The New Home Alone Is A Disaster

Danny Gonzalez
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28 dic 2021






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Comentarios 9 137
Krista Berta
Krista Berta Hace 11 meses
This is a kid friendly version of Saw. Some crazy maniac convinced he's in the moral right puts people through terrible traps just because their life isn't perfect.
Quanecious Dingleberry III
No its becayse they broke in
Limexplosions Hace 10 días
@Cosmic Dust nah it’s cool. I kinda just wanted to know what happened in the movie and wasn’t actually like calling u out for anything or whatever. And I have pretty much no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to saw, I was like 11 or 12 when I saw one of the movies and I only saw clips. And the addict that I’m talking about had her mouth stretched and stuff so that might narrow down which addict. Also please tell me what the other reason one of the addicts was there, I’m probably way too scared to ever watch the movie so please spoil them for me.
Cosmic Dust
Cosmic Dust Hace 10 días
@Limexplosions There's no addict in the first movie, but there is in the second and basically all saw fans agree she didn't deserve to be there. There's a second addict who self harmed as well, but there's a different reason she's there that's revealed at the end of the movie. I also definitely missed something important in what I said: it works both because (almost) all the people in the traps are awful people and because the films do not pretend that we should ever be on the side of Jigsaw. He's wrong for putting people in the traps, that's part of the thesis of the movies. The people, even though they suck and it's often cathartic to see them get messed up, don't actually deserve to be there. I forgot to put that in last time, and that's my bad.
Limexplosions Hace 11 días
@Cosmic Dust i mean, i never actually watched the saw movies but I saw (pun unintended) parts of the first one I think and it was messed up. Like one of the main victims was just an addict and like the scars were messed up. And then didn’t the saw guy like kidnap the police officer’s wife and kid too? What’d they ever do?
KarmmaRoo Hace 12 días
Thing is Kramer was terminally ill and can be excused due to his illness' psychological effects compared to this spoiled brat
Stupid Shiba
Stupid Shiba Hace 10 meses
The worst part of the crying in the show scene is how accurate the crying is. You can hear the slight stutter as they try to cry even though they aren’t breathing enough to, she also kinda chokes for a second on their spit because they’re laying down, which I can say is very accurate. Why did they have to do this.
Aiden Dubberly
Aiden Dubberly Hace 3 meses
@Blok Vader Fr it’s sad
Blok Vader
Blok Vader Hace 5 meses
Another reason why Ellie Kemper is too good to be a main role in this movie Also, she plays such sweet characters, Erin from The Office, Kimmy Schmidt, it's hard to watch a little kid beat the shit out of her, not like Joe Pesci lol
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Hace 5 meses
Props to the actress though for how well she was able to replicate crying, I can fake cry pretty decently but that was too fricking good
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Hace 5 meses
I went to the comments during the ad before the video so by time the video started I was already expecting some things, and seeing the crying it’s like holy shite you’re right that’s so sad
N.Kumar Hace 6 meses
It might just be real, she must have realized that the movie is going to be shit.
David Nissim
David Nissim Hace 10 meses
Part of what made the original one feel better, even though there were some graphic moments, was the fact that the Wet Bandits were actually out to steal from Kevin's house. They were designed to be unpleasant, legitimate thieves, so that we would root for Kevin, and laugh at their pain. They were definitely going to hurt Kevin if they got the chance, and they probably would've in the first movie, if it wasn't for the neighbor showing up. Not to mention, a lot of their reactions were overly comical, not realistic at all. This one just feels horrible, because the parents weren't trying to harm anyone or steal, they were just a poor family who were trying to get back something they thought Max had stolen. The realistic reactions to getting hurt, coupled with their already troubled lives, and the fact that they showed the mother CRYING... I can't watch this one. It hurts to watch.
John Johnson
John Johnson Hace 19 días
Graphic moments? I know I'm almost a year since you made this comment... But now I need to watch home alone because I don't know that we watched the same movie. That said , I did grow up on adult type cartoons and horror movies since I was like 4 lol. My mom watched all the "classics" like nightmare on elm st , I had a real life my buddy doll 🤣. Then around 10 or maybe 12 , internet gore was a pretty popular thing , perhaps my perspective is skewed as far as graphic
Mikel Entertainment
Logan Danielson
Logan Danielson Hace 3 meses
And they portray them as being violent as well. After they get hurt a bit, theyre not trying to steal from the house anymore, theyre going directly after kevin at that point with the bandits hollering violent threats after him.
Brock Steele
Brock Steele Hace 4 meses
@Jade Annabel Damn! Brits tend to love that kind of "kick a puppy while they're down" kind of comedy. Must have been particularly excessive if even the old English Isles couldn't handle it.
Jade Annabel
Jade Annabel Hace 4 meses
I forget the name, but there's a british 'comedy' that didn't go far, because the main character was just, painfully unlucky. He'd get injured badly, go to the hospital, be told to wait, get injured more. Get arrested for something that wasn't his fault (Still injured), get injured again. It was just this poor dude that hadn't done anything bad, that was just getting the crap beaten out of him non stop. It wasn't fun it was just sad. It didn't make it past one season from memory.
Elizabeth Hace 9 meses
There's a major plothole that was never addressed, and it's kind of necessary for any home alone movie to work. It's a reason for the police to be absent. In Home Alone, the power lines broke the night before the Mcalisters left, and the telephone cables were broken until the story was almost over. This is important to have so the kid doesnt come off as either stupid or demented for making traps to torture a couple of burglars rather than alert the cops. Knowing Max, hes probably so deranged, he probably wouldn't call the police if given the chance.
Purgeblue Hace 2 meses
Also in the 3rd one the burgler group were actually smart in their robbing by hiding and disguising themselves when the kid called the cops twice and came out empty so he knew he couldn’t rely on the police entirely which is a premace that actually worked for a sequel that had nothing to do with the 2 previous movies
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Hace 2 meses
@Samuel Messner It's insanely irresponsible go leave a kid home alone without the ability to call for help. In the original it was due to unforseen events outside of the parent's control, but it seems like in this one they deliberately put their own kid in a sittuation where he had to fend for himself and also had no ability to call them, let alone emergency services. It kind of makes me hate the parents. Not having a landline is pretty normal these days, but so are kid cell phones that can only dial 911 and pre programmed numbers.
Icy Choice Claw
Icy Choice Claw Hace 3 meses
I wanna add that in Home Alone 3 (ya know, the one with the international missile threat?), the kid actually calls the cops several times, but the crooks escape before the police arrive and cover their tracks. Even though he's told the police won't answer his calls anymore or whatever, he home alones his house and goes out of his way to contact the makers of the missile chip. Much more proactive than the kid in HA5 who didn't even try before just turning to the dude he plays games with online.
Dragunzlayer Hace 3 meses
The house doesn’t have a landline it was said while uncle shitsmcgee was shitin. Which is weird because in an age where they have vr u would think the kid has a cellphone.
Rantings From A Teenagers Perspective
@Samuel Messner why couldn’t he have went to the neighbors and asked to borrow their phone?
Are You Lost Babygorl?
I feel so bad for the kid actor. He did so amazing in Jojo Rabbit, he was actually able to make the viewer feel sympathetic with him but he was also really funny. This script just did him dirty.
awsomecolin Hace 29 días
@viktor vaughn yeah hes jorky in jojo rabbit with the Hitler and the hitler
viktor vaughn
viktor vaughn Hace 3 meses
Thats where i recognised him from
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
"This is gonna be even funnier cuz they probably don't have health insurance" You pretty much nailed it, Danny, that's exactly what the writers were thinking
lazerfrog studios
lazerfrog studios Hace 5 meses
@King Ayy no it’s the same account he’s varified
Vanessa Meow
Vanessa Meow Hace 6 meses
Wth i read this at the exact moment Danny said it-💀💀
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis Hace 6 meses
This is the only honest Hollywood movie you will ever see. This movie exposes the genuine inner life of network executives. Torturing the poor fills their hearts with glee.
Madness in a Cone
Madness in a Cone Hace 7 meses
how are you everywhere
stray_Z Hace 7 meses
i didnt know you got verified
Navi Hace 9 meses
Honestly I genuinely wonder if they set out to make "Home Alone but a horror movie" and executives made them change it into a family friendly thing. Like, the set-up is perfect for it. -The dynamic is rich vs poor, a thematic idea teeming with sociopathic tendencies and unrelatability. -They establish the child as being actively antisocial and so disconnected that he tries to steal from church donations -The parents have ferociously sympathetic reactions that seems to have little comedic intent in any context. I mean, who writes "extreme close-up on a character as they begin to sob" as a joke in a family comedy? -Violent traps actively inspired by the child watching cartoon violence Genuinely it seems so odd that I really think I could be right
awsomecolin Hace 29 días
Better Watch Out
wet sock full of hot meat
I can't wait for the sequel "We Need To Talk About Max"
Lucy Hace 2 meses
this is the only explanation that makes sense. it would also explain why they had so many recognizable actors playing extremely small parts - maybe they were in other scenes that were cut because they made it too obvious that it was supposed a horror film
FortressTime Hace 5 meses
@Moskeeto Saw is technically home alone if it was more graphic
Am On Us
Am On Us Hace 5 meses
@Moskeeto Thanks
That Random Boi
That Random Boi Hace 10 meses
Your being way too nice to these sickos. My parents took me and my little brother to watch this, and my brother starting crying because of how grotesque and horrid this awful movie is.
Locseryu Hace 5 meses
@Sloppy Phart looks like i need to edit my reply again, but your right
Sloppy Phart
Sloppy Phart Hace 5 meses
@Locseryu the brick attack from Home Alone 2 wasn't comical at all. I love it now, but when I was a kid it really disturbed me because I thought it was real.
Locseryu Hace 5 meses
@Kyran Sawhill The whole point of home alone 1-3 (yeah 3 wasnt that bad guys) was that while the wet bandits, sticky bandets and russian spies attacks looked painful, they were also comical (except for the ornament, needle gun to the scrotum scenes and brick throwing ) like a scene from a looney tunes episode brought to life Edit: some touch ups on spelling and mentioning the russian spies Edit 2: adding the brick thrown scene stuff credits to sloppy phart
Kyran Sawhill
Kyran Sawhill Hace 6 meses
I remember watching a video and reading up on how superhero cartoons from the '90s tended to avoid stuff that kids could easily replicate in real-life, so Spider-Man: The Animated Series would always avoid showing Spider-Man actually punch somebody or people firing real guns (which could potentially be found around the house) instead of laser cannons or whatever, but he could subdue an enemy by causing a brick wall to collapse on them instead. But the Home Alone movies (especially this one) depict so much violence that could easily be replicated by a child in real-life, but with less cartoony, more dire consequences (such as lighting someone on fire or dropping a brick on their head).
Space Bugz
Space Bugz Hace 6 meses
When I saw it with my family, my mom had to cover my youngest sister’s eyes when the needles came up and some other gross stuff
annie?? Hace 3 meses
kevin was a brat, but he seemed genuinely scared, and grew more mature and likable throughout the movie. max simply needs therapy.
Sapphire gamer
Sapphire gamer Hace un mes
You forgot another one thing max needs: a flipper to the face.
Axolotlotl Hace 9 meses
As someone who gets overwhelmed in social situations and family gatherings, i understand the kid hiding to just get some time by himself to breathe and watch cartoons. The rest of what he does is wild and definitely could be edited with different music to make it a horror movie, but that first thing was very real and relatable
Maneea Hace 19 días
Yes! I was searching the comments for someone else who also related
Ricochet Hace 4 meses
Yea like THAT I get. But like mercilessly torturing a lower middle-class family for fun? nah. Not to mention he's MET them before right? I haven't watched the full movie yet but I definitely want to now but like it seems like he knew them. And he just like? Immediately goes to fucking torturing them rather than even a single question of what they're doing? like if he was scared then behind a closed door but this motherfucker was NOT scared.
the mind palace
the mind palace Hace 4 meses
@Kyran Sawhill i love when random ESvid comments make a better movie idea than the actual movie and yeah, i've hid in the car multiple times during family gatherings, it's hard being easily overwhelmed by people (especially ones you can't stand lol)
Kyran Sawhill
Kyran Sawhill Hace 6 meses
I could also relate to the kid getting overwhelmed and needing to go be alone for a bit while the house is packed and everyone else is having fun. It was probably the only relatable and sympathetic thing about the kid in the movie. Maybe they should've done more with that. And if the 'burglars' (who weren't even really burglars because they were trying to get something that was stolen from them) weren't gonna be true villains this time around, they could have instead focused on how Max's parents left him behind out of negligence and he wasn't in a great family situation (maybe some commentary on how the McAllisters always ended up abandoning Kevin in the original movies, but never seemed to truly learn from it), how he was a black sheep, and how he might have more in common with the family he's been tormenting than the one that left him behind, so in the end, child services get involved, and the poor couple adopts Max after winning a case against his parents that resolves their financial burdens. At least then there'd be something of a positive pay-off.
GayJayy Hace 7 meses
Same. Like, I "run away" from family gatherings that are small in comparison to this one, so I definitely get the "I need time alone, I'm just gonna go in some random part of the house that's not occupied and do something mindless." The rest however, Jesus Christ, get that kid to a therapist to work on sadistic tendencies.
anik_is_good Hace 11 meses
They should make a home alone where the robbers succeed and Kevin’s traps go terribly wrong.
Reject Mafia
Reject Mafia Hace 17 horas
@Froggy do you not know how funny it would be to see a grown man steal a child's possessions as the child sets up dumb traps?
Master doge
Master doge Hace 13 días
Or when where they have guns
Ethan Gerard
Ethan Gerard Hace 17 días
Kevin idk
Ethan Gerard
Ethan Gerard Hace 17 días
And max randomly blows up
awsomecolin Hace 29 días
But then when the robbers leave they just get gunned down violently
𝚂 𝚊 𝚕 𝚎 𝚖   ☹︎
Honestly the ‘Hiding in his family’s car.’ Thing was probably the most relatable thing that Max did in this movie, I always used to hide in my mums car when I was small, because it was the only place I could actually get away from everything.
awsomecolin Hace un día
@Yes no I hide in the toilet I literally go inside of the toilet
Yes Hace un día
@awsomecolin I don’t think “in” was the right word 😂
awsomecolin Hace 29 días
Ikr I sometimes hide in the toilet and go on my phone
Zara Hace 6 meses
The dumb thing is that their parents forgot their only child. In the original the parents had a shit ton on children to keep track of, so their attention was divided amongst many children and its conceivable how one could slip your mind. But even with a ton of relatives over, if you have 1 child you are not going to forget that one child. I feel like this is stating the obvious but... this movie exists.
Connor DoubleYou
Connor DoubleYou Hace 9 meses
The thing I can't get over is that they named Ellie Kemper's character "Pam". Of all the names. The OTHER Dunder Mifflin receptionist.
Kennadie the beauty queen!💅💅
Good thing I'm not the only one who thinks the same thing!
cothmo Hace 8 meses
i’m sure that was done on purpose
TheJoltMazter Hace 10 meses
I didn't like the new home alone because the traps were literal death traps like the chandelier and the icicle traps. Those could easily kill someone
Caleb Petrauskas
Caleb Petrauskas Hace 12 días
@jetison333 bricks is the second one. Where they go more over the top
aheadsound s
aheadsound s Hace 4 meses
The nerf datrts could of poked an eye out
Magik Phoenix
Magik Phoenix Hace 5 meses
And then the pool ball shot at the head thing
jetison333 Hace 5 meses
Didn't he just throw bricks at there heads from the roof in the first one? And there's the paint can.
Kyran Sawhill
Kyran Sawhill Hace 6 meses
It's definitely something I wouldn't show to a little kid. The traps should at least be so out-there that they couldn't easily be replicated, but any kid could stick needles in Nerf darts or drop icicles on someone and potentially kill or maim them.
McKenzie Ehlers
McKenzie Ehlers Hace 10 meses
The worst part is, they weren't even trying to steal from the kid. They were just trying to take back what they thought was stolen from them.
Ant Hace 4 días
Yeah and they took some crazy shit like being stabbed by nerf bullets
milk man timby
milk man timby Hace 9 días
@asuiee i like it too
StofleTheBadger Hace 11 días
Good for the kid lol!!!
Oh Hi
Oh Hi Hace 13 días
@SerboWarCriminal distract from the fact they are naking horrible movies to ruin kids minds and way og thinking
Alan Gates
Alan Gates Hace 18 días
I really really really love how all of the comments under your comment kinda became a meme/a big joke 😂 also I really really really love your pfp
Hannah W
Hannah W Hace 9 meses
tbh any story where the basis is rich beats up poor and we're supposed to be on the rich's side is usually really gross and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Danny nailed it calling this movie foul. That's exactly what it is.
Yato mcYato
Yato mcYato Hace 5 meses
After seeing the new Home Alone, I got into heavy drinking. I couldn’t stop. Not the pain nor the drinking. With each drink I felt less of the movie in the back of my memory. But still, it was as if the children in the bar behind me were watching me, wanting me to break into their houses. Ever day it hit me at once, just watching this kid murder innocent adults like Pringle’s cans, and realizing I could be next. He wanted to kill me. I knew he did, that cursed child! It cost me my sanity, Danny. I couldn’t stop seeing his eyes in the corner of my room. But soon I was tarring my stairs and setting up tripwire. Every time somebody opened my doors, their hand would be burnt. But it was for the best. Even my room was laced with weaponry to chase the kid away from my nightmares. He was out to get me. But now I sit in my bedroom, with all the lights off and a nutcracker in my window, wondering if perhaps I’ve become my own greatest fear.
audiovisualcringe Hace 3 días
least insane greg:
CloudyLemon Hace un mes
So are you still up for Friday?
Star Hace 2 meses
@Cielo Official Channel Dont worry he has an anime profile picture, he can't drink for another 9 years.
Cielo Official Channel
Bro r u ok
koahlaaaa Hace 9 meses
when i was watching this movie i was like “i feel bad for the ‘villains’” and my family was like “you’re taking all of the fun out of it”
average comment section troll
Me searching for the fun
CloudyLemon Hace un mes
@The Orange Gremlin I know right like just shut up
The Orange Gremlin
The Orange Gremlin Hace 4 meses
Omg your talking all the fun of watching poor people get beaten and nearly murdered omg 😒
TheCra5yCartoons Hace 4 meses
Now that's a good lad
Magik Phoenix
Magik Phoenix Hace 5 meses
The fun?What fun do you find in this?
KayPlaya Hace 6 meses
this seemed like kind of sad but ok until I heard the line "Why's he doing this to us pam" 13:17 the pure horror in his voice just made me start crying and I have never cried to a horror movie or anything like that
Aidan Kocherhans
Aidan Kocherhans Hace 11 meses
Seeing the mom cry like that makes me think there is something seriously wrong with the writers
Sxlted Cxramel
Sxlted Cxramel Hace 3 meses
@Minnow hes being sarcastic, thats what /s means
Bonnie Dykstra
Bonnie Dykstra Hace 4 meses
Seriously does the director have a vendetta against struggling families and mothers?
Minnow Hace 7 meses
@tempestuous oooh, we have an edgelord over here who laughs at people's suffering! you're soooo cool
Animatoon Hace 10 meses
@Jw go away
Ghosty Hace 10 meses
The more and more I watched of the video and seeing more clips... There's no way the writers were this out of touch. They encapsulated the desperation, the sadness, and the realness of this struggling couple. They made the kid so damn unlikable (I kinda feel bad because even just looking at his face annoys me). The more I watched, the more I can't believe this at face value, I want to believe this was a F U to the studio. Ellie Kemper truly is a gem though, when she started crying, damn, it hit me like a freight train.
Desirée Cornect
Desirée Cornect Hace 7 meses
The real joke is a millennial having the money to buy a house. Whoever keeps making Home Alone movies needs to be locked away.
Lank Hace 4 días
I know millennials of all walks of life who have bought houses, what is up with this millennial persecution complex the internet has going on
Gregory Ford
Gregory Ford Hace 3 meses
There’re millennials with rich parents don’t worry
Elizabeth Hace 9 meses
It would've been cool to see a kid from the Mckinzies fighting off the robbers with minimal resources while the parents were off for a business trip. The family would also be too poor for a phone. There, no there's an excuse for no police, why the parents are away and a way to build up suspense and intrigue.
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Hace 2 meses
phones do be expensive
Sweet_Tea_Lover Hace 4 meses
I'd love to watch that, it would be 10x better than the movie we got
this was on Disney+ right? I genuinely think that Disney like, commissioned a reboot Home Alone and a writer made a thinly veiled satire film of Home Alone and sent in and no one at Disney actually noticed. this is clearly “what if the kid in Home Alone was a psychopath rich kid?”
Arch-fancy pants
Arch-fancy pants Hace 6 meses
Home alone age swap: a grown man beats the crap out of two small children
audiovisualcringe Hace 3 días
@Nneka Byron holy shit yes it is why did I never think of that
Nneka Byron
Nneka Byron Hace 2 meses
Isn't that just the movie Don't Breathe?
Trashy Games
Trashy Games Hace 6 meses
I'd watch it
Billur Aral
Billur Aral Hace 11 meses
People give Kevin a lot of flak for his traps, but I think Max is actual psycho here. He endlessly (and needlesly) tortures poor people, exploits charity for his own amusment and laughs all the way. He's pratically creating his own Squid Game here
Ghettogirlz Hace 18 días
Max is a real menace
awsomecolin Hace 29 días
Squid Game but with CHILDREN hell yeah
Onyx Yui
Onyx Yui Hace 11 meses
@SlyCooperRocks ikr perfect example of what I thought
SlyCooperRocks Hace 11 meses
@Onyx Yui Ya know if it wasn't for the timeline I could get behind the Kevin Jigsaw theory because like I said Jigsaw just wants people to value their lives and Kevin did improve the lives of Old Man Marley and the bird lady. Plus Kevin does grow up to have a lot of problems and I could see him changing his name because of how he was treated by his family. I could see him putting people through traps to try and rehabilitate them whereas Max would just put people through traps just to torture them.
iloverilakkuma Hace 11 meses
@Rachel Dekker aha xx
Nico Hartley
Nico Hartley Hace 3 meses
im glad it was ultimately a happy ending for the family but this movie genuinely pissed me off. The scene of the mom crying almost made ME cry- this poor mom is just trying to feed her kids and keep her house and she's going through all of this shit for them, she probably felt so hopeless
Justin Hace 6 meses
Honestly, the role reversal they’ve got going on is a pretty good concept to apply to a Home Alone movie- however unintended it actually was. I don’t know, but I feel like what would’ve made this movie better is if it was a Home Alone horror movie (or horror comedy), not about the couple breaking into a house over a misunderstanding but rather Max breaking into the couple’s house and setting it up to be some kind of death game. Then, maybe when the couple actually succeeds in defeating him, Max just shrugs, congratulates them, and walks away leaving a check for $200,000 behind to be found as their reward for entertaining him.
LukeWarmLava Hace 7 meses
This honestly seems like it would've been a really cool movie if they hadn't made it as a home alone thing, it could've been a great psychological horror movie or something
Flying Fesh
Flying Fesh Hace un mes
tbh when I was young sneaking away from my extended family during holidays was something I did all the time. I wasn't a people person, now I am, but back then sneaking away to hide in a BMW wasn't TOTALLY out of the question for me.
Ava Marie
Ava Marie Hace 11 meses
I feel like part of the reason we don't mind seeing the burglars in Home Alone get messed up is that they would absolutely kill Kevin when given the chance. Like, they're set up as pretty evil people (to an almost absurd degree), and based on their reactions throughout the movie (especially at the end when they do catch Kevin), you get the sense that the kid's life is 100% in danger if his traps don't work. But these poor parents trying to save their house? You cannot convince me they are any sort of threat, so the comical level of violence that gets thrown at them is just horrific instead of darkly funny karma. You also need cartoonish characters if you're going to be subjecting them to cartoonish levels of violence, and this movie completely fails in that regard.
BFDI - David
BFDI - David Hace un mes
yeah i feel bad for them. the other bad people deserve to get hurt as they would harm and maybe kill kevin but this family just wants to take back what's there and max is just like "oh ill just give this struggling couple a bunch of injuries and I won't help them out by giving them their doll back."
derek diana johnson
derek diana johnson Hace 9 meses
@djentlover i'm not taking my chances.
djentlover Hace 9 meses
@derek diana johnson Is It necessary to sensor these words on youtube?
Certified_HoodClassic Hace 10 meses
one of the guys in the 2nd movies pulled out a gun and wanted to kill the child
egg egg egg egg
egg egg egg egg Hace 10 meses
@Rachel Michele rich white woman moment
Pandemonium Hace 3 meses
I physically felt pain in the traps scene, like I can feel one of my organs shrivel up everytime I see a grotesque trap.
Pjuske Pjuskesen
Pjuske Pjuskesen Hace 2 meses
The keypad pin one actually made my finger hurt
Krish Hace 3 meses
The fact that the robbers weren’t actually evil hurt so much
Hannah Gs
Hannah Gs Hace 10 meses
I thought the villains were at least breaking into the rich house just to steal the doll, but finding out it’s literally their doll they were trying to get back?? Who wrote this movie??
GippyHappy Hace 10 meses
I feel like maybe something is being lost in translation. The writers being originally from SNL and the idea was two people tormented by an evil child as a role reversal of Home Alone could actually work as a skit for ...but they really failed to bring it to the big screen. Never make a torture porn character sympathetic and relatable. When you relate to a character you feel like you ARE them, and the audience doesn't want to have push pins shot at their face or their feet set on fire (I mean maybe some of them do...) In a short skit the characters are just cardboard cutouts, and you have the laugh track in the back to steer you away from getting emotionally invested. This is just...sad.
Bruh Hace 11 meses
I feel like the fact that more people have fallen onto hard times financially these past few years due to the pandemic and inflation and such makes this even more fucked up. The people who made this had to have known this and yet they did it anyway.
Kássio Gomes
Kássio Gomes Hace un mes
@Katie Kuchen kids. The target audience is children.
WolfStar37 Hace un mes
@Bisquick my man, you get straight hundreds in writing class? Better than any graded presentation report on any important cause…
Bisquick Hace 11 meses
​@Kara Huffman I agree but in some sense it's a pretty unique expression of how fucked the working class is via its domination by the capitalist class, to the point where it's literally child's play. Like we're reading into the intent a lot I think, to say this wasn't more of a call to arms _"to face with sober senses our real conditions of life, and our relations with our kind"_ highlighting the structural violence of neoliberal capitalism as a fun little game managed by hollow little demons whose individual character is largely irrelevant but for the moments of glee/intentionally explicit dabbing in imposing such terror, as Danny is describing is it not _intentional_ that this little fucker is unrecognizably human. Might be the fact that I haven't actually watched it so I'm putting a lot of this together in my head, but god damn this, at least ostensibly, seems way more "interesting" (to leave it normatively neutral lol) or unique artistically than I was expecting, at the very least. Adolph Reed I think uniquely defined neoliberalism, not by its transparently bs rhetoric of economic distinctions, but as the inevitable aftermath, "the defeat of the working class", and you know if this movie doesn't (seem to) nail that essence in the only way we can really process such horror, through gallows humor, idk what else does. I mean you wanna talk about some of the most demonic/sociopathic but also weirdly child-brained in their simplicity psychos, look at like...any/all of the CIA's operational history. INSAAAAAANE shit, like the most insane shit ever, Operation Mongoose with like a billion absurd Castro assassination plots like, I shit you not, _exploding rats_ , trying to make his beard fall out through some chemical (I forget, see: Sydney Gottleib) cuz they thought he had some Samson-esque beard power, like I'm not even fucking joking, these "people" run the god damned world. It's fucking nuts honestly. And ok like, something like fucking "Havana syndrome", like what is that bullshit, immediately justifying the passing through congress of a "totally necessary" billion dollar healthcare supplement to all CIA employees to alleviate the symptoms of the obviously made-up/collective delusion... _during a pandemic_ ...when most people don't even have healthcare _at all_ , what is _that_ exactly but not just the biggest middle finger/dab to the rest of humanity that isn't a protestant capitalist skull n bones psycho, just a perfectly expressed by like this dipshit little kid having complete domination over you for basically no good reason, pretty much entirely bad reasons. The shit they do to Assange is absurdly cruel too, announcing extradition on like UN "human rights day" or something, no standing to begin with, that kind of unnecessary compounding of extra individual torment where it speaks heavily to it being the point, oh this is coming to mind too just a random example of many, in the Phillipines in the 1950s, the CIA killed Huks (farmer communist group, that's their whole thing of course, insane anti-communism, they're basically the SS 2.0 for supranational capital if we're being honest), drained their blood, put puncture marks on their necks, and left their corpses out to scare superstitious Filipino away from the movement alluding to their "Aswang" cultural myths (basically vampires). MKULTRA _alone_ is off the charts nuts, _Operation Midnight Climax_ , folks, _folks_ , may I posit the interpretation...the CIA is the kid in this movie. Boom, solved, it's good now, we did it.
Kara Huffman
Kara Huffman Hace 11 meses
Homelessness is up, and so are evictions. Most of the millennials (who I assume are the target audience) can’t afford a home to begin with. It’s so incredibly dark.
Tori Hace 11 meses
@savvy oh so he jus wrote his fantasy I guess
Catflip Hace 10 meses
Jesus the one pushpin dart hitting her in the eye was just too much. As a kid that did this multiple times, I could tell you that that shit would go straight through your eyelid if you had a strong enough blaster.
rat gobbler
rat gobbler Hace 2 meses
God, can you imagine the board room meeting for this movie? “Now, listen. We all know that the last… two… three Home Alone movies were huge flops. But I’ve got an idea that’ll knock your socks off: what if, the movie is about a struggling middle-class family being tortured by a rich British child?” “Yeah, sure.” “Why not?” “What could go wrong?”
CaveBearStudio Hace 3 meses
As a 42 year old with 3 kiddos I’m glad I watch these vids on occasion. No way in hell I’d let my children watch this movie (except when they’re old enough to watch a double feature of this and Die Hard). Probably wouldn’t have thought about it otherwise.
Eco Hace 10 meses
God watching them trying to take back what was theres whilst max was basically torturing them reminded me of when I was always rooting for Tom from Tom and Jerry, and max is the god damn rat
Anna H
Anna H Hace 11 meses
The original Home Alone worked so well because the buildup was executed PERFECTLY. The robbers were shown as goofballs who share one braincell and have comically absurd reactions to walking into Kevin's traps, but they're also portrayed as sinister criminals who take pleasure in ransacking and trashing people's houses, which makes it SO satisfying to watch them get outwitted by a child. This movie completely fails in that because no one wants to see individuals who clearly don't have malicious intentions get beat up by a spoiled rich kid.
BrianaLynn7 Hace 10 meses
@Sarah Jane oh yeah true. i don't really remember the original in great detail and im not sure if i watched it super young. that much violence probably shouldn't be shown to kids.
ZyxthePest Hace 10 meses
The original also had a good core about how Kevin was lucky to have a big family, despite how much they annoyed him. The subplot with Old Man Marley completely brings that together and the last shot of him with his daughter really reenforces the entire theme of the film. The second one did the same thing with the Pigeon Lady, and while it still works, it's not nearly as strong, so five movies down, I don't know what you're even supposed to do anymore? Even worse, this movie doesn't even attempt to do anything with it's theming.
2wheels nobrakes
2wheels nobrakes Hace 10 meses
Hey mable
Gracekim24 Hace 11 meses
Magic Moth
Magic Moth Hace 11 meses
My favorite scene will always be the one where one robber floods a random home
Respectable Rick
Respectable Rick Hace 10 meses
Home Alone 6 is literally a dystopian horror movie
LPS peaches
LPS peaches Hace 2 meses
The fact that at the end they are all friends and happily like eating dinner or whatever like wth-
Clayton Harbaugh
Clayton Harbaugh Hace 10 meses
If you want, you could watch this movie as a thoughtful deconstruction and critique of the Home Alone franchise in general. About how it pushes forward so many harmful ideas like that criminals are all amoral scumbags that gleefully commit crimes just for the thrill, instead opting to show a more realistic portrayal of criminals, people down on their luck and pushed to crime through desperation, and how, in reality, the Kevin McCallisters of the world are the true villains of society. Or it’s just a dumb movie made by a studio too big to fail. One or the other.
Nicolle Hace 4 meses
wasnt there an actual horror movie of kids doing home alone-like traps for their babysitter and her boyfriend? and the two kids doing the traps end up killing the boyfriend and stuff? i forgot the name of the film though
s kumar
s kumar Hace 10 meses
The original Home Alone was good because even though they had a bunch of “scary” traps, the robbers, who were comical antagonists we were all rooting against, had equally comical, unrealistic reactions. They would just scream or something. I forwarded my way through this movie because their reactions felt so much realer and I felt really bad for them.
DemonX Hace 2 días
But now in this movie, it’s like the kid was trying to murder the couple, which they didint deserve it
That Guy
That Guy Hace 2 días
And the main character is actually likable
NightGaming Hace 7 días
The thing that fuels this all though is the sad fact that Hollywood has had to take drastic measures like that or else dumbass movie critics would call the acting “unrealistic”
miguel ramos
miguel ramos Hace 15 días
i too see the profound and exquisite detail on those expressions on their face i would say it is delightful mate
Vaknir Hace un mes
The original home alone runs on cartoon logic, never at any point you feel like they are going to be actually hurt by the traps
Lonely King
Lonely King Hace 16 días
I didn’t even know there was a new home alone movie. After hearing about how for once the thieves were just friendly people in a tough situation I now just feel sad about this movie and what one of my favourite movies has gone to.
marcoscolga24 Hace 9 meses
I lowkey hope they continue with this trend, making the "heroes" more villainous and the "villains" more sympathetic until it becomes an unmistakably obvious indictment of the premise of the original movie(s).
Ethan Sarver
Ethan Sarver Hace un mes
This whole plot could have been avoided by a simple knock on the door
Kyle Swenson
Kyle Swenson Hace un mes
I will say, the kids reaction to extended family being over is pretty much how I handle it as well
Matt Antoinne Vran A. Miro
The fact that we like Kevin is because he was introduced as a lonely child who has been left alone for Christmas by his family. He was funny, likeable and had real reactions a child would of someone breaking into their house.
Joel Barish
Joel Barish Hace 5 meses
@Alvvays I can see where you are coming from, but I think Kevin was saying things like "come and get me" not so much due to his confidence, but more so to get Harry and Marv to follow him. If they don't follow him to certain areas of the house, they'll avoid his traps and have a better chance of getting him. Harry even notices this when Kevin taunts them from the treehouse, but he mistakenly thinks going back downstairs will somehow be worse than SHIMMYING ALONG A ROPE SEVERAL FEET IN THE AIR 🤣 The bandits only catch up to Kevin at the end because instead of following him, they just WAIT for him (because they've already figured out the ins and outs of Murphy's place) to come to them.
Harry Derosnec
Harry Derosnec Hace 7 meses
@Ava Marie not to mention the interactions with the burglars. Kevin sometimes makes quips, but it's usually directly before or after a death threat from one of the robbers. "please" and "wait" followed by violence and laughter doesn't paint the same picture
ObVioUsLy💚💙 Hace 9 meses
@Amelie Maynard he also didn’t intend to steal the toothbrush as well I don’t think. Because he got scared by the man who his brother/s told him was creepy or something.( sorry if I got this wrong I have t watched it in ages)
Alvvays Hace 10 meses
@Dany G no…no he did not. No kid being chased by people with the intent to kill them is gonna be mocking them and confidently saying stuff like “come and get me”. We don’t live in an anime.
MarsTM Hace 10 meses
@fumomo fumosarum he was not a "psycho" lol
Eli Hace 10 meses
I feel bad for the actor who had to play max, he got dragged into a teeeerrible project nobody asked for. I hope he doesn't get hate for this
Nia Bagchi
Nia Bagchi Hace 10 meses
This is so sad to me bc the wife and the mom are actually great actreses that fell victim to bad bad writing. I love Ellie Kemper& aisling bea 😭
Implex Hace 3 meses
It's no longer "Home Alone". It is now "Home By Myself".
Burn Flaze
Burn Flaze Hace 9 meses
I'm positive that they did this on purpose. Like literally every previous home alone movie after 2 has the exact same concept and they have all failed. So this time they decided to put 2 movies into 1 where the kids will see one perspective and the adults will see another perspective.
Samisnotbritish Hace 10 meses
this movie would work so well as an actual horror film that's just "this psycho child saw Home Alone and wanted to torture folks just like that" so he actually and intentionally stole the doll to lure them into his Saw traps
DangerOfStranger 1000
@Killer Mudkip I believe you're thinking of Better Watch Out, with that smarmy brat kid
PFPotato_GamingYT Hace un mes
That is more reasonable than the entite script
The Broken Crown
The Broken Crown Hace 2 meses
Memento mori
Turtlepizza278 Hace 3 meses
this kid will be fucking jigsaw
Dragunzlayer Hace 3 meses
You know what I think u predicted the sequel of this one
FuzzyOtterPaws Hace un mes
I definitely laughed at her crying in the snow. Crying instinctively makes me laugh for some reason
Door-chan Hace 5 meses
Honestly the part about the family being really noisy and annoying and just the amount of people in the house making Max react that way is pretty realistic, at least for me, since I was just a little girl having a lot of people over on my house made me exhausted and I just wanted them all to leave so I can sleep
Pedro Prada Carciofi
In the original home alone we never felt bad for the robbers because they were not only evil, but cartoony Even the traps that would realisticaly hurt them were brushed off after a few moments of screaming and exagerated reactions. The most permanent effect they had was making the bandits gradualy look stupider as they lost their hair, burned their clothes, etc.
GameFalconX Hace un mes
I was bored and sick one day. I decided to watch the home alone new movie. It made me more bored and so sick i had to go to the hospital. What’s even worse is that at some point in the movie they literally said the original is always better 🤦🏼‍♂️
Coran Baker
Coran Baker Hace 11 meses
The thing is, in the first Home Alone movie, Kevin didn't actually win on his own. The wet bandits actually caught him, and he would have been finished if the neighbor hadn't shone up to rescue him. At no point in this film does the couple turn the tables on Max. They just flail pathetically the whole time.
tmax go
tmax go Hace 10 meses
They eve do it in 2 and 3
taykerou Hace 10 meses
@DunderGuy fax
taykerou Hace 10 meses
Same thing in home alone 2 with the bird lady. Kevin was literally about to get shot….
Aidan Lutz
Aidan Lutz Hace 10 meses
@Hyena the wet bandits also play the bad guys. After they’re hurt, they start cussing at the kid angrily, vs them who just lay down and cry.
Hyena Hace 10 meses
To be fair the reason they fail pathetically is because they don't want to hurt the kid, they just want the doll to the point where they could have hurt him quite a few times easily so if they were the wet bandits this kid would not have stood a chance.
Ultimate Trash Boy
Ultimate Trash Boy Hace 4 meses
I remember walking down stairs from the bathroom on Christmas and seeing this on and feeling actually disturbed.
GayJayy Hace 7 meses
I am in no way excusing this kids actions, they are incredibly sadistic and need to be addressed; but, him being overwhelmed by his family (especially that size) and running off to hide doesn't mean he's a Scrooge and hates fun. I get extremely overwhelmed when it's just a small party of my family, especially over the holidays. I get the need to be alone in an unoccupied place and do something mindless. I love fun and am okay with the holidays, but still need to go away from it to destress and unwind.
abigail ok
abigail ok Hace un mes
the part where the mom lays down and sobs was just heartbreaking all they were trying to do was save their family without hurting anyone and this little prick came around and starting setting them on fire
I swear, if you remove all the jokey sound effects and have a few more seconds in each scene for the audience to get properly pulled into the movie, this would literally be classified as too strong for children. Both kids and adults would most definitely be tearing up throughout this. Not necessarily even with sadness. It also doesn’t end on a very satisfying or ending-like ending, so everyone is going to leave the movies with this horrible feeling in their gut.
Beat Rice
Beat Rice Hace 11 meses
In the original, Kevin is a bit of a brat, but you understand where he's coming from because his family was usually mean to him. In this version, Kevin is a complete brat to his family, and you end up hating him more than the antagonists. Did Harry and Marv write this movie?
Tide Pod Pad Thai
Tide Pod Pad Thai Hace 10 meses
At least Kevin doesn't steal from poor people
mooglemania Hace 11 meses
The original made sense because Kevin's family WAS pretty shitty. This one though doesn't seem that bad. The problem with this one isn't that the kids are bullying and picking on the protagonist and causing him to be alienated and become the family pariah by spilling some Coka cola on a bunch of pizza (which garnered a huge overreaction imo). This kid just can't stand that his family exists and he has to share his space with them. He's not the defensive one, he's the aggressor.
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely Hace 11 meses
This. He wasn't the most obedient kid, but he acted like a KID. One who felt overly controlled at times and neglected at others due to the big family. He enjoyed his alone time, sure, but he quickly realized the importance of the family he earlier shunned, and then showed his good heart through how he treated the old man. Plus, he showed immense bravery going against the burglars when he was clearly terrified of them. It was a good story cause he was likeable, even when he was bratty, because he was human, he was shitty at times, but recognized his mistakes and often turned a new leaf. It was just an overall good story!
Heather Duke
Heather Duke Hace 11 meses
@Nick Weston Kevin really did. He wasn't this awful kid and he obviously had a good heart. We saw that with how he was with the old man in the first movie. I mean, he quickly realized that this man wasn't actually a bad guy like his older brother tried to claim and apologized and encouraged him to make up with his son and get to know his granddaughter. In the second, he donates money to the children's hospital when the man who owns the toy store tells him about it. And then he befriends the bird lady in the park and encourages her to let people get to know her.
Yuri McFlurry
Yuri McFlurry Hace 11 meses
All here for the wet bandit apologists tour
Grace O'Brien
Grace O'Brien Hace un mes
I already felt kinda bad when watching the original home alone just because of how awful a lot of the traps were set up to be and that's when the characters seriously deserved it, this movie felt so wrong and uncomfortable to watch that it feels like it would've worked better as some insanely bad horror movie.
Incognito Beans
Incognito Beans Hace 5 meses
So… I have my own home alone story, but it’s not nearly as messed up as this psycho randomly tormenting an innocent family, but it definitely is …… something. So, for context, my bedroom has a singular, large, sliding window, and it is the only window or door that can be accessed from outside our house without keys of a remote. So for that reason, I have things to defend myself in case anyone tries to break in, a few pocketknives and a heavy bat. My mother was away for the day (different laws about being home alone where I live) and said she would arrive back home around 8:30. At around 7:30, I heard sounds from downstairs, almost too faint to be heard, as I was listening to music. So I grabbed one of my larger pocketknives, one that could actually do some damage, and held it, ready to fight, as I went down the stairs. Scared the actual living daylights out of my mom, who’d come back early, to see me lurking in the stairwell, a largeish knife in hand. Nobody got hurt, but I did end up reconsidering a good amount of my life choices, right then and there.
Jay Tarrant
Jay Tarrant Hace 4 meses
The funny thing is that a lot of these criticisms would be just as valid about the first films. Setting people on fire, manic glee at maiming people, the protagonist being an a-hole, etc. All checks out for the first two. The only real difference is that the robbers in the originals aren't sympathetic, so the movie maintains its lighthearted tone. Here though it is just depressing.
I ain’t gone lie the “pam you have to call me” kinda made me laugh. 😂
Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue Hace 11 meses
This movie feels like watching a court recording of a homeless person stealing bread from a shop, and the whole audience is laughing at the fact that he’s going prison.
G O Hace 8 meses
@Blackwolf207 Just because you don't have comprehension skills doesn't mean it's incomprehensible.
november crow
november crow Hace 10 meses
Chris Booker
Chris Booker Hace 10 meses
That’s a real les miserables situation.
§i wish you a wonderful day§
“”nOnOnOnOnOnOnOoO!we’re laughing at them getting cAuGhTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTTtTtTt!”””””””
eyalm867 Hace 10 meses
Lolasko Hace 7 meses
This movie practically switched the roles of home alone and honestly I kinda respect it
Jezy v
Jezy v Hace 3 meses
A villains motive is important. However it's important to know when they should even have a motive. Sometimes they should just be evil for the sake of being evil.
Cecilia Faith
Cecilia Faith Hace 9 meses
This movie would have been so much better if Max had stolen the doll, and the writers had painted him as a villain. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE GOOD MOVIES, DISNEY?
whyology Hace 9 meses
and the couple make traps for max like a reverse of the first movie
Hi Greg
Hi Greg Hace 10 meses
A big problem I see with the home alone remakes is that the main character is as charming as Kevin. Which can be expected since Kevin was like a acting prodigy child. But the new main character aren’t even like able in the new movies, in this movie I feel myself rooting for the “robbers” because all they are trying to do is save their family
Arlo Jennings
Arlo Jennings Hace 11 meses
I also think it's worse because in the original home alone, the burglars reactions were cartoonish so you never felt that bad for them but their reactions in this movie was just how a person would react irl. it's like if in the coyote and roadrunner cartoon, when the road runner squishes the coyote they show his funeral and his orphaned children sobbing, it's not fun when they make it even close to realistic
Oleka Hace 5 meses
Cry about it it’s not desensitizing, some movies are just better when written appropriately with the vibe. This was never meant to be a serious movie.
Kyran Sawhill
Kyran Sawhill Hace 6 meses
@Royal Pain - Roadrunner: Off-Road Fury. Or Roadkill. Road Rage?
Arlo Jennings
Arlo Jennings Hace 10 meses
@Lpgoodgamer yeah, but in the show it wouldn't just end there. He would pop back into the show and they would go on with their shenanigans . So it's not realistic therefore fun and silly
Lpgoodgamer Hace 10 meses
Ok but the road runner coffin joke could work without the crying orphans
Demonetization Symbol
Demonetization Symbol Hace 10 meses
I agree.
daniel carlson
daniel carlson Hace 5 meses
Holy Jesus. That thumbtack scene, I didn't know I could react so strongly to something. I instantly jumped and had to pause for a moment while my body flinched quite a few times. Thanks for the new trigger lol
coconutcore Hace 6 meses
Ah yes! Catering to the sadist urges within children. …I have to say though…the first one definitely was just as gruesome. The nail on the stairs is the reason I simply nope out as an adult. I don’t have experience with horror movies, but…that only belongs in a horror movie. I hate needles for the same reason. It’s like the drill towards the eye in Star Trek Next Gen when Picard gets turned into a borg.
Floofy Drago
Floofy Drago Hace 3 meses
Danny was so right when he said that no one watches the Home Alone movies after #2
Doggo D. Akira
Doggo D. Akira Hace 7 meses
11:06 is brutal 💀
Thiago Leonardo
Thiago Leonardo Hace un mes
Egg Hace 11 meses
When the husband was like "why is he doing this to us", despite being comedic I still felt super bad for them. They dont deserve it in the slightest.
Hace 9 meses
@Egg i mean, they could’ve punt-kicked him…um, softly?
ItisTrainFix Hace 9 meses
The casting is so confusing. Ellie Kemper as the villain is dumb. She may be the most likable, nice person alive, and she plays the villain. They could have had her play the mom, which she would nail, but even the husband is super likable and you physically can’t not like them, meaning it’s super fucked up when a rich kid maims them. The kid who played the rich kid is a good actor, but the writers on this movie sucked
Egg Hace 10 meses
@Hot Single Horses forgot about that at time of writing. Honestly though that's the only reasonable thing imo. A stupud kid thinking that his mom would go to jail for child neglect is pretty reasonable for someone that age. I think what i was getting at is the fact that he was so desperate he would literally rather hospitalize these innocent people than call the cops. What kinda insane bullshitery is that? Kid definitely kills hamsters on his spare time lmao.
Hot Single Horses
Hot Single Horses Hace 10 meses
@Egg he saw them talking to the police men, and thought his mom would go in jail for leaving him home alone the misunderstandings are dumb af
Egg Hace 10 meses
@MarsTM he overheard very specific parts and decided to inflict torture upon them instead of calling the police.
Tim Park
Tim Park Hace 6 meses
See, I've seen the first 3 movies. I really liked them. Im glad I grew up watching those. The first home alone my baby sister got to see was this one. I pity her
Funny video "guy"
Funny video "guy" Hace 7 meses
I love how Danny said "there's some pretty grotesque traps in this movie" as if the original didn't show a guy's nail getting shoved up his foot
ruby Hace 17 días
the fact that one of the boobytraps reminded me of a saw trap really says a lot.
Lizzie -
Lizzie - Hace 10 meses
I haven’t been watching ESvid as much for like a year, it’s nice to come back and see Danny doing his thing still
Equidistant Honeyjoy
Equidistant Honeyjoy Hace 11 meses
I think it's also worth mentioning that in the first movie, the robbers are bringing it on themselves because they could totally leave at any time. Nothing is keeping them there, so the suffering they go through is totally their fault. But if they establish that this family is going through financial troubles, and are about to lose their house, and they have good reason to believe that they're recovering their own stolen property that would let them keep their house; yeah no, they kinda can't just leave. It adds a greater weight of emotion to that scene where the lady breaks down in tears after being set on fire, it tells the audience that she feels trapped and has no other options; that those are tears brought on by months of stress culminating in maybe the worst night of her life. That isn't funny unless you're a psychopath.
Ari Whitepaw
Ari Whitepaw Hace 7 meses
@fellowship hiii
Roundhouse Hace 10 meses
I read this comment before the video and HOLY SHIT I was not expecting this to be THAT bad
snethies Hace 10 meses
@Hola Loish perfect English 👌
DA Porter
DA Porter Hace 10 meses
@Nathen Leach many people are very much still kids well into their twenties. Everything you have said is very childish. Don't be offended, it's not a big deal.
Corah The Skeleton
Corah The Skeleton Hace 10 meses
@POCKETSTRAW I wasn't talking about people with ASPD, not all psychopaths have ASPD, also sociopaths can experience empathy for others unlike psychopaths, a psychopath is selfish and born this way, a sociopath is made And Daxrcy never referred to mental illness, not even once, they just said that I was a liar for saying that I am not a manipulative and backstabbing fool, they also pretended that everyone is this way, which is not the case A psychopath who enjoys the suffering of others for their own gain and demented pleasure IS a bad person, and the term is not outdated since it is a word that even experts utilize Anyway, that is all I had to say in response to your comment, have a good night or day
Jon Hace 7 meses
What makes this worse is Max and the family didn’t have a fight so it means nothing it was literally just “Oh… We forgot Max”
Niall Maguire
Niall Maguire Hace 9 meses
Yeah I hated this movie, you were spot on. Literally didnt understand what the writers were going for, were we supposed to hate this kid? This film played out like an actual horror movie. The good guys were suffering and they were suffering hard. This film wasnt written by just anybody either, theres a reason why this film has solid comedy actor royalty for a cast. Its written by 2 SNL/college humour people, and you can really tell it was written by 2 people as there are 2 conflicting visions here. Its actually made me lose a lot of respect for these writers, and I'll definitely need convincing to ever watch another film with their credentials on it thats for sure. You can literally tell this movies off 2 minutes in, but silly me wanted to stick it out and give it a chance despite my instinct after meeting the main character. Also the worst thing is that the film really makes you dislike the child actor. Like his character is constantly quipping but the quips are awful and cringy. Its obviously the poor script at fault here becauss anyone who has watched Jojo Rabbit knows that this kid can be amazing with the right material
declan Hace 7 meses
We watched this in class and my entire class laughed every time they robbers got their butts kicked. I’m convinced my class is crazy
robin Hace 4 meses
i feel like it’s not being talked about enough that the creators of that movie want us to assume that this kid just crafted these dangerous traps in a moments notice
blake the great
blake the great Hace 11 meses
“am i supposed to be laughing right now? this is so sad!“ yeah honestly that’s how i felt this entire movie. it’s completely fucked
MrNoLife Hace 11 meses
@Eliana Zuniga what
Eliana Zuniga
Eliana Zuniga Hace 11 meses
@MrNoLife ok. This is America I can reply to whoever I want!
MrNoLife Hace 11 meses
@Eliana Zuniga oh no I pissed Eliana Zuniga off! Haha.... What? You genuinely thought I was being serious? Of course I know the internet isn't america, plus I only said I was pissed as an exaggeration of just being mildly annoyed and deciding to reply
Eliana Zuniga
Eliana Zuniga Hace 11 meses
@MrNoLife "this is America so I can respond to whatever I want!" Genuinely thank you for this 🤣🤣🤣
Eliana Zuniga
Eliana Zuniga Hace 11 meses
@Rose Petunia idk how. I said they were different in many ways. Lol but it's all good. Have a good new year 💕
THE SUBJECT Hace 8 meses
7:27 that kid was sleeping overnight, inside a car with no open windows. I haven’t seen the movie and idk how BMW works, but from that scene alone i think we all know how a kid will turn out if car windows are not opened
•hope• Hace un día
This movie just makes me sad and angry which is the opposite of what the original made me feel
♡ ᴅ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ ♡
I used to love Home Alone (in my opinion, the first one is the best) and this sequel ruined my love for the movies altogether
chez bebop
chez bebop Hace 7 meses
I watched it today and i deadass teared up dawg i felt so bad for them this movie is fucked 😭
Rapid Readers
Rapid Readers Hace 11 meses
This movie feels as though a disturbed, deeply traumatized child wrote it.
hatsune miku
hatsune miku Hace 11 meses
Nah jigsaw wrote it
S Hace 11 meses
@Bajjajajbajjjajaj what indeed
Bajjajajbajjjajaj Hace 11 meses
Ted Nox
Ted Nox Hace 5 meses
My theory watching this for the third time is that they deconstructed the original movie, and purposefully made this one extremely uncomfortable so that you'd realize "yeah we've shown you these poor guys who just want to do what they need to get by, who's to say we didn't just not mention those in the first and it always was just a glorification of the struggles of the poor"
FuzzyOtterPaws Hace un mes
I definitely understand him laughing at their pain. Truly sadistic hehe
ivytapes Hace 9 meses
is it just me or does Danny get a sponsor in every single video? like how?
purgatory productions
probably because he’s a pretty big youtuber
the_gaming_pumpkin Hace 9 meses
I was rooting for the kid he got robbed when the villains could of got the cops involved and it would be avoided the kid can take the W he deserves it
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