The Origin of Consciousness - How Unaware Things Became Aware

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Sources and link to book by Rupert Glasgow:
Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. In the first part of this three part video series, we explore the origins of consciousness and take a closer look on how unaware things became aware.
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17 mar 2019

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Aseem Bansal
Aseem Bansal Hace 19 horas
But the question in my mind is "why and how did survival instinct originate in first place?" as everything else follows from that (looking for food etc. ) .. but why did a lump of hydrocarbons wanted to survive when an electric current hit it?
Leonard Philipp Gaffke
Hallo liebes Kurzgesagt Team. Gibt es diese Doku hier über das Bewusstsein auch auf deutsch? Wenn ja dann verlinkt Sie uns doch bitte. Vielen Dank.
Free Night Owl
Free Night Owl Hace un mes
So consciousness it's a very complex topic. Lots of things about the mind and senses are complex, like smell, sight, feel, etc. I was wondering about the possible of uploading your mind to a computer, connecting your brain to a computer, or even switching consciousness to another health human body (maybe cloned bodies). I say this with the question, can we extend our life? If so is it still you? Can you still be yourself? I love you guys, you make the most intriguing and interesting videos. Have a good day.
ecogreen 123
ecogreen 123 Hace un mes
how ironic..... something that makes us want to know... is something we have been unable to know about XD
페브리즈 Hace un mes
Mr. Kurzgesgt, Korean subtitle in this video has many error
F54DF4 A044
F54DF4 A044 Hace 15 horas
Being conscious makes me depressed.
蒼崎冬木 Hace 20 horas
認識の最も正確な基盤は五官である。 そこから意識はある。 VRは?
99999 Abonnenten ohne Video?
Super tolles Video! 👌👍
Kuroshine Hace un día
I think that video talked about instinct more than consciousness.. Find foods, memory somethings, follow that,... get a plan, a directly observe,.... I think they're instinct of body to help us survive, automatic works: "But we have a plan... an observe and following... !" Yes! But it's like computer: Although they don't have consciouness, they can still do works, some works very great, just because we have coded some lines makes them do somethings, even some to make them try to think by themselves: AI. ....Maybe, instinct is the beginning of consciouness....
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace 2 horas
lol "coded some lines"... AI is way more complex than that. It's just a matter of time before it's fully conscious.
Ovulating Grashopper
wrong. single cell must have some sentience, not necessarily that a group of cells is conscious but that each individual cell is...still presenting the issue of defining consciousness.
Joel Hace 39 minutos
abdul dennaoui
abdul dennaoui Hace un día
That worm reminds me of myself. Nough said !
abdul dennaoui
abdul dennaoui Hace un día
Lol atheist.
Mr Blue Splodge
Mr Blue Splodge Hace un día
Where’s all the Kurzgesagt birds?
Maluzius Network
Maluzius Network Hace un día
D. E.
D. E. Hace un día
Consciousness is all there is. Reality is an illusion made up of energy that is made manifest by our consciousness. Consciousness makes your reality not the other way around. No consciousness, no physical reality. The little story told in this video couldn't have happened without a consciousness to observe it. Without consciousness there is nothing but energy without form. Consciousness is required first before anything can happen at all. "We know that reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent illusion." Albert Einstein "Everything we call real is made up of things that cannot be considered real." Niels Bohr
Timothy Nyota
Timothy Nyota Hace 2 días
explanation seems warped and wrong
Sunken Sheep
Sunken Sheep Hace 2 días
Why is this based on an unknown book by an unkown author, who does not really have any background in natural sciences? :/ (However, I appreciate that you got feedback from De Brigard and Koch)
M Wing
M Wing Hace 2 días
Kervan Govender
Kervan Govender Hace 2 días
So we developed consciousness through the ages due to the need to look for food? Are we going to degenerate back to simple life because food is now delivered to our doors without any conscious effort from us?
Lex Ex
Lex Ex Hace 2 días
so... survival,
Felix Bueno
Felix Bueno Hace 2 días
T. kahraba
T. kahraba Hace 2 días
Humans are the only creatures on earth that don't make sense, they don't contribute but rather damage and consume, they are the only creatures with consciousness and the ability to think critically. We are either God or an ape alien hybrid
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace un día
@T. kahraba It doesn't really matter if we change the eco system, humanity can't destroy the planet, only itself.
T. kahraba
T. kahraba Hace un día
@B Rabbit fuck if I know
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace un día
@T. kahraba Ok so what? What exactly is the point of the planet if there aren't any humans?
T. kahraba
T. kahraba Hace un día
@B Rabbit they sustain the eco system where as we do the opposite
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace un día
How the hell do animals make sense and what do they contribute?
Marc Hasenkopf
Marc Hasenkopf Hace 3 días
So consciousness is being aware of one's own thoughts and actions.
Maddel Due
Maddel Due Hace 3 días
Best animation
Rocskatu Hace 3 días
Hob Nob
Hob Nob Hace 3 días
You're just talking about a spectrum related to awareness. Not what or why or how it is.
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
@Hob Nob evolution is basically a provides with no plan no will and purpose it just happens to happen for some reason tho maybe God helps it lol.
Hob Nob
Hob Nob Hace 2 días
@Eternal Reign again they were just talking about how consciousness changed through over time. Misleading title completely. And no evolution isn't random. The mutations are encouraged by the collective consciousness, especially within our own collection of cells. Consciousness sees fruit up high in a tree and the cells mutate and try to change the code it passes down. Some mutations work others dont and the trial and error \ survival of the best mutations win. We can see conscious decisions in Bacteria all the time. The more simple the code the faster it can change. We've witnessed mosquitos change very rapidly. These changes aren't just random.
Eternal Reign
Eternal Reign Hace 2 días
They explained a possible how, but there is no why. There's never a why when it comes to evolution. Evolution isn't a conscious thing with a plan, it's just a bunch of mutations that occur randomly each generation. Some are beneficial and some are harmful. The beneficial ones get passed along to the next generation, naturally, and the harmful ones usually lead to the demise of an organism. The first consciousness was probably just slightly better senses or perception. Like the first eye was just a patch of light sensitive skin that could only discern between light and dark.
OrangePeelYutu Hace 3 días
4:46 Man, I wish my vision was that good.
Alex Duong
Alex Duong Hace 3 días
Thumbnail is me when i see sunlight for the first time in 3 months from hiding in my room
Anton Rusakov
Anton Rusakov Hace 3 días
The reason to live is to seek for food, put it in the mouth and then seek for more food. I'm ok with this and don't need any more reasons!)
mike joe
mike joe Hace 3 días
Mushrooms and nitrous kids.
RedEvee Hace 3 días
seems like the maker or this has playd ALOT of Spore xD
James Porter
James Porter Hace 3 días
why are these dislikes so high? these are great videos
Darius Hace 3 días
Kurzgesagt couldn't be more wrong about us becoming conscious to realize the story isn't about us. The story is us seeing the Universe. If we were not here Kurzgesagt couldn't say the story isn't about us. Perhaps, it is that the story isn't about us alone.
Weh Bol
Weh Bol Hace 2 días
Do you mean that, without human beings, it would be impossible to perceive the universe at all? And therefore, speculation as to the nature of consciousness would be impossible? That's a great point. I do not hold that any of the seemingly intelligent animals is conscious at all, as much as we might like to think so.
чувак симпсон
This video will be good for LSD trips
John Ruben Saragi
John Ruben Saragi Hace 4 días
0:07 Did you even realize her skin is purple?
Adam Clark
Adam Clark Hace 4 días
These videos just aren't up to scratch
Dervy Hace 4 días
i relate with the example creature on a spiritual level
Churn Blanston
Churn Blanston Hace 4 días
Pan-psychism is likely
wolfbombz Hace 4 días
what happened to bird people
A Guide To: 2019
A Guide To: 2019 Hace 4 días
E Ex Exs Exis Exist Existe Existen Existent Existenti Existentia Existential CRISIS 😑
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace 2 horas
I always see these comments on these types of videos but I'll never understand why.
Rindei The Toy Car
Rindei The Toy Car Hace 3 días
because i'm not lazy E Ex Exsi Exis Exist Existe Existen Existent Existenti Existentia Existential Existential C Existential Cr Existential Cri Existential Cris Existential Crisi Existential Crisis Existential Crisi Existential Cris Existential Cri Existential Cr Existential C Existential Existentia Existenti Existent Existen Existe Exist Exis Exi Exi Ex E
Abhirama Dasa
Abhirama Dasa Hace 4 días
This is incredibly unscientific. 100% of the evidence shows us that life comes from life and that life never comes from non-life. There is not a single piece of genuinely valid evidence of life coming from matter, what to speak of consciousness arising from matter. The false dogma of materialism is not science.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace un día
If it's impossible for life to come from non-life how did life came to be?
J ateabug
J ateabug Hace 4 días
I can't wait until you get around to explaining the answer 42 to us.
Danilo Hernandez
Danilo Hernandez Hace 4 días
I am fascinated by the background music
Orange Note
Orange Note Hace 4 días
Love this video and I like the look of the consciousness example (the four legged thing)
Michael Espeland
Michael Espeland Hace 4 días
If I poop in space, will it eventually become a mind of it's own?
i dont like your smell
I love this channel ☺️
Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy Hace 5 días
Please do a video on abortion
WESLEY SMITH Hace 5 días
It's easy to argue though, that dugesia has no consciousness because the nervous signals that govern satiety don't require introspection. Is something conscious, even a little bit, because it has receptors for something? That's all it takes, for dugesias simple nervous system to not detect enough internal glucose in its hemolymph or what have you, for it to go seek food. It's just the chemoreception of simple multicellular or single celled organisms with a few more steps. You, however, may be argued to have consciousness because of your thought processes that govern your multitude of actions, reflections, and behaviors due to low blood sugar and an empty belly.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace un hora
@Ducky McDuckface Lol please... there are maybe 2-3 animals that can recognize their reflection... they're stupid AF, they have no idea about anything. At this point AI is way smarter than them since it can actually destroy humans in a lot of different games.
Ducky McDuckface
Ducky McDuckface Hace 2 días
@Weh Bol There's a lot of animals that are self aware and thus have the capability to observe reality
Weh Bol
Weh Bol Hace 2 días
When you typing this, right now, and we are talking about consciousness, do you imagine that simple organisms are also contemplating these mysteries? If no human beings were observing the universe, the universe would still exist, but it would not be observed, for nothing except human beings has the capacity to observe/symbolically register (rather than simply blindly exist within) reality.
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman Hace 5 días
Consciousness is the development of more discrete informational pathways over millions of years to adapt to the environment. Soon we will be able to replicate consciousness in machines and computers. That will be fun.
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
Consiouness emerge from a living thing that was aware of being hungry to find food nothing else lol.
SteepHook Gaming
SteepHook Gaming Hace 5 días
DMT has 100% something to do with Conscious.
Brian Scott
Brian Scott Hace 6 días
(Looks at thumbnail) pedo- *COUGH*
s8jljohnson Hace 6 días
Why does something not conscious want food, or eat. What’s the point. It’s like a rock eating a rock
renge9909 Hace 5 días
It is sort of like one of those plants that fold up when they are touched, or the way some plants grow in the direction of sunlight. It can be instinctual behavior to move away from something negative, but to move towards something positive.
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
That's what I thought about a lot lol.
srishti mishra
srishti mishra Hace 6 días
Absolutely amazing! Can't wait for more content!
Jadon Mullinex
Jadon Mullinex Hace 6 días
Wait, so you once there was nothing, just empty nothingness, then the universe just became a thing for no reason, then there were cells and stuff and they taught themselves to do develop there own digestive systems and eat with no help, all without failing and dying off in the process? Nah. Our consiouceness came from a higher consciousness, God, who was always there. Consciousness cannot come from non-consciousness.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace 10 horas
@Jadon Mullinex How do you know which laws apply to the "outside" universe and which don't? If God can exist "since forever" why can't the universe do the same? If God has existed forever, at what point exactly did he decide to create the universe? He waited a while and then created it? Yes, this is a vastly complex subject, however I'm not the one pretending to know things about it. Honestly it's boring but if you insist we can start debunking the Bible as well.
Jadon Mullinex
Jadon Mullinex Hace 12 horas
@B Rabbit Obviously it's hard to wrap our minds around, because these concepts are very huge and relate to the creation of the universe, which is no easy thing to contemplate. But no, the Creator was not brought into existence, he has always existed since forever. God did not come from nothing, he was simply always there. That's not something I came up with. This is what the Bible says about God. The Bible is a whole nother discussion. My initial point was just to say that there IS a creator; which also appeals to simple logic and common sense. But in the end, God tells us where the universe came from.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace 13 horas
@Jadon Mullinex Just one question, in this outside universe, since the laws of the universe don't apply, is God allowed to come from nothing?
Jadon Mullinex
Jadon Mullinex Hace 13 horas
@B Rabbit So obviously the universe came from somewhere. That is not up for debate. The question is, from where? Some say that nothing created the universe, which is impossible. Nothing cannot create anything, it can only do nothing and create nothing and be nothing. It's obvious that something created the universe. I referred to the laws of the universe. Our universe makes it obvious that nothing can be created, nor destroyed. The universe could not have created itself with its own laws. BUT, God is outside of our universe, and doesn't need to follow our laws. You cannot find a source of creation from within the universe, it's scientifically impossible. But God, being outside of the universe, does not follow our laws, that's the difference. Look at any object in your house. Look at your house. Pick one object and tell me it could have created itself WITHOUT a conscious, intelligent mine behind it. It's a ridiculous claim. Then you look at trees, animals, and the whole of the world and all its complex systems, and say that it created itself without a conscious, intelligent mind behind it. It's infinitely more ridiculous than making the same claim about any man-made object. It's common sense. You will look at a computer and tell me it couldn't have possibly been created without a genius behind it. And with the same eyes, you look at any animal, or the brain of an animal, which is far more complicated, and you say that it created itself, or that NOTHING created it.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace 22 horas
@Jadon Mullinex What is "outside" of the universe? Doesn't that just make the universe bigger since it now contains the regular universe plus this outside part? Your argument is flawed. You say something can't come from nothing but you haven't explained where god came from. Think about it, if god is "something" he too could not have come from nothing. You think people are designed because they "need" a creator, but for some reason you're making an exception for god.
Z.O.E Hace 6 días
The basic premise here is wrong. Consciousness is different from memory and the ability to make decisions. That's why an amnesiac will still be conscious. This is conjecture based on macro evolution. Consciousness doesn't evolve yet our bodies still do. The homo erectus have evolved over the centuries into what we are now. The process hasn't stopped. Yet no one can claim that our ancestors were more conscious than we are. They just had less tools than us to understand their environment scientifically. Similarly our next generations aren't going to be more conscious even if a thousand years pass. It is flat.
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace un día
No there are definitely multiple levels of consciousness. Merging with AI will be the next step in human evolution and will probably help us get there.
mister Locapone
mister Locapone Hace 6 días
Conciousness is the understanding of the information we are giving and how we relate to
sirroger1 Hace 7 días
Love it, great video. Thanks for not confusing it too much with alternative theories... the jump between chicken memory and language is pretty huge however...
Joey Glory
Joey Glory Hace 7 días
very interesting
Obviously Fake Name
Obviously Fake Name Hace 7 días
the music choice is the most unsettling part of this video
Obviously Fake Name
Obviously Fake Name Hace 7 días
Pokemon Lavender Town 2.O
A human person
A human person Hace 7 días
*this is so insane it’s like saying a rock is alive*
LMY Hace 7 días
I’m crushed, the video wasn’t bad, bad damn I was hoping you’d REALLY dive into Panpsychism but instead it’s only mentioned briefly :(
BaldingEagle51 Hace 7 días
I don't like these handy
Tuna Cantez
Tuna Cantez Hace 8 días
bunları türkçeye çeviren krallar sizleri seviyoruz
Auzurial citric
Auzurial citric Hace 8 días
It might sound dumb but this video kind of makes me feel depressed for some reason. I guess I just kind of wish for consciousness to be something that can move onto another plane of existence when I die. Like you know, a happy place that I can spend with loved ones. Though with ideas like this that make sense it honestly just seems like once my body shuts down there is nothing after you know. I mean I don't think that's a bad thing ultimately. Things would get boring at some point but it kind of just feels weird I guess to think about.
Hm Grraarrpffrzz
Hm Grraarrpffrzz Hace 5 días
@renge9909 There is no lie in that. But that is nearly never the case. Nearly all people worship as adults the deity they were trained and conditioned to worship as children.
renge9909 Hace 5 días
@Hm Grraarrpffrzz ....and if your child grows older and thinks for itself, seeking spiritual pursuits, kindly explain to me where the lie is in that.
Hm Grraarrpffrzz
Hm Grraarrpffrzz Hace 5 días
@renge9909 For example: if I'd have a child and I'd tell the child that God exists to give more meaning to its life, as you suggest, then I'd be lying.
renge9909 Hace 5 días
@Hm Grraarrpffrzz Who said anything about lies?
Sushant Kumar
Sushant Kumar Hace 8 días
That's why I don't agree with u boss.
Miguel Medeiros
Miguel Medeiros Hace 8 días
It's very hard to define consciousness. I often think that consciousness doesn't go deep enough to describe what it really is that we are talking about. I mean, how come I wasn't born as a different person, with a different name, in a different life. In this life, with this mind, I'm consciously able to have this thought process, but if I were living as another person, that might not happen. I think with consciousness at its lowest level we must all be observers experiencing what it is like to be in our brains. Each of us with thoughts, instincts, emotions, and complexities that are defined by the complex structure, connections, and existence of neurons that form over our lifespan.
HadleyWK Fozzie
HadleyWK Fozzie Hace 8 días
Louise Martin
Louise Martin Hace 8 días
Morality is consciousness
blaster 0416
blaster 0416 Hace 8 días
No. Morality is a small subset of conciousness.
Brooklyn Beall
Brooklyn Beall Hace 8 días
6:17 get a chicken not pregnant got it
elei 137
elei 137 Hace 8 días
What happened to the birds?
Scott Satovsky Jr
Scott Satovsky Jr Hace 8 días
The irony of a living thing is that we are made up of nonliving things.
hij Hace 6 días
Imagine if we were made up of living things
Christoph Wippel
Christoph Wippel Hace 8 días
This video only talks about the origin and evolution of cognitive functions and does not deal with the "hard problem of consciousness". Where does the phenomenon of accounting for subjective, intrinsic, first person, what-it's-like-ness come from? Because all of the cognitive functions explained in the video could just as well happen without it.
Bree Martian
Bree Martian Hace 8 días
I wouldn’t say “enjoy”
Zaki Hydar
Zaki Hydar Hace 8 días
notice the "probablies" people will take this as complete fact c'mon lol more studies needed love the channel tho
Anon Hace 8 días
Consciousness requires verbal ability. Other animals can see things they want, pilot their body to it, and get it. And complex social games are really just extensions of that, doing the thing they want in the moment without actually considering why they are doing it, if what they are doing is right, etc. They may have additional brain regions that less sophisticated organisms don’t have, but they lack any ability to stop their actions or undertake an action based on logic only. Im not talking about a chimpanzee being unable to picture the consequences of challenging the head chimp, they can do that. But they can’t think of a moral reason why they shouldn’t. And the thing is, 99% of humans do this for most of their time too. Most humans use verbal thought as a tool to work through complex problems, but they don’t use it to reason out a foundational set of morals based only on logic and not on their own subjective preferences. As such, everything they do is still driven by their base desires and instincts, they just use their ability to think and speak to do a better job of getting what they want. So the thing is, most humans aren’t really conscious. Verbal thought is really just another tool for us to achieve our base desires. It lets us communicate, it lets us work through the complex systems in civilized society. But fundamentally, unless you are using your verbal ability to create a moral system reasoned out from first principles, and then acting only according to that, you are still an unconscious animal and a slave to your basic desires. One could argue that a desire to rigidly adhere to a moral system justified via logic is desire inherent to the person that does so. In which case they are still a slave. So really then, only a being with no desires can be conscious, except no being without desires will have the motivation to think through a system of morals. So damn, we’re all animals. Big rip.
DragonFire YT
DragonFire YT Hace 8 días
please make more consiousness videos!!!
Azoo Cola
Azoo Cola Hace 9 días
This is by far the worst video you've done so far.
Azoo Cola
Azoo Cola Hace 8 días
@Default Bloxian the channel
Default Bloxian
Default Bloxian Hace 8 días
How do you mean "you"?
Cats Neko
Cats Neko Hace 9 días
I am watching that at 1am and I am having existential crisis right now.....
Music Ginga
Music Ginga Hace 9 días
All conscious beings are foodies
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
Well yeah not doubt consciousness does not need food the body needs food so by that logic the even a unconscious being can be foodie so ofcourse the defination of consciousness is stil up in the air lol.
Paul Põldeots
Paul Põldeots Hace 9 días
1:36 *enjoy* See, that's where you're wrong. I ain't enjoyin' anythin' right now.
Samyata Vasa
Samyata Vasa Hace 9 días
Is that Prof. Richard Dawkins in the video?
Aki486 Hace 10 días
Well, this won't explain any of it. Ends where it begins.
Aperture Laboratories
Exactly, every time we try to grasp what consciousness is, we fall into a loop. This more so explains what the possible origins of consciousness are; Some logical reasoning behind why we even have it. Of course, no one really knows *what* it is.
Yu Iko
Yu Iko Hace 10 días
Consciousness exists everywhere. It's like space. It exists as the fabric of everything. Now the reason why rocks aren't conscious in the way Humans are is not for lack of consciousness. It is for lack of intelligent brain interface. Consciousness isn't necessarily self-aware. It is just awake, like an open all-seeing eye. The process of self-awareness, self-reflection, and identity is a product of the brain and its intelligence. So a rock may not be conscious like a human being, but build it a brain and a way to communicate, and it may in fact become self-aware. (but will it still identify as a rock?) If we want to create a conscious self-aware entity, we need only to create a house (body and mind) and consciousness, like space, will just inhabit it.
ISeekTruthAndJustice Hace 10 días
Bullshit...don't drink the Kool Aid.
Ahmad Haidar
Ahmad Haidar Hace 11 días
So we have things like concieousness, senses and languages emerging to help us survive. Would it be crazy to try and imagine some other phenomena life can utilize to improve its survivability? Maybe the ability to instantly feel the emotional state of other living things, or share concieousness which wouldn't be as cumbersome and prone to error as using language to convey ideas and opinions. It would essentially dramatically increase the rate at which we can communicate and connect with one another.
Rob Paul
Rob Paul Hace 10 días
Sooo.. basically Betazoids and Vulcans? 😉 Would still be prone to error as the way or depth we feel can differ greatly per individual. Me being depressed might feel like a regular monday to you, and you just liking someone might feel like a grand romance to me. Our definitions and awareness can also vary, similar to how people see colours differently. Only way to truly get in synch is forming a hive-mind.
oceandrainer Hace 12 días
I love your videos, but you are firmly stuck in the orthodoxy of scientific materialism. We celebrate those scientists who went against the grain, but denigrate those today who say "maybe the mechanistic viewpoint isn't correct." I mean, can you honestly examine your own incredible consciousness and come to the conclusion: meh, I guess it's just all about finding food.
renge9909 Hace 12 días
I think it becomes a slippery slope when you add in philosophical and religious elements. Suddenly, one wonders if it's actually science.
greg herman
greg herman Hace 12 días
I think therefore I am
Derek Medina
Derek Medina Hace 12 días
It looks like a bomb with
bethany karlinsky
bethany karlinsky Hace 12 días
Me after watching this: "GREAT!!! LET ME GO GRAB MY STUUUFF!" by STUUUFF I mean my pizza pouches xd
Cory Moses
Cory Moses Hace 12 días
Stones live a stonetic life obviously!
Byvsen Hace 12 días
I want to play Spore now.
Mr_ Bear
Mr_ Bear Hace 12 días
Consciousness we people "Enjoy" today. Very funny.
Mr_ Bear what do you mean?
psvr 3D videos
psvr 3D videos Hace 13 días
8:17 "So, what is the origin of our consciousness? ... It [consciousness] probably all started with the urge for more food" The conclusion of this video is a circular argument. Something that is not conscious would not have an "urge" for anything.
renge9909 Hace 12 días
Then perhaps an instinct or function.
CaveGame Hace 13 días
what if gluons became conscious?
Kyle Higgins
Kyle Higgins Hace 8 días
"why the fuk we gotta hold these damn quarks together god damnit im so bored with my life aaaaa"
CarlosVanVegas Hace 13 días
Consciousness is the state upon which your thoughts and decisions are not directly related to emotions or actions that are taken to support choices that affect life, imho
NowisEvollovetion Hace 13 días
What is consciousness? And why does all emotion fear it? Many speak of consciousness, but few ever describe what it means to be fully conscious. What it actually means to be in the state of consciousness. In short consciousness IS NOW. And by that I mean. When you are fully conscious, or fully aware, you then have complete presence of mind. You are then fully present. And the present is of course NOW. So, consciousness IS NOW. Now, when you do correctly understand that consciousness is NOW, it is then far easier to understand why all emotion fears the evolution of consciousness as it does. And more importantly, why emotion is working as hard as IT is in order to hinder the continued evolution of the state of consciousness on planet earth. You see, all emotion is actually born of the past. All emotion is past. Emotion is actually the residue of the past that continues to live on, both in us, and off us. Hence exactly why, in this currently emotionally driven society, we are all taught from birth to habitually both talk, and think, about the past. As by doing so, we are unknowingly helping to feed those very emotions that are actually living off us. We have actually been conditioned to unknowingly create a feed back loop. A feed back loop that was designed to help those very emotions that are continually draining us of our precious energy. And when I do say US, I of course mean LIFE. As I am in fact LIFE. I am the LIFE in this body. So, why does all emotion fear the evolution of consciousness on planet earth? Well, as our speed of consciousness continually increases. As we become more NOW in other words. So in turn, is there ever less room for the past. For emotion to actually express itself. As of course in the present, in the moment NOW, there is no past. Now, there is also another important fact that you must understand about NOW. About consciousness. And that fact is, that in the NOW, in the present, there is no motion whatsoever. That in the NOW everything is in fact ‘absolutely still’ I mean, just look at NOW intelligently for one moment. Now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now. In the end, the perpetual moment NOW actually moves so fast, that in reality it does not in fact move at all. Just as I said above, the moment NOW is in fact ‘absolutely still’ Now, as all emotion depends wholly upon the ability to express itself, to move in other words. As the word e-motion so clearly proves. Of course, something that relies as greatly as emotion does, on the continued ability to move. Is going to work rigorously to avoid any state that is actually devoid of all motion. As in that state, the emotion can see its own eventually demise. Emotion fears stillness. As stillness (of mind) is GOD. “Be still and know that I am God” That unending state of calmness and tranquility, that is deliberately being destroyed by your many troublesome emotions. Along with the emotions of others. Peace be to you. Andrew.
Red Oni Productions
Red Oni Productions Hace 13 días
Kurzesagt- Do you people take article submissions?
Elaiza Anthony
Elaiza Anthony Hace 14 días
Now we go into fancy boxes and exchange pretty paper things for sushi
fool Hace 14 días
These videos are so relaxing
Haris_the_ Bosniak
Haris_the_ Bosniak Hace 14 días
My consciousness is that voice that dictates my actions in my head
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace un día
Who dictates your actions when you are asleep?
Vicky mel
Vicky mel Hace 14 días
I hope there will be a video about how people who lack certain senses (sight, hearing, etc.) perceive the world and think.
PONCE Hace 14 días
the music is so good
Roy Hsieh
Roy Hsieh Hace 15 días
i think theres always a higher stage of consciousness u can achieve when u always forget what you think you already know.
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