The return of the strongman in Latin America

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The FT's Latin American editor, John Paul Rathbone, looks at the rise of strongmen leaders such as Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

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2 ene 2019

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Comentarios 1 717
alex gomez
alex gomez Hace 9 horas
I wasn’t sure if I was just being pretentious when I laughed at them calling ALMO a strong man but no, guess I was right
Adam100m Hace 13 horas
Hello, Evangelical BOTS!
Will Mcdade
Will Mcdade Hace 20 horas
Amlo is right just has left views
Valdimir Falcon
Valdimir Falcon Hace 20 horas
Omar Jimenez
Omar Jimenez Hace 20 horas
Could I borrow your images through a Google doc or something
Pancho Sancho Guerrero Azteca
Adan Castaneda
Adan Castaneda Hace un día
No comparison between AMLO and that neonazi in Brazil
Adam100m Hace 2 días
Evangelical Sects hate Catholicism Communists hate Nationalism Jews hate Islam Jews hate Catholicism Jews hate Nationalism Jews love communism
Alan Baizabal
Alan Baizabal Hace 2 días
No se peleen hermanos, todos somos latinoamerica, y aunque no nos llevemos muy bien o ni hablemos el mismo idioma *Mira de reojo a Brasil* Todos tenemos algo en común... Que inge sumare los gringos (inge sumare para que no lo traduzcan :v)
Sabino Garcia
Sabino Garcia Hace 2 días
AMLO es el ZETA-HUACHIKULERO prejidente comunista del pueblo de nopealeros y tortilleros, sumisos, agachones, ignorantes y cobardes, intimidados y acomplejados. Trumpturds =Pejezombies.
Pancho Sancho Guerrero Azteca
Sabino Garcia
Sabino Garcia Hace 2 días
The Zionists have Leftist U.S puppet dictators and Right-Wing U.S puppet dictators. AMLO is a puppet. Bolsonaro is a puppet. Both are EVANGELICALS. BOTH love Donald Trump and the radical-terrorist and corrupt regime of ISRAEL. Face it!
Fabian Japo
Fabian Japo Hace 2 días
And that bad expirience where founded by your goverment
Fabian Japo
Fabian Japo Hace 2 días
We love amlo here in Mexico. no matter what american says
Sabino Garcia
Sabino Garcia Hace 2 días
indio culo prieto fruncido
Oscar Banuelos
Oscar Banuelos Hace 2 días
Amlo has been investigated for many years by the CIA to see if he is corrupt and they have never found something against him. He knows corruption is the cancer of Mexico and will fight it with lis example of living. Amlo will be one of the best presidents of Mexico. He is a Nationalist just like Trump.
Sabino Garcia
Sabino Garcia Hace 2 días
The CIA created The CARTELS, therefore all the killings are CIA's assassinations.
Jose Miranda
Jose Miranda Hace 2 días
False equivalence. AMLO is also more politically savvy bc of his exceptional governance as mayor of Mexico City where he proved to be highly pragmatic managing both the piblic and private sector very effectively. Lile sure, he may have (or did have) some strongman tendencies (overaggressive tone of voice, "for the people," etc.), but the hyper-militancy and often seemingly shrugs towards human rights enabled by Bolsonaro makes AMLO look like a moderate. AMLO also has a reasonably open and transparent approach towards the press, just check out his platform's YT channel where the Q&A with journalists is non-stop :)
Kelvin Doang
Kelvin Doang Hace 3 días
4 president of impeached because corruption. Lol nice try propaganda
Maxx Mexx
Maxx Mexx Hace 3 días
Los indios pejezombies le chupan la verrugilla al payaso anaranjado Trump y a los judíos narco-sionistas.
Sabino Garcia
Sabino Garcia Hace 2 días
los pejezombies son cobardes, ignorantes, sumisos y agachones... solo saben repetir prian, ardido y chayotero, como loritos
Nossa Jureg
Nossa Jureg Hace 3 días
FantomasMXss Hace 3 días
♦ *Nazis* are superior than *Jews* ♦
Hades 173
Hades 173 Hace 3 días
ai ai
Александр Дорохов
The biggest difference between them is the market, therefore the population they have... Brazil don't have a market like Mexico, just look at the entire Latin America and you will see Mexico is in advantage mostly because of the language barrier that Brazil has. Look internet data, TV, music, even ESvid and games almost everything goes thru Mexico first and then to the other LA countries, Mexico city, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Bogotá, Lima, Panamá city, Guatemala City are huge concrete jungles not so different from EEUU and Europe... I think Latin America has a lot of potential but they still kinda hate each other a little bit, too bad they have the world for them to play and don't use the power the possess.
JUUL FIEN Hace 3 días
delete this amlo aint a strongman, great leader and humble man. he is the best thing to happen to mexico
Noble Wolf
Noble Wolf Hace 3 días
ALMO for a fall? Oh please he did more to Mexico in his first week than all the combined corrupted assholes in the last 100 years....Mexicans love him for keeping his promises and exposing the corrupt something no MX president has ever done. Cut pensions for the former presidents who do nothing but steal money and make Mexico more poor and hostile......soon and hopefully with him Mexico becomes a superpower (within time) and I know Americans would love him if they got to know who he is.
Gilitar Hace 4 días
We need to encourage the movement of factories from China to places like Mexico and Brazil. This would fix two issues..... people flooding our border looking for a better life and it would lead to China's decline.
JoMa Duarte
JoMa Duarte Hace 4 días
Diego Cortés
Diego Cortés Hace 4 días
You forgot to mention all fascist dictators of Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Perú and in México the PRI. Other thing is that AMLO don't have any extra security like bodyguards, on the other hand Bolsonaro have a bunch o those guys. Bolsonaro is having fear about the law he will creat
Anthony Pereira
Anthony Pereira Hace 4 días
Brazil is not Latin América!
FantomasMXss Hace 3 días
+Anthony Pereira Cuba is Africa
Anthony Pereira
Anthony Pereira Hace 4 días
+Post blue Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay is not Latin América
Post blue
Post blue Hace 4 días
They are in Latin America but they speak Portuguese.
Gustavo Mora
Gustavo Mora Hace 4 días
Translate this #AMLO es el único presidente austero, nadie va ganar un salario más alto que el de él Es el único que no gasta en seguridad personal Es el único que no gasta en su familia Es el único qué quito privilegios inecesarios a senadores y diputados Esto no lo ha hecho nadie,,, bueno Mujica ¿sabes quién es Mujica? Bueno,,, lamentablemente los corruptos no toleran a AMLO
Gerson Hace 4 días
Latino América es un continente poderosa y mejor que US, digo esto por los recursos, gente inteligente y talentosos pero el gran problema es la corrupción que no deja avanzar las cosas.
Post blue
Post blue Hace 4 días
Muy cierto. Ya en México, el nuevo presidente está trabajando para parar la corrupción; por ahora va muy bien.
Enrique Rodriguez
Enrique Rodriguez Hace 4 días
Garbage comparison, need those 3 minutes back.
frederico mobley
frederico mobley Hace 4 días
Strongman? Bolsonaro is sissy
Kristoff Slivnik
Kristoff Slivnik Hace 4 días
I did some research about these 2 presidents and I think Mexico is going to do better with amlo,,, now in the other hand I think Brazil is going to struggle with bolsonaro.
Post blue
Post blue Hace 4 días
WilliamParadise Hace 4 días
*vuelos de la muerte*
miguwl Hace 4 días
there where dozens of rightwing military dictatorships in latin america and this video only mentioned one, while mentioning all of the three left wing authoritarian regimes here lol
Markinho Barbarosa
Markinho Barbarosa Hace 5 días
Ferrovias BR
Ferrovias BR Hace 5 días
Mexico esta com medo de Bolsonaro kkkk
Post blue
Post blue Hace 4 días
No digas mamadas!
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis Hace 5 días
This is sensationalist rhetoric. Mexico needs major change to get out of the cartel crisis, assuming someone mentioning big change is a "strongman" is ridiculous and serving to generate clicks.
gorilaztkcuaxichil Hace 5 días
Hahahaahha the picture it is not of Benito Juárez, is the General Tomas Mejía!!! I can't belive this video with bigger mistakes!!
Kyle Vernon
Kyle Vernon Hace 5 días
It worked for Chile under Pinochet, and it will work for them.
Breno Crispino
Breno Crispino Hace 5 días
Im sorry... that was a little poorly researched. To compare obrador and bolsonaro as one of the same is a stretch. Plus, Bolsonaro hasnt completed a month in government and has already made a huge convolution in brazil's Democratic institutions and conquered rights. He should be better compared to other far right leaders today. Obrador was elected based on hope. Bolsonaro was elected based on hate.
Kardinal Hace 5 días
Both have corrupt law enforcement...
Dan G
Dan G Hace 5 días
If you're talking about the Roman Salute, Mexican presidents have been doing it since the 1920s.
Carlos Margon
Carlos Margon Hace 5 días
I'm mexican born and raised, currently living in the country; I didn't vote for AMLO and quite frankly he was my third option out of the four final presidential candidates. He's only been in power for less than two months but so far not only is he yet to use the army against the people but he hasn't even talked about doing so, and let's not forget that the past two presidents are known for using the army irresponsibly. Whether I like it or not, he without a doubt has the support of the country and truth be told I must admit he hasn't really fucked up like the past two used to on a daily basis. To call him a strongman is a tremendous lack of understanding of what's going on in Mexico right now...
Carlos Margon
Carlos Margon Hace 4 días
+Post blue I didn't make a single mistake in my comment, unlike you, illiterate dumbass
Post blue
Post blue Hace 4 días
You English sucks!
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana Hace 5 días
O México vai amargar por ter colocado um socialista no governo....a esquerda só afunda e enfraquece seus povos
BMB Hace 5 días
This Video is so inacurate in so many ways, this is just Sloppy
BMB Hace 5 días
AMLO is the Real Deal, he is a Man of Honor and Humility
Gameplay Planet
Gameplay Planet Hace 5 días
There is no strongman on the left because there's no left wingman, you're either man or leftist!
Bilerman Hace 5 días
AMLO disgusting socialist
Fade Hace 5 días
There’s so manny dumbasses people in this comment section. Mexico is not Venezuela stupid idiots hahaha.
B. J.
B. J. Hace 5 días
Well, thats South America, lets play some amusing song, because its funny. Poor Picture.
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