Fernanda pereira
Fernanda pereira Hace 21 un hora
❤❤❤ Aguardando álbum novo.
Ricky Stafford
Ricky Stafford Hace 22 horas
the video makes this so much better 👌
idk Hace 22 horas
I feel like there’s a lot of symbolism in the lyrics and the MV we aren’t analyzing. Jesse I hope you’re okay.
lorde of gamer
lorde of gamer Hace 22 horas
Nicole Fogel
Nicole Fogel Hace 23 horas
Julia Meneghini
Julia Meneghini Hace 23 horas
nunca decepciona
Gabriela Rivero
Gabriela Rivero Hace 23 horas
Rocket powers and Arnold vibes
ayşe0 a
ayşe0 a Hace 23 horas
The end of the music is so annoying 3:03
piggyback Hace 23 horas
Nickelodeon: Wait wait a fuckin minute
mad cat
mad cat Hace 23 horas
wonderful Hace 23 horas
Hey, you. You don't know me, i don't know you, but here we are. I hope you are enjoying yourself, without forgetting to take care of yourself and your family & friends. I like your taste in music, surely you are a beautiful person, try not to think that there is something wrong with you, you can always do something good. We all make mistakes, but we all learn and grow. I wish you luck out there, don't forget someone loves you, stay safe. "Slow dancin with the devil..."
Itzel Macias
Itzel Macias Hace un día
I love this song!!
Juliana Gueiros
Juliana Gueiros Hace un día
Perfeitoooooos Krlh 😍
Phanii Hernandez
Phanii Hernandez Hace un día
curing my life
aesthetic planet
aesthetic planet Hace un día
This vibe never gets old. It’s the only artist I really get a feeling with like deep inside of me. Like i did something and I’m sad about it, but i actually never done it
cecily Hace un día
Fortune Kitty 333
Fortune Kitty 333 Hace un día
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