The Sims 4 Get Famous News: FIRST SCREENS AND INFO!

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9 oct 2018






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Rykkeal Hace un año
‪Are there any new cas(traits) coming with this expansion...also is there a new inspiration??‬
Non-Alpha Gamer
Non-Alpha Gamer Hace un año
Oh goody. Now I have two games with exactly the same content in it - Sims 3 and Sims 4. Why can't they do something new. If they do make a Sims 5, it'll just be another ton of money for the same game... three times in a row.
lexy renfro
lexy renfro Hace un año
does it come out the 16th or 15th? Origin says the 15th
Lik3aBULL Hace un año
Rapper career would be epic and a hip hop station and so much other cool stuff!!!!!! OMG
Adam Laurie
Adam Laurie Hace un año
I really hope that after acting for a movie, you can view that movie with your sim in it on your sims TV. That would be awesome!!
Sademaara Hace un año
Wait, so can we actually get movies with the sims from the sims 4?
Sims Divine
Sims Divine Hace un año
wow i love it already
drjawesome Hace un año
This new expansion pack doesn't really excite me. Being a celebrity? For the most part, I would prefer my sims have normal lives. It's just like with the supernatural packs, and other fantasy based packs: I want the game to be 80% realistic, 20% unrealistic. 80% normal lives, 20% unusual lives. Of course, I might still get it anyway, perhaps to get certain things that come with it.
Anuwat Termsrithong
Anuwat Termsrithong Hace un año
can't wait to create a porn-industry with wickedwhims mods.
Melanie Schmidt
Melanie Schmidt Hace un año
SuperVegitoSSJ2 Hace un año
Reminds me of the ol' PC game called Movies.
Takeshi Kuroki
Takeshi Kuroki Hace un año
I hope teens will be able to get famous too.
Sims 234 Archive Geek
They have a new feature, an after school activity (just like in Seasons for Scouting) and it's Drama Club. Not sure if they add it, so they can become famous.
Cækë -
Cækë - Hace un año
They are going to release it when im going to the house of parlement UK ;-;
Sam Boon
Sam Boon Hace un año
I hope there comes a private gate just like in late night in the sims 3! And hopefully also alarms, burglars and cars!
Strangerthings_Mads Hace un año
I’m so happy some of my favorite expansion packs of sims 3 was late night and showtime which is much like this so I’m beyond excited!
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali Hace un año
HeyItsABird Hace un año
Anyone know if a new occult is in it? Maybe a genie or something?
Astra Moon
Astra Moon Hace un año
I'm wondering if this "leak" was actually purposeful. That's a lot of things "leaked" for it to be an accident.
starlight equestria
starlight equestria Hace un año
is this going to be a game pack or stuff or expansion pack
Noel Martinez
Noel Martinez Hace un año
Road To Fame mod who??
Joey Jones
Joey Jones Hace un año
a month on Tuesday I was really hoping a university life but hope that's the next one
MegaNate32 Aaron
MegaNate32 Aaron Hace un año
I was hoping to get something this month
Rory Ainsworth
Rory Ainsworth Hace un año
I'm hyped for the upcoming expansion pack yeah boi if they only add a new breed for cat and dogs. Will there be a Katy Perry Sweet Treats expansion pack? I do want that back in Sims 4 because Katy Perry Sweet Treats is my favorite game pack
K C Hace un año
I hope it's like night life in Sims 3 with star points and a few new careers and clubs can't wait.
La Princesa Y el Prince YouTube
love sims4
Johan Rey
Johan Rey Hace un año
So they're back with the title that starts with Get. I get the feeling this is turning into a running gag. We have Get to Work and Get Together at first, and now years later. We got Get Famous. Nice to see it again, but it's better not to overdo it with that title. But I'm getting it anyway, need more gameplay fun. :)
Aurelia Holden
Aurelia Holden Hace un año
Ps4 version?
tiggy422 Hace un año
Im actually so excited for this
Crispiix Hace un año
Wow! This is coming out the same time as fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelward!
Pillral Garden
Pillral Garden Hace un año
When ur a console owner and I'd hitting them self's with the pan from excitement
Sweetheart Megz
Sweetheart Megz Hace un año
That braided hair at 1:53 is sickening!! ❤️ Can't wait to get my hands on this EP.
Acid Hace un año
Can we be a movie star!?
Acid Hace un año
F S Hace un año
Between red and pink? That's Magenta.. *sigh* men and colours.. :p
Nini Leakz
Nini Leakz Hace un año
I knew it! When the live stream ended she said "cut it" which led me to believe acting or being a movie star was going to be a thing.
Caesar Hace un año
Finally! Another expansion!
paulina oko-baro
paulina oko-baro Hace un año
I hope we can make bands, have a drum set and make music videos with the bands
Rapmons Tampon
Rapmons Tampon Hace un año
I’m getting this as a thanksgiving gift
Rapmons Tampon
Rapmons Tampon Hace un año
Road to fame could never
pRACHA Hace un año
god I am SO EXCITED!!! The new world looks like a city with apartments!
Yessenia Olivas
Yessenia Olivas Hace un año
Whos so excited already!!!!!❤️❤️😊😊
E Sasquatch
E Sasquatch Hace un año
I'm so excited wooooo!
shaquana hyatt
shaquana hyatt Hace un año
I can't wait 🔊🎼
Stijn Saman
Stijn Saman Hace un año
Love from the netherlands, I just came from school, and loved to see this video! 😃❤️🤵👱
ikkixsims Hace un año
FINALLY! FINALLY! finally something good thank god i hope it will be worth it
Nabiel Wardhana
Nabiel Wardhana Hace un año
Cait Chats
Cait Chats Hace un año
Nabiel Wardhana u and me both
Kel B
Kel B Hace un año
Brianna Perez
Brianna Perez Hace un año
I’m literally about to cry, I’m so excited
Pocahontas Seguin Art
Thanks for the video
Pocahontas Seguin Art
See I told people it would be just like , late night, showtime and road to fame and I think we might be doing tours just like the app game called Demi lovato path or road to fame. So dumb fools need to stop hating and I see haters on sims community on Facebook so I’m angry what people say and mad that they say sims people don’t listion to what they want and be be selfish. It’s childish how people act.
Qwomlee Hace un año
Pocahontas Seguin Art I’m autistic. Don’t ever say we’re similar to someone with a tiny head. Thanks.
Dmitri George
Dmitri George Hace un año
Here, let me help you understand better with math. The game is $60 at launch, as most games are. Let's use City Living as an example. That's $40. So it's about 67% of the cost. If we compare the content in the base game and compare it to the content of City Living, would you say the expansion pack is 67% of a full game? City Living only adds apartments which are limited in editing, a new world, and the mechanics of the markets. Is this really 67% of everything that came in the base game? Again, I'm not trying to be a hater. I'm not saying you're not a true fan for liking the game. But I'm trying to make you understand the hate because it doesn't seem like you do. And I'm explaining it calmly at that. Something most crybaby butthurt fans wouldn't even bother doing. People simply don't want to pay so much money for a game when it's proven in the past that they can add much more. And I get it, there's time restraints and if they shoved all the stuff out the door at once it would probably be bare-bones similar to Sims 3. But if that's the case, then make the packs cheaper. Why can't they be 20 bucks?
Dmitri George
Dmitri George Hace un año
@Pocahontas Seguin Art I actually didn't get Showtime. I said nothing about Showtime, in fact. Secondly, it is you who is ignorant considering you're ignoring any criticism for this game. I gave my points very clearly, but you don't seem to have much of a rebuttle. I'm not trying to be a hater. I just think it would be better if we got the full potential without having to pay hundreds of dollars for it. Seasons, no matter what game, it bad back then, too, should not be an expansion pack considering it is a fact of nature that should be implemented from the start
Pocahontas Seguin Art
Dmitri George haters are selfish and imature and ignorant
Pocahontas Seguin Art
Dmitri George who cares it’s expensive at least you get to play sims 3 show time and I could not buy and play it because somthing went wrong
FredisNedis Hace un año
Yes, actress career, I'm so exitedddd
Cringley Hace un año
i think that modeling , acting and social media star carrers Will be available
sourgreendolly Hace un año
I didn’t except to wake up to this much info! That acting pic, looks really cool
VirgoSimmer Hace un año
Nin0 TV
Nin0 TV Hace un año
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release it on console the same day my birthday is on November 23rd I NEED IT AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT
Felicia Santiago
Felicia Santiago Hace un año
Holy crap!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Amelie Ma
Amelie Ma Hace un año
The New stuff looks so awesome! I need to start preparing my familys Story for this 😍
Amelie Ma
Amelie Ma Hace un año
Life is going to make sense again 😍
Glymm3r P
Glymm3r P Hace un año
Omg I can't wait for this pack!!!!! I so badly wanted a Road to Fame themed expansion. Am I the only one who's not ticked it wasn't uni?
lexy renfro
lexy renfro Hace un año
same i dont even like university as much as this
lionxss Hace un año
I'm slightly bummed but I'm looking forward to this pack too.
Love Charisma
Love Charisma Hace un año
Glymm3r P yes lol jk
Toxic Love
Toxic Love Hace un año
Yassssssss !! It Looks Really Good 😭😭😭
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