The Spiders and the Bees

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Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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8 mar 2019






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Atlas Ruinz
Atlas Ruinz Hace un hora
April 26. Avengers endgame
B l a m o
B l a m o Hace un hora
I saved two bees in my whole life And got stung by a very a n g e r y wasp
plz dont sub 2 me
plz dont sub 2 me Hace un hora
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Hace un hora
So as someone who has been stung at least 20-30 times. I've made my peace with them I remember working at a summer camp and I was telling some kids a joke and this yellow jacket landed on my finger and I just let him bee. The kids were terrified, I was too. But just went on telling the joke
Carolina Espinoza
Carolina Espinoza Hace un hora
James I texid yoo srry my speling is bad
Zach H
Zach H Hace 2 horas
5:37 i watched that part 53 times it was so cringy/funny
Kinzie Anderson
Kinzie Anderson Hace 2 horas
Ya YEET!!!
Hockey Boys
Hockey Boys Hace 2 horas
James, I know how you feel. I have also stepped on a bee. Just, my foot got infected.
Karma Morris
Karma Morris Hace 2 horas
Hey I am a big fan and I think it would be awesome if you made a video reacting to old videos or another idea you can make a video the first time you lost a tooth.
Vesna Karic
Vesna Karic Hace 2 horas
Sterling Stitcher
Sterling Stitcher Hace 2 horas
I swear! Wasps r the worst!! I have them all around my house and I have literally been stung by them 10 times!! I've been biten by ants a lot to (once again, all around my house). Spiders, 0. And bees, only once but it was my fault bc I reached towards it and it was acting in self defense so, I'm sorry little bee
Yan Ny
Yan Ny Hace 3 horas
Web design 😁😂😂😂
Ponyboy Curtis
Ponyboy Curtis Hace 3 horas
Bee cancers
Ruba Omar
Ruba Omar Hace 3 horas
7:34 when I see a war of wasps in my house about to kill my parents and me
Az0reD3v1l Hace 3 horas
TheOdd1sOut. TheOdd1sOut TheOdd1sOu TheOdd1sO TheOdd1s TheOdd1 TheOdd TheOd TheO The Th T Th The The B The Be The Bes The Best The Best Y The Best Yo The Best You The Best Yout The Best Youtu The Best Youtub The Best ESvid The Best ESvidr The Best ESvidr.
Az0reD3v1l Hace 3 horas
I know I'll get know likes so I liked it MYSELF. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!
The Real Not Aydin 214
#team spider
Miles Quinto
Miles Quinto Hace 3 horas
3:53 👌
Prime 4000
Prime 4000 Hace 3 horas
While I was at camp a bee flew into someone's eye
Just a Black Cat
Just a Black Cat Hace 3 horas
Said the man that made a comic about burning his house because of a spider
play with hana
play with hana Hace 3 horas
It's my favorite channel💟💟
play with hana
play with hana Hace 3 horas
I like ur videos it's really funny and cute it makes me laugh for hours I'm not in America so yeah
Marie's Junk Yard
Marie's Junk Yard Hace 3 horas
We need to afraid of snakes. They more more bigger and poisonous.. *BUT THEY TO CUTE TO DIE!*
Neko Secaur
Neko Secaur Hace 3 horas
Cyberspace Demon
Cyberspace Demon Hace 3 horas
A-pocalypse. Bee-pocalypse
Сергей Гусев
If you find a spider in your home, it means spider eats something! Spiders don't eat your sweat like flies do, they don't eat your flesh like bedbugs, they don't crawl in your mouth at night to drink your saliva like roaches do.
DetectivePikachu 1223
2:12 whats that below the spiders shirt
DetectivePikachu 1223
dailytofu Hace 4 horas
Awww spiders are cute!
ReGGem -_-
ReGGem -_- Hace 4 horas
Хахахахаха тобі пезда
Shasta King
Shasta King Hace 4 horas
So what your saying is there’s about 1000 spiders in the world 1000x2000=2,000,000 thousand?
Princess Willy
Princess Willy Hace 4 horas
The best thing you can do for bee population is join your local beekeeping society and take care of a colony! It's very rewarding, you learn a lot about how bees act, their social structure, dangers the bees face, and you even get delicious honey out of it!
Plux.G2 Hace 4 horas
Now i feel bad Xd
cheffakiin Hace 4 horas
A bee landed on my dads u know what
Kellie Elsley
Kellie Elsley Hace 4 horas
99% of Australians don't get bitten by spiders. But by moscetos
Kellie Elsley
Kellie Elsley Hace 4 horas
I know I misspelt the last word
I’m from Australia and we call black widow red backs and they’re not even the most dangerous consider urself lucky America
youngboy boss vevo
youngboy boss vevo Hace 4 horas
1:27 #racist
Anne G.
Anne G. Hace 4 horas
There once was a wasp an my lip... the rest ran away but i stood still! :0
Birdcake 3
Birdcake 3 Hace 4 horas
I would kill any other bug than a spider
Finn8145 Hace 4 horas
In Australia there a very big and fast spiders that have very good eyesight and don’t spin webs and at called huntsman spiders and the are absolutely terrifying
Ashly Cantin
Ashly Cantin Hace 5 horas
After my siblings watched this video awhile back they found a spider on our porch my youngest sibling freaked out and started screaming and stomping around and the older sibling screamed at him "ITS CUTE, SPIDERS HAVE LIVES TOOM YOURE BEING MEAN STOP IT." and she let the spider free aka off the porch. Thank you james.
[GMD] MatriX
[GMD] MatriX Hace 5 horas
I’m fine with spider cause they don’t fly or sting. When I’m in the same room with a bee *H O L Y* *F R I C K*
Meliza gacha roblox Jacinto’s gacha
Why is he old like gramma XD but bees is funny but it looks so funny
Winter hybrid Wolf 666
Bees are an invasive species
Saber 22
Saber 22 Hace 5 horas
I don't like spiders because the way their 8 legs move is just creepy same with scorpions, 6 legs is enough 8 is to much for me
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Hace 5 horas
At 5:43 if you look at the right there is a poster than you can see if you higher the quality of the vid. It says "You should BEE working."
Daníel Þóroddsson
Did no one notice the spongebob reference at 7:01? Narrarator: 2 and a half hours later Okay it’s just me!
Night frost Animations
The reason why I’m scared of them spiders is because my dad showed me the after math of a spider bite and boooy it’s not a happy result 😓
Rayo ciupaga
Rayo ciupaga Hace 6 horas
The worst thing we should be afraid of and defeat it is actually t series
What we learnt don't piss of wasps quietly panic about bees and spiders are pervertz
Panda Panne
Panda Panne Hace 6 horas
sorry James cant I have arachnophobia my instinct is to kill a spider and I have never been stung before
Gracie Boo
Gracie Boo Hace 6 horas
If a spider is in your house its called a house spider so if you set it out in the wild it would die
JCstock Hace 6 horas
Look bubby. My apiphobia is a bit to stronk. Can't play Fallout 76 without friends incase one of those bee monsters show up. They fucking scare me.
Samantha Townsend-Wendt
North America thinks they have it bad with spiders, us Aussie's have WAYYYYYYY more dangerous spiders, AND animals...
DINO MAN Hace 6 horas
7:35 I died laughing lol
Yoshi Plays
Yoshi Plays Hace 6 horas
Who makes the 0ther 70% percent of crops
Ruth .,.
Ruth .,. Hace 7 horas
I've never been stung by a bee I must be good friends with them.
i have NEVER been stung by anything
Peanut Quigley
Peanut Quigley Hace 7 horas
Im allergic to bees and once one landed on my neck, the whole time I pretended to be chill but on the inside I thought “I’m gonna die”. Lol.
даниил фантом
Кто русский?
Olivka Olivkovich
Olivka Olivkovich Hace 6 horas
Наверно ты
Just a little bit artsy
Teacher: Did you learn anything over the holidays Me: Spiders are perverts and Oddones out is better at teaching than school :D
sarah allen
sarah allen Hace 7 horas
I swelled up because a spider bit me on my arm
Aimee Durgin
Aimee Durgin Hace 7 horas
Yo theres a hole basket for me for ester
Somebody 75
Somebody 75 Hace 7 horas
wasps are the real assholes
Little Andrei
Little Andrei Hace 7 horas
James days the funny thing i've ever heard
Aktivní Křeček
Aktivní Křeček Hace 7 horas
I was in park and i see spider on my hand he got like a green color and i frick out i was so scared but thats like in shower no? Then no
Jacob Plays Games
Jacob Plays Games Hace 7 horas
Peach is the best
Peach is the best Hace 8 horas
James do not plant roses they are poisonous to bees
Ningsih Val
Ningsih Val Hace 8 horas
and i always shoot a RPG to kill a bee that sting me while i'm just siting on my back yard
Ningsih Val
Ningsih Val Hace 8 horas
but how about black window not black wido
Brutal FZak
Brutal FZak Hace 8 horas
one eye not eyes
Tony Radle
Tony Radle Hace 8 horas
Wow I thought this was going to be a birds and the bees parody type video for some reason LMAO glad I was wrong
Carson Sepuvleda
Carson Sepuvleda Hace 8 horas
Whenever I see a spider, I instantly try to pick it up. **most people stop reading** Spiders are shy and scared tho, so even if I fence them with my hands they look for crevices. If I do catch em, they often just jump off. They're scared of us.
Bernard Yam
Bernard Yam Hace 8 horas
What about the vendom watering spider
Narvind Kanth
Narvind Kanth Hace 8 horas
The small spiders, I don't mind. Especially Daddy Long Leg spiders, that I even mess around playing with it from time to time. But I will smash those gigantic spiders that come around. Like the spiders that are bigger than my hand. NOPE They can go extinct cus no. I'm not talking about the tarantulas, I'm talking about the wild giant black ones, and don't even get me started on why I would never go to South America cus of Banana Spiders. To understand my problem, you would have to watch the GradeAUnderA video on phobias. Cus that video made me terrefied of spiders that are big. I don't have arachnophobia, who are afraid to see even a picture of a spider, but those big ones can piss off.
Bloody Fortnite Legend
How does cookie crumble?
KyGamerES Hace 9 horas
You were wrong about spiders there are scarey I have arachnaphobia
jimbo Hace 9 horas
A spider crawled ower me while waching i did not kill it
kelseyalanarossel Hace 9 horas
1:40 hahahahah
kelseyalanarossel Hace 9 horas
0:41 1:42 hahahahahahahahahah
Lexi Channel
Lexi Channel Hace 9 horas
3:37 Spider abuse.
Shyla Lindsey
Shyla Lindsey Hace 9 horas
I dont have a problem with spiders unless its a cane spider and theres alot of them here in hawaii
OriginalRecipe Hace 9 horas
Everybody gansta til' the arachnids pull up
Small - Bear
Small - Bear Hace 10 horas
2:31 Literally the cutest spider ever
Mohammed Amin
Mohammed Amin Hace 10 horas
Mellow Mochi Swirls
Mellow Mochi Swirls Hace 10 horas
James:What have we learned? Me:Not to throw rocks at wasps and spiders are pervs.
Terry Trashcan
Terry Trashcan Hace 10 horas
0:38 👌👌👌
Zoey Nestor
Zoey Nestor Hace 10 horas
i have never been stung by a bee but a bee has landend on my shirt and soulder tho😎
Alfredo Edo
Alfredo Edo Hace 10 horas
Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown Hace 10 horas
I live in Australia...I hope I don’t get bit!
Matt On moms phone UwU
*holy frik*
Ʀøន៩ន are red
Ʀøន៩ន are red Hace 10 horas
7:34 _H o l y f r i c c_
I sexually identify as an Attack Helicopter
Spider webs aren’t strong enough to trap you But they can stop a bullet HMMMMMMMM
star doomer
star doomer Hace 10 horas
Only one bee movie reference? You evil beeasterd....
Laura Bell
Laura Bell Hace 10 horas
1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ⁿ0000000000000000000000000000000000000ⁿ00ⁿ00ⁿ0000ⁿ000ⁿ00ⁿ000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years
MF seki
MF seki Hace 10 horas
Keep Claim that Wasps Are mean
Falva Play
Falva Play Hace 10 horas
I just learned that you need to kill spider without hesitation
MacroPixel Hace 11 horas
2:15 I just noticed the basketball cards next to the couch
Yoselyn Mejia
Yoselyn Mejia Hace 11 horas
dude im scare of spiders but not bees and your scared of bees and not spiders
Marble Wolf gacha
Marble Wolf gacha Hace 11 horas
X𝒟 𝓃𝒾𝒸𝑒
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