THE ROYAL FAMILY - Nationals 2018 (Guest Performance)

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Hip Hop International (HHI) New Zealand Nationals 2018,
Choreographed by Parris Goebel, performed by The Royal Family, ReQuest Dance Crew & Royal Family Varsity.
You can catch The Royal Family on tour:
Australian Tour: 24-27 MAY 2018
Asia Tour: 16-24 JUNE 2018
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13 may 2018






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Jade Roimata
Jade Roimata Hace un hora
3:00 the boy in the middle goes to my school
Yasmin Army
Yasmin Army Hace 5 horas
Eles usando as músicas brasileiras: Brasileiro: vá pa merda! JÁ DOMINAMOS O MUNDOOOO
Elias Souza
Elias Souza Hace 8 horas
deslike é só inveja .
Belacroix Hace 11 horas
Gisele Helena
Gisele Helena Hace 12 horas
little nugget
little nugget Hace 12 horas
the fact that I know the whole damn dance proves that I watched this literally everyday lmao
Shannon Leonard-Day
Shannon Leonard-Day Hace 16 horas
The vibration of the camera is a paid actor
marc darla alissa
marc darla alissa Hace 17 horas
J' aime👍💖💖
Kristine Vitug
Kristine Vitug Hace 22 horas
Can someone tell mo who's the girl thats blonde and short hair,,,, gurll i stan u alot😩🔥💯
Cayo Cezar
Cayo Cezar Hace un día
Abusadamente Brasil 💚🇧🇷
Iyana Crawford
Iyana Crawford Hace un día
I’m her at 2:13
Iyana Crawford
Iyana Crawford Hace un día
Mile Santos
Mile Santos Hace un día
꧁ EvilBaby ꧂
꧁ EvilBaby ꧂ Hace un día
Então o Now United vai ficar desse jeito...
I have too many biases
Okay but, green hair girl *NAILED* it.
Celine Cananua
Celine Cananua Hace un día
How many girls you want to put on stage? :yes!
Shivansh Dubey
Shivansh Dubey Hace 2 días
How many dancers do u want .. RF ...yes
Ryan Doctrine
Ryan Doctrine Hace 2 días
Solicitous hood-gossip.
Jullia Adriely
Jullia Adriely Hace 2 días
3:15 alguém sabe qual é a musica dessa parte ?
Romson Gonzaga
Romson Gonzaga Hace 2 días
2:16 ugh! yeah
Niiyy Avakinツ
Niiyy Avakinツ Hace 3 días
Mano me dá mó orgulho do nosso país pois ele foi uma das melhores parte a coreografia ficou muito bom 2:09 🇧🇷
RGpc 123
RGpc 123 Hace 3 días
Cadê os brasileiros mano que isso, essas praga de brasileiro tem em todo lugar e não achei comentário BR aqui
G.B.L MITO Hace 3 días
Quem e Brasileiro Deixa o Like Blz
AngAngie Angela
AngAngie Angela Hace 3 días
PS I’m loving how pumped the crowd is! Another incredible performance from the Royal Family
AngAngie Angela
AngAngie Angela Hace 3 días
They’re all so amazing 🔥🔥🔥 words cannot describe.
Gustavo Amorim
Gustavo Amorim Hace 3 días
Top de mais
Haida marte
Haida marte Hace 3 días
Hola soy de la república Dominica y estoy haciendo un baile con esta coreografía para el colegio esta coreografía nos encanto la Amó😍😘😘
Molly L
Molly L Hace 3 días
Nobody: Me: Imagining the actual royal family dancing this
Lily Long
Lily Long Hace 3 días
Damn I wish i could dance like this
Anyely Yarisquel
Anyely Yarisquel Hace 3 días
Mi parte favorita 2:10 🇧🇷
Iuliana 123
Iuliana 123 Hace 3 días
2:50 muzic pls
Precious Taiwo
Precious Taiwo Hace 3 días
This is the best one they ever did iwl all the others are kinda dry and the songs are just not the best
jencé. mellifluous
jencé. mellifluous Hace 4 días
4:38 itzy ending post
Lyla Kadowaki
Lyla Kadowaki Hace 4 días
3:13 〜 what is this song?
Kailey's Kreation
Kailey's Kreation Hace 4 días
You could rewatch this so many times and never find a mistake and sometimes even fine a new move you never seen before
Kailey's Kreation
Kailey's Kreation Hace 4 días
This is so gooood
Given mire
Given mire Hace 4 días
Omg there soo organised
Jack O3O
Jack O3O Hace 4 días
i like when they do that thing with their face that makes them look like they’re angrily chewing gum
Jeremy bartos
Jeremy bartos Hace 4 días
Why didn’t they go to the national champs? HHI
Clara c
Clara c Hace 4 días
0:46 min yen a un il a faille tomber à gauche 😂
SaNa_ ChAn
SaNa_ ChAn Hace 4 días
Idc im late but i wanna join them dancing so bad qnp
misa liu
misa liu Hace 4 días
and theres my school when we have edudance the whole dance is a mess
Nagesh Chidamber
Nagesh Chidamber Hace 5 días
Me: counting number of times I watched this video
Rosilene Silva
Rosilene Silva Hace 5 días
Que musica e essa 3:30
sophie achddou
sophie achddou Hace 5 días
C’est un
kaci bean
kaci bean Hace 5 días
damn do they ever disappoint I'm binge watching dance competitions rn
Salina Kifleyesus
Salina Kifleyesus Hace 5 días
goddamn... they killed it
Laura Müller
Laura Müller Hace 5 días
How is the first song called????!!! HELP!!!!
Bianca Souza
Bianca Souza Hace 5 días
Now United daqui alguns anos😂😂😂💖
الجادل سالم
ر فلا هصلعذتمتيتزبعمن معي
Naty Silva
Naty Silva Hace 5 días
xSrYl X
xSrYl X Hace 5 días
I’m I the only one that loves this part? 2:43
Hyun Lin Park
Hyun Lin Park Hace 6 días
nobody: nct in a couple of years:
Ruby Hace 6 días
Joshua Karwofodi
Joshua Karwofodi Hace 6 días
Trust me, this isn't the first time you've seen this😂
Citlali Sandoval
Citlali Sandoval Hace 6 días
Okay but the girls with red and blue hair killed ittt🤷🏼‍♀️
ellaabayrakk Hace 6 días
And no ones gonna talk about 2:47 and that booyyyyy!!! he killed it
ellaabayrakk Hace 6 días
Now I wanna be a dancer
iiizo_aybo Hace 6 días
Nice Dance!
Melany Paredes f.
Melany Paredes f. Hace 6 días
Amazing ♥️
Thaysa Oliveira
Thaysa Oliveira Hace 6 días
Olha colocaram até a música abusadamente arrasaram, ameeei ❤
estefani carolaine
estefani carolaine Hace 6 días
yasmin scur
yasmin scur Hace 6 días
é incrivel q o brasil só n domina o mundo pq n quer orgulho de ver q o brasil esta aí dale ( abusadamente)
Jazmine Lashe
Jazmine Lashe Hace 7 días
I’ve been recommended this for some years now lol I just decided to click it
Ana Juh
Ana Juh Hace 7 días
Mais organizados que a minha vida
Kpop_IdoL_Edidtzz Hace 7 días
Not only are they amazing dancer but they’re also SO in sync its mind blowing, that just tells you how much practice and dedication they put in this choreo🤩🤩🤩
Andres Arce
Andres Arce Hace 7 días
Now this legend! :3
maryfrances reid
maryfrances reid Hace 7 días
estrella figueroa
estrella figueroa Hace 7 días
love ruthy yyy love kaea really :D
Manu Rajora
Manu Rajora Hace 7 días
What's the name of song at 1:22 ?? Plz tell me plz
Rampig_ Alina
Rampig_ Alina Hace 7 días
Русские дайте пж мне песни из видео
Danielle TV
Danielle TV Hace 7 días
3:14 *Damn imagine if your crush is your partner in this dance*
Renan Lima
Renan Lima Hace 8 días
2:10 BRASIL 🇧🇷❤🇧🇷
Gabi Vergetti
Gabi Vergetti Hace 8 días
Fernanda martins
Fernanda martins Hace 8 días
A maioria dos brasileiros só vinheram por causa de "ABUSADAMENTE"
Fernanda martins
Fernanda martins Hace 8 días
Esse é um daqueles vídeos q nunca vou me cansar de ver
Aava Nygrén
Aava Nygrén Hace 8 días
100th time watching always amazes me more
you tube
you tube Hace 8 días
I feel like this dance is more organised than my life
you tube
you tube Hace 8 días
This is the dance leave alone the tiktok trends and sh*t
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