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More about the trick: www.riddleministry.com/riddles/cards-in-the-dark/1333/
Mismag822's tutorial and demonstration: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-VaNCbEduGm0.html
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Michael Stevens
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Hannah Canetti
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Jack Merline
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18 may 2019

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Comentarios 3 981
James Mueller
James Mueller Hace 2 horas
Jesus Christ would you look at that beard
Sobering Giraffe
Sobering Giraffe Hace 4 horas
So Vsause channel is dead or what
Memes4Lyfe Hace 13 horas
FaCe Up guys 😎🤙🏻
Kevin Escalante
Kevin Escalante Hace 17 horas
I'm so sure Michael started to smoke cannabis
Shanine Edwards
Shanine Edwards Hace 18 horas
Who's hannah
Awesome Quiche
Awesome Quiche Hace un día
When no one is home and I’m left to my devices 4:03
Awesome Quiche
Awesome Quiche Hace un día
The joke is that it sounds like he’s masterbating
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
Anodyne Melody
Anodyne Melody Hace un día
Nemo_is_a_weeb Hace un día
4:06 **has seizure** acts like nothing happens ten seconds later
Otto Fredrick
Otto Fredrick Hace un día
4:06 when u bout to 🥜
Virgil Hariu
Virgil Hariu Hace un día
4:06 when you have Vietnam flashbacks
Elijah D Grant
Elijah D Grant Hace 2 días
thanos pillowcase will make everything equal
galactakit Hace 2 días
5:34 *yeet*
Polo 10k
Polo 10k Hace 2 días
911k views later...
Joshua O
Joshua O Hace 2 días
0:45 perfectly balanced as all things should be.
Nickthe Gazelle
Nickthe Gazelle Hace 3 días
TheOtherWhiteNerd Hace 3 días
I’m... so confused. Michael? You okay buddy?
Zashura Hace 3 días
Making things equal? What is this? The pillowcase of *red* terror?
BeardyTime0901 Hace 3 días
4:04 my mom walked in my room
VKA_CarvedSix09 Hace 3 días
Michael please stop taking acid
Mike Palmer
Mike Palmer Hace 3 días
7:06 Uh-oh, sounds like the men in white coats are coming to pick up our friend Michael :(
Cruhatt Hace 3 días
*wazzaaaaaaaaaap D!NGDONGERS, it's me, D!NGSAUCE*
Kalp Shah
Kalp Shah Hace 3 días
Great acting’s
Kill3rCat Hace 3 días
Michael definitely got stranger after three days of isolation.
Kamaine Gamer
Kamaine Gamer Hace 3 días
Wassup D!NG Sauce
Fantomp Hace 3 días
Michale: There are 11 face up cards in two piles of cards and there are 7 in each Me: Nani?!
mesofummy lol
mesofummy lol Hace 3 días
I'd been wondering what 'hey vsauce Michael here' had been up to? Growing a beard is the not very exciting answer it seems
ForTheWinTCG Hace 3 días
Why did I hold my breath?
Mohannad Karkoukli
Mohannad Karkoukli Hace 4 días
This is now relaxing
Aaron Silas
Aaron Silas Hace 4 días
I have questions...
ImABird Hace 4 días
That pillow case makes things that are imbalanced equal... The pillow is Thanos in disguise
Silas Lemming
Silas Lemming Hace 4 días
I love how Michael's insanity increases every time he uploads a new video
Crash Lag
Crash Lag Hace 2 días
Insanity ends at 5:30
TurtleToast270 Hace 4 días
I love how he changed after psychedelics 💙💙💙 we need more like him
weed m
weed m Hace 4 días
why doesn't he just upload these to his original chanell?
Aye Lmao
Aye Lmao Hace 4 días
wanna taste my DING SAUCE?
Big Solid Boss
Big Solid Boss Hace 4 días
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson Hace 4 días
has michael gone mad
Valen Cheung
Valen Cheung Hace 4 días
TED-Ed riddle esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-pnSw8g3DPHw.html
5ky65z3r Hace 4 días
Do inline now guys
CallMeWaverDude Hace 4 días
when mom is out of the room 4:06
Hassan Zia
Hassan Zia Hace 4 días
4:04 me when touches math book
NoriMori Hace 4 días
4:07 - Michael, do you need some alone time?
Javier Horacio
Javier Horacio Hace 4 días
4:03 when u nut and she keeps sucking😂
God Awful Content
God Awful Content Hace 4 días
Michael is falling apart at the seams.
Noahprogamer 09865
Noahprogamer 09865 Hace 4 días
when you nut but she keep sucking 4.04
Noahprogamer 09865
Noahprogamer 09865 Hace 4 días
AaronZ_0 Hace 4 días
4:39 Why is it sooo satisfying to watch Micheal put down cards ;-;
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos Hace 4 días
4:05 when she giving head
NinjaPuppy Hace 4 días
The pillowcase of terror when you say the universe is unbalanced Pillow: *Fine, I'll do it myself*
AVEy GRAVy Hace 4 días
are you okay
-_- Hace 4 días
Is Michael OK?
BON3S McCOY Hace 4 días
Hes just making material specifically for sauce out of context
Simon Maswabi
Simon Maswabi Hace 4 días
Michael is too awesome:)
Shir Tsarfati
Shir Tsarfati Hace 4 días
Guys I think michael is losing it but I'm staying forever
Obey Silence
Obey Silence Hace 5 días
D!NG U AKBAR! BOOOOOM!!! PS: Sorry I had to.
Yahegao Hace 5 días
"I take everything that is out of balance, and I make it equal." *_S N A P_*
Minoan Light
Minoan Light Hace 5 días
What’s going on with this guy? At moments he’s really scaring me. He’s not like he was while he was running Vsauce.
jax oliver
jax oliver Hace 5 días
michael is so hot
Jsweizston Hace 5 días
Love the beard mountain man. Started mine 2 years ago and never stopped.
Kaexotix Hace 6 días
Michael flexing his card skills. :D
enkay 007
enkay 007 Hace 6 días
7:09 mom: hey what the hell you doing in there? me:watch me do a magic trick ma!!
Random Dogface
Random Dogface Hace 6 días
4:10 🤣
John Dualé
John Dualé Hace 6 días
I'm not gonna do what you say because i AM ThE PILLoWCaSE Of TERrOR
Elite_Insomniac _
Elite_Insomniac _ Hace 6 días
michael are u ok
Brad Cozine
Brad Cozine Hace 6 días
1:40 ...and THAT is how a DONG becomes a D!NG.
DanDanBinks Hace 6 días
nice now do something with your urine filled mason jar of terror...
Ultimorph Ultimorph
Ultimorph Ultimorph Hace 6 días
Soooo....... you call this content?
BigBlitZ Hace 6 días
When you cum, but she keeps on riding. 4:06
Emil Funk
Emil Funk Hace 6 días
I miss Vsauce...
MR. fanatic ;-;
MR. fanatic ;-; Hace 6 días
Hana: yeah
DigidyDOG Gaming
DigidyDOG Gaming Hace 6 días
I still know that you really are "How to Basic"
James Hace 6 días
Love that your leaning into the comedy more😂
Oliver the cat
Oliver the cat Hace 6 días
4:06 When you already nutted but she keeps sucking.
cookeddan1 Hace 6 días
Michael and i have the same watch!
The Meme Fuhrer
The Meme Fuhrer Hace 6 días
Micheal is a master of comedy
Gollem's Gaming
Gollem's Gaming Hace 6 días
I cant watch this. I made it 3 mins in and this isn't the michael I know.. Sorry man
Megatarious Azule
Megatarious Azule Hace 6 días
gud pne.
Nick Barker
Nick Barker Hace 6 días
This intro was so good and so funny. Then the whole video stayed that way. haha great video
CheeseBon Hace 6 días
Where can i buy one of those pillow cases?
Tool Jockey
Tool Jockey Hace 6 días
Please return to Vsauce
Chaos Tempo
Chaos Tempo Hace 6 días
4:05 when you nut and she keeps sucking
Faraaz Hace 6 días
Micheal: open the pillow. FBI: FBI OPEN UP!!! Me: still likes the video😉👍
Chris Smale
Chris Smale Hace 6 días
4:07 when you nut but she still succ
khadijah zaman
khadijah zaman Hace 6 días
That intro tho
Vixe Vinweria
Vixe Vinweria Hace 7 días
Congratulations you used a pillow case to make math less interesting than it would have been on it's own.
Ba'aler Hace 7 días
4:07 making that DONG SAUCE
6ZSlim Gaming
6ZSlim Gaming Hace 7 días
Who else saw this trick in his Vsauce channel first?
Davy Ker
Davy Ker Hace 7 días
Somehow you were able to make me feel scared of a damn pillowcase
amarkhuu Oyunbayar
amarkhuu Oyunbayar Hace 7 días
i am so proud of this community
discodairy Hace 7 días
4:07 when you nut but she keep sucking
Venoms GT
Venoms GT Hace 7 días
4:10 when u nut but she keeps sucking
Andrew Sallans
Andrew Sallans Hace 7 días
Dong sauce
DANK COMMAND Hace 7 días
At this point you're just shitposting
Nathan Haaren
Nathan Haaren Hace 7 días
The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success. - Bruce Feirstein
GLaDOS Hace 7 días
Got to love the awkward pause
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez Hace 7 días
No One: Drama Club Michael: The pillowcase of TERROR
NotYou Hace 7 días
4:06 Special Ed kid when teacher asks him to sit down.
Elmo21 Hace 7 días
4:51 lol wut?
Connor Leek
Connor Leek Hace 7 días
I stg I'm on something rn
12 btw
12 btw Hace 7 días
4:05 when you nut for the first time
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