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More about the trick: www.riddleministry.com/riddles/cards-in-the-dark/1333/
Mismag822's tutorial and demonstration: esvid.net/video/vídeo-VaNCbEduGm0.html
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Michael Stevens
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Hannah Canetti
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Jack Merline
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18 may 2019






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Comentarios 4 168
Gulshan Kumar
Gulshan Kumar Hace 3 días
When it was vsauce i liked it better. Even the content was better
mad director TV
mad director TV Hace 5 días
i think michael is going crazy...
A Potato
A Potato Hace 8 días
thats a pretty rude way to treat a friend
lolnope 64
lolnope 64 Hace 9 días
Pillowcase: *makes things equal People who watched avengers 3: *happy Thanos noises*
Sung Sivongxay
Sung Sivongxay Hace 11 días
"whats uuuuuuup ding dongers" - Micheal.
cml Hace 13 días
He was never the same after the isolation
Ana Maria
Ana Maria Hace 13 días
When you're depressed extrovert and stuck alone at home just for a day
Ana Maria
Ana Maria Hace 13 días
I want what he smokes
Xoda_LiberatedGem Hace 15 días
0:30 vsauce out of context???
Jim Medcraft
Jim Medcraft Hace 16 días
Probably my favourite channel at the moment, big fan
Ashley Parr
Ashley Parr Hace 16 días
But can u explain y I still held my breath lmao😂😂
AnnaIsNotABanana Hace 18 días
I’ve been binge watching vsauce for the past few days and just found this channel I have no words, all I can say is that I’m slightly scared and concerned for ding-dong Michael
leafbelly Hace 19 días
Hey, remember me? I think I saw you at that Cincinnati graveyard. I was the guy break-dancing.
James Flowers
James Flowers Hace 22 días
Psychiatrist- Why don’t you tell me about the pillowcase? Michael- hey vsauce! Michael here. Psychiatrist- Michael, focus. Michael- what is focus, and how do we know how many moons Saturn has? Psychiatrist- stop. Michael- exactly! How can we stop, and if we did would we be immortal..? And as always, thanks for watching! Psychiatrist- ffs...
Pizza Hace 23 días
I'm so confused
Leo McEdgeLord
Leo McEdgeLord Hace 24 días
Ding sauce he called the name change
Seihoukeh DragonDramon
This is just Michael's Requiem Stand
Statsdot Zip :p
Statsdot Zip :p Hace 27 días
I think he’s lost it
sayed abdul basit
sayed abdul basit Hace 27 días
Please ship curiosity box to pakistan
Karl Mags
Karl Mags Hace 28 días
4:04 When you nut and she keeps on sucking
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga Hace un mes
4:05 listen with your eyes closed and comment what you think he's doing
Shiva Reddy
Shiva Reddy Hace un mes
Legend says that Math is still trying to figure out what happened to the x.
Elijah Thompson
Elijah Thompson Hace un mes
D!NG is kinda cringe though
27.3% Hace un mes
4:05 when she give that good succ
Dragon Slayer Ornstein
Can't wait for this to be taken out of context.
Kostas02Liger Hace un mes
I can clearly see Pyrrhus . So you lied there aren't only philosophers
ItsBrucie 666
ItsBrucie 666 Hace un mes
@ 04:05 *when you bust a nut, but she keeps on succing*
Mustafa Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa Hace un mes
Does anyone else get there OCD triggered by how the pillowcase is looked up
Super Clutch
Super Clutch Hace un mes
i love the intro wazzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuupppp dingdongers! its me, DINGSAUCE
Jackson Overweg
Jackson Overweg Hace un mes
I need to breathe. Stop letting go!
Yuty Ultra
Yuty Ultra Hace un mes
This is quality content
Asdf Dude
Asdf Dude Hace un mes
2016: "Hey, Vsauce! Michael here." 2019: 4:06
Creative Genius
Creative Genius Hace un mes
Eating pizza and drinking coffee while watching Michael do magic tricks is pretty cool 👍
Amit Raj
Amit Raj Hace un mes
50 Rupaya kaat iska !!
OrlandoGamer 2000
OrlandoGamer 2000 Hace un mes
Is it real?
KanepiSFM Hace un mes
that's a pretty convincing scream edit : you're acually a really good actor
Musical Outlaw
Musical Outlaw Hace un mes
4:05 when grandma drops her spoon under the table with a toothless smile
Josh Combs
Josh Combs Hace un mes
While you were in Cincinnati, I hope you didn't eat any chilli.
CallMeBottomText YT
4:16 when see keeps sucking after you cum
Why do I have six subscribers
Terrifying. That pillowcase is gonna give me nightmares for a month.
Red Hace un mes
This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill- Michael has gone completely batshit
Nexxus CaTz
Nexxus CaTz Hace un mes
Michael is an amazing actor
Bazooka Llama Productions
i want michaels dong back.
Bazooka Llama Productions
dong sauce.
Bazooka Llama Productions
i once put a pillowcase over a kids head arms and shoulders and he couldnt get it off. dont worry, i was 30, too young to know any better.
BornFree Hace un mes
I’ve said it before. He’s becoming a human cartoon character. It’s pedantic and boorish
faheeta Hace un mes
7:06 The cops are chasing the pillow of terror.
Lord of Banana
Lord of Banana Hace un mes
Guys this is what solitary confinement does to you. Scary sruff.
OllieRoseB Hace un mes
save him
DarkDonutt Hace un mes
So close that he said "wazzaaaaaaaa dingdongers its me dongsauce" But I think he tought about it :U
Cosmic Blade
Cosmic Blade Hace un mes
4:06 when u nut but she keep sucking
Orion D. Hunter
Orion D. Hunter Hace un mes
You flipped one >:((((((((
Donald Roberson
Donald Roberson Hace un mes
I'm gonna do acid and watch this. I am 100% serious.
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson Hace un mes
The maths behind this trick are as magical as the trick itself.
UN Frown
UN Frown Hace un mes
4:14 I guess I paused the right time.
znabela minecraftiano
Am I the only one that noticed the red lines (one next to the memo's right corner, and the other one on the switch left corner) at around minute 8:47? (This is a screenshot I took: imgur.com/a/Ir7hTU2. I also checked more than twice, the red lines are always there and weren't just a one time graphics bug of my computer)
rene cabuhan
rene cabuhan Hace un mes
After analyzing it. I guess number of cards are 51 and 1 csrd is double sided . A card that is double sided. So that if the facing card is an odd numbers.then wether that number of facing card is odd, 1 card is double sided. It is always even . Coinsedence cannot happen often as that
alan littlemoon
alan littlemoon Hace un mes
Yer a strange fella arencha Michael? Not complainin' mind ya.
Blok Vader
Blok Vader Hace un mes
4:05 Yo was someone under the table giving you head?
Bread Dog
Bread Dog Hace un mes
Does anyone know where I can get those Greek philosopher playing cards?
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