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From the outer reaches of space to the backwoods of southern Georgia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black’s explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe’s most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before. And only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and an evolutionary biology professor can prevent the end of the human race.
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Directed by: Shane Black
Written by: Fred Dekker & Shane Black
Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski
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The Predator | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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26 jun 2018

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Comentarios 13 998
Very Fighter
Very Fighter Hace un día
yeah i've watched it ... so cool .. no matter what people say that this film is ugly
Marko Damirovic
Marko Damirovic Hace 3 días
What's a diference between this movie and Alien Predator 2018 movie ?? Can someone explain to me, pls ..
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S Dew
S Dew Hace 3 días
the predator did not needed to evolve... it was fine the way it was, and this movie seems to be.. meh!!, dont know why, but seeing this trailer i think i just saw the whole movie.. and no thx.. dont look fantastic..
ThEmIglesias Hace 3 días
Jumpscares: 0:28 1:12 2:09
Basharat Mahmood
Basharat Mahmood Hace 4 días
They should have put 2 super predator in the movie. Now we have the super predator it would be good to see him take on the Queen alien.
frank hernandez
frank hernandez Hace 5 días
theres only so many you can make and avp was already getting corny this is just plain stupid what are they running out of ideas? heres one make a moive about call of duty video game epic sales should make a good moive if they do it right!
丹乃ひナ尺E 〆
丹乃ひナ尺E 〆
Sou foda
Ramesh 123
Ramesh 123 Hace 6 días
not worth this before series i am watched this movie
Rebekah Campbell
Rebekah Campbell Hace 7 días
Why is it R rated?!!!?!?!?!?
С В Hace 7 días
это не хищник, это вариация на тему трансформеров, настоящий хищник придёт и это будет не комедия, это будет серьёзный боевик
Official Leotique.
Official Leotique. Hace 7 días
I looooove Olivia Munn
С В Hace 7 días
какой же тупой фильм какой смысл было менять боевую фантастику на комедийный стиль трансформеров, деньги? классический фильм с шварцнейгером собрал мало денег?
Rosario Serci
Rosario Serci Hace 8 días
Please stop do predators movies without Arnold Schwarzenegger...no make sense...I'm terrified....keeping saying the first one remains the best ever...no reason to watch the others...I'm very disappoint...
The Predator
The Predator Hace 8 días
I lik theat mhouvie
AeroDrumltd Hace 9 días
The Disney Film script algorithm is used by all now. The algorithm - how to downgrade any good franchise or idea to a 12 years old mind. Unfortunately we will see more of that in the coming years. Long live Ridley and Cameroon - the last ones with integrity. The kids are losing also.
George Donaldson
George Donaldson Hace 9 días
This looks shite.
andy smith
andy smith Hace 10 días
Not once in the trailer does it look like the predators use their cloaks which for me is very worrying! The beauty of an predator movie to come across to the viewer that there hardly any vulnerabilities to the hunt!
Charly Brown
Charly Brown Hace 10 días
BTC 1JJqS8nd5QqevwHFJMyhdhHZq1wdK5YMSe
just watched it and i cant say its not worth the ticket money its one of the movies that should go straight to dvd
BTC 1JJqS8nd5QqevwHFJMyhdhHZq1wdK5YMSe
why did the series become so bad
Darin Weaver
Darin Weaver Hace 10 días
Who will be first MCU or DCU to cross them over or Aliens. All kind s of stories line's
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton Hace 10 días
if there was any surprise in the movie it's been ruined in the trailer
vucko1337 Hace 10 días
all previous movies were better than this one , also i dont like main actor. And trailer shows too much ....
Sam LSD Hace 11 días
I was expecting more much better than the classic predator. What the hell?
Sam LSD Hace 11 días
Good on GMC a new SUV
Ha Hiếu
Ha Hiếu Hace 11 días
phim này chiếu lúc nào mà ko thấy ai đăng lên Cho ae xem với nhỉ buồn quá đi...
丹及ひイ尺E YT
丹及ひイ尺E YT Hace 12 días
Naresh Kharat
Naresh Kharat Hace 12 días
Love from India
RpgBlaster Rpg
RpgBlaster Rpg Hace 12 días
Next Movie : Humantor
Yigit Alpman
Yigit Alpman Hace 12 días
this is the best predator we've ever made. featuring the same ol predator and the predator xs max. including the largest plasma cannon ever on a predator.
CtWolffe Hace 13 días
All predator movies were and are the best in my opinion
Lee Barrett
Lee Barrett Hace 13 días
If the movie is like the trailer, it's a renter at best... So disappointing. How can you take such a great character like the Predator and create such a crap movie? Who writes this poo? Let me know if you want a "real" story line for a Predator movie or a Star Trek, Star Wars, Galaxy Quest or Ghostbusters. I'll hook you up.
Chinmaya Alur
Chinmaya Alur Hace 14 días
Haha classic Key, always there to drop a line in the worst situation xD
fuad77 walker
fuad77 walker Hace 14 días
Baby 👶 predator movie .is worse movie ever .
Ian Horner
Ian Horner Hace 14 días
That was one of the most incoherently edited trailers I've ever seen
Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez Hace 14 días
I heard the movie was bad😂😂
Chief Keef Sosa Batman
Jesus Jimenez it was actually good
Dwyane Deloney
Dwyane Deloney Hace 15 días
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ASMR. Roleplay
ASMR. Roleplay Hace 15 días
where can i see this film wich website
Blake Hamilton
Blake Hamilton Hace 15 días
I loved this movie
Specialized 29er
Specialized 29er Hace 15 días
Love the space scenes, amazing footage.
TheTatermeister Hace 16 días
If only the movie was as good as this trailer xD
Mebor Aquino
Mebor Aquino Hace 16 días
When i see this movie it better be good
Mebor Aquino
Mebor Aquino Hace 16 días
Umm that red Predator is a bad blooded Predator 😶
juna karcy
juna karcy Hace 16 días
🔴 Watch Movie *"PREDAT0R (20I8)* t.co/hzjzKwuTbW Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!
azkia almaira
azkia almaira Hace 16 días
Chanel 9
Chanel 9 Hace 16 días
*_THE PREDATOR FULL MOVIE_* ► plus.google.com/110881384164247351461/posts/AKNQ6n578zk
NaimTUBE HD Hace 16 días
That Scares me at 2:29!!!! I'm 12, born 2006, i don't know about the 80s but i watched the movie.
Chanel 9
Chanel 9 Hace 16 días
*_THE PREDATOR FULL MOVIE_* ► plus.google.com/110881384164247351461/posts/AKNQ6n578zk
Zeynep Öz
Zeynep Öz Hace 16 días
Çok güzel bir filmdi tavsiye ederim👍
Andrew Slazmo
Andrew Slazmo Hace 17 días
This movie has to be one of / if not the worst franchise movie sequels I've ever seen...
Raziel Ali
Raziel Ali Hace 17 días
If I was a film director I'd make a predator film with Arnold as the leading role and in this movie he has a son and many years after his first encounter the predator from the jungle had a clan that was never shown, but in this film his clan somehow makes in into the city where Arnold lives and begins an invasion to completely wipe out the city's population and eventually the state's. While Arnold and his family haven't heard of it he begins hearing reports of a "terrorist" attack and is concerned like everyone else is. Then throughout the next few days there are multiple attacks near his location and as he reads the reports and autopsy reports he learns that multiple people were skinned and strung up from their legs and that's when it gets to the setting of the movie as he fears what happened in the jungle is happening again; But with that knowledge and him being older, he knows what to do and needs help to stop whatever is happening. That is just a plot I've come up with that sounds legit in my opinion.
Melissa Shon
Melissa Shon Hace 17 días
Looks like suicide squad but with an actual enemy
Rumpleforeskin Hace 17 días
I'm really glad I illegally streamed this as opposed to paying $18 to go watch this shite in a room full of stale farts, sweaty seats and popcorn kernel-coated floors.
ldn22 O.
ldn22 O. Hace 17 días
I understand how a fan from the original predator wouldn’t like this movie but this was awesome
onlythewise1 Hace 18 días
they did a good job on this one, was a genius helping them make this movie Hollywood does it agin
obiwancc Hace 18 días
I saw the movie today, I thought it was good. It was a little over the top, but I like over the top movies. It's a solid 8/10 for me
Zeyn O MatiC
Zeyn O MatiC Hace 18 días
Where's Arnold when you need him???
hassan khan
hassan khan Hace 18 días
I saw the movie.... Wasted
Svein Engelsgjerd
Svein Engelsgjerd Hace 18 días
Well done, well done - copy everything every other modern movie does, same colors, same camera angles, same sound style, same everything - because everybody these days follow templates! yeah , that's the stuff! It sells (or so you think) - It has to be good when everybody does and look the same right? No original thinking, no inventions, no creativity! Best of luck for the future!
子indigo Hace 18 días
But I like the movie tho 🙃
Woosher Dooser
Woosher Dooser Hace 18 días
Stupid PUPPETOR movie
mertali terzi
mertali terzi Hace 18 días
MadPlayerSS Hace 18 días
Marta Markati
Marta Markati Hace 18 días
omg...this movie is SO BAD, it's embarrassing! There is no other word to describe....
capital monopoly
capital monopoly Hace 18 días
I will not watch this even if they pay me, what a garbage
flukeman022 Hace 18 días
The guy played Predator and predator 2 was about 7"3 the actor for this "super predator" is 6"9 but in the movie they said he's 11ft. But when I watched it both predators is way too short just by looking at them! IMO Including all other factors this is the most insulting movie of the franchise.
Ramon Paz
Ramon Paz Hace 19 días
This is the worst ever predator movie they ever made its so boring everybody in the theater fell asleep on it no action just jokes almost the whole movie they make jokes like wtf
Thiago Yuri
Thiago Yuri Hace 19 días
Dreamzkape Hace 19 días
Haven't seen this yet, but I look forward to seeing it despite the mixed reviews to make up my own mind. Saw a few clips posted on ESvid, which impressed me, as you have finally... *FINALLY* included the Yautja dialogue. Quite frankly, if there's to be another Predator film, I would rather see the Predators themselves as central characters and jump more into their culture with much more dialogue between them, studying the humans etc. The Predator franchise has come such a long way since the first film. The Predator isn't just a background villain anymore. In the wake of dozens and dozens of comic books, novels, games, maybe it's time to do a film, or even a short TV series of a few episodes, that focuses mostly and solely on the Predators themselves: hunts, traditions, honour, dishonour, clans, bloodlines... I'm sure a majority of Predator fans would be interested in possibly seeing this as opposed to the usual formula, which has been present in 3 of the 4 movies, as I've not seen this 4th instalment yet.
gowtham gowtham
gowtham gowtham Hace 19 días
Earauka Valion
Earauka Valion Hace 20 días
i just saw it. Worst Predators movie ever, 60 min of stupid jokes kinda like Robert Downey on Ironman 3 + 20 mins of cheap CGI effects kinda like...Ironman 3, just to end the movie with.... LOL surprise a superhero suit who looks like Ironman armor !! LOL now guys go run and blame SJW and all female casting about Hollywood decadence.
Dzirt D'Urden
Dzirt D'Urden Hace 20 días
Director Idiot. Why.......????? It's more badly than AVP requiem or same. 3/10
Adam Cortez
Adam Cortez Hace 20 días
Mane,,, I saw this whole movie it wasn't all that worth a hype about it, Stupid they might as well made a cameo with Chris Hansen cover all in mudd in the movie Yeah "to catch a Predator"....
nine77 Hace 20 días
Eventhough this movie is 2:29 minutes long,I still fast forwarded to the end.
Ray Drae
Ray Drae Hace 21 un día
*Notice* i am a fan of all predator movies EXCEPT "THE PREDATOR 2018" it is and i quote "a bullshit movie"! how can you turn a action/adventure/thriller into a gaaah dam comedy freak show?! i waiting to see predator and i ended up walking out of the movie....stupid acting, stupid jokes, stupid ideas...what the hell were y'all thinking...this was suppose to be the holygrail of predator movies...instead it turned up to be a syfy movies with scenes and ideas all over the place...a cursing kid...unnecessary cursing...why put the movie in the hand of a child...and they way everyone was just exciting and laughing ready to fight a giant predator....omg it is the worst movie of the year! and the worst predator! this movie killed all the efforts of the previous predator....thats sad! don't try to even make a sequel! just don't.....
杨瑞 Hace 21 un día
Full movie address: www.au-film.com/movie/29608-the-predator.html
杨瑞 Hace 21 un día
Nuri Yıldız
Nuri Yıldız Hace 21 un día
Neden Filim Vizyona Sinamaya Girmiyo Hep Fregman
Secret bun
Secret bun Hace 21 un día
*"1987 predator film"* wow!!! look at this badass soldiers. imma challenge them *"today's predator film"* imma capture this autistic kid and take its dna to become the better autistic predator
A7mad Ksa
A7mad Ksa Hace 21 un día
على ما يبدو انه رائع
Searth Ngeam
Searth Ngeam Hace 21 un día
Next Title in the Franchise: To Catch a Predator, starring Chris Hanson
Тишина Hace 21 un día
Worst predator movie,ever.
Albert Smith
Albert Smith Hace 21 un día
the movie suc'd! wah happened to another AVP?
Fritz Seager
Fritz Seager Hace 21 un día
Totally shitshit film. Dont go and watch it !!Waisting money,.
ABNÉ Hace 22 días
Bad movie.
ReinoldFZ Hace 22 días
Thank you for the trailer. With that is enough.
Éire !
Éire ! Hace 22 días
Seen it tonight,it reminded me of when the A-Team meets the predators !!
florisan grace pama
florisan grace pama Hace 22 días
man thats a yautja mens
fuNNy Highlight
fuNNy Highlight Hace 22 días
0:41 best part
Greihc Loughppg
Greihc Loughppg Hace 22 días
the movie is showing how american army is all over the continents killing people , but it doesn’t say why ! what is the cause , every soldier was bragging of his killings in each country they mentioned when they were first met on the bus scene !!! just serving the orders if the us army ! a line from the movie a 4th grader boy is saying to a mail man : “ my dad kills people so you can a mail man” !!!!!!! 👎
Digi Byte
Digi Byte Hace 22 días
movie was 'MEH' - its like the new robocop. all bark and no bite. the writer didn't have the experience to write a compelling horror/slasher and instead made campy aliens with cliche franchise tropes
mlgcrazyralph the Channel
Saw it and loved it the best movie of 2018
Norwegian sea
Norwegian sea Hace 23 días
Omg. They Rian Johnsoned it!!
Wraiko Hace 23 días
Wanted leave cinema how bad that movie was
Jorge Nievas
Jorge Nievas Hace 23 días
Some know where you can download or see it online
Epiccomedy Hace 23 días
Movie is around 10 dollars on theaters lol
Neil Yakuza
Neil Yakuza Hace 23 días
A continuación
I LOVE Venom
Hace 2 días