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Paris Hilton
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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on ESvid or sign up for ESvid Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: support.google.com/youtube/an... Check out ESvid Premium at: www.youtube.com/premium/origi... See if Premium is available in your country at: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365
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0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicky Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits

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14 sep 2020






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Cinnora Amann
Cinnora Amann Hace 8 minutos
Thank you Paris for sharing this information and your true , sweet self.
Karina May
Karina May Hace 13 minutos
Terrible mother
Karina May
Karina May Hace 33 minutos
Thank you so much for your authenticity. It’s really inspiring. I appreciate you for the willingness to be vulnerable. You are beautiful inside. The world deserves to know the real Paris, because that’s where the real gem is…
C K Hace un hora
The assistant kept saying “dont close the laptop” and he did it anyways wtf
Tracy Moreno
Tracy Moreno Hace un hora
Watch at 8:30...... She holds the rabbit up, sees it struggling then just drops it. I think she's a sociopath. Scary. Look at her face. That's the real Paris.
Sajad Pir Ahmadian
Sajad Pir Ahmadian Hace 5 horas
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Sajad Pir Ahmadian
Sajad Pir Ahmadian Hace 5 horas
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Akswan 1331
Akswan 1331 Hace 6 horas
Why am i breathing the loving feeling ,finnalemont elle est devenue une vrais famme pour mes hieux...😂😎
Plant Perfect
Plant Perfect Hace 8 horas
Mom and her sister are jealous.
Casimiro Medina Official Channel
i can tell you a real story.. you have loads of money that can save whole world and you dont want to because?
BOEING 747 FLIGHT Hace 16 horas
Some hacking going on here
Mirajane Strauß
Mirajane Strauß Hace 23 horas
23 Mio views in 10 months for a documentary. That's hot.
An Ngo
An Ngo Hace un día
Who is that guy and how did he turn out to be so insecure?
kayla gaming
kayla gaming Hace un día
I'm your biggest fan Paris
JOHN MAHILUM Hace un día
Fame is not free it will always take something from you whatever it is. -John, 2021
Hank Moody
Hank Moody Hace un día
Fakest documentary ever
Azul Khan
Azul Khan Hace un día
I’ll usually say I rather animals than people around me, hearing her was like wow, I’ve always love her but never known anything about her till now watching this, it’s so sad that u have so much but still money can never buy u happiness or true love 💕 makes me love my simple life even more, still I love her more bc she’s so sweet & kind.. I wish she definitely finds true love & have her daughter & she finally get some sort of happiness from life… You been tru so much & worked so hard..
Ann Ponder
Ann Ponder Hace un día
why the preety or priggy truth?
How is your neck so long?
Hannah Lisa Clarke
Hannah Lisa Clarke Hace un día
She is a beautiful human being.
Kick The Can
Kick The Can Hace un día
Fantastic. Video. I. Will. Share. It .
Kay Lucas
Kay Lucas Hace 2 días
I’m so sorry but your mum is a narcissist 😭
Jeongzz Hace 2 días
Paris walked so Kim could run
Hakko Rohusido
Hakko Rohusido Hace 2 días
Si verdaderamente es animalista no compra monos, serpientes, perros etc... adoptas
Suzan Akyuz
Suzan Akyuz Hace 2 días
Paris you are born to just be yourself, so beautiful , so free. Thank you for sharing your story. You are so relatable.
HisJewell Hace 2 días
You are so, Beautiful!!! 💋💗💗💗
Acadia Sharp
Acadia Sharp Hace 2 días
To stop working means being alone with thoughts. This is to some worse than exhaustion. The signs of trauma are present during this whole movie.
J Mac
J Mac Hace 2 días
I've never watched the simple life, lol am I alone?
Grober ronald Quispe Alcayauri
Te amo paris hilton ❤️👑
Linda Hace 3 días
I wonder if its a common coping stragegy for people who going throught abuse to create some kind of fantasy world.. I certainly did
Rheece Garnie
Rheece Garnie Hace 3 días
White privilege… again bye
a Hace 11 horas
Nicole De Loncrais
Nicole De Loncrais Hace 3 días
can the brand metamorphose Paris? giving yourself the space and place to bloom and open. Lets face it the rose is more beautiful in full bloom, NOT as a tight green bud. Having come through some blooming experiences, opening up can be really difficult. But, when it's done with others who understand and who permission us to show our full colour and share the perfume of our authentic self it becomes very powerful. Forgiveness doesn't equal permission poor behaviour, Well done girl, well done.
Brandy Harding
Brandy Harding Hace 3 días
She looks like Julia Roberts from a side profile shot.
Brandy Harding
Brandy Harding Hace 3 días
Like.. I've been this awful snotty brat.. but it's because I was pretending.. I mean.. playing a character.. I mean.. like.. I had bad stuff happen to me when I was a kid.. I mean.. like.. hopefully one of those sticks.. so like.. yeah.. hopefully this works to change my like.. image.
Ellie Nutter
Ellie Nutter Hace 3 días
Aneta Leicmanova
Aneta Leicmanova Hace 3 días
omg her family is soo toxic, mum and sister
Ray Hace 3 días
26:40 he asked if he could touch her shoulder when he got a photo with her, I love that, everyone else just touched her without asking and some really weirdly (like that guy putting his face in her neck?)
Legendaric Hace 3 días
Shine Juliette
Shine Juliette Hace 3 días
I’m watching this today, when Paris is pregnant and she’s going to be a mother
Natalia B
Natalia B Hace 3 días
what about her past? she was the reason for many of her “friends” downfall as they fell into drug habits. she was a manipulative person especially in the way she treated lindsay lohan. not to forget her racist, homophobic comments. she doesn’t deserve to be called iconic
Angela Garcia
Angela Garcia Hace 3 días
Paris Hilton just seems like such a sweet soul. It’s not even just this documentary. I’ve always had this feeling about her. No matter how much she hid it, the intelligence, the awareness of other people, the acceptance of every person she crosses, and her emotions always shined through the facade. Let this prove that being born in money can be a tough path too. I love you Paris. Keep shining. 🤍
yesenia espinoza
yesenia espinoza Hace 4 días
On so many levels I understand where she is coming from. Why? Because I been through the same thing as her. It's like your mind just blocks out the bad things. In a way! So hard to explain! But thanks to this viedo it just made me reflect on the things that are gapping now. As a grown person.
Grober ronald Quispe Alcayauri
I love you paris
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I always love ❤️ you Sis
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I love you Paris from Thailand
Sajad Pir Ahmadian
Sajad Pir Ahmadian Hace 4 días
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Libby Riley
Libby Riley Hace 4 días
With trauma it is really tough as it can be triggered so easily and you may not even be aware you are triggered especially when you have experienced it as a child. One thing I have discovered in learning and processing trauma in my life is EMDR and it can help in processing trauma and the body's residual memory of the trauma. I hope you find peace despite this tragic event in your life.
Sajad Pir Ahmadian
Sajad Pir Ahmadian Hace 4 días
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Sajad Pir Ahmadian Hace 4 días
Martin Godbout
Martin Godbout Hace 4 días
The Mom is controlling and has that Ive got to have a perfect family, I think it ruined that poor Paris.Im glad she's free. 🔆💝
Terry Garibaldi
Terry Garibaldi Hace 4 días
All of this is just sadder than a funeral
Terry Garibaldi
Terry Garibaldi Hace 4 días
Just go to show you all those material things mean nothing happiness is everything and peace of mind I thought having a pile of money can make you happy not blessings on your life
Graciela Hernández
Graciela Hernández Hace 4 días
Paris>>> kim trashian
cy Hace 5 días
Her dress in Belgium 😭
will salazar ramirez
frederic eeckman
frederic eeckman Hace 5 días
I always felt that something was off and that it was a persona, that she actually was in fact clever. I thought it was just something like "she gave to people what they want", but damn I was so far from the truth. I guess a lot of us can somehow relate to the trauma in one way or another, those who were abused know deep inside what damages it can do and how hard it is to break the silence. After watching that documentary it's impossible not to love Paris.
Letomanka13 Hace 5 días
Можно русские субтитры сделать (((
Renee Ayetin
Renee Ayetin Hace 5 días
Always loved Paris Since day 1 and she looks 20 years old still . Legend
Crystle Roberts
Crystle Roberts Hace 5 días
I had no idea you went through all that as a child no less. I just wanna say how brave and beautiful you are on the inside and I hope one day you can truly be happy ❤🥺
Rick Musick
Rick Musick Hace 5 días
Hey look i think she's actually very smart and very savvy in business seriously but I can't forgive her for Kim Kardashian and that miserable family !
Annonym Anno
Annonym Anno Hace 5 días
Thank you for sharing your story Paris. I hope it helps you to find your own inner peace, and i hope that the type of corectional schools that you were at will meet its end. The most painful thing to do can be to stop the carouselof life, all the fastpacing everyday things we to that sucs us in, distraction us from our own tortures mind. But to truly be free we need to stop, listen, face whats there. In the end we wount need the chaos anymore. Its funny that you mention Marilyn Monroe as being someone you look up to, i think you are more like her than you know. She to was caught up by the chaos of life, until it wore her out. Get of the the carousel. Breathe, look back, feel and cry, until the past releases its grip.
Elizabeth Compson
Elizabeth Compson Hace 6 días
What is the transparent face sheet mask she’s using in the opening scenes? I’m obsessed!
Hmazil Hace 6 días
With sunglass she sometimes looks like lana rhoades
cotton eyes
cotton eyes Hace 6 días
Paris, Idk if you still read these comments...but if it does find you, I want to let you know that a great way I overcome my nightmares sometimes is by learning how to lucid dream and take control of it. Sometimes it works....sometimes it doesn't. But it's unbelievably therapeutic having even just one victory in those nightmares. Maybe you've already exhausted this idea, if not it's worth a try :)
cotton eyes
cotton eyes Hace 6 días
i'm sorry your family gaslighted you, i get it
cotton eyes
cotton eyes Hace 6 días
icon you are Paris. Monroe you are!
cotton eyes
cotton eyes Hace 6 días
Paris getting bingoed makes me so mad haha. Girl live your life! you don't need a kid to feel something.
Jacqueline San Nicolas
I loved watching this side of you. Thank you for doing this.
cotton eyes
cotton eyes Hace 6 días
how can you love animals yet support a billion dollar industry that feeds off of the pain and suffering of animals? you literally can't. You can't love something and then send it off to have their throat cut.
Nothing. Hace 6 días
her sister makes me feel so mad
Marissa Ryan
Marissa Ryan Hace 6 días
Paris is SO BEAUTIFUL 🥺 Inside and out 🙌❤️
FAITH is BEAUTY with Elena
I love you Paris
This is so beautiful, you helped me to see my pain in a complete different way❤️
Freddy Jay
Freddy Jay Hace 7 días
Broke my heart when they were at tomorrowland and she was saying "baby i love you please dont do this" and they were fighting over the computer i cried for real
Sajad Pir Ahmadian
Sajad Pir Ahmadian Hace 7 días
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aysha mohammed
aysha mohammed Hace 7 días
MK ULTRA. She was brainwashed. Poor child and her sister married to a Rothschild.
Divine Goddess
Divine Goddess Hace 7 días
Ok its sad shes stuck in that double life, but i respect her way more now and it was cool to hear her real voice person. Seriously you didnt have to do this even if its only a little of what goes on in your life thank you.
Divine Goddess
Divine Goddess Hace 7 días
crushed by image ill never understand caring about people hating you for being human smh
Greta Gonzalez
Greta Gonzalez Hace 7 días
I totally feel paris hilton was the OG influencer. Not only the idea of reality shows came about especially for those who are both into or married into it, but the idea of doing offs i believe came from her.. Along with her own perfume line and empire name. Everyone does that now but she did all that first. I'm not a super fan but I do believe that. There may have been some things that were kinda like that and how they got the idea for her but she was the first breakthrough fame down that whole line. Plus she's actually working as a dj which is a real job. So after all her success she is making a regular job look hot and getting paid to dollar. Go girl
Lola Love
Lola Love Hace 7 días
the truth its that paris its gay and their parents are to closed minds to understand. I hopoe she finds out one day before its too late
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium Hace 7 días
After watching this I realized Paris needs an American born Serb in her life like me 😉
Rebeca Ingracio de olinda
Legendaaaaaaa cadê vccccc?
Mia Kamenjasevic
Mia Kamenjasevic Hace 7 días
So weird hearing her voice change
Ann Hanna
Ann Hanna Hace 8 días
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katniss everdeen
katniss everdeen Hace 8 días
All those people claiming that nicky is not jealous because she is an heiress and married an inbred, evil conspiracy family, don't understand the difference between being "self made" in spite of being an heiress. all the past pics Paris has always been the more beautiful one, Nicky herself admitted that she use to tell on her(Paris) while they were teenagers. And nicky sounds very condescending about issues of paris without really knowing or trying to know anything about Paris
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