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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on ESvid or sign up for ESvid Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: support.google.com/youtube/an... Check out ESvid Premium at: esvid.net/u-premiumorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365

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13 sep 2020






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C. E.
C. E. Hace 9 segundos
Roy Richmond Coronado
Roy Richmond Coronado Hace 21 un segundo
It’s true that she’s the original influencer.
Azaleah Bumpus-Barnett
Azaleah Bumpus-Barnett Hace un minuto
Sad. Shocking. A child "out of control" or "acting out" needs love and consistency, not a disciplinary school filled with pervs and abusers. Keep your kids close parents. Teach and counsel with love, learn to communicate with them through all their different and challenging stages, and lead by example. Make their home a safe and secure refuge, not a cold cage/trap.
Alejandra Carreno
Alejandra Carreno Hace 2 minutos
I love Paris
Jae P
Jae P Hace 2 minutos
"i like animals more than people" - been saying that all my life! plants and animals .. then, i deno.. oxygen? .. space.. .. then maybe people after that amazing documentary - really humanized Paris and showed how down to earth she is as an individual.. .. to be honest, didn't give her a second thought before this.. and obviously, it's common sense that we never really know the personal life of any celebrity (sometimes even people we know), but her juxtaposed life was quite alarming - especially the trauma she endured.. .. glad she is coping and thriving past her abuse
Mari Jaco
Mari Jaco Hace 3 minutos
Where is that face mask from?
Schuyler Lewis
Schuyler Lewis Hace 3 minutos
I’m weird... I now just want to see Paris in a gay relationship with jessica🥰 she’s cuuuuuuute
Ms. Empower
Ms. Empower Hace 3 minutos
Her sister thinks Paris owes her parents an apology at this point?????
stubones Hace 3 minutos
How on earth did she get more beautiful? I know there's been some enhancement, but she looks amazing.
Yati Bailey
Yati Bailey Hace 3 minutos
Paris, u need to meditate... seriously meditate. learn to love yourself, learn to love your loved ones. You need to pause n meditate n go within... trust me .. u r so insecure with all the money n assets u have, coz u don't have yourself in the first place. forgive the past n forgive everyone n love everyone authentically .. Very sad life ...
Mnl. Bgh
Mnl. Bgh Hace 3 minutos
Her dude is toxic and this is disturbing
Gloria Montclaire
Gloria Montclaire Hace 4 minutos
Her sister solution: 1. Go to Hawaii 2. No phone. 3 And just chill. Damn, if it was THAT easy.
Sarah Xoxo
Sarah Xoxo Hace 4 minutos
I love Paris' personality, ♥️ I relate to her for liking sparkly stuff, dogs, and still eating kid cereal lol
Ambersue Aros
Ambersue Aros Hace 4 minutos
Love her... but dislike her sister and mother.
Nora Graf
Nora Graf Hace 5 minutos
I just dont like her mother... Her vibe is so off
Sepe Long
Sepe Long Hace 5 minutos
Puming Dui
Puming Dui Hace 6 minutos
I love you Paris ❤️😭❤️😘❤️😭❤️
Reina Legacé
Reina Legacé Hace 6 minutos
this is f'd up gyazo.com/45438dce077be763c11f6a2067202e0c
MeshTheMovieFreak Hace 6 minutos
Always knew she isn't the person she is portraying and glad now it's out. Anw, just my thought, why didn't she seek therapy for her nightmares? Maybe she had but it would be quite a relief for that bit to be included.
Red Dre
Red Dre Hace 6 minutos
OMG, Google "Provo Canyon School" the school Paris claims she was abused at, and read the reviews- HORRENDOUS! They're by former students who're telling stories of how they were REGULARLY sexually, mentally and physically abused. And this place is still up and running
Barbara Cyrek
Barbara Cyrek Hace 7 minutos
Paris, you are a lovely worthy person and you have a beautiful soul. You deserve true love. Greetings and love from me and my family. Polish girl in U.K. xxx
Marina Maxy
Marina Maxy Hace 7 minutos
Damn the mother! Apology is the littlest she cud offer.why do I feel like her family doesn't support her enough? Even her sister seems like she's intimidated in front of her.sad. we r with u PARIS! Stay strong.
Sarah Alexander
Sarah Alexander Hace 7 minutos
We love seeing an icon in a new vulnerable light! This was so interesting
Mariana Cervantes
Mariana Cervantes Hace 7 minutos
Her sister is annoying me honestly
Dita Peskova
Dita Peskova Hace 7 minutos
That mother is a monster. I would drop the Hilton surname and had nothing to do with that family being her. Anyone staying in Hilton hotels is basically supporting child abusers.
Monica Karam - Life coach
Very powerful! Thank you for sharing. So nice to really get to know you
jolly joe
jolly joe Hace 9 minutos
Woww that was emotional. Just goes to show you money is not the answer to happiness. I feel so bad for Paris ❤🥰
c s
c s Hace 9 minutos
Her family is TOXIC.
Cassy Stone
Cassy Stone Hace 10 minutos
BulLeT BoY
BulLeT BoY Hace 11 minutos
Any1 From *INDIAN* ??
Choco Robba
Choco Robba Hace 12 minutos
Tbh I always felt like her persona was an act. I couldn’t really buy it but I always felt Paris was such a hardworking person. There were headlines of the partying and the tape but when I think about her brand and how much hard work she does, I do find it amazing. I understand people think she had an upper hand, while that can be true, she still worked really hard to maintain what she has. One thing that really amazed me about this documentary is how much Paris remembers people. The former classmates at the facility or even how willing she is for photos. She has to be “on” doing those photos and it can be a lot. For me even being in a room with my boss and having to be “on” for a day is tiring. I really admire her for that.
Kyra Hirsch
Kyra Hirsch Hace 12 minutos
I love u paris
Danielle Renner
Danielle Renner Hace 12 minutos
DJ Lil Poopy Face 😘
KellyEtcetera Hace 14 minutos
Who sings at the end please?
Genki Hace 14 minutos
bet she ignores all the kind people around her on purpose. How many nice guys she must have ignored, how many people werent cool enough or rich enough or BORING to call them her friends. She isnt nice. Faking her voice, persona, ....
Jeanne Spear
Jeanne Spear Hace 14 minutos
She needs some strong sleeping pills loved this so much tho
Marina Maxy
Marina Maxy Hace 15 minutos
I wish the best for my girl! He's not worth ur time. Wat a jerk he turn out to b. Don't lose hope in love gal.u deserve the best.
Ju Mou
Ju Mou Hace 15 minutos
Wow, i didn't expect this to be so sad. I always have this imagine of her as superficial girl, and gosh, she is so much more than the media show to us. Hope she can find truth happiness, she deserves.
郭成龍Mulyadi Robby
郭成龍Mulyadi Robby Hace 16 minutos
thanks for sharing Paris 💜 wishing you a lifetime full of peace
Demi Guerrero
Demi Guerrero Hace 16 minutos
Dam her mom didnt even say im sorry 4 dat i feel so bad 4 Paris she had 2 go through something traumatic
Franky Esteves Jr
Franky Esteves Jr Hace 16 minutos
thank you paris. You're a lovely women. I love you.
ribidimi Hace 16 minutos
great woman!
B Hace 17 minutos
I really felt the truth in Nicky words when she said about being tough cause many people around Paris just approves everything.
Bella Kaulitz
Bella Kaulitz Hace 17 minutos
her parents were so strict.. and trying to hide so many things.. but they didn't realize that they failed in so many ways... the trauma she carries for 20 years... is an unbearable pain. why would you let someone else took care of your children? why would you ever trust people out there to took care your own children? supposedly family is the closest people to them.. they rely on your love, patience, attention.. this is extremely heartbreaking.
pro first
pro first Hace 17 minutos
Miss Kay
Miss Kay Hace 18 minutos
So proud of her for speaking up
Tashanté Hace 18 minutos
Paris in this documentary is like the cool, easygoing, eccentric, laid back girl who's easy to get along with. Love that!! 😁 Unlike those Kardashian/Jenner sisters who are so snobby, catty, mean, two-faced, and even acting like highschool "very popular" girls who are the only ones to chooses people who to stay/not to stay in their inner circle.
Gimme Brain
Gimme Brain Hace 19 minutos
The real Paris is still so out of touch with reality it is insane. Hahaha What a sad world we live in and we are seeing the results of every one of the newer generations of spoiled brats with no morals getting older. I have no remorse. Texans do not allow riotous destruction. So I think Texas needs to separate from the Generic Corporate Slave State of once America!
Bianca Ruiz
Bianca Ruiz Hace 20 minutos
Wow so beautiful and I feel like I’ve learned more about Paris than I ever knew! Well done she’s so strong ❤️
World Machines D.I. Customer Support
Miss May
Miss May Hace 21 un minuto
Wow that boyfriend is a price of crap.
Leanne Wygergangs
Leanne Wygergangs Hace 22 minutos
Paris, I just want to know how come you girls or you can’t get that terrible place that abused you and so many others and still is doing this to girls as young as 8, how come you cannot get that place shut down?? Can’t you sue them, take them to court and shut down that place so they can’t victimize any one else? I loved your documentary and I think you are amazing but I do wish you could use what you have to shut that place down. Legally how can they get away with what they are doing?
Chanel Badass
Chanel Badass Hace 22 minutos
7:08 she says she feels like she’s carrying on a legacy. I feel like I have to start a legacy. That hit different...
Heather Edseth
Heather Edseth Hace 22 minutos
This makes me sad for her. I would totally be her friend and be there for her.
Hads A
Hads A Hace 22 minutos
Does anyone else think she was affected by pizzagate ?
Kristen Lashley
Kristen Lashley Hace 22 minutos
Wow, I did not expect all this. I'm very happy you came out and told your story, I see you in a completely different perspective now and your 'celeberity' life makes so much sense on how you acted and wanted to hid everything. And I'm sorry but your mother pisses me off, I could never do that to my child and I'm extremely dissapointed in your parents. They betrayed you and let 2 grown men snatch you up while watching, I would NEVER have trusted them again!! And when she found out, she's didn't even seem heartbroken.. I don't get it!!!! Stay strong Paris, your doing amazing things speaking out! These schools better get SHUT DOWN immediately!
Rebecca Raphael
Rebecca Raphael Hace 22 minutos
Growing up I’ve always watched you like you’re the big sister I never had. You are the most beautiful person inside and out, love you P ❤️❤️❤️
Canal Matheus De Drummond
AMEIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!! até fiz um vídeo sobre 💖
Elizabeth Pilson
Elizabeth Pilson Hace 24 minutos
Why don’t her family suggest therapy instead of a vacation
Nuria A
Nuria A Hace 24 minutos
I am watching this straight up crying. I have so much respect for Paris for being so brave for talking about this
Julia Mayer
Julia Mayer Hace 25 minutos
I am very proud of u Paris that you were able to let the world have a Look behind your mask. I can Not imagine how tough this all was for you! I send you Love and Light and lots of happy dreams just feeling protected 💕 Love u
Cris Delmonte
Cris Delmonte Hace 25 minutos
Amaze! I don't know any of you but I'm so freaking proud of any of you, actually I'm proud of any girl/women who have been in the same situation as speak up. And if you haven't do it I encourage you to, and also you are not alone! And you will be okay.
Rita Mild
Rita Mild Hace 25 minutos
I don't understand why it took everyone so long to get the boyfriend out of her face! He was emotionally abusing her in front of everyone and they just did nothing?
Coding Expert
Coding Expert Hace 25 minutos
Tanmay bhatt🥰
Salidah Drakenaug
Salidah Drakenaug Hace 25 minutos
Never was interested in her, I'm not really into fashion and this stuff. Clicked this video just out of curiosity (and boredom), thought I could still end it, if it wasn't interesting for me. Now I'm sitting here - crying ... and just want to hug her. :-( Hope she'll find real freedom and happiness in life one day. Beautiful person on the in- and outside. Thanks for this documentation.
Annita Cooney
Annita Cooney Hace 25 minutos
illy1985 Hace 25 minutos
She's dating some incredibly insecure people if she has to take all these precautions with them. Seeing that boyfriend actually proves it, jeez. It's not like she's given any reason to distrust her. Next time Tomorrowland is back I'll defo go see one of her performances ! I actually live in Belgium and love Electro but never went to it weirdly enough.
ELcriiis Orozco
ELcriiis Orozco Hace 26 minutos
que onda perras
Clare Purvis
Clare Purvis Hace 26 minutos
Poor Paris I understand now why she is like she is!!! It all makes sense now! Those schools well labour camps should be band.Yes I think her mother should of said how sorry they are.
cristina Hace 26 minutos
i think Paris sister wants too be her like with the glam and everything
Hannah McCormick
Hannah McCormick Hace 26 minutos
Oh wow. My ex-bf had to go through all those 'schools' as well about 15 years ago. He had a counselor at his wilderness survival camp who used to brag that he was the one that tackled Hilton when she tried to escape. He also had to go to a "lockdown" school in Provo, but his was all-boys. That one was $10,000/month. Rich people will pay anything to get rid of their teenage children. I hope you read this comment Paris and realize that speaking your truth is helping to prevent further abuse. Stay strong!
zebra Hace 26 minutos
That was so sad.
TanzBee Hace 27 minutos
😪 oh wow that had me crying :( Paris you are such a beautiful Soul , I really felt your beautiful heart and soul :( I just want to say thank you so MUCH for opening your precious heart to the world , you have opened the flood gates for so many children to speak out about their abusive childhoods they and have gone through . I absolutely respect and honour you so much MORE after your phenomenal documentary :) sending you the biggest massive bunch of healing hugs in the entire Universe :) BIg massive love to you and your Survivor friends from the UK 😊 💗🌻🌺🌼
Reign Hace 27 minutos
Paris seems emotionally stunted like a child but it's hard 2 feel sorry for the rich girl when u c her not able 2 sleep in the most expensive hotel and then u c true human agony where people r trying 2 make it through the night on the streets, homeless and feeling that same despair and worse... I c how hardened her mother and sister r but lucky u that u had a way out with money which buys what u need, not what u want but what u need...
Tube You
Tube You Hace 29 minutos
Paris is the Only celebrity who doesn't change, she is exactly the same as she was child 😍
D C Hace 29 minutos
I already like Paris but this made me like her more
Angela Hace 29 minutos
So sad. She is still imprisoned. I hope she gets out. Not too late to become a veterinarian or build an animal sanctuary. This doc should be watched in conjunction with The Social Dilemma
Mar Villanueva
Mar Villanueva Hace 30 minutos
BRO el seu nòvio??? Quin gilipolles
Cait♡ Hace 30 minutos
katharine edwards
katharine edwards Hace 30 minutos
She said I don't have to have to worry about anything. Chile a billion dollars will make you rich and spoil you but you have no legacy to leave it to, no children of your own. Just money, loneliness and your secret thoughts...I wish her the best ugh ppl are untrustworthy.
Robyn Cohen
Robyn Cohen Hace 31 un minuto
I so enjoyed this documentary. Wow Paris, we really didn’t know you. First off, I’m glad you’re getting credit for starting the influencer movement before it was a thing and for also starting the selfie movement as well. All before the iPhone came out. You probably won’t remember the time when you were dating Nick Carter and you stayed at my in-laws estate in Park City for Sundance. I think I got 15 minutes with you trying to get to know you. Anyways, I’ll never forget that. Finally, learning about what you and the other girls suffered at that school and the life scars it created, I bursted into tears. I also have trauma from abuse and could never figure out why I functioned or reacted in the way I have in my life, now it makes sense. Thank you for being raw and real, and willing to share your story and help others.
JonerysStan4life Hace 31 un minuto
That boyfriend is the worst, she needs an actual baller
Multifaceted Shaye
Multifaceted Shaye Hace 31 un minuto
Watch "THE SECRET OF SELLING THE NEGRO (1954)" on ESvid esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-E8PBrhFN35c.html
Angela Nagy
Angela Nagy Hace 32 minutos
So powerful!!! Fantastic storytelling. I am glad I watched this. Her personal story does not detract from her brand, it just makes her more relatable and humanizes her. I learned several things from this: 1) do not place a strong emphasis on the beauty of a child, 2) do not send your teenager to camps for troubled youths.
Sarah Xoxo
Sarah Xoxo Hace 32 minutos
Aww Paris is so sweet and non-judgmental. She is the real star, at first I thought Nicky seemed mean but I understand why she tries to look out for Paris in a more serious way
Julia Vilela
Julia Vilela Hace 32 minutos
The way her voice changes when she’s talking about traumatic events hits dif. So much respect for her!
Valerie Belleville
Valerie Belleville Hace 33 minutos
Wow. Just wow. This goes to show you that you truly don't realize what celebrities go through. It is all a facade, a picture painted to feed the media. I feel like she has so much more to say. We barely scratched the surface. I feel like this whole thing was truly awakening to her. Paris - I accept you for who you are, the true, real person you are. Not the character you play. I honestly was not even a fan of yours until this very moment. We got to see you in your most raw, true form and I will forever be a fan of yours for this. This took so much bravery. It is hard to knock down the walls we build around us to protect us from all the trauma. I know it wasn't easy. You are so much stronger than you realize. So much love to you
Donna Hodges
Donna Hodges Hace 33 minutos
It’s so awkward between her and her sister like they really don’t get each other.
Glen Hernandez
Glen Hernandez Hace 34 minutos
Too old school
Zahra Sherafat
Zahra Sherafat Hace 35 minutos
I dont even know what to say.you are sooooo strong.may you finde peace in your sleep❤
Maria daRosa
Maria daRosa Hace 35 minutos
11 months? Wow, that's crazy long.
Sylvia Popa
Sylvia Popa Hace 35 minutos
The mom said "had she and Paris' dad known they would have come for her" but she did not take responsibility for the decision they made and did not apologize. At least we didn't get to see it. There's a lack of empathy. They keep on victimizing her as a problem child instead of realising and showing any growth that they have learned from this situation. Paris is strong but everyone needs someone who accepts them for who they are and their pass without defining them by it. I hope she finds the support she's looking for, her 🌟 will shine brighter. A true partner knows how to tell you to prioritize yourself before anyone else. And she deserves that.
Nicki B’s Makeup Corner
This makes me respect you so much that your just like a lot of us that have been thru traumatic things u brought it to the light and u are beautiful inside and out 💖💖
Kevin Hace 36 minutos
After watching this I’ve become a “little hilton”
Tivice Rush
Tivice Rush Hace 36 minutos
Omg I cried so much during this documentary. Paris, if you didn’t post it, I wouldn’t have watched. Thank you for being transparent with your life. Thank you for helping others. I’ll always pray for peace in your life. Also, I’m so glad you will remain to be your best self. That’s why we all love you. #Parisforever ❤️✌🏽
Sab Fiam
Sab Fiam Hace 36 minutos
I am soooooo sorry😢
Ken Brunet
Ken Brunet Hace 37 minutos
I feel like I can relax once i make a billion dollars... oof... I wonder if she sees the problems with that mindset.
Your Tomboy In Heels
Your Tomboy In Heels Hace 37 minutos
The problem wasn’t just the school but the mom and dad as well.... sending your child off like that is not okay! When will parents stop not talking to their kids and really fixing the problem? Love you Paris!
Shana zhu
Shana zhu Hace 37 minutos
The Hilton's are some beautiful people 😘😘😘
Ketch A. Body
Ketch A. Body Hace 38 minutos
Powerful. Strong woman. Ditch the glam. The REAL Paris would sell so much more. And the REAL Paris is the role model these young girls need today.
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