The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons - Choreography by Jojo Gomez | #TMillyTV

Tim Milgram
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The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons - Choreography by Jojo Gomez | #TMillyTV
Dancers: Jojo Gomez, Stacey Johnson, Caitlin Cauffiel, Marissa Heart, Amy Morgan, Dakota Brown, Chelsea Corp, Shyvon Campbell, Haley Messick, Jackie Ramos, Alyssa Stamp, Myranda Gibson, Natalie “Nat Bat” Bebko
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Song: The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons ft. Snoop Dogg
Learn choreography from Jojo at www.tmilly.tv
Produced by Tim Milgram
Filmed by Donovan Okimura
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3 jul 2017






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Tim Milgram
Tim Milgram Hace 2 años
Jojo and I just released our first concept video together. Have you seen it yet? esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-BBMqoPMpAQk.html
Parikh Hemant chimanlal
Stacie Gummere what help
Sanjay Kujur Sanjay Kujur
Tim Milgram qqq
wanda ashmore
wanda ashmore Hace 12 días
@Mirna's DIY's can
Schelly Mimi
Schelly Mimi Hace 22 días
@karen acosta ääüüüüüüüüllääüķüöüüüü9
Dj DEB JusticeUsa
Dj DEB JusticeUsa Hace 26 días
Thanks for the videos 🤗 🎇♥️ 🎼🎤 the videos🤗 🎇♥️ 🎼🎤 the videos SAYS DJ
Nauszika Csonka
Nauszika Csonka Hace 5 horas
Okay but the question is. Does the first point dancer listen the girl in red 😏
miroslava alvarado
miroslava alvarado Hace 10 horas
Que ridículas se ven con esos movimientos tan exagerados. Neta, nada bien.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Hace un día
I've never hit the "subscribe" button so may times ...
mommf12 Hace un día
God I would have so much fun dancing like this😂
Shivanshi Dixit
Shivanshi Dixit Hace un día
the number of times they spinned their heads makes me uncomfortable like I'd actually end up banging my head against the floor-
arpreet kaur saini
arpreet kaur saini Hace 2 días
My jaw dropped out after watching dance 🤩😍🥰✅🤐keep it up 👏🏻
angel ruiz
angel ruiz Hace 2 días
Omg there are stars
Something New Dance
Something New Dance Hace 2 días
YESSS!!! Lets go. This is a classic! We just started dropping our own dance videos on our channel. If any of you all got a moment, check us out! Thank you. :)
Pholiage Hace 3 días
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Ira Dela Cruz
Ira Dela Cruz Hace 3 días
Deym! 🥺🔥🔥😍😍 I of my favorite music elementary days 😍 LODI ko talaga nasa gitana galing nya 💘 2020 Philippines
Joey Flite
Joey Flite Hace 4 días
Nobody in this Galaxy can dance better then me get over it
Kimberly Corrales
Kimberly Corrales Hace 4 días
Who is her name? 2:56
Rishita Chawla
Rishita Chawla Hace 4 días
Need a tutorial of this, man!
AmazeDING Hace 4 días
Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me _ NIGHT VISION and BACKWARD edt -> @
Bharat Jani
Bharat Jani Hace 5 días
Is it a dance or lightening!!!👍😉
Iván López
Iván López Hace 6 días
Marissa heart is really amazing, they are all great, but she is old she puts her all powerful touch !!!
Ashley Newman
Ashley Newman Hace 6 días
I could do this dance but I will never look like this as I am short ginger girl with scoliosis 🙃
Melissa Nunes
Melissa Nunes Hace 6 días
Eu adoro, maravilhosas 😍😍😍
Kim HyoJong's Jawline And Yato's Fluffy Fluff Scarf
Bro I'm gonna draw one of my gae boi oc's in the thing the middle girl in the first group was wearing
Marielle Hace 6 días
Marielle Hace 6 días
Allison Kit
Allison Kit Hace 6 días
Screw workouts imma just dance this shit
JDM CHICK Hace 7 días
The blond in the white top absolutely killed it wow amazing
JDM CHICK Hace 7 días
Kate Mack_
Kate Mack_ Hace 7 días
What style of dance is this???! Am I being dumb I wanna be pro in this
Spomusmo23 Hace 8 días
When i see dancers like this cant help to think their bed times must be 💥💥💥😄🙊
zdxz xz
zdxz xz Hace 9 días
This is dope! Just scared one of them will bang their heads on the floor 😭😂
Prerna Keshri
Prerna Keshri Hace 9 días
Music is fabllacious
Monika Olah
Monika Olah Hace 9 días
I want to search for this kind of dance, but I dont know how. Can anyone tell me what's the name of this dance style please?
Culae Bangug
Culae Bangug Hace 9 días
Come on ahahahahahaha
Avianca G
Avianca G Hace 10 días
All the leads have a strong performance presence
Dakota Madaleine
Dakota Madaleine Hace 10 días
Ah yes i discovered this video before I knew I was bi...... now I know why I liked it so much
ar teh
ar teh Hace 10 días
I feel like i want to dress up just like them and join there group right away. But how? Lol
Ibrahim Kaya
Ibrahim Kaya Hace 10 días
Lacson Elaine
Lacson Elaine Hace 10 días
M K Hace 11 días
Awesome moves
Abby Who?
Abby Who? Hace 11 días
Im just wondering how tf are they not banging their head on the floor my gaaaahhhddddddd.
Quincy Marie
Quincy Marie Hace 11 días
👏👌💕Ok after watching this and all these beautiful, skinny, talented, amazing girls. I have truly realized that I am a fat, lazy pig😭. I guess this is my awakening to do something about it, diet excersize to the extreme here I go! Wish me luck. I'll be back in a month to tell you my progress.
Quincy Marie
Quincy Marie Hace 11 días
Who is that girl at 2:41 ??? She is incredible!
Dance Dance Chick
Dance Dance Chick Hace 11 días
I want to dance like that
Elixir Hace 11 días
I saw the part of the dance starting at 0:55 in a mobile game.... Now I know where it came from
kimber leigh
kimber leigh Hace 11 días
Top 3 routines I’ve seen! Sick!
nazareno rodrigues
nazareno rodrigues Hace 11 días
Bani Hace 12 días
what's the name of the lead girl in the third group?
Someday somewhere
Someday somewhere Hace 12 días
Too gay and overacted
I love Monsta X
I love Monsta X Hace 12 días
I'm straight girl I'm straight girl I'm straight Fuck 2:11 noooo I am gay now
ANushkA Hace 12 días
Damn I can't even walk in my normal shoes and here they are, doing all these stunts in heels😭😭😭
Infected L
Infected L Hace 12 días
To much hair swinging made me confused and lost the whole idea of it being sexy.
Gael Sandoval
Gael Sandoval Hace 12 días
What’s up with that ugly top knot
Michelle Auten
Michelle Auten Hace 12 días
Love that song and the choreography
Ольга Калёных
turtle sweets
turtle sweets Hace 12 días
This vid made me realize I'm gay
Yulia N
Yulia N Hace 13 días
Girls you need to lose weight)))
Molly Navarro
Molly Navarro Hace 13 días
Ima learn this choreography during quarantine! So hotttttt!!!💯
Dean Hace 13 días
I screamed in amazement like a girl when the sexy lady did that move at 2:40 like damn, do these girls even have any bones? 😱
Elaine Grace Marcena
Elaine Grace Marcena Hace 13 días
So hot ❤
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 14 días
Rip guys in the room.
Natalia Hace 14 días
Can we just take a sec to appreciate that they did this in fucking HEELS! I mean if that’s not sexy I don’t know what is.
Katherine Jorge
Katherine Jorge Hace 14 días
Betsy Hace 15 días
Anyone here in 2020??
ANTIQUE PIECE Hace 15 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-S1G9TIyT5TE.html Watch this amazing video 🔥
Waverly Cabella
Waverly Cabella Hace 15 días
All 5 girls strutting while holding their boobs is possibly the most powerful shit ive ever seen
Bejewel Yazzie
Bejewel Yazzie Hace 15 días
ladies this isnt a strip clu- also take a shot for how many times they flipped their hair
crysane08 Hace 15 días
i like the first group better. they'te not trying so hard..well i can't dance so..hehe..i just find their dance more appealing less slutty? they are all hot though..gahd! i sound like a lesbian 😂😂 i wish i could dance like that though😂😂
N Watkins
N Watkins Hace 15 días
viviane de gucht
viviane de gucht Hace 15 días
Perfect gedanst proficiat aan alle meijes💖
CharaTale Hace 16 días
All the boys watching this be like: :d
na-chan Hace 16 días
This video is paradise for the dancer and the gay girl I am.
Ginger Mint
Ginger Mint Hace 16 días
Rule Nr. 1 in dancing: NEVER touch your ladyparts, always surround them with your hands. Otherwise it looks vulgar and cheap instead of sexy and classy.
Jc Acosutica
Jc Acosutica Hace 16 días
Damnnn! I'm straight guy but i wan't to dance like them 🤦‍♂️ what am i?
cheese fries
cheese fries Hace 16 días
cheese fries
cheese fries Hace 16 días
this video just proved how gay i am GOD i love women
Ziad Sido
Ziad Sido Hace 16 días
Very nice
Сергей Шеин
Сергей Шеин Hace 17 días
Amazing 😉
Carina Snape
Carina Snape Hace 17 días
Now I feel like breaking all my bones to learn this dance
Darrel Laurista
Darrel Laurista Hace 17 días
Their faces look like your typical mean girls you see in universities.
John Vinios
John Vinios Hace 17 días
The blonde @ 2:42 is majestic!
Magatism Hace 18 días
Anyone who has the love of one of these girls is a damn lucky person. Girl on the right, second group, second row has the best figure.
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