The Origins Of Disney's Mulan Are Darker Than You Thought

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Most of us came to know the story of Mulan from the 1998 Disney animated classic, but actually, the story of the young Chinese warrior woman goes back a whole lot further. Hua Mulan is a Chinese Folk tale that dates all the way back to the fifth century, and has been passed down from generation to generation for over a thousand years.
While Disney did get a lot of her story right, there is so much more to Hua Mulan than they fit into the hour and a half long movie. And, we’re sorry to say, Eddie Murphy’s Mu Shu the dragon doesn’t make an appearance, and neither does a certain lucky-unlucky cricket.
What the story of Hua Mulan does have, however, is a ton of bravery, disguise, battle fighting, and honour. While in the Disney version, Mulan is the only child of her family, in the original tale, she also has a baby brother who is too young to fight for her family. While she still takes her father’s armour and disguises herself as a man, Hua Mulan fought with her troupe of men for over twelve years, and was never discovered! When she finally was able to return home after over a decade of fighting for her country, only then did she reveal herself to be a woman, to the shock of all the men who had been at her side for all that time.
Most tales of Mulan have this happy ending, but there is one other version that gets a whole lot darker. Watch the video below to find out!
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Screen Rant
Screen Rant Hace 10 meses
Are you excited to see Disney's live-action Mulan?
Enkhee Enkhtuya
Enkhee Enkhtuya Hace 5 días
Yeppp I cant wait to watch it
Zed The Warrior
Zed The Warrior Hace 13 días
I don’t like you screen rant.
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Hace 14 días
No Mushu no Li Shang. No, No I’m not
Ben Wong
Ben Wong Hace 18 días
Yep I can’t wait!!!
Uka D
Uka D Hace un mes
common mulan isnt chinese its just mongolias hunnu back in the day what was that called jesus births before 209- jesuses bth then 93 there was 4 country or somthing one was dunhu that country splitted then there was 2 country or somthing one was syanbi and also there was 3 country 1 was toba and mulans toba [sorry i got mad and slapped my computer when he said 1:30]
PAOLA PLEASE Hace un día
this is the one comment that isn’t about jon solo (idk who that is) !! (:
Toto Katonies
Toto Katonies Hace 7 días
yuan chou
yuan chou Hace 9 días
See.all of real mulan in search wookoong is the first 3 years ago
Dogeinator 123
Dogeinator 123 Hace 11 días
Screen Rant be like, “It’s not stealing, it’s thoughtful and creative content inspired and built upon the works of small and insignificant ESvidrs”
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Hace 14 días
“You just *had* to take that drag show ok the road”
no -doubt-er
no -doubt-er Hace 17 días
garbage movie
? ? channel
? ? channel Hace 18 días
Jon solo vid copycat.
Pablo Kiely
Pablo Kiely Hace 19 días
I didn’t know you’re now copying John solo.
Sconne Rangkynsai
Sconne Rangkynsai Hace 25 días
How does it feels to be a thief????
NO IMAGE Hace 28 días
Just came to dislike. Stop ripping off other's content
maile vega
maile vega Hace 29 días
Yes your the bad origin messing up kids minds
Tampa User
Tampa User Hace un mes
What the hell? How much footage did you use from the Chinese made live-action without mentioning it until 3/4 of the way through your review. Very confusing. Was the footage of her suicide from the Disney movie or the chinese movie? What a mess you've made here.
Alphonse Megara
Alphonse Megara Hace un mes
American pronunciations of Chinese words make me rather dizzy
Coyote Bones
Coyote Bones Hace un mes
Mulan also showed up in Once Upon a Time.
_i_am_a_walrus_ Hace un mes
when u know the vid could be fake but u watch it anyways
Bench TV Films
Bench TV Films Hace un mes
Why Lea Salonga not to sing Reflection in that Movie?
_herokiller.stvin_ YT
Sketchy Getchey
Sketchy Getchey Hace un mes
Jon Solo shot first
kalaoahaole Hace un mes
Same historical proof as jesus... more maybe because Her story doesn't precisely parallel a thousand others that came before it and Her name is at least possible/real (look up when J was invented, what christ's name really was) LMAO
Mira El
Mira El Hace un mes
I wanna see a movie about that Princess :D
Mira El
Mira El Hace un mes
I watched Hua Mulan, pretty good one!
dorcolka011 Hace un mes
such and annoying voice, I coudn't listen to the end!
malachi malloy
malachi malloy Hace un mes
Did Jon Solo Write This 4 u?
Nicole Choi
Nicole Choi Hace un mes
jon solo did so much better.
Steve Austin
Steve Austin Hace un mes
Wookong did it first not solo
lilwaffle 2018
lilwaffle 2018 Hace un mes
Are you serious you took Jon solos idea so if you guys want real content for Disney stuff and the background of it go to jon solo on youtube
gigie clara
gigie clara Hace un mes
Why did u still from jon solo’s channel?! That’s not fair for small creators
Yana Vaughan
Yana Vaughan Hace un mes
K lauds
K lauds Hace 2 meses
I came here to like all the defend Jon Solo comments... but there's too many! 🤣
Brittany Gresley
Brittany Gresley Hace 2 meses
Good jobs stealing more content from lesser-known creators nice to know originality isn't dead
ROBO KING Hace 2 meses
Ripped off jonsolo u dogs
Valentine Valentino
Valentine Valentino Hace 2 meses
princepss Hace 2 meses
Going around and Copying JonSolo is low.
Antonites Ferdinand
Antonites Ferdinand Hace 2 meses
if only Jon Solo sued
The SammyVerse
The SammyVerse Hace 23 días
If only he could sue.
Antonites Ferdinand
Antonites Ferdinand Hace 2 meses
Antonites Ferdinand
Antonites Ferdinand Hace 2 meses
Random overpopulated world ideas
the reboot of planet of the apes was successful in profit terms not in film terms.
Random overpopulated world ideas
copy cats
selftaughtinfection Hace 2 meses
Jon shot first, and also did this video first. You are garbage.
I’m Lost
I’m Lost Hace 2 meses
They stole this frome Jon solo
Joselito Tejada
Joselito Tejada Hace 2 meses
Y'all be stealing from Jon Solo.
fix Hace 2 meses
I honestly think Mulan was nothing but a mythical legend. I mean put a bunch of guys in one tent, and for some weird reason this one dude never walks around naked or at least shirtless. Wouldnt any of u feels weird? After 12 years everybody would be suspicious. But if she is real, then she is really a phenomenal figure
Leanna Bies
Leanna Bies Hace 2 meses
“420 and 589” Me: *there is a message*
Surbhi Hace 2 meses
But they remove 🐉 dragon 😟😔😧
M Vo
M Vo Hace 2 meses
What movie is that @ 7:40
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Hace 2 meses
Oprah would have been perfect for the role.
Ricardo Elizondo
Ricardo Elizondo Hace 2 meses
Mulan did not exist she's a complete work of fiction why did so many Americans think she's real
Future S.D.M
Future S.D.M Hace 2 meses
I don't care about the stories witch version is true i know only thing she was a brave women who took a step and join the army which is extraordinary for the that time
Wolfram Salvatore
Wolfram Salvatore Hace 2 meses
Fa Mulan. The surname they got is Fa. not Hua. Right
Cassandra Amore
Cassandra Amore Hace 2 meses
Why have you copied Jon solo how dare you very disappointed
Arialle Lee
Arialle Lee Hace 2 meses
There are more than one female general in Chinese history...
Owen Hopkins
Owen Hopkins Hace 2 meses
99.99% of these comments: jAn SoLO 00.01%: this one
J Martinez
J Martinez Hace 2 meses
Jon solo
Mia Bella
Mia Bella Hace 2 meses
I swear disney does this with like every film they make.
Lexis Tf
Lexis Tf Hace 2 meses
Shut the hell up about Jon solo
AannW Rootbeer
AannW Rootbeer Hace 2 meses
There is also a Chinese Drama/Comedy that actually takes the tale of Mulan in a different aspect. It is called Oh, My General and down right an hilarious drama. The General is actually a female character that is more masculine in her nature while her husband that has been appointed by the emperor after she announces her gender to her army and the world, is more feminine in nature. Together, it is just down right a hilarious combination.
Shadec1 Hace 2 meses
@screen rant, i agree disney ruins many things but maybe we need to ensure the actors are not to blame for these fake films, in videos like this you may want to mention that...
woohyukikkoku Hace 2 meses
“Hoo-wah” urrrrrggghhhh no! It’s 1 syllable: “Hua”. That’s it.
jeff wei
jeff wei Hace 2 meses
You couldn’t take five seconds to learn the proper way to say Mulan’s last name? It’s not “hoo-ahh,” it’s one syllable, just Hua. Same with Tang, and Zhang Ziyi.
Faith Petry
Faith Petry Hace 2 meses
what movie does he show clips of?
权智星 Hace 2 meses
Mulan is hero everybody know her in China
Mimo Beans
Mimo Beans Hace 2 meses
no evidence except millions of texts/stories that mulan existed- she never existed no evidence except millions of texts that jesus existed-WE JUST HAVENT FOUND THEM YET!!!
One Conn
One Conn Hace 2 meses
Kahn welcomes women and foreign soldiers that survived in his army if they were good worriers from what I’ve been told. He also kind of invented recycling
Liza F
Liza F Hace 2 meses
Jon shot first!
Dominique Z
Dominique Z Hace 2 meses
No idea who Jon solo is but apparently you ‘copied his ESvid video’ lmao
Bu luvly
Bu luvly Hace 2 meses
He dose thing like this but way better. And they did copy it. He did it first and their research is better.
Carol Huang
Carol Huang Hace 2 meses
What abt when she was on her period??
Kong Hace 2 meses
Of course there are female warriors. Do westerners not know of the top 3 martial arts clans of China? They are Shaolin as number one all martials arts originate from in China. Second the Taoist sect wuhan mountain. 3rd is the female sect I forget how to translate the name into English but. This is the typical main female sect that turns women into warriors. And yes it does exist. These are the top 3 martial arts clans in China anyway. Male monks taoist monks and female monks/nuns Notice all the best martial arts warriors are mostly monks though.
SHELLEY DEE Hace 2 meses
The bathing wasn’t the problem, it was how she was able to keep her ‘’menses’’ every time she had her monthly period.
lovlies seay
lovlies seay Hace 2 meses
He said "drathed " like it was WWIII
Sketch __
Sketch __ Hace 2 meses
I'm very glad they are remaking it with more historical background
K. Austria
K. Austria Hace 2 meses
Violette Summer
Violette Summer Hace 2 meses
I think the girl from Green Destiny sequel should've taken the role
Michael L.
Michael L. Hace 2 meses
Pathetic COPYCAT.
Angel Hace 3 meses
Mulan did not HAVE to hide herself or disguise herself as a man. That is incorrect. In China at the time it was permitted for women to join the military and she simply did. She was a known skilled warrior already.
Xue Li
Xue Li Hace 3 meses
Mulan was not even Chinese she was from Xianbei race.
Angela Yue
Angela Yue Hace 3 meses
Less commenting, more reporting.
stephom Hace 3 meses
How you steal from my guy jon solo
studioskim3 Hace 3 meses
What if she actually existed, but the Chinese historians chose to delete her history to stop any crazy ventures by female adventurists?
Mary Wilkinson
Mary Wilkinson Hace 3 meses
And so that weird black and white photo had nothing to do with this...
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