The Strokes - At The Door (Official Video)

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I can’t escape it
Never gonna make it
Out of this in time
I guess that’s just fine
I’m not there quite yet
My thoughts - such a mess
Like a little boy
What you running for?

Run at the door
Anyone home?
Have I lost it all?
DIRECTED BY Mike Burakoff
PRODUCED BY Mike Burakoff & Benjy Brooke
Lagan Sebert
Benjy Brooke & Adam Henderson
Benjy Brooke
Adam Henderson
Mathieu Bétard
Adam Sillard
Kelsi Phung
Pete Sharp
Victorin Ripert
Benjy Brooke
Peter Lowey
Maxime Jouniot
Adam Henderson
Adam Sillard
Jose Luis Rosado
Tyler DiBiasio
Tucker Klein
Ryan Plaisance
Joao Monteiro
Gaurav Wakankar
Shane Dering
Camille Guillot
Pedram Taghavi
Giulia Riva
Julia Lama
Tamerlan Bekmurzayev
Jose Goyo Moreno
Mike Burakoff
Agathe Leroux
Pablo Gostanian
Agustin Valcarenghi
Diego Polieri
Pablo Gostanian & Diego Polieri
Florencia Cruz
Diego Polieri
Diego Polieri
Fernando Toninello
Israel Giampietro
Lisandro Schurjin
Adrian Peralta
Facundo Garcia
Agostina Salvemini
Lisandro Schurjin
Eugenia Beizo
Sebastian Garcia
Facundo Brunella
Yazmin Hanna
Ivan Olszevicki
Nahuel Sagarnaga
Ailen Sbrizza
Facundo Brunella & Mateo Vallejo
Ugo Bienvenu
Ugo Bienvenu
Ugo Bienvenu
Felix Kerjean
Hugo Lemonnier
Ugo Bienvenu

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11 feb 2020






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somewhere stuck in L.A.
I love to share this video, Take it or Leave it. The best version imo, and I love how he says I have not practiced this in 25 years and then he continues to walk like he is a senior citizen. It makes me laugh and make me feel good. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-e2DBu3WBezc.html
Tubaman namabuT
Tubaman namabuT Hace 11 horas
If you think about it this kid is stronger than Thanos. He killed countless people and got deaths favor, something which Thanos wanted really bad
Mikheil Abuladze
Mikheil Abuladze Hace un día
I am not big of a strokes fan. Frankly speaking as a metal fan i always overloocked them. But this album is one of the best music i have ever heard in my life. Probably have never experiencenced anything like this since my teen years when i got into listening to pink flod, zeppelin e.t.c. I really think, as the time goes by, this album will be considered as one of the best albums of our time.
Robert Waldron
Robert Waldron Hace un día
My favourite song from a flawless album. Beautifully balanced . Love this band so much! X
João Marcos de Almeida Souza
0:01 Creeper! Oh man...
Pedro Machado
Pedro Machado Hace 2 días
This song makes me wanna cry.
rigor mortis
rigor mortis Hace 2 días
When Julian said "fafefafefafefafe" i felt that...
Denis Kazakov
Denis Kazakov Hace 2 días
So beautiful, the song and the video became inseparable for me. Incredible job by animators!
Mauro Conforti
Mauro Conforti Hace 3 días
lo todo este tema el video lo todo todo todo
Aaron Thomas Music
Aaron Thomas Music Hace 3 días
Love 3:22
John Arch
John Arch Hace 3 días
I'm not high enough to watch this.
Erick Leads / Ninjas Del Marketing Digital
Alexandre Martini
Alexandre Martini Hace 4 días
4:10 fuck, these guys are geniuses, this song is amazing!
Nayeli villca
Nayeli villca Hace 4 días
i love this band since their way of making songs is different from all of them :3
Tatiane Freitas
Tatiane Freitas Hace 5 días
Estou imaginando esses bonitinhos lendo os comentários. Não consigo me enjoar, a vontade de ouvi-los é mias forte do que eu. Acho que os meus filhos e meus maridos não aguentam mais.
razor laser
razor laser Hace 5 días
Beautiful 💙
beefyboi98 Hace 6 días
No one here getting dj got us fallin in love vibes in the intro? just me? okay
KuraudoSutoraifu7 Hace 6 días
You know it’s a killer album when the first time listening to the song and just hearing the chorus makes you cry 😿 Ahhh how did i forget about the videos they were releasing when this came out a week before my birthday. I guess I was too depressed to remember. I guess ima have to repeat the album after I finish it.
Kayan Hace 8 días
3:40 what is he saying ?
Tatiane Serpa
Tatiane Serpa Hace 8 días
Deep and sad. It's like 2020, hard to survive.
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy Hace 8 días
I've got no idea what I just watched but I know I loved it
Daniel R.
Daniel R. Hace 8 días
This song is hauntingly beautiful, i've been listening to it for months now. Julian's voice just hits really hard on this one, one of their best songs to date
seabrook1976 Hace 9 días
I love the fact that the Strokes continue to make great music after all this time, instead of flaming out like so many of their contemporaries.
Cecilia Lieras
Cecilia Lieras Hace 9 días
The aliens are stealing our loosh!!! Also we are infinite consciousness trapped by our own beliefs✨🙏 May source be with you
Jose juan Manrique Orocio
Son los mejores 😎🤩
Evan Vinet
Evan Vinet Hace 9 días
why is this the best strokes album yet
alexis tur
alexis tur Hace 9 días
The chorus of this song reminds me of the chorus of an old purtuguese song which is called "Perf7me-Intervalo"
Germain Enriquez
Germain Enriquez Hace 10 días
alex lainez
alex lainez Hace 10 días
Carl Plumley
Carl Plumley Hace 11 días
Pretty interesting this has more views than TOJ.
Martha Jaspe
Martha Jaspe Hace 12 días
insisto en la evolucion de the strokes, aunque percibo influencia de the voiz... suerte por su regreso.
Dean Barlow
Dean Barlow Hace 12 días
Love it!
Joseph Kleimola 2.0
Joseph Kleimola 2.0 Hace 13 días
Watership Down vibes for daaaaaays.
Hayley M
Hayley M Hace 13 días
when the video is better than the song!
Jose Reyna
Jose Reyna Hace 13 días
OK so how could anybody here not see that this is specifically implies to the whole coronavirus pandemic? It clearly shows that people are being brainwashed by the television as shown in the beginning the video. People wearing mask which is the depicted by those strange aliens wearing a gas mask. And those strange bunnies hide inside their rabbit holes indicates people staying locked up at home not wanting to go outside because of the potential virus infected Bunny a.k.a. the coronavirus. That little boy who was supposed to represent Julian Casablancas, signify the terror in the fear that lies within the people.
The Buffalo.
The Buffalo. Hace 13 días
Sure does grow on you.
Christian Delgado Villanueva
I was waiting for the "Drums please fab"
Paul Parker
Paul Parker Hace 13 días
Kind of was losing hope in music and here The Strokes comes back with this masterpiece album. Bravo and thank you for keeping true music alive!!!!
Ozren Zekanovic
Ozren Zekanovic Hace 14 días
Always running
Alex T
Alex T Hace 14 días
This is a song that make me feel something, I don't know how to explain myself, but it's sad and deep.
BLVCKDRUMS one Hace 15 días
Tuuu, me dice que es muy tardeeee
Patricio Contreras
Patricio Contreras Hace 15 días
buenas tardes los strokes, te dejo un video de mi banda a ver si te gusta, yo te admiro mucho a ti esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-WVIcyc6qQKs.html
Alan Morales
Alan Morales Hace 15 días
This made me cry
yeezyhendrix Hace 17 días
Did you seriously just talk during the At The Door outro?
Salvador Rodriguez
Salvador Rodriguez Hace 17 días
I hope they release a guitar version cause this is boring as hell
rubs Hace 18 días
Struck me like a chord I'm an ugly boy
yes one
yes one Hace 18 días
song not as good as animation, also not like animation
Veil of Persephone
Veil of Persephone Hace 18 días
Some kind of a deep, dark pop symphony. I must admit, I didn't expected this from the strokes, though I always liked them. To me, this is their deepest and strongest song, a real masterpiece.
sawyer Hace 18 días
catching Watership Down and Heavy Metal vibes
Barry Shitpeas
Barry Shitpeas Hace 18 días
Yr not that tan Julian lol
Juana Camila Jiménez
Juana Camila Jiménez Hace 19 días
I don't know why but this song makes me think of The Dark Tower books
Dream Of Sleeping
Dream Of Sleeping Hace 18 días
It's been ages sice I've read it, but I think I remember one of the books had magic doors on a beach or something. The second book I think.
Matthew Forbes
Matthew Forbes Hace 19 días
They're hinting at Agartha And Shambala
Carlos Bites
Carlos Bites Hace 20 días
Pqp... Q bad da desgraça.. kakak
Nelson Gagliardi
Nelson Gagliardi Hace 20 días
Dave Rosenberger
Dave Rosenberger Hace 20 días
m@+®|× - approved
sofia martinez
sofia martinez Hace 20 días
only one word: m a s t e r p i e c e
youtubela Seña
youtubela Seña Hace 20 días
Daft Punk ¿eres tu?
Steffi Chua
Steffi Chua Hace 20 días
I don't know how long grieving for someone can take. It's been 4 months since my father died. And everyone is pushing me to move on. They never listen you know, they only hear.
Steffi Chua
Steffi Chua Hace 7 días
Alex T sorry to hear that.... I want to give u some comforting words but I can’t and I don’t want to force myself to. Just you know, hang in there...
Brooke wyrm
Brooke wyrm Hace 8 días
Anyone suggesting you move on after only 4 months has clearly never lost a loved one, is -yes I'm serious- an unsympathetic monster, and should never be listened to for advice.
Scott Clam
Scott Clam Hace 12 días
@Alex T It will define your character if you can overcome it.
Alex T
Alex T Hace 12 días
I'm sorry for your lost... I know the feeling... My dad was murdered this past December and is a weight that I'm carrying alone, take your time, keep strong and I'm sure at the time you will see the light where nobody sees it.
Scott Clam
Scott Clam Hace 19 días
Its a weight you will carry the rest of your life, over time either the weight seems lighter or your muscles get stronger but it never fully goes away.
Pablo Vergara Sarasate
Pablo Vergara Sarasate Hace 21 un día
Masterpiece, no doubt
SoapImpression Hace 21 un día
luis gutierrez
luis gutierrez Hace 21 un día
Fab is such a show off
Alejandra Muñoz Alegria
3.006 jerks
Oscar Solis
Oscar Solis Hace 23 días
The Strokes ft. Daft Punk - at the door
Тамара Мышляева
Тайна третьей планеты
Tyler Bell
Tyler Bell Hace 23 días
All of humanity is "At the Door". As we watch the old paradigm be broken down right before our eyes, we are simultaneously building a new.
Андрей Громов
Каждый день смотрю данный клип! Это превосходно!
YouTube Drifter
YouTube Drifter Hace 24 días
Down, down, down we go, down the rabbit hole. How deep is the stroll anyone's guess is as good as gold, for down the hole all of souls must go, down, down, down we go where we'll end up nobody knows.....
Jikhari Hace 24 días
Absolutely Amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️
Tyler Sims
Tyler Sims Hace 24 días
I bet its the up-most fun to be a Stroke. Its gotta be. I mean Hell, or danmn, orr shit, it was fun even just dressing and smokin/drinkin/whatevering, like a Stroke back in the year two-thousand & whatevr..even. Also, you can bet your hell, or your ass, that iit took alot of practice to walk around lookin unintentionally cooler than necessary . But now i keep getting grey hairs on my head. And it dosent feel very Stroke.
Nate Burns
Nate Burns Hace 24 días
The "Watership Down" parts give me hardcore PTSD
Nicolas Castaneda
Nicolas Castaneda Hace 24 días
My friend committed suicide 4 days ago and this song really gets to me right now 😭
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz Hace 25 días
I was listening to this song when I had my heart broken, now I cry whenever it comes on. Brings memories of coming up short and not being good enough.
Alex Cantwell
Alex Cantwell Hace 25 días
I'm pretty sure that if I don't hear this song 7 times a day I'll die.
occupynewparadigm Hace 25 días
Serious Heavy Metal vibes.
Devanny Aglae
Devanny Aglae Hace 26 días
A mimir
Jared Bond
Jared Bond Hace 26 días
Love ya, Julian.
laura cameron
laura cameron Hace 26 días
That was amazing 😳
John Kiprop
John Kiprop Hace 26 días
Never has a music video been so in sync with a song, beautiful
goosejoose Hace 27 días
0:43 this image just kinda sums up berserk huh
Grace Tan
Grace Tan Hace 27 días
DanteDarcangelo Hace 27 días
That was fucking SICK
Drakonianito Op
Drakonianito Op Hace 27 días
Cármen Tovar
Cármen Tovar Hace 28 días
I am depressed in rigid quarantine. This gives me life.
Angelita Yazan
Angelita Yazan Hace 28 días
So related to this... So much... SIGH
zzz Hace 29 días
never been much of a strokes fan, but this song & video hit me like a truck
Camila Bueno
Camila Bueno Hace 29 días
Nia-Blessing Armstrong
happy birthday Julian!
SquirtMacFresh Hace 29 días
After listening to this about a thousand times I’ve come to a conclusion the “door” is his parents door and or the front door, where his parents were always fighting and getting violent he would always find himself not wanting to know why but just help his mother and wished he could of done more but he was just a child. I also feel if he had anything to do with this animation it’s representative of how he used cartoons to get lost in as a lot of us do as children with messy family lives as kids.
nagz-youtube Hace 29 días
thumbs up for the video, thumbs down for the song
S.E. Bazwel
S.E. Bazwel Hace un mes
In 2006, little did the ESvid creators know that by incorporating the comment feature into their website, they would be providing the world's young writers the most perfect platform for creative expression the world had ever seen.
Ar Boq
Ar Boq Hace un mes
Me : Son.... Did you know this band? Son : No dad. Why? Me : Come sit here.. Let me tell you the LEGEND..
laura fernanda
laura fernanda Hace un mes
cuando descubres una canción perfecta ♥
Gongo Comunicação e Marketing
Viva the stokes salvação do Rock 🤘🏻
que Hace un mes
Marcelo Wallace
Marcelo Wallace Hace un mes
Great video . One of the bests of Year.
John Bowman
John Bowman Hace un mes
DD Hace un mes
what a video
trenten merrill
trenten merrill Hace un mes
Hot dog donut taco sandwiches.
Brendon Catarat n8veZombie
My god make this a movie this is pure awesomeness music and a show
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