The Night My Heart Stopped Beating

Young Don The Sauce God
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Top 5 scariest moments of my life. Buckle up buckaroo, i'm bout to take you for a ride.
The Night My Heart Stopped Beating - Animated by Young Don The Sauce God
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18 may 2020






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Young Don The Sauce God
Thank you for watching, I hope this video made your lock down a little more enjoyable, and when you're done, don't forget to check out my friends at Pham Jam animations: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-m-mjoQM5wpg.html
Fiendish Fox
Fiendish Fox Hace 7 días
Before 2m
aka_Malik! Hace un mes
Don I think I have that I feel like that everything day
NeXo Infinit
NeXo Infinit Hace un mes
Shut up
Alex Mayle
Alex Mayle Hace 2 meses
My mom has a fib it’s insane
The Lethal Predator
The Lethal Predator Hace 2 meses
Dang dude the doctor just straight up factory reset you, as my mother would call it lmao glaf your good tho
Mr Ransome
Mr Ransome Hace un hora
“A1 box” 🤣🤣🤣
leodingo69 Hace 2 horas
Damn my man was going godspeed in that first round to end up like this
music debate 123
music debate 123 Hace 3 horas
U should give b anka some money for what she did
Carla Muñoz
Carla Muñoz Hace 5 horas
10:50 lol
Depression, Hace 18 horas
Now I'm scared man thanks a lot
XxharlemxX Cj
XxharlemxX Cj Hace 19 horas
Mans got a vibe check from god himself
nymroad 31
nymroad 31 Hace 23 horas
I feel bad for laughing my ass of at the "SHOCK ME N, SHOCK ME!" part
YugNatas Hace un día
Bruh I think I have a fib I woke up yesterday and it was hard to breath
YugNatas Hace un día
Toastersarefor Bread
Umm Hii lied
Bloodhound Hace un día
She’s a nurse, martial artist and a gun owner so she could save your life or end it. You choose
Grape Cat
Grape Cat Hace un día
SHOCK ME ---------- SHOCK ME!
Thomas Rib
Thomas Rib Hace 2 días
Happy ending
СнЭсKМдТê Pg3D
Ur like swoozie 2.0 with ur storys
Dexhi Hace 3 días
He hears the risks of not restarting the beat ”1 nanosecond later” shock me up g
Luke Knowles-Cardona
i wonder what would happened if he had round 2 or if he just went to sleep.That would scare the shit out of me
shin eyo
shin eyo Hace 3 días
They didn't to the channel sounds like you problem
Damaal Walker
Damaal Walker Hace 4 días
How can u be in the kitchen cheffing, but needed to sneak out to the kitchen to get some water? The world may never know lol
christian amadi
christian amadi Hace 4 días
best comedian I know
Fleet Flask
Fleet Flask Hace 5 días
Damm my man said that pus was to die for 💀
Kaleb_ Gearhart
Kaleb_ Gearhart Hace 5 días
I love how the only time you almost died was because the puss was too good 😂😂
Ty Tofflemoyer
Ty Tofflemoyer Hace 5 días
This was posted on my birthday
Maddy H
Maddy H Hace 6 días
That sounds SUPER scary! I'm glad you're here now to make videos that make my day better
pwestan oggg
pwestan oggg Hace 6 días
Moral of the story.. don’t do it too good....
Triston Thompson
Triston Thompson Hace 7 días
Yay another Jamaican
Fiendish Fox
Fiendish Fox Hace 7 días
Here before 2 million
coffee knite
coffee knite Hace 7 días
Hahahaah where i live we have free healthcare and i came almost to death aswell
S-TierEVERYTHING_YT Hace 7 días
how does your heart randlomly stop working
RoogLee Playz
RoogLee Playz Hace 7 días
I had to stay in a hospital for 8 months :(
Jerry Maxwell
Jerry Maxwell Hace 8 días
tell those fucking carens to put on a mask
Boi Atcfwc
Boi Atcfwc Hace 8 días
Bruh this guy has been has been through a lot in his life 🤣😂
Nanashi, The Stranger.
Damn that box was good
DK WEST Hace 8 días
My guy you dead
Bloopers Bork
Bloopers Bork Hace 8 días
You sound like an angry italian
handy Hace 8 días
How are you alive
ICYpanther 360
ICYpanther 360 Hace 9 días
thats what my dog be when she hears the dog remote beep
Reo Sesquipedalian
Reo Sesquipedalian Hace 9 días
Replenish, Refuel, Recharge... Gatorade -Legend
munabyf animates
munabyf animates Hace 9 días
your so close to 2 mill congrats
Lucas Sanchez
Lucas Sanchez Hace 9 días
Hold up when the whole clear thing happened I had already knew you lived and was like NOOOOO dont die
Lucas Sanchez
Lucas Sanchez Hace 9 días
El Crz
El Crz Hace 9 días
Don actually did remember the 'very specific sentence' but just doesn't wanna say it because if he does we'll all be using it lmao
chomp devil
chomp devil Hace 9 días
My heart beatin weird, yeah imma just sleep it off
somegood cheese
somegood cheese Hace 10 días
Hear since 400000 subs
Abyss Hace 10 días
My mans' almost died cuz of cookin'
No Need
No Need Hace 10 días
That’s how I ended up getting married. Girl put me in the emergency room. Rapid heart rate. NEVER marry an A1 box
FaZeLived 112
FaZeLived 112 Hace 10 días
Bro I had afib when I was 12
KOK YENG Hace 10 días
I’m a Monkey And I have a heart disease
Chxos GD
Chxos GD Hace 10 días
Don: you know you’re gonna need more stuff to watch right? Also Don: *doesn’t upload for 2 months*
ruinsWRLD Hace 11 días
10:51 Its serious but shit killed me 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
Brenden McColl
Brenden McColl Hace 11 días
10 minutes, told me it would take 10 minutes, to check my heart on no she didn't
rani khatib
rani khatib Hace 11 días
How the fuck do you pull so many girls. This shit is so unfair man.😔
Peter Rolhoff
Peter Rolhoff Hace 11 días
Imma bought to listen to Kick start my heart by Motley Crue cause my man had to get a fuckin kick start.
Damir White
Damir White Hace 11 días
the box was so good he almost joined god
Luke Hartsock
Luke Hartsock Hace 11 días
We never did online school where I’m at in America
talkpoetictome Hace 12 días
That mom needs a show bro
Isaiah Ramirez
Isaiah Ramirez Hace 12 días
The Coochie almost killed him
Game then Rap
Game then Rap Hace 12 días
6:10 advice young don the sauce god hates emergency places!!
6aby Hace 12 días
Anybody started panicking ?
ian joseph
ian joseph Hace 12 días
...and since then, ive been a heartless zombie
Gg Bro
Gg Bro Hace 12 días
8:15 bruh that the beat for don’s song kamikaze
AUX ZY Hace 12 días
Whos been here before the name "young don the sauce god"
Kowalski vlogs
Kowalski vlogs Hace 13 días
guys is this fax?
Ethan allenbaugh
Ethan allenbaugh Hace 13 días
But I do like your vids
Ethan allenbaugh
Ethan allenbaugh Hace 13 días
I am not going to where a mask unless it works
ChadestManEver Hace 13 días
I had something like this , but here in Brazil we call it "sopro no coração" which is like wind in the heart or something.
silent men
silent men Hace 13 días
The only place I like is a hospital it happy place
Heather Robinson
Heather Robinson Hace 13 días
TYEDIE- GAMING Hace 13 días
Brian Ullom
Brian Ullom Hace 14 días
No cap?
Caroline Billiot
Caroline Billiot Hace 14 días
“SHOCK ME!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xavier Franks
Xavier Franks Hace 14 días
That's an awesome story
Blue the fur
Blue the fur Hace 14 días
I have an irregular heartbeat that I've had it stop twice but most times it's racing and not like 100 but like 250 I know it sounds unreal but it's true
Blue the fur
Blue the fur Hace 14 días
And a plus I have a dethly peanut allergie which I almost suficated to death by that twice so yahhhhh I've been close to death multiple times I've been on fire shooed soooooooo 😬😀 but I'm fine
Blue the fur
Blue the fur Hace 14 días
So in short I understand how you felt
Noah Ignacio
Noah Ignacio Hace 14 días
Shorty must’ve had Used her stand to stop ya heart my g
Anderson Centeno
Anderson Centeno Hace 15 días
10:51 this shit had me dead💀💀💀
Power level vlog 1089
Power level vlog 1089 Hace 15 días
Doctor:why are in the hospital Me:my mom smac***** Mom:nami Me:I landed on my face
Amir Gardener
Amir Gardener Hace 15 días
Disease Debt Death The three D's
Dw Hace 16 días
The intro of this video aged terribly 😭😭😭
Aunaturale Kinkz
Aunaturale Kinkz Hace 16 días
I've been through this five times and trust me when i say i know that feeling all too well, good to know that you're doing better
Briana Anderson
Briana Anderson Hace 17 días
The afib beat gave me anxiety
XxGP BUILDxX Hace 17 días
Simple Hace 18 días
9:17 nawww buddy I know this cap 🤣😂
Sociallyme Sydni
Sociallyme Sydni Hace 18 días
What’s WrOnG with ME, one HeArT one DoCtOr RIGHT
Nicktru31 Rebel Black
Nicktru31 Rebel Black Hace 18 días
The part where you said you’re going to take back the blanket I get a commercial saying business needs to be booming
Dream Zeno
Dream Zeno Hace 18 días
Lmaoo" shock me nigga"- young don
Wayne Ferguson
Wayne Ferguson Hace 18 días
Lmfao bro said almost put me ina box
Peter Howe
Peter Howe Hace 19 días
u r not alone i have that stupid shit as well
Peter Howe
Peter Howe Hace 19 días
im 19 so it was a shock to me as well
Travis T
Travis T Hace 20 días
10:50 💀
Jj Leer
Jj Leer Hace 20 días
Jackson W
Jackson W Hace 20 días
yo Pham jam animations kept me on a 30 min binge lol
JoWo EL Hace 21 un día
my heart stops for a splitsecond 100 times every minute
Ngqabutho Ncube
Ngqabutho Ncube Hace 21 un día
How are this guy's videos always so good
Finding Ellis
Finding Ellis Hace 21 un día
Same thing happened to me
Chelsea Hace 23 días
Young don the copy god
Laura Laura
Laura Laura Hace 23 días
Ok found this tiktok and now I think I need to sub to this dude
Dameriea Coles
Dameriea Coles Hace 23 días
This has actually happend to me
Jacob Hace 24 días
I was dead when he said "shock me nigga shock me" 😂😂😂
Robin Maurya
Robin Maurya Hace 25 días
Yo Don! Day before yesterday I also got an Afib attack, shit was crazy cause I'm like 23 and stay pretty healthy too. As soon as that heavy breathing and crazy heartbeat hit me, I knew what was happening to me cause I remembered this video lol. Fortunately, my heart calmed down on its own after 30 mins and all my heart tests came out great. My doctor was confused af too lmaoo. But fr though, I was calm and collective during the attack cause of this video so thanks for the knowledge fam, you really saved me from more complications.
john michael embile
john michael embile Hace 25 días
Bruh this shit got me scared
WorDog 099
WorDog 099 Hace 25 días
You call a defibrillator a clear thing😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
PeterNightzGamingz Hace 25 días
I am here because of Sultan :3
Bl20DY trezzy
Bl20DY trezzy Hace 25 días
My son said shock me nigga lmao i slept💀
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