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From the outer reaches of space to the backwoods of southern Georgia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black’s explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe’s most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before. And only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and an evolutionary biology professor can prevent the end of the human race.
In Theaters September 14, 2018
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Directed by: Shane Black
Written by: Fred Dekker & Shane Black
Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski
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The Predator | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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26 jun 2018

TrailerThe PredatorBoyd HolbrookTrevante RhodesJacob TremblayKeegan-Michael KeyOlivia MunnSterling K. BrownAlfie AllenThomas JaneAugusto AguileraJake BuseyYvonne StrahovskiShane BlackFred DekkerPredatorThe Predator MoviePredatorsPredator Fan Appthe predator trailernew predator movienew predator trailernew trailerpredator 2018the predator 2018the predator 2018 trailer






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bluespy4 Hace un hora
Evolved Predator vs Alien
P Rimar
P Rimar Hace un hora
Just saw the trailer in theaters today so excited for this!😀
Vivek Vishwakarma
Vivek Vishwakarma Hace 3 horas
Bring back Arnold ,i want big stars,if not take jhony depp😁you need a face not stupid action of ripping and peeling peoples
rjholtkamp Hace 4 horas
0:54 wtf is Theon Greyjoy doing in this shitty mess of a trailer?
Dondoran Hace 5 horas
This is kinda interesting because it's directed by a guy who acted in the first Predator, and it was one of his first roles. I hope he still respects the material. You can never really tell from a trailer.
thebatmanover9000 Hace 5 horas
Is this movie about the Catholic Church?
jak burton4
jak burton4 Hace 5 horas
like really I can’t take the funny comedy dude seriously in this movie
Savage_Gaming Hace 7 horas
I was hyped until I saw the second predator. That’s kind of lame imo.
Mr. Nibble Nips
Mr. Nibble Nips Hace 7 horas
Lets admit it....80s movies are better.
this reaper
this reaper Hace 8 horas
I like it is different but I like it. I having seen a predator movie since couple of years back so I would give this a change
Maurice Brodie
Maurice Brodie Hace 10 horas
This MF hoped off the operation table and started Slicing An Dicing... WTF... 😂🤣
4S7L Hace 10 horas
Ah now I know what a nonbinary looks like.. berserker style
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming Hace 12 horas
At the 2:09 mark, I can translate what the Frankenstein-swamp thing-black lagoon with dreds is saying: Xerxes 300 "WAR" cry ain't got nothin on me.
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming Hace 12 horas
Predator vs dirty dozen assassins
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming Hace 12 horas
Bill Duke is a monster; I'd rather fight the predator, hahahaha
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming Hace 12 horas
Out there, past those trees... I see you. awesome
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming Hace 12 horas
You're ghostin us MFer, you give up our position one more time, I'll bleed you, real quiet, leave you here. GOT THAT?
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru Hace 17 horas
The Predator meets The X Files. Nuff said.
Johnathan Hace 17 horas
Fan of the trilogy’s.
Anime Irfan
Anime Irfan Hace 17 horas
So is the masked predator the bad one or the bigger and maskless predator the bad one ? Because I think the maskless and bigger predator is the good predator.
MrPukestick Hace 18 horas
Have to admit Ive got a few reservations about this one. I really liked Predators. Was kinda hoping they'd continue that.
jsun blue
jsun blue Hace un día
Lol. The gimmick is a BIGGER predator... lame.
YourUglygod Hace un día
Vince K
Vince K Hace un día
This is why the United States has the new space defense military unit. Mike Pence has vision. We need to be ready for these aliens!
StraightUpGaming Hace un día
Is it rated R?
wolftrooper 359
wolftrooper 359 Hace un día
Its gonna be another one of those movies that barely shows what the trailers/title show/is. In "Transformers: the last knight" (I think) we were expecting the movie to be all about an evil scary optimus prime. But instead we only got a fight scene and that was it. Same can be said for "Batman vs superman: dawn of heroes(or justice idc). The title was literally based on a fight scene and that was it. The entire movie went on for a very significant amount of it's runtime without the actual fight scene. This is just going to be another movie about something that wont be important at all to the actual movie. Predator might as well be a side enemy in what the movie is going to be about is what I'm trying to say. Sorry movie but I'm not gonna be tricked twice. Oh and the characters were so.....bland. they were limited to "white trash talk army guy" to "black trash talk army guy". (And no I'm not being racist. I'm only saying this because when I criticize something I get harrassed be really stupid remarks. ). If it was an ACTUAL predator movie the Predator would've slaughtered these soldier guys at the ship scene . And of course I cant forget about the damm jokes. The mom joke was hilarious (dont harrasse me everyone else liked it so can i) but the cookie joke was a fail that the writers would hope to entertain us
4Kaiju Hace un día
One month away.
Antoine Young
Antoine Young Hace un día
R01K Hace un día
Let me guess. Humans and predator have to join against a super-Predator than is hunting them all. Can't stop thinking it kind of reminds me of another movie...
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Hace un día
Dear movie makers if you need 3 trailers to excite fans for a film you are either trying to hard or need to stop running good clasic films into the ground. Question: why were the Predators needed in the first place and who created them?
Randomthings Hace un día
When i heard about Ultimate Predator, i was thinking right about Ben 10: Ultimate Alien The point of Alien go Ultimate form is just bad to me =]]], ruin the hold scheme of the original. In the Original Ben 10k dont need any Ultimate bullshit, all his need is 10k form of hero and some more upgrade as switch between them instantly Stop making the Predator and Alien movie with stupid plot and stupid big idea jesus =]]
Atatürkçü Hace un día
It's so cool movie.
yoto goer
yoto goer Hace un día
You are one ugly motherfucker
Jaci Alves
Jaci Alves Hace un día
Mark Land Studio
Mark Land Studio Hace un día
Here's a video of the new predator movie! esvid.net/video/vídeo-YyUwfiEXu2A.html
Nuttanon Gaming
Nuttanon Gaming Hace un día
I wish that i could watch the movie
Meaningof Life
Meaningof Life Hace un día
Say what you want. This movie looks good.
Eduard N
Eduard N Hace 2 días
Looks interesting
Big TEE Hace 2 días
This Dawn Predator on Barbecue chicken and Table Food😂
Unipulse YT
Unipulse YT Hace 2 días
Bringing back Super Predators or Bad Bloods? Guess it doesn't matter, they're technically the same
мистер членс
плохая кровь это выдумка фанатов, суперхищник это 10 foot upgrade
sergio romano
sergio romano Hace 2 días
Next Phase
Next Phase Hace 2 días
It looks slow but still good. They added a new element and twist to the Predator warrior where one hunts down an inferior one. Should be interesting.
MUDSWAT Hace 2 días
Nice dreads bro! ;)
Gio Ramos Cardona
Gio Ramos Cardona Hace 2 días
Where is Arnold ??
DUDEK 83 Hace 2 días
Black predator? Wtf
Lol Xd
Lol Xd Hace 2 días
Predator movie with a budget?
Carter GK
Carter GK Hace 2 días
not impressed
Emma Šafranková
Emma Šafranková Hace 2 días
Cory Vendryes
Cory Vendryes Hace 2 días
So cool.Keep clicking at 1:40.
ᅚᅚᅚmet Hace 2 días
A lot of good scifi movies came out in the 80's and 90's. I bet nobody expected that in 20-30 years we would just be remaking all of them instead of progressing
charmander vlogs
charmander vlogs Hace 2 días
I smell an alien vs predator remake
Dank Gankster
Dank Gankster Hace 2 días
“Jaws and people team up to beat bigger jaws. I call it bigger jaws”
realdemario gaming
realdemario gaming Hace 2 días
Well I'll be damned the ultimate predator could play basketball based it's hight
Lani Atenta Belo
Lani Atenta Belo Hace 2 días
Tiny godzilla
Charles Lesage de la Varenne
Is that from a true story ???
TSA Cloakz
TSA Cloakz Hace 2 días
Optimus prime vs predator 10/10
Kays Dash
Kays Dash Hace 3 días
I'm sticking with the ORIGINAL ONE WITH ARNOLD. Thanks but no, not gonna watch this.
Commander Phoenix
Commander Phoenix Hace 3 días
oh god The new predy looks ugly n creepy with its no manibles
Rin Aldrin
Rin Aldrin Hace 3 días
I kinda wish they had instead made a film with the Colonial Marines vs the Predators. Those boys haven't gotten love in ages and it would be an interesting fight.
Fearless Hero
Fearless Hero Hace 3 días
Aflac100 Hace 3 días
this movie looks like it was made in 2005 with the horrible dialogue and cheesy characters.
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
How's 2005 any different to now then? lol
R K Hace 3 días
What’s the matter Fox? Hollywood got you pushing too many pencils? What happened to you Fox? You used to be someone I could trust.
Jordan Snead
Jordan Snead Hace 3 días
This predator movie looks like the budget was 200$ s
din owenz
din owenz Hace 3 días
I'm so HYPED :D
Klaytoid Hace 3 días
The script got leaked, Arnold was supposed to be in the film but he declined and wishes to take no part in this abomination. Expect cheesy one-liners from the previous films. shallow writing as well.
MLG HITLER Hace 3 días
why does everyone say this looks so bad I'm really excited
Beztehgamer YT
Beztehgamer YT Hace 3 días
this film will only be good if there is a cameo of Arnold
Jay Oh
Jay Oh Hace 3 días
looks like a chode
Aayush Hace 3 días
The ultimate Predator is just The Mountain from space.
Captain Plague
Captain Plague Hace 3 días
Huh I hear Billy’s laugh at the end of the trailer..
Event Horizon
Event Horizon Hace 4 días
If there's no Dutch, it's NOT Predator.
13RIAN G Hace 4 días
They had to use the berserker predator again? 2:09
benny chevez
benny chevez Hace 4 días
Ruined a classic
Sharpshooter12345 Hace 4 días
"E" for everyone.
Try Hard
Try Hard Hace 4 días
Who wins in a fight, King Kong Vs mega-hybrid-Predator?
Try Hard
Try Hard Hace 2 días
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
King Kong, whoops king kong stepped on predator. lol
Luke L
Luke L Hace 4 días
What if this was real
greato80 Hace 4 días
Reboot and have The Rock do arnolds original role. Do a Planet Predator movie and or have Rock in that movie.
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
I don't think the Rock can't say "GET TO DA CHOPPERRR" very well. XD
HLPGaming Hace 4 días
When i watch this movie, i gonna bring an extra pare of pants
Wutangkilla1 Hace 4 días
DarkAero0631 Hace 2 días
It's probably a sequel though or prequel.
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
Hollywood = Ideas, creativity, what's that? lol
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
Just about everyone does EXCEPT hollyweird! XD
Wutangkilla1 Hace 2 días
Hl A I got ideas 💡✅
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
What else have they got?
Rodrigo Hace 4 días
Tobias Orion *rFitz*
..Nearly All Vaginas are rated: E.
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster Hace 4 días
Predator vs KFC
Gaming with Mahv
Gaming with Mahv Hace 4 días
AAAANNNNDDD Fox ruins another movie franchise. *slow clap*
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
I thought it was already ruined by the other films.
Salt Mine News Network
Too much CGI. Too much diversity for diversity's sake. Mac and Dillon weren't cast because they were black - they were cast because of their incredible on screen presence. The black guy on this looks boring and out of place. Men that look like Gary Busey are in 'acquisitions'. If you're going to cast a black guy, use the black guy from Gladiator. Or be realistic and cast a white man or an East Asian. Furthermore, why is there a woman in the movie? I bet she's a lesbian and cracks feminist jokes. Still going to watch it, but I'm certain it'll be a let down - even with Shane Black involved. On a side note, rescanned 1987 Predator is out on Blu ray with HDR and no noise reduction. Advice for future action adventure directors... Just copy the movies from John McTiernan or Mel Gibson and stop listening to the Hollywood execs who are hell bent on ruining everything with diversity and social justice.
strictly Hace 8 horas
John if it wasnt a generic black man it wouldve been a generic white man, so whats your problem exactly
John Hace 8 horas
They have to put a black guy in the movie because of the PC culture Hollywood has created. It doesn't matter if they belong or not. They find a place for them in the movie because they dindu nuffin.
strictly Hace un día
Salt Mine News Network i wasnt able to tell if your entire comment was a joke once you asked why theres a woman in the movie. so which is it? satire or are you really a sad husk of a man?
иван горский
вангую фильм будет тем ещё говнищем!
Q-10 Hace 4 días
Dat new predator is the tyrone of all predators😂💀
Lolita Eisden
Lolita Eisden Hace 4 días
The first one was better
SlenderPig 13
SlenderPig 13 Hace 4 días
I hope they make a new Alien vs. Predator and it’s hopefully better than the others( not saying there bad, I just feel they could have been better)
Jul Rij
Jul Rij Hace 4 días
I will like to see Predator vs Wolverine... In movie like this
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
Wolverine would beat him easy. He would heal from any injury and then just chop up the predator with his claws.
JOETHz Hace 4 días
Payt Laros
Payt Laros Hace 4 días
Not feeling this.. just another noisy 'action' movie.
Hand Banana
Hand Banana Hace 4 días
Our only hope lies in the hands of Chris Hansen!
Andris Paralax
Andris Paralax Hace 5 días
I think this director got on the wrong franchise because this looks like an AVP2.5 - the more retarded version of AVP2 but with better lighting!
Loo Loo
Loo Loo Hace 5 días
This looks good actually
Thành Hồ
Thành Hồ Hace 5 días
The hunger games: bigger the better
ricky sjalim
ricky sjalim Hace 5 días
ricky sjalim
ricky sjalim Hace 2 días
lol i laugh so hard!
Hl A
Hl A Hace 2 días
John Wick is the one you send after the Predator. lol
terry autry
terry autry Hace 5 días
so there's gonna be a super predator in this movie? i can understand like the beserker predators from the predators movie but this one must be different
ChiefKeeffiyeh Hace 5 días
Want some candy?
gmshadowtraders Hace 5 días
Pallidus Unum
Pallidus Unum Hace 5 días
Nothing says: "serous action movie," like the guy from key & peele; starring in your movie. None of these remakes, will ever outshine the original one.
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