The return of the strongman in Latin America

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The FT's Latin American editor, John Paul Rathbone, looks at the rise of strongmen leaders such as Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

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2 ene 2019






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Comentarios 2 073
Emiliano Altamirano
Emiliano Altamirano Hace 5 horas
The communist-evangelical old fart AMLOco is a disgrace.
Mario Luis
Mario Luis Hace 10 horas
Here comes the press again misleading the people, why I'm not surprised? Your head story should be AMLO is the first president in the history of the continent fighting openly against corruption and that's exactly why The Financial Times is against him, free does not exist, you are here just to manipulate people so they stay quiet when the real bosses do something stupid or inhumane. And AMLO is not a strong man. Learn some real mexican history and politics before you do deceive even more people.
sboudreaux27 Hace un día
Bolsonaro will make Brazil GREAT AGAIN.
Yomero Yomismo
Yomero Yomismo Hace 3 días
Listen to the british of Financial Times using the same buzz-words of always like : " populist", or "Strong man" to describe leaders as dictators, or as men above every one in their countries every time these leaders do not follow the capitalist, stock markets sermon...
Pancho Sancho Guerrero Azteca
🐀🐀🐀 N@rco-Evangelical Sects 🐀🐀🐀.......
Markinho Barbarosa
Markinho Barbarosa Hace 5 días
Zionism = Terrorism
MarioakaJoker Hace 11 días
Mexico y more powerful than weak Brazil, their economy berly lifting up, mexico Militray will be boost By 2020 and Mexico economy will surprise even japan and Germany Soon!
J Hace 13 días
What a piece of **** video, how dare you compare the great AMLO to that human piece of scum Bolsonaro.
Ivan Ortiz
Ivan Ortiz Hace 14 días
We dont want anymore that facist racist right of the imperialism that has damaged alot our countryes
Ivan Ortiz
Ivan Ortiz Hace 14 días
Dnt try to compare or confuse dictators with social left of our president AMLO , you better see what kind of military polítics Is aplyng Trump thats More likely at dictators
organic sidechain
organic sidechain Hace 14 días
IMPERATOR Hace 14 días
I'm never gonna forgive AMLO for cancelling NAICM. Literalmente es la unica razón por la que lo odio Nunca voy a perdonar a AMLO por haber cancelado el NAICM. That's literally the sole reason I hate him.
Valdimir Falcon
Valdimir Falcon Hace 15 días
Markinho Barbarosa
Markinho Barbarosa Hace 5 días
Indeed. Zionism = Terrorism
Emiliano Altamirano
Emiliano Altamirano Hace 12 días
Valdimir Falcon
Valdimir Falcon Hace 15 días
0sk kar
0sk kar Hace 15 días
Friend you can't compre spoke with bolsonaro, ! Bosonaro is a sell country.. dislike for you..🤨🤨🤨
David Natanael
David Natanael Hace 15 días
Mostacho 1818
Mostacho 1818 Hace 16 días
Trump president is doing a dictador and is destroying economy of US. Amlo is not dictador, please investigate and dont speak poop.
Valdimir Falcon
Valdimir Falcon Hace 15 días
AMLO es un dictadorzuelo barato y chafas de cuarta
Clases Ingles
Clases Ingles Hace 16 días
Financial Times what are you smoking? AMLO is a sweetheart. Not a strong man you physchos. We all can see what you are doing. Setting up the stage to attack him so the U.S. oil companies can continue selling the oil they steal from Mexico back to Mexicans. It is not going to work! He is the most loved president in Mexican history. #handsoffamlo #amlo
Ignacio RodGar
Ignacio RodGar Hace 18 días
AMLO the best in the American continent
Bacanora Sonora
Bacanora Sonora Hace 19 días
Michi Mus
Michi Mus Hace 20 días
Beware America, corrupt populist AMLO will follow Maduroś footsteps
Marilyn Hace 22 días
AnGry Goy
AnGry Goy Hace 22 días
Bolsinaro is a Zionist pig...
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez Hace 23 días
Hay demasiada propaganda y malentendidos en este video.
Jose Clark
Jose Clark Hace 23 días
Bolsonaro is 💩 … AMLO is ❤️
Maxx Mexx
Maxx Mexx Hace 24 días
AMLO is an Evangelical communist// Bolsonaro is an Evangelical nationalist. // Evangelicals are corrupt, narco-terrorists who promote Zionist ideologies in Latin America.. Evangelicals are sponsored by the USA.
We people from texas, we suport 1000% A nuestro presidente Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador 🇲🇽make MEXICO *** GREAT AGAIN 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Ramses II
Ramses II Hace 24 días
AMLO...best president now....!!!!!
miguel mendoza
miguel mendoza Hace 24 días
Carlo Rodriguez
Carlo Rodriguez Hace 25 días
This article lies. The president of Mexico is not a communist like Castro, Chavez or Maduro. He proposes a mixed model, with free market, private companies, international trade, the best of capitalism with some things of "socialism" as public and free education, healt care, and some sectors in government hands such as oil, electricity and water, because history has shown that when these sectors are handled by giant companies they charge abusive prices and basic needs for living become a big business. Unlike Chavez, AMLO is aware that a country can go to a broken bank if it does not take care of its ingrates and expenditures, also knows that there is no debt to the IMF because they charge very expensive loans. It is different from the communists, because it does not think it stays in power perpetually, nor is it against private property. To whom in Mexico we can study a university career, without getting into debt or paying abusive prices, water and electricity have fair prices. Financial Times is in collusion with huge companies that do business with basic needs and oil companies, so he does not like AMLO and says he will be a communist dictator. Greetings from Mexico.
Adam100m Hace 25 días
💩 *EVANGELICAL SECTS* 💩 💩 *COMMUNISM* 💩 💩 *NARCOS* 💩 666 *AMLO* 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩
Heri Flores
Heri Flores Hace 26 días
Both 💪....but Bolsonaro bad way...Amlo good way...like white and black...eu quiser um... presidente como amlo
Jaime Miranda
Jaime Miranda Hace 26 días
I will put my money in México
Jaime Miranda
Jaime Miranda Hace 26 días
Viva amlo viva México.👏👏👏
Beto Co2
Beto Co2 Hace 26 días
AMLO will pass like the Best president in the History !!!!! Viva AMLO!!!!
YojimbO 619707
YojimbO 619707 Hace 27 días
🅐🅜🅛🅞🐀 🔸 Z 🔸 🅗🅤🅐🅒🅗🅘🅒🅤🅛🅔🅡🅞🔸🐀 Communist dictator AMLO is a traitor.
John Jimenez
John Jimenez Hace 27 días
You should take this down if you have any shame.
Estephen Torres
Estephen Torres Hace 27 días
No tiene nada que ver el trump brasileño con AMLO
Raúl Castro Sandoval
Raúl Castro Sandoval Hace 27 días
Latinoamerica first, pinches gringos, Brasil y México llevaran a todos sus hermanos latinos al siguiente escaño.
julin velazquez
julin velazquez Hace 27 días
Escriban en español , inglés inglés si ni saben leer cabrones
ictiosmetal Hace 27 días
AMLO, progresista, humanista, incluyente, defensor de DDHH, nacionalista, luchador contra la corrupción, es todo un líder, todo un estadísta que esta por el bien de la democracia y la República!
Мoleслав Dažbog
AMLO es comunista.
Paola Barba
Paola Barba Hace 28 días
¡El probrema en Latinoamerica no son los hombres fuerten en el poder, es la CIA!. ¡Además nada tienen que ver AMLO con Bolsonaro, yankees estúpidos!
Arturo Vargas
Arturo Vargas Hace 28 días
AMLO and Bolsonaro are nothing alike. AMLO is not an US guy. Bolsonaro is a US guy. AMLO is no dictador.
Rockdrigo Martínez
Rockdrigo Martínez Hace 28 días
Orale esta chido. Pero no se ingles🤣😭
Pete Reyes
Pete Reyes Hace 28 días
AMLO = Puppet of the CRIMINAL CARTEL *Los Zetas*
Alfa7beta0 Hace 11 días
U.S puppet leftist-communist-evangelical, narco dictator.
Adam100m Hace 25 días
YojimbO 619707
YojimbO 619707 Hace 27 días
Unete No Mas Corrupcion CDMX
¿Cómo puede ser un dictador Nicolás maduro si apenas comenzó a gobernar su segundo periodo en 2019 y en 2013 sustituyó a Hugo Chávez??? Ángela Merkel gobierna en Alemania desde 2005, esa señora sí que es dictadorcilla, y nadie la hace de a pedo.
Kevin Xor
Kevin Xor Hace 28 días
You forget to tell he want to change police for a military force called Guardia nacional
EDU_ MMG Hace 28 días
Nothing to compare AMLO with Bolsonaro, our Mexican president is not violent, he is making a lot of changes in only two months, he will be the best president of Mexico’s history. Bolsonaro comes from the military and he is as crazy as Trump, he is an aggressive man who is wanting a war in Venezuela.
Ricardo Bouchard
Ricardo Bouchard Hace 28 días
*Viva México!* a la chingada el pejejoto comunista-evangélico, vende patrias !
Rosario Elizabeth macias zapata
¡Viva AMLO!¡Viva MÉXICO cabrones! Verdad de DIOS.
RT Hace 28 días
*Quien lo diría! Hasta hace algunos años México era derechista y Brasil izquierdista, ahora es al revés. Brasil derechista y México izquierdista.*
Ricardo Bouchard
Ricardo Bouchard Hace 28 días
*AMLO y Bolsonaro son evangélicos populistas pro-Sionistas*
Acatl Xipatli
Acatl Xipatli Hace 29 días
lol Love to see the Trumpturds and Trumpbots who hate Mexico, supporting AMLO and supporting the retrograde and absurd border wall of the orange clown Donald Trump.. lol
juju bone
juju bone Hace 16 horas
+Acatl Xipatli what kind of name is that?
Acatl Xipatli
Acatl Xipatli Hace un día
+juju bone Go back to Cuba then
Sabino Garcia
Sabino Garcia Hace 5 días
+juju bone Trump is deporting Cubans like U...!!!!!! heheheh Go back to Cuba N'igga
juju bone
juju bone Hace 7 días
We love Trump! No more illegals.
aldo marutinezu
aldo marutinezu Hace 29 días
Annelies Kindt
Annelies Kindt Hace 29 días
What a disgraceful video, made by people who don't understand a thing, who've probably only been in Mexico or Brasil on a very short beach trip (or worse, who have never been in any of "those" countries). I don't think you understand what "populism" means... Why would you call AMLO a "populist"? He has been elected democratically by many people, young and old, by intellectuals and handworkers, by both poor and rich, and he's a defender of a real democracy, where every voice is heard (not like in many western countries nowadays, where we tend to be more and more radical and polarized). He has accepted his defeat twice in the past, the country wasn''t ready for this change, but after more than three decades of pure corruption, people voted, indeed for a radical change, but against corruption, in favor of a positive, democratic change. How can you compare a militarist, a Trump admirer, with someone like AMLO? Please do your job well, make real news, not fake news and make documentaries only about the things you understand... I would have expected much more from FT... Perhaps it would be good to do some studying on words like "democracy", "populism", before making such a misleading documentary...
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales Hace 29 días
Eduardo Cano
Eduardo Cano Hace 29 días
Yeah but this funny music makes this seem it was some kinda joke But it's not
Mazatzin Infante
Mazatzin Infante Hace 29 días
Amlo the Best president in the World
Gran Nación Mexicana
Gran Nación Mexicana Hace 29 días
Bolsonaro and López Obrador are weak evangelicals controlled by the C I A and the corrupt government of Washington DC.
Joao Marques
Joao Marques Hace 6 días
Javier smith lead? Mexico is not even in the top10 economies
Javier smith
Javier smith Hace 6 días
+Joao Marques they lead $ in Latin America.
Joao Marques
Joao Marques Hace 11 días
Alfa7beta0 Mexico only leads when it comes to drug trafficking
Alfa7beta0 Hace 11 días
+Joao Marques Our Nation leads and is the Big Brother of latinoamérica.
Gran Nación Mexicana
Gran Nación Mexicana Hace 29 días
AMLO is a submissive, illiterate, communist and weak chontal indio with complex of inferiority.
Acatl Xipatli
Acatl Xipatli Hace un día
+Sabino Garcia es mejor ser mestizo o indio que mulato o negro
Sabino Garcia
Sabino Garcia Hace 5 días
AMLO es un indito chontal jejejeje
Jaime Miranda
Jaime Miranda Hace 11 días
+Alfa7beta0 si yo soy negro tu eres peruano enano feo y color noche😎
Alfa7beta0 Hace 11 días
+Jaime Miranda A chingar su puta madre el indio agachón AMLO y su secta MORENArcos
Alfa7beta0 Hace 11 días
+Jaime Miranda pero tu eres negro, como los regetoneros afro antillanos esclavos del imperialismo yanqui
Bethel Samano
Bethel Samano Hace 29 días
Is Bolsonaro strongman? Fake. Bolsonaro is EU puppet's Viva AMLO is true strongman.!!!!
Roger Noh -RogerThat7u7r
Es curioso ver que piensan los extranjeros de los paises, de ahi se descubre lo "negativo" y erroneo.
wet timguavass
wet timguavass Hace un mes
The Honky Gringos are going to do to Amlo what they are doing to Maduro.
wet timguavass
wet timguavass Hace un mes
Amlo is kicking the corrupt gringos out of mexico
EkBalam707 Hace un mes
AMLO is a protestant-evangelical protestant in a Catholic country and a leftist-communist in a conservative and democratic nation. // AMLO likes baseball but Mexico likes fútbol. // AMLO is in fact, a U.S leftist puppet dictator and must be impeached with his boss Donald Trump.
Ioseb Ossfurssi
Ioseb Ossfurssi Hace 18 horas
+Kipchak Khanate cia
Acatl Xipatli
Acatl Xipatli Hace un día
+Emiliano Altamirano Because gringos are protestants
Kipchak Khanate
Kipchak Khanate Hace 10 días
evangelicals and jehovah witnesses are a cancer
Emiliano Altamirano
Emiliano Altamirano Hace 12 días
the evangelicals are invading latinamerica!!!!!!!!!!
YojimbO 619707
YojimbO 619707 Hace 27 días
Shaguinman Hace un mes
This video has so many mistakes and only in the México part but i understand that his objective is not inform rather to disinform the united states people. The question is why?
JQ IG Hace un mes
AMLO = Very Good Man = Moron (basically) = Weak
Chino Reyes
Chino Reyes Hace un mes
benito juarez indian??????? guess you need to study more geography.....
angel Torres
angel Torres Hace un mes
Amlo is the Best
Fernando Vazquez
Fernando Vazquez Hace un mes
Sergio Guzman
Sergio Guzman Hace un mes
What is this? Is this the best you can do?...lame
jose juarez
jose juarez Hace un mes
I like amlos his policies will stop Mexicans from leaving Mexico and become nationalist again I really do hate the liberal Mexicans in the us and the outlets on social media
MARIO LUNA Hace un mes
Bolsonaro no tiene nada de hombre fuerte, aparte ya está embarrado de corrupción
Hector T.
Hector T. Hace un mes
The cheapest and stupidest "analysis" I have seen so far. The fact that you try to draw a possible comparison between Videla and AMLO. You guys in Britain and the USA are so poorly educated. Good luck.
Juan Rodrigo Avila Gomez
My dear gringos, that think America is only USA! Hahaha ignorance that is all! Bad and misinformed video!
Blaster Blahsamost
Blaster Blahsamost Hace un mes
Bolsonaro is like the Hitler of South America!
Gran Nación Mexicana
Gran Nación Mexicana Hace 29 días
Y los sudacas argayntinos son como los judios de sudacolandia
pedro torres
pedro torres Hace un mes
Cesareo Salgado
Cesareo Salgado Hace un mes
Гальванизированный Труп
AMLO is leading like a world-class leader, Mexico finally has the president they deserve!, they're great strong, friendly, hard-working people!
EkBalam707 Hace un mes
De hecho, AMLO es un pobre comunista, cobarde, agachón y chiquitero con complejo de inferioridad.
Claudia B
Claudia B Hace un mes
The majority in Mexico loves ANDRES MANUEL LOPEZ OBRADOR!! He is a very smart and humble PRESIDENT EVER... the conventional media like televisa tv azteca and the newspapers like the reforma the milenio and el sol de Mexico are nothing but a bunch of scumbags.. you should attend AMLO's conference every morning at 7 am at palacio NACIONAL in Mexico city and see for yourself the outstanding JOB he is doing!!! VIVA AMLO ❤
PEUXProductions Hace un mes
It is clear that you do not know anything about the history of each country by not knowing how to compare the very different problems that each country has, as well as it is clear that you can't portray any factual information about politics and the economic situation of any country in under 3 minutes.
botricio lopez
botricio lopez Hace un mes
after one month what you say f t
Federico Vazquez
Federico Vazquez Hace un mes
I just feel sorry for Brazilians as they live in the Middle Ages now.
Bubble Bubblegum
Bubble Bubblegum Hace un mes
Mexico loves amlo
Manuel Contreras
Manuel Contreras Hace un mes
Long Life Too The Mexican Presidente Mr. ANDRES MANUEL LOPEZ OBRADOR.,. ' AMLO''.,. Atte.M.C.,.
Raul Hace un mes
Not of them as strongman as Trump is !!
Raul Hace un mes
The only thing that I see is Mexico won't be the same again
David Ricardo Guerrero González
López, narco tirano. Asco.
Adam100m Hace 25 días
La Gatita
La Gatita Hace un mes
AMLO is receiving *death threats* for finally fixing damages in Mexico that were left untouched by former presidents. Corrupt individuals tried to bribe him already and he informed the country immediately. Many countries who support USA have thrown shade on him. He wants the country to be independent and make it out as an exemplary first world country filled with culture. Articles of business ppl from Europe, Asia and USA have testified that they desire for MX to go down hill for them to exploit its natural resources, GDP, including its inhabitants.
Plantifolia Plantas
Amlo is a dictator
José Alejandro Ángeles Gallardo
Wow, this video is total misleading, and clearly shows a big misunderstanding of Mexico's and Brazil's politic and social context. I would dare to say that it looks like propaganda
Esteban Rodriguez
Esteban Rodriguez Hace un mes
Why, didn't you name Trump on your list?? Mr.
Lucas Franson
Lucas Franson Hace un mes
This video seems to be made by an eleven years old kid. As others said, the picture shown as the photo of Benito Juarez is wrong. And I want to make clear that Lula was not impeach, he was convicted. Stop this propaganda.
Geovanni Limon
Geovanni Limon Hace un mes
Disgraceful and stupid video at comparing AMLO with those you call rebelliuos, in two months he has already made great thing for Mexico than the presidents before him, if you want to say something about him, I suggest you, ladies and gentlemen, to profoundly investigate.
Juan Valdez m
Juan Valdez m Hace un mes
Ben Guillen
Ben Guillen Hace un mes
AMLO a strongman? He’s a clown, he’s just the average corrupt Mexican politician pretending being the “voice of the people”...
Antonio Escobedo
Antonio Escobedo Hace un mes
Mexican here... This guy is retarded! Definately need to do more reaserch about AMLO.
Clyde Martinez
Clyde Martinez Hace un mes
Whoever wrote this should work for Fox
Clyde Martinez
Clyde Martinez Hace un mes
This video is crazy
Clyde Martinez
Clyde Martinez Hace un mes
"A leftist Maverick" .... Wtf
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