The Strokes - Taken for a Fool (Official Music Video)

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The Strokes' official music video for 'Taken For A Fool'. Click to listen to The Strokes on Spotify: smarturl.it/StrokesRepSpot?IQid=Fool
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You get taken all the time for a fool.
I don't know why.
You're so gullible but I don't mind.
That's not the problem.
And I don't need anyone with me right now.
Monday, Tuesday is my weekend.
You get taken for a fool all the time.
I don't know why.


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8 jul 2011






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PindaNinja Hace 2 horas
One of the last great (rock) bands in the world...
Daisy Dominguez
Daisy Dominguez Hace 16 horas
Kellin Quinn de Sleeping with Sirens, en el video de Is you can't hang tiene una remera parecida y el video tbn un estilo similar! 🤔🧐 🤔🧐
Ric Grim
Ric Grim Hace 6 días
Chin up
Zohaib Lateef
Zohaib Lateef Hace 6 días
Best song on Angles without a doubt
TPOG OnyxFreihaut
TPOG OnyxFreihaut Hace 6 días
We wouldn’t have the new abnormal without angles @angles haters
dafrikelita Hace 8 días
Why Julian, why you do this to me.... I really have a problem with u.
Kowboy USA
Kowboy USA Hace 12 días
This video gave me a stroke.
FLOR SILVA Hace 15 días
Bleid SyncS
Bleid SyncS Hace 17 días
Yo tuve un recuerdo con esta canción hace muchos años y no sabía de donde venía, hasta ahora...
Nick Haynie
Nick Haynie Hace 17 días
these guys were the only rock band that mattered to me back in the early 2000's
Julio aldahir Coronado hernadez
Julian casablanca es increible
filthy casual
filthy casual Hace 20 días
I haven't related so much to a song until now ... before i did not understand xD
Carlos Mercedes
Carlos Mercedes Hace 25 días
Arturo Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez Hace 25 días
3:13 you meant Juliet I adore or Nikolai I adore?
Oh no!
Oh no! Hace 26 días
03:13 wtf
Xieo TV 2
Xieo TV 2 Hace 27 días
Always come back to this song specifically
Ian S
Ian S Hace 29 días
Quarantine has made my favourite thing to do sit and drink beer and listen to the Strokes/watch live Strokes shows on youTube. Every. Damn. Weekend. For the last couple months now. I could write an essay on how The Strokes are secretly holding the planet together with their presence and music.
nicole Hace un mes
Fab me dueles tus RULITOS nanna t amo
Tiago Rodrigues
Tiago Rodrigues Hace un mes
2:17 wtf??? LOL
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace un mes
Awe you are so cute Julian
Aminda Ide
Aminda Ide Hace un mes
radiO endinG
ᴋɪʙᴀ ɪɴᴜᴢᴜᴋᴀ
Menudo temazo
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace un mes
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Luis Gamer Gamer
Luis Gamer Gamer Hace un mes
Cochilox _
Cochilox _ Hace un mes
This song on 0.75x speed hits different •_•
abc Hace un mes
Think this might be my favourite Strokes song
Wagner Rocha
Wagner Rocha Hace un mes
Julian 2021 quase la kk
Daniela Zúñiga
Daniela Zúñiga Hace un mes
damn they all look so HOT hulp
Muhammad Nur Rasyid
the velvet underground > the stroke > artic monkeys
Tony Fetuccini
Tony Fetuccini Hace un mes
I can't believe this was 9 years ago
A teen from Mars
A teen from Mars Hace un mes
fav strokes song
hugethekat Hace un mes
un saludo a mi tío
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace 2 meses
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace 2 meses
I am wayy unconditional about this I think.. 🤩
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace 2 meses
Is 2 your door? Lol love you
John Sutherlin
John Sutherlin Hace 2 meses
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace 2 meses
I'm the best damn telemarketer this side of the Mississippi River
Liam Bomkamp
Liam Bomkamp Hace 2 meses
Looks like someone found the green screen.
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace 2 meses
The Strokes
Paul Rajic
Paul Rajic Hace 2 meses
Unpopular opinion on best albums (not including new one). 1st Angles 2nd comedown machine (smd I’ll explain later) 3rd is this it 4th first impressions of earth 5th room on fire. Based on the amount of great strokes songs of each and the degree of them. Angles is no1: life is simple in the moonlight is one of their best songs ever, Machu Picchu is an undeniable bop, under cover, taken for a fool and gratisfaction are better than for example New York City cops, is this it, and trying your luck. Only like 3 terrible songs on it but the others make up for it. Comedown machine no2: Yeah smd, first off, every song on this album is good when you know the lyrics (except all the time) which is 10/11 listenable songs. One way trigger is an amazing song, better than last nite if you look at the story of it, if you appreciate the artistry of it, welcome to japan is just a great song, happy ending falsetto part is amazing super melodic. Partners in crime is a groove and catchy when you know it, 50/50 isn’t bad but it gets old quickly, tap out is good ambient music, call it fate call it karma is incredible, the melodies on the verses on chances are great. 80s comedown machine is kinda meh but good in a certain mood, slow animals is sweet, fast animals is disorienting. But it may not be the most strokes album, but it hands down has the most beautiful melodies and is undoubtedly a beautiful album it’s elegant. Is this it 3rd: would’ve been second but last nite and is this it aren’t actually that good, last nite doesn’t even seem to have a rhythm, is this it could’ve been written by Lou Reed, I’m my opinion they’re in my top 15 worst strokes songs. Someday, alone together (especially the part after the solo), hard to explain, when it started, soma and barely legal carry it. Barely legal is better than last nite and so is alone together. Strokes snobs hold it up trying to be a teenager again, whatever. 4th first impressions of earth: this was close, I’ll explain why room on fire wasn’t higher (like top 2). First impressions has red light, yolo, heart in a cage, ize of the world, razorblade and evening sun are good songs, again razorblade, yolo, red light and ize of the world are all better than last nite to listen to at face value (idc sbout history). Electricityscape is alright too. The reason it isn’t 3rd, is because it has way more completely utterly shit songs on it than is this it (on the other side, killing lies and fear of sleep are sooooooooo terrible!) but it also has enough good songs to be better than room on fire (and I took into account that it has more tracks therefore more chances to have shit songs on it). 5th room on fire: remove reptillia, what ever happened, the end has no end (which are some of the strokes absolute greatest songs) you are left with a pretty shit album, sure 12:52 and under control are okay, I would never go out of my way to listen to you talk way too much, the way it is and I can’t win. Between love and hate is pretty good, but the only good thing about the album, is the good songs on it, are some of their best songs ever. Reptillia and whatever happened are amazing, they alone almost carry it to like 3rd, but if we tsk Ei to the entire album most of the other songs are pretty forgettable. If someone said, listen to an entire stokes album no skipping, comedown machine has the least amount of skip worth songs.
Ramon Garrison
Ramon Garrison Hace 2 meses
dang its gonna be sad day when julian dies:(
trash Hace un día
Shhhh he won’t
Luizinho99 Hace 2 meses
Radiooo endingggg
Hector Eduardo Gil Acuña
FIFA 15?
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace 2 meses
Que sera
Heather Ford
Heather Ford Hace 2 meses
Pierre Fraiture
The Z Family
The Z Family Hace 2 meses
Thanks mom for showing me this
Einstein'Soul Hace 2 meses
2:15 awww 😍❤️
Marco Antonio Tavares
I really hope these guys come to Brazil one day
bunk Hace 2 meses
Maximus2318 Hace 2 meses
I love this band so much
Keith Richards
Keith Richards Hace 2 meses
I'm just really glad Niko accepted Julian's invite to the prom
Lygia Rock Fan
Lygia Rock Fan Hace 2 meses
You are Quico! My aunt loves you.
Salamander676 Hace 2 meses
This song is bad ass. People literally hate on this album only because the strokes do yet they stand by some of their shittier sounding music. Artists tend to hate their own work because they are self critical and it’s what drives them to improve.
Monalisa Da quebrada
Vanara Cavalcanti
Vanara Cavalcanti Hace 2 meses
I love this song
Android gamer 01
Android gamer 01 Hace 3 meses
I used to watch this all the time on Music choice and found it 9 years later, nostalgia
coxndix56 Hace 3 meses
Julian (Nikolai) been throwing shade at doubters for nine years.
Give all moms $25,000 USD. Tomorrow. Today. Who gives a shit🥰. They are our gods🥰
Vijay Krsna Das
Vijay Krsna Das Hace 3 meses
Julian's MadMax style, love
linda garcía
linda garcía Hace 3 meses
I loving
Gabriela Duarte
Gabriela Duarte Hace 3 meses
Tão nostálgico pra mim essa música, ver isso passando na MTV 😍😭
Frank Jaurigue
Frank Jaurigue Hace 3 meses
La dosis diaria de the strokes
Donya Hace 3 meses
Nick *-*
Carlos Cunha
Carlos Cunha Hace 3 meses
Muito engraçado, parece um palhaçinho sorrindo ( o Julian). Eu gosto muito de Strokes! Melhor música de todos os tempos! Kiko! Kiko pq eu acho ele bochechudo e ele diz "mama" que nem ele!
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva Hace 3 meses
2:16 R.I.P. Fabrizio Moretti
engelecalex Hace 3 meses
I love the part at 2:50 where Julian hugs Albert on the right deep side. So authentic. Albert's smile says it all!!!
Nick Haynie
Nick Haynie Hace 17 días
they were a real rock band
Croppin theChoches
Croppin theChoches Hace 3 meses
Is this an Elvis Costello cover? That chorus is him
Rush B
Rush B Hace 4 meses
The chorus 😍
Erik Gonzo
Erik Gonzo Hace 4 meses
I can listen to these guys everyday 👾
Arkard Hace 4 meses
Amazing. I remember when I saw these guys live at the Big Day Out here in NZ in 2004, I must of been 18 or so. First song that hit my ears was Last Night, I've Been a big fan since. Still going strong. Much love from down under
Katy Tomlinson
Katy Tomlinson Hace 4 meses
man i can't listen to the strokes w out thinking abt how two of them went to the same school as me lmaoo
Telling in Whispers
Telling in Whispers Hace 4 meses
Bad decisions was the beginning of The Strokes zombie invasion and then this is the aftermath where they have evolved or have emotions and expressions and have taken over
TheUnrealSophia Hace 4 meses
1000 julians. this is a dream come true
Lou Mar
Lou Mar Hace 4 meses
NoThisIsPatrick Hace 4 meses
Jules holding nik makes me laugh, love that part
Freddy Rivera
Freddy Rivera Hace 5 meses
Me recuerdan a los sonidos de Franz Ferdinand, que como que el indie rock tiene su sazon unica
Olivia Iturrieta
Olivia Iturrieta Hace 5 meses
bunshin no julian jutsu
Kiwi Koopa
Kiwi Koopa Hace 5 meses
Nick peaking over his glasses at 0:52 lol
Kiwi Koopa
Kiwi Koopa Hace 2 meses
@Pecko☆ it took me watching this vid like 50 times to even notice lol
Pecko☆ Hace 2 meses
omg i didn't notice
waytoostroke Hace 5 meses
I actually love this video, it's super cooooool
J G Hace 5 meses
1:59 At the door
Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell Hace 5 meses
man, if the strokes won't let Alex Turner be one of them I have no chance, my friend who is a music producer is trying to be one of the strokes, he's heavily influenced by their sound, i wanna throw him some love as he's been there a lot for me over the years, he's just released his second track, try searching Lonely Gimmick - Pessimistic Weather ,you may be in for a surprise and he would love to hear your opinion
iamtori Hace 5 meses
i've just listened to songs and allready fall in deep deep love with these music and lyrics. YOU SHOULD CREATE A NEW ALBUM! WE NEED IT
Gordo Jeimes
Gordo Jeimes Hace 5 meses
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez Hace 5 meses
2:14 Julian was like 'Fab, pretend to be dead"
rock y juegos 1122
rock y juegos 1122 Hace 5 meses
Wowww is beutiful
Andrea Arroyave
Andrea Arroyave Hace 5 meses
Cristina Medina
Cristina Medina Hace 5 meses
uffff, pinche rolon :3
Christy Dunn
Christy Dunn Hace 5 meses
Newly discovered fan and I'm so ashamed it took me to 2020 if find put about the strokes lol
neemo98 Hace 5 meses
same here i started listening a month ago but what matters most is we found them
emreees Hace 5 meses
nobody People from Alabama: 0:10
JJFAV Hace 6 meses
jesus this song is just almost so good. the strokes always make super catchy leads and openings and then just absolutely ruin the chorus. its just my opinion but a super underwhelming chorus and the mysterious minor beginning switching to major just really takes me out
nietauk Hace 6 meses
Hadrien Nostrenoff
Hadrien Nostrenoff Hace 6 meses
Why is everyone bitching about Angles ? There are plenty of good songs on it! (This one, Under Cover of Darkness, Two kinds of Happiness, Life is Simple in the Moonlight, Games, Machu Pichu...)
Tj Hace 6 meses
Still soooooo good!
My Name
My Name Hace 6 meses
AHAHAHHAHAH I've never noticed Julian and Nikolai at 3:11
amei0u Hace 6 meses
Kiko y su banda
Sir Vict0r
Sir Vict0r Hace 6 meses
From what I can gather, its some sorta hipster purgatory? 😁
Ala Kazamela
Ala Kazamela Hace 6 meses
Coolest band ever.
imnotlarry Hace 6 meses
Serolf Elantimancos
Serolf Elantimancos Hace 6 meses
That situation was funny and now legendary
g9 g6
g9 g6 Hace 6 meses
john smith
john smith Hace 6 meses
terrible music
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