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From the outer reaches of space to the backwoods of southern Georgia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black’s explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe’s most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before. And only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and an evolutionary biology professor can prevent the end of the human race.
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Directed by: Shane Black
Written by: Fred Dekker & Shane Black
Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski
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The Predator | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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26 jun 2018

TrailerThe PredatorBoyd HolbrookTrevante RhodesJacob TremblayKeegan-Michael KeyOlivia MunnSterling K. BrownAlfie AllenThomas JaneAugusto AguileraJake BuseyYvonne StrahovskiShane BlackFred DekkerPredatorThe Predator MoviePredatorsPredator Fan Appthe predator trailernew predator movienew predator trailernew trailerpredator 2018the predator 2018the predator 2018 trailer






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Comentarios 14 281
Anderson Damião
Anderson Damião Hace 12 horas
Very good movie
Witness Vurayayi
Witness Vurayayi Hace 12 horas
just finished watching this movie... lazy writing. crap!
Aryan Aryana
Aryan Aryana Hace un día
the black dude is more scary than a predator
crivi steli
crivi steli Hace un día
worst predator movie in my opinion
Neo Kranjc
Neo Kranjc Hace un día
Am i the only 9ne that likes this movie?
Gašper Vidovič
Gašper Vidovič Hace un día
Awesome movie!!!
ternitamas Hace 2 días
I'd only watch it cause Jacob Tremblay is adorable, the rest looks crappy, time to let this franchise go...
Tideh Hace 2 días
Can't work out which I enjoyed more, the movie or people raging about the movie in these comments *popcorn*
Jason Barfield
Jason Barfield Hace 2 días
O_o 😋
SKS black cat
SKS black cat Hace 2 días
Sanni Meena
Sanni Meena Hace 2 días
and HD Quality
Sanni Meena
Sanni Meena Hace 2 días
wooow nice movie
akshay wayne
akshay wayne Hace 3 días
The actress has some really shitty dialogues in this movie, her acting was good though. It's as if she's trying to be more manly than a man. This movie is heavily soaked in Feminism. They've made predator become a joke for kids. The giant predator who is supposed to be possessing genetics superior than any living creature is killed by man, a woman and a kid. The predator is not supposed to be like hulk, to jump in the center of action, it's supposed to a master in hunting, tracking and assassination, and he's got to look as if he's enjoying doing that.
Bila Omer
Bila Omer Hace 3 días
is it worth to watch anyone?
Miroslav Bogović
Miroslav Bogović Hace 3 días
The worst sequel Predator, completely unwatchable as well as new Star Wars!
Harrison Smith
Harrison Smith Hace 3 días
Looks can be deceiving....
orikimiZZ Hace 3 días
🛑 The Predator 2018 HD Quality ➡ *PLUSHD­­­­.­­­­INFO* Fantastic movie! I recommend to everyone!
Mr S
Mr S Hace 3 días
Make ''Thanos vs Predator''
shookn Hace 3 días
Shitty trailer shitty movie
skguzek Hace 3 días
Predator vs Trump would be a huge hit! Unfortunately this one doesn't even deserve a DVD release
Nerdy Burd Recaps
Nerdy Burd Recaps Hace 6 días
shane black and fred dekker. you have failed this franchise. i gave it a chance, but i couldnt watch it all, tbh. it has a great cast line up and all, but OMG this was god awful. too much comic one-liners and not enough gore.
M Hace 7 días
codcrap22 Hace 7 días
Autism is a deus ex machina in this movie
Imperial Eagle
Imperial Eagle Hace 7 días
I watched this movie ... and I will say this, this is just a mockery of a predator)) and over the whole franchise, this Shaun Black is such a loser and scumbag that has spoiled such a cool topic
Chrissy NZ
Chrissy NZ Hace 7 días
Predator is my favourite movie series, it was the Alien franchise before that. For some reason Predator v Alien 2 is my most fav, love how the human woman & the predator team up. Hope this movie will live up to and even surpass the others!
jinbei49 Hace 7 días
shane black to be blame.
CG FALCON Hace 8 días
Disaster mowie..isus..waste of 2 hours in life.
Nate Stain
Nate Stain Hace 9 días
It's a modern version meant to appeal to a range of audiences. It has blockbuster entertainment value with a lot of cheese factor and crude humor.. basically what sells today. Sterling K Brown is funny in it.. The action isn't all that great though. It wasn't horrible I guess I liked it.
Akecheta Lahpay
Akecheta Lahpay Hace 9 días
I knew I should've trademarked™ that joke!
Kemal Akeren
Kemal Akeren Hace 9 días
They really wasted this franchise with this garbage movie. That was the fuckin worst predator movie out there. Thank you for FUCKIN other one of my favourite franchise . FUCKIN STUPID HOLYWOOD TAKEN OVER BY SJW'S AND BRAINLESS VIRGINS.
xXevilsmilesXx Hace 9 días
Spoilers: It was awful
osmanjaani Hace 9 días
I need a pill for indigestion
Case Closed
Case Closed Hace 9 días
hmm okay trailer
TAN MAN Hace 10 días
That one scene where the woman calls the predator a bass fisher. A better scene would have been. "We don't call him a predator because of what he does, but who he hunts. Us, humans are natural born predators we are on the top of the food chain and hunt to survive and because we can. This creature sees us as a threat to our planet, We are The predators this is just hunting them, hunting us "
Ahfaz Rodriguez
Ahfaz Rodriguez Hace 10 días
Wasting time. Such crap as low budget movie. I think imdb must give rating only 2 or 3
Sky Fall
Sky Fall Hace 10 días
just sad
idonotknowanynames Hace 12 días
This movie stars two Busey's and not one of them is Gary :(
MR.O Hace 12 días
To watch the full movie here Arba7hna.com/mJ3dwAv
pianoandkeys Hace 12 días
Here's my spoiler free review - utter shite
Rich bound
Rich bound Hace 13 días
krayzie_E soBreezy
krayzie_E soBreezy Hace 13 días
Worst at everything this is like the last air bender of shamalan its even worst than will smith with his sons movie. I did finished it though wishing the action would atleast be alright. Nah its just one big disappointment
krayzie_E soBreezy
krayzie_E soBreezy Hace 13 días
This is the stupidest predator movie ever
Tizzy13 Hace 13 días
I was actually quite excited for this movie but after seeing it I can confirm it's trash, easily the worst predator movie. Smh
Kyshuan Washington
Kyshuan Washington Hace 14 días
Bigger predator!
Amei Mask
Amei Mask Hace 14 días
The worst predator movie ever.
Muneer Muneer.n.p
Muneer Muneer.n.p Hace 14 días
Fantastic movie i saw the movie amazing
MyCvid Hace 14 días
Just saw the movie... SAD
Marionette Studios
Marionette Studios Hace 15 días
Look at the infinity war trailer next time you plan on making one, mislead. Dont put everything in the trailer into the movie and definitely DON'T SHOW THE CLIMAX OF THE MOVIE IN THE TRAILER
Aber nicht im ernst?
Aber nicht im ernst? Hace 15 días
Why Murica Hollywood fucked every movie up in the last 5 years.... It's just ridiculous... the retarded minus lvl muricunts are easy to be pleased but the rest of the world want a movie with a good story...
King Shoot
King Shoot Hace 15 días
I'm so dissapointed watched it today it was so bad
Mesoud Guli
Mesoud Guli Hace 15 días
Not worthy to watch only litel boy sean was funny
josh Unknown
josh Unknown Hace 15 días
It was a b movie.
tom prime
tom prime Hace 15 días
Optimus prime : good hunter nice heroes
SV.Lambo Hace 15 días
I really loved the movie it was so differnt and cool
riheg Hace 16 días
This movie is offensive to anybody who love this franchise. The guns don’t sound right, predator weapons sounds like an arcade game, they didn’t bother to hire a real screenwriter, it’s not cut right (scene where they jump on top of the spaceship) The predators can now talk and are subtitled which takes away from the fascination. Predator suits are so over the top that they look cheap and cheesy. Why wouldnt Sony want to make a profit on this? Anyone? Its really bothering me why they didn’t seem to want a hit
farzin nazemi
farzin nazemi Hace 16 días
The kids are watching, and it is fun to them
cutie evee 2
cutie evee 2 Hace 16 días
I just dont get it why people hate this movie
hakime Hace 13 días
They have standards
Oldiebutgoodie Hace 16 días
Honestly, I've held off watching this because of the poor reviews, and I'm pissed off that I did. I just finished watching it (gory version) and thought it was fuckin awesome. Over the top acting, plenty of violence, insane premise, and it took itself seriously. I think Shane Black tried to kill the universe in an almost parody on itself. In doing so, i think he may have created a monster that will spawn several sequels. I'll be sure to watch them, too
VCthaGOATdunker Hace 15 días
You think there will be sequels?
Roni Bose
Roni Bose Hace 17 días
Is the main black guy in the movie related to 50 Cent?? Sure looks like him 🤔
FuMu Hace 17 días
Biggest disappointment of 2018
Raymond XL
Raymond XL Hace 17 días
My rating on this movie: 4/10
cam3lopard Hace 14 días
I'd score it lower, any crappy movie without bare titties deserves less.
Raymond XL
Raymond XL Hace 17 días
If you're gonna watch this movie, just dont have high hopes and you wont be disappointed.
Bang Obet
Bang Obet Hace 17 días
this movie is a joke...thank zeus i downloaded from torrent...its a god damned power rangers movie!!
21xxx21 Hace 17 días
Cringe movie. Some random woman just starts hunting the predator with a TRANQUALIZER GUN, ofcourse!
M K Hace 17 días
This movie is an insult to story telling, science fiction and fictional science!!!!
SwaagKid69 Hace 17 días
fake 21:9
MrFantocan Hace 17 días
I mean didn't the Predators movie already bring up the Super Predators? This one looks like he hits the gym more often but he is pretty much the size of the old ones. I mean not that the movie will only be good if they bring new stuff every time but they hyping it as if this was something new. Old stuff works well too. If well written.
Boydwhen0ffcial Hace 18 días
I think the big predator is his dad
Jupiter rising
Jupiter rising Hace 18 días
I loved it, good story, entertaining, and a little different to, hope they bring another out!
Jean Charles Navet
Jean Charles Navet Hace 18 días
Worst predator movie so fare , worst the Avp lol
Alfharo DJ.
Alfharo DJ. Hace 18 días
bad movie, images of a computerized predator far from that athletic character who inspired respect in the 80s, poor argument, seems made for children and not for their followers
Cody BeenTrill
Cody BeenTrill Hace 18 días
Predator crashed in the jungles of Ghost Recon Wildlands. These facts. Opening scene even has a drug cartel
Sebastian Szarkowicz
Sebastian Szarkowicz Hace 18 días
Just finished the movie. What a profanation for Predator's merchandise! :(
mele host
mele host Hace 18 días
Ouch the propaganda is too thick in this movie. Global Warming ouch that is bull...
cam3lopard Hace 7 días
+AnimeFightsHD mentioned once but it's essential to the plot. It's also reinforced by the fact that intelligent aliens who mastered interstellar travel come to the same conclusion, that it is happening and they must act soon.
AnimeFightsHD Hace 7 días
mele host they mentioned it once o.o but i will cheer you up :) GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!
cam3lopard Hace 14 días
Yeah it's quite forced too. Actually many things are forced into the script and the acting doesn't sell it either ha ha ha.
Kimi Räikkönen
Kimi Räikkönen Hace 18 días
The Predator Writer: Hey boss i wrote a few jokes so that you can choose, which one shall we put in the movie? Shane black: Yes
Joshua Mwendwa
Joshua Mwendwa Hace 18 días
Stupid movie.
John Griffin
John Griffin Hace 18 días
The original Predator is a classic, didn't need the vulgar language that all these newer movies seem to feel the need to include. Now mom jokes? How about a good story first?
jarred2p Hace 18 días
the final nail in the predator franchise
Freshtex Blackman
Freshtex Blackman Hace 19 días
Ok, so just saw this movie & there's a good reason why the trailer's so shitty, the stupid movie just can't make it's mind up whether it's a comedy action or thriller, this movie needs it's very own category, Rated S for Shitty!
Ak47 Hace 19 días
terminator wannabe
صمم و علق
صمم و علق Hace 19 días
Where is the original OST anyway ?
Richard WILSON
Richard WILSON Hace 19 días
*The dialogue, the cheap joke and the guys trying hard to be funny, some poor acting, bad cast, WORSE PREDATOR in the franchise that I had ever seen. No wonder they slightly recovered some cash from the budget production. The movies is a total garbage. I will not recommend this no even VHS illegal download.*
VCthaGOATdunker Hace 15 días
Ultimate Predator is pretty awesome, they just didn't use him right.
Dirty King
Dirty King Hace 19 días
The trailer almost told everything
calinputiciu Hace 19 días
1997 CGI. Looks like low budget.
Enzo Ma
Enzo Ma Hace 20 días
geez, these dialogues are such cringe fest
boost junkie
boost junkie Hace 21 un día
nothing will beat arnold role in this movie
cummings power
cummings power Hace 21 un día
They really fuked it up BAD movie!!!
Beelzebub Hace 21 un día
Is this the entire movie ?
Juraj Tek
Juraj Tek Hace 21 un día
Such waste of cgi. This movie is total crap.
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Hace 22 días
Wow I like predators film
O LOL ! Hace 22 días
Super lame predator movie i watched this film yesterday , so many unnecessary cringey jokes trying hard to be comedic funny type movie
nitin singh
nitin singh Hace 22 días
Watch full movie for free esvid.net/show-UCBFb_mxjTOD1cz4FIW-k0GQ on this channel
Rmlna _Snickz
Rmlna _Snickz Hace 22 días
For me, which is very regrettable, humans always win and try to take and learn all that is owned by predators and why predators do not have a good ending like going to their place of origin without leaving any tools or items?
Daras Valadaras
Daras Valadaras Hace 24 días
Tomas Hace 24 días
An infantile and total disaster Save yourself and your time, friends.
SPQR7117 Hace 25 días
0:58 Dude, you're not Hawkins.
PUNISHERS Hace 25 días
The ultimate predator is so scary. My god i need to buy that movie
Nicole Newman
Nicole Newman Hace 25 días
I have to say that I love this franchise,and it's a pity that they don't know what to do with it,or they dont have enough money and good writers. Just saw the movie,I'll give it a 5 from 10,they could do a lot more,hopefully in the future they'll make a great job with Predator.
Bitty Guy
Bitty Guy Hace 26 días
Not another remake!Please stop Hollywood,and quit destroying other folks great works!
Jon Ahmad
Jon Ahmad Hace 26 días
An insult to the original classic.
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