The Next Global Superpower Isn't Who You Think | Ian Bremmer | TED 

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Who runs the world? Political scientist Ian Bremmer argues it's not as simple as it used to be. With some eye-opening questions about the nature of leadership, he asks us to consider the impact of the evolving global order and our choices as participants in the future of democracy.
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13 jun 2023






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@djankoulrea3463 Hace 5 meses
" It used to be just nature and nurture determining our identities , now its nature, nurture & Algorithms " Well said !!
@zealouskoo2517 Hace 5 meses
Totally agreed with you.
@Incredible14U Hace 5 meses
@@zealouskoo2517 YNWA
@sachinshah4829 Hace 5 meses
YNWA bro
@akiyawynter2170 Hace 5 meses
I thought algorithms technically falls under the nurture umbrella, I guess the google definition of nurture is more accurate? Always thought nurture included all non genetic influences...
@hazardoushumorhq Hace 5 meses
​@@akiyawynter2170of course you are correct, it IS still just a subset of the "nurture" (i.e., environment exposed to during lifespan basically) category. Algorithms are a notable type of variable to emphasize but regardless, they are obviously still 'nurture variables'
@christopherp.3307 Hace un mes
We have lost control of ideologies, what we think of each other, and our humanity due to technology. Everyone thinks they are on the outside looking in and it really astounds me how far off the average person is. This was a really good Ted talk.
@radnomaden9438 Hace un mes
Humanity never had control of anything regarding how we developed thorough history. All it ever was is every human doing what he was teached to do, and eventually trying to improve that thing but most time making it worse instead. Despite all the theoretical knowledge we developed since the dawn of science, no one in power ever took that knowledge seriously unless it helped him personally to become more powerful.
@Buledde Hace 28 días
That’s what people already said in the 1920‘s, the 1940‘s.
@factorfitness3713 Hace 19 días
No one ever had "control of ideologies" - not sure what that's supposed to mean.
@RobertMillerJustme Hace 3 meses
Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton University) and Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern University) looked at more than 20 years worth of data to answer a simple question: Does the government represent the people? Their study took data from nearly 2000 public opinion surveys and compared it to the policies that ended up becoming law. In other words, they compared what the public wanted to what the government actually did. What they found was extremely unsettling: The opinions of 90% of Americans have essentially no impact at all.
@vishalkhanna1476 Hace 3 meses
@williamhicks558 Hace 3 meses
Unsettling, but not surprising. Especially considering the impact of the supreme court deciding that corporations are people. The rich had already had way too much influence on politicians before that, and that only made it worse.
@Phoenix-gd4xw Hace 3 meses
@Metaspace2 Hace 3 meses
Just look at the finance laws. Only the 10% of the richest citizens profit who already own 60% of everything. Volker Pispers (German stand-up comedian), "...for laws from which 90% of the people would profit, you will not be able to achieve a majority in parliament" :/
@112233JORDAN Hace 3 meses
Reminds me of the "median voter theorem" Of course no one gets what they want. Oh, and also, politicans care more about running campaigns and getting donations from special interest groups than they do pleasing constituents that will vote for politicians in a predictable pattern for the most part anyways.
@Slide61 Hace 26 días
To be a superpower you have to be a team - not politically fractured. To be a superpower all segments of the economy have to work to improve the country - not tear it down or cash out healthy companies for a payday putting millions out of work. Soldiers have to believe in what they are fighting for. Soldiers have to know their country has their back. Citizens must believe in their country and shed a tear now and again when national anthem is played. Personally, I feel the United States is struggling on all these requirements.
@cozygung Hace 19 días
Not just the US but globally. As information spreads through the internet, people are becoming more knowledgeable whether it be the truth or misinformation. But they are getting non-the wiser.
@ubetcha5075 Hace 8 días
Gonna have to change the lyrics to our national anthem here in canada prob in the states too!
@Bell_plejdo568p Hace 7 días
@@ubetcha5075to what?
@courtneyd9438 Hace un mes
Well said! I wish the social media companies and algorithms would do what’s in the best interest for society. Instead they want more and more power and money. Society has lost their morals and integrity due to technology. The young generations have no perspective.
They do their best for investors pocket.
@jbqu3142 Hace 3 días
Profits, and only profits is what uniquely drive social medias. Nothing else!
@gcj7771 Hace un mes
Thank you Ian Bremmer! You have made us aware of the consequential and technological implications we are about to deal with the dominating invasion the AI will impose on our spiritual, intellectual, and social lives; and how we are going to deal with the looming consequences that will arise because of this seriousinvasion that we have been ignoring so far.
He could have written speeches for Hitler.
@Evoque786 Hace 5 meses
No matter who is in power; the world is losing morality, we are becoming polarised and greed is the new superpower.
@epi2045 Hace 5 meses
Tell me a time in history when it wasn’t polarized and moral. It’s going to crap because we’re at the edge of the 4th turning.
@thefontzchannel Hace 5 meses
​@@epi2045 I'm assuming your tedtalk is next.🧐
@gsd632 Hace 5 meses
@joery969 Hace 3 meses
Wow what a great presentation, well done! All the things Ian explains are things I already felt and sort of knew of. But he articulates it so well and the presentation is so compact and spot on, that now I now can form a way more clear picture of it.
@vishalkhanna1476 Hace 3 meses
@Saqibfitnessism Hace 3 meses
@ZweiZwolf Hace 2 meses
It's OK, if the intent is to confirm the correctness of American / Anglo / Transatlantic / Western notions. Because he charmingly confirms their biases as "correct", the typical viewer is very happy with him. That's you think it's "great" when it's just "things I already felt and sort of knew". Had he challenged the audience by saying that it's a delusion, that the American unipolar moment for both security and economics would end before 2030, that would be very uncomfortable and the audience wouldn't like it. Mechanically, it's unimpressive. For example, the most basic use of map color dictates that China is Red, America is Blue, and India is Saffron (Orange) for fastest comprehension.
@DougHanson2769 Hace un mes
Yes. Exactly Thank you
You seem to be a clever guy!
My God! what a perfect way of articulating so briefly how we got here and where we are. I really admire how you explained this to all in such a compact way and without compromiseing any truths.
@MiCajaDelIdiota Hace 3 meses
Not that impressed...Read Manuel Castell's "The Rise of the Network Society" instead.
@armageddon1403 Hace un mes
That was a good grade you gave him considering him not getting one single fact straight.
@Supe063 Hace 12 días
"compromising any truths"???
@cozygung Hace 19 días
Very well articulated. Speaking wisdom through to the leaders of the new generation in order to not repeat the same mistakes for the oncoming generations. Only if it was that simple…..
@zhixuanchen6914 Hace 2 meses
Thought provoking speech! Forced us to question our priorities - wisdom, morality and the greater good versus power, wealth and individual success all while the world continues to get heated up.
@FreddieVee Hace 3 días
In 1975, the movie "Rollerball" was released. It pictured a world where countries no longer dominated the world, but large multinational corporations were in charge. Instead, in the first quarter of the 21st century, Social Media companies are kings and digital tools, psychology, AI and algorithms are their weapons.
@Psy0psAgent Hace un día
Zola's Algorithm
@ambition112 Hace 5 meses
0:12: 🌍 The world is currently in a leaderless state with three different overlapping orders. 2:33: Many citizens in wealthy democracies feel left behind by globalization, leading to a sense of illegitimacy. 4:06: The current global security order is unipolar, with the US and its allies as the most powerful players. 5:56: 💡 The speaker discusses the three world orders: global economic order, national security order, and digital order, highlighting the power of technology companies in shaping the digital world. 6:46: The European Union has the largest common market and sets the rules for profitable business. 8:18: The digital order, run by technology companies, holds significant power in determining military support, political discourse, and individual identities. 11:13: 🌍 The speaker discusses the potential outcomes of the digital order and the role of technology companies in shaping the future world. 13:22: The speaker raises questions about the accountability of technology companies in relation to artificial intelligence, data collection, and advertising models. Recap by Tammy AI
Thank you.
@simplyyellow6240 Hace 5 meses
so who is the next global superpower?
@listener6596 Hace 5 meses
@timm3588 Hace 5 meses
@lab-jerry6593 Hace 5 meses
warning the artificial intelligence, but that can give us video abstract🤣
@heARTnCRAFT Hace 2 meses
Such a powerful and impactful speech with lot of knowledge. In just 15 minutes, he has told the world order, power and our future.👍🏼
@ahmedbenmbarek9938 Hace 2 meses
Well what about bringing a Chinese professor, a Russian professor, an Indian Iranian...scholars to debate with him. He's American and he's either polarized or biased in his views. He also forgot to mention that before USA it was UK and the Othomans and before them it used to be Arabs and before Arabs we had Romans Pharaohs Greek Babylonian (all of them are in the Western world)...the world is evolving and it is not going to stop at the USA hands. Forgot also to mention that with all of its power and rich civilization China never invaded other countries...look what USA and Europeans still do until now. One single thing that still need to be changed and that is no single country should have the ability to veto a policy if it could pass by a majority...what world are you looking for if you put the fate of all nations in the hand of 5 nations 3 from Europe and only China and USA are out of it
@BodhiJMSRyder Hace un mes
@@ahmedbenmbarek9938china never invaded other countries? What about Tibet??
@jv-lk7bc Hace un mes
@@ahmedbenmbarek9938 bruh, you need a globe. and a history book. You left out the French (who gave us the term Lingua Franca, ironically not in French) who basically scared the British Empire into existence. Also minor players like the Conquistadors, the Khans, Byzantines... btw half those you listed as "in the western world" aren't (Pharoahs & Babylonians). No EU member has ever invaded anyone (tho a few helped the Americans occupy Afghanistan,which was the agressor) China has invaded all of its neighbors - Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, India,Tibet, Mongolia, Sinkiang, the Uighurs, Taiwan, Manchuria... and the ancient Chinese kingdoms were constantly invading each other before the Han forced them to become the core provinces of the Empire of China ... which had an Emperor until only a hundred years ago... the Security Council is easy to object to ... but it has represented world powers sufficiently to avoid several wars in a few short decades.
The speech certainly packs a wallop and gives you a mindful to think about. Thank you for these stimulating ideas. I believe we need more of these as the masses continue to erode in terms of intelligence!!
@PatrickLloyd- Hace 19 días
This video covers some pretty deep and complicated topics about world events. While I may not agree with everything said, it's always good to talk and think about these things. As an enthusiast In real estate, it's important to know what's happening globally to make smart choices.
@zzausel Hace 9 días
There are no smart choices but heart choices.
@Gabriel-og6jv Hace 2 meses
During the revolution of my native Argentina for independence from Spain, there was a phrase that became famous: "we, the people, need to know what this is about", and I think it is very applicable to the intent of digital companies regarding their methods and data nowadays.
@vikramdhaddha2912 Hace un mes
@markflavel9783 Hace un mes
This is true. However tech companies in many countries are controlled by those governments and as such he missed that important fun fact. I remember a line from a movie which resonates with me but obviously hasn't resonated with others. "It is not the people who should be scared of thier leaders but thier who should be scared of thier people". China is scared shirtless of its people which is why it monitors them and uses various tactics to keep them from making a fuss. Imagine a country of 1.4 to 1.8 billion people getting angry and tell me how any military can control that without killing itself?
@blackmagic8115 Hace un mes
Look at North Korea. 😂
@ToudaHell Hace 9 días
I am reminded eerily of the Long Earth Trilogy that I'm reading right now. A really good series of books that look at what humans would do if we have access to infinite number of parallel earths whose exploration is headed by a tech giant with more power than most governments. I'm on book 2 right now, and it is depressing how even with infinite resources, humans still make war based on greed and outdated ideology. Also, the earth's government uses tech to control the long earth, which gives the tech company unparalelled access and power in the parallel earths, which is very similar to how governments are using big tech companies today. This series is very, very well written, but it puts the ugliness of human nature front and centre. Its written by Terry Pratchet and Stephen Baxter. Terry Pratchet had a way of critiquing modern society in the best ways possible and surprise me in his plots. I highly recommend all of his books.
@alkers372 Hace 5 meses
I remember while getting my MBA over 45 years ago, the author of the book, "The Global Reach", lectured at our graduate school and said pretty much the same thing as Ian just said about multi-national corporations. Bought the book and poured over it at the time. What it and Ian stated has been progressing all this time, and quite possibly will come completely true some day. After being around as long as I have, I highly doubt I'll still be alive when it happens though.
@friendlyone2706 Hace 5 meses
@@judylloyd7901 Maybe he likes soaked books😁
45 years ago it didn't work. That's a good sign that it'll probably never work either.
@AnarchistHamster Hace 5 meses
​@@friendlyone2706 Yes you do "pour" yourself into a book, like water, I have never encountered this "pore" use before. Maybe it is a regional accent thing in English? Midwest American I confident is "poured."
@rodeldizon16 Hace 3 meses
I like his point of view and he's a serious lecturer but I think we overlooked the rise of an A.I. As we speak, technology is transforming the global economy. It will rule the world in the near future and that's the digital order. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the foundation on which many other technologies are built but the effects of technology on society have been both positive and negative. While technology has made it easier to connect with others, access information, and improving our lives but the downside of it affects us psychologically and physically. It has been linked to a decline in mental health, increased social division, and privacy concerns. Excessive use of digital technology changes human behaviour, isolation and low-value of human workers. Soon we will no longer experience "Real Life." Mr. Bremmer did not emphasized about the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Biggest techonological companies will become the next superpower. The future is coming, and sooner than we think. These emerging techno companies will change and control the way we live. Therefore the technology will rule the world in future. There is no denying it. So the big question is, do humans have control over technology? Or does technology control us in the future? The answer seems self-evident.
@derekblackwell2601 Hace 2 meses
This was very informative! The more things change, the more they stay the same. Utterly shocked. I think it would be viable for Governments to form councils or committee for Ethical Adherence of Technology, AI, and social media. Too much power in the hands of a few. They could literally start a war, topple governments, or control large swaths of the population.
@ianvalentino22 Hace un mes
Great analysis ,full of sort knowledge...give more understanding about what is happening now n in future ..n the impact in our lives...thanks for clear information about what's more n less of the power in digital internet
@ACTheMusicLover Hace 3 meses
Brilliantly explained! Keep up the good work!
@timakey4678 Hace 25 días
Regardless of where information comes from, scrolls, books, spoken words, words carried by radio waves or over the web, it is still the responsibility of the person receiving the information to determine the accuracy and the agenda of those providing the information. And that has not changed since the first human grunted a warning about the tiger hidden in the trees to his friend. If our civilization is at risk from high tech, it is so because humanity has abandoned the responsibility of discernment, of parsing the truth from the lies. We interpret the truth based on our own lusts, our own greed. It is this failure of morality on an individual bases, multiplied across the human population, that ensures our decline and eventual demise. Every religion and every philosophy of any value has this understanding at its core. But we keep looking for someone else to blame for our failure to live lives of value, morality, and compassion. It’s the devil, a talking snake, the government, our parents, or our economic class. The latest boogie man? Big tech. Elon is to blame for putting out the cool aid. It isn’t our fault we drank it. Thus it is being a member of a species of nearly hairless apes just recently climbed down from the trees.
@That_Freedom_Guy Hace 9 días
@femiakarakiri6611 Hace 5 días
There is power in propaganda. An agenda can be pushed on you, coined in fantastic manner that your version of truth becomes what they desire.
@MI-rm1kz Hace 5 meses
"...The US increasingly didnt want to be the world's policeman, or the architect of global trade, or even the cheerleader for global values..." said without even a hint of irony! Amazing!
@rorshak2548 Hace 5 meses
Dude was being disingenuous during that section for sure
I waited for the "joke" part of that statement but it never came. Lol
@thuydoan7496 Hace 3 meses
This is one of the best presentations I've ever seen. It points out all of the world's problems that need to be answered. The presenter is right, the technology companies are the true rulers of the world order. These tech companies must be questioned and controlled by the entire world. Technology should only be created to serve human kind and not for human kind to become slaves to them. I knew back in 2007, the moment Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone, that the world was about to become doomed because of it's related technologies. The notable technology that human kind needs to fear are the Artificial Intelligence technologies. These tech companies THINK that they can control Ai, but they are dead wrong. Ai will destroy us all. Ai is now taking over half of our jobs. Eventually, humans will no longer have a purpose in life. Ai research must be stopped immediately if the human race is to survive.
@sandeephunjan Hace un mes
@rehtaeh Hace un mes
I feel bad for you if you think the purpose of a human is to hold a job. The programming is real, huh?
@thuydoan7496 Hace un mes
@@rehtaeh No, the purpose of human kind is to continue learning. However, in the wrong hands Ai will stop the human race from learning and growing. Only the rich will benefit from money but research will eventually slow down because there will be less smart people to do it. Having a job enables human kind to continue to exist and grow. It is pretty much common knowledge that I hope you will eventually understand.
@sonnyjim2181 Hace un mes
Thank you for being so direct and thoughtful on this issue. We need the powerful to be kept responsible for the ways they influence and effect our world.
@TB-tf3gi Hace un mes
I just wasted 15 minutes of my life.
@leinyuyronald3922 Hace un mes
I must confess this is one of the best speeches I have listened to this year as an individual who is so much interested in Data. Many thanks.
@biggish14 Hace un mes
Am so thankful for the recommendation of this video, the world is heading to unstoppable suffering under leaderless, this is a mind blowing speech❤
Fantástic thoughts on multiple subjects provoking all of us to think a bit about what we need to care and choose for our reality now and in a near future! Excellent...
@disguy6556 Hace 5 meses
I think there needs to be a strong global regulatory framework set in place to hold big tech accountable and prevent them from exerting undue power over our societies, and also prevent them from becoming convenient tools for authoritarians. Though obviously that is much easier to say than to do.
@richardhltrp1480 Hace 5 meses
and thats why the Dutch wont gif the chinees the new gen chips that makes all factory's , machines ,or anything that works with a chip in china old news ..
@oscarsimon3666 Hace 5 meses
We are long past regulations/order infact humanity is on Autopilot & fast
@maxcarter3413 Hace 5 meses
NOTHING should be global!
@disguy6556 Hace 5 meses
@@maxcarter3413 Why? Explain the talking point for me.
@tracy9451 Hace 5 meses
Answer is easy. Realize this is not real. Love Devine self and serve others. The more peace and love we give the more there is!
@ivanslota287 Hace 3 meses
Admirably good and understandable explanation of dominant relationships in our world
@armageddon1403 Hace un mes
But it was all wrong! Cant you think for yourself?
@CathyOperiano Hace 2 meses
Spot on...we need to hear more of this kind of talk...an eye-opener for us ❤❤❤
@devangkushwaha5314 Hace 9 días
Hatts off to this man it takes a lot of gut to speak about these topic in this modern world
@sergiotorres513 Hace un mes
Remarkable speech. I agree with this guy. Now there is not just a core that rules everything. There are many cores of power now.
@AlfinBrandon Hace un mes
It has been a tough few months, filled with hardships and struggles globally. From economic challenges, job losses, market volatility, conflicts in various regions, and financial difficulties, it feels like everything has been going wrong. How can I make ends meet during these tough times?
@jpzhang8290 Hace 5 meses
Summary: Bremmer argues that we now live in a leaderless world, but he predicts that the future will consist of three overlapping orders a unipolar security order dominated by the US, a multipolar economic order with various influential players, and a digital order shaped by technology companies.
Good Cliff Notes!
@erayozer5185 Hace 5 meses
Time saver
The digital order is the most frightening one.
@dannyyong75 Hace 3 meses
I was a bit put-off by his over dramatic presentation at the beginning, but was hooked and captivated halfway in. A concise approach and thought about the future of the world and who we should be worried about.
@EmilianaKowalewska Hace 2 meses
Most significant TED talk/speech I have listened to so far, and so true!
@flowchant9402 Hace 2 meses
@gyanvaad Hace 24 días
World will see indias immense power in upcoming 20 to30 year when india will lead the world by its technology, culture, tradition, languages, historical places, and its spirituality 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏
@harshjaiswal9 Hace un mes
Totally agree that morality is being lost on account of every person wanting more and more with or without ethical means
@mrryencoke Hace un mes
The problem is most companies in the world have are investing billions/trillions developing their technology, but certain state owned entities are only spending millions to blatantly steal it.
@batcryalok Hace 5 meses
Government can also be a big player in digital order. One example is the Unified Payment Initiative (UPI) introduced by Indian Government owned Reserve Bank of India. It made Indians use more digital transactions than many other developed countries together. UPI so successful, many other countries want to use it.
@raphaelcjjr Hace 5 meses
in brazil the central bank did the same. here its called PIX
@amarpartapc Hace 5 meses
Because of population
@shhsjejejej8747 Hace 5 meses
@@amarpartapc so you want to tell us that is china lacking in technology or population.
​@@amarpartapccombine the population of EU and see urself.
@prasannakumar6895 Hace 5 meses
​@@DrNovid, you are a joke 😅
@Beinganil_9 Hace 2 meses
I think we are in transition period of something which is very huge in coming years. And it’s really fascinating to see how quickly things are changing. Thanks AI 😂 maybe there would be a comment or maybe a reply from ChatGPT 😅
@youtubeshortsch Hace 2 meses
The world is currently in a leaderless state with three different overlapping orders. 2:33: Many citizens in wealthy democracies feel left behind by globalization, leading to a sense of illegitimacy. 4:06: The current global security order is unipolar, with the US and its allies as the most powerful players. 5:56: The speaker discusses the three world orders: global economic order, national security order, and digital order, highlighting the power of torknology comoanier in chasing digital order, highlighting the power of technology companies in shaping the digital world. 6:46: The European Union has the largest common market and sets the rules for profitable business. 8:18: The digital order, run by technology companies, holds significant power in determining military support, political discourse, and individual identities. 11:13: The speaker discusses the potential outcomes of the digital order and the role of technology companies in shaping the future
@benlotus2703 Hace 2 meses
Cut & paste
@downtoearth5108 Hace 6 días
Thankyou Ian Bremmer. Very insightful on point confirming the gut feelings.
@72151 Hace un mes
Great Presentation 👏👏👏 I believe you're describing the development of AI perfectly
@halamurad2982 Hace 17 días
As a computer scientist, I disagree to an extent. While technology has an overwhelming level of control over ideologies and politics, a technology company cannot function without electricity, headquarters, network, and servers. Now guess who has control over these resources, governments! I think the control of a tech company will have to align with the host country, which brings us back to the unipolar or bipolar world where a lot of compute resources were assigned to certain few countries from the start.
@janpacana6293 Hace 12 horas
I agree. They also movie-size this subject.
@MonkeyFlyBoy Hace 5 meses
I thought I was crazy for so many years, this speech put principle economic, technological, and social issues to the forefront. My main concern is that we aren’t as frightened about total ecological collapse as we are of AI. Unless powerful tech can brute force environmental minimums and radical, long-term protection of these minimums, then we’re all pretty screwed. My concern is that people like Peter Thiel who influence much of the tech industry are climate denialists, and have never studied science in any capacity. I believe that they (tech “gurus”) are so detached from reality that their attempts at any form of universal autocratic dystopia will fail because there are insufficient resources and environmental sinks left to facilitate any more than the current rate of consumption. The tragedy is that these huge powers are built by sycophants that generally lack internalised morals, and believe they know everything because they can outsmart most other humans. Unfortunately for them, they will likely to run the human race into the ground for their insatiable and unhinged desire for total authority over our collective reality. Hug your Mum, plant a tree, and listen to the birds singing in the wind. Oh and turn your phone off every once and a while. ☮️
@confused86996 Hace 5 meses
Best true comment, this is 100% true.
@marcusonesimus3400 Hace 5 meses
It's hard to say which injury we ought to fear most, when any one of them could prove lethal. The possibility of thermonuclear war, which occasionally terrified young people of my Cold War generation, has not yet been put to bed either. How is a fractured 'international community' going to ensure that climate targets are met, that A.I. will not be used for malign purposes? Where is the mechanism to control human behavior on so massive a scale? Beware those who seek to exercise such control, even in pursuit of praiseworthy, pro-social goals, when they cannot control themselves. So while I do not dispute the recently accumulated discoveries of climate scientists, I would not put much stock in the enlightened despotism of someone like Greta Thunberg. Btw she probably uses jet fuel when she travels to international conferences, whereas I stay in my own city year-round and use public transit. Thank God, it's all I can afford. The central problem from which our existential crises radiate is sinful human nature, and none of us are exempt from it. (Jeremiah 17:9) 'The heart is deceitful beyond all else, and is desperately sick' who can understand it?' Jesus, the only Man born without sin, said of times yet to come: (Mark 13:20) 'Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days.' We are going to hit the wall at some point. Let us prepare by seeking the mercy of the Lord when it may be found.
@lukkkasz323 Hace 5 meses
Ironically AI is the only thing that can save the ecosystem.
@renechang2406 Hace un mes
Very well done. You covered an extensive array of topics and one which has not been address but may come into fruition some type. The Digital world order
@TMOTDD-go1xf Hace un mes
In order for the world to reach a uniform and civilized result, first the borders should be removed, and secondly, humans should no longer assume the responsibility for the implementation of society and international laws, but technology should unify, manage and implement the laws, and the laws should be applied. The satisfaction of all humans should be so that everyone lives the same and everyone is obliged to follow the same set of rules, otherwise greed, selfishness and power seeking will destroy the earth, of course the desire of the new world order is the destruction of the earth. @TED
@pastorpresent1 Hace un mes
This guy is very good. He has the style and the content down pat.
@atanacioluna292 Hace 3 meses
Did not see that coming, but he is right on point. The solution has to be algorithms. They are the collective wisdom of the engineers who create them and the values that drive them. Algorithms to augment truth, create cooperative communication, and improve ideas and "values" are the solution. The professor in our UCI graduate seminars in the early 1980s worked on those solutions and algorithms. My new book on the subject is in the works, but first, I must get Pluvicopia, a prior book, off my shoulders. Please read it and advocate with those who can put Pluvicopia into action. Pluvicopia is more urgent, but truth augmentation algorithms are more important. Thanks.
@janstephen2861 Hace 2 meses
Satire? Formulas can't run a country dude.
Through all the video , I was waiting for name India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 ❤️
@rustworker Hace 5 meses
Even before technology, multi-nationals were separate uncontrollable power. Tech has made that stronger.
@BlakedaBull Hace 5 meses
yes i thought he was going to talk about them leaving politics and establishing a new global corporation layer of control above any one county and in every county. (he did in a roundabout way, but kind of hyper focusing on one finger in the puppet glove.)
@chrisc2671 Hace 5 meses
I’m not going to bother arguing against your point but I will say that if that was your takeaway from the talk then you completely missed the point. The closest thing I can think of to support your statement would be the proliferation of fast food outlets making people fatter and less healthy all over the world.
@MegaPatients Hace 5 meses
@@chrisc2671 Good no argument then...😏
@chrisc2671 Hace 5 meses
@@MegaPatients 🤣
@dennisengelen2517 Hace un mes
You're right about the EU setting the rules. Every device needs to have a C-port, the world delivers. Smartphones must have batteries that anyone can take out of their phone: The world starts rethinking how to build smartphones to comply.
Even back in 1989, while India and China had huge portions of humanity, the United States encouraged the Chinese dictatorship and undermined Indian democracy.
Well said
@alexcianelson Hace un mes
To answer your last question, I think these digital leaders are ok with that, because they see themselves as God. Great talk, very insightful summary of what was, what is, and what can play out.
@JamieJeff-in9qo Hace un mes
In light of the ongoing global economic crisis, it is crucial for everyone to prioritize investing in diverse sources of income that are not reliant on the government. This includes exploring opportunities in stocks, gold, silver, and digital currencies. Despite the challenging economic situation, it remains a favorable time to consider these investments.
@Davidtimber Hace un mes
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@macClinton-di6qv Hace un mes
Please can you leave the info of your investment advisor here? I’m in dire need for onev
@HarveyMark-gk1om Hace un mes
thank you for this tip , I must say Margaret, appears to be quite knowledgeable. After coming across her online page, I thoroughly went through her resume, and I must say, it was quite impressive. I reached out to her, and I have booked a session with her.
@jairorincon8368 Hace un mes
Enlightening conference. My next poem on LinkedIn will be based on this Ian Bremmer talk.
@hungrymusicwolf Hace 5 meses
I think this is an incredibly important TED-talk. We should not rely on these powerful people being responsible, because power is passed from generation to generation and as with kings eventually it goes wrong. This needs to be regulated and proper institutions need to be build to competently do so. This is a new era and we should act like it. We need to all be ready to act on a moments notice and direct technology companies towards a better and more free future, instead of a tech dystopia. Otherwise just like we had the crazy hellhole after industrialization, we'll have an even worse hellhole today if we let this reign free. One we may not be able to protest our way out of, because our smartphones / other technologies and dependency on social media for personal connections will remove that option if we do not act early.
@Rithmy Hace 5 meses
I agree with you. I think we should rely on everyone in power being responsible, but jsut as you said it we should not hope for but demand it. Demanding it by setting up proper institutions and protocols. We need ethical tech companies. And my personal opinion on this is that i would try to heavily limit global advertizement and only allow for limited, descentralized, local, physical ads. We need to be able to critize ads. We need to be able to destroy certain content, we are able to act on a moments notice. And we need to finance technological growth without ads. The problem lies in how technology is interconnected with economic and military power. Thats why we need a global limit on this.
@hungrymusicwolf Hace 5 meses
@@Rithmy I'm not sure if I agree with the method, but I like the discussion. Personally I am leaning more towards technology platforms becoming a utility, Meaning they can't choose who has what rights / privileges willy nilly. No banning users or livestreams based on political opinions, for example (so politics isn't influenced / controlled by tech). And AI and the like becoming regulated through accountable specialized institutions.
@Rithmy Hace 5 meses
@@hungrymusicwolf At the same time we need some sort of process on how to deal with certain ideologies. We also need a system on how to distribute rights and how to make the algorithm. Because there will be one. It is jsut a question of priorities and transparence. About the ideologies i really mean that we need to be able to defend our rights. Some ideologies lead to the destruction of our rights (current global energy politics will inevitably destroy our current living standard, unless something unexpected happens).
@Anyreck Hace 5 meses
Tech companies are not passed down from generation to generation. Their leaders are elected. They are public companies anyone on earth can invest in, and you can vote on many things re who and how the company is run. It also has to obey the laws on each country it operates in
@hamnahsaqib7236 Hace 2 meses
We all can agree on how vital it has become now to learn all of the new technological advancements going around nowadays.
This was the best speech I have heard on AI. Well done.
@quantum_man Hace un mes
Magnificent Talk! Greed will make way for a new breed of people who will lead the way to the promised land of tomorrow ❤ governed by Love, Truth and UNITY 💕
Usually when i come across videos on world order, most of those are some kind of brainwashing. And when i started listening to this one, i've been somewhat sceptical too. Must admit that i fully agree with the point made... Being also over 45, born behind the iron curtain in the USSR, now living in the free Ukraine, my observation of the shift described is very much the same... Hope the values will win
Zigneq Breszinski founder of the Tri-Lateral Committee in his book "Between Two Ages" in 1970 stated that the world is moving rapidly towards a technocratic world in which a few will gave all stored access information on every citizen. And having that retrival in an instant at their finger tips will have total control over all people and governments.
@karanshah902 Hace 5 meses
00:00:04 Introduction: The Big Question 00:00:33 The Bipolar and Unipolar World 00:00:56 Complications and Changes 00:01:31 Three Factors: Russia, China, and Globalization 00:02:19 Consequences of Globalization 00:03:03 A Leaderless World 00:03:15 What Comes Next? 00:03:24 Three Different Orders 00:03:44 The Global Security Order 00:04:08 The Global Economic Order 00:05:29 Tensions Between the Orders 00:08:18 The Emerging Digital Order 00:09:10 The Influence of Technology Companies
@aritradutta6426 Hace 5 meses
Thank you
@TubeNutriDoc Hace 5 meses
Thank you for indexing this presentation.
@kentuckianabf Hace 5 meses
@dominicwong7613 Hace 5 meses
Thank you.
@AlvaroGilFernandez Hace 2 meses
Awareness is the answer Bottom up people need to unite demanding change. A leader that really leads in meeting the needs that we really want can change the world.
@brunozamar Hace 3 meses
It's been a long while since I watched the last TED video. Primarily because I felt that no one had anything new to say, most were about pseudo-scientific thories about emotional intelligence, well-bieng, hyper-productivity, "high impact" bullshit, an so on. The really interesting TED talks remain to be mostly the old ones. Nonetheless this video appeared on my feed and thankfully, for some reason I felt drawn to this one to give it a shot. This is a really interesting way of analizing the world as we know it today and really important to think about the future we want to live in. I always recommend to friends and family to be cautious, aware and critical about the information they consume. Otherwise that information will determine how you live your life. I encourage you to be it too, we must remain in control of our lives for the sake of everyone. Peace!
@beatriceross7522 Hace 4 días
Outstanding talk to wake up the masses of good intentioned people, and as we wake up we can move mountains!!!!
@AlexanderGrodskij Hace 7 días
Firstly, the prospect of unilateral American military domination seems increasingly unlikely. Just five months ago, the narrative suggested that Russia was on the losing side in the Ukraine conflict. However, the current situation is far less certain. The emergence of a military alliance comprising China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea could potentially reshape the global geopolitical landscape into two distinct military orders. This perspective differs from Ian Bremmer's viewpoint presented in his talk. Turning to digital companies, it's crucial to recognize their integral role in society. These companies are comprised of citizens from various nations, with a significant majority being U.S. citizens. It's important to note that these entities, despite their global reach, remain subject to the laws of their home countries. Legal violations can result in individuals associated with these companies facing imprisonment. Consequently, the idea that digital companies could autonomously dominate the world is improbable. They will invariably adhere to and comply with the regulatory frameworks imposed upon them.
@ginomuehlbacher Hace 9 días
We will never find justice in world where criminals make all the rules
@pogo6543211111111 Hace 7 días
nice cliche, mabe you live in a shity place but none is making the rules were i live.
@caiolovatto1 Hace 5 meses
It has already become difficult for us to accept the concept of democracy, considering that for some time now, rulers are not actually chosen for their administrative abilities, but for their influence. The fact is that "democracy" is, in practice, a choice exercised by the owners of financial power, enhanced with the rise of bigtechs.
@Tiwack01 Hace 5 meses
This was always the case and holds true with or without democracy, it still remains the best pick out of all the bad options.
@BabuB1 Hace 5 meses
@MikeB-3791 Hace 4 meses
first thing to mention is they are not rulers. it's a small word but an important mind shift. subliminal programing.
@DougHanson2769 Hace un mes
His Articulation and Enunciation is so good. The pace and dynamics are intact. Especially with this topic.
@ChristosFlorosLU Hace 2 meses
Shakespearean delivery, brilliantly insightful in its simplicity. Thank you Ian, as always.
@reginamaddox9207 Hace 10 días
💜💙💚 Your Ted Talk...Soooo well done.🤓
@kentclark9740 Hace 2 meses
India is the next growing superpower. Nothing can stop them unless the western nations stop supporting it. But they need India’s 1.4 billion to be counterbalance to China. It also has top 5 most powerful military. US, Russia, China, India are top 4.
@mcandrews111 Hace un mes
Wow. This guy has almost as much wisdom as a typical high school student. How did he get on TED?
@tubeyou89119 Hace un mes
Getting on TED is definitely not for someone who just has highschool wisdom 😂😂
@helloworld0609 Hace 5 meses
I have a question for Ian: If one country has a monopoly on military power, would there be a great temptation for that country to monetize this monopoly? The country could do this by waging proxy war or simply use the threat of war to win concessions.
That has happened many times in the past. Take America for example.
The US has been the only real global military superpower since WW2. And since the collapse of the Soviet Union, everyone actually knows it. So the question is, to what extent has the US leveraged this milatary superiority to its economic advantage? At the very least, the US has used it to protect an unprecedented level of global free trade, arguably to the advantage of everybody. The degree to which the US has waged proxy wars or even direct wars for its own economic benefit is hotly contested. The flip side is to ask how much more the US could have or could yet take advantage of their position. I don't know. But when I compare the behavior of the US in its sphere of control against China and Russia in there's, I'm left routing for the status quo, especially as someone who lives in SEA at the intersection of those spheres. Sadly, change is always inevitable.
"That's a lovely country you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it."
@mingyuhuang8944 Hace 5 meses
​@@InstituteOfAncientMysteries Been following Ian Bremmer for a long time and he is by far one of the best scholars in the western sphere. He has amazing critical analysis ability and also a unwavering charisma which makes him intriguing to listen to. Summary: Bremmer says that we now live in a multipolar world shared with china and the us, alongside large digital companies
@dazhijiang-fx9he Hace 2 meses
The talk really tells about possible future! Thank you so much!
@keanphenglim5179 Hace un mes
At long last we see somebody of Indian origin who is not afraid to call a spade a spade! Jayant Bandari is not bias! This guy speaks of what is really happening on the world economic and geopolitical arena in today global economic turmoil, with India trying to catch up with China which is years ahead in every sphere of development. He makes a true and vivid diagnosis of the present economic perspective and the real situation facing India to the effect that his native country will never become the next China! This 20 minutes interview by Blake Morris is a food for thought that must be seen by one and all. His economic analysis is totally opposite to what Indian Prime minister, Narendra Modi, has been saying day in day ou: that India is the next superpower of the world that will overtake China in less than a decade! When you take note of Modi's repetitive bullshit narrative and that of his bootlicker journalist of Vantage, Palki Sharma, and other Indian propaganda media, we cannot help asking ourselves whether the Indian illiterate masses are not being taken for a long ride since Modi comes to power a decade ago. Bandari underlines that between the government and weak infrastructure of India, most companies that want to move operations to India, end up not doing so because of rampant corruption at all level of the Indian society and the sluggishness of the Indian bureaucracy taking weeks to process a simple development certificate submitted by overseas companies!( Roland Tsang kwai kew 10.10.23)
@omo_ajapa Hace un mes
I find it very interesting that he makes a distinction between “nurture” and “technology”. Especially since he seems to be implying that technology is replacing so much of what our culture (“nurture”) used do for us.
@jascam1 Hace 3 meses
The US/EU/UK and their European lineage have always seen themselves as superior to the rest of the global family. They see and treat other cultures/peoples as inferior and hence their need to exercise dominion. We have now entered a new era were other nations (under BRICS leadership) are forming alliances to counter the imperialist mindless and to chart their own course. The leadership in technology and dominion of outer space will be crucial.
@Anacaona92 Hace un mes
Most important presentation/topic of our time!
@sebydahansen7733 Hace 5 meses
Well spoken...the technology companies should be carefully monitored, and the data they collect should be publicly available...the actual fact that these companies are one step ahead in this new arena and the masses are being left behind. Knowledge is what makes us humans far superior to animals, we've used that knowledge to create and dominate them and consider this, technology companies with knowledge, financial capacity, and other resources to use to their advantage can control and manipulate us as they seem fit and we are helping them. We should remember companies like countries are systems and their (technology companies) habitat which is the internet is best known by them and therefore they have become powerful players or forces in the society and with the growth of the internet they become even more powerful just as with the growth of tribes or societies the leaders and the merchants became powerful and then become absolute monarchs that did as they wanted but let as learn from the past there may be change and evolution in our societies but fundamentally its the same point on the fractal pattern. HISTORY IS BOUND TO REPEAT ITSELF it just becomes more sophisticated and changes an angle.
Very insightful analysis!👍
@thebalaa Hace 2 meses
Good talk. People have the power. Work for yourself and your community.
Amazing explanation. thanks a lot for your talk.
@alexk2049 Hace 3 meses
Zelensky remains in Ukraine because Russia does not view him as a threat. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in controlling everything. China has been making smart diplomatic moves in recent years while we were setting the world on fire.
@valeatargului7682 Hace un mes
Excellent warning and very good presentation!
@jefffultz1785 Hace 5 meses
Yes, this talk goes to the heart of the conversation we are having in society! Do we want to stay with the "companies are here to make profits only, not owe any social value and goodwill to society" as Milton Friedman told us along with his cohort of economists. His group won the debate back in the 60's-70's (which looking back didn't seem hard to do), so here we are? This goes for tech companies AND the multi-nationals? If so, then these companies will have to form their own security operations to protect themselves from each other as they proceed? Also, start forming their own laws. These are the things we, society, give them to help make them successful. If they owe us nothing, then do we owe them anything?
@vevfilipe4097 Hace 4 meses
We neither owe them something. Next…
@MegaZzyyxx Hace 4 meses
LLegamos a la conclusión que muchos rechazan: Los Estados deben ser mas poderosos que las corporaciones.
@nokoolaid Hace 3 meses
And the heart of this is who is drawn to leadership and power and those are people that fall in the dark triad. To make a better world, raise these folks to to be more pro social and keep the bad ones out of leadership.
@cw33c86 Hace 3 meses
This guy speaks like all that’s in the news is real, and all we are told is correct. But he is right about Technology for sure.
@praveenpwellness Hace un mes
India’s development story is truly inspiring🤩The country has made significant strides in various sectors, including infrastructure, agriculture, and healthcare. The Indian government’s efforts to promote entrepreneurship and innovation have also been commendable. India’s economy is now the fifth largest in the world, and it is projected to become the third largest by 2030 It’s heartening to see how India has transformed itself into a global economic powerhouse while still retaining its cultural heritage and diversity. Kudos to the Indian government and its people for their hard work and dedication!
@quiltingchan Hace un mes
I always feel computer technology will be the nemesis of mankind. When digital tech became the 3rd controlling entity, my prediction is one small step closer.
@Insight_Outlook Hace 17 días
Ian Bremmer has his story (Gzero world) and he's sticking to it.
@ErinOliviaCollins Hace 3 meses
This is a great speech, thanks to Mr. Ian Bremer for sharing, artificial intelligence is the future direction of development, because our society is becoming more and more intelligent, in some fields this is the development of the times, but at the same time , we should also worry that in the near future, we may be replaced by it, in the hands of crazy creators, it will be a devastating blow.
@infiniterer287 Hace 3 meses
Not really. This is just your typical anti-tech rant, sprinkled with some hyperbole, and rooted in ill-conceived notions of how the world works 🤷🏾‍♂️
@stevew1452 Hace 3 meses
It was a terrible speech. Basically plagiarized from Peter Zeihan
@sarahcollins190 Hace 3 meses
Tech companies need two things, energy to power their servers and raw materials to manufacturer their chips, both of which are embeded in the economic system and consequently subject to the physical world constraints. A tech company may be able to hold out for a few years doing their own thing, but eventually they will have to succumb to the economic pressure brought to bear on them and align with the postion of their parent nation or fold. Simple as that. Bremmer is doing the typical tech niave thing of over estimating the power of the digital world because he thinks it's not embedded in the real physical world. Update Turns out he was really wrong about Russia and Ukraine.
@rohandey2092 Hace 2 meses
Quite captivating especially the cogent manner in which the core essence was covered... Guys do suggest me good books pertaining to this subject of world order changing and global politics
@smallforfun2465 Hace 10 días
Let's say that even if you have the power, you can't use freely it when you are bounded by the rules that has been put by the the people you owe something to.