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Scott Geller is Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems in the Department of Psychology. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, and the World Academy of Productivity and Quality. He has written numerous articles and books, including When No One's Watching: Living and Leading Self-motivation. Scott will examine how we can become self-motivated in "The Psychology of Self-Motivation."
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5 dic 2013






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quærēns Hace 2 días
1AM Me: is supposed to be studying 50 pages Me: procrastinates My brain: let's spend some more time watching a video on motivation to study efficiently, that makes sense!
Donovan Ennis
Donovan Ennis Hace 17 horas
Have a 5 page essay due tomorrow 😅
Allison Hook
Allison Hook Hace 4 días
I just went through a break up. My mind has non stop been thinking about him for almost 4 days. I am mentally exhausted and wondering if I made the right choice. My chest is always heavy and my stomach in pain from stress. Less than 20 mins ago I saw him driving his car in front of me and it made me so anxious I wanted to throw up. I know your talk wasnt about break ups. It's about motivation. But you made it clear to me that I must be motivated to continue with life and take it one step at a time. Thank you
santosh reddy
santosh reddy Hace 4 días
Neelotpola- Emotional Fitness Coach
Guys plz do watch and subscribe to my channel... Do your comments too... Link of one video is attached
Emanuel Sarbu
Emanuel Sarbu Hace 6 días
I've struggled with starting and keep doing something for a long time. But I found out that motivation is a myth that we keep telling ourselves we need in order to mask actual feelings and thoughts. You need: 1) A goal u want to achieve, anything can be a goal (ex: 2h of study per day), but the catch is that u must say if u can have exceptions to the rule or not. This will come in handy later, when u will have tricky thoughts like "I had a hard day and I deserve to finish early today because... (rationalization)". 2) A way to measure time because otherwise u will never have a start and an end. A schedule will do or my way is that I set a timer 25min before I do a task and then pomodoro 6/50 with 10 min breaks. Usually I take 25 min after 3 hours. Now u don't have to do this much and actually u shouldn't. 3) If u feel like a panic attack is coming when u think about having to sit down and start something it's most likely because the amygdala is making your body release too much cortisol in your body. I suggest u take some ashwagandha to lower it a bit. 4) There is a reason why mindfulness meditation works and it is because it teaches u to focus on your breath when thoughts surface out. I'm not sure if In my opinion it's really hard to make the difference between conscious thinking and pilot mode. Now the way u want to use this is by focusing on whatever else u can except your thoughts, especially when u have to go and do work. What I mean is focus on a sound or a picture, the wall, a chair, really anything but your thoughts. A lot of the pain comes from the dread that our mind tries to make us believe. 5) EXTRA: If u focus on your mind and try to see what the next thought that is going to come up is, u will see that none will surface. This took me a long time to realize, and now I CAN do +6h/6day/week.
Germán Moreno
Germán Moreno Hace 7 días
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Alex Combei
Alex Combei Hace 8 días
I think the failure avoidance part is important too. (drugs)
Filikes Kouventes
Filikes Kouventes Hace 10 días
that was magnificent its the best TEDx Ive ever seen
eyes2eyes Hace 11 días
I found out the sad truth why I'm just so tired and unmotivated about job searching... I'm affected by consequences of this. Since I've been through the process... since two years ago... I already know that it's only failure that awaits me. I've written a hundred applications, and only about 3 job interviews. I just know that this isn't all worth it and just already know the outcome. I guess I used to be a success seeker, but now am just a failure avoider.
Chloe Miller
Chloe Miller Hace 13 días
philip nguyen
philip nguyen Hace 15 días
At 15:12 there's a recap
Alyssa Edwards
Alyssa Edwards Hace 15 días
I'm a athlete and I really want to get in shape. Not that I need to lose weight I'm actually almost underweight (not anorexic) and I just want my arms to be bigger, because I'm very self conscious about it. I want to have a toned stomach and gain muscle but its really hard for me to do with me being so skinny. It sometimes make me wanna cry I can't just stay motivated. The same thing with school, I feel like I really do try my best, I study and take a lot of notes all the time but sometimes that just doesn't cut it, I'm really bad at taking test because I have bad memory too.
Yomna Sheta
Yomna Sheta Hace 16 días
Thank you
Jennifer C
Jennifer C Hace 16 días
Does anybody else in the beginning of his speech think he sounds like Tom Hanks?
james Hace 17 días
There were always people around me who talked ruthlessly not to try something i wanted to do and did t hold accountable for what they were saying. eventually i think its better disregard those people and follow your own purpose of life that eventually let you do accomplish anything
Nithion Hace 21 un día
I like this guy
Serge .L
Serge .L Hace 22 días
Great, now, I will be able to motivate myself to play "not-a-momma" on buckets, on the subway, for spare change. Yay! Thanks, boomer!
mythirdchannel Hace 26 días
I need to watch this a couple of times to really own it and get it through my head, well spoken though.
Dzoni Setac
Dzoni Setac Hace 28 días
I have spent months studying potty training and discovered an awesome website at Sues Trainer Tactics (google it if you are interested)
Terry Goddard
Terry Goddard Hace 29 días
I refuse to listen to people who can not talk without flapping their hands about...
James Flexs
James Flexs Hace un mes
Using a guys phone* i so touch by how he speak almost poetically. His words are beautyfuly true🙏😁
KFC finger licker
KFC finger licker Hace un mes
Motivational can only get you to start somewhere. It's the self-discipline of someone that can lead them to establish long-term goals and accomplishments.
Scotty Chapman
Scotty Chapman Hace un mes
my goal is to watch 1000 motivational videos, so im not procrastinating.
Veer Bharat
Veer Bharat Hace un mes
This guy itself is a book. Love u sir. Love from delhi
mark crocker
mark crocker Hace un mes
So what do you do if you answer no to question 1? Or all 3?
Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes Hace un mes
at least the motivation trainer is havin the time of his life.
I like his attitude, he is present and confident
Naoki Nishimura
Naoki Nishimura Hace un mes
Would you please someone let me know why they laugh when he said "country music"? I understood he was talking about something does not describe reality, but I cannot relatd th country music.
saeed r
saeed r Hace un mes
is it me or the guy jumps from one thing to the other without completing any of them?
carla paloma
carla paloma Hace un mes
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A. Hace 2 meses
Sounds a bit like Ron from gtaV
Bob Shelly
Bob Shelly Hace 2 meses
"country music"
王文哲 Hace 2 meses
it is definitely a good one
Tanvir H Britto
Tanvir H Britto Hace 2 meses
what a great teacher!
Entity 303
Entity 303 Hace 2 meses
i played the drums for about two semesters in sixth grade, and i remember learning every drum thing he did. i got out my old drumsticks and started doing it with him on my desk. i really need to start playing drums again :/
manouz Hace 2 meses
I just can 't believe that this dude doesn't has any books?? He has some really inspiring story's with some much value of having not necessary always positive thoughts but really embracing motivation. Not seeing motivation as an obstacle but seeing it as another way to make life more exciting and challenging. Just see it as a little fun thing or perhaps even a ritual
Crimilly Hace 2 meses
He does have books, actually. Several. Most of them are on the same topic (actively caring) but modified for different professions as I recall (have him as a professor and he talked about them some). I think he also co-authored some textbooks and such.
Jon Evans
Jon Evans Hace 2 meses
motivation isnt real unless there is a reward, work, get good grades, work, get money, do chores, get moeny or toys
Acajou Hace 2 meses
Wonderful talk, thanks!
Keyit Day
Keyit Day Hace 2 meses
how do you know if it's worth it
Ann Walpole
Ann Walpole Hace 3 meses
I'm in such a deep rut but this helped a little bit.
Kathy Papas
Kathy Papas Hace 3 meses
Loved listening to this guy 👍
Angel Lane
Angel Lane Hace 3 meses
WHATS GOOD GELLER I’m skipping your class today
Umidjon Odilovich
Umidjon Odilovich Hace 3 meses
I m usually of cource motivated person that's why l always listen from other to motivated videos
Antonio Gollum
Antonio Gollum Hace 3 meses
ı'm usually motivated person, but my around impress me.
goldeneddie Hace 3 meses
Wow. Like most of you I watch a lot of speeches on YT, especially TEDTalks. I'm also a professional speaker myself. But never have I seen such a brilliant, first-class presentation in all my life. Content, style, message, delivery - this guy has it all. What a beautiful human being and I feel so lucky to have heard this. If my presentations can ever be this good, I'd be a happy man. I'm going to use the principles taught here to aim for that!
Shobhanaben Shah
Shobhanaben Shah Hace 3 meses
Too much motivation
Jess B
Jess B Hace 3 meses
Watching this before Geller's psych test at 12:30pm today, anyone else?
haritha sreedhar
haritha sreedhar Hace 3 meses
You look like a Ben ten character called Grandpa max
John Tatum
John Tatum Hace 3 meses
BF Skinner is nobody"s hero..he thought motivation was the same for humans as it was for lab rats...which when you think of it, is a very patronizing way to look at human beings.
Regina Caldwell
Regina Caldwell Hace 3 meses
This was a great talk.
Chao Thao
Chao Thao Hace 3 meses
every body should take time to listen
Robert Flores
Robert Flores Hace 3 meses
bro im a teenager
sol walker
sol walker Hace 3 meses
Who gave my grandad a Ted talk? Love this guy
Geshmachten Hace 3 meses
What a great man ! The world needs more like that! Respect ✊
Philosopheering Hace 4 meses
Probably 2nd worst Ted Talk video I've seen. With "psychology" in the title, I would expect something close to science. Not some "motivational" words
Don Fields
Don Fields Hace 4 meses
One "correction" or rather, one shift in perspective to more "personal power" and that is instead of just feeling impowered go further and...BE EMPOWERED. And yes there is a difference, bieng is a solid strong foundation and structure in real life, feeling is more like the architects drawing for said foundation and structure. The "plan" is a good start but building your actual "temple" will bring you your results. 👍👊✌👌💪👋
zod dammit
zod dammit Hace 4 meses
All good except for saying you need community. Sometimes the community is irredeemably rotten, so standing alone is necessary.
Dane Stewart
Dane Stewart Hace 4 meses
Wow. Fantastic. Thank you!
Senpai Hace 4 meses
What a con-artist.
ayush badkul
ayush badkul Hace 4 meses
Add subtitle in speech
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