The Spiders and the Bees

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Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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8 mar 2019

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Comentarios 151 741
The Rockin’ Lycanroc
The Rockin’ Lycanroc Hace 6 minutos
James' character design often has him without clothes, but when's he in the shower, he has to cover up.
Aidenjmarten2019 martinez
I been sting by a whasp on my neck
Diamondplayz_yt1 1
Diamondplayz_yt1 1 Hace 19 minutos
Like: Bee"s Comment: Spiders Dislike: Wasp Dont worry we will "BEE Ok Lol be puns :)
Mooseツ Hace 55 minutos
Mooseツ Hace 57 minutos
my dad almost died by a brown recluse because he refused treatment haha
Márkó Sarbak
Márkó Sarbak Hace un hora
Nobody: Me, an intellectual: zombee
Skeleton Girl
Skeleton Girl Hace un hora
................But I live in Australia and I don’t even freak out about spiders because I have pet spiders in my backyard Is having pet spiders illegal?
Jennifer Dixon
Jennifer Dixon Hace un hora
My cousin got stung by a wasp 8 times
Rafael Lopez
Rafael Lopez Hace un hora
I kown mat
Norman Dedumo
Norman Dedumo Hace un hora
Willow Elmore
Willow Elmore Hace 2 horas
I live in Australia...my life is over
EliteGhost Hace 2 horas
I have arachinaphobia and I live in Australia😬
Hilario Hilflo
Hilario Hilflo Hace 2 horas
A bee was in my mouth
James Odineva
James Odineva Hace 2 horas
Hahahahahah you slap your but
God Rai
God Rai Hace 2 horas
If a bee has land on your hand well I will share about my stories i was at school and it was children day this happend last year 2018 i was watching at the people playing football suddenly a bee came near me and my friends started screaming but i hope to god I would not sting me and it did not.After afew minutes later the bee came nearer to and land on my shirt it started biting on my sports attire but it was made out of cotton so it did not sting me then the bee went on my head I wispered to my Best Friend beside me he saw the bee and ran to the teacher the teacher and used a towel and grabbed the bee inside the bee and throw it inside a iron bucket. And nothing else happen
Asha SAMMUT Hace 3 horas
James:if u don’t t live in Australia you’ll probably be fine *me living in Australia* Me: *screams* Later Me:having a phobia of bees Me:GOOD THEY’RE DYING
AMIE BARTON Hace 3 horas
I’ve been stung by a bee 437times
Bluemilk92 Hace 3 horas
I'd eff a spider before I perceive a roach. This is 100% true, no joke, I swear on my dead mothers grave. I'd rather eat a Tarantula, then look at a roach. The only reason I'm able to say something so hyperbolic, is because I'm genuinely curious about Tarantula meat, since everyone says it tastes like crab.
Unicorno Extreme
Unicorno Extreme Hace 3 horas
I'm frickin scared of WASPS!!!
Charlotte senpai
Charlotte senpai Hace 3 horas
James: UnLeSs YoU lIvE iN aUsTrAlIa!..... Me: *Slowly panics!
Ttv liljeffy
Ttv liljeffy Hace 4 horas
Kio X Neko
Kio X Neko Hace 4 horas
Im allergic to bees and my pet tarantula died :( dont worry WERE GONNA GET A BIGGER ONE xD
apachiepiel YT
apachiepiel YT Hace 4 horas
All of these problems can be solved if people actually care about our future. If been bitten 7 times in a week by a wasp.
Ubercharge Mex
Ubercharge Mex Hace 4 horas
I completely comprehend his bee fear because I also have it but I was only stung once
Karen Fillion
Karen Fillion Hace 4 horas
I’m terrified of bees and spiders and any other incects
Master Blaster
Master Blaster Hace 4 horas
AshesToBurn Hace 4 horas
My boyfriend has a fear of spiders. Well, one time I tried to do the cup and paper trick while there was a spider hanging above our bed. It didn't go so well because the spider dropped onto our bed and I had no idea where it went. To say the least, he didn't wanna sit on the bed. My bad! Lol
Dark Botdrop
Dark Botdrop Hace 5 horas
People are scared of spiders because of how creepy and crawly it looks like
Janelle Salva
Janelle Salva Hace 5 horas
James:the spider web is to weak to trap you Also james:the silk of a spider is stronger than a bullet proof vest
Jaylah May
Jaylah May Hace 5 horas
Once I was at school with my friends walking towards them.... 👕👉🏻 ... bee lands on finger ....eeeehhhhhAaaAaaaAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ... in my head ... staying still dying.... sad when I was like 6 hahhahahahha... ha............ ha
plants, aquariums and vlogs
0:40 and 3:40.......any explanations?
RexorYT Hace 5 horas
insane videos
insane videos Hace 5 horas
Im australian
Lilly Jones
Lilly Jones Hace 5 horas
When I was little I was in the car sleeping and a bee got in the car landed on my nose, and it stung me! So yeah
wayne ayre
wayne ayre Hace 5 horas
4:47 why be afraid of bees? OH GOD RUUUUUUN
Gavin Bishop
Gavin Bishop Hace 5 horas
Me: gas’s a whole beehive in my backyard James : don’t kill bees Will Smith: rewind time
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson Hace 6 horas
James dose realize theres more polinaters on the earth than speices of bees
aaron x
aaron x Hace 6 horas
when james said spiders are dumb but when i saw a spider and OMFG I SCREAMED BECAUSE I SAW IT RUN LIKE OF IT WERE FREAKING FLASH
Student Christie Lopez
I've been stung by a wasp 😭😭😭 *its not fun*
Hollow Head2ND
Hollow Head2ND Hace 6 horas
6:43 That happens too me to it hurts man I feel your PAIN!!!!!!
TaShaun Bad Bear
TaShaun Bad Bear Hace 6 horas
As James said not to hit spiders with blunt objects I saw a spider and hit it with a shampoo bottle
Paollka Thomas
Paollka Thomas Hace 7 horas
*spider exists* Me:I’m about to rune this spider life
Morufat Yusuff
Morufat Yusuff Hace 7 horas
So funny
Heiwala Yokoso
Heiwala Yokoso Hace 7 horas
6:30 I know exactly what you mean
TweakyDruid ,
TweakyDruid , Hace 7 horas
I’m in Australia and somehow I haven’t been bitten by a spider 👍.
Heiwala Yokoso
Heiwala Yokoso Hace 7 horas
5:19 bees to James : YOU LIKE JAZZ?
Explore SophiasWorld
One time at school there is a bee on my shirt and I told my BFF Aili to get it off and it looks like she was trying to smack it but she said she was trying to gently off gently and we're supposed to be quiet in line with the entire time I was freaking out Not So Silent like in a whisper I'm about to die scream but not scream but we got it off and I didn't get stung YES!!!
Miraculous Mobius
Miraculous Mobius Hace 7 horas
Humans? Confusion Nightmares? Scary Spiders? DESGOSTING Education? DuoLingo Hotel? Trivago Birds? AND THE BEES
Dunkbuscus Gaming
Dunkbuscus Gaming Hace 7 horas
Lol I live in Australia NSW so yeah...
Алена Тендитник
А название на русском . Привет иностранцам . Hi
zombie shadow360
zombie shadow360 Hace 8 horas
I don't like spiders Please don't click read more I would be embarrassed One bite me next to my penis
Gideon Freeman
Gideon Freeman Hace 8 horas
I’ve never got stung by a bee or bit by a spider but I have been stung by a wasp.
ARMY T Hace 8 horas
I saved a bee, it was in a swimming pool trying to get out. I scooped it with a leaf and put it in a nearby bush, I named it Mr. Bee. My brother also kept on trying to kill it. I kept on checking it once I got out of the pool. The next day it flew away. Meet ya next time Mr. Bee
Lisette Arias
Lisette Arias Hace 8 horas
Technically the bedbug joke doesn’t make sense since spiders are arachnids, I’m not a smartass I swear, I just know that cause I read a lot of Peter Parker oneshots.
jude star
jude star Hace 8 horas
Bees are deading because hornets kill bees
Yeet man
Yeet man Hace 8 horas
Well....... Even if the majority of spiders aren't dangerous to humans, the dangerous spiders' bites can still do some awful things. And since I am not an arachnologist, I would not be able to tell the difference between a harmless house spider and a frikin Sydney Funnel Web, that can kill you with just one bite, from looks alone. Therefore there is still a chance that the spiders I see could be the Funnel Web. So, since not everyone can tell the difference between a harmless and a harmful spider, I do not believe that it's all that irrational to fear spiders.
Malcolm Ryan
Malcolm Ryan Hace 8 horas
Hey Jude
Hey Jude Hace 9 horas
People should go to the doctor if they have an allergic reaction to bees who'da thunk wow
sskittycat cathrin
sskittycat cathrin Hace 9 horas
Yesssssss😏😏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 0:34
Meme Master64.667
Meme Master64.667 Hace 9 horas
I am so dissapointed that this video didn't show up in sub feed even though I am subbed to James
Autumn Waters
Autumn Waters Hace 9 horas
Sharks can rip u apa
Skylar PlayZ
Skylar PlayZ Hace 9 horas
we learned NOT to throw rocks at wasp hives
Avery Schaffer
Avery Schaffer Hace 9 horas
My least favorite bug is a "Mudopper"There nasty black but my MOOOOOOST favorite bug is a "Moth" because i saw this GIGANTIC one just laying on the ground surounded by mah chickens planning it's funeral in the chickens belly so i chased my chicken the moth was like "HALIUJAH!...imma trust her" & i picked it waited saluting me{jk} and flew off in joy hes living. ;3
skater bro
skater bro Hace 9 horas
You know that when a bee stings you it dies
Kelton Shinn
Kelton Shinn Hace 10 horas
3:52 Charlotte web
Anthony Hidalgo
Anthony Hidalgo Hace 10 horas
7:34 thank me later
EvampleRBX Hace 10 horas
0:36 I died 😂😂
Dibble Dop
Dibble Dop Hace 10 horas
7:27 What do you mean Jamesss?? Hmmmmm For those who don’t get it, its related to race and skin colour
La Kaori :v
La Kaori :v Hace 10 horas
Last week a very big bee entered into my class an it just placed on my notebook look at me an then the bee went out window :v I was like ''meh :V'' while the rest of my classmates were screaming :v
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales Hace 11 horas
I got bit by a brown recluse
Simon ghost
Simon ghost Hace 11 horas
Have anyone of you been stung in the nipple by a wasp? Because I have
Boaz Mckoy
Boaz Mckoy Hace 11 horas
how do you get your drawings in the video
ligdezememez Hace 12 horas
Ive been stung by bees like 10 times
TMS Winky
TMS Winky Hace 12 horas
2:27 when someone does not understand you
MyGamePlayWithZ Hace 12 horas
Ela Playz
Ela Playz Hace 12 horas
_The two most venomous spiders_ • The *Brown* Recluse • The *Black* Widow *_What are you trying to say about SPIDER RACES, America?_*
Todorokis bae bam booosel Yeet
Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith Hace 12 horas
Sniper Hit
Sniper Hit Hace 12 horas
SteKage Hace 12 horas
I think spiders gross
Lily Kawaii Cat
Lily Kawaii Cat Hace 12 horas
I’ve never got stung by a bee before
Uini the wirdeo
Uini the wirdeo Hace 12 horas
Exuse you but i have aranakaphobia
Makenna Russon
Makenna Russon Hace 12 horas
Bees are adorable! And spiders are only cool when they're in captive. Or if they're taranculas. Oltherwise, they're fricking terrifying!!!
Tortue Blue
Tortue Blue Hace 12 horas
a couple days ago i got my nose pierced and didn't cry and didn't even feel like a would but then the night after i got my nosed pierced a spider landed on my and i thought i was going to cry
Boss man Braden
Boss man Braden Hace 12 horas
WAIT! How is it that a spider web is to weak to trap you but stronger than a bullet Proof vest.
Brandon Roys
Brandon Roys Hace 12 horas
The spider will win cause the shark will die
MODELERS Hace 12 horas
The end tho bru that was funny I was dying
Nowa Life
Nowa Life Hace 13 horas
me when a bee lands on me:awwwww me when a spider lands on me:so how you doing me when a wasp lands on me:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wasp:boiii
Jason 7335 xTension
Jason 7335 xTension Hace 13 horas
In America you kill bee In Soviet Russia bee kill you
Flying Catz
Flying Catz Hace 13 horas
WHAT DID WE LEARN ? WHAT DID WE LEARN!? we lean not to be mean at wasps , bees and spiders =-=
amira b
amira b Hace 13 horas
Why did u throw rocks at bees?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Damian Hodgson
Damian Hodgson Hace 13 horas
Plus side to having been stung my a bee twice, you're not allergic
James Freeman
James Freeman Hace 13 horas
James Freeman
James Freeman Hace 13 horas
What did they do to him?
James Freeman
James Freeman Hace 13 horas
But the poor orb spider did nothing, it's so adorable.
James Freeman
James Freeman Hace 13 horas
The only time that I'm afraid of spiders are the type of spider, being brow recluse, black widow.
TheRandom Stuff
TheRandom Stuff Hace 13 horas
I laughed at Web Design.
Miguel Ramírez
Miguel Ramírez Hace 13 horas
I stepped on the bed the other day😂
Banana chip 34
Banana chip 34 Hace 14 horas
Last night I scream because I saw a spider and our house gets lots of spiders and I ran all the way downstairs and my brother killed it I hate little spiders as I love Love LOVEEEE tarantulas
Enrique Arriaga
Enrique Arriaga Hace 14 horas
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